Sunglasses Please.

I’m not very good at accepting favours. I hate to put people out. There are times though that it’s necessary to be a little flexible and agree no matter how much it goes against the grain. One of my nephews has been going on at me for a while about decorating. He’s been quite poorly and having had to leave work as a result of the illness is ofttimes at a bit of a loose end. Last months he went and helped decorate Yvonne’s in time for the birth of my grandson, I made sure he didn’t lose out on his petrol- and before my bright spark brotherfriend makes any suggestions it wasn’t through siphoning anyone else’s tank.

This time he was adamant he wanted to help me and didn’t want ANYTHING for helping. He had paint and all the brushes and pads he could need and on Wednesday morning rolled up to my door in a pair of shorts and laden down with equipment. I may have mentioned before that my place cannot be described as palatial and is rather full. First job of the day a coffee for me and a chocolate for David followed by a little chin scratching festival while we decided where to start. I’d had a bad night and a nasty angina attack first thing but no way could I let him tackle things alone, partly because I was embarrassed at what he might find. No Michael, not porno magazines, I returned those to you unread.

If you imagine my lounge as a box with the door at the front right On the right hand wall is a large leather settee which is opposite the large window and the TV. On the facing wall are two merchants chests of drawers with a small table between them where Ju resides and presides . Opposite them, on the wall to the left when you enter the doorway is a large cabinet with cupboards below and shelves above, there is also a glass display cabinet. In front of these are two armchairs and in front of those a coffee table. I mention these only because they are of an Indian wood that weighs a ton. Behind my chair sat / lay the biggest pile of paperwork, games, cards, giftwrap. future gifts you could ever imagine which was the bane of Ju’s life.

We decided to start on the wall behind the settee. There were just three walls to paint as the fourth is papered and I haven’t decided what to do about it yet. We pulled the settee forward and my red face lit up the room. Underneath was an assortment of peanuts and sweets left by the degu’s . Even better (?) there was an extension cable for one of my lamps which contained two plugs with little wire attached. They belonged to a CD radio and some earphones. We swept up and removed pictures etc from the walls. I took a load of Ju’s old paperwork from under the butler’s tray table and departed the room. Giving most of the papers to the binman in case he wanted a hernia I nipped back to take down the net curtains for a wash. I decided to do them all at the same time  being of  a frugal mind and followed some good instructions from a friend to put them on a wool wash and to use the same cleaner as in a normal wash and the same conditioner. I refuse to call it softener as I accidentally put some in a bath once and I’ve never been the same since.

The wall was soon done and David decided to start on the left hand one, leaving the window wall till last. With hernias popping up everywhere, I retired again to my room after moving the tonnage known as ‘The Furniture’ and started on my emails. I was writing and trying to think of a way to get Michael to do my ironing at the weekend when one email caught my eye. A friend was suggesting a Thai bride. She’s young, likes older, kinder men ( well , he got kinder right) and with the iron dangling in front of my face the idea had some appeal. Then I remembered I was never into bondage and gave up on the idea.( Tie bride Michael, keep up please). By the time the second wall was done the first was dry. So were my nets. We moved the settee back into position and had lunch. ( For the sake of a certain Australian friend I’ll just mention I had a ham salad roll).

David couldn’t access the window wall until the second wall had dried so he left the room and made a start on my hallway. I forgot to mention he sugar soaps all the walls before he paints which means extra time because it needs to dry first. He managed to do that to all the walls in the hallway. As they dried he laid to. Soon one wall, two walls and three walls were done. It was almost time to finish for the day but before he left we had time to move the furniture back from the second wall of the lounge. In walked my brother for his Wednesday game of scrabble. I hadn’t realised it was so late. It was, and Dil sent me away with a flea in my ear to make his cuppa. David left with my thanks.

Thursday morning arrived, we’ll just gloss over last night’s score for now I think. I had a problem that was really frustrating me. Two weeks ago I’d wanted to buy something from I have a $5.99 gift voucher there and it’s hard to access because for books I always have to use Anyway, I thought I’d succeeded with the item I wanted. A few days later  an email from said they were having problems getting funding from my bank using my card. I checked I’d done everything right- I had, and tried again. It seemed OK but again a few days later the message came back the same. At the same time a letter came from my benk fraud team to say they’d suspended use and needed to talk to me. Difficult since I don’t speak on the telephone. It turned out they were questioning the use of my card for a £2 purchase which was in fact a charity donation. £2 measy quid !!  I thought it was straightened out when the man from India said he’s release the card straight away. Happliy I went back to the transaction. This week on Thursday the purchase hadn’t gone through again. I was convinced it was because I was buying instead of and cancelled the order. I made to buy it from instead. All seemed OK………………………………….To be resumed.

