Future photos & Gurgle Jugs

Sunday. It was 5.56 this morning when I started. Since I’m on my own at this time of the day there was no rush. I was likely to be on my own for some time yet. I decided to break off at 7.00 am for meds and coffee and more importantly for the fish. Guilt at completely forgetting them yesterday made me decide to give them a longer run today and anyway, an earlier feed would confuse the little monsters. It was Mike who realised I’d forgotten them yesterday when we got back from Blakemere and he went to make a drink. Of course the sadistic beggar delighted in pointing out my memory is going.

I took my coffee back to my desk and continued answering comments on the blog and commenting on other posts. Despite my chair having supportive arms ( great for when I nod off) I almost fell out of it when Mike walked in at 8.00 am. It was at least another two hours before I expected him. I made him his first coffee then rushed around to get dressed.  I heard him put the kettle on a few minutes later and then go to wash and dress himself. He’s very good since I taught him how to do his own buttons and put a big L and R on his shoes. Shame I didn’t do it on his feet as well though………. By the time he started on his second drink I’d finished the mail and could go through to join him. He’d decided to try the car boot again so I raided Reuben’s piggy bank ( I put it all back honestly Yvonne) for some change and off we went.

It was beautiful going over the mountain into the Wheeler Valley and seeing the sun shining in patches on the opposite side. We drove along to Love Lane in Mold and parked up. The car boot occupies most of the car park there. I found a brand new keyboard as a spare for the next time my nails take the letters and numbers off to make writing messages a guessing game. I paid just £2.00 for it. I’m sure I got something else too but for the life of me I can’t remember what. I was very excited to find a gurgle jug for Mike but we were both disappointed to find it had been repaired and not too well so it wasn’t bought. Still, we did find two great gurgle jugs yesterday……..

Gurgle Jug- Dartmouth Pottery

Gurgle Jug- Dartmouth Pottery

Also by Dartmouth Pottery

Also by Dartmouth Pottery

Dartmouth Pottery made the originals and they make quite a few colours. Other makers including Wade also made them and they make a great collection……………………

When we finished at the car boot we headed for Flint where we bought some chocs before heading in for a coffee at Temptations. Daniel and Trudie were on again and I was able to ask him if I could take a few pictures next time I go in to let you all see where I eat and drink as suggested by one of my friends. We had a nice break and then nipped next door where we found the perfect curtains for Yvonne. Silver, lined and a 90″ drop.

I needed some tins of pineapple so Mike drove me the 200 yards to the shop and reminded me to pick up more chocs. Having got what I needed we had a run down to Gronant along the Coast Road and lunched at The Ivy Emporium. Everyone came out to greet us from the kitchens and Shella offered to do a meal that wasn’t on the menu but which I love. Mike had a lamb shank with dauphinoise potatoes. Just being there is a treat knowing that Tariq, Shella, Angie and Helen will always come to say hello and there are hugs both coming and going. A little later Mike dropped me off and headed for his Dad’s. I headed straight for the mailbox on the computer and worked till about 4.00 pm when suddenly the front door opened.My heart stopped until a pushchair appeared followed by Yvonne and then Ugo. An unexpected treat. Ugo made himself something to eat while Reuben and I inspected his refection in the mirror. Ugo demolished half a pack of chocolate biscuits with his drink while Reuben was not happy at being missed out. He showed his displeasure on my beard, sideburns and moustache . OUCH. Ugo liked his git, Yvonne loved hers and also the curtains so I didn’t have to save them till Tuesday. They left about half five and I returned to mail till 6.00 when I gave up to watch TV for a while.

A text from Mike for info kept me occupied for a while but after that I watched a film until 9.00 pm when it was back to work. Here I am at 11.45 pm caught up and ready for a read. I wish you all goodnight and sweet dreams.

Monday. This is one of the first pieces of mail I opened this morning.  http://youtu.be/x1qQdjPyagU  I’m sorry Andrea, but here is scientific evidence that when you game too much you can no longer tell real life from the game.

On another note, for all you historical buffs, a new piece of work by one of our more classical composers came to light that was videoed at the time and was lost. I think the scene may be a Viennese Concert room but perhaps may be better identified by the costume.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uT3SBzmDxGk

So my day started well though there was a goodly chunk of mail. In no rush I took it easy, breaking off at 8.00 am for the fish, mu uppers and a cuppa. I came back and carried on going until I finished just before 9.30. I got ready and took a walk to the chemist to drop off a prescription and then called in at Pauline’s for some baps. The bread kind that is. One of my friends suggested  that I should mention that in the UK baps is also a euphamism for boobs, knockers, boobies and buzooms. I assure you Pauline stocks none of these items. See Lottie, not a single snigger from the audience but I might now get a visit from the respectability police. Coming home again I found the postman had been. It’s a new one these days and I can’t make head nor tail of his times. Anyway, he delivered the missing credit card holder that stops cards being copied as it’s metal. He also, much to my delight, delivered a letter from my cousin in California. I haven’t heard from her for a couple of years though Christmas cards always come. I know when we retire things often get forgotten but I’m so pleased to hear from her. I dashed off an answer and then walked back up to the Post Office to send it par avion. Things were so much easier when she worked and had a computer. Her son lives on the East Coast and I haven’t seen him since he was about 10 years old, he’s 47 this year !!

