Christmas Week.

Sunday. I’m an early riser but even I like a little lay in on a Sunday when there seems no need to rush. For all the humorists in Valhalla or on Mount Olympus, I don’t consider 4.07am to be much of a lie in. But I dragged myself out of bed nonetheless  knowing if I got a head start on my emails I could be finished in time to make Mike a coffee when he gets up about 8.00 am, I heard him turn the TV off ready for sleep just gone 11.00 pm last night so he should be rested. I was right that I finished by 8.00 am and went through to feed the fish and take my tabs. Lifting those to my mouth is my daily exercise now. I made myself a coffee and went to sit in the lounge. It still seemed quite dark but I didn’t turn the light on as it enables me to people watch. Ha, like there’s anyone out there this morning on a rainy Sunday.                                                    I finished a ciggie, took a sip of coffee and lay back for a couple of minutes with my eyes shut. They must have been glued because the next thing I know is it’s 9.30 am. Still no sign of Mike so I have a quick tidy up as my nephew, his wife and my great-niece are coming after lunch. At ten to ten I make a coffee and take it through to Mike telling him it’s almost ten. A grunt, a groan and a hand reaches out for the mug, I move it just out of reach and depart.”Ugh, wassup” reaches my ears. Back through to my kennel to get dressed and sit down with more mail.I come fully awake when my one-liner friend sends her batch of messages, if I’m not on form she’ll pounce and tear me to pieces with her wit. A friend who’s computer has been down returns and I’m glad to see her. Lots of adverts for things that can still be delivered for Christmas if only I order them before midnight. Showing great restraint I almost didn’t.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                I’m just finishing when I hear the patter of tiny feet, no it’s not mice, it’s Captain Caveman finally surfaced from his pit. I head back to the lounge. Mike’s just telling me he worries about me being alone and lonely when he’s gone. I ask him if we can get married as there’s a competition to win a prize for your husband worth £650. That stopped the conversation dead. Then there’s a knock at the door, a shout of hello and in trooped my nephew ( David the Decorator) followed by his wife holding a rather green looking girl at arms length. It appears my great-niece was car sick in a projectile way.  One team directed to the bathroom to clean her up a bit and David grabbed a bucket to clean his car and the car seat. He says he’s not been round as he’s been embarrassed about the hiccup with the phone line and internet. I told him it gave me a great blogging piece and not to worry. I bear no grudge since it was quite funny. It seems they were on their way to Chester to see Santa and decided to bring the presents on their way when this accident happened. They decide to take her home to change her clothes and perhaps go to  nearer Santa for her. Such a shame. As it’s now 11.45 or so, it’s time to think about lunch so we get our shoes and jackets on and head for the car. “Where are we going?” I ask. “Get out of my head you” was the answer, and “you decide.” Since it’s usually my decision I forced the issue and we went to the Bells of St Mary at Gronant. I love a carvery. I chose the roast beef ( how unusual) and loaded up with had a few potatoes with loads of carrots and peas. It was really nice. On the way back Mike dropped me off and for a change he even slowed the car down before heading off to his Dad’s. I’ve spent the rest of the day alternating between mail and Christmas films on TV along with a few episodes of Dinnerladies starring ( and written by) Victoria Wood. Great stuff. Now it’s time for one chapter and some missing sleep.

Monday. It was another early rise this morning but you can tell Christmas is approaching because the emails are slowing down a lot. Plenty of people still blogging though so I was occupied until 8.00 am when I went to see to the fish. I took my time getting dressed as my nephew and his wife won’t call early. Midway through the morning I went to see if the corner shop had any barm cakes but I’m still out of luck. They’ve only got bread fingers and they’re just not as nice. While out I decided not to cook today and bought a ham salad bap for lunch. It was very tasty, even with the greenery and without salt. I was tempted to add coleslaw to it but when I opened the fridge everything just spilled onto the floor. I say everything but this damn fridge only just holds the butter and the milk. Add anything else and it starts to scream.          I settled sown with another version of The Christmas Carol and was starting to nod when the front door opened and a Hello was followed by two drowned rats entering.The weather has been pretty bad this afternoon with rain and high winds but being inside left me unaffected. I was really lucky that Lee and Jen stayed with me for a couple of hours and even had a game of Scrabble. After Jen managed to get her Q on a triple word score the game became quite close but having thee benefit of being the scorer I clung to victory. After they left I settled with my emails and stayed in my room until 11.00pm when the front door opened again and Mike arrived, also drenched. It was time for a break anyway so I made us both a coffee while he told me all about the happenings since we last saw each other a day an a half ago. Half past midnight and I turned in to a promise from Mike that he’d be up early for the shopping tomorrow ( strictly speaking it’s today now).