We moved the crap my stuff from behind my chair, moved the chair and the TV and David painted the last wall of the lounge. He went out to his car and came back with a set of metal drawers on wheels which he claimed to have been given by a stallholder at the market he visited on the way to me. I wonder if he thinks I’m really as green as I’m cabbage looking. They don’t look inexpensive and here’s a man who isn’t working. I can’t allow this. I know the roughly what colour the last wall of the hall is to be and I ask if he’d be prepared to take me to the shops for a new table runner for the console table and voile for the door ( see, I know all the technical terms). Off we go to the shops where I get what I need and as always a lot more too. I give David an envelope and tell him it’s to cover the cost of petrol for coming to me over the two days. He argues but can’t fight me covering that bill at least. He’s a trusting soul.

With no furniture to be moved in the hall David gets started and I head off to the emails again and more promotion for Memoirs of a Superior. It’s approaching lunchtime and I leave the room and OMG it’s really, REALLY, Turquoise. ( For my Australian friend, let me remind you I had salad again). I lunched in silence, the glare having given me a headache. I wash the pots in shocked silence and go to hang the net curtains ( I need something to peep round at the neighbours). The wall starts to dry and I’m glad to see it’s a much more muted colour than before. It goes perfectly with the voile and runner. David leaves with my thanks but not before telling me he’ll be back next Tuesday and Wednesday to do the pit ( where I have the freezer) and my bathroom. He wants to do my bedroom too but that’s a job for hero’s since it’s tiny and there’s nowhere to move the furniture to. We’ll have to see what next week brings and maybe I can get away with just the bathroom for now.

……Resumed…… Michael came Friday and has now stopped laughing at the colour. At least he knows it was Ju’s choice and not mine. Saturday morning brought an email from to say payment refused. It’s very embarrassing. Then I went to Virgin to top my phone up and the same thing happened. We were out before 8am shopping and then paid a visit to MuJo because John was ill yesterday. We returned this afternoon to try and sort this out which necessitated another very annoying telephone call to New Delhi or it’s environs. They are very nice people and very helpful but regretfully my inexperience with the accent means I have lots of problems understanding what’s being said. In the end it turns out the helpful young man from two weeks ago had done nothing to restart the card. I was asked to create a new telephone banking code without letters as alpha numerical ones are no longer accepted and then told I could go ahead. I went straight to to kick start the order again and then to Virgin to top up the phone. They asked for the first, second and seventh numbers from my code….refused, they asked for the first , third and eigth number of my code, brilliant, it only has seven. Than a light shone in my brain and I tried my old security number …it worked. I’m back on track I think.

4afa949b942beaf6 DSCF3245


I’ve added this photograph but it really gives no indication of the impact this colour had  when wet, or even  how it looks now when you’re seeing it in full daylight.

Hope you’ve all had a good week and have a better one coming.  xxx Hugs Galore xxx


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49 responses to “Sunglasses Please.

  1. lol – your life is not boring is it? You know as I was reading this epistle it occurred to me that your nephew should start his own small painting/redecorating business. It sounds as if he has all the skills, and the tools, and the right personality to deal with people. He may never make a fortune but he’d be his own boss.

    Now why haven’t you given us a photo of the hallway? Tsk tsk. A bit remiss David. 😉

    • Who’d settle for a boring life when offered choices like mine? All of us !! Without being disrespectful to David in any way, he couldn’t do the job professionally but his heart is truly in the right place. He’s a born insurance salesman with the gift of the gab. If his throat ever recovers properly I’m sure he’ll return to that or similar. Otherwise I can see him as a delivery driver for some grocery wholesaler, going round charming all the shopkeepers.
      I couldn’t get a photograph that would do this colour justice but I’ve tried for you and added it. The walls now put the colour of the doors to shame but I’m assured he’ll be taking care of that. I wish I had the willpower to put my cigs down and say never again….well maybe after I finish the current 200 anyway. xxx Massive Hugs to you xxx

  2. It is so hard to get credit card and bank accounts sorted when they go wrong, for whatever reason. Best of luck with that… and with the new wall colours!

    • If people did what they promise to do, or what they’re supposed to do things would go much smoother. If our Countries banks and other big firms would stop farming call centres out to India
      ( and Scotland LOL) so that there were no problems of mutual understanding I’m sure things would be much easier.This has only taken longer to deal with because someone forgot to do what they’d promised. Still all is OK ( for now). I’m learning to live with the colour now and it certainly does brighten the place up. xxx Huge Hugs xxx

  3. Oh for the days when you could go to an actual bank, and the people behind the counter knew who you were or at least who your parents were, they were related to you, you went to school with them or both. Now it’s John or Fredangelo at the call center of God knows where…
    I love the turquoise paint. Your nephew has an eye for colour. Two chair throws, which are really fashion scarves, of similar hue found me this week. You may find a new blue computer to complement your walls.

