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Blink and you’ve missed it. Another week gone,

Sunday last week was quiet. Brotherfriend tells me he’s not sleeping well at the moment which roughly translates as ‘ Wake me in the morning and you’re dead meat’ so needless to say I let him lie in. By the time he eventually got up it was almost time for me to go back to bed again but I’m not one to complain- much. We paid a visit to a shop to have a look at some shelving units. I had a unit in mind from a pick-up catalogue company but it turned out the shop we visited had the same one for £10.00 less which was great for my budget as they also had a second set of shelves for £10 where all other boxes were £20.00. That meant I have a nice new stand to hold towels in the bathroom and one for the airing cupboard to take some bedding. Pleased with myself I bought three towel bales in different colours- OK, maybe I did forget to co-ordinate the colours with the bathroom but a fella can’t be expected to think of everything. Anyway I’m blaming Brotherfriend because he chose two of the three- whaddaya mean which two? The worst two of course!  After a coffee so he could spend ten minutes in banter with the staff, and I could spend twenty minutes begging them not to ban me for taking him there, we headed off to lunch. The Blossoms is a pub with a nice little restaurant inside,  separate from the rowdies watching the Grand Prix, oops sorry, that was Brotherfriend Mike. We had a  nice lunch and head home to start erecting shelving which took most of the afternoon before he had to leave and drive 120 miles home. It’s only 60 miles away but he’s a lousy map-reader.

Monday. Yvonne, Ugo and Reuben were coming in the evening so I aired the rooms because of my smoking, Febreezed the place within an inch of it’s life and hoovered.  I’d  set the washing machine going and was just finishing folding  some bedding for the ironing basket when they arrived early at about 4.30 . Naturally it seemed as though I’d not been busy by then so I had to make drinks. They brought me a pizza for my tea which I struggled to finish. I help Reuben and as usual he fell straight to sleep in my arms. NOTE TO SELF– buy some deodorant . We had a discussion about Doctor’s appointments. Yvonne said I should go, I said I wasn’t keen so she rang up and said I was going. It looks like I’m going.

Tuesday. My nephew arrived to re-start the decoration. I removed everything from the bathroom again and took the curtains down to be washed. The state of them convinced me I needed a new pair. While he got on with the easy job of painting the ceiling, I got on with the hard job of finding and ordering a new pair from Ebay and answering my mail. The bathroom ceiling done he painted one wall the same turquoise as the hall and then started to finish painting some of the hallway ceiling and some doors. Late afternoon David left and I ironed the now dry curtains and rehung them. The bathroom is really looking quite nice now. Back in with the new shelving and the towels which are of course for show only. I expect people to shake themselves vigorously to get dry.

Wednesday. Another day of painting doors and skirting boards. I even watched him doing it sometimes. It’s tiring work but someone has to do it. At the end of the day he’s done a great job and nearly worked as hard as me. I had to give him a tip so I told him not to back the favourite in the Grand National and gave him a postdated cheque for next century. He’s fairly determined that he wants to do my bedroom next but I loathe to start that as there’s nowhere to put anything while it’s done. Instead I’m putting a lot of thought into the fourth wall of the lounge. I think, maybe,  perhaps, possibly, I DO want to have that wall re-papered.

