Forgotten Fishes and A Scrabble Win

Sunday. It was almost 6.00 am before I got up this morning. No conscience though as it was 2.oo am before I got to bed. Mike will say he was up till that time too but he was snoring away when I went to the loo at about 1.00 am and turned his TV off just as Lena Lovich came on. Just as well or she might have woken him up again. In that short space of time I’d got over 120 pieces of mail so my heart did sink a bit but on the other hand what chances of Mike getting up early and wanting my company anyway, so I ploughed on. At 8.00 am I got up to take my tabs, do the fish etc or so I thought. I know I definitely came back to the bedroom with a coffee. I was through them by 9.25 am and as there was no sound I refreshed the screen. Another 28, Hmmm. no problem. Ten minutes later Grumpy got up, leaving the other 6 dwarves behind. I nipped through and put the kettle on to make a coffee. Leaving everything in his cup I headed back to my room shouting through the bathroom door to let him know he just needed to add the water.

I returned to the mail and there were just 12 outstanding. One quite a long letter from a friend whom I enjoy writing to and one, the exciting one, to tell me the book had been put on Lulu. I was really excited and had been waiting to hear this since last night. It might be the reason for a slight distraction, what some may call a lousy excuse, I offered to Mike as he came through to ask why the fish were beating on the glass of their tank in the dark. How the hell I’d forgotten about then I don’t know. Anyway, he said he’d see to it for me and I said I’d be in soon. I couldn’t wait to get onto Lulu and complete the book. Sending it to Global advertising, ordering my proof copy and setting the price,which was quite a job in itself. It’s all done.

This book is dedicated to my grandson Reuben D.C. Eboh who will be a reader I hope.

I owe Huge Thanks to the following friends for helping me reach this stage.
Ilil Arbel without whose technical wizardry I’d be lost.
Sherie Sprague for editing out all my errors and making my English look better. for helping with the title, though I got the final tweak.
Huge Hugs to you all and to those
who encouraged me to do this!

As I went through to the lounge about 11.00 am still in my dressing gown ( Shock, Horror) Mike was watching the bobsleighs in the Winter Olympics. I was in time to see the UK set a fantastic time and get to third place in the medals, and also in time to see Latvia and Russia do even better and push the UK to 5th. I was proud of them anyway. Mike then cheered on the Canadians at Ice Hockey unto about 12.15 when it was time to get dressed. We went out just before 1.00 and because it was local went to the Royal Oak for Sunday dinner. Uncomfortably crowded for me but a tasty meal. We went back home and almost as though we hadn’t gone out Mike was able to catch the rest of the Hockey with Canada winning 3 to Nil over Sweden. A shame as Sweden deserved to score too. It was a good game if you like violent mayhem.               Mike was not going to his Dad’s today so he was able to stay longer. We watched a file together ‘The Boy’ and then nodded off during other programmes until about 6.00 pm when we had a light tea,  one bulb each. At 7.30 he left for home and I flew to the bedroom to do what my hands had itched to do for hours, get back to my mail. Amazingly just 84 so I’ve had an easy time so far.

Monday. An early start this morning and the news that the book is on Lulu. I had to go in and set the price, choose the Global distribution package and order my proof copy. In a way it’s quite exciting as I’ve ventured far outside my comfort zone with this, I’ve also made the classic mistake of listening to friends and family about how good it is rather than some unconnected beta reader. That’s because of course it was only intended for my grandson originally. Now of course, since being persuaded to open it for general sale I can donate the royalties to the Pancreatic Cancer Fund for Ju’s memory. I was still hopping about when 8.00 am came and I had to feed the fish and follow my normal routine. The snail colony in the tank is almost blocking the light now, I think it’s wet arm time this weekend.

I did a couple of tweets during the morning and there seemed to be a lot of blog posts to comment on so that I was at the computer most of the morning on and off. I put a load of washing in as there was no-one here to tell me about separating the colours. At lunchtime I emptied the machine after having the drier on for 3 hours, flapped them to remove as many creases as possible and folded them into the linen basket. Now I have to train my eyes to avert themselves if they stray in that direction again. For lunch I had beef casserole with mashed potatoes and peas and then granted myself a couple of hours break which was spent nodding off in my chair. Late afternoon and I returned to battle bringing myself up to date and responding to wonderful comments on my post.

After tea I settled to watch some Big Bang Theory and an episode of CSI NY before coming through about 8.00 pm to carry on with mail and the nights blog post. Plenty to keep me going till late but I still managed a read.

