The Joy and Pain of Losing Technology.

This has to count as one of the strangest weeks on record in a life that doesn’t have to look far to find strange.I don’t think I’ve answered a telephone nor made a phone call in about 6 years but nonetheless to have the internet I have a phone line and while I have a phone line my wife would talk. The calls I usually get are to remind me I haven’t claimed my free boiler yet,it’s someone asking if I’ve had an accident in the last 5 years or my personal favourite(not). asking if I’d like to claim against the banks for a refund of the insurance they made me pay on loans. I warn you now call centres, if I becomme God next week I’m banishing automatic dialling machines. Anyway, on we go.

Sunday. MiRo left early this morning as another trip to Manchester airport was needed to collect one of the Canada stragglers. Hankie in hand and tear in eye I waved them off before settling down to the morning messages. At lunch time I had a bing meal and settled to watching trash films on the TV and fiddling with my phones. The new sim card went in the old phone nicely and I’m back to working but have to wait until during this week to see what the old provider says about unlocking the iphone 3 properly.More mail late afternoon and evening just to keep me going.

Monday. I was working on my morning mail when the front door opened and my nephew appeared unexpectedly. He handed me a box and trooped out again leaving the door ajar. The box proved to contain a small turbo-vac for doing my keyboard which means my supply of biscuit crumbs will now be made to disappear.David re-appeared with pack of loft boards and in fact had 3 packs with him along with another fabulous walking stick as a gift. I had no idea my loft was to be boarded yet but I had no appointments and so was able to help- if locating and unfolding the ladders can be construed as thus.Fair play though, I did pass a pack up to him to the delight of the surgeon who will deal with the hernia.Perhaps it would have made more sense to open the pack and pass a piece at a time? We worked for a while or to be more accurate he worked, I chatted, until lunch time approached and I went to buy some SALAD sandwiches.The last of the rubbish out of the loft after lunch and David looked for a suitable place to start laying. It seems there are a lot of pipes and wires up there which lie over the rafters rather than under or through them. He found a spot and laid the first one, drilling holes to take the screws. The second he had to use a jigsaw to create space for a few wayward wires. The third he used both tools and I heard him call down about a funny old phone junction box he’d found. ” A strange place to put it” he said. He left about 3 pm after tidying up and I did’t realise till he’d gone that he’d taken a large bedspread (Comforter?) with him I’d put on one side.Ah well, accidents will happen. I went to catch up on my emails but found the internet not working. This happens so was annoying rather than worrying.I turned the internet box off and went to watch a bit of TV. I got wrapped up in NCIS then The Mentalist and didn’t return to the computer until 6 pm. Still no joy so I texted Yvonne and asked her to check if my ISP had any problems in the area. I received a text back asking if I’d answer the phone if she rang. I said OK and waited.Next text “Why aren’t you answering?” My response “Because it isn’t ringing.” and the penny dropped.

Tuesday. A knock at the door early this morning brought a delivery. I’d ordered some books as Christmas gifts including some for Reuben, not that I’m expecting him to be reading by then. I started to pull them out of the box and checked them against the invoice. Most were OK but one set of Reuben’s were missing though kindly they had included an alternative- A set of Romances. Call me awkward but I didn’t think he should be reading that kind of thing yet.So, when Yvonne and Reuben arrived late morning I pulled her to one side so he wouldn’t hear- difficult as he was being carried in a papoose sling-and asked her to phone them. As usual I expected problems of understanding people from a call centre based i a far flung corner of the Empire. It turned out to be a pleasant young lady from Bangor about 50 miles away.She quickly apologised, offered to put the missing books straight in the post and told us to keep the romances or donate them to charity if I preferred. Well Done ‘The Book People’. This was no casual visit by Yvonne. I had an early afternoon hospital appointment followed by an appointment in the surgery and when Der Fuhrer says I’m going, I’M GOING ! We caught a bus into town and went for lunch at ‘Kassidy’s’ which some of you may recognise from my books. I still have to take chocolates in for the staff to stop them suing me.Lunch was great, only interrupted by the sight of Reuben’s face changing colour as he filled a nappy. Since we didn’t fancy a manslaughter charge we took our leave and Yvonne went and changed him elsewhere which shall remain unnamed. The hospital appointment went well and I’m told I won’t be called back again but can get another appointment only if I feel I need to.That left just the surgery which surely would be as easy.I had thought I was going just to collect some antibiotics and have my BP taken and since I was given new meds (which I got Monday) as a result of the last one, I expected a change. I entered the room and was greeted by the Sister holding the sphigmomnometer like a noose. She only wrapped it round my arm though as she reminded me my 6 monthly chest check up was a tad overdue last year. That helped as my BP is now 180/100. We got down to the flow test where you blow through a tube for a series of tests, they call them a battery of tests cos’ that’s what it feels like just without the assault. I strained to do the first blow and she said I could start anytime I liked ( no-one likes a smart arse). Things only went from bad to worse until at the end she remembered I usually don’t do that particular test as I have unstable angina. Anyhoo, I did leave with a prescription for antibiotics which I’ve decided I can take when I think I feel they’re best needed. Home again on the bus with me still trying to catch my breath and we all waited for Ugo to finish work and come to fetch his family. He arrived with a chip shop meal for tea and I had to eat another ‘Healthy’ meal following my choice of bacon sandwiches at lunchtime.We had a good natter before they all let and took Reuben for his bath.

