Family In, Pets Out and The Christmas Season Approacheth at the Double.

Sunday. I really want to say Sunday dawned bright but it wouldn’t be true. There was a curtain of rain that painted the morning grey. It wasn’t enough to really dampen spirits as certain members of our happy throng didn’t actually see that much of the morning anyway. Nobility of soul ( who shouted ” Cowardice”?) prevents me naming names but eventually the smell of coffee dragged him from his pit to join us where I grovell was able to pursuade him to run the three of us to the shops in Flint before lunch. In view of the weather and at Rose’s behest he got dressed first and took us. I was quickly able to get what I needed plus a couple of things I didn’t know I needed till I saw them ( Mars Bars) and we toddled off for lunch at The Blossoms. As always it was an excellent meal . We headed back to my place afterwards for a coffee before the weather forecast of heavy winds and even more rain sent them homeward bound. As usual the rest of th day was devoted mainly to my emails and reading the excellent blogs I follow.

Monday. Early up at 5.10 am I did my post and then about I decided to pop to the corner shop to buy some birthday cards. I have birthdays on 4th, 5th, 6th and two on 7th. December is just as bad. I wanted to be back as the builders were due about to to fill in hole left by the work on the heating system. I was back sitting at the computer before 8.30 and looked at my bedroom clock to check how long I had. A few minutes later I remembered I hadn’t turned the fish tank lights on and didn’t want the fish coming out to remind me. Off I trotted ton the kitchen where I glanced the time. 7.40m What???? I thought maybe the kitchen clock had stopped but my watch confirmed the time. Damn, the one clock I hadn’t altered the hour on was the bedroom one. I’d been up since 4.10 am gone out at Just as well I found out or I might have been telling the builders off. Anyway, they came, put a piece of plasterboard up in the airing cupboard, used the loo and left. Nothing done to any holes they’d left outside.

Tuesday. Having made sure there’d be no repeat of yesterday’s mistake I went out to the Post Office at to send a card to my cousin in Germany. His is one of the two birthdays,along with another cousin on 7th. He’s about 4 years younger than me I think and we’ve always got on well together. I’m very lucky in that I love all my cousins dearly. I made a point of leaving sweets for the Post Office and Chemist’s staff as they’re all so helpful to me. Back at home I somehow managed to get the sim card back in my old phone working and watched in horror as messages started popping up on it again. If only the window had been open ! One of them was from Mike to let me know he and Rose had got back safely. I played innocent and asked why it had taken him so long to let me know……. I hoovered and did a little washing. The Iro***g pile is getting bigger but I’m getting better at ignoring it.

Wednesday. You’ll get bored before I will of me saying I dealt with my messages. The usual woman from Burkina Faso dying of some terrible disease wants me to look after her millions once she’s gone, the odd Nigerian banker told me about a client who’s died intestate ( ooh painful) and he wants me to allow him to transfer the man’s millions to my account for a 50% fee and one astrological service tells me for a small fee they can tell me just when my lucky period will start. Since I do the lottery every week I’ll probably find out anyway don’t you think. Well, all this money will come in useful for Christmas but I’ll have a problem spending it all so if you’d all send me your bank details I’ll be sure to share it. I was actually bored ( no, not bored enough to I**n, no-one is that bored) until the postman came. He brought me  parcel full of Christmas gifts I’d ordered. It’s almost as much fun as getting them myself. Dilwyn, Matthew and Lee turned up about 6 pm. Lee set the computer going on a full scan and recovering my files from dropbox. The rest of us played Scrabble. First blood to me and second to Matthew. Lee left the computer running and came to join us for Absolute Balderdash which I find much harder than the ordinary Balderdash but still has as many laughs. Dil took the honours there and at half nine when we finished it was time for them all to go. Wednesday nights are a real highlight of my week. I went to bed with the scan still going and dropbox releasing my files very slowly.