Tuesday. Up at 6.00 am and in no rush this morning as Chester is visiting me this afternoon so I can take my time. In amongst all the mail there’s this little gem. I accept that English is not everyone’s first language but I’d expect someone in such an important business to have a smattering of education. Since those fools at the lottery missed my numbers again at the weekend I decided to pass the opportunity on to those of you who are investors. Go on, you know you want to.

with all du respect i’m mr Ibrahim i lead a group of suppliers
in gold dust and bars from west africa.
we are looking for  partners or buyers in europe , asia ,
america for the quantity of gold of 22 carat and 95% of purity origin
from guinea conakry we currently have.
we are abble to bring the said gold anywhere the buyer want us too
after discussing about the proccess and sign sale and purchase agreement.
waitting for your urgent reply to send you some certificat of the gold we
have now.
i’m presently  with that said gold at morocco in transit .
Thank you
best regar

I’m not quite sure what a best regar is but if any of you have one, keep it to yourselves please. A couple more tweets this morning and lots of comments to make on other people’s blogs. There’s a lot going on out there. At some stage I knew I’ d have to get dressed, the picture of the writer cigarette in hand, still in dressing gown and open bottle of ———– ( insert your own poison) to hand died out in the thirties, or at least in my thirties. We’re all bright as a button, laptop toting semi-professionals on the run these days. So, I got dressed before lunchtime and then made myself lunch just to prove it.

Afterwards I’d returned to the mail when I received a text from my wonderful friend Lis just checking if I was still alive and checking if I was at home or in Chester. When I said “At home” she told me she was on her way. She arrived about half an hour later and settled with a coffee and chocolate biscuit ( see, I do share) as we chatted about everything happening since we last saw each other. When it came time for her to go it was just time for Yvonne and Reuben to arrive. She was able to spend enough time to coo over Reuben as I picked him out of his pram and was rewarded with a big smile.

Reuben in my armchair

Reuben in my armchair


Yvonne was thrilled with the cow rocker I bought at the weekend and Reuben seemed to approve too. He also seemed to enjoy me pretending to drop him and there were whoops of laughter in the lounge as we played. At about 6.00 pm Ugo arrived with ta which for him was his only meal today but not for Yvonne and myself who still managed to pack away some chips. I had two buttered baps and Yvonne showed restraint with one. Reuben showed even mor restraint by helping Yvonne eat hers. I had a rhubarb crumble and custard afterwards though I haven’t the foggiest idea where I put it. Ugo (oink oink) had 2 chocolate puddings with custard.!!!!! OK, they were very small but that doesn’t sound half as good. At 7.00 pm it was time for them to go and I carried Reuben out to the car. You could hear my joints scream. He’s really heavy. The rocking cow is for one year olds but he’s tall enough to more than reach the floor on it. After waving them off I spent an hour catching up again and then treated myself to a film. A lighthearted comedy with poor old Heath Ledger kept me smiling until 10.00 pm when it was time to turn off and concentrate on leaving myself a clean slate. Mujo tomorrow and card night too.

Wednesday. T’was a funny old start to the day as I felt full of beans ( which I’m not for a change) despite it being only 3.10 am. I’m not even sure it was worth going to bed earlier on. Anyway, I started on my mail, an opened can of Pepsi beside me ( just in case any Pepsi exec is reading this, I prefer Pepsi Max). By 6.15 am I’d started to flag and the yawns were getting bigger and bigger so that I was actually in danger of swallowing myself. I lay down on the bed and zonked until One minute there, the next minute gone. The rest did me a power of good and my eyes were almost fully open when I bopped one of the plecs on the head with a food tablet. I’ve never seen it move so fast, mind you they’re so good at camouflage I’ve never seen it move period.

Tabs done and  coffee in hand I returned to the bedroom and worked till 9.00 am then decided I’d better get dressed in case my visitors came early. They did, but not until 10.30 am by which time I’d almost got up to date. There was a knock, the door opened and I heard a call of “It’s only us”. I made drinks or rather I poured drinks as Muriel likes her J2O and John wanted a cold drink so I did him a lime and lemonade. One day I must remember to put water in the ice trays and stick them in the freezer. We had a bit of a natter before Mu announced she’d like to go to Jackson’s Nursery after lunch. Fine by me, but then followed a discussion about where lunch should be. I’m afraid I ruled out his chippie because I’d had chips last night. He ruled out my choices as not liking them and we settled on The Bells ( of St.Mary) which is a carvery. I have no complaints about the meal except it was too big but that didn’t stop me eating it since I was the one who piled stuff on but I did end up feeling bloated. One good thing, and Mike would be proud of me, I remembered my tablets and took them in the right order. It was also handy as I’d downloaded a £3 voucher for The Bells yesterday.

Lunch over we set off for Jackson’s and found it very changed inside, that is except for the prices which only bankers can afford. We couldn’t even get a cuppa because it’s half term and the cafe was full. After a good look round at some of the fantastic stuff they have we left to head for home. On the way we had to detour which brought us close to The Dragon’s Rest where we decided to have a drink. I had a chocolate milkshake which was glorious.

