Hamunex and Zorba the Greek’s Dance.

Sunday. My usual Sunday morning treat is reading the responses to last night’s blog and thanking you for commenting. It’s a Sunday and it’s sacrosanct. I was therefore paralysed with shock this morning when Mike’s alarm went off at 7.00 am on a SUNDAY !!!!!  The feeling did return to my limbs and the blood start flowing round my brains again when there had been no movement for a quarter hour other than to switch it off. For a few moments I thought he’d taken himself and the impetuous offer of a car boot seriously. My laughter rang from a rafter (  just practising the poetry there and it seems I need to ).  I followed my usual timetable and chatted to the fish for a few moments, sharing with them the reason for the hilarity. I took my coffee through to carry on with the mail and saw no reason to wash and dress just yet. I’d settled down into a nice little rhythm when I heard the unbelievable sound of movement and it wasn’t even half past nine. I checked, and yes, his bed was definitely empty, I didn’t hear crying so a) he hadn’t fallen out of bed or b) he didn’t know the time. I heard the loo flush so I ran ( OK, my estimation of a run) to the kitchen and put the kettle on. Mike would say it didn’t suit me so I put it sown again and plugged it in. He was in his chair when I brought his coffee through and I stayed there for a few minutes. As there were no insults forthcoming I knew he wasn’t truly awake so I went back to clear my screen and get dressed.

As his human side emerged, and to be fair it does have a long way to come, the insults started about the volume of my snoring last night.According to Mike, it’s only the fact his bed is wider than the doorway that stops it being pulled out as I draw in breath. He didn’t complain about anything I’d said in the blog so I assumed he saw only the glowing compliments I usually put. Maybe that’s why he told me he was only up so early for my benefit. I confess I did choke slightly on the use of the word early but as his slitted eyes were glaring at me with a definite red tinge I hid it behind a hand and innocently asked what he meant. “Why, the car boot I promised if you want” he told me. I told him how kind a thought it was and I’d love to go to a car boot ( to help them clear the pitch after the cars had gone) and by 10.00 am we were on our way.

To be fair to Mike there were still  two cars there when we arrived so we had a liesurely stroll round them. I picked up a little stand that displays the suit in play at cards for Whist and Bridge. That should help on a Wednesday night. I saw a rocking hose activity centre on one car site and decided to think about it. Big mistake, By the time I’d decided to get it , it was no longer there.I forebore from mentioning the benefits of getting to a car boot sale early using the more common definition of that word. Anyway, from there we decided to hear home via Flint so Mike could exchange a non-working remote control for a TV he bought a couple of weeks ago. That was done quite quickly so we decided to have a coffee. Today it was Trudie and Sian behind the counter and Mike was having a great time laughing and joking with them both. Time was getting on so we decided to go straight to lunch. We’re a mile down the road and still arguing about where to go until we’d passed the entrance to the Blossoms. Mike put the hood down on the car so we could enjoy the unusual spring sunshine and with chattering teeth I reminded him I’d no sweets to take to the Ivy but as he staccatoed back, it was OK as I’d taken a tin yesterday.

The Ivy car park was full. As we’d drawn up a young couple had just been going in. By the time we’d parked and walked to the door they were just coming out again saying there wasn’t an empty table. We thanked them but went in anyway. I nipped to the loo and as I came out again Mike was just settling down in our usual seats and the couple that had been there were just leaving. I suppose he smiled at them which is enough to scare anyone off. Tariq came to say hello before bustling off to serve someone. Helen came flying out to say hello and give a hug and Angie waved saying she’d be there in a minute. She came to take our order and as my gums were still thawing out I asked for cfffee and what sounded like Hamunex but she knew what I wanted anyway, she also knew what Mike wanted anyway but luckily for her she has a husband. Mike had a Salmon Burger I think and now I could feel my teeth again my order would have been translated as ham and eggs  ( with thick cut chips and peas). We allowed a couple of brave cyclists to share our table and Mike chatted about their ride today. They’d come quite a way but they said it was worth it for the hot chocolate. Our lunches came and the lady cyclist accepted a chunky chip from me. The meal was as nice as it had been yesterday and the Ivy was doing a roaring trade. I was glad, except it meant we had little chance to chat to Tariq. We did see Shella and manage a few words though which was great. I really must try and see if I can get some of our favourite pork pies for her.