    • I really don’t like the call centre staff and I understand they have to work. What’s laughable is that India is doing well economically and can now refuse Britain’s charity while we have unemployment, poverty and are seeking charity everywhere. I have a bank where I’m known but who don’t deal with the problems of the fraud centre which are farmed out. Time to bring the jobs home and start a recovery instead of considering such vast profits.
      I think my nephew is and Ju was both colour blind. Whatever happened to calm and peaceful colours? For fashion it’s OK but a computer…NO WAY.
      Huge Hugs xxxx

  4. I think the colour is fabulous I have what I can only describe as Peacock blue in my kitchen and wedgewood blue in the hall way right now am contemplating black and red for the bed room and turquoise for the bathroom as the duck egg blue I had in there now looks a little drab 😀 shame you don’t live nearer so I could borrow your nephew lol

    • I’ll send him up Paula, how about Tuesday or Wednesday instead of here. Black and red sounds brilliant for the bedroom and even peacock blue in the kitchen, but do you wear sunglasses in the hall too?
      xxx Massive Hugs xxx

  5. I’m not a huge fan of blue but your hallway does look rather restful? It’s actually a nice colour David. 🙂

  6. My favorite color! Or close anyway–maybe a little darker. So many sweet family members and friends to take such good, and colorful, care of you. Hugs, David.

    • I’m sorry for such a poor photograph Mary J. It wasn’t full light when I took it and didn’t use flash. The colour is actually quite light. I count myself very lucky in the family and friends I have who are unstinting in time and help if needed. I’m frankly amazed they’d bother. xxx Massive Hugs to you xxx

  7. Catherine Johnson

    It looks fabulous, David. That colour is perfect. I’m glad you are not tackling it all by yourself. Take care!

    • Thanks Sweetie. I think I’ve taken to working by proxy. I issue the orders, hide away with my computer and let work commence. Of course it has to be said that I’m working very hard on my ebay shopping all the time of course.
      I hope you’re all well. I send you stupendous Hugs xxxxxxxx

  8. I was wondering about ‘sugarsoaping’ the walls prior to painting. What does that mean? It sounds so interesting… does it make a different ‘texture’?

    • I’m going to pretend I knew the answer to this all along. No, sugarsoap (sold in a bottle) cuts the dirt and grease accumulated on a wall that would stop paint from taking well. I’m quite a heavy smoker so it gets rid of the nicotine too. It takes about an hour to dry off then you can paint the wall with no fear of the paint running because it hasn’t gripped well. I suspect other things like a bit of detergent in hot water would do the same job but it sounds more professional to say sugarsoaped. xxx Huge Hugs xxx

      • :))))))))))))))))))))))))) I was hoping it was some kind of wonderful, magical thing I could use my imagination with to ‘create’…. ha! ha! It does sound good, though. It does sound very professional! Sugarsoap… I’ve never seen the two words together… and it just seemed ‘magical’ in some way… special! :)))))

      • Ha Ha, it works and that’s pretty magical today but it’s nor fresh off the shelf in the Hogwart’s stores I’m afraid. Left to me, I’d probably have forgotten it and painted straight over the old paint only to find it running. I think that’s why when my wife was a live she did the painting and I stuck with the papering. xxx Hugs Galore xxx

      • :))) I sense your wife was a wonderful person, David. I think I would have wanted the papering job! :))) I love wall-paper. You’ve got to admit ‘sugarsoaping’ is a beautiful word together… I wish it was some way to use it often, ha! :)))

      • She was everything I could have wanted Gloria. She made me very happy. Yes, the word is wonderful. it sounds like the word you’d use for a child being really nice to his mum before asking for something. He’s sugarsoaping Huge Hugs xxx

      • :))) That’s just the way Skip is to me… perfect enough for me. That’s what I sensed about her. Special. I see in my mind…. crystalized sugar coating Christmas decorations… magical, sparkling lights, big Christmas presents under the tree, ha! But… I just remembered… where’s the ‘soap’… maybe a most special soap wrapped in delicate, pastel-colored paper, with a dainty bow on it. :)))) I’ve only seen such in pictures… it would have been wonderful to really see such. :))) I would be like a child with wide eyes of wonder!

      • I’m glad Skip is the man of your dreams and is to you what Julia was to me. That makes him very special. You paint a wonderful picture of a Christmas gift, I think the bow on the ribbon around the soap would have to be dipped in sugar so that it glistened. xxx Huge Hugs xxx

      • Oh yes, the bow would sparkle with crystal sugar, also! I think you and I have/ are fortunate to know our most special person in this world. I know there’s not a day that goes by, that I’m not so grateful. I bet you felt that way with your Julia. :)))

      • I still do Gloria, I had 27 wonderful years with her and it made me a better person because she was so good. She wass the crystal blow that wrapped up my life in a special way, and still Hugs Galore xxx

      • :))) That’s beautiful, special!