I worked till lunchtime at twelve then made something to eat and sat down to watch a bit of TV. All mindnumbing stuff usually at this time of the day. After I’d eaten I washed the pots and sat down again with my eyes closed for a minute. What a long minute that was. It was gone 3.00 pm before I got back to work and the post box was full again. That took until 5.45 to clear but it was worth the effort. I made some tea which translates as I had a sandwich ( a bap) and opened a tin of fruit. Washed up again and watched Law and Order. I stayed with TV until 9.00 pm before coming back through to see who was still expecting me to work at this time of night. More of you than I thought it seems. Time to go get some beauty sleep ( I heard that remark about there not being THAT much time). Yvonne and Reuben are coming tomorrow as I have blood tests , no not Reuben biting me again. Proper blood tests so I may meet them in town and go from there. Maybe we have time for a small shop before coming home as Lis is visiting then……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….

Susperbaby 5 USE.

parky 2 USE

Two generations

Two generations


Wednesday. I didn’t get up till 6.00 am but who cares, there’s no one to tell tales on me here. I worked for two hours and then went through the daily routine. The fish were happy to be back at normal time. How the heck are they going to cope with the clocks going forward and them losing an hour. I took my coffee back and finished the first round of mail. Next on the list was getting dressed. I put a waistcoat on as it looked a bit nippy out there this morning. About half past nine my phone burped and Yvonne said she was on the bus. Allowing for traffic,  a little rain, the driver’s ciggie break and an outbreak of dandruff in Kowloon I arranged to meet her in Holywell at 10.45 am. Two hours before the bloodtests but time enough for coffee and a spot of lunch.  I reached Holywell with a following wind at 10.15 am and decided to look round a shop. It was as well I came out early as I saw Yvonne’s bus pull in at 10.30 am. I’d forgotten my phone and might have missed her.

Reuben was awake and I got one smile before he started to look at me with some suspicion. I’m obviously not his Dad who he adores, at least we know he’s not colour blind. I took a walk round another shop while Yvonne visited the bank. He please must have fallen on deaf ears because they joined me a minute later. The total faff surrounding a name change at a bank is amazing. You now need to make an appointment to do it even when the staff are free. She’ll have to do that at her home branch now. We spotted my favourite word ‘SALE’ on the window of a clothes shop and Ihad to turn a deaf ear to her moans at me in order to get Reuben a couple of things. Then we headed for lunch. Kassidy’s was fairly quiet so we found a nice table and got Reuben out of his pushchair and onto my knee where he promptly grabbed two handfuls of my facial hair and pulled. Yvonne ordered a strawberry tea with a baked potato and tuna. I had a pot of tea and a b***n sandwich. Reuben has some milk, blown back out with a raspberry and some dinner which went the same way. I just had to tell people they were natural flecks of colour in my jacket.

The women all thought Reuben was a Cutie and Chris came out of the kitchen to coo a little. Meanwhile he has such a death grip on my moustache I had to offer a corner of my bread to occupy his hands. Just as well he didn’t realise the bread was sans content. As we finished there and Reuben was once again in his trolley, poor Yvonne had to move furniture around to clean up the floor.Reuben had made a bit of a mess too. We left and went to get him some more baby food before heading back up town. It was still just mid-day so we had a wander round Lidl. It must have taken longer than we thought as I had to leave them at the till and fly to get to the hospital. I made it. I didn’t have long to wait before it was over again for a couple of months. I must be nearly empty now though. I came out of the hospital slowly looking about for a missing daughter and grandson. I was halfway back to town before I met them. Yvonne had missed the hospital ( just one road away). How anyone can lose a building that big I don’t know.

We got home safely and my phone had a message to say Lis wasn’t well and wasn’t able to come out. That meant I could be bullied by Reuben without a break now. He did eventually nod off, no doubt knackered from beating me up. As Yvonne held him on her lap I nipped outside for a ciggie and then did some messages so tonight’s batch wasn’t too bad. My prescription drugs were delivered and I took Reuben when the phone rang and it was the Gas Company to sort out my problems. Yvonne got all my queries answered and someone is coming out in April to assess moving the meter. Also, towards the end of April they’ll assess my payments again an d issue a refund for the credit’s on my accounts. Just as well since they’ve changed the direct debit for gas up by £20 a month despite owing me and not the other way round.

It was 7.00pm before Ugo arrived tonight since the traffic was bad an then the local chippie was closed and he had to go back into town. I was about to start on Rueben’s arm when he turned up. I couldn’t finish it all but Ugo had no problem with his plus his chocolate puddings. Reuben used great big Doe eyes but couldn’t get a taste. It was 7.45 pm before they left and baby was tired. Still he was as good as gold when I put him in his car seat. I hugged them all and they’d gone. I came back in and tried to make it look like a herd of buffalo hadn’t just passed through then straight in here to start work. I’m up to date for now but think I’ll call it a night. It’s a Night ! Off to read a book.

