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BFG Forced Feast &The Anvil Chorus

Sunday. In contrast to yesterday Mike’s alarm went off at 7.00am. I didn’t leave the computer straight away as I was mid letter. I’d been there since waking at 5.15 am and was making good headway. It was as well I didn’t rush as there was no movement stronger than turning the alarm off and turning over from his bedroom. At 7.15 am I went through to the kitchen to see to the fish and have some breakfast. Even the noise of the fish singing “Why are we waiting?” had no effect, on him at least. As for me it unnerved me badly so I was accidentally dropping spoons on the floor as loudly as possible. I returned to the mail complete with coffee after my Shreddies                ( Sponsorship Nestles?). There still wasn’t too much and by 7.30 I was done and lay down on the bed for a few minutes. At 8.20 am I heard Mike’s footsteps padding along to see why I wasn’t up. Kindly he didn’t disturb me so as he turned back to go to the loo I followed and got his coffee ready. When I asked why he’d set his alarm for 7.00 am he said it was because I’d mentioned a car boot possibility yesterday. In actual fact I’d asked the weather forecast for car boot weather but anyway, I didn’t even bother asking why if he’d taken the trouble to set it he didn’t take the trouble to get up.

Two coffees later it’s 11.00 am and neither of us has gone to a car boot. In fact neither of us has bothered to get washed and dressed yet. Mike’s been running me through allocating ringtones to specific people on the new ( old) phone Anton sent me. An HTC Wildfire and so confusing. He’s added Viber to it which is like skype and gives free calls and texts to other viber users. He’s added zedge which is great because that’s where I’m downloading music for the ringtones and it also has a variety of wallpapers and live wallpapers, even some games for FREE and that’s a favourite word of mine. We decided we’d better make the effort and get ready to go out for lunch. I got the bathroom first. We discussed where to go but I think it was a foregone conclusion so at 12.00 midday we set off along the coast road for Gronant. The Ivy was busy, nay bouncing with people but lucky for us the people we threw out of our seats were much smaller than us. Tariq was not able to stop and talk but I’m really pleased for him. So far the year has been quiet and it’s just picking up nicely. Two youngsters ( in their early 30’s) who’ve been working clearing some ground for Tariq joined us for coffee but had to leave at 12.30 pm to catch a bus. They have a long journey home.

Lunch was great as always and today Tariq didn’t even argue too much when Mike told him it’s easier to put the difference in the tip box and maybe save up for a Christmas meal for the staff. He even agreed and I didn’t have to run to leave. As we were on the way back I noticed the youngsters still at the bus stop and pointed them out to Mike. On second thoughts perhaps sticking an arm in front of the drivers face isn’t a great idea. ” Shall we pick them up and take them to Rhyl” he asked. As this is where they would have to change buses I thought he had a point and agreed. Fortunately there was a road to our right where Mike could turn round. We drew up beside them and I got out and tilted my seat forward for them to get in. Somehow my seat was so far back that the young lady couldn’t find room for her legs so we struggled to correct the seat. We made it and Mike entertained them with his humour on the drive. If we hadn’t picked them up they’d have been waiting another 40 minutes. We dropped them in Rhyl and their bus to Denbigh was in the depot so no waiting around.

Mike asked “Which way home?”, I shrugged and we tossed a mental coin deciding on the pretty route. Part way we came across a road we hadn’t taken before and decided to try it. Up into the hills with some fabulous views of the Dee Estuary to The Wirral ( England). Through some small villages till we eventually hit a road we knew of old and came home. Mike stayed long enough for a coffee before departing for his Dad’s and then later tonight back to Rugby. I came on the computer to catch up which took till nearly 5.00 pm when I went to sit in the lounge. It was only when it came time to eat that I realised Mike had gone and left the other half of last night’s (HUGE) BFG. He has no consideration at all for my dietary needs nor my expanding waistline and is forcing me to eat it all myself. It’s such a struggle I may have to finish it at supper. It’s been a case of back and forth to the lounge playing catch up with mail as I want to see the results of the Euro MP elections later tonight.

Monday. When I got up at 4.45 am I couldn’t go back to sleep but I knew I wasn’t done with bed. It’s not by coincidence the computer and the bed are side by side in my room. Well, it is really but that doesn’t sound as dramatic. I’d finished with the first batch of mail by 6.30 am and thought sleep was a possibility so rolled over onto the bed. I woke at 7.10 am and the fear of retribution sent me hurrying to the fish tank. They all seemed a little laid back today as though they didn’t mind. Nevertheless I carefully put food in, closed the lid and backed quietly away. I had my tablets etc. made myself eat some toast and took a coffee back through with me.  By 8.45 am I felt maybe another ten minuted would be OK and I was out until nearly 9.30 am. I must have been bitten by a tetse fly. To make sure I couldn’t go back to bed I got washed and dressed before carrying on with the mail. I see there are many worried Brits today by the results of the European Elections. We had a very poor turn out which might be one of the reasons the UKIP made so many advances. On the other hand it maybe that they did well because some of their policies resonate with voters. The other parties will ignore this possibility at their peril. At this rate the whole of Europe will soon be far-right and will be walking in jackboots over any country not keen on joining the EU. I personally am not a fan of the EU in it’s present incarnation and would have preferred it stayed a trading group. Since politicians always feel they know what’s best for us without consultation there aren’t too many options open and that drives people to the far right parties.

Anyway, back to the story. I carried on with emails until just gone 11.00 am then went to position myself before the goggle box for a break. To be honest I didn’t focus any attention on what was actually on but just used it for company. About midday I had a text ( on my new phone) from Yvonne asking if they could call in and take me for lunch ( no prize for guessing where) and I said fine as long as I could treat them. Expecting arguments later I got changed as they’d be here about 1.00 pm. I nipped out to the One Stop, expecting Pauline to be close half day ( she wasn’t) to pick up some chocolates to take with me. Once back I made sure the messages were up to date. Ugo et al arrived about 1.15 pm ( like a woman he’s ever fashionably late) and pulled up outside giving his horn a quick honk to let me know. I was prepared and wasted no time in going out to the car. I pulled my tongue out at Reuben a couple of times much to his delight and got in. Fifteen minutes later we were there. It was crowded again but miraculously my chairs were free. Angie had her hands full but found time to say hello. Tariq was playing waiter again and was also busy but still found time to say hello to everyone. I’ve never yet seen him not smiling. We all ordered and I settled on a chocolate milkshake and a quarter pounder with chunky chips. It was all great though Reuben felt the floor needed decorating by his. After eating Reuben had his usual wine dance on my lap as in he crushed my grapes again. Those feet come down with a wallop.

Before we left I got to the counter first and gave Tariq far too much money so I could accept some change but still leave enough for the meal. Then I had to face a barrage from Yvonne about not letting them pay.Simple, she’s only just returned to work and wages aren’t back to normal yet. I said goodbye to Angie with a kiss                ( cheek only you lot), said goodbye to Shella and then Tariq came round to hug us all. We drove home, I had time to pass Yvonne a bag of things I had for her and Ugo before they had to leave so he could work at home. I spent an age getting up to date again before relaxing for a while in the lounge. 7.30 pm I came back through to keep ahead of the game before going back through to watch a film between 9.00 – 11.20 pm. One last pass at the messages and time to do the blog and it’s time for sleep.

Tuesday. It was a 4.34 am start today but it didn’t last long. By 6.15 am I had a free show of stars dancing before my eyes without having to pay for a ticket. I couldn’t hear the music though due to the pound of blacksmiths practising the anvil chorus in my head. It was a even more difficult to see the computer screen as my head was viewing my nether regions ( somewhere in the Baltic I’m told) as I tried to stave of the nausea. I managed to text Yvonne to say I wouldn’t see her today before I turned off the light and dropped onto the bed. I came round again about 9.00 am able to see but the head was still pounding. I stayed on the bed relaxing for a while before going through to apologise to the fish and ask them to blow bubbles quietly, take my meds and bring a coffee through to finish the emails off.  It took a while but once done I was able to get dressed and go to Pauline’s for some bread and ciggies. When I got back I sat in the lounge with a drink and just fell asleep till lunchtime. Since I’d missed breakfast I was a bit peckish and it didn’t hurt to move my head so I made something to eat. I know it’s more accurate to say my microwave made me something to eat but I did have to prick the bag and wash the potatoes first. Lunch over I managed to clear a few more messages before plonking myself in front of a Homes in the Country and falling straight back to sleep. When I woke up it was to a knock on the door as the chemist delivered a fresh lot of goodies to make me high, low, sugar free or whatever else they do. I put them away until Friday’s Russian Roulette with Drugs Day and went back to messaging the world.

I watched my antiques programme and then a couple of quizzes, had a little tea to take my second set of food tabs and watched another Antiques Road Trip. Tonight one of the two experts was an auctioneer I just cannot get on with. He may be one of the nicest people around but his mannerisms are most annoying. Fortunately his opponent was another auctioneer who is a really nice person and a perfect gentleman and their team members were divided the same way so I had no problem egging the nice side on to win…which they did. I envy them the amount of time they get to spend with antiques, especially art nouveau pieces. I had one and a half hours back on the computer while I watched the season finale of The Mentalist which was not as absorbing as usual. Now I’m back in here to finish off the mail and do the blog before hopefully getting a decent night.

Wednesday. I’m going to apologise in advance and ask you to excuse me tonight. I did nothing of any interest during the day bar sleep and catch up on emails. Lee arrived at about 5.15 pm so we chatted as I got everything ready and we awaited the arrival of his dad and brother to catch the end of their quiz. They missed it, arriving at 6.00 pm as it finished. The traffic had been bad it seemed. I made the drinks. tea for Dil and a coffee for Matthew. Lee and I already had our drinks. We had two games of scrabble of which I won the first ( Thanks Elaine for xu and za ) and Matt won the second. I had to leave the room for a minute and when I returned a decision had been made that we play Balderdash next, my heart soared only to come down to earth with a thus when I was told it was Absolute Balderdash they wanted. No wonder Lee was sniggering, I’m useless at it. They have 6 categories on a card among which are Dates, People, Letters and Film Stories. Dates might include things like 5/8/1887 and the answer will be The day a Mountie was suspended for not wearing his dentures to work. Letters may be DSPCD and will  be as daft as Dundee Society for Professional Car Dealers but the films one is my worst nightmare. They’ll give a film title A Wish Too Far, which I struggle to create a plot for and then the answer will be as obscure if not more so that the synopses provided by my opponents. Matt ran away with the game tonight. I just seemed to choose his answers constantly. Lee had to leave after that game ( probably before I killed him) so the three of us had our usual game of Nomination Whist at which I excelled tonight.I confess it was sheer luck but who cares how you reach the end as long as you do. I always wonder how Dil can thank me before he leaves after a win like that. Mind you, I wonder sometimes why he bothers to come at all, and Matt too, you’d think he’d have friends his own age he’d rather be with. I’m so glad they do come though. We packed up and they left me to wash the pots and tidy up before heading for the computer to catch up on all the outstanding mail and this blog. I still might make it to bed before midnight though.

Thursday. It was a funny old night. I managed to get to bed by midnight-just, but wanted to have a read to relax. I turned the light off at 12.50 am ( Yes, I’d put the book down by then) but struggled to get off. I remember seeing 1.37 am on the clock then I must have dropped off. This truly awful noise of a bagpipe playing Scotsman being strangled woke me up. It was 2.10 am and looking out of my window to take advantage of a security light I saw a cat serenading his girlfriend from the comfort of my garden wall. I was tempted to throw a shoe but I’ve lost them to one legged itinerants before like that. A bucket of water wouldn’t have reached so I relied on as savage a hiss as I could manage and it seemed to work. Either that or his girlfriend wasn’t responding. I nodded off again only for the birds to start their chorus at the ungodly time of 4.45 am. They just laughed at my attempts to have another hissy fit. I was half tempted to give up and start work but I knrw I needed more sleep yet so when the little beggars paused to take a breath I put a pillow over my head and nodded off until 6.05 am.