  9. I am utterly in awe of your David. More than one wall sugarsoaped, painted and furniture moved all in one day? Can you please suck a bit of life essence out of him on the sly so I can inject it into The Man in the hopes this industriousness takes over him too? I am still waiting for the back steps to be fixed after years, and years, and years…. 😀

    • Erm I was with him Metan. I did help move furniture after which I was there to admire the handiwork which surely counts as helping. Fair play he did work hard so I’ll do as you ask when his back’s turned today. Maybe you’ve just shamed him into action so use the essence well on other things. xxx Huge Hugs xxx

  10. Caw! Looks stunning! I always ground myself when I visit you, David. And I am glad you are considering getting taid-up!

    • If I did consider it Niamh, I’d need to be tied up! Though thinking about it I have been taid up recently since that’s the Welsh term for Grandfather. I’m glad I ground you after your hectic times and it’s always wonderful to see you here. xxx Massive Hugs xxx

  11. Personally, I like it, but even if I didn’t, this is YOURS, and only you need to like it, David. We really downsized when we moved, and I painted the second bedroom (guest room) red (about the same color as the red background of your blog). The family was quiet, and when the carpet layers came, they both gasped and said they didn’t think a neutral Berber carpet would be enough to offset the walls. BUT when we added ceiling to floor white-painted wooden bookshelves on either side of the window and I hung my grandmother’s hand-made white quilt with red-patterned tulips on one of the bright red walls and framed family pictures on the others, suddenly everyone genuinely liked the room. But it didn’t matter because I loved it all along. Add your personal touches and claim it, David! (Or if you really don’t like the paint color after all, shrug and change it!)

    • The guest room sounds really nice Marylin. I actually do like the colour now it’s calmed down and yesterday the one un-tiled bathroom wall was done in the same colour. There are different shades of blue in the bathroom from pale blue veined tiles to a darker floor so this goes well in between.David pained most of the hall doors white too so although they look a bit stark when you first see them, do in fact neutralise the turquoise even more now.
      Today I’m going to look at some wallpaper for the one papered wall of the lounge.The current paper has creams and golds in it with large gold flowers. Sounds awful but looks nice. I want to see if I can see something with a bit more oomph like a neutral background with beautiful poppy heads on it. I don’t want it ‘In your face’ but I do want it to make a statement. Wish me luck.
      xxx Massive Hugs xxx

  12. I sense a business opportunity for your willing helper, he sounds very able and if my past experience is anything to go by he would be very busy. There is a lot of help for people wanting to start in self employment, the Prince Trust is great if he’s under 26. He could go at his own speed with his health is under par, just a thought. Btw the colour looks great. 🙂

    • It’s always strange to me to think when talking of my nephew that he’s actually in his mid 40’s. I probably don’t think about it much in case people start thinking about how old that makes me! !!! A tad old for the Princes Trust to help I’m afraid.It may still be possible to get financial help to set up I suppose and I’ll mention it to him. He’s here this morning having started on the next lot. xxx Massive Hugs xxx

  13. CJ

    Bet it feels better already!

  14. I’m glad to hear you’re laughing through your banking and painting adventures. I’ve needed to paint for years now and you’re inspiring me to get to it. I like the color too, but if it was super turquoise while it was wet then that does sounds a bit scary.

    • Listen, don’t tell Ju I said this but it dried to quite a nice colour. So nice in fact hat I now have it one one wall of the bathroom to compliment the blues in there. I’m pretty sure Ju would have agreed with me. I just need new curtains in there now. Thank the lord for Ebay where I was able to find a 48″ drop.
      Still listening? You may never hear me talk like this again. I have to decide on some paper for the one wall in the lounge. I want something with a bold flower design , perhaps large red poppy heads so I can co-ordinate the cushions etc when it’s done. Did I really say that? OMG I’m turning into a girl, I’m going to faint.
      Go to it, I’m willing to bet you have much more taste than me. xxx Huge Hugs xxx

      • Hahah – your nephew just might have created a monster. Before you know it, your whole house will be completely redone. That’s great that you’re having fun with it! Hugs to you and good luck with all those colors!

      • At least you didn’t respond with shock and horror at my choices. I’m going to have a break after Monday so I don’t have to face doing my bedroom as there’s nowhere to move anything to. Maybe I’ll move into the bigger room eventually with the computer so I can make some space but for now I’m cosy. See, he hasn’t turned me into a monster yet. xxx Huge Hugs xxx

      • Well, that’s good – although it could be fun to be a monster every once in a while. 🙂

      • I’d probably scare myself more than anyone else. xxx Hugs Galore xxx

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