iPhone or maybe i don’t

Sunday. There’k at home and took his leave.s not point in pretending I’m technically minded. I don’t walk round with Nerd written on my head but spend hours trying to scrub the word Plonker off.  Yvonne has given me her old iphone 3 since she’s updated to the latest model that probably has better fathering skills than  I do too.  Dim  as a Toc H lamp I thought all I needed to do was transfer the sim from my old phone to the new one to forge ahead into the ‘I can get the internet anywhere’ brigade. Mike when he deigned to get up this afternoon morning ( he said I had to change it) pointed out the two phones weren’t even with the same Company let alone the tariff that allows internet. Accordingly he changed the sim card over and registered it with the internet and cloud (?) before phoning my supplier Virgin to see what the next move is. Seems Yvonne has to speak to Apple to get the phone unlocked. He spoke to her and she said she’d get in touch.

This messing about had us running a little late so we dashed off for lunch. We went to The Blossoms where we’ve been a few times recently. On walking in we both burst into laughter as the whole back wall of the dining-room has been decorated to resemble a library using exactly the same wallpaper I used on my doors. Looks like I’m a trend-setter at last. After lunch and his trough plate was empty, Mike dropped me back at home and said his goodbyes before heading off home. I had a go at getting onto Virgin to change my tariff only to find they were down for possibly 48 hours. Worst of it was I tried to put the old sim back in my old phone for now and it wouldn’t work. Looks like maybe something has happened to the sim card. Emails to everyone to explain texts won’t get answered. I miss you Mike.

Monday. David arrived today showing what a trouper he is. Nerves of steel, a sense of humour and a strong stomach are needed for Loft pt.1. Up he went and I resisted hiding the ladders till the job was complete. I sat in the hallway as stuff came tumbling down around me, I had been standing till the first Christmas tree hit me. I couldn’t even begin to list all the things that were found but before he left for the day David had a trailer full. That included 5 Christmas Trees and a lot of fairy lights and decorations which are going to Heart Radio to be given to those who are struggling to celebrate this year. There were a few books and quite a few items we’ll describe as collectibles, they were going to a Charity shop where I hope they’ll do some good. David also showed he has some of my genes by taking a few things for his own collections.

Tuesday. Today was shopping with Yvonne and Reuben. Thanks to a skill I’ve not forgotten, moral blackmail and pure pleading, Yvonne has agreed to help me think of items for people’s Christmas gifts this year. I’ve too few working brain cells left to chance wearing them out just yet.

flat cap

Shopping with Yvonne is always a laugh for me as I can use all the old jokes she’s not heard and her sense of humour is as warped as mine anyway so when we see something ridiculous for someone she’s always on the same wavelength. I pray Reuben has the relationship with is Mum that she and I have so life is always fun for him. The cap and Cardigan are two items I couldn’t resist buying Reuben today. I even got a Santa’s Little Helper sleep suit ready for his first Christmas. Ugo took me home with Yvonne and Reuben when he got back from work and we enjoyed a chip supper together.

Wednesday. David returned for round 2 today. I’m sure his mental condition can be treated. It was another hard slog and four more Christmas trees were brought down before the forest was finally denuded. Again there were bags of decorations which included a singing turkey which danced around the room when batteries were added. I had just the home for that. Much Chinese crockery was found to Yvonne’s delight and also quite a few pieces of Chokin  and other things. We’d made great headway by early afternoon and decided that what was still up there could be dealt with by me at a later date. The loft hatch was closed with sighs of relief from both of us. A sucker for punishment David asked if I wanted to carry on and clear Ju’s books. I jumped at the chance and a ton of books from her collection on Princess Diana, books on horses and even more of crafting left heading for a charity shop. David left for the day and I tried to tidy up some of the things left behind that I had other homes for. I spent the evening sneezing from the dust that had drifted out of the loft and off the books. I’m not sure what happened to the other 6 dwarves and Snow White. My brother Dilwyn, nephew Matthew and Nephew Lee came to humiliate me at Trivial Pursuit. Lee also helped me place my important files in ‘Dropbox’ ready to format my computer, take  back to factory settings and put Windows 7 on. That will hopefully happen next Wednesday.

Thursday. Oh evil day. I was up at five doing emails including one from Yvonne to say Apple had messaged her that the phone was unlocked. By eight o’clock I was dashing to the loo and throwing up. I had to go back to bed and that’s not something I enjoy. I absolutely hate admitting defeat and giving up. I slept……….. As I got up later my screen was deader than a dodo. Back to the hated laptop to complete messages and try to get Virgin to change my package to a sim only with internet access and also to send me a new sim card.