I visited the loo then came back and turned the computer on. I emptied my ash tray and lit my first of the morning as I started the mail. I broke off at 7.10 to go for breakfast and found I’d had 5 cigarettes in that hour. I always knew it was worse when on the computer as you don’t notice you’re doing it. So, I fed the fish thinking what a shame I no longer have Big Bill to come greet me. I had my meds then some breakfast and took a coffee back to the messages. There were quite a few to do but there was no rush. I knew I’d have to go out at some stage for bread and maybe milk but of prime importance, the Lottery tickets. My weekly dose of hope. It reminded me I hadn’t checked the Tuesday Euro ( won £5.10p) and the Wednesday Lotto ( won zilch). When I got dressed and went out to Pauline’s at 9.45 am I told her I’d come to clear the till. I want a really nice win in order to take a holiday.

Back at home the postman called and brought me some stylus pens to use on the new ( to me) touch phone. I’ll have to make sure there’s one in each jacket so I’m safe whatever I wear, either than or get my fingernails cut since they don’t work on the screen. I worked until just before 11.00 am and went through to the lounge. Within moments I was well away and only woke when I let rip a real snort which scared the life out of me and the window cleaner both. I’m sure he thought I was dead up to that point. After all, who sleeps at that time of day. It was time to make some lunch. I decided to settle on pizza and micro chips today. A strawberry yoghurt to follow and I was a happy man. I washed the pots and watched half my antiques programme before going back to the mail. Someone wants to know if I’d like to invest in a third share of a treasure map. It’s Nazi gold that was stored away as the war was ending it seems and may be with valuable paintings looted  taken for protection from various homes and museums during the war. £5000.00 can get me a third share of millions ( less a few expenses- like hiring honest smugglers I expect). I’ll have to give this one some real thought before I say Sod Off I don’t have £5000.00. I had a happy time in here until 4.30 when I went through for my usual programmes. I’ve been back and forth a bit to see to mail since then and I’m on tenterhooks as Mike hasn’t been in touch to say if he’s still coming so we can say goodbye to Daniel tomorrow at Temptations. I’m going to watch a film no just in case he is coming so I’ll be ready with a drink for him. See you later.

Right, I finally had to text him in case he was coming in the early hours but it seems he’s not coming until tomorrow afternoon at the earliest now. Wish I’d known a bit earlier. Still, I can go to bed now.

Young Love

Young Love

Happy as Larry

Happy as Larry


Friday. The cat must have decided no to face the big snake again and allowed me to sleep this morning until 5.20 am. When I did wake there was the sound of birds and the lack of a sound of rain. Perhaps a little early for me to expect sunshine though. After nipping to the loo I turned on the computer and went straight to the forecast. Possible light showers, but for the weekend- sunshine and warmth. I can cope with that. I spent the morning wrapping up the mail ( nice paper and pretty bows) and tweeting as much as I could for my fellows as I’d no idea what time Mike would be free after taking his grandson to the doctor’s. At 11.00 am  I got the usual text, ON WAY. “Great” I replied, “call in for some baps and milk on the way please.” That’s so a certain idle beggar didn’t have to go out. I had at least got dressed. At midday I had a ham bap for lunch with a packet (small) of cheddars. I followed that with a strawberry youghurt ( part of my 5  a day) which was in turn followed by a chocolate mallow and a sleep. I didn’t kip for long as my brain knew the remarks that would follow if Mike found me like that. I went through to keep as up to date as possible before he arrived.

That event happened at 1.50 pm when he came in swinging my milk like there was a butter shortage. I made a coffee for him and provided a ham bap to keep him going then we went off to say our goodbye’s to Daniel. Mike had said he was due to finish at 4.00 pm but Manager’s Perks were in play. When we arrived at 2.40 pm he was practically out the door. We both shook his hand ( though not at the same time) and I asked Mike to pass over the card we’d done. Mike said I had it. Typical ! Mike asked Daniel where he’d be working and said it wasn’t so we could get the card to him, it was for future use so we could harass and insult him. We stayed long enough for a coffee, had a look for another pair of shoes for Mike, which we didn’t find and came home.

I did a little more mail then we watched an Antique Road Trip . I guessed he was probably peckish by then so I made him a meal of new potatoes, lamb shank and petit pois. For some reason we sat chatting and half watching TV until 9.00 pm when I decided to come through and concentrate on the mail . I realised I’d forgotten all about a shower and in that case didn’t want to sit with myself. I reached a point where I thought I could risk a short break and while Mike was watching football and went to take a shower. Before I did Mike broke off from the game ( kindly I thought) as full time had been called and washed my hair. After the shower I came through to get into my lounge (lizard) pants and a t-shirt and take up where I left off. It’s now getting late and I fancy a quick read before getting up for shopping. So I bis you all goodnight and sweet dreams.

Nursery play

Nursery play

Saturday. Look, if you must have a cup of tea get it now. I want to be sure you’re sitting down before we start. My lawyer says there’s no chance of conviction for causing you injury after that warning. I’d finished my mail by 7.00 am this morning and gone through to the kitchen. First job turn the light on the fish tank, then turn the kettle on. That had chance to start boiling while I dealt with the chemist shop before me. It didn’t take long to boil so I made a coffee for Mike and took it through to his room. “Coffee’s up ” I called as usual. “RightfinethankyouverymuchassoonasIhavemyhaton,tattoos” came the reply so I left him to it. I made my own coffee in the wonder machine which his fussiness doesn’t like and went back through to my room to refresh the mail. I was about to start when I hear a strange sound, it rung a faint bell of recognition in my head but I couldn’t place it.I went to check . It’s at this point you need to be sitting or just skip this paragraph. Michael was walking through to the lounge and his alarm clock hadn’t even rung !!!! His eyes were open and he was carrying his coffee. He was even wearing clothes so as not to scare the horses.

Having got up without the clock and without force by me didn’t seem to have helped much as it was still almost 8.00 am before we left the house. I thought we’d decided that we’d go shopping at Morrison’s at Broughton then head to Broughton Retail Park to see if we could find Mike a pair of shoes like he got last week but in a different colour. Perhaps I should have included the car in the discussion as it headed straight for Broughton Park.  Because the bulk of shops weren’t open I decided to do most of the shopping at Tesco’s instead. We managed to knock a fair few things off the list and headed for the tills. We loaded the conveyor, Mike in his OCD lines and me in my more haphazard way of heaviest to the front, lightest to the back. We both packed the bags ready opened in the trolley then as I said I’d nip to the downstairs loo Mike said he’d take the shopping to the car. I suggested we meet by the door so we could go upstairs for a coffee and for Mike to check out the TV’s. He agreed. I stood by the door for an age till I saw him outside enjoying a cigarette. He’d forgotten. I left him to finish the ciggie and follow me upstairs which he did and shot past me saying he was headed for the loo. I headed for the cafe to order the drinks.

Mike returned from the loo before I’d been served and took over. As he came over with the drinks, he saw me pocket two sachets of sugar that I’d found lying on the table. He told me I’m a tea-leaf and he’s going to report me. We finished the drinks and looked at TV’s, some good offers but not quite what he wanted so we left and continued the journey looking for his shoes. No joy there either. A stroll back to the car and we headed off to Morrison’s to get the last of the main shopping, and much more importantly, the brand of cigarettes we both smoke. From there we headed for Flint to restock my ice lollies, the pizzas and the micro chips. Strangely we didn’t go for coffee at Temptations today. We headed home instead and Mike had a coffee after we’d unpacked the bags. I started work on my emails and Mike did Julia’s flowers which took 4 vases today. It was getting a bit late now at gone 1.00 pm so we headed off for lunch.

When we arrived at the Ivy dear Angie, my sophisticated lady was looking harassed. It seemed quite busy even though our eats were free. It was a couple of minutes before we saw Tariq who came over to give hugs and to tease Mike saying he’d hit problems with a top for a fish tank he ‘s been making. He whispered in my ear that it wasn’t true, before telling us to follow him to his workroom. It was a beautiful job and Mike was rightly thrilled but hen he got a taste of my medicine when he asked Tariq “How much?” You can imagine Tariq’s reply from the problems I have with him every week. We went back through to the cafe and I put in the order for the meals- plus puddings and drinks. To try and circumvent problems later when the bill gets lost I asked Tariq to let me pay now. £5 he said. Suggesting he look for the other brain cell I put £20 on the counter and said any change is a tip. The man is amazing. Things in the cafe eventually became quieter and Angie looked lass stressed than earlier. I’m glad a s she’s a nice lady. Mike and I enjoyed the main meal and I went to the counter to pick up the puddings. No-one was around for a few minutes until the lovely Shella came through.We had a few minutes conversation before Tariq came back and dished up the pud. We had that then said goodbye to Angie before leaving. No sign of Tariq so Mike left a payment for the tank lid with her. Sneaky. On the way we found Tariq in one of his workrooms at the back of the building so we didn’t miss our goodbye there.

We had a few minutes in an antique shop on the way home then continued our journey to relax. At least Mike did while I can to catch up on emails before a programme I wanted at 6.00 pm. I stayed there until 9.00 pm when I came back to make sure I had time for emails and the blog this side of midnight. I’ve managed it.

Hope you all have a Wonderful Week.

Driving mISS cRAZY

Driving mISS cRAZY

Food Giggles

Food Giggles




It's hilarious Ma.

It’s hilarious Ma.

Mr Innocence

Mr Innocence


Another pint please Barman.

Another pint please Barman.


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A Shattering Experience & The Gas Man Cometh Again

Sunday. Between 6.30 am and 7.30 am I made good headway with my post. I went for breakfast, fed the fish, took my drugs and filled the kettle for Mike as he thinks the coffee from the Tassimo is too strong though I don’t give him the Costa. As I finished in the kitchen and made my own drink there was no sign of movement so I carried on with my post. By 8.30 it was clear but there were a couple of other things I could do until Mike woke. By 9.00 am I’d run out of patience so I went to check he was still breathing and then made his coffee and took it through. I tried a bright and breezy ” Mornin’ Bro. Coffee’s up” then walked back to my room to refresh the post. I was astounded not to have received any grunts but even more astounded to hear him padding through to the lounge moments later. I left the computer and followed him through. Amazing, his eyes were open as he lit his first cigarette from the right end.

Mike drank half his coffee and then visited he loo for the first time.It was almost 10.00 am when he returned to drink the other half. A bit of a delay again then he told me he was just going to have another coffee then he’d get dressed and see what I wanted to do with the rest of the morning. I stifled a laugh. He made a coffee after I’d drawn  a map of how to find the kitchen then we chatted as he drank it. When he decided to go to the loo and then get dressed I nipped through to refresh my mail and catch up again as much as possible. It was possible to catch up all the way. We decided to call in at Abakhan where they have a gift shop as Mike is looking for a broach in the shape of the Welsh Dragon for a friend in the Midlands. Accordingly we left the house knowing how I was going to spend the rest of the morning. It was 11.45 am.

It was a beautiful day and Mike put the top down on the car. The three hairs I have left after losing the internet last week blew in the wind. If my hair hadn’t been cut a few weeks ago I’d have been whipped to death the speed Mike drives. We weren’t lucky with the broach but the gift shop was a pleasant stop.We got back in the car and headed off for lunch. Tariq and Angie were pleased to see us as his day had been a disaster with the lights behind the counter blowing out. He managed to fix them. He’s a real   Jack of all trades. While we were there he showed me a machine he has for cutting out letter to use on signs or maybe teeshirts, and also an A3 printer since I’d expressed interest. We’d had a conversation recently about me doing teeshirt prints recently and ironing them on ad he suggested a press which I’d said was far too expensive. It turns out since I last looked they’re only about £100 now. I used to enjoy doing either humorous of photographic teeshirts. After lunch we said our long goodbyes and I partly lost the usual argument when Tariq said he wanted to treat us to the puddings ( lemon meringue for me, apple pie for Mike).

We drove home where Mike dropped me off then packed his suitcase and left for his fathers.My first stop of course was the computer where I worked on mail until 6.00 pm then I watched part of a film until 7.30 when X-Men 2 came on and I decided to stay and watch. At 10.00 pm when it finished I sprinted through here to work.

