David’s Drool Time.

I had fully expected to be blogging at this time about the birth of my grandson. However, my daughter has her knees gripped tightly together to make sure my prediction of an early arrival is wrong.

I am therefore going to offer some insight into my acquiring mind.Just recently my eyes were glued to the screen in an effort to follow the progress of some Gadget sticks/canes. Though there are many varieties of these including ones with corkscrews, umbrellas, pencils and even binoculars, the ones I was looking at were swordsticks. In the UK, ebay is no longer allowed to sell swords or other weapons online. Calling swordsticks by the euphemism ‘Gadgets’ we have overcome that problem. The next problem however is affording them since the competition is hot.As with everything else you have to decide how much you’re prepared to pay and stick ( sorry) to it. As always happens, you decide how much you’re prepared to pay and exceed it. I exceeded my limit quite a bit and still lost them……………… Pause while I get a tissue and milk your sympathy to it’s limit.

I have not allowed the loss of the ‘Gadgets’to sour me to the evil creatures who bid against me. It merely embraced the idea of winning even more over their heads. I struck lucky on Monday with the winning bid for my third walking stick of the Meiji period, from 1868 until 1912 in Japan – after the name chosen by the young prince Mutsuhito, when he followed his father to the throne. See how educational I can be.

meiji stick

These pictures are of the third Meiji period stick I own. It depicts a man with a bat at his feet and one in the air around the flag he's carrying. It's a beautiful stick.

But, what has me drooling even more is a stick worthy of the Emperor himself. ( Damn, that means I've just raised the reserve price). This is carved by the hands of a master.Get your tissues ready, I'm about to show you pictures.

Samurai 2


Isn’t that just tremendous.The work is fantastic. I’m bidding on this one at the moment and it scares me how much it might go for.Next weeks meals seems highly likely. But in fairness, who wouldn’t want to own this beauty?


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42 responses to “David’s Drool Time.

  1. Okay, the Emperor’s toothpick is rather sensational. I’ll send you some frozen meals in the mail. What do you think? A couple of months’ worth do? mwahahaha!

  2. Don’t lose hope. Traditionally, August is the worse month for auction prices everywhere. People are on vacation and some auction houses go so far as to close down for the month.

  3. Good luck David. That one is especially nice!

  4. RFL

    Beautiful! Good luck with your bidding, and with the upcoming birth of your grandson.

    • Thanks for popping in. Yes it is beautiful isn’t it. I feel like going all Gollum now and calling it ‘My Preshusssss’. Thank you for the good wishes with my future babysitting requirement.Won’t be long now. xxx Hugs xxx

  5. I like the bat one very much and the other…. well, if you have to eat beans for a week (month) so be it. When are you getting the octopus implant so you can use more than two at a time?

    • Ha Thanks, I have the bat one ( or I will have when it arrives). I think the octopus implant is a great idea, or would be if I used them. But who USES them? They’re to scare off burglars or show to the vicar, not for using. I have crutches for that. Mmmm. I wonder if they have any Meiji period crutches?
      xxx Hugs to you all xxx

  6. Magnificent! Drool away! Let us know how you get on

    • Thanks Niamh. I don’t think I’ll get it as he wants £50 plus £12.50m postage. I’d only be prepared ( I think) to go to £38. I have 24 hours to see if I’m really as mean as I think.
      Sending Huge Hugs xxxx

  7. Oh my, David, I’m not sure if I cheer for you to win or not, the way you’ve put it! 🙂 Okay, I want you to win. I know how it feels like when you really want something you’re sure you shouldn’t try to afford… It’s audiobooks for me, lately.

    • Thanks Sweetie. I have three already so I shouldn’t be greedy but there’s something about the work of these Japanese artists at that time.It’s also the time of the Arts and Craft movement and coming into art nouveau which I absolutely love.I think I’ll leave t at the bid I’ve put on and if I don’t get ti, I’ll wait for the next one.
      Huge Hugs to you both xxxx

  8. A little late getting to this so maybe you have acquired your beautiful stick by now. Gorgeous for sure. The history…goodness. Good luck!

  9. The carving is gorgeous my mum has a stick my grandad brought home from the second world war which had been carved by someone who he was in a prisoner of war camp with

    • Now why d’you have to tell me something like that at 6.15 in the morning.? It’s a very long day to be envious and green isn’t my best colour ! Was your grandad a ‘guest’ of our European neighbour or our Japanese friends? As you’re such a pretty young thing it has to have been WWII we’re talking about.It’s only ‘Old Farts’ like me ( my daughter says) whose grandads fought at Agincourt.
      Sending Huge Hugs xxxx

      • lol it was at our European neightbours pleasure he was held but if he had not been I might not have been here as it was because of the TB he contracted there he met my grandma who was his nurse when he was brought back to the UK, family history is fascinating when you get looking int it I just wish I had asked more questions while he was here not that he would have probably answered lol

      • Of the two, I’m glad it was our European neighbour who offered board and lodging.Yes, there is a positive side to TB after all ! Meeting yoiur grandmother gave the rest of us a chance to enjoy your company and wit. I totally agree about the family history. It’s both fascinating and frustrating though, and the fact that some of us either didn’t ask question or couldn’t get the answer to questions makes it harder. My own maternal grandfather was not very forthcoming about his time on the Somme. It’s quite fortunate for me that Noah and his family filled in so much in the family bibles.Shame they let the animals nibble the pages though.
        Sending Huge Hugs xxxx

      • my paternal great grandfather died during the battle of the Somme and that was one of my discoveries as he was never spoken of by my grandfather and my dad feared some horrid skeleton, rather it was simply my grandad aged only two when his father left for war just did not know him to speak of him, but I do also think that it is such a short time since it was the norm for the past to be ignored rather than discussed everyone simply wanted betterment rather than to acknowledge any origins which may have been more humble

      • The terrible thing about that Paula is that men of all ranks and social standing died on those bloody fields so there was no shame in admitting you were there. I think a lot of people either couldn’t face the horrors they saw or just didn’t know how to tell someone about them.It’s all the more surprising that WWII happened just 21 years later while the Great War was still within most people’s memories. Instead of marching off themselves, many people saw their children march off and that must have horrified them.
        Have a nice weekend Sweetie, Sending Hugs xxxx

  10. They are gorgeous!
    Just don’t buy one for the baby. LOL…

  11. You have a full life, David. Waiting for a grandson AND to see if you get the bid. A nice balance!

  12. Seems to me like you’re investing time and money very well, on heirlooms you can hand on to your Grandson… he’ll love them, I’m sure, possibly to begin with as light sabres or mediaval swords/fighting sticks;) , and later as wonderful keepsakes.

    • As long as it’s not something to whack Pops’s shins with. By the time he’s about two I’ll have invented the only ceiling hanging stick stand in existence.
      xxx Huge Hugs xxx

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