We reached home and found we were all three tired. John went to sleep, Is struggled and Muriel tried to occupy herself. At 3.30 pm she announced they needed to leave and woke John. They set off, and avoiding falling asleep I came back to the computer. I finished at about 5.05 pm so scuttled through to see the last ten minutes of my antiques show. From then on I kept a weather eye on the window. A text from Lee said he couldn’t make it today. A shame, but at 5.50 pm I saw Dil and Matt approach so I went to make drinks. Dil has his tea and Matt has pot luck of the coffees. Play started and I actually won a game of scrabble, then Dil won a game and also won nomination whist which Matt says he always does. The usual insults flew across the newly covered card table, if Dil gets any more sarcastic I’m passing him a tissue to stop it dripping from his chin. Then we decide ( sorry, Dil decided. It’s not my fault Matt) to teach Matt how to play Cribbage. I don’t know if you’ve ever tried to teach anyone how to play crib but you can see their eyes glaze over or start to look fearful when you start, Fifteen Two, Fifteen Four, two goes six and six is a dozen. Or playing the hands, Eight, fifteen for two, twenty one ( Crib made easy), Twenty eight ( three to the gate) Twenty Nine ( Two to the line) Thirty one for two. By this time Matt was grabbing his coat and heading for the door screaming something about speaking English. Dil almost tripped over his box of sarcasm tissues trying to bring him back. Yes, I lost that game too.

Wednesdays are always a fantastic evening for me. I get the feeling of closeness within the family though I wish it was closer still since there are some people I see far too little of. Matt is a bright young man whose company I enjoy but I’m sure for him the Wednesday trip might be more a duty than a pleasure. We never get the chance of a real conversation like  remember having with Karen at his age. Mind you, what would he have to say to a boring old fart anyway.

Today is the day I’ve decided to add music to this weeks blog and again I’m dedicating it to my friends. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

Olga at   Barcelona by Freddie Mercury and Montserrsat Caballe in honour of her beautiful home.

And one for Reuben. Brian and Michael had a big hit with their record about L.S.Lowry but the ‘B’ side was my  favorite . I hope he’ll remember the Nanna he never got to meet.

One for all my friends  A Good Heart by Feargal Sharkey. I’ve found so many good hearts through the blog. Than you all.

Marylin Warner    who reminds us to tell our family the important things while we can. Mike and the Mechanics with The Living Years.

Thursday. I had a struggle this morning. I did get up but it was a fight as I saw no reason to get up. I attacked the mail but saw no urgency in it. I was lethargic. Not so lethargic that I forgot the fish of course, I don’t want to face THAT look again. I also managed to see to my meds for the week. Mr.Predictable, that’s me. At about half nine I got washed and dressed before heading out to buy some cigs, bread and the all important Lottery tickets. The fresh air made all the difference. I came back feeling much more alive and decided to try and download Adobe Air to my computer to open a programme I’d been sent called Booksoftware and it’s for designing covers. Up to now I’ve had no joy with Adobe Air and it took three or four goes before I got it this morning. Then I tried to open the Booksoftware file and  it’s that has caused my final defeat. Nothing I can do makes it open, I’ve even tried deleting it and downloading again. Aaaarghhh, frustration.

There was a knock at the door and it was a delivery man from Lulu with the proof copies of Reuben’s book. It’s thin but looks very good. I’m really pleased with the end result. I let Yvonne know straight away and she’s making sure I remember to write in it for Reuben. I tried to break it to her gently that he can’t read yet. I must find the funds to order some more. I had an email from Ugo with some points on our ongoing theological discussions. We’re both a little inflexible in our viewpoint but he’s such a star it easy not to offend and even have a laugh sometimes. I liked the way he called his faith a big hope as that’s what I consider my faith to be too though more grounded in people. What I like is that he listens politely and doesn’t preach or try to punish me with threats of hell but does what I expect everyone to do, accept that we can still live together with different viewpoints.

I dodged lunch in favour of ham baps and allowed myself some dark chocolate fingers afterwards. Most of the afternoon I was dozing for which I paid a price when I came back through here at 8.00 pm and found my message box jammed to overflowing again. I’ve been at it for two and a half hours so far, taken  a break for the blog an must now return. It’s just as well Mike’s not here or he’d make me refresh. There’s been no change in sales of the new book but i’ d like to thank the UK buyer and the U.S. buyer very much. Pancreatic Cancer Research will be grateful. Night all.

Friday. 7.30 am today before I opened my eyes. I couldn’t believe the clock and thought for a minute I hadn’t notice it stopped last night. I nipped out to turn the fish light on and then went for a wee. Getting back to the bedroom it was a bit nippy so I put my dressing gown on and kickstarted the computer. Naturally the rules say if I’m late the postbox has to be full. At 98 it wasn’t joking.  I worked to 8.30 am and went for tabs and my coffee then ploughed in again until 10.00 am when I nipped out for some milk. Even with a refresh I was up to date buy 11.15 am but definitely in need of a break. There’s a channel that shows old films so I sat watching Moonraker with George Baker and wishing myself a Cavalier. Those Roundheads had no sense of fun.