Tuesday. Christmas Eve. Lawks a mussy, I slept until 6.39 this morning. That’s a lie in and a half. There were only 64 messages which I rattled off in no time, at least 6 were cons about problems of some sort or another about bank accounts I don’t actually have. One of them even purported to be from the people I do bank with. My number 1 rule is ‘If it doesn’t bear my actual name it doesn’t get opened’. I was just making myself a coffee at 8.00am when I heard Mike’s alarm go off. He must have been serious about getting up early ( by his standards) after all. Unfortunately I’d washed, dressed, had a game of snooker, and made a second coffee before he came out of his bedroom. I made his drink and went back to check if there was more mail.There was, finally my Ancestry account is sorted and I can work again.                                   Mike got ready and we left. On the way I sent Lis a text to see if she was home so we could drop off the presents for Christmas and for the birthday she’s enjoyed yesterday.I had emailed her with greetings but no response so she must have been busy. There was no response to the text either so when we finished shopping I texted her beautiful daughter Charlie.Mike and I went to Kassidy’s for a cuppa and a bacon butty while we waited. No point in going home too soon just to come out again.       Charlie answered her Ma might not have her mobile handy as she was in the kitchen prepping for tomorrow. Charlie herself will come see me after Christmas. We just reached the car when Lis responded that she was in and putting the kettle on so we headed in her direction. It was really wet out this morning and driving along the car kept getting deluged by the car in from going through all the puddles instead of avoiding them. Steam was coming from Mike’s ears and for a moment I thought he was going to overtake and slam the anchors on. No doubt he’d have very politely told the other driver something about road courtesy. Luckily they turned ff and we did the rest of the journey without further mishap. We had a lovely hour or so with Lis before coming home with the shopping. At home I managed to confirm that I’m as thick as painted. Why buy things to have a little buffet on Friday today. There’s not an iota of room in he fridge for trifle, gateaux, Quiche, pies, sausages, sausage rolls or scotch eggs. I daren’t turn the heating up no matter how cold it gets now.                                                                                                                                                                                                                 We started watching Frank Capra’s A Beautiful Life. It wouldn’t be Christmas without that yet one channel is showing cowboy films rather than anything seasonal. My friend Jonathan, a really nice young man I used to work with called to exchange gifts. He’s always a welcome visitor but I haven’t seen him since the funeral. We had a good natter before it was time for him to continue in his Father Christmas delivery role. I made a meal which we ate on our knees watching the goggle box. Later on I had a shower ( yes, I know, two in the same month, shocking) before we settled to watch the film Paul. I managed to get Mike to go to bed so he’s ready for Santa’s visit and the joy of Christmas morning. I decided to do this blog and finish my mail before reading a chapter and sleep.

Wednesday. Christmas Day. I was up early enough this morning to clear what little emails there were. It gave me chance to see to the fish ( an extra sprinkle for Christmas) and sit with a coffee in the lounge to start opening presents. I’d open one and prepare a text to send in daylight and for those I have no mobile number for I could dash back to my room and send an email. I felt very adult and organised. I’d just about finished when Mike got up and came looking for his coffee. It must have been his inner child ( he’s never grown up) and the excitement because he made it under his own steam by 8.30 and yes, I’m talking a.m. here folks.                                        We exchanged gifts and I started unwrapping one when he snatched it out of my hand and told me that one plus two others were to be opened tomorrow but wouldn’t say why, despite me pointing out it’s an odd thing to give a Christmas gift, wrapped in Christmas paper that can’t actually be opened at Christmas. Some of you may remember the saying I claimed as a favourite. All the World’s Queer save Thee and Me, and even Thee’s a Little Queer. Well, he’s the Thee it’s talking about. I was however allowed to open two. One from Rose Mike’s lady friend, part of which was a very unusual memo pad and the other was from himself and was a really nice cardigan. I was tempted to rip half of his sack of gifts back and declare a postal strike but to be honest it was his turn with the coffee. He seemed delighted with his gifts though one was not in 100% condition but he says a bit of superglue will fix it. For lunch I did Mike roast lamb and myself beef.I preheated the oven for the roast potatoes which came in their own tray and were  covered on goose fat. They went on gas mark 7 and were in for an hour and a half in total as they didn’t seem to brown at first. Yet the couple of parboiled sweet potato roasties seemed ok. I also did sweet potato mash and this should interest one of my friends, cauliflower and broccoli too.      Everything was fine except the roast potatoes which were raw. Perhaps I should have started a week ago.                                                                                                                          After lunch we settle to cabbage out and watch films. It was nice not having to disappear to the computer for a while. Teatime came and we had a cold collation but halfway through Mike jumped up and left. He returned after a while claiming stomach ache as though I’d tried to poison him at lunch time. At my suggestion he went to lie down and I threw the rest of the evidence away. He did get up and join me again but was still not up to par.About 10.00pm I told him to go watch the film in bed and I came through to deal with mail. Not a single con-man working today it seems. It’s now half eleven and time I said goodnight. I want to read a little more to get closer to my new Pratchett.

