Mother’s Day & Diabetic Review.



It started early enough, bed at 1.30 am last night, or at least that’s when I finished reading. Up again at 5.15 am and that was AFTER putting the clocks forward.  It’s stupid but I think I’d worked myself up to such a pitch about how I’d be today that it was almost self-fulfilling.  I was thinking of Ju as I did my mail and I was looking at her pictures as I went around the house but oddly enough I wasn’t the miserable git I’d expected to be.  I’d expected to be alone this weekend but that hadn’t been allowed and Mike was here though obviously as it was Sunday I only expected a few minuted with him between actually getting out of bed and leaving for his Dad’s. What a shock then to hear his alarm go off at 7.00 am when I was standing in the kitchen making my coffee. For one thing he’d watched TV late and for another the clocks had gone forward which would/could possibly deprive him of an hour’s sleep. Anyway, I put the kettle on for him ( he doesn’t like my podded brand of coffee). I was even more sure the alarm had been an accident after hearing no movement from him. Still, I risked making a drink and taking it through for him. I left it on the bedside table and just called “Coffee up Bro.” The response was a startled “OK, thank you, snore.” I got washed and dressed and drank my coffee while doing the last bit of overnight mail in my box. Lo and behold at 7.50 I heard mike call good morning and tell me he was awake. A few minutes alter he was in the lounge and I joined him there.

It turned out the thought of attending the first large car boot locally had appealed to him though I believe it was an attempt to occupy my mind really. We made it out of the house by 9.00am and drove to Rhuddlan. It was disappointing to see the car boot wasn’t as large as it usually is there, but after all it’s their first of the year. Still there were enough stalls to keep us going. We walked round paying careful attention to everything. I didn’t want anything in particular but Mike was hoping maybe to find another gurgle jug. We were approaching the last stall on the penultimate row when we both spotted them. A beautiful pair of jugs in a colour approaching gold. I thought they were from the sixties possibly and Mike agreed. The stall holder wanted so little for them it was a waste of time to haggle so Mike bought them both. We were well past the halfway mark on the last row when I grabbed Mike’s arm and drew his attention to a watch winder on a stall. Very smart looking. He never expected to see one at a car boot but he was a bit worried as he wanted a double ( or more) and this was a single. I said it would do for now at least keeping one watch wound until he found something else, but only if it worked of course. Mike asked about it and the chap said he’d paid £65 for it just over a year ago, and it worked fine. No way it could be proved at that moment but as he only wanted £15 it was worth the risk. I bought it and then added an 8 socket electric plug tower to my purchases for just £7.00  As we’d walked round Mike’s phone had beeped a few times and I’d seen him texting. Since I’d had a message from my niece Karen I didn’t think anything of it. We left and headed for a large supermarket close by that has a cafe. As we he sat eating toast then a bacon sandwich he asked me what I wanted to do about lunch. To be honest I wasn’t that interested today but he told me his messages had been from Yvonne and  they were meeting us between 12.30 pm – 1.00 pm at the Ivy for lunch.

I bought some chocs at the Supermarket then we made our way to the Ivy getting there in plenty of time. I know they didn’t know we were going but shock, horror, they’d let someone else sit at both our tables. We had to sit at a normal dining table until my eyes drilling into the back of their head made one group leave. We occupied our rightful place. Tariq came over for hugs and Angie to say hello. It wasn’t too long before a baby was thrust in my lap and Yvonne sat down next to me. Ugo sat next to Mike. Tariq brought the drinks over and while Reuben alternated between the grape and whine dance on my lap and trying to snatch my latte from the table we ordered lunch, except Yvonne who’s weight loss plan with a diet group has her refusing all food. Normally I’d argue with her but today I realised she could take Reuben before he stole my lunch. Yvonne wasn’t at her best today and I knew it’s because she’s so upset about Ju.  I could probably have offered more comfort than I did but was afraid of letting go.

After lunch there were multiple hugs, and no fight about the bill with Tariq as he left the room and I caught Angie. She didn’t want to do it but was persuaded. There was a disagreement about a tip though as she said no since I’d taken chocolates in. Lucky for me with so many customers she couldn’t follow me outside to fight. I’m learning. We went home and Ugo followed as I’d told Yvonne about Reuben’s outfits from yesterday’s shopping. I’m happy to say she loved them. They stayed with us a while then had to go. I did some work then went through to watch a bit of TV with Mike though he was actually on the computer himself for a long time looking at Ebay.I managed to nod off for half an hour though I was conscious of Mike having a long telephone conversation while I dozed. I made tea about 6.00 pm and then we did the fishtank  (finally) before watching a new episode of Endevour which is excellent TV. At 10.00 pm it was time to come through to see how much work was waiting and to get the days blog done. I’m happy to report I survived the day well and though I obviously miss Ju I wasn’t overcome with emotion and was able to concentrate on wonderful times with her, especially at the car boot we’d been to today.

MondayConfessions first, I didn’t open my eyes this morning until Mike’s alarm went off at 6.58 am. In fairness it was a 2.00 am bedtime last night so I don’t feel too guilty. But when the alarm went off I shot up as though I’d been stung. It was as well I did because I heard no movement from Mike’s room. Without pausing to turn on the computer I went straight to the kitchen. The fish were the first priority when kettle on while I used my sprays and took my tabs. As the kettle boiled I made Mike a coffee and shoved my mug under the machine for a latte. I woke Mike as I put the coffee on his bedside table, conscious of the fact he needed to be gone by 8.30 am. There was a definite grunt of acknowledgement but that was as far as it went. I grabbed my drink and went to the computer and made a start. First I had to finish doing the ones I hadn’t managed from last night. At 7.30 I went through to remind Mike his coffee was there and he needed to get going. Hnnnfff. Not a flicker. I finished my drink and was taking my cup to the kitchen at 8.45 when he finally moved. I sat in the lounge with him till his eyes opened and focused a bit.