Wednesday. It was a late start this morning as I lay in bed until almost 7.30 am. I was awake but not motivated at all. When I finally moved, I had time to turn the computer on, nip to the loo and then do about four messages before going to feed the fish. I took my coffee back to the computer and resisted the urge to go back to bed. Just before 9.30 I got washed and dressed to go out for some baps, ciggies and a kitkat that miraculously appeared in my hand at the till. I did manage to get as far as home before eating it. I worked on until the first batch of post was cleared at about 10.15 am then decided to go through to the lounge. Unusually I made a second coffee and sat down to watch a film about George Washington and the Continental Army that was about to start.  I was no more than a couple of minutes into it when glancing out of the window I saw my nephew David approaching and he was carrying a box.

Intrigued I went and opened the front door for him. I was greeted with his usual smile and he placed the box in my arms telling me it was something he’d picked up free of charge ( I never believe him) at the weekend. As we went through to the lounge and he headed off to make himself a cuppa I found the box was full of discs from the front of various Family Tree and Genealogy magazines. There look to be some excellent records there which may help in my quest to get past some stumbling blocks. I’m really very grateful. Though he wouldn’t accept anything for them, there was a small job on the computer I was at least able to help him with. He’s not been lucky enough to develop the kind of interest as I have and therefore has no idea what to do sitting in front of the screen. A shame really as he has the time to become really good. He wouldn’t stay for lunch but left to go and do some shopping before going home.

I had lunch and then spent the early part of the afternoon thinking of my nieces Karen and Jo. They’re in my mind quite often and I’m just looking forward to seeing them in early April. It’s just hit me what an odd month that will be. Mike away, my nephew Lee away, I think Yvonne and Ugo are away for a week of it and then Ugo’s mother will be staying with them over Easter. My world will be quite empty except when the card sharps visit on a Wednesday.Talking of which, that’s today. I did some catch-up work between about 3.00- 5.30 pm then went to put a quiz on the box while I awaited my visitors.  Dil and Matt turned up at about 5.45 pm and watched the end of the quiz while I made drinks. As it finished I erected the card table and set out the Scrabble. We’d just managed two words each when Lee turned up so we abandoned the game and started again with all four of us. Lee was telling us about going to Japan with his lovely wife in April for a month. Then the subject turned to the problems in The Ukraine and also the missing airliner. Concentration was not on the game for a change. I can remember that I lost and Dil won. Out came the cards for Nomination Whist, I lost again. This is becoming habit forming now. Dil suggested as there were four of us that perhaps we play partners at cribbage. I had Lee as my partner and he’s not played before. I found it hard to try and explain the basics .The game was progressing well and it had been Matt’s deal so his was the box. ( For non-players, the box is a second hand the dealer gets). When we’d played the lay-down part and it came to counting points in the hand Matt ‘accidentaly’ mixed his hand and his box together so Dil ( his partner) helped sort out what he’s played and passed the two hands back to him. His hand had some thing like 6 points, but when he turned the box over it was a 24 pointer with two eights, a seven and a six with a seven as the turn-up card. He admitted he’s not sure if he separated the two hands correctly but it would have been criminal not to have the box with the cards it now had. The cheating didn’t save them as Lee and I won ( Come on, I was doing the scoring). They left at just gone 9.30 pm.

I came through once I’d tidied up and stored what few biscuits Matt had left me. ( One I think). I’ve caught up with the mail again and managed this post for 11.30 pm so I have time for a short read now. Before I go though, it interests me to ask how many of you still play games at home either with your children or just as adults. With the advent of the computer I’m sure lots of people game, but alone these days or in RPG’s on the net and I just wonder if the social aspect is being lost with all the laughs that can be had. Night all.

……………….1004520_709315322452748_1750083583_nWhat’s the blank to make a 7 letter word. Picture credit the Scrabble Site …………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….

Thursday. Sleep at about 1.00 am and up again at 3.10 am so I went to see if I could nod off on my chair in the lounge. Fat Chance ! I’m not especially nosy but every movement outside caught my attention. One elderly male neighbour turned his light on and walked stark naked into his lounge. Hell, I wish he’d used an iron. Lucky for me the light was soon turned off again but I’d already put dark glasses on so I could see nothing more. It wasn’t too long before some dozy beggar woke the birds and their morning chorus started.  I gave up trying to sleep and came through to the computer. I never open the curtains there as the screen faces the window and it makes it extremely hard to see. At least there are no distractions.

I saw to the fish at 8.00 am and spent half an hour sorting my drugs for the week before making myself a coffee and taking it back through to continue with my mail.  The latest annoyance are messages that look genuine until opened which then say my payment owed of $212.50 ( or similar ) is ready to be paid if I just click the link. Since I know no-one owes me anything it’s a pain not being able to just delete them. The wind started howling outside in a repeat of yesterday’s gales but today the rain came too. I’m not going to complain as the Spring flowers need a drink and we’ve had a reasonable run of dry and sunny weather. It does sound awful out there though. By 9.30 am I’d finished and got myself ready to go out. Unfortunately I need my lottery tickets and some biscuits. At Pauline’s shop I met Darren the postman who said he had a parcel for me. Amazing since the item was only ordered yesterday. I texted my nephew David to let him know and had a response later to say I’d have a visit tomorrow.