Thursday. Boxing Day. After mail this morning I made myself a cuppa, took my drugs (No Seumas, matron wasn’t here) did my drug tray for the week and decided to let Mike have a lie in. As it was already 8.25 I decided 5 minuted would be enough so I made him a drink and hoped the smell would wake him. It didn’t, so af half past I called gently, ” Fire, Fire, get out while you can”, that shifted him, he turned over. A reminder every 30 seconds not to forget his coffee ( well he was oblivious as to the gap) finally roused him and he coughed his way to the lounge. In order to save my delicate ears I beat a hasty retreat to my bedroom to dress. Earlier this year I bought a suit at a bargain price so today I donned a new shirt, good waistcoat and the suit.The not so subtle hints made Mike get ready and he went and brought the car to the door to load up.Until the boot was full I didn’t realise how much we had. He’s such a shopaholic. Of course since Yvonne had asked me to pick up some cream we head to call in at the big Supermarket sale on the way. I was able to get some real bargains ready in reserve as gifts. We reached Yvonne’s and unloaded the car. Having her cream meant it took ages. Inside the house we saw she was very busy making the buffet so Mike and I had a coffee and played with Reuben who though very tired seemed happy enough. My nieces arrived and in the process of hugs and kisses I somehow lost control of Reuben and he ended up in Karen’s arms. I always said she was devious. The buffet went really well though she’d made enough to feed an army ( or Mike). Then it was into present swapping. I was spoiled again by everyone and they all seemed happy with the gifts I got them. I had a lovely jumper from Ugo’s mother which I must write and thank her for.                                                                                                                    We took turns at entertaining Reuben and when it wasn’t my go I nodded off. Some terrible people with no consciences took pictures of me. How cruel. Latea afternoon and Mike and I prepared to depart and so did my nieces. As I slipped my suit jacket on I found I’d got a security tag under the collar. I’m amazed I didn’t set any alarms off this morning as the supermarket was where the damned suit came from. I no longer have the receipt of course so I’ll have to take it in to get the tag removed and they’ll have to believe I didn’t pinch it. Tonight we had tea followed by a long relax with a Percy Jackson film.Pure escapism. Then back to you and your messages I’ve missed during the day. Just 91 today. I’ll be in bed for midnight……just.

Friday. Before anyone gets the idea I’m always the instigator of shopping let me tell you that Mike decided to go shopping this morning for a pair of slippers. He’s been coming here for years barefoot but suddenly he needs slippers. It’s not like I keep broken glass on the floor all the time. Since Mike and his bed have this almost unbreakable attraction for each other, it was almost 10.00 am before we got out and since my brother and nephew are due early afternoon I say we’d better get a trot on. He decided that locally will do today and go further tomorrow if we have no luck. Anyway we try two shops in Flint with no joy and decide to have a coffee. After the first sip my phone rings. It’s Dil and Mike has nipped to the loo so can’t answer. Now it’s the battle of the texts. “Where am I” Dil asks. “Flint” I say, “where are you?”  “Outside your house” he replies, “had to come early to leave early.” “Home in about 15 mins” I tell him, ” No rush, I have Matt for company” is his last thrust. With impeccable timing Mike returns from the loo and chatting up Ceri. I finish my latte and tell him I’m popping next door then we need to get home but he can finish his coffee in peace. At the next door shop my luck is in, they have slippers and just one pair in the right size ( unless he wants Gorilla feet). Bearing the prize I return to the car to meet Mike and we come home. As we arrive Dil and Matthew get out of their car and come in with us. We get out coats off and Dil explains why his time is limited, because he’s babysitting his grandson later, my little brother is a granddad !! I get the table out we  use for gaming and start setting up when Dil asks when the drought is going to end. All the subtlety of a brick duck. I make drinks like a good little Jeeves. That done I take my place for the first Scrabble. My mind is hazy and I can’t remember if I won the first or the second game. If Mike reads this he’ll tell me I won neither. We had two games of Balderdash and I think two people cheated to win, neither of them was me. We had one game of crazy 8’s and the God’s were continuing to laugh up their sleeves. Even my young nephew who has only played the last couple of weeks showed me his heels. All I can say is there had better be some VERY large Lottery wins in my future or the blood sacrifices end start! Dil and Matt had to leave so Mike and I cleared up and made a light meal which we enjoyed whilst chatting about random thoughts. (For Yvonne……. we polished off a big BFG afterwards. For my Aussie food conscience……no we didn’t). Before I knew it the time was almost 11.00 pm and typically I had loads of emails before getting to my book.

