Top Tenners

The ever Wonderful Paula Acton is doing a Blog Challenge on her site. I don’t normally take part in TOP TEN challenges mainly because I can only ever count up to nine as I need one finger to do the counting and my memory is crap. But this week her challenge was her TOP TEN favourite films and I decided to take part. I still haven’t figured out why. Anyway, I copied them for my site as it gives me the perfect excuse to post again and also to suggest you maybe ‘strain the brain’ and come up with your own TOP TEN challenge for your followers or see if you can find your own TOP TEN favourite films to share here.

Here are mine and I freely admit I pinched No’s 1 & 2 from Paula’s list because I like the films.

10. Breakfast at Tiffany’s. Iconic film and Audrey Hepburn at her best.

9. Silence of the Lambs. True horror in that everything seems so normal. Who couldn’t listen to Anthony Hopkin’s accent all day?( Not that I’m biased)

8. To Sir with Love. Brilliant film with Sidney Poitier playing the teacher sent to a down at heel school in London’s East End. He has to win over the pupils, teach them respect for each other, and get them to learn. Stars Lulu who plays an excellent part.

7. The Inn of the Sixth Happiness. The Gladys Aylward story starring Ingrid Bergman who has to lead a group of children over the mountains in China to get away from the Invading Japanese.Amazing film. No dry eyes when Athene Seyler falls from a balcony or when Robert Donat ( The Mandarin) sends Aylward to safety with a catch in his voice. Curt Jurgens is the love interest.

6. Guess who’s Coming to Dinner.  Back to the very talented Mr. Poutier who stars alongside my favourite acting duo ( and the woman I have drooled over all my life) Spencer Tracy and KATHARINE HEPBURN along with Katharine Houghton. The story of two people ( Poitier and Houghton) who descend on her parents and announce they’re going to be married. This is a big test to her parents Liberal attitudes as this would be an interracial marriage and they’ve never met him before. This is an amazing film but then anything with Katharine Hepburn in it is.

5. The Lion in Winter. Henry II (Peter O’Toole) won’t commit to naming his heir to the throne and all his three sons want it. His wife Eleonor of Aquitaine
( Katie Hepburn again) wants it to go to Richard but they are all plotting against Henry together and separately. Well scripted and played historical drama also stars a young Anthony Hopkins.

4. A Man for all Seasons. Starring Paul Schofield who had made the part his own in the stage play, this is the story of Sir Thomas More who refused to sign a letter asking the Pope to annul the marriage between Henry VIII and Catherine of Aragon. .The story of a man of conscience standing his ground and paying the price.

3. Braveheart. The story of William Wallace who led the Scots against the tyranny of King Edward I of England in an effort to gain Independence for the Scots..Some fanciful dream scenes in the film but not enough to spoil the action. Edward I is brilliantly played by Patrick McGoohan ( Just watch how he deals with his son’s boyfriend ).

2. Ghost. Patrick Swayze and Demi Moore., What a pairing. After being killed during a botched mugging, a man’s love for his partner enables him to remain on earth as a ghost. There’s a nice twist at the end. Great also for the fantastic music.

1. Goodbye Mr. Chips. A film based on a short story by novelist James Hilton. The Magnificent Robert Donat beat off people like Clark Gable to win this part. He plays a schoolteacher devoted to his school to the expense of his social life. So much so that he’s passed over for promotions because he’s regarded as mousey. Bring on the school holiday and a hiking trip in Eorope with the German Teacher ( Paul Heinreid- a German) where he bumps into Greer Garson. One thing leads to another and they marry. It’s a New Mr Chips with a sense of humour and a pretty wife at school now. Then comes a sad bit when his wife and baby die in childbirth.Keep your tissues handy. Hitler casts a pall over Europe and Paul Heinried goes back to Germany to fight. Mr Chips is made temporary headmaster when so many teachers go to fight and causes a minor uproar when he remembers the death of an old colleague, yes, The German Master, killed in action.
I won’t spoil the closing of the film but believe me even the men will need tissues.