Thursday. Woo Hoo, I’ve waited for today for so many reasons. Firstly, have the repairs to the desk-top worked. Well, despite having run all night the scan is still going as is dropbox. Still, it is only 6.30 am so maybe I’m rushing things. By 8.00 the scan had finished. After all that work it had only found two problems. They took less than  a minute to ccorrect. Dropbox still hasn’t brought my files back but I have a warning that says my dropbox is almost full. I’d have expected it to be empty by now which shows I obviously don’ understand it. At 9.00 I nipped to the corner shop for my lottery tickets and  paper I buy when I know MuJo are coming as they like to look at the property pages. They arrived about half past ten and I saw to drinks while we all caught up on news. At just gone 11.15 we left to go for lunch. John got his own way this week and we ended up at a chip shop. I had mince, onion and mushrooms with my chips and mushy peas. After lunch I didn’t want to linger too long as Yvonne was meeting us in Flint to introduce Reuben to MuJo. We just about made it for 1.00pm when she got there. Hugs all round, a little shopping then we went for  coffee and I was able to have Reuben on my knee.

Reuben admires the ladies over Pop's shoulder.

Reuben admires the ladies over Pop’s shoulder.

The visit was over far too soon and at four o’clock we said goodbye to Yvonne and Reuben as they headed for the bus stop. MuJo ran me home and as we arrived so did Mike a day early. We all had coffee and Mu picked up her birthday cards ready for Tuesday and they headed home leaving Mike and I to catch up , have tea and relax with some TV. I worked on emails from 11.oopm until 1.30 am Friday morning to catch up.

Friday. Foul weather and I woke up knowing it’s my anniversary. I miss Julia all the time but days like this bring it home. Mike got up and as my chauffeur asked me what I wanted to do. I thought going out for coffee might help so we did that and a little more of my Christmas shopping, I’m struggling with Yvonne, one of my nieces and Mike himself at the moment, I need inspiration. Lunch time we went to eat at Kassidy’s and to see if Mike’s still allowed in after always teasing the women. The weather was as bad as it’s been all week. After lunch it was home, some mail, some relaxation a shower and some more relaxation with ‘A body of Proof’.

Saturday. Mike set his alarm for 7.00am. Now all I have to do is train him to listen for it and get out of bed. I’d done my messages by then, informing the two Nigerians who wanted me as their financial manager that I can’t come out of hiding yet or the police will find me, but to put the money in a suitcase and send it in my name c/o the airport and I’ll save their share for when they arrive. Oddly enough I’ve not yet heard how they like that plan. I finally got him moving and out off the house by 7.55 to do the weekly food shop.We did pretty well and headed back along the coast road to stop off in Flint for a coffee. We just dew up in the car when my phone beeped to indicate a message, my niece Karen letting me know that Jo , her sister, had found Bernie dead in her cage this morning. It was like a sledgehammer and unlike with humans I find my emotions hard to control. Bernie was the third rat Ju bought, wasn’t even 2 years old and was the most affectionate rat I’ve ever known. She was our firm favourite. I absolutely adored her. It somewhat took the shine off a very wet day and our meeting with a friend in Llandudno this afternoon was overshadowed. Tonight it’s been catch up time on mail again with a wee break to watch ‘The Eagle’ tonight.

I wish you all a wonderful week full of hugs.

Reuben and cousin Abigail.

Reuben and cousin Abigail.


Beautiful Bernie.

Beautiful Bernie.


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50 responses to “Family In, Pets Out and The Christmas Season Approacheth at the Double.

  1. Hugs to you, missing your Julia. My Dad died earlier this year and their anniversary (62) would have been a few weeks ago. I’m sure it weighed heavily on Mum but she didn’t complain. She has never been a complainer, but I know these things weigh on her. XX

    • I suspect your Mum would have felt the day keenly but I’m sure your Dad must have been around for her. 62 years together is quite something.I suppose there will always be certain times to make us think of our loved ones more than usual but it’s a great sign of the depth of our love.
      xxx Huge Hugs xxx

  2. Sorry to hear about Bernie, Lord D. Rats are such wonderful pets, so cuddly and smart, that we love them just like dogs–but they only live about two years. I had to give up on rats because I couldn’t take the pain of losing them so quickly. I once had a rat who lived for three years, making him quite the Methuselah of rats, but it was all the more painful when he died. As for missing Ju–words fail me. I am so sorry.