It was 8.45 when Mike finally left. I haven’t heard whether he made his appointment on time yet. As for me, I started in earnest on my mail and managed to get up to date at just gone 10.00 am. Mike had reminded me before he left that I needed to get dressed and take my prescription request in to the chemist. So by 10.30 am I was on my way there and called in to Pauline’s for some Branston pickle, and one of those accidental kitkats. When I got home there was a pile of mail and every piece was junkmail without exception, not unlike what was also waiting on the computer. It was mid-day before I made myself a sandwich for lunch and sat in front of the TV as I ate. After I’d washed the pots I continued to sit there until I nodded off. When I woke I had one of those muzzy feelings and decided I’d better do something, I did, I fell straight back to sleep. It was 3.45 pm before I woke again. I have no idea why but I still felt tired. Anyway, back to the computer to catch up which took me till almost 5.30 pm. I had a tin of pineapple rings then watched Law and Order. Once that was done I turned over to watch something else but kept nodding. At 8.00 pm I finally pulled the plug and came through to the bedroom. There was quite a bit of mail to answer but I was also nipping back and forth to ebay. I won a box to keep tea bags in with a clear lid so you can make a choice. I won a watch. There was another one I wanted and bid on that I missed when commenting on a friend’s blog post.

I’m currently watching another two watches tonight but one finishes at 11.57 pm and I doubt my eyes will be open that long tonight. I’ll have to put a bid in and hope for the best. I’m off now to complete the rest of my post and cross my fingers there won’t be too much more tonight.

Tuesday. April Fools Day. It felt like I got up this morning ten minutes before I went to bed. I woke at just gone 3.00 am according to my ever so luminous clock. I tried to just relax and go back to sleep but gave up at 3.50 and started work. I finished the first batch before 6.30 am and felt tired so I lay down for a minute or 60. At 7.30 I was awake again and went to see to the fish, take my meds and make a coffee. When I returned there was mail again including some from Yvonne to say she felt lousy with her throat (again) and it was great that I didn’t have to face her when I said I didn’t need her to come today as a friend was taking me to the doctor’s. I know she was glad. From my point of view it was a great way of dodging the bullet.

I worked on the mail until about 10.15 when I decided to get washed and dressed. I was being very good with my smoking this morning, stretching my last packet out as I have a bad chest. That was the bullet I needed to dodge though missing the diabetic review would be a bonus as I hadn’t asked a friend to take me. By 12.15 pm I thought, “Why the heck not, I can do this”. At half past I donned my jacket and made my way to the bus stop.I was actually at the point of turning back, even though the day was glorious, when a bus pulled up beside me. It wasn’t the bus stop, but the driver was letting someone off early, he asked if I was heading for the bus stop. Like an idiot I said yes and got on. I was in town before 1.00 pm. My appointment wasn’t until 3.00 pm so I wandered down the High Street slowly until I reached Kassidy’s. It didn’t look too full so I entered and took a small table out of the way. Chris mouthed a welcoming hello at me but my hands were shaking. In over 4 years of being here I’ve never been out alone and been in somewhere alone either. Dawn took my order and I waited for my cuppa to take a tablet. Chris came over to say how beautiful Reuben is and she could see I wasn’t myself. She’s a lovely person and just ignored my idiocy. I think Dawn had forgotten my tea so Chris went to do it for me. It arrived at the same time as Dawn brought my lunch. So much for 15 mins between taking the first tab and eating.

As I finished Chris came over to squeeze my shoulder. I knew it was support. Si was cooking today so I wasn’t able to see him. I paid and left. It was 1.30pm. I had a look round the Supermarket and thought about going home. Instead I decided to try it. I bought a box of Ferrero Rocher and wandered to the surgery. I was there for 2.00 pm. I sat in solitary for the full hour before I was called and almost left a dozen times. When I got in, the Sister asked if there was anything she could do for me. I said No thanks. The review took only minutes and it appears my blood tests show an increase in my glucose levels so next prescription they’ll up the tabs even more. No checking my feet as usual or pricking of the thumb. My BP was OK this time though. What she did notice is that my chest isn’t and so I ended up with a prescription for anti-biotics. I think my stuttering responses took longer than the actual review but I handed over the chocs gratefully and left.

It’s quite a walk to the bus stop but I made it and within minutes two small buses appeared with Prestatyn as the destination. The first one left before I had chance to breathe but I got on the second one as it looked as though it was heading off. It was actually moving to the space vacated by the other one to give women ( girls) with trolleys chance to get on. It was awful, really crowded and I had  a youngster bouncing about on the seat next to me. It started off and to my horror bypassed my usual road and started leaving Holywell heading away from the Coast Road where Prestatyn is. I had to ring the bell to get off which was a very long way due to roadworks preventing he bus stopping where it normally would. It was a long walk back to town and to wait for the right bus. I decided to bypass the chemist when I got home as I’ll go in the morning and see if they have my other prescription from Monday ready yet.

I ploughed into mail when I got in and kept going until almost 6.00 pm when I decided to watch a film instead of my usual Law and Order. That took me till 9.00 pm when I almost ran back here to try and catch up. It’s almost 11.45 pm and I have about 10 left which I’ll go and do now. Here’s hoping for some sleep tonight.

Wednesday. Another 3.50 day despite it being a 12.30 pm finish last night and I still had a read. I did wake up feeling rough. The bronchitis is here with a vengeance so I’ll have to get the anti-biotics this morning. There were so few messages this morning I worked till 6.45 and hen decided to lay down. I managed to nod off until 7.35 am. It wasn’t worth starting again then interrupting myself so I headed straight for the kitchen to give the fish a treat. Instead it was I who got one when I found two of the plecs climbing the glass so I could see their fronts and their mouths as they cleaned the glass. I’m fascinated as they’re small and almost translucent.I have 3 in total. Two are about an inch and a half and one about two inches long. Anyhoo, I fed them and then followed my routine with meds and coffee before going back to catch the next batch of messages.

At 9.30 I washed and dressed, going for the lumberjack look today in my checked shirt. I took a walk to the chemist with my scrip. Unfortunately the slightly uphill walk took it out of me and the journey took a while. When I arrived I was told the chemist hadn’t so I’d have to have them delivered later. Not a major problem as the prescription I put in on Monday should be back and they can all come together. I started the journey in reverse. Much easier on the downhill slope. I did a few more messages then printed off a picture of Reuben on Tee Shirt paper and went to iron it on. I don’t know whether I didn’t obey the destructions properly or whether the  paper was old and faulty but the picture wouldn’t peel clean. It’s still a nice image but a little patchy. I’d just finished when I saw someone from the chemist approach the door. Yay, my anti-biotics, but when I got there that’s all there was. The man who delivered wouldn’t know about the rest of the drugs so I’ll wait till the end of the day.

