Bad Temper(ature) and Boil(er)ing Hot.

Sunday.  Sunday morning at 8.30 saw my visitors leave. Not because I’d insulted them or refused to feed them but because they needed to make a swift run to Manchester airport to collect Mike’s father returning from foreign parts. He’d been quite well over there so at least he wasn’t returning with foreign parts. They haven’t realised it’s his 65th trip abroad this year and when they search his suitcase for contraband booze he walks through with the 65th pacemaker he’s smuggled. The house was empty without them here, apart from me of course and I found that I’d been left with a bad case of sleeping sickness after Saturday’s illness. No, I’m not telling you, you’ll have to read last weeks blog now. I went through to sit in the lounge after doing my emails and promptly fell asleep . It was almost lunch time before I woke. My stomach is a very reliable alarm clock. No sooner has I eaten a Bing meal than I fell asleep again for most of the afternoon. It was about when I woke and dragged myself through to the bedroom to check messages again. At well over 100 I was almost sorry I’d bothered. I just stayed there after that until it was time for bed and set about trying to create a new World Sleep Record. No chance of that as I’ve found out there are people who can actually stay in bed beyond noon !!!! And there are shops open!

Monday. Monday was a terrible day. Sooo boring. I did some washing and was almost bored enough to start I***ing, but sanity kept  a tight grip and I managed to hold back. After all, once you start, there’s no knowing where it might lead. I might be tempted to go further than shirts and start on the bedding. I managed to catch a bit of TV during the evening which was great for a change.

Tuesday. We all get those days we’re going to dread. This was mine. My nephew David arrived as threatened promised, to kick me out of my bedroom to give it a lick of paint, or to put it another way, change the walls from nicotine yellow to something more acceptable like Terracotta and Cream. If you try to imagine a square box which has a door at the bottom left ( it’s the bottom from where I’m standing anyway, but you go with your own plans). We started by unloading the bookcase of the left as you go in and the wardrobe beyond that. Once empty they could be walked forward about 18 inches. Davis had the joy of starting on the wall behind them. I was dismissed and sent to do my emails in the lounge using a laptop with keys missing- such fun. There was a  fair bit of blue air and grunts as a not too small man tried to perform 4 coats of cream miracles in such a small space. He then glossed the back of the door and wedged it to dry without anything touching it. Back went the bookcase and wardrobe. Opposite the door is the window wall under which I have a large trunk. That moved, he did as much cream as he could, and then glossing the window frame and window sill before the trunk could go back he waited for my help in moving the bed. The bed is on the right hand side wall and at the foot there is approx 12 inches of room before another mass of bookcases one atop another appear. On the last wall, just to the right of the door is my computer desk which had to be moved so the bed could come away from the wall. That achieved David slapped on the terracotta. then he moved all the bookcases so that wall could be finished and the last wall started. In his anxiety to do a good job but to get away from my watchful eye I think this is where the day went awry. The bed was pushed back a little too early and I later found a long patch of terracotta bedding and some terrcotta blue shirt sleeves. It was either an accident or a fashion statement. In the middle of this disruption a man called about the boiler. Bear in mind it was serviced three weeks ago and then a week later someone else came to check the quality of the work. This one came to look and decided I was due a new boiler as the existing one is ten years old. I didn’t sing Happy Birthday  but just laughed at the lack of organisation. More so when he said the work would take place Friday.