Friday I’m in trouble for not arranging to see the surgery Chest Clinic about my bronchitis. Yvonne’s disapproval came hurtling down T’interweb and she’s booked me in straight after a doctor’s appointment on Tuesday. Worse still, she’s coming with me. Such a lack of trust there. I’m sure I’ve been there so often I have an invitation to the staff Christmas party this year. MuJo arrived and were thrilled with their goodies from the loft which included the funky Turkey. Muriel was also pleased with a number of books written in cartoon form about horse riders. She was also delighted when we got to town and found my tearoom had  Roast Lamb dinner on today since it’s her favourite meal. We followed that with a short shopping/ coffee expedition before returning home where we found MiRo ( Mike and Rose) waiting for us. A little chit-chat and Mujo left to visit his mother. The three of us who remained caught up on each other’s news and eventually Mike fitted the new sim card which had arrived in the iphone 3. Nada. He spoke to Virgin and they said it needed to be activated ( why, it’s the same number). 24 hours and we could try it again. Mike washed my hair  for me to save me putting my arms above my head then we filled our faces while watching the TV. I kept the laptop on my knee to keep abreast of emails.

Saturday. I knew Mike had set his alarm for 7.am so after finishing my messages at 6.30 I crept into their room to gather their cups to wash. I must creep with a creak because I disturbed Rose who to her credit didn’t scream at having someone wandering round her room. I caught a glimpse of myself in a mirror and almost wet myself. Anyway she came through to the lounge and we had a drink together. The fibbin’Arab had set his alarm for 7.30 and true to form ignored it. I took a coffee through and threaten to tickle his feet if he didn’t move. That generated a grunt. One reminder later and he moved. Not much chance of an eight o’clock start though. We did manage to leave the house by 9.am though and headed for Broughton Park where Mike and I did the shopping while Rose had a cuppa upstairs in ‘Ella’s Fountain’. Shopping done, Mike and I joined her for a coffee and a look round he sale stock. We left and went to look for a gift Mike particularly wants for his so for Christmas. We’ve seen them in a particular shop before but not today. They’re all gone. We had a waltz round the other shops there and went for lunch.Rose even managed to get him to stop doing his Quasimodo impressions long enough to place the order. I was forced, FORCED I tell you to indulge in a (diabetic) all day breakfast of bacon, sausage, egg, beans, mushrooms and chips. After this we shot to another set of shops where Rose managed to find the gift Mike wanted so we headed home with a detour for coffee at my favourite watering hole. Mike being Mike tried to see how long it would take to get me banned, and there we were back to Quasimodo again. The evening was spent with TV, laptop and supper along with the laugh of finding out the new sim card won’t work in the old phone ( have we bugger’d that up now) and isn’t being recognised in the new one either. I think I’ll go back to using semaphore.

Wishing you all a Wonderful week and sending Hugs.

cheeky face


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27 responses to “iPhone or maybe i don’t

  1. Please extend my thanks to Yvonne for forcing you to visit the chest clinic.
    I would have inserted a couple of chest jokes here, but none of them rhyme with bronchitis 🙂

  2. I hope your bronchitis is better. Wishing you well with the appointment.
    My, doesn’t Reuben look dapper in his hat!

    Enjoy the rest of this weekend,


    • The bronchitis hasn’t got a grip yet Teagan so I may e able to ward the worst of it off. I didn’t realise till this week they did such caps for babies, I think it makes him look older than his 8 weeks. If only mine did the opposite.
      xxx Massive Hugs xxx

  3. Reuben is just about the cutest baby I’ve ever seen (excepting my own, of course!) So sorry for your IT problems, just awful when things won’t behave! XX

    • Thanks so much. I’ll have to watch Reuben doesn’t get swell-headed. I’m sure losing the use of things is a good lesson in patience for me but I’ll be ever so glad to have them back. I bought a mouse yesterday to use with the laptop so maybe I can learn to love it a little more.
      xxx Huge Hugs xxx

  4. I’m thrilled you’re finally fixing up your computer, and I confess to drooling just a little at your [diabetic] all day breakfast. 😉 Reading this post after a nutritious bowl of muesli was… hard. Love the pic of Reuben in the cap! And Reuben smiling. Your grandson is such a happy, photogenic baby! -hugs-

    • I’ll be more thrilled when things finally work again. I hope you ha bib on when you started drooling, you know how it puddles round your feet. Reuben does seem to be a happy baby which makes taking photographs fun.But, I’m not sure I like him taking my pin-up jobs! As if…..
      XXX Hugs Galore XXX

  5. Computers and mobile phones are such a part of everyday life, and when things are going smoothly we can be dismissive but as soon as there is a malfunction or we upgrade, they take their revenge on our casual attitude.
    I hope you feel lots of good energy flowing into the space where the old stuff from the loft was. Tossing stuff out, if you can bear to part with it is supposedly therapeutic, which it needs to be to recover from the initial trauma of considering it. You’ll have made some many people’s Christmases a lot more special via your efforts.
    Very clever getting Yvonne to come up with your Christmas gift giving inspiration while you concentrate your efforts on the lovely Reuben. I hope you’ve left enough stock in the shops so everyone else can get him something.

