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The Birthday Girl and the Milky Rice Kid.

Sunday. Finally today it’s B day. That is Yvonne’s birthday. Thanks to the blender arriving damaged and the second one not arriving at all, Mike and I must pick one up on the way to her house. I can’t quite come to terms with it in my head ( like a maze for mice) as this is not a birthday prezzie. I just convinced myself it has to be there today. So what am I to do? It’s 8.am and I’ve done my emails, washed, dressed and coffee’d myself with the maximum of clatter and Michael is still lying in bed fast asleep and chunnering. Is this the time for water torture or should I remember it’s a long walk to Yvonne’s. At 8.30 I take a coffee through and let him know it’s there. I get a grunt or three and a thank you. I return to the computer and messages until 9.am and then go back to remind him the coffee is going cold. Ahem, gone cold. He sits up automatically and drinks it without noticing. I remove the cup from his hands, pry an eyelid apart so that he can see it’s daylight.                                                                                       At 9.30 we leave and head to Flint where Michael saw a blender yesterday. The shop opens at 10.am so I buy the blender and we resume our journey. By 10.45 we arrive and ring on the door, knock on the bell to bring Yvonne to the door. She hands Mike two two hour parking passes and as he goes to attach them to the car I go in and sit down. It’s only as he comes back she remembers it’s Sunday and he doesn’t need a permit at all. Yvonne goes upstairs to finish getting ready and Mike and I get her gifts out. Ugo appears and says his hello’s and goodbye’s as he dashes off to church. Yvonne arrives with Reuben and passes him over. He’s in full giggle mode as Mike keeps trying to scare him by saying BOO, strewth, he only has to show me his face to scare me half to death. Yvonne loves all her gifts and as 12.00 approaches we get ready to take her for lunch. We went into Chester proper to a pub chain and the meal was so memorable I can’t remember what I had. I know Yvonne had a bread stick that looked like it wasn’t going to end. Filled with Tuna mayonnaise I think. Nope, I can’t remember what Mike had either but Reuben had the hump because all he got was milk. Ugo joined us for a drink and we took a slow walk back afterwards as Mike was due to leave for a family meal. Ugo, Yvonne and Reuben ran me home and then left so they could get changed for her birthday gift from Ugo which was a meal at her favourite swanky restaurant.

Monday. Typically no blender arrived today proving that the form had taken no notice at all of my request for urgency and offer to pay the difference in postage. Sometimes I wonder just what Customer Service means. I raced through the post this morning dismissing the charms of the females(?) offering themselves to me in way that would interest a contortionist. Most unusually I’m having a visit from Mujo to make up for missing out last week. By the time they arrive at 10.15 I’m ready and set to making drinks. Muriel has her usual J20 and John has a caramel latte macchiato leaving me to indulge in a caffe crema. What a blessing my machine is still. We have the usual wasted twenty minutes deciding where to eat before deciding we’ll leave it to our ability to find a place to park to decide. As we get into town John decides it should be fish and chips and so the far car park is where we want. We sail past the first car park though there is room, only to find there’s no room in car parks 2 or 3. Back we go and get a slot in the first one. This dictates that we now lunch at Kassidy’s.  Yay. John and I enjoy a very nice gammon with pineapple and egg while Mu settles for scrambled egg on a toasted muffin with two rashers of bacon. Naturally at the end there’s the usual argument about whose turn it is to pay. I’m faster.                                                                            Lunch over we head for Flint as Mu remembers she needs something ( I’m betting it involves sweets). When we arrive I argue that I need to visit a certain shop for chocolates to take to the staff in Temptations and lo’and behold Muriel is there buying their stock of coffee creams. We have a bit of a wander before going for coffee which in John’s case involves cake. Ceri is there and on form as usual though her first question is “Are you in on Saturday?” meaning “Are you bringing trouble in with you.” I know she loves the banter with Mike and it’s fun to watch. MuJo manage to find something for John’s 93 year old mother for Christmas. She’s fairly bed bound these days so it’s difficult. It’s 3,30 pm before we get back to my place and they need to depart after a drink. That blows my chances of persuading Mu to start gift wrapping for me. DRAT!