Monday. My sleep pattern at the moment wouldn’t be one I’d recommend using to knit a jumper by.Today I didn’t raise my little head ( Oi, watch it you) until 6.55 am and I had to by pass the computer and make straight for the kitchen. I fed the fish before they had time to mount a sulk, took my tabs and put my coffee on while I nipped to the loo. It was ready when I got back, ready but cold. It would be quicker mounting an expedition to look for the Yeti than taking a pee these days. I took the virtual frappe through and turned the computer on. I hadn’t felt like breakfast this morning so I’d saved some time. With no attempts to con me I worked steadily till 9.10 am then rather than refresh I got dressed and walked to Pauline’s for some baps and my cigarettes. It was beautiful out and I managed without a jacket. 

When I came back and refreshed there was enough to keep me going until 11.00 am and then I decided to print off some photographs to put in the three frames I bought on Saturday. Since the printer is now working fine with the right inks in I might as well use it. By the time I’d done that and cut the pictures out to fit the frames it was lunchtime. A beef steak (without peppercorn sauce) with onion gravy, new Jersey potatoes and peas with carrots made a wonderful meal. After washing the pots I indulged in an antiques show before returning to work. A fellow author expressed interest in reading my first book so I sent her the pdf copy with the instruction not to read it out of politeness. I don’t want to go down in her estimation. Actually another author recently contacted me to say she’s enjoying every minute of it but the family did advise me she had sunstroke. I worked until 4.30 pm when I wanted to see another Antiques Road Trip which is really fun. I was enjoying it until about 5.10 when a huge flash of lightning turned the TV off.

As I turned the TV back on there was a huge clap of thunder and down came the rain. And how it came down. It didn’t even pause for breath until 8.30 pm but then it started moving away. At 5.15 pm I watched a quiz, at 6.00 pm I watched a quiz and at 6.30 pm an older repeat of a different Antiques Road Trip. Not that I’m single minded or anything but I do like antiques. As I came through to the bedroom later on I found myself getting quite frustrated at the problems between Chrome and WordPress. Sometimes I can’t get into a wordpress site at all from someone’s post. Sometimes I can get in but it won’t let me comment and when it does, it makes me sign into my own wordpress account first. I keep getting the message ‘data not received’ which I’m sure will be on my headstone to explain why I didn’t get to heaven. I’d tear my hair out if I had any left after last week. Anyway, I managed to keep calm enough to clear my post before starting on the blog.

Many of you may remember mention of my friend Lis and her wonderful daughter Charlie. You may remember recently I told you of Charlie’s friend who was recently diagnosed with pancreatic cancer like Julia. I had hoped there might be some treatment for him but all they could offer was palliative care. Rob passed away on Sunday after getting married to his long time love the day before. my Best Wishes are with her in this most difficult of times. She hasn’t really had time to adjust to the news of the cancer before it’s parted them.

Tuesday. I shall cease complaining about my change of routine. I shall cease being smug about getting a lie in. It was 4.05 am this morning and I wasn’t ready. The winning lottery numbers for tonight’s draw were just about to appear and some joker decides I should be awake. I’d cleared the first batch by 6.00 am and the second batch by 6.30 am so the fish got lucky again. I  had some breakfast preparatory to going out, made myself a coffee and came back to get washed and dressed. There was even time to refresh the mail again and do a few more before 7.20 an when I needed to prepare. I’d checked the local weather forecasts for the day for both my postcode and for Yvonne’s. I was due to have rain about noon and Chester about 2.00 pm. Right, in case we’re still outside I’m wearing my long country ‘duster’ coat. I slung the haversack over my shoulders that contained the photographs I’d framed, carried the bag with Reuben’s new clothes in my right hand, put my gloves on, grabbed my crutches and locked the door.I unlocked it, went out and locked it again. My timing was perfect as the bus reached the stop just before I did.

My usual nod to the driver I went to the seat at the front. I leaned my sticks down and brought the bag of my back. Smash, the triple picture frame I’d done for Yvonne came free of the bag somehow leaving behind the bubble wrap and smashed on the floor of the bus. I put the bag with the other pictures on the seat. screamed ‘Why Me’ at the sky ( or the roof of the bus) and bent down to clean up. A lovely lady came out of her seat to help and using the back of the frame collected all the glass. The driver got out of his seat and instead of the anger I expected asked If I’d like the glass in the bin by the bus stop. I was very touched. He came back and handed me the frame. The very kind passenger asked if I’d like a carrier bag but without the weight of the glass I knew it would be safe back in my bag again. I managed to thank her and sat down. I found I was quite tired and was thinking of nodding off but the fates hadn’t finished with me yet. The bus pulled in at Holywell and I could hear raised voices. A young child got on the bus and was followed by a woman pulling a young boy, probably about 6 or 7 years old. He was in full tantrum mode and was screaming he wanted his crisps. His mother told the driver she’d just had to chase him round the square as he’d run off and she wasn’t too pleased. He sat in a small seat enear the front screaming, kicking the seat and banging on the window. She sat behind me and occasionally told him to stop.

Take my word for it, Flint is a long way away when you have that racket though it’s only about 6 miles taking the bus route. They got off in Flint. I was pleased. Passing by me the mother said “Kids eh?”. As the bus started again I closed my eyes and was gently nodding when I felt some pressure on my foot. Nothing terrible but enough to bring me round. The driver had stopped and a young woman with a twin buggy had got on and parked the buggy on my foot. I moved myself until nothing was jutting out ( Oi, keep it clean back there) and closed my eyes again. The rest of the journey was OK. When we drew into Chester the sun was shining so I opened my coat, held the haversack and Reuben’s bag in my hand and walked to Costa to meet them. Yvonne had my coffee and some fresh toast waiting on the table for me. I got a smile from Reuben but not for long as he was demolishing his own toast. When we’d finished Yvonne cleaned him up and I was able to have him on my knee. He showed his versatility by doing part of the Feet of Flames routine in my groin. We headed up to the market to find something for Yvonne ad to see if there was a shop selling frames. No joy. We went to the precinct where I’d bought the original. A very helpful young man told me they no longer sold them but he had some similar in the stockroom. It was a problem as he was on his own in the shop. If I could give him 15 mins he’d go down when his assistant arrived. We went for another coffee. After half an hour we headed back and true to his word the young man brought me 3 styles, one was very similar to the original but there was one I liked better. I bought it and only now do I feel guilty at not buying more after he’d got them. I could have always found a use.

We went to get some shoes for poor Yvonne as her current ones were pinching then it was time to change a smelly nappy ( No, not mine) and while there we found some nice outfits for Reuben at Buy One, Get One Half Price so I got him two and so did Yvonne. Then lunch was upon us. I had sausage, chips and beans while Yvonne starved as sh had soup at home for the diet. About 12.45 pm we finished and I was so hot in the sunshine that it looked like a tap dripping from my head. I was so uncomfortable I decided to leave early and go home. They walked me to the bus stop and I did my journey in reverse.

Back home I piled into the waiting messages and worked till 4.30 when the Antiques Road Trip came on.More work then a quiz, then a quiz then more work until 8.00 pm when Endeavour was on which is the young version of Morse. That brings us to 10.00 pm when I came through to start again until I knock off. It’s 11.45 pm now so when I finish this I’ve just time to do one last email check.

Wednesday. I woke, swung my legs out of bed and looked at the clock. 3.55 am. It was a matter of a microsecond of thought and my legs were swung back. I gripped my pillow tight and said “Not a cat in hell’s chance.” I managed to doze off again and the next  thing I knew it was 6.04 am, much better. Computer on, a trip to the loo and then work till 7.00 am. I had 32 left to do but they could wait till the fish were happy and I’d had some breakfast. When I got back there with my coffee I found an email from Amazon advising me they had some books I may like on Prime. Two of the first three books on the list were A Presence in Russell County by S.J. Sprague and  The Mulberry by yes, you’ve guessed it, S.J.Sprague. I was delighted to see these books being advertised as the author is a good friend and having read the first book I know how well she writes. What surprised me was why Amazon bothered advertising them to me since it was from Amazon I got them and it was on Amazon I left my review. Still, I hope they advertise far and wide for all of us and create sales.

At 9.30 am I went out to Pauline’s for some milk, cigarettes and my TV Magazine for next week. It’s hot enough for a tee shirt today again.The rain seems to have disappeared. I hope it stays that way over the weekend. I half expected the milk to turn to yoghurt on the way home but we made it. I had a spoon in my pocket just in case. On returning home, I worked till just before 11.00 am and found myself free. I did a quick check on Ebay then went through to the lounge where the sun had me nodding off in my chair. It was 12.15 pm when I woke up to see to lunch. After the strain of opening and closing the microwave door I needed another nap after lunch and didn’t get back to the mail until 1.30 pm. It had mounted up but I was on top form and got myself up to date. I was back and forth all afternoon keeping an eye as I wanted to be free to catch the next episode of my Antiques Road Trip. I made it no problems and without even taking another nap in the chair.  It was 5.15 pm and the quiz I often watch was about to start when I saw a familiar figure pass the window, my nephew Lee back from his travels in the Orient and ready to join his father and brother gaming when they arrive. I greeted him and poured a drink of water when he told me that Dil and Matt were also here but outside on the phone. Matt walked in moments later and I made him a coffee. I was shocked t see him there so early as he an his dad usually arrive about 5.45 pm. Then Dil came in , he’d finished work early to see the doctor as he’s got gout- (Dil, not the doctor). Poor soul I felt for him. It’s very painful .

Drinks done, TV off and the table out we went into battle.The first scrabble was a tight game despite me getting a 7 letter word as my first go in turn, but which scored me a piddling 77 points. End result a draw between Dil and myself. In the second Dil fared better and won outright. When it came to the Nomination Whist I was unstoppable and romped home to victory. After this Lee had to take his leave which was a shame but I remembered to give him his birthday card and present for tomorrow.  Dil dealt for Crazy 8’s which proved to be a disaster for me and left Matt with a big grin across his face as they got up to leave. After waving them goodbye and wishing the wounded warrior well I tidied up as usual, washed the pots and came through to get on with however many messages I had. It’s a lot. I’m stroking the chin of midnight before I’m able to get on with the blog and the chance of a decent read is a diminishing possibility.

Thursday. I managed a read until about 1.00 am but still found myself up at 5.31 am. I wasn’t feeling right but couldn’t put my finger on it, though I’m not sure if that’s legal anymore anyway. It’s been years since I’ve seen it never mind put my finger on it. Ridiculous as the time was, it did mean that I had the mail under control by 7.00 am when it was time to go visit with the fish and get my breakfast.  I  sauntered knowing how well I was doing but was halfway through breakfast when I suddenly started retching. It was all I could do to hop to the bathroom and kneel head bent over the loo feeling very sorry for myself. The feeling eventually subsided and I returned to the kitchen, made a coffee and started back in on the mail. I had a headache and realised I’d quite forgotten my meds last night but didn’t know if that had any bearing on how I felt then.

As I brought the lavel way down I decided to nip to Ebay to see if I could get any inspiration for a gift. The first thing that greeted me was a message that I should change my password since their system had been hacked though they were quite sure nothing had been compromised. This is a tedious job owing to a mistake I made years ago when registering, I didn’t use my own email address. Eventually I was able to do it and started my search. The gift is for a good friend who doesn’t  live in the UK so either I have to buy a present from his home country and have it delivered direct or I have to be careful of weight if buying here because of postal costs. But, while I was there I found two teeshirts which I think would be perfect for Mike and his wonderful sense of humour.

From Ebay

From Ebay


From Ebay.

From Ebay.

They really appealed to me. Whether he’ll agree with me remains to be seen as he will assure me the second one is right in the first line. I got dressed about 9.15 am ready to go and get my lottery tickets. No win last night so if I want a holiday this year it’ll mean a long swim. It was a mechanics dream outside pouring Datsun cogs as it was so I had to wear a coat. Hood up I looked like a demented friar taking long hops with the crutches to get there and back quickly. I was just approaching home when I saw a car pulling away but I didn’t recognise it and wasn’t expecting anyone. I went inside to see if any note had been left but while I was checking the floor someone knocked on the door. The small man standing there wished me good morning and said he had an appointment to read the meter. “I have no appointments” I responded. He explained he’d been asked to come but that he had tried to ring first. I didn’t think that constituted an appointment and wasn’t too chuffed anyway as it’s Yvonne that’s supposed to get the call so she can contact me and prepare me. He was getting wet so I let him in. Before he could read the meter I had to clear a path to it which is what I was supposed to avoid having to do in a hurry, hence the reason for the advance notice. He told me they must be considering putting a smart meter in which left me confused because surely that was the decision that had been made by the last man to come? He got his reading and left as I collapsed on the bed with my nitrolingual spray. Ouch ouch ouch. On came the fresh headache that always arrives after using the nitro but luckily I was able to fall asleep.

