Out to Lunch and a Breakdown.

Sunday. I suppose it’s my own fault I got to bed so late last night though come to think of it, it’s much more likely it was your fault really with having sent so much mail I had to catch up with.  I expect you’re going to say I should have started on it earlier but that’s just typical of you isn’t it, trying to deny me even a few hours of freedom. Well I won’t stand for it d’you hear, I won’t, I won’t.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    It was actually past seven this morning when I woke up and dragged myself out of bed.  My bladder was talking to me and I’m pretty sure the message was along the lines of move now or forever hold thy p…….. well you know what I mean. I moved. A quick wash, a trip to the kitchen for a coffee and time to start the mail. Quite a few messages but not too many on the blog. I’m wondering if it’s too unwieldy and I should perhaps change the frequency. I worked for a while, dried my tears when I checked the lottery then realised it’s another rollover on the euro and saving itself for me on Tuesday, just nicely timed for the New Year. At half past nine I got dressed and made myself another drink and wondered which side of mid-day Mike was getting up. At ten o’clock I decided for him, I was fed up of talking to myself. He came through bringing the coffee I’d made him and we chatted about the date he’d been on last night. The joke’s always been if he’s not in bed by eleven he has to come home. He came home. Just before twelve when he looked a little more human ( little being the operative word) we set off for lunch. He argued it was my choice this week as he’s made his first ever decision last week. I suggested The Blossoms on the grounds it’s close and he’ll be able to set off for his Dad’s a bit earlier after we’ve eaten. As we opened the door at the Blossoms the ever attentive barman came towards us. ” Sorry lads” he said, ” no meals today as the boss and all his family are ill and he won’t be able to cook.” Mike made a comment about eating his own cooking, we left our commiserations, best wishes for a quick recovery and departed. A little flummoxed I suggested another pub a little drive away which turned out to be a private house when we arrived. In a panic as time was passing we drove down a convoluted country lane o arrive at the third choice which we could see was open. Allelujah, until we were told it would be four fifteen before they could fit us in. By now we’d almost come full circle so I made one more suggestion of a pub called The Halfway House no too far away. We pulled up to what appeared to be darkness and when Mike checked the doors they were not opening until two. The whole world has gone insane today. Neither of us wants to go to a pub chain that serves pre-done meals which are just heated and sometimes taste of sawdust. Mike being the genius he is suggests a place on the coast road ( we’re currently in the hills) that we passed last week on the way back from the Bells. Deciding it might be better than eating my own arm I agree. We start the descent and our ears pop. We hit one dead end and one farmyard before hitting the right road which we can see from the scrap armour was last used by a Roman Legion, probably the missing 13th Legion, but eventually hit the coast road a few hundred yards from home.Do you laugh or cry at a time like this, ever the pacifist I settled for hitting Mike. We reached the Cafe/restaurant called the Ivy Emporium and trek from the car park to the entrance. We make it inside. It’s very nice, comfortable looking and has some nice objet d’art on sale but we want food. I order gammon with pineapple (fruit) that comes with a side salad (veg) as my healthy option and make has a lamb burger with fries. We have coffee’s. It looks to be a one man show at first and I know I know him, but from where? He bids us sit and brings the drinks. Eventually we see a woman behind the bar that turns out to be his wife. The food was fantastic, fresh and very reasonable. He turns out to have had a barrista coffee house I used to like and his wife comes from my home town.  If you’re ever near Gronant on the coast road don’t miss this place.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Mike drops me at home and goes to visit his Dad. I step up the efforts with my mail and then settle with a film on TV before having a shower. I have some Christmas cake for tea and decide to watch Poirot, then back to the mail.  Mike comes in about nine and chatters to me about his visit so I can’t concentrate so I return to the lounge and watch Death becomes her with him. I send him to bed to watch TV so I can get back to my room in order to give myself time for a read.  Night all.