See how you can do……


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35 responses to “Top Tenners

  1. Oh this is hard. 😦 Memory being what it is, I need a month just to remember which movies I loved, and why. I shall do something thinking and get back to you. 🙂

    • Believe me I struggled too. I never thought of the Greats like Ben Hur and Spartacus or The Birdman from Alcatraz. Though I’m not religious there were some great films on the theme of JC like The Greatest Story ever Told. I dislike musicals ( as you know) but West Side Story had some great tunes and I’m sure other friends will think of many more they loved,. As Terry Pratchett would say, The World is your bivalve Molluc. Go to it.
      xx Huge Hugs xx

  2. I discovered that most of my favourite films were ones from my teenage years and involved songs I loved (and cute guys though one should never look up images of ones teenage crushes they do not all age well especially in Hollywood lol) love your list love the parcel I received this morning even more am hoping that I win those in the raffle lol Thank you again so much for your generosity xxxx

    • When I was young Paula they hadn’t taught singing. We were still grunting in caves. I’m glad my choices were OK for you though, Thank you for letting me share them on your site and letting me pinch the idea.
      I’m so glad the books arrived, they were my last so on Monday I sent for more from createspace-they arrived today. How’s that for quick work.
      xxx Massive Hugs xxx

  3. My favorite, just from your list, is “To Sir with Love.” It made a big impact on me as a child, and I still love the song.

    • I actually put it on while I was writing to remind me how much I enjoyed it. Lulu sang as though it was meant and I always found the film believable. I even have my daughter liking it !
      xxx Sending you Hugs xx

  4. I’m not so good at remembering my top ten films. I can guess a few would be Bond, James Bond. I’d have to give a lot of thought to this. I’d snap up your Ghost for sure. You know I like the mushy stuff.

    • Oh the controversy you could cause here Mary J. Which James Bond Films, which James Bond? I’m a Sean Connery fan but I also liked Roger Moore. Is that allowed?Anyway if you’re picking Ghost, only 9 to go.
      Multi Hugs xxxxxx

  5. I love these kinds of quizzes but they make my head spin!
    Your movie favourites are from different times than mine. I remember watching, and enjoying To Sir with Love on Saturday/Sunday afternoon TV but it was a only few years ago I watched Breakfast at Tiffany’s, and felt totally ripped off at the end when Holly tosses the cat into the rain in the alley… there’s no redeeming her in my eyes… but I don’t think anyone could not like Ghost.

    What I choose now could be very different to what I choose tomorrow… but I’ll give it a shot and link back… given nothing else has inspired me to post this week…

    • Thanks for the reminder that I’m ancient Ella. Heck, I’m glad I didn’t mention Charles Laughton now in The Hunchback of Notre Dame.
      Holly Golightly is basically selfish but Audrey Hepburn couldn’t have played her better.
      My brother visited last night ( Revenge Scrabble Match) and he chose A Wonderful Life as one of his though it was made centuries before he was born ( and me- I hope). I’ll be interested to see your choices which will be so new I won’t have heard of them I suppose. lol
      xxx Huge Hugs xxx

      • I just saw your comment below to Shawn… a couple of my choices have music, either centrally or featuring a great soundtrack. However you won’t find anything like Mary Poppins or Sound of Music amongst my choices… I’ll levae those for my sisters 😉
        Re the era, I’m guessing you have simply chosen movies from very early in your life… and I have quite a few favourites from early in mine. I think we get imprinted very easily and definitely in those formative years 🙂

      • Ouch, Ouch,m Ouch Ella. How about accepting some of these as being made too early for me to watch them. Then say I caught them on TV at the weekends. That would be kind. I mean Braveheart can’t have been a choice from my dim and distant past.
        Music has a place in films but I’m just not keen on films based on singing. Any Motown or sixties ( 1960’s that is before anyone comments) played as a background has a place in my heart.
        I’d like to see your choices.
        xxx Huge Hugs xxx

      • You’re deliberately taking this the wrong way… aligning me with Meeks (?).
        I thought about putting The Sapphires on my top 10 list but ran out of numbers… if you like 60’s music/Mowtown you might enjoy it.
        They’re up 🙂

      • Heavens, of course I’m taking it the wrong way. You wouldn’t deny an OLD man his fun would you? I’m going to remind myself about the Sapphires on youtube now.The name rings a bell. Maybe you should start the next ball rolling with Top Ten records and why……… I warn you now, I’d always include Kiss and say Goodbye by the Manhattans so you’d need hankie ready.
        Sending Huge Weekend ( nearly) Hugs
        p.s. Just spent half an hour on Youtube with film clips and the real women. Fantastic. I love the music any way but the story is brilliant.