11.30 am and I felt whacked and so packed it in for the morning and went to sit in the lounge. I saw the carpet looked bad so I got the hoover out. As soon as I’d done that I noticed the wood flooring looked bad now so I had to mop that down and did the kitchen floor at the same time. I put a load of washing in and decided enough was enough. At 12.00 I went to the freezer for a pizza and found some chips with Chinese curry sauce I’d bought. A rare treat as Ju hated the smell of curry. While it was in the microwave I buttered two baps and prepared a tray. As soon as it pinged my stomach rumbled and I tucked in with relish, that is, I didn’t have relish with it, just ate with gusto which is not another person. I put chips on one of the baps and loved having the butter melt everywhere. The other I used to mop up the curry sauce at the end. Yum Yum. The  bronchitis hasn’t robbed me of an appetite…..Yet.

I did a few messages during the afternoon and the delivery of my other drugs didn’t come which means another walk to the chemist’s in the morning. Still, I would need to go out for my lottery anyway. It is a pain though as I usually do my drugs on a Thursday morning for the week and there won’t be enough now. Maybe I’ll rattle less. At 5.30 pm Dil and Matt arrived so I made coffee and tea while they answered the questions on a TV quiz I’d turned on. After I’d brought the drinks through I put up the card table and got the Scrabble ready. Why the heck did I bother. Two games to Matthew. I was whitewashed and trounced in that order. I did however learn for the future that qis is a word. I got the cards out and we played Nomination where it was my turn to win convincingly. After that we decided to try Chase the Lady ( a version of Hearts on the computer) as Matt needed a reminder of how to play. Again I stood and did the victory dance before collapsing breathless to the floor. I’ve just this minute realised that means Dil didn’t win anything tonight. I wonder if he made Matt walk home. We said our goodbyes and thank yous and they left. Do you know they do a forty minute journey each way every Wednesday just so we can play games. I love them for the effort they put in for me especially as Dil comes straight from work without eating. I tidied away the empty packets of biscuits ( at least 6) from Matt and washed the mugs.

I took my nighttime tablets through to the bedroom and started on the mail. I was horrified it was back up to 84 again and typically my computer had joined a union and was working to a go slow. It took till 11.55 pm to finish before I could start the blog post. Time for bed said Zebedee, G’night all.

Thursday.I shall have to ask you to suspend your natural scepticism for a moment when I tell you that after going to bed at gone midnight and turning my light off at approx 1.45 am  I was rather disturbed to find myself awake and staring at the clock at 2.22 am.I was looking for a message in all those little ducks but determined not to get up so drifted back to sleep. No revealing dreams that I can remember. The next thing I knew is that I was awake again, this time it was the wakefulness of getting up and staring at my clock it was now 4.44 am. Even if I’d been tired at that moment there’s no way I’d have gone back to bed in case I woke to 6.66 am.

I started in on the mail and though there weren’t as many as yesterday they took me considerably longer. The first batch was almost at an end when I broke off at 8.00 am to see to the tank. I took the last meds in my boxes this morning but couldn’t do the next batch because my Monday meds hadn’t been delivered yet. I took my coffee back to the bedroom, crossed my fingers and refreshed the post. An extra 23 so not too bad. I cleared the remaining ones from pre-tank, cleared these also and then washed and dressed. By 9.30 am I was on my way to the chemist’s. I asked the young lady if my prescription was ready and she went off to check the boxes. No joy. A little panic set in as I have no idea what half my tabs do and wondered what I might do without their control. Dancing naked in the middle of a zebra crossing has completely lost it’s appeal these days. Seriously though, as some are diabetic controllers and some for my COPD along with anti-depressants I didn’t want to find out. I stood there for ages before she spoke to someone else who sent her to yet another person. Eventually she came back with someone else who told me that the prescription was in but they were still missing one item which they expected to be delivered today. If I’d like to take the rest of my stuff ( OF COURSE I WOULD) someone would deliver my last item later. Dawn who usually delivers my meds offered to bring it on her way home. She’s a gem, but I can’t believe they held my stuff since Tuesday rather than give it me minus one item which they’ve done many times before. As long as I know what’s missing I’m fine.  I called at Pauline’s while I was out and collected my lottery tickets….I want everyone to cross their fingers between 8.00 pm and 10.00 pm gmt on Friday please. The coffee’s will be on me as I fly everywhere to meet you all.

At home I did my tablets for the week. I can always add the missing ones when they arrive and they’re for an evening anyway. Then it was back to work to clear the mail before lunch time. My postman Darren arrived with one of the watches I won which I’ll give to Ugo tomorrow. At lunch time I had a pizza with some micro chips ( Hey, I just looked at the clock and it’s 11.11 pm…I’m getting spooked). I fell asleep afterwards supposedly watching a film on TV. Later I did a few retweets, commented on a few blogs and caught up again on mail. It’s a constant battle to stay afloat sometimes and I’m already dreading tomorrow when I’m possibly out all day while the mail accumulates for my return.

I was going to have some pineapple for my tea but when I’d opened the fridge earlier I’d seen a packet of sausages. Normally I’d have cooked them at a lunchtime and had some with sweet potato mash and maybe a couple of cold ones for tea on a sandwich. As I’ll be out for lunch tomorrow ( I hope) and having thrown a couple of unopened packs away recently I decided to cook them and have some for tea. There are 8 in a packet and I decided to butter two baps. I found that four sausages just fitted a bap nicely and ended up having the whole packet. So much better than waste and far too late to ship them off to Africa. I stayed where I was after washing up until a new episode of my Big Bang Theory had aired then at 8.30 pm came through to start yet again. There was plenty to get through and it was gone 11.00 pm when I was able to start the blog and freak myself out. I think I’ll turn the clock around tonight.

