New Day, New Decor.

Last week saw the start of the new,vibrantly coloured me. Well, not me personally since even I draw the line at going out in turquoise, but of my  hallway and bathroom. Most of you seemed to agree that despite my early misgivings, the colour was OK. This week the transformation is complete unless my nephew manages to drag me kicking and screaming out of my bedroom office in order to throw some much needed paint on the walls.  Anyhoo, here’s the week so far.

Sunday. With my brotherfriend on his way to Canada for a wedding ( not his since he thinks it’s too soon to hit double figures) I spent the day alone gaining the flattest bum ever from sitting at the computer all day. I did stop long enough to make myself some lunch but in view of ‘certain peoples’ remonstrations over my feeding habits I shall not be saying what I had. Just take my word for it that every mouthful was healthy. The cocoa bean has so many wonderful uses.

Monday. I’d been promised a visit by my daughter, son-in-law and grandson ( his coming wasn’t really optional) but since Reuben had suffered the ‘snip’ yesterday he was not in the best of moods. It seems he was not co-operative at all in the morning so the visit was delayed until the early afternoon. By 1.00pm I was so hungry I was chewing on my own arm and praying to the Gods of the forest that  Sasquatch would appear and run off with me to the nearest Macdonalds. Heck, I must have been hungry. They finally arrived and throwing my crutches to the wind I ran to the car and told Ugo tor reverse out despite not having shut the door yet. They took me to a Pizza parlour where I was able to tuck into some Hawaiian slices and as much SALAD as I wanted.( sorry to shout but I want Australia to hear me). A very sweet young lady put a fresh Hawaiian in the oven so I could have a couple of hot pieces with the remaining greenery, tomatoes and coleslaw on my plate. I was very grateful. Reuben lay in my arms for a good while and as usual was as quiet as a lamb. We visited a couple of shops afterwards ( you knew that was coming didn’t you) where I bought some new cushions and some picture hooks, sweets and wrist bandages for the man in the charity shop.

Tuesday. I was up at 4.00am raring to go on my emails. I turned on the computer ( not savagely though) and waited for the sign in screen. Nothing. I turned off and on again, zip, nada. As the bios came up on the third round I ticked the box for ‘Computer Start Normally’, abso-blinkin-lutely nothing again so on the fourth attempt I told it to ‘heal thyself’ and went to make a cuppa and take my tabs. The fish were in a state of excitement when I turned them on so picking up my latte macchiato I headed back to the disaster zone to see if the computer needed throwing through the window ( open of course, I hate a draught). Still not a sausage so with a huge display of strength I threw my bum into the chair prepared to give it one last chance. Pressing the on switch I told it to start normally and it did. Obviously it was now well past 8.00am and doing the mail took ages. so at half past eleven I had to go and start lunch,take meds, eat, take meds and flake out for an hour before starting back. That was the plan anway but I only lasted half an hour in my chair before I woke myself with a huge snore and then the phone rang. I have to mention at this point how disappointed I am in certain members of my family some of whom know me by the name my close family used of Michael or Mike ( because they called my father David). Certain miscreants whose name is Kar  whose name I shan’t mention have started calling my brotherfriend LUM standing for Little Uncle Mike….yes, you can see where this is going can’t you. Would you want to be called Big Uncle Mike?

Wednesday. Today’s decorating had to be postponed until Thursday. It’s just as well because there is an outstanding appointment at the diabetic clinic to attend. Things started well as my good friend Lis arrived to take me there. She was a little early and so came in and waited while I got my coat on. She stood in the hallway and didn’t notice a thing.. We left and were on our way to the Doctors before I asked her what she thought of the turquoise which is when she told me she hadn’t noticed it and I knew it must be OK. I was ten minutes early at the clinic but no sooner had I registered my arrival on the computer that asks for sex ( not as in ‘Will You’ but in the sense of M or F and then asks for your D.O.B. which I typed in carefully shielding the answer. After all you never know who would want to pretend to be you and go for your colonic irrigation. Sister S is a lovely woman. We went through the usual Q & A session “How are you?” “Fi-i-i-ne ” sez me stuttering. “How’s the smoking?” “Fi-i-i-ne” sez I. She checked my BP to see what effect the increase of drugs had over the last two weeks- absolutely none. Checked my feet with a thin filament of metal and declared them file though still a little swollen. Then she offered to take the bloods for me that I was due to arrange next week. Knowing it would save me a trip I agreed. She has a very gentle touch with a needle and got the blood flowing straight away. What I wasn’t prepared for was quantity. We must have been filling a bloodbank. I swear if someone hadn’t knocked on the door I’d have been just one more inexplicable drained corpse left dumped in a field somewhere.