More mail and blog comments when I got back and the parcel was delivered. I put it to one side for David to open in the morning. Lunchtime came and I fed my face on a lamb shank. Thanks Asda, it was very tasty. As soon as I’d washed up I turned on an old film and promptly nodded off. I didn’t wake till 3.00 pm. On checking the computer I found a message from Yvonne to thank me for a parcel she’d received along with a message from me. It was full of bags of apple crisps apparently. I confess here and now that if Yvonne hadn’t told me about the message in the parcel I might have denied it was me. I’ve only got a vague recollection of doing it a couple of weeks or so ago. I worked until 5.30 pm then went for tea before Law and Order started. I watched TV until 8.00 pm and then came back through to find 82 pieces of mail waiting. I also wanted to order something from Amazon.com for delivery in the U.S.- it wouldn’t let me so I went to my account with Amazon.co.uk. It let me get through the order process then refused to send the good abroad even though .com import via the same firm. Aarrrgghh. In the end I went to  http://www.englishteastore.com/ where if you live in the U.S. you can get a great selection of British food…….including my Border Dark Chocolate Gingers. It’s probably not the only place but they’ve been excellent with their service so far. Anyway, someone is due to get a nice birthday gift soon. Mail done, blog done, it’s time for a short read I think.

Friday. It was 3.55 today and even though I was reluctant, I knew I wouldn’t nod off again just yet. It was worth starting on the post to give myself  a little leeway later. I worked up to 6.15 which brought me up to date with the 82 waiting in my box so I took a chance and lay on top of the bed. It seemed to take a while but I did manage and stayed there until 7.20 am. I’d had a treat so I gave the fish one and fed them early today. There were only 30 new messages when I got back so I was able to get washed and dressed before 9.30 as I’d no idea what time David would call for his parcel. As it happened I worked on and off between mail and family tree until almost 11.30 am when I decided to go through to the lounge  I’d just stood up from my desk when there was a knock at the door and David came in. He was going to Broughton Park near Chester to a shop he’s heard about and asked if I’d like the ride out. Me- Shops, what do you think? I was in the car before he was. It turned out the shop is my favourite shop there, it’s called Home Sense and has really nice and unusual gifts, furnishings etc. It’s partnered with TKMAXX.

David was after some items from the sale displays and went straight to the appropriate shelves. I paused a little and enjoyed some of the wonderful Japanese style furniture and some of their ceramics. I was just catching up to David when I saw some tea bags with green tea, pomegranate and cranberry that I thought Yvonne might enjoy. Then a cute little table caught my eye with a glass top under which sits an ornate clock so there’s no chance of not knowing what time it is if you’re having a cuppa. Lastly I saw a sale if the craft section and found a sweet little motto and surrounding leaves that go on a wall I thought  might look quite sweet in the hallway. I’ll have to ask Mike what he thinks as his hands are steadier than mine. Having finished in there we nipped next door to have a coffee and sandwich as my lunchtime meds were late.  David ran me home again then headed off to collect some thing to go on his next Charity Car Boot Stall. I’m always happy to donate stuff to that as he does it for the hospice Ju was in at the end. I think he’s brave considering the last traces of his own cancer haven’t been eradicated yet.

I worked all afternoon on the mail and was glad to see a couple of KDP Royalty payments for last month. I stopped at 5.00pm to make a sandwich and watch a quiz. I wasn’t sure what time Mike would arrive as he’d gone to his Dad’s today to sort some problems for him.  He still wasn’t here at 7.00pm so I didn’t get a decent hairwash this week but I can do so tomorrow. The man has nails and uses them. I get my hair washed and my head scratched at the same time. I really miss being able to do that. It’s one of those odd things that brings on an angina attack, like raising my arms above my head sometimes does. It’s as well I don’t have to cheer Wales beating England at rugby these days or I’d be in trouble. He eventually arrived at 8.30 halfway through Agents of Shield which he likes so we had to start it again at 9.00 pm so he could see it all. I decided to head through here then as he complained he hadn’t had much of my company. No Comment. I finished the mail which was a measly 29 this time, had chance to do my blog and am now going to read a little more about King Alfred and the Danes. See you all tomorrow.

Saturday.I’ve already been threatened with exposure in the comments so I’ll confess my guilt up front and admit I didn’t get up this morning until Mike’s alarm went off and woke me at 7.00 am. I have no idea what happened but as I went to the loo a voice chirped out a good morning to me as I passed his bedroom. I was frankly amazed he was awake and thought he must realize I’d only just got up. A few minutes later as I was preparing drinks Mike came to the kitchen. He said something along the lines of  “Aren’t you surprised I’ve come through for my drink?” My less than charitable response was ” I’m surprised yo’re not  waiting for the second alarm before moving at all.” I expected a sharp retort as usual but was rewarded with ” Huh, starting on me when I’ve  just got up.” I should have bitten my tongue off at that point but no, I had to open my mouth, “No, I’m starting on you when I’ve just go up.” That was it. The realisation of what I’d said registered and I knew I’ll not live this down easily and won’t be able to tease him about not getting up in future. It strikes me now that I’m sure he drugged me last night.