Wednesday. Another boring day with no internet. I decided to look at my variety of catalogues and think about ordering Christmas gifts. I actually made good progress I thought. At lunchtime I made myself a bing meal of braised steak and mash with a tin of peas and carrots. It was very nice. After washing up I settled back down with the catalogue until an episode of The Mentalist came on and I urged Patrick Jane to catch Red John.The rest of the evening passed in a blur mainly because I think I was inspecting the insides of my eyelids.

Thursday. An early knock on the door brought the telephone engineer who told me he had some checking to do outside.He was a nice man and I didn’t want to argue- mainly because I have enough of a problem just talking to strangers. Anyway, I left him to it. After an hour he said he couldn’t find a fault on the line outside but he couldn’t check the roof connection as they’re not allowed to walk on roofs. Before I could suggest investigation inside he told me he’d ordered a cherry picker which would take an hour to arrive so he could check the pole which was askew.I wondered if. it was possible the fault could be there and crossed my fingers.In the meantime, he was going to the local exchange to check things there. The hour or so passed and another knock. No, there was no fault with the pole despite his equipment showing an outside fault. He spent a long time checking the box on the wall before finally asking if he could access the loft. Gulp. Within a few minutes he asked if anyone had been up there recently and I had to say yes. Up came the loft boards and there lay the connection box smashed under the board and the panel broken with disconnected wires. “Someone made a mess of this” he told me,” but I think I can fix it”. Half an hour later it was done and by about 3 pm my internet was back ad I was attacking emails. At 5 pm I broke off for tea and came back to find it had gone again. Grrrr, in frustration I texted Yvonne and had her look online to see if my carrier had problems. The answer was no again so back on her phone she went to the call centre which was staffed by the most polite people with the worst accent to understand in the world. She became more and more frustrate as they asked a question and she answered, then they’d repeat her answer to her and ask a new question. She’d answer and they’d come back and repeat both answers until she was having 5 or 6 previous answers repeated back to her. The next step involved me lying face down on my floor as instructions were dictate from India to Yvonne and from she to me to unscrew the junction box and plug the phone jack into the empty test socket inside. This would have been followed to the letter had their actually been a test socket inside. I gave it a good rattle to check and screwed it back together full of disappointment. India assured us we would be placed with a priority crew. Five minutes later the whole kit and caboodle started working again. I ploughed into the remaining 731 messages.I didn’t sleep much but who cares, the internet is back !!

Friday. I unpeeled my eyelids and decided to wash and change before the arrival of my visitors. MuJo were coming and I had another bag of Christmas goodies for them after Monday’s visit to the loft.I managed to get my morning mail dealt with before they arrived and I made drinks. We decided to have lunch at Kassidy’s and I got the bribe chocolates ready. They were surprised to see me again so soon and I got a lovely hug and welcome from Sheryl. We all ordered pork roast dinners and it was fortunate that a new member of staff served them as John’s first question was “Is this a child’s portion?” Had it been Sheryl, he might have been wearing it. We ventured into a little shopping later where I was able to make even more headway with Christmas, finding a nice fleece for Muriel. We sat down with a coffee afterwards to relax and Muriel asked if Mike was visiting for the weekend.I was just about to say I’d text to find out when in he walked and with a funny knee gripping limp and a wave went straight past me. Rose followed a minute later and asked whether he’d made it to the loo. We all chorused that we hoped so.Rose drew up a chair to join us and I ordered drinks.The staff in Temptations are wonderful with service and well worth their chocolate gifts too. At home later MuJo left ad I left Mike trying the iPhone while I did more mail. After an hour I’d done but he was no further on so I made them a meal and we ad our usual evening of insults.