      • Glad you enjoyed it. The Sapphires was a recent movie so hasn’t yet made it into my 1-10 but it would be in my 11-20 😊

      • I think it could make it into mine too. xx Hugs xx

  6. Inn of 7th Happiness sounds interesting- never heard of that one before. Seen and loved several of the others. Heard of, but not seen more than scenes of Goodbye. Mr. Chips and Lion in Winter. I shall have to put these on my request list! My list of favourites would include Ghost, and (in no particular order) Star Wars (the original #1 that’s now #4 and Return of the Jedi), Sabrina (old and ‘new’ for contrast), Green Card (love Andy McDowell in it), A Walk in the Clouds (for the beautiful cinematography, forgive Keanu), Music & Lyrics, Love Actually, and Thomas Crowne Affair with dreamy Pierce Brosnan. Oh. And the Aristocats- the first movie I remember seeing in a theatre. That’s 11. Oh well.

    • We can accept 11 allowing for inflation. Star Wars, Green Card and Love Actually I know and enjoyed but Sabrina and A Walk in the Clouds don’t mean anything to me.The original Thomas Crowne Affair was better for me. I discount anything with Music usually so Aristocats and Jungle Book would have been on Ju’s lists but not mine.
      xxx Sending Huge Hugs ccc

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  8. WordPress doesn’t let me like this post, which is sooo unfair, because I really did!!
    i love movies, and am planing on watching some of the movies in your list that I didn’t have yet. Great list, BTW!
    Here’s mine, in the remote case anyone is interested 🙂 (You’ll see I’m a child at heart…):
    1- Gone With the Wind
    2- The Wizard of Oz
    3- Annie, the Orphan (the 1982 version)
    4- Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (the 1964 version, of course!)
    5 – Fried Green Tomatoes
    6- It’s a Wonderful Life
    7- The Kid
    8- City Lights
    9 – Modern Times
    10 – Omega Man

    • I have friends that have never been able to ‘Like’ me but I suppose I can’t always blame WordPress for that. It is annoying though when that happens. After all, I don’t have to approve your posts, it lets them through so it should allow you to do things once you’re here. Doesn’t it know how hurt I get when no-one likes me.? Sob.
      I’ve never yet managed to see Gone with the Wind though I know it’s a good film but I have to say your choices for 5,6 & 7 are…………………………………………..AWESOME !!
      Of course we’re interested in your choices. That’s why we’re here and joining in with this. I do think it’s someone else’s turn to provide the tea and scones though.
      We’re all children at heart but like all children some of us are bullies so I’m sorry for some of my choices (maybe).
      Wishing you a fantastic weekend full of Hugs
      David xxxx

      • Thanks, I’m glad you enjoyed some of my choices! But I’ve got to tell you, never seeing Gone with the Wind is not really an option in my book. You HAVE to watch it! 🙂 I’ve seen it so many times that sometimes I play it in my head when there’s nothing else to do. I know all the scenes and quotes. The funny thing is that when I was a child and watched it for the first time I remember thinking how ugly Clark Gable was! How could I? Now I find him one of the most handsome men that ever lived…!

        Maria and I send you a ton of hugs!