Friday.  So, Friday at last. I managed to get up at 3.58 am so had plenty of time to get the post out of the way and still do the fish, take tabs, drink coffee and have a last wee before going to catch a bus at 7.30 am.  Allowing for the time it takes to get to the bus stop and travelling time, I expected to in Chester at 9.00 am today. The first one to come was one that goes in a different way which I took once before but was very surprised today when it pulled in at 8.30 am. It meant I could be at Yvonne’s for 9.00 am and have time for a cuppa before our outing. With the bronchitis I had no choice but to take it slow, I was moving so slowly the roadside beggars were offering me money to move off their pitches. But I got there in time for my drink, and also to have Reuben dropped in my lap while Ugo and Yvonne got ready.

Our 9.30 departure became 9.45 am and then we had to go to a specific garage to fill up so it was actually 10.00 am or gone when we started. The journey was pretty good with a constant speed most of the way.My nerves weren’t too bad as Ugo kept at least one hand on the steering wheel at all times. Perhaps the staining on the seat gives him problems. When we arrived we parked up and I got us a 3 hour ticket. First stop Coffee and loos. Since I was with Yvonne the second stop was at a clothes shop where she found things for Reuben and Ugo. She as particularly mean today and wouldn’t let me pay for anything. I especially like a watch she got Ugo with something on the dial like, Why worry, I’m already late. From there to another shop she likes and then to a cafe Ugo likes. The man is an eating machine. We wandered a bit but time was being eaten up and with 25 minutes to go we headed for the reason for the trip, Titterton’s Pork Pies. I got my little stock in and then we headed for the car to set off back.

When we arrived near home we carried on so I could go to The Ivy and take a pie for Shella who knows them from her time living in Stockport years ago. I handed it over to Tariq like the priceless object it is. Shella had left to collect her children from school half an hour since so I reminded him to take the pie home. Yvonne and Ugo had a cake with their drink but then decided perhaps we should have a meal while we were there. I needed something as I hadn’t eaten all day, Ugo needed something as his toast, bagels, cake, more cake and yet more cake hadn’t done the job. As always I had a lovely meal and as always a fight about the bill, firstly with Yvonne and when I won that, a fight with Tariq who insisted I shouldn’t pay because of the pie. They took me home and dropped me off. First things first after hiding the pies in the fridge was to check messages. 141 so I was stuck on the computer until 7.00 pm when I watched some TV. But, while I was on the computer I was reading a friends blog,  the very excellent Melanie Marttila on  I came across two things I have to share with you. The first is an amazing children’s choir which blew me away     ‘Untrust us’ Crystal Castles covered by Capital Children’s Choir.                                                                                                                            The second is the same two cellists I gave you last week but doing another piece. This is a rock piece and should astound you . Therefore here are the two cellists again.  Welcome to the Jungle.                            Enjoy.

I watched TV till Mike arrived at 9.30 pm then chatted with him until it was time to come back through to hit the mail. That took a while and as it’s now gone midnight I’m in danger of turning into a pumpkin if I don’t go to bed. I’m sure Mike would say I’ve already got the shape for it.  G’Night All.

SaturdayI slept till 6.30 this morning So I hadn’t managed to clear much  post before Mike’s alarm went off. At 7.00 am I shot through to the kitchen, turned the tank  light on, put the kettle on and took my tabs. The alarm went off before the kettle boiled but it didn’t take long to brew a coffee and take it through. As usual the alarm was wasted and Mike had gone straight back to sleep. I called out that a coffee was there and got the usual garbled response. I’m sure some message penetrated the brain but I’m not sure what it was. I busied myself clearing the food waste bin and the larger rubbish bin taking the bags outside to the waiting receptacles. That done, I came in for the assorted recyclable waste bags and tucked them under the wheels of the big bin so they couldn’t be blown away. I came back in, washed my hands and grabbed my own coffee. The second alarm went off and within minutes Mike came through with his drink. I stayed quiet and gave him time to wake up. I went back though to my bedroom and jumped at the chance to do a couple more emails as I got dressed.

We were on the road at 7.45 am, amazingly Mike’s eyes were open now and I trusted him to drive. To be honest, eyes closed he’s often a better driver than some out there. Eyes open and I don’t wear myself out on the imaginary brakes. We had a quick stop at Tesco’s for my baps and some coffee pods then set of in earnest ( no that’s not the name of the car) for our main shopping haunt Asda which is owned by the American Walmart group. Last week Mike was looking at a jacket he liked at £35 and today when we went in it was £10 so he didn’t hesitate. I managed to find a couple of things for Reuben in his next clothing size. Mike disappeared to the Loo and I started shopping as I didn’t need much. Always a tense moment is seeing someone I know, or rather knew. I saw two people I like was was able to avoid until on one aisle I saw the wife of a friend. She spoke to me but only to say hello and you could see she wasn’t sure it was me. We passed easily. I had almost done when Mike returned and I felt safe again but minutes later a voice, and the friend and his wife were now there. The conversation was short as I think John knows how vulnerable I feel but he did invite me along to the closing of the Eisteddfod (International Music Competition and show ) where my two friends (The Toastie Tenors)  Richard and Adam are appearing. I had to say yes. Conversation over we parted and Mike and I finished and left.

Leaving Asda we headed for Flint where we spent some time at the pet shop getting things for the fish and to clean the tank. Also admiring some beautiful glass fish they had.Completely translucent. After that it was time for a coffee which I’d missed at Asda and I was now completely dry. Ceri wasn’t in so the banter was very limited. He had to settle for his coffee and a teasted toecake. It didn’t take long to finish in there so we were home again by 11.00 am and unpacking. Since very little of the shopping was food today that didn’t take long. Mike was looking for something on his phone so I took a quick look at the actual mail, which could wait, then attacked the messages left from this morning. I worked steadily until Mike suggested he was ready to go to lunch so I packed in and we went to the Ivy.