Saturday. I rose at 5.10 am and woke about twenty past.The night seemed to have been very short but as Mike would have reminded me had I dared get him up, “It still is bloody night you wazzock”.  There were 13 emails that had come in before midnight which shows I had been so desperate to finish last night I hadn’t refreshed. There were 61 since midnight. Does no-one out there sleep? The next time someone writes a book about zombies they can say what they do when they’re not chasing normal people- they’re sending messages to me. I’d just stood up after finishing the last one at 7.00 am ( no, I didn’t refresh again) when I heard Mike’s alarm go off. Very strange at this time. I saw to the fish and made myself a cuppa since I knew the alarm wouldn’t have moved him yet. Five more minutes and it repeated. A curse, a groan and a grumble followed and Mike lumbered out in their wake. No slippers on despite our success yesterday. Not having a death wish I decided it wasn’t an appropriate time to ask about them. Instead I woke him up in the armchair and passed him a coffee.Getting washed and dressed seemed appropriate so I headed in that direction. As y screen came to life I quickly refreshed and found just 14 more messages which I thought would take no time. In fact 10 could be deleted. 1 answered quickly and three needed a more detailed response. I nipped through to see what stage Mike was at and woke him up in the chair again and  pointed to his coffee.  For the next few minutes he drank as I was back in my bedroom hopping up and down on one leg trying to get dressed and answer messages at the same time. I was hitting the keys so hard they were probably reading braille at the other end but I made it. Coats on and rubbish bins out we left to go shopping. Amazingly we were there by 8.10 am and Mike grabbed a trolley while I begged at the cash machines. Inside my first port of call was the veg for some sweet potatoes. Mike’s first port of call was the loo so thrusting the trolley at me he ran. I started walking slowly on. It was disappointing to see that the sports jackets I’d seen the other day with elbow patches and reduced to a mere £20 had all gone. That will teach me to strike while the iron’s hot. Reuben was well served though with some new outfits. Mike caught me up and teasing him I said ” I’m not saying you’re short but I just got you some new outfits with Tazz on.” Not in the least fazed he said  “I told you to stick to animal from now on”.                                                                      I hadn’t prepared a shopping list and we seemed to move round quite quickly this morning. So much so that we were out before 9.20 am. We headed off for a coffee with one slight detour to a Lidl to check their specials. I managed to get Reuben a lamp to fascinate him. We had our coffee and banter in the usual place and I picked up a few spare gifts for birthdays etc before heading for home. Mike nipped out to post a letter for me that I’ve forgotten twice recently while I unpacked the bags. I was bringing the rubbish bags bag as they hadn’t been collected when I saw the postman had been. It was just a card to say he had a letter that requires a signature but as I wasn’t in he’s take it back. I can either go collect it on Monday or have it redelivered on Tuesday. I plumped for the latter before thinking how long I have to sit here wondering what the hack it can be. We had lunch then Mike left to meet an old ”friend’ and said he’d be back tomorrow. I flitted with my time between messages and the  TV until late afternoon when I got a message asking if I was open for a visit. It was Charlie, daughter of my friend Lis. They both arrived about 6.00pm and Charlie had made me a batch of shortbread fingers. I do like shortbread. We had a nice visit ( well I did) with coffee and good natter. I was disappointed when they left but knew they were going to a party at Charlie’s brothers. They were even good enough to take some snack food I’d bought for a buffet yesterday that never got touched.                                                    I started watching one of the Bourne films before coming through to start my mail and the blog ready to annoy you all around midnight. Nowhere near done in time.