I woke about 10.30 am and slowly got up to see how the mail was doing. There were three messages returning mail to me as undeliverable which was quite amazing since I hadn’t sent any of them in the first place, didn’t recognise the messages and didn’t know the addressees. I think they were spam but how they’d come from my machine I don’t know as I’m supposed to be protected….’Something for the Weekend Sir?’. I finished quite quickly and retired to the lounge where I started watching a programme where thieves are caught red-handed. I realised just how evil some people are when they’d rather steal someone else’s goods than work for their own. One couple had their safe stolen which held photographs and momentos of their daughter who’d died very young and were irreplaceable.  A couple of nasty gunmen trying to rob a jewellers got a surprise when the owner and his wife managed to trap them in the shop until the police arrived. The idiots made things worse for themselves by unlocking the inner door of the shop , going out and before they could open the outer door the inner one closed thus keeping them secure in like an airlock. If theft is a job these days these two deserved the sack. They won’t be working again for 12 and 10 years respectively.

After lunch I had allowed my eyes to close a little while I inspected my eyelids from inside. It took some time so it was 1.45 pm before I was back on the job again.  (Mail not theft I mean). I was up and down all afternoon trying to keep up so I have my Thursday evening free for Big Bang Theory and the last two episodes of Person of Interest. This blog was written between 8.30- 10.00 pm and then finished after 11.55 pm. I hope you appreciate the dedication.

Tastes better than food Ma.

Tastes better than food Ma.

Yes, you're right, I'm a scamp.

Yes, you’re right, I’m a scamp.


Friday. I was sort of ready to get up this morning. In fact I think my legs were on their way out of bed without the rest of me when I woke up. It was 5.31 am and my bladder said the timing was right. I’d had so many ice lollies yesterday it was coming out in icicles this morning and the outside temperature wasn’t helping as it seems Winter might be on the doorstep again, and the path, the garden and the road. It’s persisting down with rain too. A gloomy start to the day. I put the computer on and commenced work. One thing stood out as blindingly obvious today, the computer is behaving as normal, no Chrome v WordPress problems ( fingers crossed knock on wood). Every message seemed sensible bar one. A few days ago I tweeted a blog I’d read which I found funny. Someone retweeted it but kept my name there for some reason. A third person picked it up and must assume I’m the author and is taking swipes at me in his tweets.  Since the original blog wasn’t rude and my tweet of it wasn’t rude I don’t appreciate someone else’s rudeness. I was forced to tweet and tell him so and ask him to save his rude remarks for something I write that he hates. He came back later with an innocent ‘Who me?’ I’m just a commentator on politics blah blah screenwriter. Grrrrr.

At 7.00 am I went through to see to the fish and one of the ‘so called’ assassins was out. If he’s eaten anything it’s probably his partner and that’s why he’s been in hiding, digesting him. I just couldn’t be bothered with breakfast so after taking my meds and then doing a  new batch for the week I made a coffee and took it through with me.  I was delighted to read that a friend of mine who works all day every day on manuscripts for other people is actually going to take a three day weekend. It led me to thinking what a shame it is that I can’t meet some of the wonderful people I’ve met through the blog. Especially the ones in warmer climes today by coincidence of course. I think it must be a National holiday in Nigeria and Burkino Faso since none of them have written to me and maybe a power surge has shorted out a few crystal balls as well since none of the ‘seers’ has written to me in a while.

By 9.30 am I’d finished and rather than refresh and have to find a tissue for my eyes I got dressed, said a prayer to the patron saint of trench foot and went out. It had stopped raining ! I delivered my repeat prescription to the chemist and though I didn’t need anything decided to cross the road to the One Stop ( opposite Pauline’s) and just see what they’ve got in the six months since I was there last. I don’t know who’s stupid idea this was but I came out with a bag full and two rolls of kitchen paper towel under my arm. It’s just adding insult to injury that in Wales we have to pay for the carrier bags. I’m afraid there was nothing diabetic friendly in the bag either unless you count Maltesers. I struggled home. The minute I set foot on my step the rain came down again. Thank you St, Fungus.

Once in I unpacked then returned to the mail for a while, Toffee Crisp in hand. By 10.45 am I’d finished and decided to watch  a bit of TV coming up to lunch. People buying houses at auction and doing them up seemed favorite but after a short time my eyelids had other ideas and shut me down. I was awake for lunchtime and went through to see what was left. I’d got a minced beef hotpot. Wonderful….until I turned it over and found it wasn’t microwave suitable. Oops, I’d already taken my pre-lunch tablet and quickly had to make some cheese and coleslaw baps.I had a healthy yoghurt  to follow then a not so healthy 4 dark chocolate fingers. I’ve not heard anything from Mike to say whether he’s coming and I know the car is going in for repair today so I decide to keep attacking the mail as much as possible just in case. I have breaks for my antique programmes and for one of my quizzes but I’m pretty much on top now. I must have nodded a few minutes because on the second antiques programme they’re just heading for the auction where they sell everything then all of a sudden they’re taking food out of an oven. Oh wait, that’s somebody else completely with the food.

I was just on my way through to see how the mail was doing when I got a text message. I was excited for a moment until I saw it was my phone supplier reminding me to top up. I sat down at the computer and the phone beeped again. YAY, Mike’s on his way. It’s 7.55 pm so I have to give him 3 hours with the weather. So, I finish the mail and take a shower. I’ll go through to the TV and pretend I have company though I’ll keep popping through in the adverts.

It’s almost time for his arrival so I’m finishing this quickly so we have chance to speak. Though maybe this week I’ll have chance to speak to a human being instead of the TV and poor Mike can turn his hearing aid off an nod occasionally. Sometimes he nods and says Ah, or Yes, hoping they’re in the right place but I don’t really care.

This one’s for Mike.      

Saturday.  The was a noise last night as the door opened, something flew in, used the loo flushed and left again. I was left starting at a light on in the empty bathroom and a closed front door. Was it some random drunk from the local pub who couldn’t wait until he got home………. I put the kettle on just in case. Moments later the door opened again and in breezed a very relieved Mike who’s been at the end of his tether when he drew up and couldn’t wait to get has case from the boot ( trunk for my trans-Atlantic buddies). He threw his case on the bed and came to refill on coffee.It was my job to listen to his week because whenever he asks me how my week’s been I just tell him to read the blog! Every visitor counts. Which momentarily reminds me to mention my absolute surprise that people are still joining the blog. I had two new followers today alone. Welcome Newbies, you’ll soon learn the error of your ways. If I hadn’t been able to blackmail my regulars you’d be on your own here.

I didn’t get up until 6.30 am today but that’s OK. I went to the kitchen without turning the computer on and had a round of toast and made my coffee. I took all my tabs and sprays to waste time while I waited for Mike’s 7.00 am alarm. No joy. I went and turned the computer on and did a few messages. I had to decide whether to let the idle beggar poor tired fella sleep or grab a bucket of water. Any decision was futile as his alarm went off slightly before lunch at 7.30 am. I made a coffee and took it through.The alarm was off and the snoring was on. I was greeted by grunts when I told him in a voice loud enough to wake the dead his coffee was there. Then I returned to my emails. At 7.45 am the alarm went off again and it penetrated enough to get him up, well that and the fact I moved it out of reach. He took his drink through to the lounge and I followed him through. “Did my alarm go off at 7 am?” he asked. “No” I answered. “That explains it then.” he said but didn’t tell me what it explained. We had the usual loo visit just before which he thrust his mug at me for a refill. Would we get out before evening?

We eventually arrived at the supermarket when we’d usually be leaving. We managed to get round in quite good time and he wouldn’t let me have a coffee because I’d missed one thing from my list. He told me I could have a coffee in Flint and get my missing item there. We got to Flint and found my missing Loo Bloo then went to Temptations for a coffee. As usual I stood at the counter and chatted to Ceri as she made the order and Mike walked right past for the loo.I swear he’s like a dog marking his territory. As he came out I transferred the drinks to our table and ordered a teasted toecake for him before he started getting into his usual flirtatious conversation with Ceri himself. She was on her own this morning and quite busy. She also told us Daniel leaves at the end of next week which will be a loss . He’s also good fun on a Saturday morning and takes the teasing quite well.

We left and instead of going home headed for the Tweed Mill to see if we could find the broach Mike is looking for as  a gift. As I was afraid they didn’t have one but at least I got a cup of tea somewhere different. I suggested Afon Wen, the antiques centre which is where I got them previously. They did have one but it was a bit ‘spensive’ so it stayed in the cabinet. I’ve now suggested Ebay. We decided to go for lunch and set off across country to The Ivy where we found Angie very busy. The place was crowded. It was a while before Tariq appeared. He was serving and helping with the cooking but still had time for hugs. before going back to the kitchen. Shella was out doing a buffet so it was all hands to the pumps. When she returned he was able to come out a little more and chat though the crowds increased. After lunch I saw he was talking to a couple at the counter so I was able to go up behind them and just lay the money on the counter. By the time I’d got my coat on he was by my side arguing, as he was while I walked towards he door, opened it and got outside. Mike thought it was hilarious. We’ve never had anyone less anxious to take money from me before. At this rate he’ll be paying me to eat there.

Time to head home and unpack the shopping. That done I was desperate to get on to do my messages and Mike was going to deal with a phone his son, my nephew Anton had sent me. An HTC Wildfire, they’re trying to bring me out of the dark ages. There was moaning, groaning and cursing galore as he tried to set it up. He shouted to me, he visited me and interrupted me and then went back to cursing again.After continuous fiddling it was up and running by 10.30 pm. I’d done my mail, made our pre-tea pudding, watched a couple of programmes on TV, washed pots, watched TV, made tea, washed pots again, made more coffee all through the blue air of his swearing in the lounge session. Tomorrow my training starts in earnest ( if anyone knows where Earnest is please let me know) as I learn to allocate ring tones to specific people. Wish the world luck. After Mike found the episode of the Tomorrow People we missed earlier we watched that and I finally came through. I’m doing the blog before assaulting myself with the message catch-up again. Wishing you all a Fantastic Week.


Ready for Summer

Ready for Summer

Summer Raspberry

Summer Raspberry

Father & Son

Father & Son


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Sunday bloody Sunday & ISP Wails in Wales.

Sunday. It was a bit of a restless night so I managed to sleep a bit longer this morning. I didn’t get up until 5.56 am and flicked the computer on as I was leaving the room for the loo. It was ready to go when I got back. Strangely there were only fifty- odd ( rather than fifty odd) pieces of mail and happily a good few were about last weeks blog. and happily no-one has yet claimer terminal boredom. There was another of the fraudulent mails and it upset me quite a lot. This one claims to be a woman currently in London staying in a cancer hospital with terminal cancer and no more than two months to live. She and her husband lived ( guess where) in Nigeria for some years where he worked and invested. When he died she sold up a shopping mall, a hotel blah, blah, blah. The money is still in a bank out there but she won’t be able to go back. She specifically wants me to take on the couple of million she has and donate it to charity less 20% which I can keep for expenses. This is one of the more wicked cons out there appealing to people’s sympathy. I also had the standard bank manager with a deceased client message which gets sent to the crap pile without hesitation.

At 7.00 am I fed the fish though you wouldn’t know it as they all had their backs to me and were swimming to the furthest corner away from me. I assume that’s because he didn’t get fed yesterday. They should know by now that Saturday is diet day, for fish at least. I turned to take my meds and included one for a pre-meal. After about ten mins I was ready to have a bowl of shreddies but was overcome by spirit instead. I was forced to eat two doughnuts instead. Erm, don’t have a go at me though, there were three there and I was only forced to eat two. I took my after meal tabs and retired back to the bedroom with my coffee. Away from the temptations of the kitchen and whatever malevolent spirit resides there. I worked through a couple of mail refreshes until I was clear about 10.15 am. I decided at that point to print some pictures off to fill a frame for Yvonne. including a copy of the one taken of me with Reuben by Tariq. I knew my black ink was almost gone so I thought I’d better change that first. When I turned on and checked, it seems all of the inks were getting low and not wanting a hiccup during printing I thought I’d change them all. I’d bought quite a few last time as the compatible inks are quite inexpensive.

