A Surprise, or is it?

Hello everyone, I hope you’re all having a nice weekend. At this point of the week I fully expected to be regaling you with tales about the birth of my grandson and boring you to tears with 73 different pictures of his tiny hands as the shadows ply upon them giving the impression of movement. Instead I think the hands may actually be moving in temper when we actually tempt him out with pieces of chocolate swung on a piece of string. Of course my daughters recent ( ha ha) predilection for chocolate may already have put him off for life.

Anyway, at the moment the little scamp is still holding on to his cushy berth ( sorry) for dear life, and refusing the glare of publicity and the intrusion into his private life. It appears he’s shy. It seems he reacts quite well to my voice doing little somersaults when he hears me. Remind me to tell you about Olive, a fish I had that used to do the same. They react better to lower tones. His mum so desperately wants to see him she’s resorted to screeching now when he moves. Of course he’s been in there so long we reckon he’s already probably 6 foot tall.

So, it looks like the news will have to wait another week but I’ve already got an author interview in hand so heaven only knows when I’ll fit him into my calendar now.


In the meantime there is a little bit of news I’ve been keeping under my deerstalker this week ( Now Now ladies, keep it clean). Some people may think I’ve taken advice from my contemporaries, I  prefer to think of it as giving in to incessant nagging from various sources. ( Yes. you know who you are people!).

When I’d written the Barsetshire Diaries books I’d started a blog for Oscar the  cat Superior after being threatened with legal action by his brief for using his proper name in the books. He said the constant adulation left Oscar no privacy. Anyway, it appears his many fans ( damn you both) thought with a few minor changes the blog would make a good book and unbelievable as it seems, there are people out there who like cats Superiors ( why does my machine keep  defaulting to that word?).

So let me introduce you to the new book which is currently on the Amazon kindle sites and Xin Xii. During the coming week I hope to OK the proof copy for Lulu and have the paperback up on sale too though it will take a while to reach Amazon. Here’s the cover…….

Oscar's Book Coverhttp://www.amazon.com/Memoirs-of-a-Superior-ebook/dp/B00EJ9FNWS/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1376781878&sr=8-2&keywords=memoirs+of+a+superior

and here is the first review already which is very exciting.

By Ilil R. Arbel (New York)
This review is from: Memoirs of a Superior (Kindle Edition)

The book “Memoirs of a Superior” succeeds where so many other books fail – it makes a cat communicate with us in an entirely believable way. I have read many books told from the point of view of an animal, and this book stand above and beyond most of them. As a matter of fact, I can think of only one that could be compared – and this is high praise indeed – “The Fur Person” by May Sarton, an acknowledged masterpiece in the genre. Nothing else comes to mind that could be termed as good as Oscar’s story.

Anyone who had met this fabulous cat before in the other delightful books by Lord David Prosser, knows that Oscar is really the master of the household. Oscar himself has no doubt of it, and he runs the lives of his “longlegs” in a despotic though kindly way, as a “superior” should. If you never met him before, not to worry… he will let you know exactly what he thinks, in no uncertain manner.

I also want to touch on the language, which is extraordinary. Oscar’s “voice,” choice of words, and style of narrating his story are wholly consistent, so much so that you would be able to feel that indeed, a cat is sitting at the computer and typing or dictating to his beloved slave. New definitions like “superior,” “longlegs,” “dark time” “sleeping place” and “clearway,” among many others, are used so brilliantly that you feel and see the way a cat feels and sees. When Oscar is outside, I could hear the “things that rustle in the grass.” When Oscar notices the delightful scent of food, I smelled it with him. His views on veterinarians, rats, dogs, or catteries are perfectly in line with his distinctive personality and he would not mince words – why should he? He is a Superior, with a capital S.

Oscar’s adventures are sometimes suspenseful, sometimes very funny, and always entertaining. I highly recommend this book which, incidentally, has no age limit. Any animal lover, of any age, would love it, and if you are not an animal lover, well, Oscar may just convert you… Enjoy!

If you know anyone who likes cats don’t hesitate to make me rich by recommending this book. Maybe I’ll even make a new start on the next book someday but as yet I don’t hate the world quite that much.

My thanks to Owen Jones who helped me get The book on the sites it needed to go on. Megan Publishing Services.  http://fb.me/2ltocSkbO 

See you soon with the next interview with exciting Author Jan Krause Greene.

Hugs to you all. David



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30 responses to “A Surprise, or is it?

  1. So funny David. Can’t wait to read your book! Superiors are endlessly entertaining. X

    • I’m not sure how long ‘Endlessly Entertaining’ has translated as ‘Cruel’ but it may be that you and I had different Superiors to contend with. My only suggestion is those that share their lives with Superiors ( since you can’t own them) is not to let them see a copy as I deny all responsibility of the outcome. I send you Hugs xxxxx

  2. Enjoy your free time to promote MEMOIRS OF A SUPERIOR (which looks great, by the way). Once this little guy makes his grand entrance, you’ll be amazed at how quickly these babies can unthrone all other Superiors!

    • I don’t envisage too much free time now Marylin so I’ll tweet the boo k and hope for the best I think. Thanks so much for the comment. I think Reuben David will quickly find himself the centre of attention but since my daughter has TWO Superiors of her own I’m not betting how long that will last.They’ll probably demand equal attention OR ELSE !!!!!xxx Big Hugs xxx

  3. Oh, David, such fun! Can’t wait to read it. The only cats I’ve known have been Oscarites.

    We’re in waiting mode here, too. My daughter has begun listening to every friend who says, “When I did this, it happened!” Well, maybe. And maybe it was just time.

    Keep me posted–and I’ll do the same for you.

