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Having a Nappy Day and the Doghouse.

Sunday.      Today the Gods took pity on me for having spent a day without shopping on Saturday. Away from their normal visit , Team MuJo decided to come and make sure I had a solid lunch.  There wasn’t much debate as they don’t know many Sunday choices in the area. I of course raved about The Springfield that Mike and I had visited a few weeks ago and eaten like Kings. I explained that serving didn’t start until 12.30 but that we could go a little early and get a drink from the bar.  This meant we set off on the five minute journey at 12 of the clock. Much as before the service was great. We got our drinks and sat at a table giving us  fantastic view over the Dee Estuary to the Wirral that appeared to be covered in sunlight.  Dinner, a carvery, was a dream again too. My usual beef was plentiful and delicious and as long as I was sated who cares about anyone else? Yet I couldn’t help but hear praises being uttered over the other plates. After lunch we sat with a coffee and home made shortbread biscuit in the windowed corridor leading to the gym and spa. I didn’t even give entering them a thought.

After lunch I directed them to Flint and my favourite shops purely by accident. I should have said that they loved the decoration in the house and bought me a beautiful throw with poppies on for the settee which just set everything off nicely without overpowering. They were delighted with the effect and left me in a sate of bliss over my lunch as they departed for home. After that I ploughed into my emails like a good chap because I panic when they build up.

Monday.  Today was the day Yvonne has realised that though the Gods had allowed me to eat for the week the day before, I should still go shopping for basics. Since I believe my basics still include cigarettes, who was I to argue. Accordingly Yvonne, Ugo and young Reuben arrived in their chariot about 10 am to carry me off. I may have mentioned that Ugo is no real fan of shopping so his first port of call with Reuben in tow is the Macky D’s while Yvonne and I got on our marks with trolleys. At the off shout we raced into action. Ha, the trolley is a great support but I still have my crutches and they stick out so much it looks like Boudicca’s chariot as the Iceni run down the Roman soldiers. Less and less people get in my way these days. We finished in record time which actually meant less than two hours or two breakfasts in Ugo time. We got through checkout quite well despite my pleading to be allowed to wash pots in the staff canteen to pay the bill. Who knew a few item’s would cost a King’s ransom. The first bit of good news was that Ugo had changed Reuben ( I don’t know if he got a good swap or not) and that he was now fit company for an enclosed space like the car. We headed off for lunch. ( Has anyone else noticed how much food is involved in my blog?) As we sat in the pub ( I was on lime and lemonade honestly) Reuben woke up and I was able to hold him. Unusually he was not his usual happy self and didn’t nod off again in my arms ( Damn that deodorant). After a fair bit of jiggling he did settle a bit and I passed him onto Yvonne while I ate. Holding him had trapped a nerve in my arm and it was agony. I almost couldn’t hold a fork.

Without mentioning that I’d been there the day before we dropped off in Flint for a quick foray into the shops. I had time to buy some chocolates to take into my favourite watering hole for the girls and we enjoyed a coffee. It wasn’t long before we were home again and they had to head off but not before I had another last cuddle with Reuben.

Reuben and Pops                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Reuben and Poops

The trouble was for once I wasn’t sorry to see him leave. Here are two pictures to explain why. No1. Reuben and Pops  No2. Reuben and Poops. See that little smile of satisfaction.

Tuesday. I was expecting my nephew David today to carry out his threat of painting my bedroom. To say I’m reluctant to be moved is an understatement but again the heavens intervened and I got a text. David was unable to come because he’d inadvertently put petrol in his wife’s car instead of diesel. Talk about in the doghouse, I could hear him bark from here. It was going to take a while to get someone to clean the tank. I sailed through the day in a haze of relief and happiness, except when I realised I had no excuse to avoid the ironing now.

Wednesday. David arrived this morning ready for work. Quick thinking on my part avoided a two day stint this week due to visitors and so I suggested we do other tasks instead. It was time to dismantle the four poster which to my mind mad the big bedroom look too enclosed and crowded. We marked where I’d like it cut and he set to work with a saw. That part probably took an hour but then the upper parts had to be disassembled and one of the upper stretchers brought down to serve as a headboard. This worked beautifully. He then started staining his cuts to match the colour of the bed before we were able to make the bed up and hoover up the sawdust. The room definitely looks roomier and I was also able toget rid of a book cupboard and a lot of books to his weekly charity car boot sale and to a local charity shop.

David departed and I had time for a little tea before my brother and nephew Matthew arrived for the weekly games. If you can hear me whistling ‘We are the Champions’ by Queen round about now there’s no need for me to explain. Of course I’m going to anyway, I won two games of Balderdash easily which proves what a straight face I can keep when lying through my teeth and sorry Dil, my memory might be defective at this point but I’m sure I won a game of scrabble too. Why wasn’t I gambling? I’ll never know. I absolutely love having them here and we always enjoy a real laugh. They left about 9.30 and it was straight into answering emails till midnight.