Saturday. By 8 am Mike and I were off shopping.By 10 am we’d finished and were on our way back to unpack. That accomplished I put a load of washing in, Rose got her coat on and we set off to show her a little more of Wales.First stop brunch which somehow ended up being not in the least bit healthy or diabetic friendly but was delish !From there we went to an Antique centre in a deep but beautiful valley in the Vale of Clwyd.We had a great wander and every time I drooled Mike dutifully wiped my chin and reminded me I couldn’t afford things.From there we went to an outlet place hoping for inspiration. We had a cuppa, forced Mike to walk round the Christmas decorations which Rose and I commented on while Mike sulked yet guess who was the only one of us to make a purchase. Round the gift hop I bought a commemorative spoon with 2013 inscribed to remember Reuben’s birth. Home by a different route and as usual I abandoned my guests to get my emails done. Only 98 this time.We watched a couple of NCIS episodes after tea before I nearly died- without Mike’s hands round my neck- having a nasty angina attack and he nearly died- without my hands round his neck- having difficulty catching his breath which seemed to be making a rapid escape from his body.We both had the appropriate sprays and responded well enough to get back to insults.
Hoping You ALL have a wonderful new week.

Anyone for Golf?

Anyone for Golf?

Fore !

Fore !


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53 responses to “The Joy and Pain of Losing Technology.

  1. Careful there David. If NCIS is going to be related to an angina attack then stick with the Mentalist. πŸ™‚ Besides, it’s my current favorite.
    But you might have been able to give the same to the call center staff if you’d send a picture of the smashed call junction box.
    Glad to hear your doctor’s appointment went well.
    Hugs all around, and happy almost Halloween,

    • I’m thinking of ticking to the kiddies hour Teagan so I don’t get future. If I”d sent the call centre the picture I can just imagine the size of the bill they’d send which I’m sure would have gone beyond angina and turned me into a candidate for Father Christmas this year. So far it’s only the beard that’s white.
      Happy Halloween and Massive Hugs xxx

  2. I have to admit to starting the holiday shopping! I mail many gifts as family and friends live around the world (A daughter and son in law in south africa among others) So, I have to have most of my shopping done in time to mail…and that means mid November for many people. It’s a really important job! No a gift card will just NOT do, one has to put thought into it! Glad your internet is working as I hear some Nigerian prince is trying to find someone to help him move his money out of the country. Don’t want to miss that one!

    • I totally agree Kitty, a gift card will not do. Some thought has to go into a gift like a toothless comb for the baldie. Don’t worry too much about the Nigerian Prince since I offered to help move his money. I told him to send me a bankers order for the lot along with another offer from a crooked banker who doesn’t want the Government to get their hands on the money from a dead account. They can have their share when they arrive. I’ll look after it in the meantime.
      xxx Huge Hugs xxx

  3. I really like watching The Mentalist too! Jane is such an interesting character, isn’t he?

    • Yes Christy he’s fascinating. Its hard to decide if he really is psychic but wants to hide it ( The first episode where he’s a boy seems to say so) or just someone who’s very quick at picking up signs from people. He’s certainly intuitive.
      xxx Huge Hugs xxx

  4. Holiday shopping? Oh, goodness. I’m still wondering where summer went. Reuben is growing so fast!

  5. The longest I lasted without Internet since the invention of dial-up, was when we went to Cuba a couple of years ago. They did have Internet access, but we were reluctant to share our Gmail credentials with the government sniffers (paranoid much), so we decided to go off the grid, and enjoy the nature instead.
    Though the nature was enjoyable indeed, I still shudder at the thought of being offline for so long.

    Am I an evolutionary dead end? πŸ™‚

    • Haing a distracting alternative to the internet should be fine and I’m sure cuban rum and cigars count. Not so cups of tea and the thought of so many messages back here. I’m sure you’re not an evolutionary dead end but I’m not so sure about an evolutionary back-water at the moment.Roll on the days where it works by esp.
      Hugs Nephew

      • πŸ˜€ I love the concept of evolutionary back-water! We should pitch it to Prof. Richard Dawkins for his next book πŸ™‚

        Take care of yourself, Uncle!