I had a small break for lunch which was pizza and micro chips so not too unhealthy and as the pizza had pineapple I had at least one of my 5 a day. Once the film was over I came back to keep the messages down and returned to watch another. As that ended it was back to work long enough to empty the box before going to watch the final day of my antiques programme. I had a text from Mike to say he was on his way from Manchester and he’d be there by 6.00pm. He was, with moments to spare so I made his coffee while he settled to watch a quiz. We chatted so I knew how his week had been and he’s told me that next Wednesday he’s to go for a heart monitor test. A bit worrying. I made him some tea and had a small sandwich followed by a healthy yoghurt. At 7.00 pm I disappeared for a shower then came back to the lounge to keep Mike company.

After a couple of quite interesting things on the box we watched Jonathan Creek which was to my mind poor by comparison to the old series. Then tit was time for Mike to go out for ciggies. He came back in complaining of the cold. I said at least it wasn’t snowing and cheekily brushing his hand through my thatch he said “Unless he did that” meaning dandruff. Cheeky sod. The boy is so sharp he’ll cut himself one day. There was a bit more banter before I was able to throw him out and concentrate on mail again. Just 68 this time and I’d polished those off by 11.00 pm. Then I made another attempt to change the background on my Twitter to include the new book. Twenty minutes later and I was no nearer. I can change it to a normal theme but I can’t get it to accept a picture of my books like I had before. I’ve no idea what i’m doing wrong. Anyway I’ve broken off to write this and keep you up to date with my ineptitude. One more try then I’m off. See you tomorrow.

Saturday. I didn’t start answering mail this morning until almost 6.30 am. I was up at 3.00 am for a nip to the loo and a ciggie but wasn’t in the least interested in staying up and managed to get back to sleep fairly easily.The next think I know is it’s past 6.00am, that’s three days recently with around 5 hours of sleep.I don’t understand it but I’m not complaining. When I did finally rouse myself I ploughed into it fully expecting Mike to be up at 7.00 am raring to go, sorry, it’s a bit early in the day for a joke like that. If he got up at that time he’d waste half an hour trying to bring me round. As it happens his alarm didn’t go off when expected but I took a coffee through at 7.00 anyway after following the usual routine in the kitchen. I managed to get through some more mail before his alarm finally went off about quarter past when I nipped to the bathroom before he needed it. As I got dressed afterwards I actually hear him rouse himself and attack the now iced coffee.

I did finish the first batch on my computer before going out and we actually made the shops for 8.15 am, Yes, on the same day !! I wouldn’t say Mike’s fond of his bed but he does have a mattress stapled to his back. I keep asking what he’s got stapled to his front that causes the shirt buttons to strain but he says he’s no idea what I’m talking about. cough cough. Shopping didn’t take long today as he refused to let me near the sweet counter or the biscuit aisle. For ‘my own good’ of course. It’s a hard life. Later we shot off to Flint for a couple of items where I managed to smuggle some Wagonwheels ( chocolate mallow biscuits) into the basket. We went for a coffee where one of us had two roundss of toast and I promise I have no crumbs on me except those spluttered when I muttered “piggy” under my breath. We went home then and after a couple of hundred yards he even let me get into the car instead of running alongside screaming that my jacket was caught in the door. Bless those Nuns who started waving to him and pointing.

We had time to unpack and I checked my mail. Three letters and all trying to sell me insurance. Mike suggests maybe they know something I don’t. I’d just caught up with my mail again when our friend arrived to take us to lunch to say thanks for help with his moving. Mike and I decided to suggest somewhere which would cost very little and still have a good meal so I ended up in The Bells again. This time my beef was on, and it was gorgeous with onion gravy. We chatted a while then decided to go out for a cigarette. My face lit up when I saw a familiar face emerge. Cheryl from Kassidy’s was there and neither Mike nor I have seen her in ages. There were huge hugs and she sat down beside me. I was asking about her health as she had a bad chest last time I saw her, I also asked if she was still working. Her face crumpled and she told me she was out for a treat with her daughter and granddaughter because she’s been quite ill. She has cancer and needs chemotherapy to reduce a large mass before they can do a mastectomy. Mike and I are devastated for her and the family. She’s a wonderful  person and one of the few I’m comfortable talking to. Plus she was really nice with Ju when she and I used to eat in Kassidy’s. Life is very cruel and quite unfair. Mike teased Cheryl as he always has and brought a smile to her face, but you could see how closely he felt the memories of his own close dealings with cancer through his beautiful daughter in law Kirsty as well as my Julia.