      • It’s odd because I generally like that type of film.It’s not a case of ignoring it but I just tend to miss it.
        I liked Clark Gable and Errol Flynn, the two big stars of that time. Don’t know whether it’s true or not but I remember being told Gable had false teeth and incredibly bad breath hat used to put his female stars off. Course, that could have been a rumour spread by Errol Flynn to get more parts. I think they were probably both good looking to women and had a certain presence but I think Claude Rains was a handsome man as was Paul Muni and Robert Donat. Perhaps they just didn’t appeal to women so much without the bad boy image. ( That’s a moan from me really because the best a woman could / would say about me was I had nice eyes. One woman wouldn’t go out with me because I was ‘too nice’)? How can anyone be too nice? Grrr. Sorrry , Moan over.
        I send you and Maria a ton of the best Weekend Hugs available xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  9. Love the idea of a Top Tens Blog Hop, David. I might just have to join in. As for my favorite ten movies, that will be tough, as I love so many. I won’t include the obvious ones, such as all the classics that most everyone I know love (ie North by Northwest, It’s a Wonderful Life, Shrek, The Godfather). I am choosing movies that I’ve watched over and over and cannot every imagine tiring of for as long as I breathe. Scary, huh?

    1- The Blind Side
    2- Forrest Gump
    3- All the Harry Potter Movies
    4 – French Kiss
    5- The Bourne Trilogy
    6- Before Sunrise/After Sunset sequel (My husband HATES these two. LOL)
    7 – Love, Actually
    8 – The Notebook
    9- Tombstone (My husband hooked me on this one!)
    10 – You’ve Got Mail

    Thanks. This was fun. 🙂

    • Hmm, Not heard of The Blind Side or your No 6 choice but how could I have forgotten the Harry Potters, that could have covered most of my choices for me, which then reminds me about LoTR which could have covered the rest. Then you add films like The Bourne Trilogy (though I was only a fan of the first two really) and throw in You’ve Got Mail which was excellent. Even some of those you didn’t choose are too good to be forgotten like North by Northwest, to which I could add most of his films. I thought The Male War Bride was good too. In fact why don’t we say virtually anything with Gregory Peck or Cary Grant, Katie Hepburn, or Spencer Tracy could be added to any Top Ten and stand out.
      Casablanca, The Maltese Falcon The African Queen….how did I miss these? It should have been my Top 100 maybe.
      Thanks for your choices Jolyse and for reminding me of even more greats.
      Sending you Huge Weekend Hugs xxxx

  10. Some good choices there, particularly Silence of the Lambs, I do love that film. I might have to have a think about this as well 🙂

  11. Great top ten, but Goodbye Mr Chips is my personal favourite movie of all time. A true classic and Robert Donat was beyond outstanding. I enjoy Martin Clunes’ acting but haven’t had the heart to watch his remake of Mr Chips, it can only ever be a bad copy.

    • I thought Martin Clunes would spoil it for me and was prepared not to watch it…but I did, and he didn’t. I watched it and just didn’t relate it to the original Robert Donat classic. It was played in such a way as to be almost a different version for me. It was good and enjoyable and left me still addicted to the original.
      xxx Hugs Maggie xxx

  12. I’ve seen almost all those films! Breakfast at Tiffany’s!… Now that is a MOVIE. They just don’t make them like that anymore. Want to know what I watch over and over? You’ll laugh. Hello Dolly! I love musicals. I know every single word in this one. I even have the music on my iPod. That and lots of classical, country, pop, and a bit of opera. I love to go to theaters, ballets, live music events.

    Hugs!! xo

    • You have more stamina than me Sweetie. Put a musical on in here and watch me run.Especially if it’s something by Walt Disnae ( He’s a Scot) like Jungle book. The ruination of a good cartoon. It’s not as though I don’t like music, I love it, but in it’s place. I’ll make an exception for Beaches, how’s that?
      XXX Huge Hugs xxx

  13. VERY interesting! We have similar tastes, but I’d make a trade and swap out 4 of yours for mine: #7–A TIME TO KILL; #4–IT’S A WONDERFUL LIFE; #3–ROB ROY; and (drum roll, please) #1–WITNESS.
    Fun post!

    • You know Marylin, I have no idea who stole ‘A Wonderful Life’ from my list and replaced it with something else.That’s such a great film. Witness was a good film but the others I’m not sure about.Are we talking quality of film here or of leading man?
      Sending Hugs xxxx

  14. I share your admiration for many of these titles, David! xxHugsxx

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