Mike dropped me at home and went off to his Dad’s. I ploughed straight into work until about 4.30 when I found my eyelids needed some study from the inside. I turned on the TV for the Tomorrow People and away I went. There was  afilm due to start when I woke up so I turned over. It didn’t last long. Not my kind of film at all so I turned to repeats of Big Bang Theory and saw one I must have missed. At 8.00 pm I turned off and came to attack the mail. I finished that just before 11.00 pm in time to do this and have a little read. Just had a text to say Mike home safely and will be up late on Friday.

Monday. I got up at 3.00 am but after a cigarette didn’t feel like work so just lay in bed. I was tempted again at 5.00 am but after hitting myself a few times went back to bed and even nodded off. It was just gone 7.00 am before I decided I was awake enough. The fish got fed early just to confuse them and I had my meds and made a coffee to bring back to my room. It was almost half seven before I turned the monitor on today.  There was a heavy mail bag but just as it has been recently there were a lot more comments on the two posts I’d been notified of. I should be jealous at the number of comments they got but one was a serious issue that deserved comments and the other was a momentous birthday in a woman’s life and many people wanted to reassure her life wasn’t over. So, completely unstressed I took my time and didn’t even get dressed until 10.30 am. After all, no plans to open the door today. Knock, Knock, “Who’s there?” It was just the postman with a small packet to be signed for. Just as well I had got dressed after all or the whole village would know what a devil-may-care life I lead.

I lunched on a lamb shank with colcannon potatoes. Afterwards I felt bloated as in reality it’s only my fingers getting any exercise today and even they look fat now. I did have a diet strawberry yoghurt afterwards though. Most of the afternoon I spent washing down my waste bin and brushing dust under the carpets. I almost set the washing machine going but managed to restrain myself until there’s a full load. I haven’t totally surrendered to domesticity yet. I watched a bit of TV and even managed 40 winks despite the late morning. My head is not sitting straight at the moment and I can’t settle to anything. There was an hour back with mail again before Law and Order came on and then another show that just didn’t penetrate my eyeballs before I came and started on mail again. A few blog posts to read an comment on, a few I could think of nothing to say so just ‘liked’ them. A message from Lis to say Charlie’s friend has been told the pancreatic cancer is inoperable and it will be chemo and palliative care only. I hope he didn’t go to see the oncologist alone. That must be the worst information in the world to hear. I can’t tell you how sorry I feel for him , his family and his friends right now.

I’ve finished the mail early and don’t feel like refreshing any more tonight so after I sign off here I’m going to do some reading if I can. Tomorrow I have to try and go to Chester to see Yvonne and Reuben so I’ll need to be on the ball. I think I’ll lay off the chips too after having them twice this weekend. Maybe they’ll have a couple of scallops instead ( thin slices of par-boiled potato deep fried in batter). I must remember to pick up some baps as well, remind me while I’m out will you.  Hugs.

Tuesday. A 4.10 am start on my mail this morning ensured I was bright eyed and bushy tailed at 7.00 when I was able to get dressed after getting momentarily up to date. I had seen to the fish, taken tabs, filled my outside container and made myself a coffee well before it was time to go out. I dressed in ( upper layers only you nosy beggars) black and white checked shirt, silver trousers, a blue grey cardie ( mistake) and a black & white dogtooth jacket. As the sun was shining I felt good as I stepped out at 8.00 am to go to the bus stop. I’d steeled myself to  take the 8.10 bus despite the number of schoolchildren at the stop. I wanted a slightly longer time with Yvonne and Reuben. I took the single disabled seat ( no the seat wasn’t disabled, it was for disabled people), shut my eyes and had an undisturbed journey. They were waiting at the bus stop  as I arrived. Reuben was asleep and he stayed that way during our coffee stop when I had two rounds of toast with strawberry jam. I had no conscience about not saving him any.

I managed to find myself a light grey cardie is the sales so I don’t wear this blue/grey one again. Also in the sales I managed to get Yvonne a dressing table mirror that opens to reveal a jewellery cabinet, a cap and a onesie for Reuben and a nice shirt for Ugo. I also got Ugo a block of chocolate as he hasn’t given that up for lent this year for a change. We stopped on the way home for another coffee as I get very dry these days. Yvonne took the chance to nip to the loo again as she seems to be waterlogged these days. Reuben just tried to pinch her herbal tea so that she ended up feeding it to him from  a teaspoon. He certainly seemed to enjoy it. Back at their house Yvonne made me a baked potato for lunch with baked beans while she ate some rabbit food as per her diet sheet. We watched a film in the afternoon as we waited for Ugo to get home from work. Concentration was difficult as Reuben was doing the dance from Zorba the Greek in my lap. I may sing soprano before long.