It was really busy there and poor Angie looked run off her feet. She took the order for our drinks and we found a seat. By the time they arrived we were ready to order food and then some (cheeky) people vacated our table so we moved. Tariq ran back and forth delivering meals and we said a swift hello. We helped by folding some serviettes ready for use and then stood outside with a cigarette before lunch. Soon after we’d gone back in, Helen came out with our lunches and stopped for hugs. The food was lovely and very welcome. Things slowed a bit and Tariq was able to come and chat but I wanted him to disappear so I could pay. When he did disappear, Angie seemed reluctant to take payment and said Tariq would deal with it. That meant yet another argument. Only by putting money down and walking away can I win. I waited for Mike to finish his coffee and some more people came to pay. They were stuck for cash so I handed over £5 in coins. Tariq came round with a not , only it was a tenner. He must think I just got out of bed. I told him he can owe it to me, but if we don’t go there tomorrow I’m sure he’ll have forgotten before Mike gets back next month.

Back home again I was able to concentrate on the computer for a while before getting us some tea and settling to watch a bit of TV together, By ten o’clock I was itching to get back here or I’ll be up all night so Mike gave me permission and headed off to watch football in bed. No, they weren’t pla….well you knew what I meant anyway. I’m as up to date as I’m getting tonight as I fancy a read before sleep. Hoping you all have a Great Weekend. Massive Hugs all round.

Wiring Up.

Wiring Up.

Youngest swinger in town.

Youngest swinger in town.

Mr Happy

Mr Happy


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67 responses to “Mother’s Day & Diabetic Review.

  1. David, I am truly proud of you for holding up so well during such a difficult time — you did great! With adorable Reuben how could you do otherwise?
    However, that Tuesday bus misadventure made me cringe. It sounds like something that would happen to me.
    Sunshine-super hugs,

    • It serves me right I suppose for taking things for granted. I’d have been a tad happier if I could have hopped off a bit earlier though.
      Thank you for your understanding Teagan, but in all honesty I held up only because I’d built things up to expect worse in my mind than hey were. I accept Ju has gone now but I still have great memories.
      Your sunshine super-hugs are fantastic. Thank you.
      xxx I send Hugs

  2. So glad you defined what Chase the Lady was…I thought you were up to no good 😉 And I have a confession: before reading your posts, I scroll through to find Reuben, get my smile of the day, then go back and read! He is an absolute sweetie! Hugs to you and may you get a full night sleep soon. xx

    • Hi Nancy, I imagine many people scroll through to the pictures of Reuben knowing where they are and then go no further.
      I bet most places play a version of chase the lady under one name or another, that’s the card game, but as for the reality I could only get up to no good if the lady in question was running backwards.
      Thanks for the hugs and wishes, a long nights sleep doesn’t seem important if I can cat-nap sometimes.
      xxx Massive Hugs xxx

  3. The one year point after someone close to us has passed is a pivotal time, for some reason. It seems rather arbitrary on one hand, and yet we have survived the four seasons so I guess it is the proof we can last awhile longer. So nice that you are surrounded by love and caring people. big hugs to you… hoping the bronchitis heals soon

    • I hadn’t thought of it in quite that way Ardys but it does make a lot of sense. There comes a time we have to move forward and I guess this is it.
      I’m surrounded by amazing people and have been lucky enough to find friends and support all over the globe. I’m hoping the antibiotics kick in soon.
      xxx Hugs Galore to you xxx

  4. Many warm hugs to you, David! Thank you for showing us that beautiful baby again.

  5. David, I love how you weave soft details–among the jugs and worries that Reuben will take your food–that show shoulder pats and gentle reachings out to you. The first anniversary (why do they call it an anniversary–it’s not a time for loud celebrating–is an important date. You have many who care for you and are there for you…and of course Reuben is there to do the wiring. Hugs to you…get well soon.

    • Thanks so much Marylin. You mean my meanderings manage to make a bit of sense here and there. I agree, anniversary isn’t the best word to use as it does sound celebratory. Many wonderful people have helped me cope with this last year and I love you all for it. Moving forward now. At least as far as Reuben lets me, with a death grip on my beard or sideburns.
      xxx Sending you Massive Hugs and your Mom the same. xxx

  6. Dear david,
    I’ve written this reply to your lovely comment on my blog four times, and each time it ends up somewhere else – so I decided the only way to reach you was like this ! Technology is baffling and unpredictable to me…

    Dear David, thank you so much for your generous words… yes, that’s the dilemma, isn’t it, peace-lovers want Peace, but have to act to protect the innocent…we’re so lucky not to have to make those choices…

    Reuben looks like the joy of your life even on those days which don’t really rate !

    • Welcome to my world Valerie. Technology, even the simplest kind, just goes awry anywhere near me.
      You put it very nicely. Sometimes the options just aren’t there and we have to make a stand even though doing so hurts.
      Reuben is a joy to be around as he’s usually a little smiler for me, and you can’t help but smile along.
      xxx Massive Hugs xxx

  7. David, I totally agree with Marilyn who wrote most charmingly and eloquently what I also feel when reading your weekly posts. Sunday just wouldn’t be Sunday without The Barsetshire diaries. You’ve done brilliantly to get through this week, I can only imagine how hard it has been for you all. I’ve been thinking of you a lot. Buckets of Hugs from Spain. Lottie XXXXX

    • What a lovely person you are Lottie. Thanks so much. My week was much easier than I thought, mainly becasuse of the support from so man special friends.
      xxx I send Cwtch from Wales to Spain just for you xxx

  8. Bravo my friend – the worst of weeks but you got through it, AND you braved the bus, along with a long wait for your review. You have true courage. -massive hugs-

  9. carolewyer

    You are one of my favourite bloggers, David. I don’t have as much time to drop by all my friends like I used to, but I always squeeze in a Sunday stop here. You are a lovely gentleman. Sending you a weekly dose of large virtual hugs. xxx

    • What a really nice thing to say Carol. I usually get told people like me because I make the rest look good compared to me. Time is something at a premium these days but I have more now I’m not writing so it’s nice to relax with the Sunday comments from my friends. Thank ou for making my week enjoyable, especially Friday.
      xxxx Huge received with thanks, Cwtch being sent by the million in return xxxx

  10. One day at a time. I agree with everybody before me. Love Reuben’s pictures and it’s good you can keep going and make other people smile. I’m sure I’d played that game of cards many years back but I haven’t played cards in ages…Maybe I should give it a go…Take care.