Thursday. I was still working at the computer when Leonardo walked in this morning wearing his long paint splattered shorts. I left him to prepare for a few minutes while I finished along message and then went through. I knew today’s job was the two doors in the lounge that I’d decided I wanted papering much to his surprise. Anyhoo, I left him with the paper for two minutes before we realised I had no paste except for the wall. He ran me up to town to get some and laughed like hell when I came out of the shop with a tower candle stand as well. He made some muffled remark about it being a funny way of getting rid of things in the house but I was feeling a little deaf just then. Back home again I left him to it while I went out to pick up lunch. Honest, there was green stuff on it. When I came back I decided to look at the list of Blogs I follow and change the frequency of mail from some of them from immediate to weekly and follow a few more at the same time. Back to my mail and I had a lovely message from someone wanting to be interviewed which I jumped on before she had time to change her mind. ( Look for it next week) and a nice message from my young friend Sorin whose banter is amazing. He’s so much funnier than me I should hate him.  Time passed, we lunched and then David called m through to have a look. I really like the doors and he made a fine job of them. I won’t tell him though in case his price goes up. Before e left for the day we moved the furniture away from the wall he’d be working on Friday and he prepared the wall for action.

During my session on WordPress I’d come across the blog of a young lady who is from Romania, workng in Dubai but is having treatment for breast cancer in France and whose boyfriend lives in Scotland . She’s an amazing young woman so full of courage I was crying as I read her blog.   this is most definitely worth a read. She travels as much as possible to be with family or with her boyfriend but has to rely on kindness in France that people will allow her to stay while having her chemo. Complications have also meant her chemo now must be had weekly for the next 5 weeks before an intensive course of radiotherapy. After leaving a comment on her blog her boyfriend wrote to me via linked-in and what a charming  and pleasant young man he is.

Friday. THE Day. The day of the ‘Muriel’ going up on the wall. I don’t suppose it is a mural really, just a very large picture. David arrived at about 9.30 and off he went. Right into battle measuring , marking and starting to lay the first piece. As they cam out of the wrapping I noticed it was in eight pieces, but not strips as I expected but 4 tops and four bottoms. David started on piece number one as I left the house to collect lunch. Yes, more rabbit food wrapped in lots of delicious bread. I came home and put some musi on as David likes the 80’s stuff playing while he works. It suits me since I’m suitably deaf when the swearing starts. And every time a record finished playing on you tube I could hear the swearing. Hell I could see the swearing from the blue fog that had descended through the house. It seems that the sheets being short hasn’t helped as they’re so wide. In fairness though the top four 1,3,5 & 7 were up just as I called lunch at tea time. By 4.00 all eight were up and it was then I saw they were upside down!! They weren’t really but David may be reading this and I’ve just helped stimulate his heart. It looked great. He left with the threat of returning next week to attack my hidey hole.

Saturday. What a day. There’s no-one o take me shopping so I’ll have wasted away before Sunday’s over. Next week will be a Fill in the Blanks to make your own Blog. I was up at 5.15 but still hadn’t touched an email before 7.30 am as my Google Chrome desktop had been take over by another and I was having jell trying to get rid of it as it was having hell trying to get rid of me. Every time I thought I’d managed another strange desktop showed up and I had to start again. It took most of the morning to reach a stage where we might both have been ready to call a truce if not happy. I’ve taken chrome off and put it back on, I’ve been through the uninstall process for this desktop but it’s not there and I’ve been through google settings to try and get google chrome set as the default. It says it is, but this computer is such a devious thing it lies to me. I shall have to admit defeat and call in my nephew Lee.

Righto then, here are the pictures you’ve been waiting for and somehow by accident a couple of my grandson have slipped in there too. Please be kind in the comments…


The Bookshelf effect.

catalogue pose

What a Pose.

happy chappie

Happy Chappie.

Reuben Howling

Where’s my Pops? He hasn’t seen me cry yet.


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42 responses to “New Day, New Decor.

  1. Impressive week, David. And you said you don’t have material for your next book 🙂
    The bookshelf effect is… well, effective. I always wanted a secret library door, and you seem to have two of them.

  2. Heard you in Australia! Funny read, thank you. Lovely baby! X

    • Thanks so much. My conscience lives in Oz and doesn’t hesitate to tell me off about my Mars bar diet. Thanks also for Reuben, he’s a sweetie xxx Huge Hugs xxx

      • You mean to say your conscience is upside down? 🙂

      • It certainly is about now. I know that if it ever finds a tramp steamer to bring it back I shall be packing to head off in the opposite direction…….in a luxury yacht of course. I’m sure you’ve seen it when two magnets have the same ( or opposite??) polarity and repel each other, that’s me and my conscience .

  3. Very interesting deco, David, but mostly I am impressed by a man who counts cocoa beans as a food group, loves Hawaiian pizza and SALAD!, and adore his grandson. Such a combination of charms you have. Another fun post!