When Ugo did arrive home we readied ourselves for leaving and our Tuesday night treat of dinner together. Yvonne had to carry her own diet meal as per weightwatchers. Ugo stopped off to allow me to buy some baps then drew in outside the chip shop to get our meal. I was just having chips. I was enjoying them with a couple of my baps and Yvonne started feeding Reuben a little of my malt bread. He took to it like a duck to water. Next week I start hiding it. They left at about 8.00 pm so I came straight through to clear the 130 ( plus 20 on refresh) that had accumulated while I was out. I finished 10 minutes ago and now at 11.45 pm I’ve just about done with this post and want my bed.

Wednesday. A 5.00 am start with a 6.30 am finish when I sent myself back to bed today. I didn’t surface again until dead on 8.00 am and I’m sure that was only because the fish were sending mental messages out about me shifting my arse. I shifted it and gave them some light and food. As soon as I’d taken my meds it was back into battle with a coffee in my hand, or to be more accurate in my mug which was in my hand. I find it leaks otherwise. There was nothing stressful in the post, no marriage proposals, unfortunately no offers of rampant sex with a goddess who’d devote herself to me no strings attached. I was glad of that as I hate being a puppet. There was one message from Burkina Faso telling me about the money I was due, one message from the tax man(or woman) saying I’d overpaid last year and they’d like to put the refund in my bank account -yeah right. There was one message from London that said I’d been given a lucky number in February and would I like to ring and check what the prize is @ £1.63 per minute with a minimum ten minute call (in the tiniest writing possible) and one last interesting message to ask if I’d like to invest in a short film for which I’d receive various treats according to the size of my donation, I think the last of which was a ticket for the premiere at about £25,000.00. That one was genuine but a little outside my income. This latter type of message for funding of things is becoming more prevalent these days.

I was kept busy and entertained all morning by some great posts on some of the blogs I follow but on a few blogs I checked I found that poetry has changed beyond all recognition since I was at school. They don’t have to rhyme anymore and there are haikus that I have a problem understanding. At lunchtime I broke off for some braised beef and was very good in doing without a pudding afterwards. I sort of drifted into a film during lunch so I stayed and saw it out before going back to my desk. I wanted to be sure I was out by 3.15 pm to watch something. I was and I did, even managing to stay awake for it all until it finished just before 5.00 pm. I quickly had a tin of pineapple chunks and then dashed to do a few more messages before the clan arrived. Another message from Lee that he couldn’t make it.

Somehow I was up to date for 5.45 and was able to get back to the lounge before the door went. I was in the kitchen making drinks before they reached the lounge but not before we’d done our Walton family imitations as they walked up the hall. Hello, hello, hello, hello. I thought there was an echo. As always we huddled down behind the card table ready to slaughter each other at Scrabble and the games start in earnest ( That’s a smaller village just behind Greenfield). Despite the obvious cheating of Dil looking at Matt’s letters the minute he was otherwise occupied, and helping Matt in order to block me, I drew first blood. It looked like it would be my game next too but somehow Dil pulled ahead with a 7 letter word which he swore were the droppings of a water buffalo used for fuel in a tiny mountainous region of Kenya. Somehow the scrabble dictionary had gone missing and this strange word with 3 Z’s couldn’t be challenged. It’s not that I don’t trust my brother but he does bear watching on occasion.

Next was Nomination whist and I was able to bring out the little toy I’d bought on Sunday to show what suit we were having as trumps each hand. It proved quite useful. Matt asked if he could do the scoring in case he ever joined MI5 as a code breaker. I didn’t mind as I saw he scored Dil 10 points even if he got a call worth more. There was a slightly blue tinge to the air when Dil found out and I don’t think it was from Matt’s cigarette smoke. The insults flew so thick and fast that they were gaining air miles and there was much laughter which stopped the minute Dil won by a large margin. Personally I think Matt just scored him 10 every game so he didn’t end up walking home. Our last game was Crazy 8’s which started great. My score was pathetically low and Dil was breaking records in the other direction. Again the laughter started and I was enjoying very much Dil’s score being over 200 after just three hands, almost as much as I enjoyed Matt’s score at 50 something and me down on 33. It came to what would be the last hand and Dil played a three, I played a three and Matt played a 2 . Dil played another 3 calling last card, I played a 2, Matt played another 3 and I thought Dil was sure to pick up the 16 cards accumulated but no, the evil beggar had another 2 in his hand which he laid down to go out. There was cackling galore as I was forced to pick up 18 cards and count the points to go on my score. Matt finished on 50+, Dil on 217 and I shot straight up to 202. Matt was the winner. I went and sulked in the bedroom leaving them to tidy up the mugs, cards and the table. They left smirking and saying they’d see me next week. I think I’m moving before then.