    • My neice Jo who looks after ‘The Girls’ has a rat who is already 3 years old. As he’s a male I’m so glad he doesn’t get near enough to Penny, Amy and Priya to leave any lasting memories for her to cope with. Bernie was such an exception to the wariness most rats show towards their owners at first. She was ready to kiss from day one.She adored walking around inside Ju’s dressing gown in a morning though it was a little big for her.
      Don’t be sorry, at least Ju will never be forgotten.
      Huge thanks to you.

  3. Hey, how often do you trot to to the kitchen? I write western romance. I catch these words. LOL, David, you kill me. I’m glad you’re on your toes about…”banker.” Have a great upcoming week. As always, your grandson is adorable.

    • As always Mary J thanks so much. These ‘bankers’ must have a way of trawling blogs for email addresses of people they think have ‘Plonker’ written across their foreheads. I wonder how many fall for their ridiculous stories.I wonder why they always seem to be Nigerian scams.
      xxx Massive Hugs from Reuben and myself. xxx

  4. David, also sorry to hear about Bernie. I know how important those little critters are to you.

  5. Thus I learned that we have yet one more thing in common, Uncle. I’m talking, of course, about our burning passion for Fe-ing.
    By the way, I was never good at chemistry, but I hope I got its name right 🙂

    • sound like a great name for it Nephew Sorin. The job lies as heavily upon me as the chemical symbol would imply. I’ve managed to develop a kind of blindness to the contents of the basket which I won’t be able to ignore much longer as it’s threatening to topple.Maybe for safety I should store it in the loft? Out of sight out of mind.
      Hugs x

  6. Bernie was beautiful – so sorry, it always hurts…
    And my sadness to you for all your sorrows. I remember the Queen saying after 9/ll that grief is the price we pay for love…

    • Bernie was such a beauty Valerie but a beggar for anything sweet. She was getting broad in the beam. Grief is the price we pay but it’s so worth it not to miss out on great love.
      xxx Hugs

  7. So sorry about Bernie, David. And with your anniversary at the same week… But it’s great you’re having so much support, your family and friends always with you.
    By the way, I wonder how big would your Christmas tree going to be to fit all the presents you’ve been buying under it? 😛 Seems like it’s going to be a wonderful Christmas! I love shopping as well, so I understand the appeal! 🙂 And I work in a very popular shopping neighborhood, with hundreds of great and very cheap shops… I’m doomed! 😀

    Love the pictures. Reuben is always so elegant.

    Many hugs

    • Thanks so much Sweetie.The support is wonderful, I know I’m lucky to get so much.
      My Christmas tree won’t exist but I’ll make sure everyone has their present well in advance of Christmas so they can put the gifts under their own trees. Yep, shopping is my business…… I actually love buying presents though I prefer having a rough idea of what to get. This year I’m stuck on 3 people, Yvonne, Karen and Mike though I have a good idea for him now. I envy you being in a good shopping neighborhood. Can I pop over so you can help me?
      I’m glad the pictures meet with your approval. I put those on and post it before I remember I haven’t put down any of those words you’re supposed to use for people to find the blog.
      xxx Massive Hugs xxx

  8. Reuben (and Abigail) is adorable. He’ll be stealing your hot chips before you know it!
    I’m sorry to hear about Bernie. Hugs to you.

    • No-one ever gets my chips. It’s a case of ‘have fork will prod’, but he can pinch his Mum’s.
      Thanks Metan If the boys ever keep (fancy) rats they’ll have a great time but life goes on when theygo I suppose.
      xxx Huge Hugs xxx

  9. Oh David… I’m so sorry about Bernie. I know what you mean — It hurts me worse to hear about pets passing than people.

    But on a lighter note, you’re doing a great job of single-handedly keeping the greeting card industry going. Wow, so many birthdays in December… not to mention that other day for which everybody buys cards and presents. 🙂

    Loved the photos of Reuben and company!