    • I try my best to make others smile Olga because it bounces back too and I get to grin. Cards is great fun and I think the old adage, The family that plays together, stays together’ actually has some truth. Shared interests in strangling each other and insulting each other can be quite lively.
      I wish you a wonderful week,
      xxxx Massive Hugs xxxx

  11. Kourtney Heintz

    Aw, that’s so awesome that Mike got up early for you. I’m glad you had him to start the day with. So sorry for your loss, she looks like a really awesome lady.

    • He only gets up so he has longer to annoy me Kourtney. He enjoys that. I’d lock the doors at the weekend but Ju gave him a key.
      She was an absolute gem and had such a nice nature. If they still made that model I’d have another.
      xxx Sending Massive Hugs xxx

  12. I’m glad you shared that particular photo of Ju – so colourful, and I’m very fond of purple. I’m also glad you share your thoughts and sentiments. Our loved ones never truly leave us and we need to speak of them and keep the memories of this life with us as well.
    Your week makes my busy weekend in Melbourne with my sister look like a snooze. I can’t imagine managing that much email traffic, and everything else to keep track of.
    Reuben is growing up. When does he start school? 😉 (joking)

    • I loved the color of that suit when I found it and Ju liked it too. It’s not my favorite picture of her but it does make her stand out for me.
      No, she’s never truly left us and remains in our memories all the time, but no longer is there the same pain with every thought. I know she’s happy and she would be happy that I’m getting on with life.
      I’ll bet your weekend with your sister was much more interesting really than shopping.
      I wouldn’t wish the emails on anyone but they do at least keep me occupied and out of trouble.
      Reuben starts school next week, I’ll be giving him lessons on how to be a pain to his parents just like they were to theirs. Revenge is sweet.
      xxx Massive Hugs to you both xxx

  13. Awww, firstly, massive, extra warm comfort hugs for you starting for the Sunday part and it’s great significance to you. XXXXX The photo of your dear wife is colorful and sharp! Very keen dresser with an eye for beautiful vibrant color, so easy to see here….hugs hugs galore

    I had to research gurgle jug…so THAT’S what those are called! I’ll be…learn something new everytime I come thru here 😉
    As for venturing out to “be” in (or out) someplace alone is surely a bit nerve-wracking. I totally know. When I escaped that monster I was wed to, I had to go through a time of therapy and it was suggested I should do this venturing alone, so I could be “okay” as a standalone human, I guess, that I could BE without the company of another, etc. Scared the mouse-poop out of me! I rather enjoyed going to see movies alone, but FORGET dining or pub visits! ACK! I manage to fly solo ok and trains, etc but keep a book for those occasions. It seems you have many good friends and acquaintances who care greatly for you, which I can see why, you are just so sweet and polite. Heck you know I’d even adopt you, I think 😉
    Hey that baby sure is turning toddler on you! Look out, soon it’ll be chaos walking, talking, 20-inch tall tiny person on a mission with attitude. Look out! They ought to make a law prohibiting such an overload of cuteness, too!
    I really liked that cello clip (celli?) I love “Welcome To The Jungle”…played it up loud as I trekked thru that cruddy L.A. traffic to get from Mort College to downtown each day to work at the famous Pierce Brothers beside USC. A guy would invariably cut me off and I’d sing that refrain, “I wanna watch you BLEEEEEED” and salute him with my “YOU ARE #1” sign, upon returning the favor of cutting him off…did I mention, ever, that I actually invented road rage? Hey but folks started getting a bit crazy after that, not my fault!

    Yeah, I was really that wild. Yep. Sure was.
    More hugs, from a kinder, gentler girl (cuz she’s old and has to behave)…and the rodent, too.

    XXX CJ and Mousie XXX

    • Thank you CJ. Would you believe it was me that found the suit and persuaded her to try it on. Normally Ju wouldn’t go for a ‘label’ but I was sure this was made for her and once it was on I could see I was right.
      So glad I’m performing as a teacher so you take something away each time. I didn’t realise you’d have gurgle jugs over there too.

      I’m glad you escaped the monster husband and found the ability to manage alone and go places.My problem was I can manage alone but have to be made to go out. It’s taken over 10 years to get me go out alone an for almost 7 of those years I fought not to set foot outdoors at all. I couldn’t face people, especially if they tried to speak to me. Yet I never had that problem online. A book, or rather an MP3 has been my barrier when I’ve been out by bus recently but so far- apart from the doctor’s last week, someone has always met me at the other end.

      You’re very kind with the compliments.Thank you. As for adopting me, since I’m so much older than you shouldn’t it be the other way round?
      I think you’re right. Reuben is getting close to the crawl and then the walk. I need to empty my place before I dare let him in again. Those fingers will be in everything. Mousie should be delighted he doesn’t have to live here then.I’m sure the rats and the degus had a lucky escape.Though I do miss the rats.

      I didn’t know you invented road rage.over there. Mike invented it here so I’d better keep you apart. It’s funny to think of you blasting out a rock song and flipping another driver. I thought the Children’s choir was amazing but no-one has commented on that at all.

      xxx Massive Hugs to the kinder, gentler girl and whisker strokes for Mousie xxx

      • Oh I was VERY BAD. I’d been pulled over by the Highway Patrol and warned for engaging in the ‘rage’ which actually I didn’t initiate THAT time…I just got the cop’s attention as the guilty party nearly wiped me off the road and sped away. Yes oh my once somebody issued an “invite” I was only too happy to take them on…that therapy must have been a contributor to such fearlessness because it liberated me not to be a ‘mouse’ and let others hurt or control me…and thus, THIS girl became a little bad-ass intent to show everyone she was not going to be pushed around or intimidated…a whole new person was me. New attitude. Lots of stress way back then though and I just hated being messed with because somebody ‘thought they could’ try it with me. You wouldn’t know me from the terrified, doormat, cowering and fear-filled girl I once was. But I try to behave like the lady I am supposed to be now…no more of those stressful endless hours on the roads, now. In fact I am a recluse these days. Only go out when I must, really. But that’s a story for another day 😉

      • If the therapy stopped you letting people walk all over you it must have been good. I’m glad you got it.
        So now we’re both recluses eh. At least we don’t have to live in caves like they used to.
        xxx Mega Hugs to the perfect lady xxx

      • Judging from the stuff that seems to be trending out here in California where I am, I do not mind staying put.
        I live in the same town I grew up in and came to as an infant in ’65. This sure ain’t the town it used to be. Had I nobody here, I’d run, RUN, like Forrest Gump, to a quieter, kinder, slower, gentler place.