Thursday. The Gods hate it when people get too cocky don’t they. Up at 4. am and started emails. I made it to 6.am before suffering an angina attack bad enough to have me scrambling back to bed. I didn’t wake until 8.am. Fish dealt with, tablets etc taken and back to finish emails until MuJo arrived for another visit. I was able to give John a new gift that had arrived for him, a walking stick where the lower half lights up so he can see where he’s going on dark nights. He really lives in the sticks and the nights seem darker there. We went out for an early lunch so he didn’t need the stick. Up to Kassidy’s which you all know I love where I indulged in a roast pork dinner and I even got some pork crackling. The girls got their chocolates and a copy of the latest book ‘Memoirs of a Superior’ which despite having a picture of the cat on the front they naturally thought referred to me. Surprisingly, after lunch we went shopping again. Back to Flint where we bought a few items and I was able to persuade Mu to choose a couple of things for her birthday in November. Then off to Temptations witht the usual bribery for the girls and a coffee. Mu had a chocolate indulgence which looked like Vesuvius on speed. After they got me home and were sure I was OK they headed off. For the rest of the day blah, blah, blah, emails.

Friday. I know I am due to have a visit from someone today to check  the work done on the boiler recently. How idiotic, the work is done, someone has to check oit and then a visit due from someone else soon to see if it needs replacing because it’s about ten years old. Whilst waiting for the engineer I had lunch. I can’t say what I had in case it may incriminate me but it did have tomato sauce on it so there was vegetable. An hour later Mike and Rose arrived. He walked in and asked me if I’d had a message to sat they were five minutes away and to put the kettle on. “No” I said and went to start the drinks. Then I slipped to where my phone was and checked. The message was there so being polite I answered it. ” No problem” I sent, “kettle going on now.” For some reason he wasn’t amused. They were disappointed when they found I’d eaten. So was I when I found they’d come early to take me out for lunch. Guilt ridden I offered to make them lunch, spite driven he accepted.

After lunch they suggested we still had time to go out for a while and since I hadn’t been to Flint for such a long time I accepted. We’d just reached the car when I saw someone with ladders walk past me and go to a neighbour’s. I realised it was the engineer and suggested Mike and Rose go without me. They refused and told me they’d wait with me.( I’m sure he knows where I have a supply of chocolate hidden). By the time the engineer had been and looked at the boiler, checked the loft, the cooker and the gas meter it was too late to go out so we stayed chatting instead.

Saturday. Today was unusually pleasant weatherwise despite forecasts. Mike took me shopping about 8 am but refused to pretend to be disabled so we could race the disabled wheelchairs round the shop. We were home again by 10am and after a coffee decided to go out. I’d given Rose a picture frame last night and promised to take a picture to go in it. My suggestion was a trip to Conway which was accepted. When we got there we all wanted the loo and as I have a ‘Radar’ key I could use the disabled loos close by while they had stairs to contend with. Naturally after draining ourselves the next step is to refuel so it was a coffee stop. From there I suggested a walk round the town walls in order to try a photograph there. What a pillock, there are about a thousand steps ( perhaps 50) and they’re very steep so I got Mike to walk behind me in case I fell. I needed something soft to land on and his head was handy.( It’s OK he won’t have time to read this before he has to leave tomorrow).                                                         DSCF3261

The photos there didn’t turn out too bad. That’s Conway Castle in the background. From there we walked all round Conwy via the walls and stopped on on the Quay for another photo opportunity.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        DSCF3264

This one wasn’t bad either. As this is my blog you’ll know food has to be involved somewhere so lunch followed at a Fish and Chippy. We took a gentle walk up the High Street looking  in shops as we headed back to the car when I was poorly again. No point telling anyone so as we were by  a cafe I pleaded for a cuppa. Mike mentioned something about me being a little pleader ( I think) but acceded to my request.

We made it back to the car. It was warm and sunny so I removed my jacket and settled in my seat. Mike deccided to take a scenic route so we headed over the River Conwy to Deganwy and from there to the Great Orme in Llandudno. From the top of the Orme the view is magnificent though we couldn’t see the Isle of Man today. We did see some of the goats for which the Orme is famous. From there to home where I left them to make tea and came to do my emails. For some reason the computer has dug it’s heels in and decided not to work on messages to Australia so I’ve had to deal with the other 147 instead. It’s now 1.17 am and Mike and Rose are long in bed, well Rose is but he’s a little short (Oops, and he’s promised to take me to the doctor’s next week. More comments and it will be for neutering). I’m off to bed so I’ll just leave you with a picture of Reuben as I wish you Good Night or Nos Da and send you Hugs aplenty. Have a Great Weekend.

Happy for Pops


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