We left at about 7.45 am and my computer wasn’t turned on. All I could think about was unanswered messages and how many more there’s be when I got home. We arrived at the store just before 8.00 am and I’ve never seen anyone look so smug. Nothing at all I could say. We shopped, we had coffee ( mine was iced) and we left. First stop on the way back was Flint and we picked up a couple of things I needed from Home Bargains, a brilliant shop, then headed for another coffee at Temptations. No Ceri today as somehow she’s managed to get another weekend off to avoid us. Anyway, as per a suggestion here are some shots of Temptations for you.



Daniel at work

Daniel at work

Great Staff

Great Staff

Temptations to resist

Temptations to resist

I sort of promised I wouldn’t call Mike a pig in this post so let me just say The Gannet has a teasted toecake as well as both his and my biscuits with his drink. He did allow me to have real sugar with my drink bless him.  There was a good conversation going on about learning to drive and before I could stop him Mike took his revenge early and related a story about some unforgiving hedges upcountry that a certain nameless person became acquainted with. When we left Flint it had just begun to rain so we drove home to unpack the shopping. That didn’t take too long as I can’t afford food these days with all the clothes I bought recently. So, I left Mike showing his feminine side sorting out Ju’s flowers and putting them in a vase. He let me escape to the computer to check how bad the mail was. I was very relieved to find it less than 100 and made a start. I’s almost done at 12.30 pm when Mike came to see what we were doing about lunch. I knew Tariq had made him a brilliant and kind offer to help make a lid for his fishtank that he could use a new lighting system on. I also knew he’d bought and brought with him  a piano hinge to fit on the lid so The Ivy Emporium seemed the best place ( as well as being a great choice anyway). As soon as I finished the mail we headed off. Just as well as I was starving and needed my lunchtime tablets. The traffic was atrocious as the coast road seems to have work parties digging up or laying down every hundred metres. We eventually arrived and found a table. Angie came over to say hello and Mike went in search of Tariq who as usual was working on one of his projects. I followed to say hello to Tariq and to ask Mike what he wanted me to order. “Jerked pork” came the response and I promise I bit my tongue.

As I got back to the table the lovely Helen came for a welcome hug . As she headed back to the kitchen I took the chocolate I’d brought with me to the counter just as Tariq came to take my order and sort the drinks. I have to say I haven’t had the great pleasure of meeting many people like Tariq and he did bring a lump somewhere when he made a comment later about moving from the friends stage to family which is actually a fairly good way of describing my feelings- and I’m supposed to be the wordsmith in this family. Lunch came and was dutifully eaten, though Mike said he was surprised I could finish considering I had two lunches……completely untrue.

Ivy Empori

Ivy Empori

Ivy 2

Tariq the barista

Tariq the barista

Where the puds are.

Where the puds are.

After leaving we had a change and headed for Prestatyn where we scoured the charity shops and an antique shop looking for a set of fire digs and some fire irons. We were only partly successful. On the way home Mike stopped off at a small antique place you may remember from a couple of weeks ago and managed to find a small set of fire irons. Not what we wanted exactly, but they’ll do for now. We arrived home safely and Mike went off to watch the football results on TV so I was able to gt on with some work. By the time I’d finished the results were in and Mike wasn’t looking too happy. It’s not that his team had lost, they hadn’t, but that the competition in the league had won so convincingly they were ahead of his team. He improved a bit when his lot won 2-0 a little later after a late kick off. I went through to watch a little TV with him and then had a shower after he’d been kind enough to was my hair again. A bit more TV and some supper brought us to 10.00 pm when I’ d no choice but to come finish the mail off. That done I could start on the weekly epistle which I’m happy to say is now done. I wish you all a fantastic weekend, or what’s left of it and a brilliant new week, hopefully full of Hugs.


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68 responses to “Future photos & Gurgle Jugs

  1. Every time you post a picture of that cuddly boy, I smile. He’s so incredibly precious, David.

    • Thanks so much Normandie. He is precious to me as your granddaughter is to you. But as often as I see him,I still notice changes- mainly his weight in my arms. I hope you’re having as much fun and joy as I am spotting the changes and seeing each new effort made.
      xxx Massive Hugs xxx

  2. David, I very much enjoyed all the pictures. What wonderful places. It’s no wonder you go back to them.
    And isn’t Reuben a quick study — already training to give you blood tests. 🙂
    Happy spring to all of you.
    Hugs and sunshine,

    • I’m so glad you enjoyed the pics Teagan. They’re really nice places with great staff . I’m cocooned away from the world inside them.
      Yes, Reuben is doing a great job. I think he’s a trainee vampire.
      I hope you have a gentle spring full of colour and sunshine.
      xxx Hugs Galore xxx