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Christmas Day. 18 weeks old.

Christmas Day. 18 weeks old.


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  1. It looks like Reuben had a delightful Christmas — and sounds like you enjoyed yourself too. 🙂

    Be well, and happy 2014. Wow… it’s almost here isn’t it?

    • Reuben had a whale of a time and I wasn’t far behind him. I hope yous was as much fun.
      I wish you Health, Wealth and Happiness for the rapidly approaching New Year.
      xxx Massive Hugs Teagan xxx

  2. Great to hear all of your Crimbo news. It seems that you and I are both hopeless at really being able to lie-in! I’m nearly always up by 5.30am and if I make it to 7.30am I’m in shock!!
    David, here’s to a very Happy, Healthful, Productive and Wonderfully Creative 2014 for you. BIg Celebratory, Seasonal HUGS, Lottie XOXO

    • There aren’t many of us know there are two 5.30’s in a day Lottie, In fact, just thee and me so far !
      I wish you Blwyddyn Newydd Dda but I hope for myself to see some more posts from you of the new life in Spain. Are you missing Indonesia dreadfully or have you settled well?
      xxx Massive Hugs for you xxx

      • Have no fear 5.30am comrade! News of Ma Nevin’s new life in Spain will be revealed shortly, I’m aiming to get my first Iberian post out early in the new year. LOTS to tell. Not missing Indonesia too much as life here is suiting us well – it’s been a fairly gruelling first couple of months but we are now in a peaceful phase and I can start to concentrate on my own work and get back to blogging YAY! Hugs galore xxxxxxx

      • Well, that’s just brilliant news.Don’t you and the Irishman go turning Spanish on me and letting all the new posts be ‘manyana’, your fan club awaits impatiently.
        xxx Hugs Galore xxx

  3. I enjoyed my Sunday morning fix of the Barsetshire Diaries today, David. Your Christmas was far more interesting than ours which consisted of MR Grumpy getting up at 5am and then spending the rest of the day complaining. He is the original Grinch so there were no presents nno Christmas lunch and no cheer although I smuggled a bottle of wine into my office for the afternoon and read everyone’s status on Facebook!
    Hope 2014 brings health happiness and good fortune to you (get that lottery ticket!)
    Say hello to the fish for me.

    • Thanks so much Carol. You have to convert the Grinch into a Christmas fan somehow as it’s quite a magical time given half a chance. A bottle of wine and Facebook don’t quite cut it when there’s a roast dinner and Christmas pud in the offing. Have a word with Seumas Gallacher (, maybe his ‘Matron’ has a spare syringe of something handy.
      The fish say hello back ( roughly translated from the original bubbles) I have my lottery ticket for the big Euro on Tuesday….fingers crossed, teas all round if I win.
      Health, Wealth and Much Happiness to you for the coming year. Blwyddyn Newydd Dda 2014
      xxx Huge Hugs xxx

  4. That little guy puts a new swing on Santa Baby. Sounds like you’ve had a busy week. –> “Lawks a mussy” <– Okay, you lost me with this one, but it's cute! I'm glad you had a fun-filled Christmas, David. Cheers to the coming year. Gigantic hugs, my friend.

    • Yes, give Reuben a beard and he’s after my job. I only work the one day a year as it is ! Prepare yourself to be scared, I remember an old negro actress called Hattie McDaniels ( I think) often played a slave in things like Gone With The Wind ( not a reference to beans) saying things like that which I understand means something like Lord have Mercy. I’m older than Methuselah !!!!
      I wish you a wonderful 2014 Mary J.
      xxx The Biggest Hugs I can muster xxx

  5. Explain “barm cake”? Is that similar to when someone calls another “he’s barmy”? I agree with Mike, I worry about you too David even though you seem so upbeat on your posts. Glad you have someone who can stay often to get you up and out of that house. I assume you cant tell me the meaning of wazzock? I love the word, I will see if I can find it if it is too xrated to tell me in a comment–lol. Glad all that shopping worked out for you all, sounds like a lovely Christmas! Although why did Mike not let you open all your gifts and what’s the deal with the slippers? What did he get you that couldn’t be opened at Christmas? These burning questions will keep me awake tonight for sure…..