When Cheryl and her family had left we sat and chatted with Brian a little longer and then went our separate ways which was easy as we’d come in separate cars. The Ivy was on our way home and Mike agreed it would be nice to go for a coffee and to say hello. Tariq was there and came to shake hands, his wife Shella was there with her parents and also her very pretty daughter. Helen and Angie were both on too. Tariq grabbed the Ferrero Rocher before the girls got a look in but they both came over to say hello and thanks anyway. Helen had time for a laugh as always, she’s a delight. It may be Cheryl’s news had hit a little hard and I wasn’t talking much ( so what’s new there before Mike says anything) but Tariq squatted down beside our seats for a real chat and paid us the great compliment of calling us friends despite the short time we’ve known him. He also took us to see the progress he’s made on the photographic studio and where the cake business will be based. Mike says I’m banned. Shella and her daughter left, Helen left too but not without coming over to hug us. Tariq had to leave to cook since Helen had gone, with so many cats and other pets she probably needs an early finish to have them all fed before midnight.

Mike and I got our coats on to leave and Tariq came out, He lied said there was no change in the till and he couldn’t manage the £20 note I offered payment with. I had nothing smaller but if he thinks I’ll forget………. He also came from behind the counter to hug us both which brought a lump to my already lumpy throat. The journey continued and as we were getting towards home Mike reminded me of the antique shop we’d tried to visit that was closed recently and drew in beside it. We’d just gone inside and there was another familiar face not seen for an age. That of Si(mon) owner and chef at Kassidy’s and also Cheryl’s boss. As it’s been a while since we were there I obviously asked what news there is and all I was told was that he’d closed early as there was no-one in town. I was really surprised he didn’t mention Cheryl as I know him to be a caring man. We didn’t but anything so headed home.

There’s a gannet in my home. I don’t want to name names but lat me say he’s not called David. The gannet ate chocolates just before  tea. Had tea,plus malt loaf and egg custards. Then there was more chocolate. It wasn’t long before David heard the pitiful words “Ooer, I shouldn’t have had that last chocolate ( or six). Unfortunately David has run out of sympathy today and sniggered.  Love and Hugs to you all and wished for a great week. Share a hug with someone xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Youngest swinger in town.

Youngest swinger in town.

Crawl attempt

Crawl attempt


Crawl attempt 2

Crawl attempt 2


At the Park

At the Park




























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68 responses to “Forgotten Fishes and A Scrabble Win

  1. This human of yours grows so quickly. What in the world are you people giving him? Just the other day he looked like an infant, now he’s looking like a full blown child.

  2. David, I’m sorry to hear of your friend Cheryl’s illness — sending her good thoughts.
    You seem to have had an especially busy week! And “The Dragon’s Rest” — what a great name for a place.
    Is Reuben really getting that big??? What an adorable little guy. Enjoy the rest of the weekend.

    • Thanks Teagan, Cheryl will appreciate the kind thoughts. I thought I’d had a fairly quiet week but I mustn’t have been paying attention.
      Reuben is just so tall, it amazing. He’s just 6 months and in the clothes of a 9 month old. There must be something in the air in Chester.
      I hope your weekend is going well and no bad weather is spoiling it.
      xxx Hugs without end xxx

  3. You’re welcome. (I was the U.S. buyer.) Looking forward to reading it to my granddaughter.

  4. The picture of Reuben in the armchair is a reader’s pose if I ever saw one, so of course Reuben D.C. Eboh will be an avid reader, beginning with this book, David. The entire process is so exciting, and I’ve very happy for you. I’m also proud of you and touched that you’ll be donating to the pancreatic cancer research in Ju’s memory. Isn’t writing wonderful, the way it takes on a life of its own and holds hope for the future as well as loving memories for those who’ve gone before.
    You’re a good, kind man, David, and I appreciate the music you sent my way, supporting my reminder to appreciate family while you can. But you already know that… 😉
    Many hugs to you (and darling Reuben, too)! Marylin

    • When he was in the armchair I was watching like a hawk in case he toppled but he seemed quite at home supporting himself there. I think it’s important to get as much to the cancer charities as I can. It affects so many people. I have the fun of the writing.
      I’m glad you liked the music, that song is a particular favourite but your blog does inspire with the messages to your mother and you know how much I enjoy it.
      Hugs gratefully accepted.
      xxx Hugs Galore for you xxx

  5. It’s not fair to strategically place gorgeous baby photos near the ‘like’ button, you know! xx

  6. Terribly sorry your week ended on the rather down side with your friend being ill. Yes life is quite unfair at times and at times I am stymied as to how and why it picks the whos and the whens. On a different note, I see we have the same excellent taste in music…love Feargal’s song…and that duet with Mercury and the opera singer is one of my faves, too. I lost count of the times I laughed aloud at your funny little comments here and there. Thanks as always for the comic relief. It is 12:11 a.m. Sunday morning, California time. I am calling it an early day, (now to bed to watch tv. though I never quite stay awake thru a whole movie lately), since I made reading your post my priority this evening— I managed to save a good one on the dvr earlier this week, to usher me off to dreamland…Exorcist. Muahahahaa! 😉 Hugest hugs, xxx CJ and Mousie xxx