That was at 9.45 and it’s now 12.15am. I’m as up to date as I can be for tonight so I’ll have half an hour with my book before sleep. G’night all.

Thursday.I worked hard this morning to get as much post as possible cleared for 8.00 am so I could spend time doing my drugs for the week but only after the fish had been fed of course. By 8.30 am I was back at my desk with a coffee smiling at the sunshine even though I was now in a darkened room. A few more messages and I decided to get washed and dressed. Today I was coming out of seclusion……….admittedly only as far as the corner shop to stock up on baps, cigarettes and renew my lottery tickets that had proved a big let down ( again ) on last night’s draw. Someone has to win it and I see no reason that someone shouldn’t be me. As their pithy little slogan says. ‘You’ve got to be in it, to win it.’

By 9.15 the messages were down enough to take a walk. The parents on school runs should have vacated the shop now and left something for me. They had. I got the last packet of baps and the last 100 cigarettes ( of my brand ), my TV mag, the lottery and I thought I’d chance 3 scratch cards that Ju used to like.I headed back home. I’d just unpacked and put the stuff away when the postman came. He was delivering a card case in aluminium designed to stop people scanning credit cards as they walk past. Unfortunately he was supposed to be delivering two so I had to get on to the ebay seller who promises to send out the other one first class post. The scratch cards gave me £3 which is what I’d paid so nothing lost nothing gained. I’m not sure if hat was a message from Ju to lay off. On my way home I’d seen some lovely little jonquils coming up so here’s a spring picture for you……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….

spring has sprung 2

Jonquils ( I think) or maybe just mini-daffs.

Jonquils ( I think) or maybe just mini-daffs.


By 10.30 I’d finished the mail and gone to sit in the lounge. I’d just nodded off in the sunlight coming through the window when there was a knock at the door. There was a Council Van parked close by doing some replanting and for some reason I thought it might be them. I opened the front door and went into shock. I must have looked like a goldfish as I was backing away my mouth opening and closing as one of the two people there introduced himself as from the Jehovah’s Witnesses. There was a time many moons ago I may have invited them indoors for a debate and maybe a glass of water. I managed not to hide but took rather a long time stuttering out my inability to talk to strangers ( and there was I talking to strangers) as I slowly closed the door in their faces. He did apologise and say he understood.  Now awake I went and sat on m bed for a while to calm down. It may be a while before I open the door again. Eventually I went back to work which kept me going until lunchtime.

Lunch was two ham baps which I ate in front of the TV half watching some old film or other which always seem to be on around that time. I nodded off again and must have had at least an hour as it was a totally different programme when I woke up. I though I was having problems with the plot. I was very lazy the whole afternoon and only returned to work at 4.00 pm so that I’d be free at 6.00 pm for Law and Order. I wasn’t, and only caught the last half so I watched an episode of NCIS as well. Back in here at 8.00 pm I’ve watched and listened to a bit of music on Youtube caught up on mail and managed the blog post. Youtube has gone down so maybe I’ll find a dedication song tomorrow. For now it’s a case of wishing you all a very good night.

Friday. Hurray  Youtube is back on. So, before I forget here are my dedications this week.

http://youtu.be/WANNqr-vcx0    White Rabbit by Jefferson Airplane to Meeks at  http://acflory.wordpress.com/ for the little change in luck this week. Always Hugs.

http://youtu.be/wJVpihgwE18   We gotta Get out of this place by The Animals to Sherie Sprague  at http://sjsprague.weebly.com/ In case she ever considers the move.

http://youtu.be/4bniEbKXt6M  Born to be wild by Steppenwolf  to my friend Laurie at http://laurie27wsmith.wordpress.com/ A little reminder of the biking past.

And two for Mike  ‘cos I like his stories   http://youtu.be/ulvauWJxaV4 Love Wars by Womack and Womack ( Classic) and http://youtu.be/PJDrLVAjgd8 which is Love Ressurection by Alison moyet. I understand the resurrection isn’t a problem though bro????