Monday. Since Yvonne, Ugo and Reuben will be away tomorrow I decided today was a good day to see them and take the new outfits I bought Reuben over the weekend. I’d done my emails by the time Mike ignored the first ring of his alarm but he managed to stagger through to the lounge before the bell toll’d again.  At just gone nine we were on our way. There was drizzle but the wind seemed to be low which was just as well as he had me  in a confined space. Daydreaming and talking about old records from the dinosaur era he sailed past the first exit and I had to text Yvonne with a new ETA. When we arrive she still wasn’t ready though and laid the blame on Reuben not waking up. I’d forgotten two major factors in my comfort level today, 1. The kids are still off school, 2. The sales are on, so Chester was very crowded. My bodyguards had to stay close. We’d promised Mike a coffee at Central Perk ( from Friends) which was at the far end of town so I suggested one detour on the way to pick up some new sleepsuits I knew Reuben needed and which despite arguments I was determined to buy. I got some nice ones and also found some great outfits for him and some silly slippers for Mike which will serve to polish my floors whenever he wears them. Central Perk was too packed for a seat so we went to a Cafe Nero and as it was approaching lunchtime we had BLT’s with out drinks. Reuben looked longingly at them and was most disgusted to be getting just milk. We had a nice look round a few shops Mike hasn’t seen before and then headed back to Yvonne’s where we had another coffee and Reuben had some pureed carrots. He managed to pebbledash my trousers, jumper and hands with his raspberry blowing and with one almighty sneeze he divested himself of. Ugh !                                                                                                                  Reuben had been very good natured all day but as Mike and I stood up to go Reuben became very distressed actually crying real tears instead of the tantrum type. I felt so sorry for him, but we had to go. We got in the car and waved goodbye as they stood on the doorstep to make sure we left see us off. We hadn’t even reached the end of the road before a strange sound started coming from the bonnet. Mike reckoned it didn’t sound too good and I reckoned it just sounded expensive. Part way home, knowing we needed cigarettes Mike pulled in at a Supermarket. We decided to have a meal since it had only been a sandwich at lunch time. It was very nice and after getting what we needed we set off. As we pulled up to some traffic lights at the exit we both heard something clang on the ground. He pulled in and went to investigate. There on the floor was a large section of a spring from his front suspension. Gingerly we set off again and went to the local garage Mike likes to use. They were amazing and completely installed a new one in under 15 minutes. With his wallet £120 lighter we set off again and arrived home ten minutes later. 109 emails awaited me so I’ve been trying to clear them bit by bit. Mike has found it fun to disturb me as much as possible because ‘It’s Fun’. Just gone midnight and I’m finally done. I think I’ll nip through and set his alarm for 6.00 am and then get some sleep with my earplugs in.

Tuesday.New Year’s Eve. Not a lot to report today. By eight o’clock I’d done my first batch of mail , seen to the fish, taken meds and made myself a coffee ready to take on the next batch. Things are looking up as the old year ends as I’ve had another young lady(?) tell me how available she is for the close friendship she wants us to forge. I’ve also had an offer from Africa to share in a 26 million fortune sitting in a bank with no owner, boo hoo, Just as well really as I’m down to my last million already after Christmas and the sales. I was ready to go back and settle in the lounge when I heard Mike get up so I made him a coffee. Since he’s been getting a bit lively with his quick quips the last few days I gave him de-caff this time. I left him drinking as I went to post a birthday card to our ‘Sis’ and pick up a Eurolottery ticket for tonight. I asked for the winning ticket. It’s only 81 million tonight but I’ll just have to make do. By ten to twelve he was dressed and looking smart while I looked like I’ve survived the wreck of the Hesperus. We went to Kassidy’s so I could deliver a condolence card as Chris lost her father recently we heard.                                                                                       After lunch ( you notice how I avoided the subject of what I had there) Mike dropped me off and went to get his car detailed. He’s going home tomorrow for a couple of days and wants it to look nice before he goes. I approve as I don’t want people to think we have dirt and dust in Wales. When he came back I was watching Prince Caspian and if the adverts hadn’t chosen to come on he’d have been making his own coffee. We had the film and then a series of quizzes before I went for a shower. After that I felt the need to eat and take the tablets I’d forgotten to take out at lunchtime so we settled on, well let’s just say food and leave it at that. There was a new(to me) mystery show with Diana Rigg as the 1920’s flapper style rich woman detective which I’ll watch again if it’s on but won’t go out of my way for. Since then it’s been back to the post and sending out New Year greetings. I hope this is the start of a Wonderful New Year for each of you with Love and Laughter coming your way.