      • I sometimes think if I had nobody here I’d be looking at living on a deserted Island somewhere without the ‘benefit’ of TV and daily newspapers.If the world gets better and nicer, I wouldn’t know but I’d be living the same life. If it got worse, at least so isolated I wouldn’t know about it.
        xxx Hugs Galore xxx

  14. P.S. I’ve discovered this. Now I must ask…do you actually speak the language “Welsh” too? xxx mousie xxx

    • Only a bit I’m afraid. I spent so long working outside Wales I forgot much of what I knew and in South Wales not many speak it these days. Though I live in North Wales, my father originated in the South.
      xxx Huge Hugs xxx

  15. You’re a very rich man indeed…some people are so poor all the have is money…you have great family and friends. But you know that.
    I envy your trips to the car boot…August will see me there, buying crap to bring to Brazil!!!! Love them so much. Wish I could take a walk round Chester right now, lovely little city…still legal to shot a Scotsman after midnight in Chester, as long as it’s with a bow and arrow!
    Hugs from Brazil xxx

    • I don’t think there are enough stalls at the moment to buy crap for Brazil. I’ve just read of a heatwave due to last until the end of June so things should pick up nicely.Chester is quite pretty, and their car boot is well worth a visit when you come. We might get a cuppa together from the van.
      I’ve never hear that Scotsmen can be shot but I know the law is still on the books( I think) to shoot a Welshman there if found after dusk. That’s why I don’t visit in the evenings, I like my body puncture free.
      xxx Huge Hugs Maggie xxx

  16. Sending huge hugs across the waters, David. A beautiful photo of Julia. And the boy, of course.

    • Thanks so much Mary J. Yes, that photo of Ju was stunning though I love the less formal ones most. The boy, well it’s not fair, he’s just photogenic.
      xxx Massive Hugs to you xxx

  17. I don’t know when you find the time to write! I dip into your posts and it’s like reading a soap opera, completely absorbing! You should write for the radio. beats The Archers any day of the week 🙂

    • I think the blog writes itself a week in advance while I sleep and dictates what I’ll do the following week. All my little blips are where I dare step out of script.
      I couldn’t write for radio there’s so much coffee drunk in my posts the BBC would have to buy a pottery, and I wouldn’t dare go into competition against a National Institution like the Every Day Story of Country Folk.
      xxx Huge Hugs xxx

  18. laurie27wsmith

    I’m a bit late replying this week David. I was quite surprised when I saw the picture of Ju in the purple outfit. A favourite colour was it? I found it interesting to see your humour come back as the week wore on. Losing someone special is always terrible and the anniversary is never something you look forward to. If you can survive one you can make it to the next and so on but it doesn’t make up for the profound loss and emptiness. I hope the rest of your week brings you sunshine and car boot sales of huge proportions. Big hug at ya Mate. Take care,

    • Hi Laurie, no, the colour wasn’t a favourite but everything about this outfit screamed it would suit her and when I got her to try it, it fitted a treat.
      I survived this anniversary and know I’ll be OK now. Ju would be happy to see the humour back again.
      I’m waiting for the promised heat wave to start that’s gonna last til the end of June. It would be nice if they were right for once.
      No car boot sales until Mike gets back from Canada in a month, but it won’t hurt me to do without.
      All the best my friend, Hugs

      • laurie27wsmith

        She suited it David. Yes you will make it, the human spirit is tough and we survive. Heat wave eh? One of those believe it when you see it type of weather forecasts. Can you survive that long not going to a sale? Take care Mate.

      • I’m like old boots anyway Laurie. Yes, the heatwave I’m expecting, may not be the one I get but the sun is shining this morning so it’s a start.
        Not sure about surviving with no car boots. If things get desperate I’ll have to start shopping on ebay again.
        Have a Great Weekend Laurie
        All the best.

      • laurie27wsmith

        Sun is good. An ebay shopper eh? There’s plenty to see on there mate. My week can only get better David.
        Hugs to you.

  19. What a difficult anniversary to get through – so glad it didn’t leave you devastated. Fun and games with the buses though.

    • I’ll be the stronger for it from now on. I can’t afford to be devastated as it’s harder to get up again these days.
      I’m an idiot. I shouldn’t take things for granted so the walk served me right. Taking the bus on Friday was OK. I don’t mind the detour as long as it reaches the right destination. I might even try that one next time I go.
      Keep up the great work.and have fun,
      xxx Massive Hugs xxx

  20. I read and re-read your post, feeling kindness and friendship, hoping the huge warm hug I’m sending, reaches you. How do we get through the pain of no longer having our loved one by our side? You give a wonderful answer. We keep on going, loving those who are with us, loving our memories, and fighting the urge to stop. I salute you.
    By the way, my mom always says that when you look at a clock and see “4:44” or “2:22” etc, it’s a sign of good luck.
    So I hope lots of good luck is surrounding you.
    gigantic hug, Pam

    • Your Mum was right Pam. I’m surrounded by good luck every week in knowing such nice people. I couldn’t be down for long with all the kind things people write.
      Acquaintances become friends and you don’t even notice the change happen when you’re blogging.Then you realise just how important people have become when you hurt when they hurt and can laugh with their joys. There is amazing strength in that.
      xxx Massive Hugs xxx

  21. Hi David, hope it doesn’t feel like a rubbish question, but how are you doing? I’m glad to see you able to keep writing. Hope you are holding up with such a difficult time.
    To make you giggle, we trying to get ready for a car boot sale. I’m terrified as not very good with people who try to haggle so will leave all that to my husband. I think I will be tea and bacon bap runner!
    Beautiful photos of Reuben, such a lovely smile. He’s such a happy baby!
    I wanted to say what a lovely photo of Ju. Lots of lovely, bright colour. Thank you for sharing.
    Take care and we all thinking of you,