  3. Enjoyed the photos in this post. Those gurgle jugs are wonderful! Why are they named that, do you know? Funny post… not colour blind… heheheeeee

    • Hi Ardys. I’m so glad the poor quality of my photography didn’t spoil them for you. The gurgle jugs are such a shape that when you start to pour liquid out of them there is a gurgling sound. It doesn’t work as well with some of the copies which is why Dartmouth ones are the best. They make a great collectibles because they display well and come in a variety of sizes.
      Since I’m trying to raise a small laugh it’s great to know when I succeed.
      xxx Huge Hugs xxx

      • Thanks David. I kind of thought that might be the reason for the name ‘gurgle jug’ but one can be very wrong about things sometimes! I always get a chuckle from your posts!

  4. it is indeed an interesting life you lead, with supporting characters, fine dining, and an occasional teachable moment (for those rare but instructive times when wee buggers like me finally realize the meaning of a British-only idiom) the gurgle jugs are puzzling though…they make me want to gurgle a bit.

    • I’ve certainly a fine cast of characters to call on which is great for me but confusing for new readers so a little introduction to each is now on site via my home page.
      The idiom is also confusing sometimes ( even to other Brits) but I’m always happy to explain things. If you missed the explanation about Gurgle Jugs, it’s the sound a liquid makes when it’s being poured from a Gurgle Jug. Mike has a great collection of different sizes and colours of Gurgle Jugs but is always on the lookout for more.I gave him about half a dozen not too long ago but that didn’t satisfy his need so it’s probably off to a car boot sale again today.
      All the best.

  5. Fun post, David. I’ve missed the last few. You always make me laugh and feel right at home, although another country and many words and phrases I totally do not understand, but still, home 🙂

    • Thanks Patti. I’m sorry you’ve missed some posts but understand it’s better for your sanity that way. It’s a great feeling knowing I can make you laugh. If there are phrases I come out with that are unfamiliar, let me know and I’ll try to explain. Always lovely to have you here.
      xxx Massive Hugs xxx.

      • Thanks, David, and you always make me laugh. I usually get the terms through context…but will holler if I am stumped. That baby makes me smile too! xxx

  6. We play monopoly and do jigsaws in our house, but also have the electronic games too.

  7. Reuben is delicious, what a darling. I’m still giggling at the thought of the fish getting confused with the clocks going forward. Gurgle jugs, I’d forgotten about them, we had a white one years ago. Your new keyboard sounds like a bargain. A week full of HUGS to you too! XXXXX

    • Reuben is delicious but I’m sure he’s going to be a little scamp and a handful later. I’ve only seen one white gurgle jug before and they wanted a mint for it. I had some toffees with me but no mints that day.
      I’m looking forward to a keyboard with all the letters on again so there’s less guesswork when I’m writing.
      xxx Massive Hugs Lottie xxx

  8. carolewyer

    Morning David. Came over to give you a virtual hug XX and tell you that my brain is sluggish today. I’ve been puzzling over the Scrabble question for fifteen minutes. Is it ionized? Used to love playing this game with my parents.

    • HI Carol, yes, ionized it is though I’m sure there was another choice too .
      I’m very grateful for my virtual hug and it should shore me up for the day.
      xxx Sending Hugs Galore xxx

  9. What beautiful pottery. That shade green is my favorite. Ruben is handsome as usual an thank you for including all the photos. It adds another dimension to your weekly tales. Looking forward to Spring flowers and adjusted heating bills!! (((hugs)))

    • They do the jugs in all shades of green and brown Jolyse as well as a rarer blue and a white one.
      Thank you for dropping in to see the pics, I think it’s time I showed who and where I talk about.
      Oh I’m so with you there. I just found out I have a large credit on my heating but they put the direct debit up instead of down on my gas. They’ve changed it now to about £30 pcm less and I can look forward to a rebate.
      xxx Sending Huge Hugs xxx.

  10. Reuben is more gorgeous everyday. Good to put images to places and people!

    • Don’t make me more jealous than I already am Olga.
      It is nice to see people and places you hear mentioned. But if anyone goes there on their epic trek through the Wilds of Wales they can say they saw it on my blog and I’ll get them a discount.
      xxx Massive Hugs xxx

  11. -cough- You know that proof? This is what I found when I tried to look at it :

    ‘This video has been removed as a violation of YouTube’s policy against spam, scams, and commercially deceptive content.’