Wednesday. New Year’s Day. I managed to sleep until 6.15 today despite my late night.  I wanted to wish Julia a Happy New Year and looked around before I realised she wasn’t there so I whispered it to all the photographs instead. She should not have been taken until she’s had at least her three score and ten. More if I had a say in the matter. I should have been taken first.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       The emails would not answer themselves so I got stuck in and was glad to see no stupid ones, the crooks have taken a day off. There were so many wonderful wishes of a Happy New Year and though I know you won’t read this until the Weekend, I want you to know I wish you all a Wonderful 2014 full of all those things you wish for yourself and others. I’m conscious today of the great relationships I’ve developed with so many nice people out there and I’m very grateful.                                                              Mike rose at about 10.00 am. I was in no rush to wake him as I know he’s going home today, even though he’s promised to return maybe tomorrow night. I’m sort of glad not to have had time to dwell on things too much recently. I made lunch at home and then promptly fell asleep in front of the TV for an hour. Once Mike had left I concentrated on my mail for a couple of hours before going to watch Tom Hanks in Terminal. My brother had texted to wish me a Happy New Year and said he wouldn’t be coming tonight as his back’s gone. As it’s New Year’s Day I hadn’t expected him but I’m sorry to hear about his back. It could be a few days before he’s well enough to move again. There have been text messages going and coming all day as well as the emails so they must have been bumping into each other on the ether. It’s such a time of Goodwill I wish it could be extended.

Thursday. What an idle day. For a time I wasn’t even sure I was going to get dressed and I’m fairly sorry I did now. Mail was up to date by 8.30 and I remembered I needed milk in case Mike kept his promise to return today. I’d better get dressed in case I shock the outside world but I might as well combine a couple of jobs. I threw on an old pair of  purple jeans and a matching shirt which went nicely with the mauve desert boots my Santa daughter had got me for Christmas. I took my repeat prescription  request to the chemist’s and returned their Happy New Year greeting with a wave. I walked back to Pauline’s and picked up the milk, some bread and my lottery tickets as there’s another rollover this week. Unfortunately she also had some big blocks of chocolate on special offer just at  moment I most needed some and I haven’t indulged over Christmas (much). A little more mail when I got home then I made lunch, sausages with sweet potato mash and baked beans. I added bread and butter to that for the bean juice but at least I didn’t have a pudding. I settled to watch some banal film on the TV and soon the Zzzz’s were drifting round the room. I woke to the sound of the phone going off telling me I had a message. Mike, to say he’s not coming back today but will be here late tomorrow afternoon. I told him to drive carefully though there’s a chance he might yet change his mind and stay safe at home.                                                                                                                                                                           I ate half of one big block of chocolate without even noticing I’d done it. Another hour on the computer and I returned to the TV screen for Body of Proof after which I made some tea.  A sandwich with a piece of Christmas cake so I could take my tablets. I decided to stay with TV for a while though I spent more time glancing through a catalogue than at the screen. I know it was Jackie Chan and I know it was childish but I couldn’t be bothered turning over or off.  I decided to change into something more comfortable and found I was changing something comfortable into me, namely the other half a bar of Aero. I was on my way back to the lounge when the sudden urge to throw up hit me. Serves me right but I still felt very sorry for myself .  Eventually I turned the goggle box off and came through to read my messages and comment on  a few blogs. That done it’s time to do the day’s blog and retire to read what I hope are the last couple of chapters in the book I’m reading. Despite having ebooks by the hundred I’m anxious to get my paws on the new Pratchett I got for Christmas from MuJo. Oops, just remembered my nighttime meds which I forgot last night. Maybe that’s why I was sick? Night all !