    • Thanks so much C.J., yes it was a bitter end to the week but I’m sure she’s going to win this fight and good news will be on the horizon.
      I’m glad you liked the music, there are just so many songs I love but then I’ve been alive a long time.
      It’s good my little comments at least stop me from boring you to tears even if they do drive you to bed. I hope the title of the film isn’t an indication of what you’d like to do to me.The only exorcise I like is jumping to conclusions. LOL.
      xxx Massive Hugs xxx

  7. carolewyer

    I always check my emails on Sunday and start the day with your blog. I echo the sentiments of those who have written comments before me. I’m sending Cheryl all the positive energy I can muster. I’m also sending you a link to a dear friend’s blog. She’s called Fran AKA fishducky and has just had a mastectomy at the age of 79. She is one of the funniest, friendliest and most positive people I know. Maybe the post and her blog will help your friend.
    Reuben is not only adorable but is indeed growing up so quickly!
    I’m sharing my weekly hug with you and all your followers here. ❤ xxx

    • Thanks so much Carole, what a delight to have you as a reader but at least starting early means you have the rest of the day to work it off.
      I know Cheryl will appreciate the good wishes which I’ll have to pass on to her as she doesn’t have a computer and cannot compute…..Thanks also for the link which I’ll check out now.
      Reuben is growing so quickly I’m hoping to find him an apprenticeship soon.
      xxx Hugs returned with interest and thanks from us all xxx.

  8. Another busy week for you. I enjoy reading about what you’ve been up to, it’s become something of a ritual for me to read your blog post on Sunday mornings 😀 I’m very sorry to hear about your friend Cheryl, I wish her successful treatment and a speedy recovery. Normally it’s your talk of Roast dinners, chocolate fingers, Liquorice allsorts, chips etc that tips me over the edge but today it was the mention of ciggies. I stopped for a 6 weeks in the New Year but then caved in a couple of weeks ago. Now back on the wagon but chain chewing Nicorette Gum like some sort of crazed maniac! Have a great week David. HUGE HUGS, Lottie xxxxxxxx

  9. HI David: Many thanks for the dedication of the song. Must admit to being listening to best of Queen once and crying listening to the song… Sorry to hear about Cheryl’s news. I know from family experience how difficult such things are, especially because you feel there’s nothing you can do, although you’re right about the importance of the charities. And congratulations on the book!

    • Hi Olga, so glad you liked the dedication. I confess that song is one of the few that can raise the hairs on the back of my neck. I love the passion of it. Having said that, I love Queen anway and she has a tremendous voice.
      Thank you, that’s almost exactly how I felt, lost. All I could do was offer comfort and words of hope. I suspect because she knew how Ju left me it must have scared her but I’m sure this will be better dealt with. the charities are dear to my heart.
      Thank you, I’m really pleased with the way it looks, now we just have to stop it getting torn.
      xxx Massive Hugs xxx

  10. Once I got to the cribbage section, and 15 two, 15 four etc I got distracted and the rest went by in a blur. I’ve tried to teach Partner crib, but he finds fives and threes at donkinoes enough. Shame, I used to like crib, and played it for matchsticks.

    Thanks for yet another mention for me. One was quite enough! but still much appreciated.

    Have you thought of doing a midweek update or do you think people couldn’t manage two installments a week? 😀

  11. Hi David, just back from 5 lovely days in Cornwall, enjoying catching up on your posts. Reuben is looking beautiful in his photos, and how exciting with his book. Such a wonderful and unique gift, I’m sure it will be treasured.
    Scrabble is a favourite in our home, a great game for helping my daughter with spelling, but I must admit I have never heard of Cribbage. Think I will have the glazed look in playing that game.
    Was sorry to hear about your friend and your right, life can be so cruel, sending out positive thoughts and hope everything goes well for her.
    Last bit, we were so excited about Jonathan Creek, we thought it was a poor show. We loved past episodes but felt the new one had lost its sparkle!
    Well have a good week, love reading your post and take care.