    • Thanks Teagan,, I’ll never understand my reaction to pets passing that I can’t show openly for people.
      Yes. I’m keeping the greeting card industry going just now but I’m going to make my own for that other occasion you mention so if they go broke you’ll know why.
      Little Reuben is turning out a real Bobby dazzler.
      xxx Massive Hugs xxx

  10. Like everyone else, sorry to hear about Bernie… do you ever get news of the degus?

    • Thanks so much. The degu’s have lost one of their tribe but all others are doing well and have become very tame too. They make beautiful pets but I much preferred the girls.
      xxx Huhs

  11. Hugs your way, David. So glad you have Reuben in your life!

    • Thanks so much Normandie. I bet you wish you could see more of your beautiful granddaughter too. She must be changing so much. Reuben will keep me going a while longer.
      xxx Massive Hugs to you both xxx

  12. Always a pleasure to read a day in the life of…what a lucky little guy is Reuben to have such a wonderful granddad. 🙂

  13. I’m so sorry about Bernie, David, and I’m really glad you have so many wonderful people in your life. -massive hugs-

  14. Mike

    Dearest Brrother/friend to help with ideas and to stop you fretting may I suggest as a xmas pressie for me either of the following……..Ferrari or Lamborgini …..preferably in Red …thanking you in anticipation xxxxx

  15. The furry-ones who come into our lives may be small but have big ways of stealing our hearts, and when they leave this worls take a piece with them. A sad week celebrating your anniversary apart… I’m sure Ju would have been feeling the same away as you, and I like to think that Bernie’s journey to the other side means they are reunited at least.
    In this world, you still have a lot going on – so many birthdays coming up and you are wonderful for remembering and sending cards, which is a declining practice I think 🙂
    I hope the events of this week have been kinder, and the weather. You’ve inspired me to at least make Christmas gift lists. I feel a little organised now.
    Lastly, Reuben and Abigail – gorgeous. Hopefully they’ll love each other as much as you love your cousins 🙂

  16. Thanks so much. You’re right, Ju would have been devastated to lose our Bernie but I’m certain if they can be together-they are.
    I think most people still like to display their birthday cards so I try to send them out where possible.
    I’m glad I inspired you to make a Christmas list. There’s plenty of time but you can work up to the thrill of buying something for the special people in your life and getting your cards ready to go, then you can be as smug as me !
    I hope Reuben is as lucky with his cousins as I was/am. Having family to visit and play with when young or chat to when older is fantastic.
    xxx Massive Hugs to you xxx

  17. Good morning my Welsh ray of sunshine! I am so sorry to hear about Bernie, as ever, your commitment to self-composure is admirable but maybe a wee tear every now and again would help you out? Anniversary’s are hard but they do get easier to deal with, the pain will be in you but there is light at the end of the tunnel. A dull one but a light never the less.

    I too watched The Eagle, admittedly the very pleasing to look at actors involved make it essential viewing but it’s the story I like best. The Picts were a gruesome lot and we spent a while discussing the Romans and the film last night with my Dad. The Romans didn’t venture much farther North than Edinburgh because it was too cold for them and they ran out of supplies – sounds familiar, I always stock up when heading for the hills! Apparently there was a Roman camp not far from me and a large Roman statue of a lion was found in the Firth of Forth not that long ago – confirming the garrison did actually exist. I love a bit of intrigue and mystery surrounding the places you live.

    I wish you well my friend and look forward to the next instalment from you – always cheers me up and makes me smile.

    Hugs x

    • Hello Sarah,thank you. I’m sure it gets easier over time and the light at the end of the tunnel is in sight. Just not sure I paid the last electric bill.
      I know the Picts had quite a reputation and I’m sure it was well deserved. I’m not sure however about the seal people. The idea of people keeping pace with a horse seems to have been borrowed from another mythology too. There was a lot of tongue in cheek stuff like the Druids. Did Scotland really have them? I thought Jamie Bell’s Scottish accent was passable though which was a plus.
      Keep an eye open for the 9th Legion’s standard as I don’t think that’s turned up yet.
      I’m quite close to Anglesey, the seat of the Druid College(?) and what was the granary of Wales. I also have places close by where Owain Glyndwr was and my hero Llewelyn. I love history and being surrounded by it. I’m still searching for Mereddyn (Merlin’s) cave and the one Llewelyn is supposed to be hiding in to come to our rescue if the rapacious English start again.
      I’m glad I can bring a bit of cheer to my Scots cousins. The Gaels and Celts must stick together.
      xxx Huge Hugs xxx