    -end cough-
    p.s.and great pics, especially of Reuben. That boy is turning into a superstar.:D

  12. I too came up with iodized…I like Scrabble…when I can fight the tiles away from Mousie who thinks they are snacks. Those pics of the baby are cute. I apologize for getting way behind in my reading the past week or more…more for some folks (3 weeks, yikes!) I still have yet to read your previous week’s posting! I feel terrible about that but shall get to it this evening, love. You’re a sweet man for attending to mine so promptly, too. Hope the baby left a few of those fine whiskers for Mousie to rub. Huge hugs to you, xxx CJ and Rodent xxx

    • Ouch. Those tiles won’t do Mousie’s teeth much good. You’ll have to keep some cornflakes handy when you’re playing.
      Don’t apologise to me C.J. I’m well aware that most people have a life to lead and don’t want to be stuck reading my blogs all the time.
      Yes, Reuben didn’t manage to pull all the whiskers out despite his best attempt. Still enough for Mousie to rub.
      Lovely to see you here.
      xxx Massive Hugs to you both xxx

  13. I’m still laughing that you say Mike is doing pretty good since you put L and R on his shoes… Come on, David, admit it. Just to be feisty you put the letters on the wrong shoes, right? 😉
    Your pictures are like flip sides of the coins, with your narratives on one side and the illustrations on the other. And of course you know how I love the pictures of Reuben. He’s a beautiful little guy, and his smile lights up the day!

    • You found me out Marylin. I don’t want to make his life without challenges.Anyway, watching him try to walk now is fun.:D
      I hope you enjoyed the pictures this week and get a better idea of where I chunner about every week now.
      Reuben does have a happy smile that lights up my world but watch the dark clouds gather when he has a tantrum. Fortunately those are few.
      xxx Sending Hugs Galore xxx

  14. Lots of wonderful photos!
    Ron and I sometimes go to Garage Sales and Fetes. You never know what you’ll find. 🙂
    xxx Massive Hugs xxx

    • Thank you Margaret. I love car boot sales and similar. I agree with you and Ron. Some years ago I bought a nice camera bag for $5 and inside found not only a 2m pixel Fuji camera but also memory cards. The man had updated his old camera so it wasn’t a mistake and I loved that Fuji. It actually made me want to start taking pictures. I have another Fuji now which this lot were taken on.
      I bought Ju a 16m pixel Fuji which I passed to Yvonne and she’s now a covert to Fuji’s too. Mind you I think mine is only about 6m pixels and I still love the clarity.
      You’re right, you never know what can turn up.
      xxx Massive Hugs xxx

  15. Good pictures David. You reminded me that I need to buy a Gurgle Jug.

  16. Maggie Thom

    Does it ever surprise you when you look back over your week and see all that you’ve done? I too seem to remove the letters from my keyboard. 🙂

    • Maggie Thom

      huge hugs. sorry forgot to add them in. 🙂

    • When I look back Maggie it surprises me how little I’ve done, how little I’ve traveled. I go out 3 days out of 7 and never far, always with a ‘keeper’ and expect a cheer for taking a bus alone.Most of you lead much more interesting lives and interact with lots more people. I’m officially jealous.
      xxx Massive Hugs xxx

      • Maggie Thom

        Uh but you share your journey, your life with us, many of us are so caught up in doing and being we forget to appreciate all that we have. The key though is that you are aware of your limitations but you seem willing to stretch those boundaries every now and then. It really is about what we focus on. I think you are a very brave man who is sharing fears and limitations we can all relate to. Keep growing and keep stretching, even if you don’t physically leave your place often, you are when you get on the internet and entertain us with your journey. Thank you. {{{unlimited hugs}}} to you as well.

      • Hugs received and appreciated Maggie. Also, all the kind comments are very much appreciated. You’re an adorable woman and very good friend.
        xxx Hugs unlimited to do with as you like xxx

      • Maggie Thom

        I’ve never been called adorable before, so I’ll take it. 🙂 You made my day. Big smile and unlimited hugs back. Thank you for connecting David, I feel very fortunate. Have a great day.

  17. laurie27wsmith

    Great photos David, now we can put faces to names. Lovely places to have a cuppa and some pud. Now I see why you stop there so often. Rueben gets bonnier every week, I just love the superman dressing gown. It’s good to see you’ve fed the fish by the way. keep well Mate and keep writing. it’s good to hear what’s happening in your bit of the world.

    • Thanks a lot Laurie. I’m not offering directions in case anyone gets the puds before me.
      Yes, he does get bonnier and heavier every week, he’s heavier than my weekly shop and that’s saying something.
      Afraid the writing is still on hold, especially this week as it’s the first anniversary of Ju’s death. It’s great to know what’s happening in your corner of the world too even though I have to ask a number of different people since you’re so spread out.
      Keep well my friend and keep entertaining us.
      All the best to you

      • laurie27wsmith

        My thoughts are with you David, anniversaries are not always joyous, especially in this case. You have people around you who love and care for you so at least you’re ahead of the game. The great thing about the internet is the ability to discover new friends and places. Oh and you have Rueben, what a gift for your life he must be.
        Take care Mate and I’m sending a manly hug.

      • Thanks Laurie. I suspect many people think I should be over this by now but truth be told, most of what I do reminds me of the fun we had. Yes, I’m very lucky o have some special people around me and many more I’ve become close to all over the world.
        You’re right about Reuben too. He’s a gift and I’m happy knowing he recognizes me and is glad to be with me.
        Thanks mate, I shall take care and I ask you to do the same please.
        Manly hug received and appreciated.