    • Hi Kim, I’m so glad you had a nice time away. I hope the sun was shining a little for you.I hope Reuben’s book will be treasured after all the nagging it took to get me to do it. I offered to give Yvonne the original poems done for her that actually had the sketches on. I think she just wanted me focused on something again.
      Cribbage is a great card game and a wonderful help with maths all you have to be able to do really is count to 31 and count to 15.You get points for each time you can make 15 up in a hand so you learn to look for combinations, 10+4+1, 10+5, 9+6, 8+7. I’ve been playing since a child but it always fascinated me.
      Thank you for the good wishes, I’m sure Cheryl will be OK when she gets over the shock and stats treatment before the op to shrink the growth. It won’t change her as a person or as a woman.
      I agree, Jonathan Creek didn’t come out at all well. I doubt I’ll watch it again.
      Have a wonderful week, my best to the family
      xxx Massive Hugs xxx

  12. What a shame, crib is quite easy to learn really and a great game o play. Lots of pubs in Wales still play it……will that move him?

    I have thought of twice weekly but I sometimes throw another blog ( or two) in if I have something to say and it becomes wearisome for people to follow too many. On my other bog ( weebly) I started daily, then every other day before eventually settling on one blog for me and one for the cat. On this blog I have Author interviews as well as the occasional rant. I will think about it though.
    xxx Hugs Galore xxx

  13. Have a wonderful week, David. Hug a baby! Your grandson. 🙂

    • He’ll be getting his hugs tomorrow Mary J. I expect lots of wriggling though as he’s starting to get a taste for trying to crawl.
      Have a great week,
      xxx Huge Hugs xxx

  14. What a wonderful smile little Reuben has! (Don’t be jealous, I’m sure it’s inherited from a particularly handsome member of his family).
    xxx Hugs Galore xxx

  15. I look forward to hearing more about your book David. Reuben is a great name. He looks like he is quite a character.

    • This is a very simple one Guy, just a few odd poems rather than a book like my previous work.Just something so the little lad know his Pops loves him….that’s if he likes the poems of course.If not, his mother can take the blame as it was her idea.
      You’re right, he is a character, and judging by how he’s growing he’ll be a larger than life one.

  16. Congratulations on your publishing success, David. Reuben is so cute, it’s a great thing to have written a book just for him ~ he’ll treasure it when he grows up too! ((Hugs)) 🙂

  17. I’ve tagged you in a book blog chain David. There is no need to partake unless you fancy it – I just had to add yours though. Here is the link. HUGS XXX

  18. Maggie Thom

    Congratulations on your new book David. Very cute. I wish you much success with it. I’m impressed that you read the spam mail, it does make you wonder at the imagination some of them take to create. Sorry to hear about your friend Cheryl. Life doesn’t seem fair at times, does it? Thank you for sharing your journey.

    • Hello Maggie. thanks very much, I don’t read all the spam mail, just the ones that sound interesting to see what the latest scams are. Yes, some of these people are real artists at dreaming up ways to divest me of my pennies..
      Thanks, life is a bummer is a suitable phrase I remember from the 60’s. I went to see her Mum this morning with a card and she’s lost two sons to cancer already and a third has had it but seems to be in remission. Sheryl has to be OK.
      I’ts I should be grateful you’ve shared my journey with me.
      xxx Hugs Galore xxx

  19. Lovely pictures, gorgeous baby, and congratulations on your book!

    • Thanks so much Niamh. He’s a laughing child which is lovely. The book is specifically for him this time though I’m being asked to maybe do another for a non-existent sister.How odd, same book different dedication really.
      I hope all is well with you only no blog since mid February?
      xxx Huge Hugs xxx

  20. laurie27wsmith

    You’re lucky you don’t have those walking fish David, otherwise they’d be waking you in the wee hours when you forget to feed them. 🙂 Boy don’t you get some spam emails. There certainly are some scammers out there. Rueben is looking as cute as ever, gotta love those chocolate custards though. 🙂

    • Oh No, no way I’d get walking fish Laurie after years of being woken by Oscar when he felt like it, or just for fun. I suspect everyone gets a fair bit of spam these days but mayb your mail provider actually sends it to a spam folder, mine just tells me it probably is spam and makes me send it myself. It sometimes seems that most of Nigeria is running a scam, so many originate from there, maybe it’s the National Sport. I’ll see Reuben his morning and tell him you said so.Thanks a lot.

      • laurie27wsmith

        It would creep you out if a wet, cold fish walked over your face of a morning, yikes! yes my provider has a huge filter operating but sometimes they get through as a failed to send email. I had over 400 one morning. So I started tagging them as junk mail and the rest just flew into the junk folder and I deleted them. You can train your mail box to do it for you. You’re right I think email scams are Nigeria’s national sport. There’s the 100kilo gold bar dead lift. The, we have a will in your name relay race, and the, you are a lotto winner, credibility hurdle. You give that little Rueben a hug from me okay. Oh yes, those little toothy pegs are coming through nicely, hmm, his not mine. 🙂

      • It almost happened. I had a large female Oscar in a tank in my bedroom. I woke to a tremendous crash one night and found her on my bed. She’d taken a leat , removed the top of the ttank and got almost 8 foot further. Ju always said Olive was in love with me.
        My provider is quite rubbish with the mailbox, it’s a poor version of AOL.
        Don’t forget the 100 yard ‘Mugs’ Marriage dash too.
        His teeth are coming through well, it’s just where they’re coming though that concerns me as he seems to intend it should be my finger for starters.
        Have a Great Week.