I got the cartridge holder to the right position, shook the new inks, took them out of their wrappers and inserted them one by one as I took the old ones out. I was very careful with the disposal of the old ones. I set the printer to go and all I kept getting was a message to say that these inks were incompatible with the printer. Nothing I could do would change the message so I’ve now got new inks in and can’t print anything. I ended up having to go to Amazon to buy proper Epson inks. The annoying thing is these cartridges are exactly the same as the ones I took out and were part of the same order. I won’t be able to do anything until the Epson inks get here from Jersey. I expect they’ll be gold plated at the price I had to pay. Unless maybe they come with a free holiday on Jersey.

That messing about took me to lunchtime where I had every intention of being good. Unfortunately the spirit wasn’t so inclined and I ended up with four rashers of bacon (sliced with a razor blade), a Bury black pudding ( all the best ones are from Bury) and a small tin of beans. By choice I added two baps to that. I struggled to eat it all but after a dynamic effort almost made it. I put the last bean in the food waste bin. I followed up with a Kitkat. It’s only now I realise how lucky I am not to have been forced to eat the BFG from the freezer which I’d forgotten about. After lunch I had a Sunday nap in my chair which was quite welcome but when I woke up I was talking to someone on the couch and I’ve no idea who. I felt quite lonely actually and went back to work. I stayed there until 5.30 pm when I went to watch part of a film and then an episode of Inspector Morse  followed by The Antiques Road Show. It was time then to come through and have the last mass catch-up of the mail and start the blog.

Monday. Well, it was a little better last night and I slept until 6.05 am so swinging myself out of bed wasn’t too difficult.I should perhaps have been in a sitting position first though as when my feet swung left to right to find my slippers, my head swung left to right into the wall. It’s OK though, the wall wasn’t hurt too much and isn’t going to sue. The trouble is, wherever I have the bed in this room it has to be side on to a wall unless I remove the rest of the furniture. Where it is now is right next to the emergency alarm which I may have to use if I clout myself like that one more time. I whimpered my way down the passage to the loo.  I considered an en suite but chamber pots are so passe now and I didn’t want to passe it by in the middle of the night. I returned from the loo and turned the computer on. A couple of days ago I received an email purporting to be from createspace telling me they were having problems making a payment to me. I did nothing about it as the same day I received notice of a payment due in about a week. Today I had the same message again and I’m uncomfortable about it. It looks real, it reads real but my nose says something is off so I’ve messaged their help desk to ask if it’s real or a convincing con. I’ll keep you informed of any answer. Maybe I’m getting paranoid now.

I saw to the fish at 7.30 am and also had a bit of breakfast. I was sure I was going to have Shreddies but as I poured they came out as Rice Krispies. Tomorrow I’m going to try it with my eyes open. I took a coffee back to my desk then went to get washed and dressed. I’m not going out and I’m expecting no visitors but you never know. At about 9.30 am I realised I needed to go out with my prescription request so I’ll have the drugs ready for Thursday/Friday when it comes to doing the week’s supply. I donned my leather jacket and headed out. The rain was like a continuous waterfall and I was drenched within feet, at least my head and my legs were. By the time I got back I was like a drowned rat ( sorry girls) and had to towel dry my hair and glasses before I could see to change. If I’d thought to pick up cigarettes while out I could have avoided a trip in the morning. I’ll have to go early so I don’t miss the postman again.

At lunchtime I had a lamb shank with mashed potatoes, peas and carrots. Very tasty. Then it was time for my afternoon kip. I hadn’t intended too and was quite enjoying a film. When I woke up I wondered how it had become a murder until I understood  I’d missed both an end and a beginning. So, back to work. On a serious note I’m both worried and disgusted with the number of countries who are becoming right-wing. The number where there are signs of anti-Semitism growing again as in the Ukraine and where there is an anti-gay movement . If it’s true that the UK and the US are responsible for the current regime in the Ukraine because the previous Government were not wanting to join the EU then both Governments have a lot to answer for. A number of deaths can be laid at their door already.                                                                      I worked until teatime when I had a bowl of strawberries then watched my quizzes, half an antiques programme and hen a film called ‘Employee of the month’ that made me smile a few times. At 9.00 pm I came through in the hopes of finishing the mail and the blog early. Well that’s not happening.

zebra boy 1

Zebra Boy

Zebra Boy

Tuesday.You remember Julie Andrews singing as she worked her way through an alpine meadow with the von Trapp kids in tow, Idle Swine, Idle Swine every morning you greet me, or words to that effect. Well I checked the bathroom mirror this morning and Idle Swine stared back at me. It was 6.25 am before I got up today and I’d barely been for the stop-start mission before it was time to feed the fish and myself. They got some very boring fish flakes and I got some rather tasty, thick, buttered toast. It was a nice change from my cereal and I was able to use up the last of the weekend’s baps. After taking my drugs I wandered back to my bedroom with the coffee that was going to wake me up. I turned on the machine and got started. Content wasn’t too bad in that no-one was trying to con me first thing and I did get my answering email from Createspace. Their messages were genuine. It seems they’ve been having a problem paying me since January. I followed a different set of directions to the last ones but seemed to end up in the same place. The difficulty is they don’t tell you what the problems are. I had to un-click a couple of things then re-click them in the hope it kick starts whatever isn’t working. If it goes Kaput again I don’t know what I’ll do as changing back to cheques isn’t an option as bank charges will eat up the value.

At  just gone 9.00 am I got dressed and went to replenish the ciggie supplies at Pauline’s. I got fresh baps and my new TV mag while I was there. Then it was home again to work while waiting for the postman. It was getting to be late morning when there was a knock on the front door. I must have been concentrating heavily as I left my seat but not in a good way and came down holding my chest in fright. Another small knock and I went to answer. I could see it was my postie before I opened the door. The parcel I had to sign for was no longer than a cigarette and not much thicker. My Iodine has arrived. Before going through to make my lunch I bared my stomach (look away ladies) and painted a patch about the size of a 50p piece or a 2 cent Australian coin I’m reliably informed. While waiting for it to dry I left my stomach bared and read the brochure that said how important Iodine is to the body and how the chemicals in our water depletes it. Hopefully this will help me chase of the chest before I have to go back to the doctor’s again. I covered the stomach up took a tablet then placed a cottage pie in the micro ( Yes, I know I said I was fed up with them but the shop we went to at the weekend had little choice). I’d just about finished eating when I glances someone cross in front of the window. As best I could I ran to the kitchen with my tray, turned the TV down and went to the front door. There was my wonderful Crazy Cat Lady Helen. Since she’s left the Ivy and doesn’t want to lose touch she’s come to visit. I had no problem opening the door to her and ushering her in. You can’t help but be relaxed in her company. As a ( sort of ) joke she even brought me a packet of ham and two little eggs from her own hens, freshly laid. I gave her the midge fragnet Mike had brought her back from Canada and a box of chocolates as she now misses out. She was with me well over an hour and was a delight. We talked about her crafting and was able to give her two crafting CDroms from Ju’s collection that she didn’t have.

When Helen left I felt quite bereft and had to go straight back to work on the computer. I stayed there most of the afternoon catching up. There was another knock at the door and this time it was my drugs ‘mule’ from the chemist bringing the latest supplies. After I’d signed Rasputin ( who notices) I took the drugs to the kitchen and went to sit down with a film. At just gone 4.30 pm when I had the lap top on my knees and was swearing at it’s lack of speed, I may have been contemplating a quick kip when I heard the sound of the door opening. I couldn’t hear too well and my mind registered nothing but shock until Ugo walked into the room bearing a stern looking Reuben.But lo and behold he smiled at me. I turned the laptop off and took Reuben from Ugo so he could visit the loo, the dance he was doing was quite unseemly. I was able to dodge the grab for the glasses and took him to the mirror which he loves ( talk about vain and Reuben’s no better). Ugo came back and decdided to give Reuben some milk but for some reason his eyes were following me around and his arms opened to indicate a pick up. I did so gladly and Ugo took a walk to the chippie. Ten  minutes later he was back with sausage and chips for me  ( come on, I had to make an effort after he’d bought them) and whatever rubbish he was having in the kebab line. But first he took Reuben back and started to feed him while I ate my tea. Afterwards we swapped so Ugo could eat and I played with Reuben. I made Ugo’s pudding and almost collapsed with shock to find he only wanted ONE chocolate pudding but would take custard with it. They left about 6.00 pm so Reuben would be back for his bedtime. After I’d waved them off it was straight back here playing catch up again. I’d thought about going back through t the lounge for a late episode of The Mentalist but instead settled for an earlier episode of SG1 from 8 – 9.00 pm. Then it was back here for the rest of the night.

Mischief 1

Mischief 1

Destruction accomplished.

Destruction accomplished.



Wednesday. I had an inkling this was not going to be a good day when I opened my eyes at 6.55 am

that’s almost afternoon as far as I’m concerned. Bypassing the computer, I didn’t stop to collect my £200 for passing go but shot straight to the loo and from there to the kitchen.

I fed the fish and at least they couldn’t accuse me of being late. No sign of the assassins at all. I don’t remember them booking holidays just because the weather looks good. I had my meds, made a coffee and had some Shreddies for breakfast. Kitchen duties finished I headed back to the pit and turned the computer on. Wow, 107 messages. I ploughed in and was making good progress when about 9.30 am there was a knock at the door. Because I wasn’t dressed yet I was careful how I appeared but it was only my favourite postman. YAY, my inks. I signed for them and came back to the pit full of the joys of Spring knowing I could now print off the pictures I wanted to do for the frame I have for Yvonne. Bollards ! I opened the package and there were only 3 inks, the fourth would be coming by a separate delivery with no mention as to how long. Deflated I returned to the mail.

By 10.00 am I had finished the first batch and decided not to refresh until I’d dressed and hoovered up. A quick mop of the kitchen floor and I got the Hoover out. I did all through the lounge though it didn’t seem to matter what setting it was on, thick carpet, thin carpet or hard floor I felt sure I could have done a better job just sucking in hard. I know the bag is empty so it’s not that. I set it for thick carpet and assaulted the hall. It seemed to do well on the hard floor but I ended up using it more as a carpet beater in the end. I decided to give my pit a miss as I’d be working in here in a few minutes………. or so I thought. When I got back my modem was showing access-local only which means the internet is down. I turned the modem off and waited the prescribed time before turning back on, no change. I turned the computer off and rebooted, no change. I did everything I could think of but it made no difference, I’m off. The rest of the morning and most of the afternoon I was either in a state of misery or abject fear at knowing how my messages would be accumulating.

At 5.00 pm relief came in the form of my brother Dil and nephew Matt. I’d almost forgotten Dil had told me last week that he was on holiday this week. While I made drinks Matt checked his tablet and said it looked as though TalkTalk was having some problems so the fault might lie at their end. That was some relief as I knew I hadn’t touched the modem with the Hoover while I worked.

Drinks distributed we started play. Two games of Scrabble later and both Dil’s an my chin were on the floor and Matt had conquered us both. Despite some nice little wordplay by me with adit, aglet and qua Matt’s tablet was coming up with words to beat my brain like qi and other little gems.

We turned to Nomination Whist and with a struggle I came joint first with Matt. The boy is on fire tonight. At least in crazy 8’s I won convincingly pushing Matt over the 300 mark before I hit 3 figures and Dil had only just got over the 100. Finally it was Cribbage and through more luck than judgement I managed to cross the line first. Dil said nothing but you could hear the cogs turning so I’ll have to watch my step next week. They left at just gone 9.30 pm so I tidied up , washed the pots and headed for my pit. Still no luck though I tried turning the modem off again for a few minutes then back on. I’m left to wonder whether the modem was upset that I hoovered so close to it. Maybe it was shock at me hoovering at all.

I went to bed very unhappy, picked a book to read about the dark history of some European Kings and Queens though it seemed to be quite lenient with the Titles as Elizabeth Bathory was not a Queen and Giles de Rais was not a King. I think I only read till 11.00 pm before trying to sleep.