It was an early start this morning but quite easy as nothing difficult in the mail. Not a single proposal of any kind, marriage, larceny or even a sexual advance in my direction. Has the world suddenly recovered it’s eyesight? I saw to the fish a little earlier than usual just to confuse them a bit. It’s an odd life when a tank of fish find you predictable. I was washed and dressed for 9.00 am but I’ve no idea why as I’d no plans to go anywhere. I stayed on the computer as I was having a good run on the family tree. Sometimes things just fall into place but I’m not sure Father in Law to Great Grand Aunt is anything to be getting too excited about.

At 10.00 am there was a knock on the door and I went towards it expecting the postman with my missing card-case. Yesterday’s experience pulled me up short of opening the door so I called out “Who is it please?” and then couldn’t help but chuckle about a joke I heard many years ago where the next line was “It’s the gasman I’ve come to read your meter.” That wouldn’t be too funny after my recent hiccups with British Gas . As it happened I received a response.” It’s the warden David, checking to see if you completed your form.” That would be an Oops really as I stuck it in my waste paper recycling. Luckily I hadn’t shredded it. I opened the door and it was a warden I knew and managed to stammer that I hadn’t done it yet. “That’s OK” she told me, “I’ll collect it next week.” Smiling and nodding agreement I closed the door. First stop the waste paper bag. I found it and it wasn’t too creased. It’s now completed and on my table ready for pick up.

I had a tin of pea and ham soup for lunch as I wanted to save the last two baps for the gannet when he arrives and didn’t want to go to the shop. I’m not saying what I had for pudding since I’ve found out I can hear ( some) Australians shout from here when they don’t approve. A subtle hint though, they were round, quite dark and very crunchy. Mike arrived mid-afternoon as I was watching a movie that I think was the one Noah watched on his cruise. It was called Went the Day Well and was from a Graham Greene story where a village in England was taken over by the Germans prior to an invasion. It was OK but I was glad when it was over so Mike stopped asking questions about what was happening and making me miss same.

At teatime I fed him cheese and branston baps with tinned peaches to follow. I had the peaches too ( not the same ones obviously or there would have been a fight) and followed up with, erm well , something, and so did Mike. What a hog. Having said that though he did do the washing up afterwards which was great and I only had to direct him to the kitchen once too. We were due a quiz at 6.00 pm so I had half an hour on the computer. Mike made me a coffee ( yes, he remembered the way) and put it on the lounge table for me. I managed to finish the mail and get through in time for the quiz and a still hot drink. At 7.00pm my kind generous bro washed my hair for me before I showered. I went back to the lounge for another quiz which was sports and even got some right . Mike asked where his bro was and what I’d done with him. As a rule I’m good at quizzes unless they ask a sports question or a car related one. We had the next episode of Jonathon Creek which was passable but when they said the series is on DVD at the end I said no thanks and came through. Mike went off to watch TV from bed in his room. I’m up to date on mail and now with the blog too. Still time for a read so that’s my next plan. Hope you’re all going to have a nice Weekend which starts tonight.

Saturday. Before you ask it was 4.50 am today. I ploughed into the mailbox straight away and kept getting annoyed with Microsoft Security Essentials telling me of a threat that needed cleaning and hen when I removed it, saying I had to restart. It’s a pain constantly signing in. After the third time it became annoying so the last re-start order is still sitting there untouched. The first batch of post finished just after 6.30 am so I went to the kitchen and took my tabs, put stuff in Mike’s mug, made myself a coffee and went to sit with the family tree for a while. The most observant of you might have noticed an accidental break in routine at this point.

Mike’s alarm went off at 7.00 am so I made him a coffee and took it through, called him and went back to work. About 15 minuted later there was a shout of “Good Morning.” Amazingly he was awake and drinking. I carried on working until I heard him dash to the loo. I checked his mug and he’d finished the drink so I made another one for him. I passed the loo as I took the coffee through to his bedroom. I could hear some atrocious noises but alas I’ve heard him try to sing before. I went and got dressed then carried on working again. It was just before 7.45 when I heard a shout from the lounge. I must have missed hearing Mike move around. He asked how long he had to wait before I was ready. I put my shoes and jacket on and went through. Cheeky beggar didn’t have his coat on and hadn’t finished his drink. I had him out and about right away.

