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Animal Outcry.

As most of you know I rarely do mid-week posts unless something comes along that has me boiling. Well something has, and I am !

In February, Copenhagen Zoo caused an international outcry when they killed a healthy young giraffe called Marius. Citing the fact that it couldn’t go to another zoo because of inbreeding the staff then dissected Marius in front of a crowd and fed him to the lions. I don’t know whether there’s a perverted sense of justice about this but this week they killed 4 healthy lions. Two adults and their cubs.

With Marius I know that there were offers from other zoos to take him and surely they must have been aware of the gene pool so Marius would not have been a problem. In my eyes though Marius was a prime candidate for a return to the wild if the zoo were worried about interbreeding problems. The argument over the lions is different. The two older lions were put down because of what they call a generational shift ( meaning a new lion was now in charge?) and the two cubs put down because they were too young to fend for themselves.

Groups including the British-based Captive Animals Protection Society, Denmark’s own Organisation Against the Suffering of Animals, and Animal Rights Sweden all came out against Marius’ death this year. I don’t see that these groups would be so active if there weren’t a problem with the management with animals in zoos. In fact they must be extraordinarily busy since my reading tells me that European zoos alone kill 5000 healthy animals a year. And European zoos are meant to be the best at looking after their animals.

We take these animals from the wild, rear them, breed them and then kill them when it suits us. Its wrong!! I can see the argument for zoos as educational for children though I don’t care for them as a source of entertainment. None of these animals has the space of the wild nor the environment. Since there are many educational films now on every aspect of animals living in the wild, maybe it’s time zoos were closed down when their animals pass on naturally. I’d rather that than the slaughter of healthy animals.

People who agree that this killing is wrong can sign an appeal to Copenhagen Zoo to stop this killing. There are at the time of writing almost 40,000 signatures to present to them. Please let your name be one of them.


I also read an appeal today to Richard Branson. He is fully committed to the conservation of animals and has supported an end to the capture of whales and dolphins for aquaria. The problem is that the Virgin Company sell trips to SeaWorld where captive orcas entertain people daily. Most live until their twenties in captivity and yet in the wild a female can live into it’s eighties.  I’m going to borrow two other facts from the Care2 petition site as well.

  • Only 6 cents in every $100 of SeaWorld’s annual revenue goes towards conservation.
  • An orca at SeaWorld would have to swim around the main pool 1,400 times to match the distance travelled daily in the wild.

I find this kind of treatment sickening where animals are penned in spaces far too small for them. If you’d like to ask Sir Richard to stop doing trips to SeaWorld here’s the link to that petition.      http://www.thepetitionsite.com/takeaction/729/677/443/

There’s a petition to try and save the endangered water vole in the UK. I’m borrowing his information from the Care2 site

Have you ever seen a water vole paddling along our waterways? If so, you’re one of the lucky ones. Water voles are the UK’s fastest-declining wild mammal population and sightings of them are increasingly rare. If things continue this way, we’ll soon lose these captivating animals forever.

The good news is we can do something to save them.

The problem is simple: Water voles are losing their homes. The soft-soil banks where they build their burrows are eroding, leaving water voles with no safe place to shelter their young and hide from predators. As a result, they are quickly dying out.

Together, we can stop this from happening. With your help, we can recreate water voles’ lost habitats, converting eroded banks into lush areas of vegetation where they can safely feed and rear their young. Our initial efforts have already shown signs of success, but the process is taxing and we need as much public support as possible to expand.

And we must act quickly – the water voles don’t have much time.

The Water Vole.

The Water Vole.


As a final note, for my U.S. and Canadian friends. There are a lot of petitions on this site to try and save wolves which are yet again being hunted in some parts to extinction. Please remember, we took the wolves land not the other way round. They need to be protected to live in the wild and I’d ask if your State is one of those which is violating their protection and making wolf hunting legal, please find and sign the appropriate petition to let the State Legislature know that you don’t agree with their policy. If on the other hand you do agree with their policy then remember, yo’re the one who has to explain to your children why not only did you allow the species they’ll never see get wiped out but you actively helped.

Animals need our protection because in most cases they have no natural protection against the most lethal species on the planet- US.



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