    • I never realised just what a public education my blog was becoming, or is my writing just going down market? A barm cake / bap is a soft bread roll. I suppose it could be related to barmy as in he’s soft in the head. Wazzock means idiot but not in a vicious sense. No profanities here folks.
      Those same burning questions kept me awake on Christmas night. It seems Yvonne had said she was getting me slippers, as I wasn’t seeing her till boxing day he made me hand onto my gifts from him as they were a flat cap, pipe and a scarf to turn me into a real old pipe and slippers man. I still don’t know what made him suddenly decide he needed slippers unless he saw the elegance I brought to my ensemble. lol
      I hope your Christmas was nice at least in parts and that you have a wonderful New Year.
      xxx Massive Hugs Lori xxx

      • LOL you are a great source for all things Welsh. Your barmy theory sounds spot on, as you all say. Love Wazzock and I gotta remember that one.
        Now that makes sense, I was agog with curiosity not satisfied! I am sure he saw how comfy you were and wanted to be twins.
        Lots-a-luv to you and Happy New year as well. You will see mine in a post this week.

      • I’m afraid we Welsh can’t take credit for the barm cake Lori as that’s a term from the North of England as is Barmy. I don’t know how Wazzock came about so I think I’m laying claim to that one for now. Wanting to be twins makes so much sense.
        I hope the New Year brings so much better news for you Sweetie and ends up being filled with Happiness and Joy.
        xxx Massive Hugs xxx

  6. You have some REALLY early starts! 4:07 is a time that should only be realised in the afternoon!

    All the best for 2014 🙂

    • There’s definitely no chance I’ll ever be disturbed at that time Pete and I can always show what a sad old git I am by having an afternoon nap.

      Have a Great and Very successful New Year. ( Smiley face)

  7. Okay, I am aware of Boxing Day–we don’t have it here, but it would be nice to add it on–and I’d never heard of the” barm cakes vs. bread fingers” you wanted to serve.
    But two things we have in common: watching IT’S A WONDERFUL LIFE, and enjoying wonderful babies. Reuben is so precious.
    A very Happy New Year to you, David, and may it be a glorious year!

    • Thanks so much Marylin, Yes, Wonderful Life is a must. I’ve been puzzled this year to find so many Cowboy films on TV and quite a few war films. They may be entertainment but not Christmas fare I’d have thought. I’ve seen at least 5 versions of the Scrooge story (including a musical) some very festive Santa stories and some which made we want to bang my head against a wall to stop the pain. But Wonderful Life stands out as a Giant.
      Reuben is a joy to be with, especially in giggle mode but less so in full nappy mode. There’s a happy medium out there somewhere ( Madam Arcate in Blithe Spirit perhaps)(Sorry, bad joke).
      I wish you a fantastic 2014 filled with Love and Laughter.
      xxx Hugs Galore xxx

  8. CJ

    I’d LOVE to actually HEAR you speak/read your post once…I bet you have a very charming dialect…XXXXMousie and CJXXXXX

    • I must be totally mad and I promise I don’t want to do this, or to disappoint you, but……… listen to this and be ready to cover your ears.

      xxx Huge Hugs xxx

      • CJ

        Well! That was a very unexpected and entertaining surprise!!!
        We thank you. We think you have a very charming, as well as ‘easy-on-the-ear’ voice…just as we suspected: Anybody who is as kind in word and deed as yourself would surely have a tone and manner to match. The Mouse and I are consummate people-watchers. 😉
        We are delighted that you should treat us to that interesting story, as well. Almost sounded like a story we could have written. 😉
        “Huge Heart-felt Hugs from Us Both” xxxx CJ and Morguie xxx

      • You’re both far too kind. I was slouched, self conscious and my accent was more North West of England than anything else.Probably the last person in the world who should be reading my story is me. Perhaps if I’d had the Welsh accent with it’s lilts things would have been better.It would have been better still if I’d had laryngitis that day and asked Julia to read for me.
        There are obviously many more stories in the book, maybe my choice wasn’t the best one but I’m glad you enjoyed it. Perhaps you and Morguie should be writing yours down and creating a book too.
        xxx Huge Hugs and Best Wishes for 2014 to both my adorable friends xxx

  9. So let me get this straight, Uncle. I don’t know if you see it, but being a bit of a data nerd, I can’t help but observe that the real miracle here is you sleeping until 6.39am.
    As far as you are concerned, that’s akin to hibernation 🙂

    • Yes, that’s right. The big difference between me and a bear is that I have to keep getting up to eat. Hence I’m about twice the size of your average monster grizzly.
      Have a Great New Year nephew.