Despite a cocky remark about being at the store by 8.00 am, we weren’t. Though I will say it wasn’t far off. We picked the potatoes first and then started on our usual route. Passing the ladies clothing section we saw Sale rails and heavens, it was gents stuff. I will admit a couple of shirts fell into the trolley but so did a pair of trousers that were miraculously Mike’s size everything at £3 each. We headed towards the gent’s department for a quick peep and there was sale stuff there too. A jacket I’d previously liked from £40 down to £20 which when Mike asked was now at £10. It accidentally fell in my trolley too. Eventually I had to put food in so we headed off there and passed a shelf with reduced bedding. I got a great fitted sheet for a ridiculous sum and an even cheaper book on Welsh names. I live in hope…………………….. .As we left there after a drink Mike headed for the expressway home and I didn’t understand when he swung off on the Chester road. He bypassed Chester and drove through Cheshire to Blakemere village. Regular readers may recall a visit I made there last year. As a confirmed shopaholic this is a perfect place for me.  http://www.blakemerevillage.com/   it’s well worth a look or a visit if you’re in the area. We had lunch there and didn’t leave until  4.00 pm.

At home again we unpacked and put away the shopping from this morning and I dashed off to see how many messages I’d missed. At 86 it wasn’t as bad as I ‘d feared. At 6.00 pm I left it as Mike called me to watch Field of Dreams with him.I made some tea to eat while we watched it and an essential component was the egg custards. It’s a fantastic film and I find it catches me in the throat a few times. I must interject here for the sake of a friend to say that though HALF A TIN of sweets was consumed during the watching of this film but not a one passed my lips. Once the film was over there was something else for an hour then an episode of Endevour which I had to leave at 10.00 pm in order to come to do the blog and anymore outstanding mail. Mike went to bed to watch the rest of it then catch up with Match of the Day. My post is just up to date and I managed to get this post finished with the obligatory pictures. Without further ado, here they are………………………………………………………………….


Messy eater !

Messy eater !


Hoodie in good humour..

Hoodie in good humour..


Park life.

Park life.











Have a Great Sunday and a beautiful week to come.


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55 responses to “Hamunex and Zorba the Greek’s Dance.

  1. That was an especially delightful post, David. You had me smiling repeatedly, especially with the jonquils (there’s I tiny clump of them in front of my townhouse, but still only buds) and the Jefferson Airplane video! Oh and of course the photos of Reuben.
    So in return, “For what it’s worth” http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gp5JCrSXkJY
    Have a superb Sunday. Mega-hugs,

    • Thanks so much Teagan. I love to make people smile. What a joy to get your video, I’d forgotten what a fantastic record that was. I hope everyone else clicks the link. Buffalo Springfield people!!
      xxx Massive Hugs xxx

  2. LOVE jonquils! I can almost smell them above the freshly roasted chicken here at my place! Will never forget ‘We gotta get out of this place’ was the theme song for my high school boyfriend’s graduating class. Too funny. XX

  3. Another action packed and wonderfull week in Barsetshire! Awesome post! Ham baps sound intriguing…what are they exactly (sorry it’s ignorant I am this side of the pond…)

    • Thanks so much. Ham ( or chip) baps crop up a lot. perhaps I should have a glossary. Baps are soft bread rolls used for sandwiches. I’m sure I’ll be screaming for help and translation for many things I either read about or hear in a song that are eaten in the U.S. ….crawdads was always a puzzle.
      xxx Huge Hugs xxx

      • Hahahaha…. I can’t stop laughing about the crawdads!

      • Then there’s okra and grits and if memory serves me right there’s a song with something that sounds like ( jambleye,crawfish pie )fillygumbo ? I think I’m hearing a foreign language.
        xxx Massive Hugs xxx

      • Even here, you can get your hand slapped on that one. Being raised in Hawaii, I always called them crayfish… until I met a Louisianan… 🙂 I think in Australia they call them yabbies… Do they exist in England or is it too cold? And the baps sound marvelous. I’m a sucker for really good fresh bread, especially of the roll variety!

      • Ah, the light clicks on. I do think we get crayfish here though not all round the coast. I seem to recall that they have them in Scotland? Probably ours would be much smaller tan those from warmer climes. Thank you for clarifying that. Blame Country Music as that’s where I seem to have hear most things like that.
        xxx Huge Hugs xxx

  4. With our Autumn coming up, it’s a while before we get to enjoy the Spring flowers. Beautiful Jonquils 🙂 Enjoy Spring!

  5. Oops, so sorry I forgot your
    xxx Huge Hugs xxx

  6. We used to call them collops. Loved them, my mother made superb ones. I’d forgotten about them until reading this. Might try some.

    Jonquils are very pretty.

    I love Steppenwolf, such a good song. (and Easy Rider was a brill film).

    I keep forgetting to go to the Garrison about your Gib connection. Please nag me.