Friday. I hopped out of bed with alacrity this morning. Honestly, I have no idea how she got there. It was a terrible night with realistic dreams that kept bringing me to the brink of wakefulness but not allowing me to drop into a deep sleep. At one point I dreamed of a rat crawling in the corner of a room and someone going after it with a broom ( maybe they expected it to sweep up) but I recognised it as one of my girls and was trying to stop her being harmed. I had one leg fully on the floor at this point ready to break into a run. Anyway at just gone four I gave up and settled to read my messages. There are a number of great blogs out there that post after my bedtime and they can be a real joy to read sometimes. Today everyone seemed to be full of positivity. I’m having a problem getting my head round that as I don’t see signs the world is about to come to it’s senses and frankly I’m scared at the actions of some of our Governments. I see one politician who was recorded saying a year ago Britain is full, now denying ever having said so, this at a time when possibly floodgates are about to open in Europe again and put a greater strain on our economy than already exists. No politician seems able to defy Europe and say sorry, enough is enough, skilled workers or those that can self support only please, for now at least.                              I saw to the fish, had a coffee and decided to change Mike’s bed. I couldn’t get a swap for an elephant so I just changed the bedding for now. I put it in the washer and noticed how the ironing pile has grown. It took some real will power to ignore it again.                                                                                                                                                                           I didn’t much feel like cooking so took a walk to the local sandwich shop. It was closed !!! I had to cross the main road to another shop to find a sandwich. Unfortunately they also had chocolate on a special, some very healthy orange juice and I even bought some scratch cards which I wouldn’t normally do. That sandwich trek cost almost £15 by the time I’ d done though I did win £3 back on the scratchcards. I didn’t even enjoy the sandwiches as I sat and watched a film at lunchtime. Yet again I’m not saying what I had afterwards in case the bruises show. I went back to my mail and as I sat down at the computer got a text from Mike to say he was on the way.

Mail up to date I went back through to the lounge to watch Jesse Stone for Ju as she drooled over Tom Selleck and I’d just got comfortable when trouble walked in. If there were any police cars out today all they’d have seen of him would have been a blur from his afterburner as he shot past them. I swear he sees motorway speed signs as a starting point not as a limit. We watched the film together before I made us some tea. We settled to a series of quizzes and he asked whether I was taking a shower ( I couldn’t smell anything) but I explained I’ve gone quarterly as a new years resolution to save water. He wasn’t impressed. Remind me to buy some dry shampoo tomorrow. Ten o’clock and I came through for a last battle with the post and to write this section of blog ready for you poor folk tomorrow. Now I can go start my new Pratchett before getting my head down. I need a better night as there will be squeals like a stuck pig tomorrow when I enter Mike’s room with a bucket of cold water and tell him it’s raining.

