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The Price of Victory and Niggles of the Week.

I know that quite a few of my friends followed the mighty battle earlier in the week as I contested hotly on Ebay to win the carved bamboo walking stick that left me with foot rot from drooling so much. I have to inform you that due to significant skill on my part plus various IOU’s I WON IT !
I’ll never be able to use it of course since it cost me an arm and a leg ( plus my soul I think) and I now topple over a lot. That however is not about to stop me displaying the same picture as before just to rub it in on anyone who may have bid against me.

Samurai 2Samurai















I don’t have it yet as it’s still in transit guarded by an SAS regiment and a brace of rottweilers.The other stick I won earlier in the week is still in transit also and I have a budgie sending me messages about how it’s doing. It’s really nice but the carving is not in the same class. I’m going to have great joy checking for signatures to see if I can be more specific with the dates . I’m pretty sure they’re both about the 1880 mark but it’s nice to be sure. For anyone entering the walking-stick / cane collecting arena, I promise the Meiji period produced the most fantastic work.

I won’t bore you to death with my other purchases over this week because much of what I got was for gifts and some very nosey people curious family / friends read my blogs these days.

It’s been a week of frustration and niggles too.I find it curious that we are forever being exhorted to upgrade our computers and operating systems. Recently I’d been giving this some consideration since I run Windows Vista and have been experiencing some real problems.I decided to look a little more closely first.
The First problem started a few weeks ago but seemed to be getting worse. I was unable to get into wordpress accounts, getting a message that they weren’t available (including my own) or, if I could get in, I wasn’t able to leave comments. I could write them and save them but they didn’t appear.It turns out this is a well known problem between Google Chrome and WordPress. What didn’t help was that in going to the WordPress ‘help’ button for this with a question, I was redirected to the forum where I got no answers at all. Anyway a Google Search soon brought up the subject and information from fellow sufferers on how to overcome it. ‘Get rid of chrome and go to IE was one.’ I did that and my regret was almost instant because I remembered the crashes I used to get that sent me to Chrome . Go to Firefox was another suggestion I tried. The layout on that was terrible ( for me) and in the end I uninstalled and re-installed Google Chrome thinking the problem was less annoying than the cure. As it turns out, I may have done something right as things have improved a bit. Not perfect, but definitely better.

The Second problem is with Google Chrome and ‘Flash’ ( no, not the fast running man in the crimson outfit, that’s FLASH). More and more I’ve had the message that Flash has crashed which has frozen my screen in Ebay. When you’re in the last minute of a bidding war this you don’t need. Neither swearing nor cajoling seemed to be doing the trick. I turned to professional assistance, otherwise known as the ‘Scream for Help’ from my browser, only to be told yet again this is a well known problem between Google Chrome and Adobe Flash.I’m not very technically minded but I did manage to follow the directions I was given which would cure this. What is odd is that when I went to try it again it wouldn’t work at all as no Flash showed up at all. I retraced my steps and lo’ and behold all seems OK now.

The niggle is that wordpress must have been aware of the problem and didn’t try to help me. They could have sent a general message out warning Google Chrome users they may experience this problem and this is how you deal with it. 1, 2, 3 done. I could have gone out and bought a new computer in my ignorance which might also have run Google Chrome and I’d soon be in a mess again. Adobe Flash can’t be unaware of the disparity between themselves and Chrome either. They may feel it isn’t their fault but it would be good if they put out a general alert since so many systems use their product. As for Google, well they certainly must have known what was happening as theirs was the system that came last and caused the problems. If a patch wouldn’t work, again surely they could have sent out a general message saying some users might experience problems but here was the solution. It was a disappointment that it appeared none of the companies was prepared to confront the problem that would hit some of their users.

Anyway a week of some Joy. Since my beloved daughter is still crossing her knees and refusing to let my grandson appear I have no news on that front. His father’s birthday is next week and he’s hoping for an extra special present.  Sorry Ugo, I think you’ll have to put up with the ones in gift wrap.                                                                                 As an aside to this I have recently been tweeting a lot about the Miracles of Cord Blood. That is the blood from a baby’s umbilical cord that is fresh and pristine and doesn’t have memories of being any particular organ and can be used to help repair or create many things within the body. It  really is turning out to be a great miracle helping heart conditions, cancers and has even helped an AIDS victim. I have always said that too few of our hospitals save the cord or harvest the blood and asked that mothers to be check to see if their hospitals do so and if not, encourage them to do so for research purposes.

At the moment there’s one little boy who could do with all the help we can offer and I hope maybe you’ll take a look and see if there’s anything you can do. His name is Rayaan and here’s his link.  http://www.thecordbloodmiracle.com/2013/08/Rayaan-Siddiqi-hemophagocytic-lymphohistiocytosis-Stem-Cell-HLH.html?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+TheCordBloodMiracle+%28The+Cord+Blood+Miracle%29

Now, since I’ve just seen a spider the size of a carthorse scuttle across my floor, you’ll have to excuse me. Since there’s room for only one thing that size in this house I’m off to stand outside the font door and plead for help. Someone must have a chair, a trident and a lot of courage I could use.

Have a Great Week everyone.   Hugs to you all. ( Yes, even men )


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