  10. #GorgeousPictures!

    I’ve not got all the way through yet, though for the record, claiming 4:07am as any kind of lie in is a farce… LOL…

    *races back to my spot to finish off*

    • The God of sleep and I have an agreement. I ask for a lie in and he/she agrees to ignore me.
      I’m glad you liked the pictures, I try to keep myself out so I don’r scare the horses or any delicate women.
      xxx Huge Hugs xxx.

  11. laurie27wsmith

    The last photo is a delightful shot David. Are you sure Mike doesn’t have narcolepsy or similar, or has he got a really comfortable bed? Another great post, I hope you manage to sleep in to 9am in the new year. All the best,

    • No narcolepsy Laurie. He has a memory foam mattress and is just reluctant to leave it.Part of his problem is that he watches TV in bed till late. Today I slept from 1.30 am to 6.50 am which is pretty good for me and I’m sure I could have gone longer if my bladder hadn’t spoken out.
      All the Very Best for the New Year and for any New Year’s Eve celebrations.

      • laurie27wsmith

        Ahh, the dreaded memory foam. I had one of those mattresses but it got Alzheimer’s. Damn those Woolworth’s bladders as well, waking one up at all hours. have a great new year David. It’s 11-15pm and I’m off to bed.

      • I should never have bought the bladder from Woolworths just before they closed their stores in the UK. It’s a long swim to get a refund or exchange and anyway no-one would believe this is only two years old.I’ll have to try an elastic band. I hope your poor alzheimer’s mattress was sent to a good home.

      • laurie27wsmith

        No Woolies in the UK? A refund would be hard then. 🙂
        It’s at the dump and has no idea where it is.

      • No, Woolies went kaput here a few years ago and sold all the stores ( Well, the ones they owned anyway). They just have an online presence now. At the dump? I suppose there are some very comfy rats at least.

      • laurie27wsmith

        That’s a bit sad about Woolies. There’s only one place for a memory foam mattress that’s lost its memory. 🙂

  12. WordPress won’t let me like this post but I did. Have a more restful New Year if you can. If you want waking at four every morning I’ll lend you one of our cats, he’s wonderful as an early morning alarm clock!

    • Thanks so much Jane but I think I’ll have to pass. It was probably our own early morning alarm cat gt me into this mess in the first place. I now get up in fear automatically.His actions start many of the chapters in my series and my fourth book Memoirs of a Superior is his alone.
      Happy New Year
      xxx Huge Hugs xxx

  13. “Lawks a mussy”… whooo hooo!!!… That’s a beauty that I’ve never heard before. May the New Year bring every happiness to you, and yours, David. xxx

  14. Heartfelt thanks my Lord Prosser… that helps settle me so I can continue to enjoy obsessing on something else… ha ha ha. Sadly that is very true but it sure makes me happy 🙂 lotsa xxx and hugs always.

  15. …. you ever remembered the fish! Happiest of New Years!

  16. wildwear

    Hi, i love reading your posts. I tend to make a cuppa and sit down when all my jobs for the day are done, I really enjoy my ‘reading time’. I must say you get up very early, it would feel like the night for me! Reuben looks so adorable in his Christmas outfits to!

    • Thank you. That’s a lovely thing to hear. I do get up early and it feels like the middle of the night to me too but maybe I need less sleep these days, I’m sure the Ancient Mariner did and I’m older than him.
      Reuben is a little sweetie but I wish he’d stay in the appropriate clothes size for 5 minutes.
      xxx Massive Hugs xxx

  17. Sorry I’m so late commenting; for some reason the notification got lost in my inbox. And no, encroaching old age has nothing to do with it! Re this post though, you never did tell us what was in the presents Mike wouldn’t let you open! Was this a deliberate cliff-hanger?

    • Perhaps that was in last week’s blog but I swear I said, it was a pipe, a scarf and a flat cap to complete the picture of an old man which the cheeky beggar, 14 months my senior, says I am.
      xxx Cwtch xxx

      • Yes, it was. This is a very belated response. And I think you may have a year or two to go yet before you can claim the mantle of elderly statesman. 😉

  18. Lovely photos of Reuben in Christmas gear!
    xxx Biggest Hugs xxx

  19. Great post, thanks for sharing.

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