    • Thanks a lot Marylin. Oh yes, chocolate is the best food group of the lot. It’s not just tasty to eat it also makes you feel good. Little error though to knock of a charm and a half, I DON’T like salad. But if I don’t tell my friend I’m eating it she thinks I only eat bad stuff so I have a tomato here and there to please her. But the pizza’s not bad. Yes, I adore my grandson. He’s enhanced my reputation by never crying with me.( I’m keeping the sleeping tablets a secret for now).
      xxx Massive Hugs to you xxx

      • Alright, this may sound weird, but you should try potato wedges with a nice salty chocolate sauce drizzle. I vouch for it. Just have some roast beef on the side, to keep it healthy.

  4. And I heard you all the way over in Indonesia! I agree with Marilyn, it’s most impressive that you count cocoa beans as a food group – apparently we should eat 5 bars a day 😉 I’ve given up trying to get Irishman to eat anything green, red, orange or yellow but he might well be tempted by a Hawaiian pizza.

    Your Muriel is most impressive and your faux library bookshelves. I’ve got all of this painting and decorating malarkey to look forward to in a few weeks. I don’t think the little house that we are moving to has been touched in over 100 years. I shall be living on cocoa beans and Hawaiian pizza to give me strength, accompanied by copious amounts of fortifying full bodied red grape juice – it’s packed with antioxidants don’t yer know!

    Have a most excellent week, David. Lottie XOX

    • Hello Dear Lottie, Sorry I shouted so loudly.I know I won’t have woken you with all the packing you’re doing but it can’t have done your ears much good. Having said that. The Irishman might have heard that I ate a tomato at the salad bar and survived. Perhaps he’ll risk one for you now as well as the pineapple on the pizza.
      I’m starting to get used to the ‘Muriel’ ( I wonder how many people will know Hilda Ogden). Some of the murals on the ebay site for walls and doors are most impressive. Some great scenes just in case you come across a wall that needs holding up.You must be pretty excited now. Make sure you stock up on all the important food groups and yes I include that full bodied, red grape juice there in copious quantities.
      I’ll be watching your progress.
      xxx Hugs Galore xxx

  5. Sincerely, David, that baby is lovely. And the owl jammies are wonderful. (I wonder what “jammies” means “over there”.) I like the poppies but what are those black pods by Julia?

    • Thank you Virginia. I’ll auction him off next month to pay for Christmas, jammies means exactly the same here and I know Yvonne bought those as he has an owl themed bedroom. I just hope they don’t hoot all night. I just had to go take a look at the picture and the real thing to see the black pods myself. Sorry, it shows I’m not much of a photographer. They’re actually the dark green leaves of a peace lily( I think I’m right) that no longer has the flowers sticking up.
      xxx Massive Hugs to you xxx

  6. The bookshelf effect!! I love it!

  7. loving the new decor, the bookshelf effect would be a disaster for me would spend hours studying the titles deciding I needed then for my real book shelves, and what can I say about your grandson he is just so cutie I think your daughter is going to spend a lot of time answering the door to young ladies calling for him when he gets older lol

    Have a great week do not allow yourself to waste away we would miss you far too much
    Paula xx

    • I was afraid of that too Paula but on closer inspection they cheated as there are no titles on the spines. Thwarted again! As far as Reuben goes, I think they’re going to lock him in his bedroom till he’s about 30 and then his life’s his own. When you see the effect broken relationships can have on a youngster I sometimes wish I’d done that too.

      You’re a real sweetie Paula. Thank you. I shall move the stock of mars bars to a backpack just in case.
      xxx I send you Hugs Galore and hope you’re having a Great Weekend. xxx

  8. Cocoa grows on plants, so it must constitute of of your five-a-day! Trust me, I’m a botanist!

    • I knew you were a genius as well as an ardent gardener. I will of course be quoting your sage advice and continuing in my quest of out eating the cocoa growing industry.
      xxxx Hugs Galore XXXX

  9. oh that’s lovely. seriously, this winter, it will be quite lovely. I’m off to go shop for a new rug today, then hopefully order a new sofa (as our demon cat Moxie has destroyed the old one and we hope to find one with wooden arms she can’t destroy) to redo the room we sit in most of the winter. winters are so long, the depressing decor needs to change if we are to survive! Kudos to you for the color!

    • So now Moxie will have the time of her life sharpening her claws on the wood. I swear wood and cat’s claws are magnetic. The change of colour is proving to be a hit in the hallway and s iving me more confidence to try newer things. Not that I’m an old fuddy duddy stick-in the-mud type, I’m just afraid of change. I’m sure you’ll have fun doing your room out and giving it and yourselves- and Moxie- a new lease of life.
      xxx Huge Hugs xxx

  10. also, I am now looking for book shelf paper for the doors in my den…have to figure out how to do this in the US, I remember reading in a book about how doors would have fake titles and be on doors (I’ll bet you can guess the author! remember how the people would talk about making up fun names for the fake books they would have on the door?) anyway, this looks like a much easier way to achieve an effect I always wanted to do!