Tuesday. Well here I am.It’s just gone 10.am and I’m back in Flint again to meet Yvonne. She’s coming to me today but wants to take the chance on seeing the shops she doesn’t normally get to see. I’ve got a feeling of deja vu. I suddenly decide there are some things I want before she arrives so take a walk round a large Supermarket and find a few things. At 10.20 she arrives and since Reuben is fast asleep we decide to head for Temptations so his bottle can be heated up. We settle with a drink when his eyes open and from the howl he lets out it’s obvious he want his milk. I take him on my knee while the milk is warmed and he’s all smiles. Yvonne feeds him while I have some of my coffee and then I take him back while she drinks some of hers. I feel the ripple run down my arm as he trumps and try holding my breath as it stinks. Nturally people around are looking at us in disgust and think it was me. When I indicate it was Reuben the looks, if possible, turn even more disgusted at this large person passing the blame onto a tiny mite like that.  He’s in a very good mood and behaves beautifully as he’s bunged back in his pram and we put our coats on. A little motion and he falls asleep again giving us chance to wander round the shops. It’s such a wander that it’s getting on for 1.30pm before we board a bus back to my place, not a good idea not to eat when you’re diabetic. So, as the bus drops us off I nip into a sandwich shop for two large ham salad baps for us . At home I have my ‘before’ tab and then have to wait a few minutes before I eat. In the meantime I entertain Reuben who enjoys talking to his reflection in he mirror and to a large canvas of his mum and dad on the wall. While we eat our food Reuben sits on the settee with the rest of the milk he didn’t finish earlier.                                                                                                                                    After they’d gone to catch a bus for home I settled with my messages and then an episode of the Mentalist though this is a repeat and the BIG ONE is on tonight at 9.00 pm. I have my tea, finish my mail and return to the TV. OMG, Patrick has found Red John and it’s who I thought it was and by heck, isn’ t he nasty. One wrong word by a barman and he’s as dead as a doornail. This man thinks nothing of killing or trying to kill others and ordering others to kill for him too. Fifteen more episodes to go so I’ve no doubt there are more surprises in store but for now Red John is on the run and the CBI have a live witness against him. Sorry I should have called SPOILER ALERT.

Wednesday. There’s no use, I can’t avoid it anymore, I need to start gift wrapping. I hate it! I think the best idea is to get my mail out of the way first and then I can have an unbroken run at it. By 9.00 am I’m done and dressed but first I need to nip to the corner shop. 9.20 am and I’m back. The best thing to do is to get all the presents in sacks so I can wrap the same person’s gifts in the same wrap all at once. It seemed a fantastic idea anyway. By 12.00 pm I’ve just go the last gift in the last bag and can no longer see my bed. My mobile sounds to tell me I’ve a message. Lis asks if I’m in and if a visit would be OK. The sigh of relief could be heard in town. She arrived and we had a good hour catching up. She’s brought me a Christmas present to put under the tree. That could present problems since I gave them all away during the Big Clean. I feel awful as I tell her that I haven’t wrapped hers yet but I have managed to get them in a bag. After Lis leaves I have some lunch and then return to my room to catch up on emails from the morning. Fortunately Such a shame there are so many to keep me occupied all afternoon right up to teatime. I settle on a tin of fruit and have barely finished that and washed up before Dilwyn and Matthew arrive. Oops, no chance of wrapping now. Scrabble 1 I win, Scrabble 2 I don’t win. Time for cards. Dil and I decide to teach Matt how to play Chase the Lady. It’s not an easy game and it entails holding a lot of cards when there are just 3 players. Matt copes quite well and seems to be getting the hang of things when he suddenly dumps the Queen of Spades on me. That’s 50 points I don’t want but realise it can’t have been deliberate until the next hand when all of a sudden I lay a card and become the proud owner of the Queen of Spades again, what the heck is going on? By 9.30 it’s time for them to leave and though the game isn’t over I’m losing. Since we don’t finish I can say losing rather than lost because obviously another hand and I’d have hammered them both. I tidy up and wash the post after they leave and then head for my room for the last onslaught on the mail. At 11.15 I decide to call it a night and have a read, I turn round and see all the bags on my bed. It takes ages to get them off and pile them high in  a corner trying to leave myself a passage to the loo if needed. I read till 12.30 and decided it’s time for sleep.

Thursday. Mornin’ y’all. It’s 4.00 am and my bladder decided it was time to get up. I don’t think my bladder and I should be on speaking terms if it’s going to play jokes like this. Anyhoo, I managed to get my messages done for 7.am and then I needed to go and put out my meds for the week, take this mornings dose and make a coffee. That done I come back into the bedroom and with a look of horror see all the bags awaiting me. Perhaps just a few more emails first….ooh, that was worth it as I’ve been offered the chance to buy some gold from a new trading company in Africa. That’s got to be OK hasn’t it.?? These messages only delay me until 9.00am at which point I get dressed and tell myself to stop prevaricating, ah it’s just as well I’m going deaf. I know I can’t avoid it any longer so I make a start. The bargain pack of gift wrap I bought doesn’t seem such a bargain now I find that it’s 15 sheets at two thirds the size of the ten normal sized sheets I’d usually buy. This is not the kind of start to encourage me. I managed to wrap quite a few as lunch time approached and I wished someone was suggesting a visit but no, just me. I have lunch ( corned beef hash) and come back to finish a few more but I realise there must be messages now and obviously I don’t want to keep my friends waiting. You came through for me and nearly 60 messages kept me occupied most of the afternoon. Of course I’d have made it to tea time if one person hadn’t written to say she’d answer my messages in the morning as she’s tired and off to bed. Talk about inconsiderate, this is an emergency.                                                                                                                                                                                                     I had tea, ( a Christmas pud and custard, just to get in the mood of course )  then settled with the TV for two hours before coming back in here to deal with messages until 10.00pm when A person of Interest comes on. I notice my phone has a message. A change of plan, they’re going to come and deliver the gifts tomorrow afternoon. YIKES, that means I have two sackloads to wrap in the morning and Mike ( Peace be on his name) won’t be here in time for me to trick  erm ask him to help me with it. I don’t even have the excuse of the corner shop this time and couldn’t afford the time to go anyway. Those capricious Gods have caught me a good one this time.