      • laurie27wsmith

        ‘Night of the killer Oscars, no one is safe from the predatory advances of Olive in her quest for love.’ Oh yes a surprise bride from Nigeria would be different. I love that about his teeth coming through on your fingers. Too funny.
        Funnily enough my week is still good. 🙂

  21. Lord D., I received “Tall Animal Tales for Toddlers & Up,” and I am sure my granddaughter and I will enjoy reading it together. In the middle of the book, there was a surprise: an entire book called “Thought Provoking: A Collection of Concise Philosophical Thoughts,” by Philip Parzygnat. This has short snippets of things titled “The Birth of Mythology, “Ashes to Dust,” and so forth. Then some more of your poems, then some more philosophy. Was this intentional, or just a jolly bonus for buying your book? I do think Lilah might be a bit young for the philosophy part, but it does add weight to the work (about 25 pages’ worth, I’d say, printed front and back.)

    • First of all this was not intentional. It seems Lulu have slipped up badly here offering a bonus.If you email them you should get another copy.
      Secondly, I’m jealous because no bonus works came sandwiched in my copy.
      Thirdly you’ve solved another problem for me, I now now who my original Australian and U’S buyers are that just leaves the UK. I wish I had them here to sign them for you, though having said that you don’t really want to devalue them do you.
      Reuben got his copy when I visited yesterday and Yvonne read the first one to him last night. At this rate he’ll know all the words by the time he can talk. I hope your granddaughter enjoys reading the poems with you.
      xxx Huge Hugs xxx

  22. David,
    Congratulations on your book on LULU. That must feel satisfying! Pretty funny that they stuck a philosophical book in the middle of it! There will be some very deep thinking toddlers as a result. LOL
    So sorry about your friend.I will be sending love, positive energy and prayers.
    Your grandson is the cutest little guy. You must enjoy every minute with him.
    Best wishes to you, dear friend.

    • Thanks so much Jan. It’s always a little satisfying to see a book in print though this one was not really intended for more than the one copy.The one that went out to give the child the philosophical bent will bear watching as it could be passed round and there will be a township somewhere of new Bertrand Russells all producing weighty tomes at age ten.
      Thank yo for the love and positive energy for Sheryl, as you may see from this weeks blog, I think an infusion of positivity is needed now and I’ll try to give it.
      Yes, I love my time with Reuben, he’s a sweetie. My job is to make sure he knows all about his wonderful Nanna who left before meeting him.
      xxxx Sending you Massive Hugs xxx

  23. Reuben is growing by leaps and bounds and getting more beautiful each day. Sending prayers for your friend Cheryl. Many hugs to you, 🙂

  24. Kourtney Heintz

    Congrats on your book being up on Lulu! 🙂 I laughed about the fish banging against the glass. Pets always tell us when we forget something.

    • Thanks Kourtney, it’s gone up on Amazon this week. Much sooner than I’d hoped. I’ve always had pets who won’t let me forget their food. Mind you, I’d bang on the glass for mine too.
      xxx Hugs Galore xxx

  25. I still watch repeats of Jonathan Creek on ABC in Australia…..but that’s not nearly as exciting as you writing another book 🙂

    • I enjoy the Jonathon Creek repeats of the original episodes and still can’t work out ”whodunnit’.
      The new book is really mainly old poems written for Yvonne with a few new ones but it’s my first attempt ( and probably my last) at anything for children.
      xxx Hugs Galore xxx

  26. I love reading about your week, makes me homesick sometimes the things you mention…like going for cigs and lottery…took me straight back for some reason, though probably because I have a weakest for both 😉
    I felt for you with computer problems…I’ve spent the start of this year fighting silly laptop problems…so draining! Good Luck with the poems.

    • Thanks a lot Maggie. I usually get told off for mentioning ciggies.Mind you these days I get told off for mentioning bacon, chocolate and other dietary basics.
      I hope things are well there and you’re geared up for all the visitors when the footie starts.
      xxx Hugs Galore xxx

  27. Good luck with book. My first volume of 100 cartoons came out in December. Sold just 8 copies but have not really done any promotion. I hope to get three more out this year. The effort has been more to give a sense that I did it and to be example to kids and grandkids to be something bigger than themselves.

    • Thank you Carl. I don’t expect to sell many really. Probably just the few that people enquired about. I’ve never really got into the promotion thing in a big way and this book was more or less a private one anyway.
      It’s a good idea to encourage the youngsters to make something of themselves, especially if they’re artistic. Maybe we’ll both succeed.
      All the best to you.

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