    • I’d already looked at the door and wall murals on Ebay and just tried under bookshelf wallpaper. It’s just that. a normal roll of wallpaper so nowhere near as expensive as the murals and sometimes people just have a couple of rolls left from a job they’ve done.It worked out one roll does two doors as you need a drop and a half size piece each door which is 3 drops in total.There are some nice papers out there I see. I hope you find one and give it a try or as someone else suggested, just take the spines off old books and stick them on- got 3 years to spare?
      Have fun, xxx massive hugs xxx

  11. Your home is sprucing up beautifully David and Reuben is just too too gorgeous… 😆 Eat up big 😉 and have a great weekend… xxx

    • Thank you Catherine, just the one more room to go unless I can persuade him to take a break. About 5 years would be fine.Reuben is a little cracker but I must keep him drugged so they know how great I am with children. I ate up big today but don’t think I should eat again at all next week now. I’m bloated . I hope your weekend is proving to be as nice as the one you wished me.
      xxx Hugs Galore xxx

  12. Busy week…The hawaiian sounds good. Yum! And the decor is lovely…not to mention the little ones. A very thorough encapsulation for a time capsule…a week in the life of….

    • It did sound busy Niamh but there are long periods of nothingness too. The pizza was nice as a change but today was roast beef and everything takes second place to that.Thank you, I’m getting used to the changes now and Reuben is a proper gent for me. A Week in the life of a whinger would be about right. I’ll try harder in future. xxx Huge Hugs to you xxx

  13. Aha! A survivor of redecorating. Marvelous, David. You deserve the odd bit of cocoa bean. What a gorgeous wee grandson. He’s obviously already learned who is going to be in his court.

    • Aha, I can’t claim to be a survivor yet as by all accounts it’s not over and the worst has been saved till last. Imagine if you can, a 10′ x 10′ box into which are stuffed a bed, a wardrobe, a large bedding chest, 6 bookcases, a Computer table complete with computer, printer etc, cuddly toy, conveyer belt and two sliding doors. There is nowhere outside this box to take the objects too and yet the walls must be painted.You’re not allowed to glue things to the ceiling so how do you proceed. The time starts now….

      That’s why I have cocoa bean products in each hand and I’m currently sniffing a block of Cadbury’s Dairy Milk Chocolate. Desperate because in the morning my new wee grandson arrives and they’ll make me empty my hands before picking him up. It’s a cruel life.
      xxx Hugs Galore xxx

  14. It took me a minute to decide which I like more, the ‘Muriels’ or the pics of Reuben… Reuben won, but the wallpapers were solid contenders.
    I will share the G.O.’s secret to salad eating with you – dressing, and lots of it. His favourite at the moment is fig Vino Cotto… sort of fancy balsamic with figs blended in. I swear I could toss thistle leaves in it and he’d still eat happily them 😉
    If you’re going to be moving furniture around properly you’ll definitely need chocolate and pizza, otherwise it’s just not right.

  15. I’m glad Reuben won even though getting the wallpaper was my decision and Reuben obviously wasn’t. Maybe I’ll have to try the G.O.’s solution to eating rabbit food though I’d be adding plenty of salad cream too and layers of coleslaw otherwise it seems each mouthful lasts hours.
    I’ll definitely be moving furniture around if your recommendations are chocolate and pizza as a base for the effort, why, I might even move two pieces and have twice as much now.
    xxx Massive Hugs xxx

  16. Australia heard, and is pleased, although a certain, shall we say skepticism on quantities of ‘green’ remains. 😉

    Lovely post David and the pictures of Reuben are adorable. That young man is going to break hearts in a few short years. -hugs-

    • But I have my tin of vegetable dye handy, from now on I eat nothing but green- even the meat.
      Thank you for enjoying the post and not showing up my lack of taste. Yes Reuben may be a heartbreaker on day but if he puts on any more length and weight, arm breaker may come first. Half an hour of holding him in my arm yesterday and I was ready to tell every secret I know and even a few I don’t just to stop the torture.How on earth do you mothers do it?
      xxx Massive Hugs to

      • Ewwwww. :p That’s too much dedication David. As for babies…you get used to it? I remember having a permanent list for a few years once the Daughter began to walk [from holding that little hand wherever we went]. I also learned to take very small steps, and live with never going to the bathroom on my own. I survived, so shall you. 🙂

      • But I live to please you- and not get told off.xx Oh Dear, you mean I have to go through it again. I’ve only just re-learned to walk upright. xxx Hugs Galore. xxx

      • lmao – that’ll be the day. 😉

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