Friday. Yay, it’s Friday. I jumped ( I lie) off my bed and headed for the loo about 6 inches ahead of my bladder. Thank heavens for loose cloths. I was able to stroll back to the bedroom confident of my first win of the day. Computer on, mail up and one of the first ones was a long one to a friend. I don’t ignore those though sometimes I’m tempted to leave them till last and get the numbers down. I’d got over half way when wallop, the computer shut down. My jaw almost unhinged with shock and I rapidly grasped a handful of tissues to stem the tears. All that work lost, woe is me. There are times I really hate Microsoft updates. The day and I are standing even at one all.      As the computer restarted I logged back into messages and started again. This time I was trying to cut corners and speed things up. The full page message became lines with apologies but by 8.am I’d caught up. Wash, dress, fish, tabs, coffee and into the bedroom to start the wrapping. I wrapped like a maniac and even managed to put birthday paper one one that was for Christmas and Christmas paper on the birthday gift. I’m relieved that I’m the only one to know that ( apart from you lot now obviously and I’m counting on a bit of hush from that quarter). By 11.am I’d done the MuJo presents and a smaller group for individuals. Back to the messages so they don’t mount up and stress me and also so that I can look calm when MuJo arrive. Mike sent his usual chatty text “On way!”                                                                                                                                                                                    I had my lunch and afterwards sat looking as collected as possible as they arrived. Drinks were sorted and they passed over a bag of gifts to put under the tree ( what tree?) and I let them know that Yvonne had left presents for them and that mine were ready when it was time for them to leave. We were having a laugh when Mike walked in which was my cue to make drinks again. At 3.30 Muriel suggested to John it was time they left as she needed some shopping on their way home. I brought the bags out of my bedroom, ( These, oh they’ve been wrapped for days now. My attitude said). Mike and I walked out to wave them off and came back in to see they’d forgotten Yvonne’s bag of gifts. There was a Thank You text from Muriel which said they’d see me one day next week and I fell to my knees in hysterics wondering why I’d been made to dash this morning. I did bangers and mash for Mike’s tea and had a sausage sandwich myself before we sat and watched some TV which included the Big Bang Theory episode I’d missed last night. Doing my messages later I decided that maybe the day and I ended even after all.

Saturday. I was late today and didn’t get up till 6.am but I was still a good way down the mail before Mike’s alarm went off. I went towards the kitchen and met this shambling figure doing a Quasimodo impression ( without the lisp) that sort of grunted when I called ” Good Morning.” I prepared his coffee then took my tabs and made myself a drink. Since there was no use in making conversation made up of real words I went back to the bedroom to finish what mail was left and get dressed. Being naturally subtle I threw the shopping bags into the lounge under the pretext of needing to adjust the radiator they obscured. Mike ignored the hint but went to get dressed anyway. As soon as he was done I asked for some help to put the rubbish out for collection. I opened the front door and heard such a heartbreaking sound, a howl of pure agony. ” It’s still the middle of the bloody night” it cried as I blocked his re-entry with my crutches and locked the door. It was light by the time we reached the shop and he’d stopped making the pitiful noises. We actually did quite well and were leaving again by 9.15am. On arrival in Flint we were both parched and decided to go for coffee first. Ceri wasn’t on the counter but no doubt the noise of Mike teasing Helen brought her down from the sandwich making room upstairs. After a number of pointed comments about her behaving herself on the staff night out tonight she disappeared but not before hugging us both and we set off shopping again. We went round a few shops looking for some gift bags  and bought a couple of stocking gifts but couldn’t find a vase that Mike wanted.  As I thought we were heading home he turned the car around and headed for another retail park where we managed to find a vase and were able to have a nice lunch. At this point Mike told me it was time to go home and start wrapping presents in earnest ( I wonder where that is?) He also told me to put my bottom lip away as sulking doesn’t suit me.                                                            At home we unpacked the shopping and I made a drink, unwrapped the books that had arrived and then scratched my head as to the whereabouts of all my recycling bags that seem to have disappeared. It sounds like I’m not the only one either. I know there have been gales today but I can’t believe that none have been found. I did some mail before Mike finally grabbed a bag and said he’d help me wrap. I grabbed it back and said no way was he doing his own and gave him another one. Guilt set in and I did some myself. By teatime we’d done quite well and apart from Mike’s gifts which I’ll do in the week we’re down to two bags which we can share tomorrow.                I made him sit through a film meant to bring on the Christmas feelgood factor and all I got was “Bah Humbug” so we sat and enjoyed an Anthony Hopkins film afterwards. I came through to irritate you all with the blog and now I’d better catch up on  my mail again.

I wish you all a Wonderful Week full of Happiness…………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………

Reuben's first solid food at 16 weeks old

Reuben’s first solid food at 16 weeks old

Bear with me.

Bear with me.

Me and my Pops

Me and my Pops


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