    • Hi Normandie, oh dear I’m so sorry for you. Either your Superiors read Oscar’s blog and followed his training plan or you already had terrors who knew they were in charge.
      Yvonne too is listening to friends advice but at the end of the day he’ll come when he’s ready.Probably when the time is right for a big entrance. My very best to your daughter and to you both of course. This will be quite an exciting time for you all. I’ll let you know as soon as anything happens. xxx Huge Hugs xxx

  4. What cat person could resist? I expect the two felines who own me will be online ordering Oscar’s book.

    • Oh My Dear Teagan, when it arrives make sure it doesn’t fall into their grasp. It’s intended more as a warning for Longlegs than a training ground for Superiors. I don’t want to be responsible for the suffering of any of my friends, nor can I cope with the law suits. Please be careful. xxx Huge Hugs xxx

  5. I don’t believe it. You finally did it… and in secret too! I am ridiculously happy. I’ve missed Oscar so I can hardly wait to get re-acquainted. 🙂

    All I can say is… THANK YOU… and about bloody time. :p

    -huge hugs-

    • Don’t tell me you’re going to start nagging again the minute you get your own way.I swear there was a conspiracy between some of you to force me into this. You will also get tom meet Millie who is the world’s first Agony Aunt Cat who was in the early days often voiced by Ilil who was a prime mover of me continuing the blog. She and Oscar have much to answe for ! Yvonne will see your Best Wishes as I know she always loves the comments page as much as the blog….mainly for some of the sarcasm I seem to engender. xxx Hugs Galore xxxxxx

      • lmao – an Agony Aunt Cat could spin off into a hilarious book all by itself! And of course I won’t nag… unless you deserve it. 😉

        -waves to Yvonne- When labour starts, do NOT hold your breath! Focus on breathing in to the count of four and breathing /out/ to the count of four. The brain is a wonderful machine. Give it some work to do and it will make the pain ease. Honest. 🙂

      • As if I ever deserve it ! I really don’t want to be rude but I think you’re wrong. From what I remember the deep breathing may occupy the brain but it doesn’t remove the pain, it just transfers it- to the fingers of the husband’s hand. They’re sausage shaped for days afterwards, and he doesn’t even get to lie down ( unless he faints of course but lets not dwell on that)…..
        xxx Hugs Galore xxx

      • lmao – and what part of that does not demonstrate how smart our brains are? Who better to transfer the pain to ? It’s a sort of divine balancing act. You guys get to avoid giving birth so we ensure you don’t feel left out. 😀

      • That’s why you have to love women, so caring and sharing. I’ve told Ugo to get a dummy hand on a stick !
        xxx Massive Hugs xxx

      • lol – better get him some tweezers too – for the splinters. 😉

  6. Oops – give Yvonne my best. Totally forgot in all the excitement about Oscar. 🙂

  7. Wow! It’s all happening at your place. The thought of tempting a 6ft over due baby out by dangling chocolate on the end of a string AND a new book on Amazon – this is great news David. I do hope the baby can be tempted out soon, and I wish you every success with your book. Hugs Lottie XXXXX

    • Thanks so much Lottie. Of course the priority now is the book, 6 foot babies can wait till they’re ready.I need to warn cat-lovers across the World what will happen if they allow liberties to be taken.I’m on a mission ! xxx Huge Hugs xxx

  8. Absolutely delightful news, Lord David! Your grandson will make his appearance sooner or later, with all the pomp and circumstance he’s due. This is Oscar’s moment to shine. I look forward to reading it with my Superior, and to sharing the great news. (((hugs)))

    • Be very very careful of sharing Jolyse, you really don’t want to allow your Superiors to learn Oscar’s ways of training us. Every moment Oscar was around was his moment to shine in his opinion and to encourage others is like erecting a monument to his devilish ways.Read it in a quiet corner where you won’t be disturbed. I send you Hugs Galore xxx

  9. I bought it. My Superior doesn’t know yet. I’m looking forward to gaining more insight into my owner’s mindset.

    • Thanks so much. Like me you no doubt hope eventually to outwit your superior and get a lie in. i wish you more luck than I achieved. If you should win once, remember not to smirk and above all wear shin guards for a few days. xxx Huge Hugs xxx

  10. Hold the grandson news… Memoirs of a Superior… ? How on earth did you come up with that name 😉 And here I was thinking you were spending your time buying hall stands and sticks. Very Tricky. A currently cat deprived person, I thank you ever so much. Even reading about Oscar just fills that furry gap 🙂 I looking forward to reading Memoirs of a Superior… and it will probably jump the queue once I get 10 minutes in a wifi area to download it.

    • Ah Ella, Oscar himself told me he was Superior by his every action and of course since he’s now passed away these serve as his memoirs, what he always hoped would be his gift to the world, a combined training manual for Superior kittens and for Longlegs too. Might as well get us both into shape at the same time.
      Yours is a clever move to prepare yourself by reading the erstwhile owners manual while still Superior free. If you’ll take a word of advice, destroy the book after reading and get a kitten that can’t read. Maybe, just maybe you’ll be able to avoid being trained. Of course you’re going to have to move to live in the Bush.
      xxx Hugs Galore xxx

      • At our house in the bush, we did have a guest cat who would come over for training seminars, and to make sure we didn’t run out of fur… but his services were so in demand, his longlegs was made an offer she couldn’t refuse by other longlegs who he’d wrapped around his paw… there’s no shortage of lessons 🙂

      • And most of them painful ! xxx Hugs xxx

  11. Hi David,
    Good luck with the new book.
    It is off to a great start with a review like that and so many charming comments.
    All the best,

  12. Great news, David! It’s on my wish list already! 🙂

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