      • Don’t you go sending him here to do studies for his next book. I promise most of us no longer have webbed feet.
        I shall endeavour to take care nephew and hope you’ll do the same. Hugs

  6. It’s so good to be back on-line and be able to catch up with your week. Amazingly we got internet installed very quickly here in our new spanish home and it’s so fast that it almost takes our breath away (certainly after having lived in Indonesia!) I do need specs though, I read ‘before settling down to the morning messages.’ as before settling down to the morning sausages πŸ˜‰ Ruben is looking very bonny xxx

    • Spain must leave the rest of the world standing with speedy installation Lottie. I’m glad you’re up and running again.I hope you’re getting the new place in order too.Make sure you get those specs.
      Yes, Reuben is looking a bonny bundle isn’t he. I can’t believe he’s just 9 weeks old.
      xxx Massive Hugs xxx

  7. Hi David. We are all so wedded to technology that if the phone/internet isn’t working we are lost. Thanks for sharing your week with us. Judith πŸ™‚

    • Hi Judith, I could live without a phone, but the net is a different matter, even though I sometimes think I’m welded to this chair. Thanks so much for taking the time to visit and read.
      xxx Huge Hugs xxx

  8. CJ

    I love the Mentalist! Baby’s a doll, too! Big hugs!

  9. Great summary of your week, David! I’m in the throes of mobile phone problems too ~ can’t make a call; can’t answer one; can’t end them when I finally manage to get the blasted thing to work. In other words it’s not a phone at all, it’s an unwieldy clock. Maybe I shouldn’t have dropped my trusty iPhone 3 down the loo? Then signed up for a long~term contract on the cheapest alternative my provider could offer at the time? Roll on next May, when I’ll be free to PAIG. Reuben is absolutely adorable ~ grandchildren are such fun! πŸ™‚

    • Hi Jacqueline, after all that it looks like iphone3’s aren’t supported by my carrier which is Virgin so I’ll give up and revert to my normal phone again. I’m sorry to hear you’re having problems but at least I know I’m not on my own now.
      Roll on your PAYG.
      Reuben might be an angel for me so far but I’m still aware the grandparents best friend is the ability to hand grandchildren back to their parents when they get too much. It’s their turn to suffer now,
      xxx Huge Hugs xxx

      • Oh, that’s a shame, David. Totally frustrated by the paucity of electronic gadgets that actually do what they’re supposed to, I bought myself an iPhone 5S on Thursday. Whew! What a relief ~ I telephoned my daughter on it and actually managed to speak to her!!! πŸ˜‰

      • My daughter on her Iphone 5 shows me what a lollard I am when it comes to technology. She flies through messaging and speaking to people. I start texting a message a couple of day s in advance to make sure it’s finished before sending it. You’re obviously part of the crowd ‘In the know’ with your technological skills Jacqueline.
        xxx Massive Hugs xxx

  10. Reuben is growing so fast, David, and is such a beautiful baby.
    When our first grandchild was born, that Christmas we were typical grandparents, stocking up on great books for her, cute outfits and cuddly toys. She was much more fascinated with the package ribbons and bows, but it was still a lovely Christmas, and everyone took turns holding the baby. You know you won’t want to hand him back to his parents!
    p.s. You might be wise to just go back to your normal phone again. That’s what we finally did.

    • I’m building the books Marylin, have got one Santa’s Elf outfit but doubt there’s room for another cuddly toy. It’ll be Christmas 2014 before he ignores his gifts and plays with the boxes though. Yesterday showed with what speed I was ready to hand him back when the whiff of a filled nappy reached my nostrils, I suddenly found an interest elsewhere.
      I’ve gone back to my normal phone now though Yvonne had one last try yesterday to unlock from her old carrier.with Apple helpdesk relaying instructions. We’ll see what happens when they send an email to confirm today.I don’t think they’d said anything different though.
      xxx Huge Hugs xxx

  11. Technology was supposed to make things easier, right? I laugh to myself every time that thought comes through. We have all these time saving devices so that we can spend more time…with technology. Something’s not right there. I hope you won’t be getting any more of those angina attacks now that it’s fixed. Funny that they’re sending Reuben romances already! He does look spiffy in that outfit though.