    • It’s always worth revisiting old tastes to see if things are still as good. If not, your memories aren’t spoiled as you just blame a changed palate but I’m sure your Welshman would like them.
      There’s a lot of music from back then brings back graet memories. Nowadays half of them are used for adverts here.
      I never nag. I know you’ll do it when you have the chance and I can’t ask for more than that.
      xxx Unlimited Hugs xxx

  7. Spring is definitely here. Thanks for the pictures and the videos. I wonder if I should take up cards. Used to enjoy them years back but haven’t played cards or Scrabble for years… I hope your fish are thoroughly confused. It’s good to keep them on their toes (so to speak)

    • There are smiles all over the place now the flowers are out and the sun is shining.
      When I become King of the World I shall pass a law that families must play cards/scrabble at least once a week.Nothing too competitive like Bridge but games where the conversation is fun throughout and no-one misses the TV.
      The fish are looking suitable bewildered thank you, after forgetting them yesterday, I fed them at 7.00 am today and left their light on longer so they thought it was Midsummer.
      xxx Hugs Unlimited xxx

  8. I haven’t heard Jefferson Airplane in literally decades! Thank you. 🙂 Oh and is that new cardie sleeveless? -grin-

  9. This is important! Especially when you live the devil-may-care-life style. The jonquils are beautiful. I may never see a plant this year due to snow still piled high. The photos of Reuben are priceless. Hugs, David. Now go take a break!

    • I shall issue instructions that your snow has to melt and allow your plants to come through Mary J. You should have Jonquils of your own to look at.if you ever step away from the computer.
      Thank you, Reuben’s pictures are great, I have a bulging file now.
      The advert on the TV here always said Take a Break, Take a Kit Kat, which is a chocolate biscuit so many thanks for the permission.
      xxx Hugs Galore xxx

      • Good Morning, David. Kit Kat! Yum… I’ll have to dip it into something green today. I see my first sentence didn’t make sense without this… which should have been added before I said, “This is Important” –>> Your words–> (Maybe I’m up way too early.)

      • The early starts do catch up to us. Happy St Paddy’s Day
        xxx Endless Hugs xxx

  10. Isn’t it wonderful how the appearance of Spring flowers and blossom has such an uplifting effect on our spirits? I almost burst with happiness when the almond blossom appeared here a few weeks ago. Now the whole area is sap green, buds are well, budding and the birds are in full ‘Oh how happy it is Springtime’ song. David, maybe you should let on to doverwhitecliff that baps also has another meaning?! 😉
    I’m so glad you found something you fancied at the car boot sale, a pest about the rocking horse though.
    Have a splendid week HUGE HUGS, Lottie XXXXX

    • Yes, there are a lot more smiles about than there were a couple of weeks ago.People seem happy to stand and chat instead of rushing home to a radiator or something.
      I couldn’t possibly know what you mean Lottie. What else would baps be that could possibly have me running to the shops if they ever went on sale. I’d need the rest of the woman attached to mine though , purely to study of course since I’ve forgotten what they’re like.Katie Hepburn shaped please.
      Next time I see something good at the car boot I won’t hesitate so much, I’ll put my Scrooge side to sleep.
      Have a Wonderful Warm Week Lottie,
      Massive Hugs xxx

  11. Good morning, David. Well, it’s morning here (7:45) Haven’t a clue what time it is over your way. 🙂 Hope you have a glorious and hug filled day/evening. Oh, and what’s the problem with the blue-gray cardi? Don’t like the color? I could see you looking quite nice in blue-gray. Of course you look nice in all colors. 😀 Big squeezey hugs for you. Elizabeth

    • Your 7.45 was my 11.52 am Elizabeth. The day is going to be quiet but the better for that. The blue/grey cardi didn’t go with the other colours ( and to be honest was too thick under the jacket so it looked like I was fat(ter) so no t my best choice) You’re so kind to comment about how good I look but Ju and Yvonne could tell you I used to have 3 mustard shirts which had to disappear over time as it seems I looked awful in them. No taste in clothes they said.
      xxx I send Massive Hugs for the week and a few in reserve xxx

  12. I have actually contributed to a couple of worthy Kick-starter campaigns although I have to say my contribution has had far less zeros than the chance for a ticket to the première, i did receive a DVD from one.

    • I’ve seen a few that look good Paula but there’s another group that lend money to people trying to improve their lot in the poorer countries with small shops etc. I have money with them which gets repaid as and when so I can either lend it again or have it back. I just keep it spinning along.
      I may go for a kickstarter at some point if one seems a worthwhile project. In a very small way of course.
      xxx Massive Hugs xxx

  13. laurie27wsmith

    Another big week David, I think your life would be very quiet without Mike there. 🙂 It’s quite sad you’ve had no proposals this week. When I first started blogging I became excited when I received spam, somebody cared. I worry about those fish, they may be plotting against you, just give them your medication again. Thanks for the video link Mate. I love playing it LOUD. Have a great week and keep spoiling Rueben.