Saturday. I was gliding down nicely to the rooftop. I can’t honestly say why, because there’s no chance I’ll be parachuting out of a plane at anytime in the near future. Just the slightest of breezes pushed me to the edge and my stomach turned over. Unfortunately there wasn’t anything to catch it ( any witty comments gets a lifetime ban) and I went straight to the floor. At least my body did while my head struck the bedside lamp and knocked it to the floor. It still turned on. My heart was pounding as I can’t stand the sudden look over the edge of high buildings. There’s even one advert on the box that has me turning away. It was ten to five and here I was sitting on the floor next to my lamp looking round in bewilderment. Luckily Mike didn’t hear a thing from his room though if he had all I’d expect would be a shout about keeping the noise down in the middle of the night.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                I started on my mail, and if anyone got gobbledegook messages I apologise now but it was hard to concentrate. My recent ‘Dreamfest’ is really getting to me. By seven I had a fair bit done and was able to do the coffees when I heard Mike’s alarm go off. I hereby humbly grovel to the fish whose tank did not get turned on today and who did not get fed.  We had coffee, got dressed, took out the rubbish and left to go shopping. We’d decided to go a little further afield as Mike wanted  a particular book as a gift for someone, I was going along to explain what the pictures meant and how many pennies he needed to get out of his purse which hasn’t seen the light of day since Dickens died. We didn’t do badly on the shopping but it wasn’t record time due to distractions caused by signs saying ‘SALE’.Fair play, I only bought one small item as a gift. We ignored all my favourite shops and drove towards the bookshop stopping for a coffee and a quick peep at another sale. I must have come over all a dooda because I found myself buying Mike a coat he’d been looking for, a sort of jacket for myself which might have come with a pair of jeans and possibly a gift for my favourite son-in-law. Leaving the shop laden with bags and a befuddled expression like the recently hypnotised ( is it possible I wonder…..?)  we headed for the bookshop where Mike got the book he needed no problem and I ended up with two as well.                                                                                                                                                                                      The suggestion was  I go straight home and lie down in a darkened room to get over the shock but as ever the car diverted of it’s own free will. We ended up in Flint having a coffee at Temptations and though the usual banter was there our lovely friend was not on top form having been assaulted during the week. We both offered all the support we could.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Shopping unpacked I left Mike with the football half-time scores while I came through for the 103 messages awaiting me. Aaargh. It was five fifteen when I finished and went through to watch an interesting history programme. We had tea after which we shared a Christmas pudding the size of a football and watched a cold-case forensic programme I haven’t seen before which was excellent.Unfortunately it didn’t end until eleven twenty-five leaving me to do the 100 yard dash to get here to finish the blog before midnight. Some miserable unnamed personage came through and refreshed my email so I now have 50 of those to cope with. Said person started to snicker and left with a kick up the nether regions. …………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….

Adorablefurry hat.bb1

Have  a Great Week everyone.


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45 responses to “Out to Lunch and a Breakdown.

  1. I see Reuben is getting a nice collection of hats and hoods. So dashing. 🙂
    David, are you sure you haven’t started writing one of my fantasy novels? Because I am stunned that you and Mike got any sort of car repair in 15 minutes. I’m truly amazed!

    Sorry the beginning of your new year included an altercation with the floor and the lamp. Take good care of you!

    • I confess that when they asked Mike if he was heading home to Rugby he nodded and they said he wouldn’t make it, that’s how they came to do it straight away.
      The hats/hoods are fun as I can tease him about them in years to come and show then to his girlfriends.
      It’s my own fault, I should never have taken up parachuting at that time of the night.
      xxx Massive Hugs Teagan xxx

  2. Our losses weigh heavily on both of us I see….I will never view the New Year the same again.

    • I’d rather say hey did weight heavily and hope the New Year brings a release even though it won’t lessen the love felt. I’ve undergone the worst periods, birthday, Christmas and New Year without her now and survived the pain.so it won’t be this bad again I hope. Yours is too fresh to be eased yet but if you think he’s gone to an easy , pain free rest now it might help you come to terms with it sooner. I know the love for your Dad will remain and he’ll never be forgotten but you’ve passed the first New Year barrier so I hope the pain will start to diminish soon.
      xxx Huge Hugs xxx

      • The worst is not hearing his voice when I call and going over to their so quiet house. My mom is full of manic energy right now, tearing the house literally upside down doing projects that she couldn’t do while he was ill the last couple of years. Every time I go over something has been re-arranged or given away. It’s how she is coping right now I think.

      • I suspect keeping busy is a popular coping mechanism but I’m sure at the end of the day things are difficult for your Mom. I know what you mean about missing Dad’s voice, there are ttimes you just stop an wait for a response and it’s a shock when it doesn’t come. This is an open won now and I’m afraid time is the only dressing that works.
        I hope the distress soon wears off though the memories always stay.
        xxx Hugs Galore Lori. xxx

      • Do you talk to Ju? She is constantly talking to dad as if he is there. Mostly asking him, rhetorically, where he hid something….LOL!