    • Yes, I’ve never been so busy saving time in my life. In fairness though its given me access( occasionally) tp people and places I could only have dreamed of years ago unless I was a very wealthy pen-pal.
      I just don’t think Reuben is ready for those steamy love scenes yet. Perhaps when he’s about 30 and his mum lets him out. He has some great outfits though the latest one I see for this week is worrying.
      xxx Massive Hugs Sheila xxx

  12. Technology has opened up the world to us, so we know that despite living in different countries and continents, we all have much in common, technology glitches-providers are foremost it seems.
    Selective holidays from technology are fine, enforced ones are quite annoying. You’ve had a run of it.
    Seasonally, regardless of hemispheres, our thoughts are turning to Christmas gifts… groan…
    And of course babies, especially grandkids, are cute no matter whose they are πŸ™‚

    • I remember being a pen-pal as a child Ella with the anticipation of a letter from someone in Australia or the US, weeks away. Now it’s a matter of moments to share information and feelings which is fantastic.These blips are really frustrating because I’ve come to expect so much thanks to the genius of others. If a solar flare ever wipes out computers I wonder if I’ll remember how to use a pen and stick on a stamp.
      Tut Tut, no groaning, it’s a great excuse to go shopping for gifts without someone moaning that you’re spending too much on them. It’s a time when we see more smiles on faces infecting all those around them and goodwill really does get a foot in the door.
      PLUS, I can buy Welsh Kit for my grandson and no-one can complain because it’s Christmas. Yes, babies are cute but your own are always best.
      xxx Massive Hugs xxx

  13. David – I love your blogs! They are very clever in that I find myself uttering ‘that’s so true’ or ‘I hate it when that happens too’ to myself when I read them all. Have you ever thought about a novel based on your blog, possibly in diary format along the lines of Adrian Mole? Maybe ‘A Year in the Life of a Welsh Lord’ etc etc. Hugs x

    • Heavens Sarah,thanks a lot. Most people find my week boring without me going for longer periods. Of course for those few who like to suffer, the Barsetshire Diaries are done in Diary format anyway. Mind you, even the Oscar book was done as a Diary too, I think he copied me.My books probably make great Christmas gifts for getting aged parents and aunts off to sleep after Christmas dinner so the rest of you can play exciting games like Scrabble.
      xxx Huge Hugs xxx..

  14. Catherine Johnson

    Good to hear from you David. Glad your loft is getting sorted out. I haven’t had braising steak and mash in ages. You’re making me home sick. Take care!

    • D’you mean you can’t have braised steak and mash in the colonies Sweetie? he he.People here think I’m a Philistine for having the steak with chips and then piling on the vinegar. It tastes great in the gravy.Still homesick?? BTW, if you ever go to Prague take vinegar with you, they only have balsamic vinegar for chips!!!! It’s awful.
      xxx Huge Hugs xxx

      • Catherine Johnson

        I would love to go to Prague!

      • It’s the most architecturally beautiful place I’ve ever seen Catherine ( not that I have much to compare it against). I loved the Old Quarter with it’s little shops and the fantastic Clock. Beware though, there are plenty of conmen hustling you on the streets offering good exchange rates.
        xxx Huge Hugs xxx

  15. Kourtney Heintz

    What a week! Glad Patrick Jane had your support on Wednesday. πŸ™‚

    • First one of a new series and he’s solved another case while Theresa goes off in a huff and gets taken by Red John.Another week before I can see if she’s OK. I don’t know if my heart can take it. Has anyone seen it please????
      xxx Huge Hugs xxx BTW, I’m now hooked on Person of Interest too.

  16. I feel your internet woes, but what a good service you got. Also the book club offered a proper service. Glad your app. went well and I have to agree stick to the Mentalist, Jane is so clever, great character. I’m assuming the handsome chap is Reuben, nice name, Yvonne sounds like a god send.