    • Yes, life would be boring without Mike at the weekends, h keeps me on my toes. You my friend are a freakin’ genius. It never occurred to me that each time I forget my night meds I could dispose of them in the fish tank in the morning. No proof I haven’t taken them and no hyper fish ready to challenge me for mastery of my dominion (The kitchen).
      Glad you liked the video. I shall keep spoiling Reuben and then blaming you.
      All the best mate

      • laurie27wsmith

        I’ve just had a vision of your fish chilling out on the bottom of the tank, then floating slowly to the surface. Little smiles on their faces. Yep, keep spoiling Rueben, I’ll take all the blame. Have a great week David.

  14. Our jonquils aren’t even trying to come up yet, David, so I totally enjoyed yours. And my grandchildren are in 4th and 5th grade now, and even though I love them dearly, they’re not nearly as cute or huggable as Reuben, especially in the Hoodie and Park Life.
    But only you can make wall shaking snoring and black and white houndstooth and daily phone calls so real and funny…or in the case of the caller wanting to deposit overpayment of taxes into your account…wake-up reminders of all the ploys to ruin our already full days.
    Hug Reuben for me, and do NOT give you account number to anyone!!!
    Many hugs to you!

    • I’m glad you enjoyed my flowers Marylin but I’m sure yours can’t be far behind. Since we have a different system here, does that make your gorgeous grandchildren 8 & 9 or 9 & 10? I think Reuben’s age is the most huggable but they stay delightful after that even though they can escape the hugs easier.
      Plenty of sick puppies out there trying hard NOT to work for a living but to steal from us instead.They’re parasites but they’ll have to get up a bit earlier in the morning to catch most of us out.
      I’ll hug Reuben for you when I see him a little later for my regular Tuesday. I promise not to give anyone my account number, even I have to have a security check before I part with it just to be sure I’m who I say I am.
      xxx Sending you Unlimited Hugs xxx

  15. Catherine Johnson

    So funny about that form in the bin, it sounds like a scene from the Office. I haven’t had a baked potato in ages, yum! Funny as ever I can hardly keep up with it all. *hugs*

    • Hi Catherine. I’m still waiting for someone to come back and pick up that form I might have rescued needlessly. Baked spuds are a nice treat and make me behave myself with meals ( damn them). Thank you for popping in to give my ego a boost. I always enjoy your company.
      xxx Hugs Galore xxx

  16. Very glad to hear spring arrived! Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us! Love you! Hugs!

  17. Can’t tell you how much you make me miss home reading about your days…it’s the little things, like having a lamb shank which I’d never find in Brazil, going to a car boot and many more…it’s the way you talk, so many small references that spark the little grey cells of memory and you create a longing in me for home…thank you.
    P.S. that little chap is doing very well by the look of things. 🙂

    • Sorry Maggie, I don’t want to make you homesick. Is there nothing like a car boot sale in Brazil? I’m afraid it’s something I would miss if I left here- like that’s ever going to happen!! I hope you enjoy my odd little chunner though and remember while I write about home, we’re all really jealous of you so you get the last laugh.
      xxx Sending Massive Hugs xxx

      • You know I really miss car boots and I’m even trying to get them going here…think they’d go down well. Thanks for the visit…take care.
        On the A to Z Challenge Maggie@expatbrazil.

      • I think you’re right. Car boots would be great there and what a great way to spend your Sunday mornings.
        No A-Z for me Maggie, I doubt I have the skills for that or the patience.
        xxx Massive Hugs xxx

  18. …thoroughly entertaining post, as usual, that man .. cheers, David :)) :0

  19. We have similar taste in music and happy babies!

  20. Crawdads, Grits & Okra??? Now your talkin’ our kinda food!! lol. That’s Southern cuisine at it’s finest & oh so tasty!! Funny enough, Cajun food, is one of Inion’s favorites. I myself love it as well, (not as much as her) but prefer soul food!!! She on the other hand, likes pinching the ass & sucking the head!!! lmao~ sorry I couldn’t help myself! Okay, now that I got that out of my system, great post my friend & thanks for following our blog!! It’s nice having you join Two Voices….One Thought! Look forward to haunting your blog regularly!! 😉

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