Thursday. Much more like usual I woke at 5.52 am but was amazed I’d slept so long with no forays to and from the loo during the night. I didn’t turn the computer on but went straight to the loo checking the modem on my way back. Still nothing. All the lights are on except the internet one.I turned it off as I went past heading for the kitchen. I turned on the tank light and prepared to say “Good Morning” to them all but disaster had struck. Big Bill the circle swimming Angel Fish had finally succumbed to ‘whatever’ and was lying on the bottom of the tank. I cleared the plants and vases from the top and went in with my net to get him. There was some weed about him which came out too and I was quite cross as I’ve been putting something in to kill the weed off. I was annoyed in case he’d got tangled and the lack of motion had caused him to drown. I don’t think it was that however as there didn’t seem to be enough to have stopped him moving. While I was tere I used the net to gather as many snails as I could and as much weed as I could then buried the lot in the dustbin in a plastic cup. There are now 3 bull nosed placs, a small fish with a flashy tail and a small catfish which is completely white with red eyes ( I know there’s a word for it but can’t remember it this morning).

I had my meds then a piece of toast before coming back through, turning the modem back on as I came.Still nothing. I turned the computer on so that I could record the diary entry oherwise I’ll never remember anything. What surprised me was a pop-up saying there are windows updates and the computer would be turned off in ten minutes. I put it off for an hour. How are windows updates getting through if there’s no internet?

YAY. 10.45 am and I’m back up and running. Only 305 messages await in 24 hours !!!!!!! It’s scary. I’ve no choice but to start reading and typing. Some messages I might pay more attention to usually will have to be passed over if I want to finish sometime today. Food, who has time for that? Well, now that you mention it, it’s almost one o’clock and I need it. Yes, another cottage pie but I did have pizza and chips yesterday- comfort food, today it’s speed food. After that it’s back to work and work and work and work. Tonight it’s my 8.00-8.30 Big Bang Theory and then at 10.00 pm my Person of Interest I don’t want to miss those.

I had a real push and got the post down before Big Bang so I didn’t miss it after all but it’s now 9.49 pm and I’m worried about my other prog. Nearly 60 to go and that makes 487 in all today unless I refresh it again……. See you later.

Friday.Ah, much more back to normal today. I didn’t have to beat sleep off with a big stick in the hopes of my internet returning, I managed to finish by 1.00 am and in total it was 532 messages and 2 blog posts. I was up at 4.46 am telling myself that today would be the Queen of Days this week now I can communicate with the outside world again other than by banging on the walls and hoping someone hears me.

My first batch was done by 6.30 am and I decided to give the fish an early treat. They were all there alive and flipping. I picked up my tablet container and realised I needed to refill it as soon as I’d taken this mornings doses so I swallowed those and got out the new drugs and filled the little compartments which took about 20 minutes then had some breakfast. I took my coffee back through to the bedroom about 7.15 am and refreshed. Not too bad, just 37. I managed to keep on top of things so that when 9.15 am came I was able to get dressed and go to the post office with my voting form. The reason for my mini rant earlier in the week was the form contained four far right groups hiding behind new names, The British National Party is known to be right wing fascist and racist but then you have the English Defence League which is an offshoot of the BNP, Put Britain First is another then we have United Kingdom Independence Party which appears to be OK until you see their history and find they were practically founded by people from the BNP who seem to be still there. There is a group called No2EU which is another on that could appeal to people who don’t take the time to check that this is run by the Chairman of the Communist Party of GB.That leaves the LibDems who haven’t earned themselves any trust since they’ve been power sharing with the Conservatives, who themselves have broken promises since they came to power and are treating the disadvantaged, the sick and the vulnerable very badly with benefits changes while giving tax breaks to the wealthy. They had an opportunity to govern fairly but have now probably lost that opportunity. There are the Labour party who are profligate with our money and despite raising taxes ( as always) they borrowed a lot of money and left the UK in heavy debt. Lastly there is Plaid Cymrru the aprty of Wales who can only be elected to serve Wales and not England so that’s a choice England don’t have. If large tax dodging corporations paid their way and if  he tax relief for the wealthy was lowered then the benefit changes wouldn’t need to be made at all.

Whinge over………..I got back from the Post Office to find the internet kaput again. I calmly pulled the rest of the hair from my head and got back down to turn off the modem and take all plugs out, wiggle them ( technical term) and replace them before turning the modem back on. Glory Be, it’s back !! I almost kissed the postman and might have done if he hadn’t looked so shocked, dropped my stuff and run off. Here was the last of my ink. Double YAY. I performed the difficult task of changing all the inks while simultaneously cursing that the ones I was throwing away were new. Then I set to selecting three pictures to print off to fit the triple frame I mentioned earlier in the week. The spaces were 6″ x 4″ so I had to guess their sizes on a couple of A4 sheets of foto paper. I couldn’t have done better. Everything came out so well. Lunch time came and I retired to the kitchen to make a pizza with micro chips, not forgetting the buttered bap. I’d not long finished when I got a text message ‘ On Way’. Fantastic, I had n’t expected Mike to be this early as he was getting here late afternoon the last few occasions.

I made sure the mail was up to date so I’d be free when he got here. So, when he arrived just before 3.00 pm I got the kettle on ready and was almost pouring it as he reached the kitchen. I got my usual (brotherly) kiss and a hug and then he parked his bum and told me about his week. If he left out the bits about nooky it would have taken about ten minutes but he’s had a good week, a better week than me the miserable beggar. We watched a couple of quizzes together answering as we went along then he had something to eat. He washed my hair ( quite difficult for me), I had a shower and then we relaxed again to chat and eventually watch the TV a little more. At 9.00 pm I came through and left him to his own devices. I think I’ve managed to catch up again but still the occasional hicccup with WordPress sites keep asking me to sign in but not carrying comments over.

Saturday. I’m not too unhappy at 5.45 am this morning as it allows me to get a start on the mail. I know Mike’s put his alarm on for 7.00 am as he asked me what time last night and I suggested 6.45 am I stopped him from laughing before he choked. Well, I was doing OK and making good progress when I heard his alarm go off, and off, and off. It was still ringing when I left the bedroom to go to the kitchen to put the kettle on and turn the light on for the fish. I had time to take my two sprays, take all my tablets and put a piece of toast on before the kettle boiled and I made Mike’s coffee. I took it through o his room, put it on the bedside table furthest away and called        ” Coffee’s up Bro”. There were some unintelligible grunts in what I took to be either Polish or maybe High Neptunian for all I know as I left the room to return to my toast. It was about 5 mins later I heard the slither of his feet and the clicking of his nails on the laminate floor of the lounge. I must remember to get the vet to file those nails down or at least get Mike to stand upright and keep his hands off the floor. 

I went about emptying bins and writing a note in  large black crayon asking the food waste wagon to leave me some new bags as the previous one foot square note must have been too small for them to see. I have 2 bins and up to 4 bags to sort on a Saturday. Some places have an extra bin for garden waste too. There’s no room to leave the driveway on a Saturday. It was almost 7.30 am as I went back in the house and found a fully compost mental human being ready to converse . By 7.50 am we were actually leaving the house and I had only left 14 messages undone. We drove ( well technically HE drove but he says I do a good job of trying to from the passenger seat so I’m counting that a a win) to the big ASDA to shop and yet again I was lucky enough to find some nice things for Reuben. Oh, I did manage to pick up some food too. We had a drink before we left as I was so dry but I had to give up before the end as I’d chosen one of those iced coffees and was on the brink of brain freeze. We  OK, HE drove to Flint where after buying some chocolates we had another drink but this time in Temptations where I was greeted nicely by Daniel as Mike shot straight past and headed for the loo. Ceri appeared and we had nice words before Mike came back and brought all conversation back to gutter level as he chatted her up and teased her. From there we went to the frozen food shop and stocked up on ice lollies.

On the way home to unpack I arranged to meet my niece Karen in Llandudno while Mike visits our friend Brian and his new dog. It’s Karen’s birthday this week and I wanted to get a little gift to her in time. So, after unpacking we were off again. You could tell how nice the weather is from the volume of traffic so the journey was almost an hour. Mike dropped me off in front of another ASDA and left. Plucking up my courage I went inside and headed for the cafe. It was great to see her arrive and the hug was fantastic.Big shock, half a minute later Joanne her sister arrived and I got double the dose. We had lunch and then went round the shops finding a birthday gift for my nephew Lee James. Joanne had to leave to go to work about 2.00 pm but Karen being a veteran shopper stuck with me. Eventually we’d walked as far as we could and I let Mike know I was ready whenever he was. He was there in less than ten minutes. I hugged Karen goodbye and got into Mike’s car. He drove us home. It was about 4.30 pm when we got home. I made Mike a coffee, sat him in front of the TV where football was on and came to look at my mail. It’s as well his ear trumpet wasn’t handy to hear my choice language. I stayed hard at it until 6.45 pm when I needed a break and went through to the lounge. Still  *****y football! I watched a programme with him and was going to come back through at 9.00 pm when I saw the start of an X-Men film so I delayed my start by half an hour. I’ve been at it continuously since then with messages and blog. I hope you’ve all had a good week.

Don’t forget if there’s a particular record you want me to play that shows your taste of means something to you, Shout out.

Be Upstanding

Be Upstanding


Caught Upstanding

Caught Upstanding


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Hello, Sorry-having ISP problems. Normal service will be resumed ASAP

Managed to get back on line late morning after 24 hours. So far have had 487 messages to clear and two days of the weekly blog. I hope I’ve managed to answer any mail you sent and haven’t kept you waiting too long.





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Imagine my surprise this morning when reading someone’s Blog post to find that I’ve been nominated for two more awards.

Dragon's Loyalty Award.

Dragon’s Loyalty Award.

Versatile Blogger Award.

Versatile Blogger Award.

I’d like to thank Kruti Mehta for her kindness in nominating me for these awards and let her know how honored I am to be nominated for one let alone two.  You’ll find this amazing young lady at her blog  . Because of pressure of work I won’t be able to do the Q and A sessions or make my own nominations for a while. That doesn’t mean that I don’t find my friends and followers awesome and worthy of awards.

Thank you,

David. 13.05.2014

SHOCK HORROR. 16.05.2014. Today I have been nominated for even more awards, this time by the delicious Jo Robinson of

Today’s batch includes,

The Dragon’s Loyalty Award as pictured above.

The (very worrying) Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award. I’m pretending this didn’t happen.

The Imagine Award

Blog of the Year Award  (I like this One)

Super Sweet Blogging Award. And me on a diet too. Hey be fair, I am trying.

Wonderful Team Member Readership Award.

The Shine On Award.

The Award for Love and Kindness.

The Sunshine Award, The Awesome Blossom Award and The Lighthouse Award.

The Shauny Award for Blogging Excellence.

Since I’m struggling for time this week and since I have followed an awesome collection of people ALL of whom are worthy of an award for their output may I just say please help yourself to the award most appropriate for yourself and accept it with Huge Hugs from me. Those of you who have chosen to be award free please just accept the hugs.

You’ll find the appropriate award logo on Jo’s site.

Massive Hugs

David 16th May 2014


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Serene Sunday & The Wanderer Returns

Sunday. I was up for a while in the dark  of the night but not ready to start work so after a couple of cigarettes I went back to bed. I slept until almost 7.00 am. When I did climb out of the pit it seemed so peaceful I couldn’t find it in me to rush.  After the traditional nip to the loo I worked on a few messages and then at 7.30 decided I’d have breakfast today. I had the last of the cornflakes and then conscious of our rules about food waste, put the crumbs from the bottom of the box in the bin. Tonight I could kick myself when I think the crumbs could have gone outside for the birds and maybe I’ d have caught some nice photographs. After feeding the fish ( what a humanitarian I am) I had my morning meds then took my coffee back to the bedroom and into battle. It seems bankers in Nigeria and Burkino Faso work Sunday’s too. So it seems does a fake talktalk team who say my account will be cut off within 48 hours unless I fill in some forms to get a new code to replace my password. Yeah right, I think I’ll risk it thanks.