      • I talk to her every day even if only to say “I love you” to her.
        xxx Huge Hugs xxx

      • Beautiful David. Huge hugs back at ya’

      • xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Hugs Galore xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  3. Okay, David, as much as I love your humorous tales, I have to call you out on one thing: Do you really expect me to believe that the car made this awful sound and then there was a big spring (so far I was with you) but you went to a place Mike likes to use, and VOILA! in 15minutes they fixed it???
    Please, in what universe does that really happen? Most mechanics have cars waiting and then they need parts, etc.
    You’re forgiven ONLY because of Reuben’s happy, adorable pictures. I think he’s laughing at his grandpa for making up the fairy tale about the car.

    • I’d have agreed it could be a tall tale if I hadn’t heard the clunk and seen the piece of arced metal we picked up from the ground. The garage had one in fr another customer which we could use as they could get another for the following day, and the garage thought Mike was travelling home that night and knew he wouldn’t make it. Circumstances just fell right as I know it could never have been done so quickly normally. He has a second car that’s been in the garage awaiting work for months.
      Reuben is always laughing at me Marylin, I swear he thinks I’m mad.
      xxx Massive Hugs xxx

  4. Always a good read…I find myself coming back to your description of the “banal film” followed by the zzz’s. Good grief, that sounds like me too! I don’t dare watch the telly at my parent’s place or I fall asleep in their reclining chair.

    Your New Year’s feast of sweet potato mash and baked beans sounds like southern American food (the region of the USA, not the continent). We eat a scrumptious blend here of Mesquite-spiced green beans with cut potatoes in a rich broth that is a southern delicacy. I had that with Chicken in a rich Korma sauce for my New Year’s feast. Semi traditional.

    • Oh heck, put me in anything reclining and I’d be out like a light whether the film was good or bad. I have a settee that reclines both ends and two reclining chairs and it’s only others with the courage to use them and the ability to stay awake.
      Maybe I’d stay awake if I tried your spicy dishes. It sounds odd to hear a Korma dish being semi-traditional in the US. I thought the UK was the curry capital of the world.
      Blwyddyn Newydd Dda Lost Kerryman.

  5. Happy new year
    good luck always

    best wishes


  6. carolewyer

    My mum has got the new Terry Pratchett from me this year and can’t wait to begin it.She’s being restrained. (which is unusual!)
    I hope 2014 is good to you and your world is filled with laughter and love.
    Holidays are never easy to celebrate when you are without someone you love as we know but you did a great job.
    Hope the dreams shove off and leave you in peace. If not, do what I do…turn them into stories and publish them! X

    • I couldn’t wait to finish the last book I was reading to reach ‘Raising Steam’ It seems he’s back on full form so far.
      Thank you, I hope 2014 turns out to be your year Carol, but if it’s the lottery do you mind having the same numbers as me?
      You’re right that things haven’t been easy but I think the worst is probably over now I’ve survived this last holiday.
      Things on the dream front are looking up too as Mike told me this morning he’s had the bad dreams last night.Morpheus must be very even handed.
      xxx Huge Hugs xxx

  7. Happy New Year, Uncle David! There, I done capitalised the whole sentence, just because I can 🙂
    Take it easy, and do your best to focus on all the good things and people you have around you.

    • Hello Dear Nephew, Happy New Year. It seems we’re both a bit profligate with our capitals this year. I hope we don’t create a shortage….just because you can. I try to focus on the good around me and the wonderful people who create it. Reading my blog comments I know there are some special people out there to focus on as well as those that are closer to me mile-wise. I hope 2014 proves to be a successful year for you.

  8. I can’t get air in my tire in 15 minutes. Good for you with the repair. Once again I’ll say how cute that grandson is. Happy 2014.