    • I’m guilty of taking these useful articles for granted and know how much I miss them when they take a rest from me. Seeing some things from the loft again took my breath away, and there were also some I just couldn’t remember.It did me good to say “It must go” though and I’m glad David did so well up there. Helping other is a great bonus for me.
      Yes, there’s plenty of stock left. Yvonne jerks my choke chain if I start getting carried away.
      xxx Massive Hugs xxx

  6. Martine Kaufman

    You got me chuckling at your diabetic breakfast, and you catching a glimpse of yourself in the mirror. Decorating and clearing the loft out – so much done. Love Reuben’s photos and his cap.

    Hugs Martine xx

    • I have to take car of myself and since they’ve now decided bacon is good for you, you’ll see what an effort I’m making.
      Yes, so much done and the place looks different but I replaced the Christmas trees with hoovers in the loft so I hope it can take the weight.
      Thanks Martine, Reuben posed nicely for me.
      xxx Huge Hugs xxx

  7. I hope you’re feeling better sooner rather than later. Any time you can have an all day breakfast, it gets my vote!

    Reuben certainly pulls off that look in the hat. Stylish 🙂

    • Thanks Pete. I’m with you on the breakfasts. There’s a pub a few miles away I’d like to try, they give you the meat but you help yourself to everything else. Fried Bread Anyone?
      I fancy I might borrow Reuben’s hat and see if I can pull off the look like he does.

  8. I loved my iPhone. Got new Galaxy 4. Amazing resolution, but doesn’t seem so clever. So much to learn. Got back to my fiction writing. Thrilled with it. Wish rest of world was. Reuben is besutiful. Enough reason there to take care of those lungs, dear. Consider that nagging. You need a bit.

    • I’m sure learning the phone will present no problem for you. I’m glad you got back to writing and are enjoying it. I’m sure the world will catch up.
      Thanks for the nag, I’ll try to remember.
      xxx Hugs Galore xxx

  9. I had a great night out last night but am now seriously suffering, turns out that while the pins in my back allow for far more twisting than I expected the lack of this form of exercise had led to my muscles protesting loudly at any thing that involves moving more than my fingers today 😀

    • I’m really sorry to hear your muscles are protesting badly today. At least your fingers can still grasp a cuppa.Maybe it was worth it to have such a great night out, I hope so.
      xxxx Sending you Massive- but gentle- Hugs paula xxxx

  10. That baby is divine !!!!
    Hope you get all those phone and computer problems solved… they cause more stress than anything else, I find…I can’t cope with that level of frustration !!

    • I have high hopes all will be normal after Wednesday and my nephew’s visit. If not, my BP won’t just be to high, it’ll be in the stratosphere.
      Thank you on behalf of Reuben and for the moment me too since I’m his style guru.
      xxx Massive Hugs xxx

  11. Your trials with the iPhone make me even more reluctant to give up my antique flip phone. Reuben is adorable as usual. Thanks for the pics. (((hugs)))

    • The longer this goes on the more determined I am to sort it out. The problem now seems to be with itunes according to the previous supplier who say the phone is unlocked. What fun ,,,grrr
      Thank you Jolyse, he’s a great little boy. xxx
      Hugs Galore xxx

  12. Keep up the good rants (I mean work, obviously) and get well soon! Love Reuben’s wee hat – a little charmer by the looks of him, does he have a cane yet? 🙂

  13. CJ

    Or….maybe iDiot? Meh! I refuse to have one…my 71-yr-old child here at home gets into trouble with his frequently, and then has the AUDACITY to ask ME to fix it…I don’t know that thing from a rat’s patooty! No thanks!
    Other than that, I just love the part about denuding the forest…hahaha!

  14. iDiot may be an apt description of me and I bet Yvonne mutters under her breath around me. I wish I’d just told he to give it to her husband then I wouldn’t have to show how thick I am keep asking her “How” & “What” al the time. Look after my friend the mouse please and make sure he looks after you.
    xxx Massive Hugs xxx

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