I don’t normally annoy you two days on the trot like this as I generally allow you time to recover. But. something nice has happened and I wanted to share it.

Most of you know I’ve been looking for a hall stand to keep my sticks in order. I’ve tried charity shops, antique shops, auctions and ebay. I’ve even placed adverts on the freecycle service and emailed all antique places within 40 miles I think. (It’s funny these days how many don’t even acknowledge receipt if they don’t have what you want in stock. What happened to customer service?) Anyway, today it happened. I’ve been watching a pretty stand of ebay for three days after I did a ‘ within a 25 mile radius ‘ search. Today was the last day and no-one had bid on one that is fairly near to home.  Something that big and bulky is usually collect in person or is extortionate in delivery fees. I asked  “If I won this could it be held until Saturday when I might be able to arrange for collection?” That appeared to be no problem, I bid and I won it. WOO-HOO.

Since then the seller has been on to thank me for my payment and her husband has offered to deliver it for me one evening this week. We’ve settled on Thursday. What wonderful kindness some people show…..except me that is because I already have the subject of next Saturday night’s Blog so pictures of the new arrival ( slow down, I mean the hall stand not the baby…pay attention at the back will you !) will not be until after that, if ever.

Thank you Kate and Simon for being so kind and restoring my faith in humanity. Thank you also for providing a new home for my sticks. My brother-in-law would send his thanks also if he knew that he’ll inherit the stick stand I currently have that I recently bought in desperation. ( That’s a state of mind and not  place nearby).


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38 responses to “Kindnesses.

  1. I love reading stories like this. Thanks for sharing, David, and enjoy your stick stand. 🙂

  2. I do not have a stick stand. Suddenly I want one. Well done!

    • Well, it just so happens that now I have my hall stand I have the recently bought stick stand spare.How handy that I already posted pictures of it. What price shall I start the auction???
      Huge Hugs to you Shawn, xxxx

  3. You must post it you know. After tantalizing us with images of vintage stands, not posting it would be mean!

    • OK. It’s not a case of won’t, more a case of when as I hope next weekend to post pictures of York and tell all of my visit there. Maybe I’ll do a quick second post on the Sunday as I did this week……..but, Saturday afternoon Mike wants me to go with him to collect his latest car. It will be amazing because they’re getting bigger all the time and this one can fit a ‘ME’ sized human being without having to fold me in half.One of his more recent ‘loves’ was called a capuccino but I’d have had more luck fitting into a capuccino cup than the roller skate he called a car.The current one is an intermediate size for the not quite grown up. Since he’s over 60 ( and older than me..YAY) I wonder what age ‘Grown Up’ means. That may be another post yet…
      xxx Huge Hugs xxx

  4. Great post. Recognising kindnesses and good deeds makes the world a happier place.
    Sometimes it’s not about searchhing and waiting for the right hall stand, or whatever, it the service or kindness that comes with it. If you’d found a hall stand you like but from crapy seller, it would have been forever tainted with that memory but you now have a lovely stick stand and the provenance to match 🙂

    • I wish I’d thought of it in those terms Ella and the frustration of waiting wouldn’t have been bad at all. I do like to recognise Kindness as it seems to be in short supply sometimes, but this is definitely not one of those times. You’re quite right, when it comes, I shall look at this through very different eyes than I might normally do.
      Massive Hugs to you. xxxx

      • Ah, yes, I have a theory, which eases the pain of waiting and searching.. well actually it’s been borne out in practice… when the right thing, whatever it is, comes along, you get that right feeling and everything falls into place… it’s worked for me with cars, houses and sundry smaller items, oh and with one G.O. 😉 If I don’t have a good feeling about something I won’t buy it, and if I don’t like the seller or the item’s provenance I can’t bear to have anything to do with it… So you have been doubly lucky to have your hall stand choose to go to you from its kind owners 🙂

      • I shall take your words of wisdom on board as it seems to me you’ve had some good service from one G.O. since you did a transfer from the previous owner ( presumably his mother )to yourself.It really does seem that having a little patience bears fruit. I shall enjoy my stand knowing it come from a good home and is prepared to settle with me and house my collection. When I take a photo to show it off, I may take pics of a couple of my favourite sticks as well.
        Massive Hugs to you both.xxxxxxxx

  5. I do not even have any sticks… yet, but I saw a very cute couple walking down the street here in Aberdeen last evening, each with a stick, and smiles on their faces. Suddenly a couple of sticks (I guess you really need more than one, otherwise a corner would do) and a stand look attractive!