      • laurie27wsmith

        You’re welcome David. it’s strange how people expect you to bounce back, you can’t especially when everything around the house reminds you of her. Life sucks, not all the time but enough to make you wonder. Taking care right now, sat back with the laptop, watching the telly and listening to the rain. it doesn’t get much better than this.

  18. Wonderful post, David. I love the pic of Superbaby – too cute! 😀

    • Thanks so much Dianne, that’s very kind. Yes, Superbaby is very cute but so far those superpowers are being used for destruction as all they do is pass things to the mouth for testing and there are real teeth waiting to do that. I never allow mu fingers to get too close just in case…….
      xxx Massive Hugs xxx

  19. The jugs are really very nice! Lovely post David! Very interesting! 🙂

  20. You had, and lost me at gurgle jugs – a few days ago. I diverted to see what they were all about; I love fish designs/motifs and green things. Then I rudely got sidetracked by work, yada yada.
    You have me again at the pics of your family; Reuben & Ugo, and those who provide you with nourishment of all kinds. As you mentioned them frequently, it is wonderful to see what they look like and a glimpse of the settings they are in.
    More than half the week has gone but I hope it finds you in good form 🙂

    • When the Euro lottery comes my way and I’m filthy rich ( or mildly grubby anyway) I’m going to invite my friends to stay in the manor house and eat a meal or two in all my favourite places.I’ll even take you to a car boot sale but Mike has to have first go at all Gurgle Jugs or he’ll sulk for weeks.
      Thank you for sharing and enjoying my post with me.
      xxx Massive Hugs xxx

  21. Hi David, I love reading your posts! Really makes me sit down, relax and enjoy the lovely story you share with us.
    The colours on the gurgle jugs are beautiful, green is my favourite colour.
    Also great photo’s of your coffee shops, paints me even more of a picture when I read your posts.
    Thank you for letting us read your posts, I really enjoy reading each sentence.
    Take care,

    • You’re so sweet Kim it’s always a pleasure to see you here. I’m really glad you enjoy the posts even though I just witter on.
      The gurgle jugs are usually a good depth of colour though I find he cream ones bland. Probably the dark blue is the one I like best but green is a close second.
      If you ever get up to the land of The Gogs I’ll have to buy you coffee in one of my second homes.
      xxx Huge Hugs xxx.

  22. Reuben is the cutest little guy! Makes me want to hold him every time I see a picture. Funny little quip about color blind. Made me chuckle – my 5 sons are biracial and two of them were quite blonde as toddlers. Their poor dad got some accusing looks if he took them out by himself. Thank goodness, much progress has been made on that front since the 70s.

    Family games! We love them. Whenever we have a big family gathering – Thanksgiving, Xmas, birthdays – we always play some sort of game after dinner. Chromium is my favorite and Trivial Pursuit is still a family fave. I like Monopoly, but no one else wants to play it. Oh well, I probably played enough Monopoly sitting in the shade during the hot, humid summers in Washington when I was growing up to last a life time.

    Always fun to see what you’ve been up to.
    Lots of big hugs,
    p.s. Your fish-feeding has reminded me to water the tomato plants that are starting in the basement as we wait, desperately at this point, for spring!

    • Heck, I’ll bet that raised a few eyebrows back then.
      Chromium rings a bell, a picture of a brain on the box? My favourite game is without doubt Balderdash and I have so many laughs playing it but I do enjoy my cards too, and they’re always games where you can have a laugh too except maybe Cribbage. I love Trivial Pursuit too but sorry, never cared for Monopoly.
      I’m glad I reminded you about the tomato plants, I think Spring has definitely sprung here now so I hope yours will follow toot suite.
      xxx Mega Hugs xxx

      • Yes,Chromium has a brain on the box and I love Balderdash too, but years before it was a store bought game, we played what we called Dictionary Game. The person who had the dictionary would look for a word that they assumed no one ever heard of and then write down the definition. Everyone else would make up a definition. The person with the dictionary got points when people voted for the wrong definition and of your made-up definition got voted for you got points for each person who chose it. Just like Balderdash, right? But we were playing it back in the 60s! Still a favorite.
        The tomatoes were dry, so THANKS FOR THE REMINDER.

      • I knew I knew the name from somewhere. Back in the sixties or seventies I used to be glued to Call my Bluff with Frank Muir, I followed it through a few incarnations since then and loved every minute before the finally brought the game out but it sounds like you beat them to it.
        I hope the tomatoes will survive.
        xxx Mega Hugs xxx

  23. Pingback: CBBH Photo Challenge: Full Circle | East of Málaga

  24. See if I had stopped when you asked I wouldnt have a face to add to Tariq’s name lol also it is amazing looking back and seeing how quickly Reuben has grown. Hugs as always and don’t worry with my ruthless New Year clear out any emails left are newer ones now xxx

    • I’m always amazed too when I see how he’s growing. Last week it was his first cigarette and a pint. lol
      Sorry, I shouldn’t have tried to divorce you from the image of Tariq. If either Mike or I was on it, sorry I scared you.
      Hope you’re nearer getting up to date now and not having to read so much.
      xxx Massive Weekend Hugs xxx

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