    • I think Mike and I were both shocked at the time.Usually a garage is still on the Mmm, oh dear stage at 15 minutes whereas these guys just got on with it. Three of them working in perfect unison.
      Thank you from Reuben for your kind remarks. He and I wish you a Happy New Year and send Hugs Galore. xxx

  9. Blwyddyn Newydd Dda!

    All the best for a Happy 2014 🙂

  10. laurie27wsmith

    Another great post David. What stood out for me was your desire to say happy new year to Julia and she wasn’t there. very sad indeed. I hope you have a great year David.

    • Thanks for your kindness Laurie. I shall have a great year as I’m not allowed anything else according to my web pals who have pulled me through a sticky time.. I’m really grateful for all the fantastic support I’ve had for the blog which has been something I needed to do.
      I wish you a fantastic year yourself Mate .

  11. I’ve found those first celebrations, anniversaries etc, without my dearly missed loved one(s), terribly difficult too… and it’s so beautiful that you whispered your HNY greetings to Julia’s via her pics David. Am sure she loved it too.
    Lighting a beautiful candle, and focussing on it, always helps me through the dark times… and I love the tradition where folks have a lit candle on the meal table, when family are gathered for special celebrations, for the welcoming and remembering of those who have passed.
    Big hugs xxx and healing energy always.

    • I know I shan’t ever forget Ju or the happiness she gave me but I’m hoping the dark times might be over except perhaps for the anniversary of her passing. On that day I shall do as you suggest and light a candle for her, maybe I’ll even remember to water her miniature roses I keep forgetting, if they’re still alive by then. I shall have happiness in my voice when I tell Reuben about hi special Nanna.
      xxx Huge Happy New Year Hugs xxx.

  12. All the good comments were already taken so I’ll just say that Reuben is the most adorable baby ever. 😀

  13. Kourtney Heintz

    Happy New Year! LOL. Sometimes it’s only my bladder that gets me out of bed. Especially in the winter.

  14. Love Reuben’s smile!
    xxx Big Hugs xxx

  15. CJ

    Oh my! We started to read this on Sunday…but had to return after writing selves a note…had to look up a term or two of your quaint Welsh jargon. And, we also had to conquer the extreme twinge of guilt associated with the paranoia that hit us when we saw your Saturday entry…I think you’ll know what we mean there…our video on our blog may have done you in there? So sorry for that! If not, then chalk our paranoia up to good old-fashioned Catholic guilt. At any rate, perhaps you will have some odd sense of relief to know that whilst we were snacking on a sandwich, we decided to look up that strange term ‘pebbledash’ on the google…well, let us just say the Urban Dictionary should not have been an automatic first choice…
    We must tell you we love you more with every passing post, and we appreciate you for your attention and appreciation of us, as well.
    You are such a character! And a fine one at that..;)

    • Hmmm, I’m trying to decide if the paranoia or the catholic guilt would suit me best. I’ll settle on guilt I think as it’s always fun to lay the blame on someone else. Yes, it was all your fault for showing that ‘It’s Fun’ video that threw me out of bed. In honesty it might have caused the dream but I think I saw my gut wrenching advert the same evening so who knows. It’s my own mind that caused the reaction though so I wouldn’t worry too much.
      Ha ha, I can now imagine what the urban dictionary must have said. I wonder if you finished the sandwich.
      Thanks so much for your comments and for joining the fun but most of all for recognising me as a fine character I wonder what definition the urban dictionary has of that. No bad dreams on your blog this week please.
      xxx Huge Hugs to you Both xxx

  16. Miss you. Love the pics of Ruben I hope he’s sharing the Elephant. lol. It seems GL that I can no longer access my interview with you…are you holding it ransom? Is it cookies you want? I think you are trying to get some sweets out of the deal when you know you can’t have them. hmmm? Hand over the interview, Mister or I’ll send my minions.. :-F
    love n hugs,

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