Ding -Dong. A Birthday Award at the Door.

Most people will tell you I’m very rarely lost for words. Knowing most of he people I know they’ll probably say they wish I’d shut up once in a while. Today, just for a minute, if they’d been here their wish came true. My ghast was flabbered.                                                                                                                                                                                                    The wonderful Tazein Mirzasaad of  transcendingbordersblog gifted me with a new award called The Field of Flowers Award. It seems to be for those bloggers who offer a ray of hope to the world. I have no idea what my ray is but I’m glad I’ve got it.

Field of Flowers Award.

Field of Flowers Award.


Many, many thanks Tazein.


1-Thank the blogger who nominated you.

2-Place the award logo on your blog

3-Nominate 7 other bloggers and write about why you would give these bloggers A Field Of Flowers Award.

4-Let your nominees know that you have nominated them.

My nominations are for Blogs that often leave me with a warm glow after reading them. Blogs that deserve recognition even if they decide not to accept will at least I hope recognise that someone out here loves them. Without further ado…They are.

1. http://susan-hawthorne.com/  Susan writes extremely helpful posts for writers.

2. http://rich-full-life.com/

3. http://morguemouse.com/  Colleen S. Thompson writes about things that matter and touch the heart.

4. http://mjdresselbooks.wordpress.com/  Mary J writes about sensual romance in an interesting way.

5. http://ardysez.wordpress.com/  Beauty through a camera lens.

6. http://broadsideblog.wordpress.com/  Caitlin Kelly writes a lot about what matters today.

7.  http://www.dottaraphels.com/blog/  Dotta Raphaels is there to lift those flagging spirits.

My thanks to all my nominees for their differing but still important blogs. Enjoy.

Massive Hugs



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33 responses to “Ding -Dong. A Birthday Award at the Door.

  1. If their first wish was for your silence, then their second wish would be for you to say something to amuse them again. Thanks for your entertaining blog.

  2. Yea! for you, David. Bravo! You’re charming when your “ghast is flabbered,” and you totally deserve this award for the ray of hope you share with us. I’m sure Reuben will agree…when he’s oldest enough to talk!

  3. Another award? Lord D, this is getting tedious. Your mantelpiece must be sagging with all these awards you’ve been getting. Seriously, congratulations! They are all well-deserved. I know that you touched my heart many, many times.

    • I only have the awards on my virtual wall now K.D. since the virtual mantlepiece got virtual woodworm and collapsed. I know the awards aren’t all deserved but to be fair the celebration parties I hold for the giver are phenomenal. Virtual cake, virtual tea, you name it I’ve given it up. I’m sure it wasn’t me that touched your heart. As I told the police I was busy that day being somewhere else.
      xxx Hugs Galore xxx

  4. Congratulations, David. This is well deserved. 🙂
    (((Warm hugs)))

    • You’re an absolute Angel Lynne. There are fantastic blogs out there much more deserving than mine.( not least yours) but I think people are starting from the wrong end of the Alphabet with the awards.
      xxx Sending Huge Hugs to you xxx



  6. Congratulations David…on your Birthday. 😀 Might one ask how manyth? Or are you doing a lady on us and keeping mum about the numbers?
    Oh and grats on the award too 😀

  7. Many congratulations on your award. Very well deserved 🙂

    • I don’t think so Pete but I’m grateful to you for saying so. There are plenty of really deserving blogs out there that really deserve recognition.
      Hope everything is going well for you.

  8. Congratulations and many thanks 🙂

  9. Catherine Johnson

    Tossing a garland of flowers at your door, David! Have a great day!

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  11. Thanks for the kind nomination, but we must decline. We have terrible issues with time management lately and we also have a generally poor understanding up simple tasks directing the success of “badge-affixing”.
    We came back to finish the rest of your entry..we had to make a hasty exit on the first notice that we’d missed a birthday opportunity..which, as you know, we worked to remedy. We hope you did return to our “party” to see the HILARIOUS after-party gift left by Doggystyle, one of my dear and boisterous followers. It ever there could be ME in the role of a ‘birthday stripper’ THAT gal is IT! NOT TO BE MISSED!
    We send our fuzzy warm hugs…oh, btw, neither the Mouse nor I can say our feet are of any of the types shown in the above diagram. Which causes us a bit of concern. It also confirms one of our deepest, darkest, most feared, long-held suspicions… .WE JUST KNEW WE GOT OFF AT THE WRONG DAMNED PLANET! Hugs, CJ

    • I do understand time management issues and that not everyone enjoys receiving awards. I couldn’t let he opportunity slip by though to let you know that you’re (both) appreciated and that the content of your blog is appreciated. I also know the problems of bad affixing but no doubt one of our followers may be able to make that clear at some stage. I tried to make it easy by giving it a heading all of it’s own at one stage but in the end decided that it was easier just to post about them and add the badge to the post.
      I did of course see your Birthday greetings which were very much appreciated. I thought I had thanked you in comment, I shall have to check, but if my manners were lacking I apologise and thank you both profusely now.After all you’re one of my favourite people and certainly my favourite mousie.
      OK, I’m less worried about Mousie’s toes than I am about yours but perhaps the chart didn’t go far enough to identify specifically off-worlders or maybe those from some exotic Isle somewhere.
      Sending Hugs Galore for you to share. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

      • Oh, we are exotic, allright! 😉 “Off-worlders” We rather like that…yep…there is not too much about us that could be termed normal. You are the most perfect gent, you never fail to show appreciation — we are terminally humbled…as we speak we are trying to figure out HOW to paste a badge on the page…2 hours of hunting for the tip o directions and nothing!

      • If you have wordpress it may be you do to dashboard, widget and look for ‘image’ I haven’t tried posting a badge but I know to put something on my page I had to go via dashboard and I’m sure it was widgets. The ‘help’ box queue should get you a proper answer from the professionals. Thank you for your kindness to me, I was brought up in an era where being a gentleman or a gentle man was prized.BUT, IT STILL DOESN’T MAKE ME COMPLETELY HUMAN.
        XXX Huge Hugs XXX

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  13. What a lovely award to receive! We all need a ray of sunshine in our lives. 🙂 Congrats!

  14. Pleasure sweet David! God bless you!

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