Thursday. Visitors today and tonight. I need to change the bed but in the end decide to keep it and just apply fresh bedding. The room needs a good hoovering and some stuff moving off the floor. A bit of judicious shuffling enables me to remove a laundry basket and re-position it in the airing cupboard and voila you can now get round the end of the bed. I strip the bed and place the bedding in the washing machine. Heavens, it’s seeing some action. That’s twice now since March. MuJo arrive and after exchanging news we head off for lunch. It’s Holywell market on a Thursday and though not large is nonetheless quite good. After eating we had a look round the stalls and I bought some new bedding and a small runner in blue. After stops for shops and refreshment ( I hadn’t been banned) we went home where Mu helped me put the new bedding on and they left. NOTE TO SELF. Stop forgetting deodorant! It was now 5.00pm and I needed to hoover and lay the new runner. Can anyone please explain to me why I bought a blue runner since the walls are cream, bar the papered one which is gold and coffee brown, the main carpet is brown and the furniture was brown. Do you suddenly become tasteless at age 60+ or have I always been this bad? I had a little tea and settled down with my mail. I had 213 and a very sour expression. My phone beeped and a message told me Brotherfriend Mike and his companion Rose were setting off at 8.00pm intending to arrive at mine about 10.30 pm. What’s the point of rushing when the shops are shut? They arrived at 10.33  having thoughtlessly kept me waiting all that much time longer.

Friday the 13th.  Well it sounds like a horror movie and it almost was. Brotherfriend Mike, Rose and myself went into Chester having arranged to meet Yvonne at about 10.45 am for a drink. We parked by the river since cars with disabled stickers park free . Don’t worry, he won’t run into you as it’s not a physical problem he has but a definite mental one- he keeps associating with me. Unfortunately my rude remarks about him saving fuel by using that dispensed with by the cars he tailgates, meant he’d parked far enough away from the meeting point so he could make me walk. He’s evil. It meant we didn’t arrive till 11.00am and one angina attack later. But still we beat Yvonne who didn’t manage it until 11.20am. We had a nice cuppa while I fed Reuben who promptly fell asleep in my arms. We had a little mooch round the shops before going to lunch. It wasn’t where we intended so Yvonne had to call Ugo who was joining us before he realised we were trying to avoid him. As he arrived I asked what lunch he wanted and he refused my offer saying he’d get it himself after a trip to the loo. He returned from the loo and went to order a meal only to find he’d lost his wallet. Up everyone got to help him look for it without success. If he’d accepted my offer this wouldn’t have happened but I don’t think I can actually claim credit for the mishap. No-one could find it.A real Friday 13th it was proving to be. Mike, Rose and I bade them goodbye and headed off to some more shops. Yvonne , Ugo and Reuben headed for home only to find someone had found and posted his wallet through the front door.

Saturday.  Today just for a change we went shopping. We decided to take Rose for a run in the country and then end up in Rhyl. It’s a bit of a disaster town these days as some of the better stores have upped sticks and gone elsewhere. There were still enough to keep us happy though as we looked at various gift shops and Mike found to fire breathing ( via joss sticks) dragons he’d been looking for, for ages. We looked at and got samples of some wallpaper for the lounge though I’m waiting to see how my other option goes first and I also found a set of bedding. I had bought a set of bedding for Ju not long before she passed away. Yvonne recently asked iif she could have it and I readily agreed except I couldn’t find it anywhere. I’d got in in an ASDA sale and only paid £8.00 for it. The bedding today was a mortgage away from that but almost the same pattern and colour. It’s driving me batty wondering where the original one has got to. What’s funny was that I picked one up today and announced “This is like it” and a cushion promptly jumped off the shelf above. “Perhaps not” said Mike, “Ju doesn’t agree.” I put it back and found this other set instead which I bought since this time the cushions stayed still.

One thing that’s been consistent throughout this week is the shops themselves. I’ve seen Christmas cards , Christmas gifts and even tinned Christmas sweets and biscuits. Do they always start doing this to the shelves in June? What ! It’s September! Who the heck has stolen the intervening months? I swear Christmases are getting closer, it’s only five minutes since the last one. If anyone can account for the whereabouts of the missing months, hey’ll earn my undying gratitude and possibly a reward. OK, forget the reward, I know you’d only be offended if I insisted and I don’t want to offend you.

$T2eC16ZHJGkFFm9)Lmo-BSMg896RCQ~~60_12This is my idea for the lounge wall. I know this is a dining room but just use a bit of imagination please. David, please don’t read this or look at the picture since I don’t want to scare you off.

Have a nice week all. Hugs Galore.


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