    • The service was Brilliant Maggie, I have no complaints at that. And the book club were fantastic. It restores your faith in what business can do for customers.Jane has the kind of brain I’d like to have had, highly intuitive but I was in the wrong queue the day brains were issued.
      Oh Yes, any time handsome is mentioned it would have to be Reuben, the rest of us are just background filler for him.As far as Yvonne is concerned, I was at the front of the queue the day luck was being issued. She’s much more than a daughter as she’s a great friend too ( despite the bullying) and a great shopping companion who gives me lots of excuses to spend. Plus an added extra at this time of year, she always has ideas I can pinch for Christmas gifts when my ideas well runs dry.
      xxx Hugs Galore xxx

  17. David, you’re a hero! Staying without internet for so long, and still joking about it, ha! πŸ˜€
    I’m just like you, I give everything not to make a phone call, if something can be handle by typing, that’s the way I’ll do it. Great to hear things are back to normal now. And Reuben is…oh my, so cute!!!

    • If it’s a case of joking or going Insane Renata, I’ll joke.Everyone tells me going insane would be very short journey for me. What a cheek! I haven’t answered a phone or mad a phone call in over 5 years now, Yvonne has to do it all for me. That was why we had children wasn’t it?
      Lovely to see you back,
      xxx Huge Hugs to you xxx

  18. Hi David: Thanks for liking my post. I identify totally with your technical difficulties. Over the last two weeks I’ve had problems with broadband and phone line crackling and had similar issues with call centre. Tomorrow (Thursday again) the engineers is coming to have a look. In my case I haven’t had my loft boarded up (well, I did but it was a couple of year ago!) so don’t think that will be the problem…
    Who knows? I haven’t started to think about Xmas but mine tend to be low key so… not that worried.
    Keep well and hope the Gods of technology smile on you. Mine are angry and require a sacrifice…

    • Hi Olga, I think technical difficulties are one of the plagues of Egypt that just took a detour getting here. It’s worse that the rain of frogs etc. I hope tomorrow brings you a little relief and for the sake of billing I hope the fault proves to be an inch outside the house and not indoors. Maybe having not had the loft boarded up will help but you know that if you happened to glance in a mirror the wrong way the Gods may take it personally. Sometimes they just get bored of course and like to see how far they can test our faith.
      My Christmas itself will be low key but no-one, no, not even the Gods of technology dare interfere with my shopping.So, there will be gifts for all the family assuredly. I think I’ve already made the necessary sacrifice this year and it sounds like you have too so maybe you’ll be OK from now on.
      Sending Huge Hugs xxxxxx

  19. Hi David,
    Reuben is so cute and a dapper dresser to boot! I want to commend you on your savvy grandparenting skills…he is a wee bit young for romance novels.

    Your account of your week without the internet was entertaining. BTW, I can’t believe you are getting Christmas gifts already. I am still trying to catch up with whatever I should have been doing in September and October!

    Be well!

    • Hi Jan, it looks like Reuben will be removing my mantle of suave man about town with his style. I will just have to claim he either inherited or stole it from me. I’m keeping him well away from romances until he’s much older.
      My time without the internet was hell on Earth so I’m amazed you should be entertained by my suffering. How cruel, sob.
      When you reflect on my buying my Christmas gifts now, give a thought to the fact I may just be late with last year’s ! Time goes so fast at my age it’s hard to keep up. You’ve got time if you start now. Never mind Sept & Oct stuff now, they’re history and you have to live in the present….Christmas present for preference.
      xxx Hugs Galore xxx

      • Well, David, my deepest apology for my cruel enjoyment. LOL
        As for Christmas shopping, many years ago while raising 5 kids as a single parent, I developed the habit of doing all my Xmas shopping in one long, exhausting shopping trip a day or two before the big day. Prices are lower by then and I was able to keep track of my funds and what I was buying. I actually enjoy doing it that way, and even though it is no longer a necessity, I have retained the habit. So, round about the 23rd, I’ll be heading out, list in hand, credit card in pocket, and Christmas spirit in tow. Although this year, the family may all decide to donate to disaster relief instead.
        Peace and love!
        and hugs to Reuben,

      • I think losing the ‘lol’ might have made the apology more believable.
        How incredibly strong you must have been to bring up 5 children single handedly. I have the greatest trouble with just me. I’ve always kept an eye open for the sales and bargain times, be honest my favouite word that sends me into spasms of joy is ‘SALE’ at any time of the year. No way could I wait until that late, my fingers would start twitching to complete my lists.Then I need time to find someone daft enough to believe I’ve sprained my wrist so they’ll do my wrapping.
        Donating to the Disaster Relief seems a marvelous idea.
        I’ll pass the Hugs on tomorrow when I see him.
        Peace and Love

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