Wednesday. David arrived for the next bout of torture today but it actually warranted very little furniture removal as he was doing the ceiling. Being a very small room and only requiring ten coats or so he was done quite soon. After that he asked for the ladders. A shiver went down my spine as I knew what was coming. The dreaded loft. I suggested just taking a look today as he couldn’t come again this week due to visitors. “Who’s coming?” he asked, so I quickly thought up some fictitious names and smiled sincerely. I did aslk him to check the heating flue was OK and not covered in bags of books. I had to disappear for a few minutes and left him to it as I made lunch. He came and with a shrug said it wouldn’t take long, which surprised me, and that he couldn’t see the flue which flummoxed me. It was only on stepping out I found that I hadn’t warned him I have two lofts, and he’d chosen the wrong one. Assuring him I wanted to keep the books in the first one, I directed him to the other hatchway. Even from the kitchen I heard the “Bloody Hell” and the heart wrenching sobs when he saw what he was up against. ” How many flamin’ trees does one house need.6, 7, 8??” He called down to me that he’d cleared the flue and could he pass a few things down. He did and I told him to take them to his car boot sale. Fortunately a large glass framed box full of personal seals, quill pens and ink bottles had survived and I hope should get him a few pounds. He did ask one or two questions about Christmas trees and decorations before saying he’s be round on Monday with a trailer. Now I know it’s bad. We went through our usual tarantella about him being paid with me forcing at least fuel money on him ( I have a stroppy family) an he left. My brother and nephew Matthew arrived for their evening game and I was so pleased my nephew Lee came. He was going to try and put more memory in y desktop and sort out a few problems but he also played games with us. Dil won Scrabble, I won a Balderdash and then we opened the never played Absolute Balderdash. What a game. No-one really cares who wins but it matters who get the most insults in. As it happened Dil won that too but I swear he cheated. No way would I lose two games if there’s fair play and I’m cheating.

Thursday. For me days don’t start any worse. The desk top wouldn’t work. I was reduced to the lap top again and I don’t like laptops. I have to remember passwords to my programmes and it doesn’t like them so twitter is out of bounds as is Gather and my There are probably more. My messages took forever to do. With no delete button I have to keep backspacing where the errors are. Thinking that was the worst that could happen there was a knock at the door. The contractor for the boiler asked if it was possible he could have a look round before Friday’s work started and maybe check the flue in the loft. Knowing that was safe I said OK. FOOL. As I walked round he pointed out that the airing cupboard would need emptying, and all the radiators would need to be exposed so they could be bled and have new valves fitted. Naturally all the sections of the radiators needed are behind trunks, TV’d or I***ing baskets. Nonetheless I said it would be done. He went into the loft and I could hear banging and clattering, another man entered and water tanks and other pieces of metal were passed down. I thought they were just robbers after my lead pipes. They finally left and I just at there waiting to be flooded.

Friday. First thing in the morning I went round emptying the airing cupboard and exposing all the radiators. They arrived and started work at 8.30am. I was expecting a MuJo visit but they cried off saying it would be difficult with workmen there. It’s a shame as Yvonne was bringing Reuben through for a visit to meet them.At I went off with my friend to have our flu jabs. I was leaving the surgery and just said “See you later” to the nurse when she called me back after realising I was due back there for a BP test in the afternoon. Knowing it takes so little ti,me she did it there and then though the receptionist had refused to book me at that time. Yvonne arrived before noon and I sat and fed Reuben until Mike arrived flying solo this week, he was glad not to be having to take me out for the BP test later on.( It’s still up BTW)..



It was nice to have a little support there since the contractors didn’t finish when they thought but were there until about 3 pm. Everything was fine and they were very clean even doing their own hoovering but I did notice after they’d gone a large hole in my kitchen wall where they’d removed the old heater controls. On the other hand I now have hot water on tap. Yvonne left soon after to get home and left Mike and I to chat and grab something to eat at ‘The Bell’s of St Mary’s’ a local carvery. Home for the evening for TV and my messages.