When I next looked at the clock it was 10.05 am and I hadn’t even got dressed. Big decision time, should I bother? Yes, I should make the effort really. So today it was my Robin Hood impression, green jeans and a green hoody. The mail was finished by 11.00 am so I went through to the lounge and sat checking I had enough cards for this month’s birthdays. April and May are heavy months. A little later I took my pre-lunch tab and microwaved myself a roast beef dinner of which perhaps the nicest thing that could be said was, it was hot. I indulged myself in a small pudding afterwards then before settling down, washed the cutlery I’d used. Such heavy work. I couldn’t settle to anything on the TV but wanted a break from the computer. I could see smoke coming from somewhere near me and was afraid I’d fallen asleep smoking gain so I was frantically looking around until I realised the cigarette was in my mouth. I knew I must be tired so I put it out and fell asleep.

I moved between bedroom and lounge all afternoon, keeping up with the mail and looking for something to watch. There were little bursts of sunshine when an antiques programme came on but nothing special. I had some ham and coleslaw for tea with a couple of baps then finished off the strawberries and cream. I found a CSI NY to  watch and then decided to stay for the Star Gate film that I assume started it all, with Curt Russell. Have to say I preferred the chap who played the squad leader in the TV series. It was fairly entertaining but once it was over my patience with TV was done and I came back through to look at the mail again. I’ve been able to take my time with both mail and blog tonight which has been great.

Bank Holiday Monday. It’s 3.32 am. I swung my legs out of bed thinking “I’m not missing this” and hovered almost the full minute before the clock changed again. Yes, the room really is that small. If I counted as I walked from one end to the other I’d be there before I finished One. The width is even worse. Being a pedantic beggar, Oscar was not very happy when I used him to prove the old adage about there not being enough room to swing a cat, and I wasn’t even at the end of his tail. I never understood why that cat hated me so. As this is like a double Sunday I wasn’t too chuffed with the time  but there wasn’t much choice. I did feel cheated at the lack of sleep though since I’d only finished reading just before 1.00am. Maybe my trading partner arranged it thinking my mind might not be clear as I read the latest missive.

Good Day,

we are sorry, for the delay of your contract inheritance payment worth of $10.5m USD and all the Inconveniences. The management of the bank with the instruction of the President and the new appointed ministers after yesterday meeting are to use this opportunity to inform you that we are very surprised to see that you have not received and confirmed your fund since it has been approved for payment to your account since early this new year 2014. Choose any of the following payment methods:

(1) ATM Card/Master Card
(2) Diplomatic Delivery (Cash Payment).
(3) Telegraphic wire transfers

Mr Ben Sule.

How many more different ways are they going to try? Do they honestly think that 10.5m might just have slipped someone’s mind? Maybe I should ask for the cash payment.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       I worked on mail until 5.45 am and decided to try for another sleep. I’m hardly in a rush today. Oddly enough it was a struggle but I did drop off and only woke up again at  6.50 am. I went straight through to the kitchen to feed the fish. I even saw my lone(?) assassin and he looked bigger. I had some Ricicles and then brought my coffee through. More mail had mounted up but as some was personal it took a while to write responses and then add comments to a few blogs so it was almost 10.00 am when I had my first break from the chair. Despite it being a bank holiday, I still had to mop the kitchen floor. It doesn’t feel at all like a Monday. I got a text frrom Mike to say he’s home safely and will hopefully see me soon. I have my fingers crossed for this weekend.

I did a little more work then decided to knock off at 11.15 am. Something mind numbingly boring came on the goggle box but I was just using the noise for company. At midday I had one of the cottage pies I never wanted to see again then settled with an antiques programme for an hour before nodding off . When I finally roused it was back to seeing to any post and there was quite a bit of it. I stayed until 4.00 pm and returned to the box. I don’t know how I can cope with this social whirl. Being a bank holiday there were a few films about so I watched ‘Voyage of the Dawn Treader’ for a while then turned over for ‘National Treasure’. I don’t care for Nicholas Cage as an actor but the storyline was fun. Later I had ‘I Robot’ before coming through to finish the post and the blog. A fairly typical day a la Maison Prosser. Tomorrow will be spent with Yvonne and Reuben so the work will mount up during the day and there won’t be time for TV in the evening. Help !

Sleepy Boys.

Sleepy Boys.

Bedroom Tallboy

Bedroom Tallboy

Tuesday It was a 3.05 am day and no amount of cursing or pleading was going to change it. The computer hadn’t cooled down from earlier and loaded quickly when I turned it on. Looking at what was there I wished it hadn’t. Marriage was proposed, at least I assume it was as I’m fairly sure some of the things one woman proposed aren’t legal outside marriage in on small island of Antarctica and are illegal inside marriage in the rest of the known world. I blushed and hurriedly added another layer of clothing and a safety mask.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             The fish were looking very smug when I went through at 6.30 am to turn their light on and feed them. I wanted breakfast before going out , but they must think I was doing it for them.  I had a bowl of cereal then took a coffee back to the bedroom. Before hitting the mail again I decided to get dressed in something a little smarter and less bulky. I’d made a decision to go to Yvonne’s on an early bus today, at 7.40 am before school children came to the bus stop and while there weren’t many people about. I’d promised to text Yvonne when I was on the  bus knowing she’s expect me on a later bust to arrive at 9.30 or 10.00 am. I had my fingers crossed when I promised though. I left the house at 7.25 am and was at the bus stop just in time for the T1, the bus that goes  more convoluted route but gets there quicker. It’s usually just an hour. I was actually in Chester at 9.30 and on my way to the coffee house. I was honestly going to text her when I was sitting down and say ” Take your time, just let me know when and where you want to meet.” She beet me to it, panicking because she hadn’t heard from me and she ended up dashing even more. I took a slow stroll to where we were meeting, just ready for a wee and a refill of coffee.

We had a good old wander round Chester and stopped for lunch about midday. I had a baked spud with beans. A couple more shops and we started heading for home. I hadn’t been feeling too bright, and the shock of finding green salad stuff on my plate must have been responsible for what happened next. I bent over double with pain from an angina attack. It took my breath away and this time couldn’t be properly hidden. Anyway we eventually made it home and as Yvonne ttries to egt Reuben to have a nap I tried to do some emails whist watching Despicable Me II and fighting (unsuccessfully) the noddy bug that was hanging around the room. I’d nod off, wake up quickly and say something I thought would indicate I hadn’t been to sleep but was not related to anything at all. The emails were a beggar, I had 82 and got down to 14 which then shot up to 73 and by the time I got back tonight was at 107. Ugo got home about 6.15 pm and quickly changed before running me home with Yvonne and Reuben. He has one of my sprays in the car but I was OK. When we were close to home he pulled in front of the chippie and got out to order. I left to go and open the front door and get the kettle on. My diet was well satisfied by the sausage and chips with curry sauce that he got me. Yvonne was sticking to her diet and had nothing until she gets back home and has home made soup . She was dischuffed when Ugo had 2 chocolate puddings even though she made them, and even more dischuffed when it was time to go and I passed her the two tubs of Remy Martin brandy ice cream I bought her at the weekend….. The diet says NO, NO, NO.

They left at 8.00 am and I came through to attack the mail and this blog. I hope your day has been half as entertaining.

Wednesday. Another very early morning at 4.32 am so I thought I’d make enough noise to wake the birds on the roof, they do it to me when I have a lie in. Perhaps I should have felt sorry for them as it was raining quite fiercely. I turned the computer on and started work.                                                                                                                              There were quite a few personal emails today but there was plenty of time. One in particular grabbed my attention. A good friend suggested perhaps I  could ask you for a favorite song and I could put that on the blog for a change. That sounds quite a nice idea as we all get to learn a little more about each other. So, today’s song was suggested by my good friend S.J. Sprague, author of A presence in Russell County and the next book in the series Mulberry.

A Presence in Russell County

A Presence in Russell County




Here is the song         

As usual I worked until about 7.30 then went to see to the fish and my own breakfast. I’d have given a lot for bacon and eggs instead of cereal. I took my coffee back to the bedroom to finish the first batch of mail then decided to shut my eyes for ten minutes in my chair. It was 9.15 when I shut my eyes and 10.15 when I  opened them again. Before refreshing the mail I decided to walk to Pauline’s to collect £8.10 I won on the Euro lottery and spend it straight away on a packet of baps, my TV mag and a BFG as Matt is here tonight and it was his birthday Monday just gone. I know I bought some new biscuits at the weekend for him but I don’t really know his tastes. I stocked up on ciggies while I was there. Back at home I worked up until lunchtime again and had a Shepherds’ Pie, well it’s a change. I watched a reasonable film on the TV then after lunch I put another one on and immediately zonked out. I’m sure the snoring must have ratted the windows I was so deeply gone. When I woke it was a different film altogether. I knew It was catch-up time with the mail again. I worked until 5.10 pm then watched a quiz until the visitors arrived. Matt was laughing at the BFG as I made drinks. Dil got the card table out and set the Scrabble board out. As we started I asked Matt for some of the BFG to eat during the long waits between goes. He and I had some but Dil didn’t bother.Within a few minutes Matt had opened the box of Fox’s biskwits and believe me it didn’t get shut again. It was like having an army on the march through the room. Only cos’ I was distracted Dil won the first match. I must have been distracted during the second one too. However, the game of Nomination was different and I put up just enough of a fight to scrape home. We must have taken longer playing tonight as we had to stop there so they could go home. Dil said he’s off next week and they maybe able to get here earlier.

It was the usual tidy up and washing of pots once they’d left me. I came through to 87 messages which has taken a long time. I’m done tonight and must finish this ice lolly and get to bed.

Thursday. Great News. Mike is coming late tonight , Bad News, he has to leave Saturday.

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The reason for this blatant advertising is that the artist is gorgeous and just happens to be my cousin. She’s hugely talented. If you pop onto her site please let her know I sent you. They make fantastic gifts.

5.10 am and I flung myself out of bed to catch the runaway horse. All I caught was the nail of my little toe on the chest beside my bed. Ouch multiplied. I bore the pain with grim determination and worked my way through the blue fog that had suddenly appeared in the room until I was out and on my way to the loo. After a piddling ten minutes I went back and turned the computer on. Hmm, quite a few again, you lot were busy last night. One of the first messages of the day,

My name is Danielle Huck the Senior Executive of SAVI CASH ACCESS London, United Kingdom. Mrs Margie swope an American citizen invested the sum of £430,000 (four hundred and thirty thousand British Pounds), she died January 2012 of cancer and her wish was to donate the invested funds to CHARITY. Your assistance is needed to help disburse these funds, please get back for more information. Regards Danielle Huck Managing Director SAVI CASH ACCESS.                              

I’m not sure if the reduced amount is supposed to make this more believable than the usual cons and they’re still trying to appeal to people’s greed. Well the latter bit was right anyway, given that figure I can’t guarantee after what I’ve already disposed of that the whole sum would go to charity unless you believe charity starts at home. I worked until 7.30 am, did the rounds and brought my coffee back. I spent until 9.40 am clearing the decks then went out…….Oh yes, I did dress first. I needed to get my lottery tickets done for tomorrow and get some extra milk in for Mike’s visit later. I also needed to nip to the chemist to see if they had any iodine. I was surprised that some staff didn’t even know what it is, but everyone knew they didn’t stock it. It seems not many chemists ( if any) do so at home again I bought some on ebay, making sure I didn’t buy from Thailand or the Ukraine. It’s actually coming from Stockport and I held myself back from asking if they’d send a few Titterton’s pies with it. Such willpower.

For lunch I had another shepherds pie knowing Mike wouldn’t eat it because it had carrots in. Instead I sacrificed my bacon and a black pudding if he says he’s hungry. However he has to find them first. I’d had a short nap when my phone went off and it was Lis asking if I was in. I told her I’d ask and lo and behold I was. She arrived about an hour later which was about 2.15 pm and I thoroughly enjoyed my hug. She should come at least twice a day. We chatted while I made coffee and she was telling me that she’s had  a chest infection which is really rare for her.How we both were became the subject of the conversation for the next few minutes and it was a case of ‘My antibiotics were bigger than yours’ until her phone pinged. It was a message from her daughter in law asking Lis to pick her grandson up from school. Our visit was cut short but I took some boxes to her car as a friend is moving and grovelled at her to post a letter for me.