    • I’m sure you’ll see plenty of sticks on your travels. Some very attractive ones to remind you of the trip and maybe handy to have for any walking when you get home. I think we’ll go by David’s Stick Rules here. One stick equals a corner, two or more needs a stand of their own. If it just happens to be handy enough to hang coats and hats then all the better.
      xx Hugs to you both. Enjoy your travels xxxx

  6. Oh congratulations David! Looks like ebay has come up trumps two days in a row. Luckily my purchase can come in the post. 😉

  7. CONGRATULATIONS! Wonderful story with a positive outcome. There are a lot of kind people in the world.


  8. There are a few kind people left in the world. Nice when paths cross 🙂 Enjoy the stand.

    • I’m very lucky with the paths I cross here Pete. I shall enjoy the stand partly because it will remind me of my Grandmother’s house when I was young, I used to love searching in the storage seat of the hallstand and finding my pops’s bowls and his WWI helmet to try on.
      Best Wishes.

  9. Good health to enjoy (an Irish blessing) 🙂

  10. I have collected sticks from various walking journeys; they live their quiet sedentary lives in the corner nearest the front door….until another journey. There’s something to be said for having a walking stick from the woods, rather than a fabricated or otherwise fashioned one- each one has a story to tell.

    • True enough,but some from the woods can be fashioned into wonderful pieces under skilled hands and can still tell a story. I admire some of the craft skills still out there working with wood. I go every year (when possible) to Woodfest, an annual Festival celebrating all things wood. I see woodcarving using huge electric saws, down to the smaller more intricate work. The stick carvers always merit my best attention though. They’ve had probably 12 months for the wood to dry allowing them time to decide what to create. Some create clever and unusual animal carvings while others just create the perfectly straight walking cane, plain and functional.
      There’s a local class teaches wood carving but I’ve become quite fond of my fingers and declined to go so far.

  11. It’s so great when people are kind like that, it makes restores my faith in humanity a bit! 🙂 Hugs

  12. cool beans… Now your sticks will have a home. I’m so glad people are continuing to surprise you. I like it that way 😀 Big hugs! xoxo

  13. WONDERFUL!!! … It adds to the joy of acquiring a long sort after item when accompanied by such kindness. Reminds me of some EBay items which have arrived with a personal little note saying they’re so pleased the dish/ cup/ book etc… is going to a home where it will be loved and appreciated.
    Enjoy!!! 🙂 xxx

    • Hi Catherine, you’re right it does add to the joy.I hope that when someone has had something for a long time there’s a feeling of pleasure knowing someone else shares their taste and will look after the object. In this case I can promise I will not just because it’s both beautiful and functional, but because I’ll always remember their kindness. xxx Huge Hugs xxx

  14. OOHHH!! how exciting! I’ve got to ask you David, how many sticks do you have? I’m quite intrigued. Irishman loves his sticks too and even if he’s not using them as a walking aid when his back is bad, he still likes to carry one around with him as a sort of theatrical prop. You’ve given me an idea for his Christmas present! XXX

    • I have 23 at the moment Lottie having given a few to my brother-in-law and a few to my nephew. I have four I consider really special and two of those are Japanese from about 1880 the Meiji period, and the bamboo sticks are beautifully carved with a root ball handle.Sometimes you can still be lucky to get these for £30 or so on ebay though it’s getting harder. I’d love a sword stick next and saw a wonderful example yesterday go for £166.00 on ebay, I was soooo tempted. For me the antique sticks are the best but I have a nice on I had made at a craft centre from an old handle I managed to get. I hope you manage to get Irishman the ideal gift and he loves it. Give him my email if he ever want to swap stick stories. xxx Hugs xxx

      • Wowsers! That’s a lot of sticks, no wonder you need a special home for them all. That’s so lovely of you to offer to share stick stories with Irishman, does it matter that he only has 3? (they are all old though!) XXX

      • Three is a great start and age is everything. I’m sure they’re all interesting and only the start of a great big forest of sticks. We can also swap stories about the one that got away like the one I lost yesterday evening Grrrr. Tell the Irishman to have a look at Gadget sticks on ebay,though perhaps not if he cries easily. I hate losing them.
        xxx Huge Hugs xxx

      • I shall tell him David, thank you. Huge Hugs back! XXX

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