    • Hi Kim. I think I’m doing OK thanks. Like everybody I have ups and downs but mostly OK. I miss writing books so I’m glad of the chance to keep the blog going and it’s kept me going through some difficult times. Mainly because everyone is so nice to me.
      I hope you have fun on the car boot, is it Sunday? I used to spend my time wandering round the other stalls the hiding what I’d bought from Ju. The trick to haggling is always decide on a price then ask more. If people haggle you can come down to what you priced things at, if they don’t haggle you’re probably going to get closer to what something is worth anyway. Can I have Daddies sauce on my bap and 2 sugars in my tea please.
      Reuben is a happy chappie usually I’m happy to say.I chose that picture of Ju because of the colour which made her glow.
      Thanks for dropping in. I hope you all have a fun and successful day.
      xxx Massive Hugs xxx

  22. David, you poor lamb. I felt for you on the bus mishap. Buses and I do not mix well. I’m forever getting on the wrong one. And waiting to see the doctor and getting tests results. UGH!! Don’t you hate that? I’m diabetic and I dread every time I have to get my A1C checked. You hang in there, be happy and have a lovely day. ((((BIG HUGS)))) Elizabeth

    • All my own fault Elizabeth. A little patience and the maximum I’d have waited would have been half an hour. I so rarely see the doctor these days and they only contact me if the results are awry, I was caught this time on a review. Still, one extra tab and easily dealt with- they never asked about chocolate and I didn’t volunteer it.
      I’m hanging, I’m happy and heading into a great weekend.
      I hope your weekend will be as good,
      xxx Massive Hugs xxx

  23. A tough week that has been met with fortitude, and has ultimately proved to be a rewarding one. These anniversaries of the death of loved ones are evidently difficult.

    • Time for me to recognise that others go through far worse every day Guy.I can stay in the house an moan or stay in the house and smile knowing I’m OK.
      Great to have you drop in.

  24. It is amazing how our thoughts and fears can become self-fulfilling. It is wonderful to read that although you were thinking of Ju, it wasn’t dramatically associated with being miserable.

    It sounds like Mikes presence has been a blessing, no doubt keeping you a little distracted and keeping you company.

    Sounds like you also picked up a few bargains at the local car boot – despite it having a smaller turn out that usual. No doubt it will increase in size when subsequent ones are held through out the year.

    LOL @ your drilling eyes making patrons leave!! You did get your seats though – #YIppee!

    Sounds like you spend a fair bit of time on eBay! I used to enjoy dabbling in there occasionally and even sold stamps as I had a significant collection. I haven’t been in there for a while now. I had a very busy time a few years back, closing my shop – and hadn’t realised 2 of my purchases had not reached their owners. As I wasn’t checking, I didn’t see and ended up with a negative comment. I did comment, apologising and even refunded, (thank goodness only $2 purchases), though I always feel terrible when I see negative feedback sitting there!

    I saw you were up and out of bed @ 3:58 am on Friday – My goodness, that’s keen!! WOW.. lol

    Early riser eh….

    Great daily account as always 🙂 Thanks for taking the time to share. I love the consistency of your blogs. You have a great routine, that supports documenting your journey each day – I wish I were so disciplined!!
    Miss Lou

    • You’re so very right. I think I felt like I was expected to feel worse over that weekend and built up to it. You wouldn’t believe it but I’m very level headed and people usually bring their problems to me but I couldn’t see what I was doing to myself. I missed Ju as I always miss her and always think of her but despite expectations was able to get up and function normally.

      Mike’s presence did help enormously as did Yvonne dropping in that weekend. Since I’ve known him so long (40 years)we’ve become foils for each others humour and know also how to change each others moods. It’s worse than being married !

      I think when I go to a car boot I’m determined to come away with something but I also have eclectic tastes so there is always something of interest. Yes, the boot sales will get bigger as the weather dries up and warms a bit.( That does happen in the UK honestly- just not for long).

      Everybody moves when THE EYES appear unless they’re comfortable squirming in their seats.People don’;t keep me and my food apart for long.

      I used to be on ebay all the time but nowadays it tends to be when I remember or when I’m looking for something in particular. I know exactly what you mean, I have 883 deals and so far 100% record. I’d hate to lose that with a negative comment. I’m glad you managed to sort your customers out in the end.

      This morning was 3.10 am after only turning the light off at 1.00 am. I’m not too sure about being keen but I certainly seem to need less sleep as I get older. I’m not sure I can claim to be an early riser though if I cheat and go back to bed at 5.50 am until 7.25 am.

      Thank you for your lovely comments and for taking the time to drop in. If you change disciplined for boring I’d agree with you more.
      xxx Sending Hugs Galore xxx

  25. Has it really been a year? Time stands so slow in the thick of grief yet life just keeps racing on doesn’t it? Lady J totally rocked that shade of purply blue and looks so vibrant in that photograph xx In a few months an anniversary that makes us all sick to our stomachs will ambush us yet again, followed by another in November. It will be 11 years this July that our nephew died of his injuries following a car accident 5 weeks shy of his 15th birthday, and 4 years since our cousins daughter lost her fight with Leukaemia aged just 19. As a family we don’t always function so well anymore because of it and there are days when just breathing seems too much effort and trying to support everyone when you feel crap about it too is so hard. We dote on our Grandson too, sometimes it helps, sometimes it just reminds us of how cruel life has been just like family occasions when we gather at Xmas, weddings……well, you know, don’t you? You’re always sending massive hugs out into the world, hope you know that we’re all sending them right back at ya 🙂 xxxxx

    • Yes, it’s hard to notice time passing when you miss someone and the place always looks empty where they stood in your life. She’s been gone a year and yet I still speak to her all the time.
      Those are two terrible losses you suffered Dawn. At that age it’s so unfair as they haven’t really started to live yet. Ju was 56 and I consider that too young.
      I’m so sorry you lost your nephew and poor cousin like that. No wonder it takes away the ability to function sometimes.I know how hard it would be to support everyone when you feel it so much yourself.
      I’m sure your grandson is the joy mine is but I’m conscious of the fact that Ju should have been enjoying him too.
      I appreciate all the hugs in return, thanks so much for them.
      xxx Massive Easter Hugs to you xxx

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