  18. Vale Bernie… may you forever R.I.P.
    Cracked me up that the Nigerian chappies weren’t too interested in your financial plans… 😆 Your Reuben is such a joy David and how delightful he has a little cousin, of about the same age, to grow up with. Have a wonderful week and I look forward to reading about your latest shenanigans at the end of it. Cheerio for now xxx

    • Bernie thanks you Catherine, or I do on her behalf. Terrible that the Nigerians don’t see the sense of doing things my way when it’s so easy. I’m starting to have a glimmer of suspicion about their veracity.
      Reuben and his little cousin are very close in age and of his others there’s only 8 years in it.I’m sure he’ll enjoy closeness.
      I’ll look for shenanigans for next weeks issue.
      xxx Hugs Galore xxx

  19. I’m so sorry about Bernie. My son once had a rat and he was very affectionate too. Loved the guy, so understand about the emotions. Enjoyed reading about your week. Take care, David. hugs, Elizabeth

  20. Sorry to hear about your loss. What a sweet creature Bernie must have been.
    xxx Massive Hugs xxx

  21. Kourtney Heintz

    I’m so sorry to hear about your pet’s death. 😦 The loss of an beloved animal is terrible.

    • Thank you. I loved all the girls but Bernie stood above them all for both Ju and I. I’ve never known a rat so gentle and loving who wanted to be with people not rats all day. I swear she’d have come out with us sitting on Ju’s shoulder if she could.I panicked when Ju opened the door with Bernie on her shoulder but no attempt to escape, she as as happy as could be.( Bernie I mean, not Ju).
      xxx Massive Hugs xxx

  22. FIrst of all I love your email comments of the spam you get. Makes me LOL. I cant wait to find out about the period. Secondly I am morbidly fascinated over the food you eat. MInce/onion/mushroom/chips and mushy peas sounds so British Isle. What is a classic Welsh dish? I am afraid of the answer….no wait, its one of those cold pies you always eat. I hope your Anniversary day was one of sweet memories. You hold up well on paper, but I know how hard these last months must have been. Your holiday references set me off into a little of a panic you know. I am no longer a holiday fan, bah humbug, but one must carry on and do it for the kiddos. I need to start but what to get two over entitled children, one of whom deserves coal? LOL, sortof. Sigh…..

    • Thanks so much Lori. I love to know I’ve made someone smile or laugh. That’s food for my soul and my flagging ego.As for the food, yes mince and onion with the extras is probably typically british along with bangers and mash and bacon butties. Welsh food? Well we eat seaweed. Ha. I’m not a fan of laver bread or Bara laver but it is a traditional dish. I’m reluctant to print this link in case I damage what’s left of our tourist industry but here goes…. we enjoy bara brith ( speckled bread) which is like a fruit loaf, Cawl which is a type of soup and Welsh rarebit which is a delicious cheese on toast dish. If you like there’s always pwsgod ar a slogodion which the English love since it’s Fish and Chips. I confess he cold pork pies come from a specific town over the border in England and are unbeatable whereas some I’ve tried are just uneatable.
      There were sweet memories of Ju on our anniversary but it was a low day kept real only by having Mike’s company or who knows what I’d have done. As for Christmas, I’m probably more a bah, bumhug kind of man on the day itself where I can get very low but the run-up is my time. The selecting and buying presents for people gives me a real good time, though I don’t really need an excuse to buy gifts. Reuben will be my excuse for the future of course, especially buying Welsh things to irritate his father. Maybe this year the son who deserves coal should get…coal since Santa does not reward naughty children. Years of love cannot be treated with contempt without there being a price and you and your husband deserve more than you’re getting at the moment. Stay strong my friend and hopefully he’ll change his ways and recognise the damage he’s done and is doing. You may have your family group back the way it should be when he stops poisoning his body and his mind comes clear again.
      xxx Hugs Galore xxx

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