Saturday. Some people, and I’m not pointing the finger at anyone in particular here, are lousy at getting up in a morning. I was up, washed, dressed and raring to go when Mike  the nameless person was still throwing Zzz’s at the ceiling. He’d set his alarm for 7.30 am and then ignored it. Not for long though as I put on tap dancing shoes and did a loud Fred Astaire right to his bedroom with a coffee. After waking him to say it was there I tapped away again. Two minutes later, my corns safely wrapped in a pair of slippers I shouted for him not to forget his drink. He moved. By 8.15 we were on our way to the shops. We wandered round with a trolley until the checkout where we packed the bags and made our way to the cafe. I said I’d have a drink but couldn’t have breakfast as I’d forgotten my tablets. The evil beggar sat and ate a sausage toastie in front of me. How cruel is that? Home again to unpack and by 10.30 we were on our way again heading for ‘Sunny’ Rhyl to meet our friend for lunch as it’s his 65th birthday. We met up at another branch of the store we’d been in this morning which gave me chance to pick up a couple of things I hadn’t got then. We had a nice lunch and took the cars to park in the town centre for a look round. Day over, Brian went home and Mike and I headed back here to relax. I did my messages while watching TV and chatting with Mike just to prove I can multi task, though my temper at the laptop has only just kept it in the room instead of the garden.

I hope you’ve all had nice weeks and have great weeks to come.




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29 responses to “Bad Temper(ature) and Boil(er)ing Hot.

  1. Gorgeous baby. I agree, having IT problems first thing is a dastardly way to start one’s day! Have a good week! X

  2. I would have a very bad temper and be boiling hot if I had all that going on around me, and accordingly absolutely no-one would have come visit, so I’d have had to manage alone. You did very well, not only to not chuck the laptop out the window… I hate things that don’t work properly, but to not chuck a wobbly. Maybe all that sleeping at the start of the week prepared you for what was to come.
    Surely all the redecorating will be done soon, and you will be able to open the house up to the public, as it sounds and looks from the pics we’ve seen, so grand 🙂
    I agree with Ardys, Reuben is just getting gorgeouser.

    • Decorating Done ! Guided tours round the rooms half a crown in real money. Just got to attack that loft now and the forest of Christmas Trees.
      I’m lucky not to be prone to wobblies but my language in talking to the object at fault gets worse by the minute. I just hope repairs won’t take too long.
      Thank you, Reuben is my little angel cos’ his mum is still my baby.
      xxx Massive Hugs xxx

  3. You have a such a gift for observing the funny in the mundane. Where is the bedroom pic? Or have I gone blind and you painted your grandson’s pic all over it? BWT: he has the longest fingers I have ever seen on such a small infant. Cant wait until I hear the wail as he pulls on those wiskers….LOL

    • Thanks a million Lori, I think life can be quite funny sometimes. I didn’t post a bedroom pic for fear of boring you all with boring beige and tawdry terracotta. or to put it another way, I didn’t want to display my clutter. You’re right, he does have long pianist’s fingers just like his Pa. You won’t hear my wail as I’m not letting those hands get close to my facial hair. I like it just as it is.
      xxx Hugs Galore xxx

  4. Goodness — what a week you’ve had! [It’s great that you always keep a sense of humor.] Here’s to a new and better one.

  5. You are such a hive of activity lately you make my head spin! The terracotta sounds nice, and Reuben is gorgeous as usual. Not such a bad week at all. 🙂

  6. As I began reading my Grandpa’s words, of exasperation, came to me… “It’s been a day of days…” and I kept thinking that David Prosser has had “… a week of weeks”.
    That Reuben would have to “warm the cockles of your heart”, eh? What a little charmer… gets it from his grandfather, I’m guessing… 😆 Toodle- ooo xxx

    • Your Grandpa’s words were spot on though you extension is better. Reuben warms the cockles of my heart and the heart of my cockles- or he would if I ate them. The smile banishes all frustrations. I doubt he gets it from me though, when I smile, people usually walk away.They think I’m in pain.
      I love the implied compliment though, you can come again.
      xxx Massive Hugs xxx

  7. Catherine Johnson

    I just don’t know how you make boilers and decorating so interesting. This is the next best thing to calling round with a cuppa. I’d be suspicious of the boiler men too 😉

  8. What a busy week you had, Uncle!
    I must tell you, though, BP is one of those tests you don’t want to score high to.
    Take good care of yourself!

  9. Mike

    Thought your large trunk was attached to your arms and legs not under the wall with a window…hehehe xx

  10. Lovely baby…

    Been there, done that, relative to some of the things you mention. Best Wishes.

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