Back inside I got stuck into the mail again to bring it up to date. It’s my Big Bang Theory night and also a double bill of Person of Interest. If possible I’d like to see both this week. At 5.15 pm I watched my quiz before Law and Order which I hadn’t seen before. Back here to get up to date again and I think it will be like that until midnight.

Mike arrived at 9.45 pm and we’ve been chatting about his trip. He had a great time and knowing it might upset me he’s kept the stories of his conquests of the fair sex to a minimum. So, it’s midnight and I’m able to come to bed.

Friday. I lied and so did he. The stories of his conquests came thick and fast. Casanova stood at the bedroom door so long it was gone 1.00 am before he left and nearly 2.00 am before I got to bed. Needless to say his stories didn’t make it easy for me to sleep though eventually I did. Dalmations if I didn’t wake at 5.13 am though. It was with reluctance I got up and went for a wee. When I got back I tried to go back to sleep but Mike was driving the sheep home in his room with a fanfare. A full troupe of Morris Dancers sticks a’clicking and bells a’jangling wouldn’t wake him. I gave up and turned the computer on. There was nothing major to deal with so I was on automatic pilot as I worked towards the 7.00 am break when I foolishly allowed myslef to look one of the fish in the eye. i had to listen to a list of grievances ranging from boring food, inadequate lighting at night ( none), to squatters who don’t pay rent ( striped snails). Eventually I managed to get away by shouting “Look over there” and running as they turned to follow my finger. I had some breakfast and took my coffee back to the post room.

Mike eventually got up and wished me Good Morning before asking “It is still morning is it?” I had to admit it was and wasn’t quite 9.30 am which for Mike, unaided is a bloody miracle. It only took 2 coffees to motivate him to move as well so we were out of the house by 10.15 am. We took a ride into Flint to do my shopping a day early with him leaving tomorrow. Then we went for a coffee and he got a great greeting from Ceri at Temptations where we had a drink. I think she’d missed his gentle teasing like someone misses migraine. It’s painful but at least you know your head’s still there. I managed to find a pair of trainers in the next shop to replace a pair I found the heel has come away on recently. Then we went to Farmfoods for ice lollies. I had to buy a BIG carrier bag there. We took the shopping home and put it away. I hadn’t bought flowers this week as the others seem to be doing well. They might even do better if I remember to apply fresh water tomorrow I suppose. I spent a few minutes doing some messages then suggested we went for lunch.

I think Mike was as excited as I was to be heading for The Ivy even though he said it was restless leg syndrome. He’d tell me anything. When we arrived I let him walk in first to give Tariq a surprise. It was actually me that got one. Obviously we both got a hug and Mike was questioned about the holiday, but Tariq passed me a package when I sat down.  It didn’t take me long to open it.

Pops and Reuben by Tariq

Pops and Reuben by Tariq

I was and am thrilled. Tariq broke off from speaking to Mike to ask if I really like it, as if there could be any doubt. “I just wanted to do something for you” he told me. I was overwhelmed. It’s about 12″ x 16″on canvas on a 1″ thick frame. The photographic studio is open now and any locals wanting a sitting need just go along. He’s a great photographer and puts you completely at ease. Mike and I ordered drinks and dinner. The coffee’s arrived first and I was enjoying mine which I put on the table as soon as I’d taken my before food tablet. A certain person who shall remain nameless was so jealous of my picture, nudges the table and sent my drink flying. Not his, or hers as the case may be, but mine. The floor had to be cleaned but the picture was safe. Shella came to say hello and I was able to thank her again. I still haven’t got over such kindness. The meals came and I moved to another part of the room to eat in case that was thrown at me too.

We had a great natter with them both before we left, me with my prize in a donated carrier bag made out of water(coffee) proof plastic. There were the hugs which I find so important before we were out the door and I’d given Mike the money for lunch today so he could argue for a change. Tariq has a way of sounding as though he’s being hard done by if he has to accept money. We drove home and the first order of the day was to hang the picture which we ( Mike ) did successfully and which prompted me to fill a frame I’d been given for my birthday and hang that too. The wall looks very different tonight.

I spent until 5.15 pm doing emails then watched a couple of quizzes with Mike before getting him to wash my hair and taking a shower. Another quick email session followed by another quiz. Can you guess we like them? A natter, a couple more programmes then I’m talking to myself again as he’s fallen asleep in the chair. I packed him and his restless leg off to bed and came through to work.                                                                                                                                                                                                                         The first music guest on my show is Laurie Smith of  Laurie has a great and varied blog that welcomes visitors. His choice…………

and from me..  

Saturday. It wasn’t a great night. Not much sleep and when I did there were no dreams where I was undressing a delectable..No, stop torturing yourself like this. Concentrate on being a monk and being halibut. You’re mumble mumble years old, it can’t hurt. I finally got up at 5.50am and on my trip to the loo noticed Mike was spark out so I just got stuck into work. Knowing I wasn’t feeding the fish today I didn’t rush but when I heard a noise like the rutting of wild boars at 7.15 I went towards the lounge and there was Michael grunting half consciously as usual. I can’t understand why when we shop on a Saturday I have to fight to get him to leave his pit but when we have no need to rush he scares me by getting up unaided and then stops me from working. I put the kettle on , put the light on in the tank ( and saw both assassins), ignored the fish, took my tablets, made his coffee as the kettle boiled and had some Shreddies ( the cereal, not some underpants) for my breakfast.

At about 8.30 we were both dressed and raring to go. Neither of us could think of anywhere to go to though. In the end I asked for a quick trip to our local Tesco Supermarket to get some coffee pods and my baps. We did that and picked up a few things we didn’t need and left. Mike asked what I’d like to do next instead of making a decision himself so I responded that as long as it included a cuppa I didn’t mind. I get very dry. He suggested we go to Kassidy’s where we haven’t been for ages and I agreed provided I had chance to pick up some chocolates for them first. We wen’t to another Supermarket, Lidl where I got the chocs and w spent a while looking round. It only took two mins and we were back on track and sitting it Kassidy’s ready to order. Mike’s coffee came with a breakfast and oddly enough my pot of tea did too but since I’d already had breakfast this was a brunch. Mmmm bacon. It was nice to see Si again after so long.

We came out of Kassidy’s each asking the other what we should do next. In the end it was decided we’d pay a visit to Jackson’s the Garden Centre and Gift Shop where I’ve been lucky to get some fantastic gifts from in the past. With birthdays on the way I’m on the look out. We had a nice ride there as the sun was out and the rain had stopped. After a good look round interspersed with Michael disappearing for ‘tinkles’ we decided to fill up so he didn’t get dehydtated.  Mike went to the counter to oder and I left him to decide between a chocolate or a strawberry milk shake. He was having a banana one. He looked very smug on his return and when the drinks were delivered some time later I could see why. Since he hadn’t been able to make the decision for me, I now had a mixed chocolate and strawberry. It wasn’t actually too bad. I did enjoy making those disgusting sounds at the end when the straw hit the froth, and so did Mike, digusting child. We chose to go home after Jackson’s so Mike had time to relax before he had to go home. We both watched a bit of TV and both slept through the end of it. I helped carry his luggage to the car, after checking for silverware and then waved him off.

I spent two hours on messages then at 6.00 pm went through to watch an old Star Wars film then an episode of the Tomorrow People saga. I still haven’t fully made up my mind about that one. At 9.00 pm I cam through to get the mail up to day and the blog. I leave you with the last song of the week and some photographs. Don’t forget to let me know if you want your favourite song on. Hugs to all.

By the Ducks

By the Ducks


Happy as Larry

Happy as Larry

Clean Baby

Clean Baby


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Hey Ho Skip to the Loo, The Card Sharks Circle & My Home, The Manure Farm.

Sunday. I stopped reading last night and turned the light out about 1.00 am. Suddenly all the Fanta Orange ( sugar free) I’d been drinking came back to haunt me. On went the light again ( lesson learned ) and I nipped to the loo. When I got back m mouth was dry so I opened another can, Pepsi Max this time and had a little chug before trying to settle again. It seemed to take a while. When I next woke to nip to the loo I wasn’t impressed that it was still dark except for the light from my clock that told me it was 4.18 am. I went to the loo and by the time I returned I was wide awake. I turned the computer on and checked the lottery which just resulted in me throwing the ticket away in disgust and going to my post box. As usual there were quite a few responses to the blog. I’d been anxious to see how people felt about me taking up the banner again instead of trying to entertain. I’m glad that so many people felt / feel the way I do about certain things and are happy that I include them. Thank you all !

At 7.05 am I went through to have some breakfast and run through the normal morning routines. I can still see one of my assassins moving about but he just doesn’t seem to have the right idea. He’s supposed to move towards snails not away from them. Eating food off the bottom of the tank is supposed to be last resort not a table in a 4 star restaurant. I’m thinking of putting posters up on the glass but facing inwards saying ‘Please eat the Snails’ but I’m afraid my fish may take up the challenge and eat the wrong one ( I still can’t see the other). After breakfast and playtime I lay on the bed and got 55 minutes sleep. I wanted an hour but it wouldn’t let me. Back to work reading personal mail and some marvelous posts by other people. One such educated me to the fact that we have a major bee shortage. It may sound a bit funny, but it seems the crisis is serious because we rely on bees to pollinate so much from trees, to shrubs to plants. Without them the plant life is not replenished which is serious news for us. It seems the most likely cause is pesticide or more accurately too much pesticide. We’re spraying crops with the very thing that kills the bees that keep our plants going. Now that’s IRONY.

I worked till just before 11.00 am then had a break in the lounge. By 12.00 pm I was getting peckish and decided to think about lunch. I settled on a boil in the bag beef slices and some microchips. It tasted so much better than it looked. As I’d been up to date before lunch I decided to stay in my chair and enjoy a Sunday film. After an hour or so I decided I couldn’t settle and went back to work for a while.As soon as I was up to date I went to watch some Chariots of Fire and then Rush Hour 2 which was funnier than expected. At 9.00 pm I turned the set off and decided to call it a night. I’ve dome the mail and done the blog so now it’s time to sign off with a little music.

Monday. You’re going to find me very boring today as I didn’t leave the house so maybe if I say I got up, worked, saw to fish, breakfasted and took my coffee back to work we can skip a fair bit. If we also say my time was divided between work and doing the washing until lunchtime. I had bacon and beans with two of my baps which was lovely then I managed half an hours nap. I woke to a message from Tariq which said the Ivy was missing me. I wish I could get there to have a meal and take their sweets. Still, Mike will be back in two weeks I hope.

The rest of the afternoon was work or TV until my Law and Order at 6.00 pm. Then everything stops for tea. I had a bag of crisps and two small chocolate mousses while I was watching it. Then I was able to tun over and watch To Sir With Love with Sidney Poitier whom I rate as one of the greatest actors of his generation. The film is worth watching just for the fashion alone, and in all fairness though the accents weren’t fantastic ( especially Lulu) the East End of London was portrayed pretty fairly. The school of hard knocks was pretty common.

After the film I turned the TV off to concentrate on my mail which never takes long to build up. Tonight I’ve every intention of getting an early night ready to meet Yvonne in the morning provided I feel OK and the weather holds. I hope you’re not finding the musical choices too much. I’m choosing to do a few so that you have options since my taste won’t suit everybody. I do hope though that you find some that will just bring back memories of where you were and what you were doing at the time……..for those of you as old as me anyway. For you youngsters out there, maybe these will be brand new which is great, or perhaps you heard them played on some radio show for memories. So here are tonight’s, and we’ve almost run out of my favourites list.

Tuesday. Tuesday dawned early, somewhat before 5.00 am and I wasn’t a happy bunny. I was mid-dream between myself and an attractive woman ( I did say it was a dream, they don’t have to behave normally in dreams) it had just reached a crucial juncture  and I woke up shouting ” Yes, take them all off and I’ll show you how to use the washing machine.” Even in dreams I’m not lucky. There was no point in being in bed alone so I got up, switched the computer and the light on and went for a wee. Obviously that took a while with the inevitable stop-starts that come with age but also because I was having problems pointing downwards after the dream. I did mention she was attractive didn’t I? The computer was good to go when I got back but when I signed into messages I almost died. There were over 200. It turned out that many of them were duplicates of a ’cause’ one that I’d already had. Tonight I had an apology for the glitch in their system. They were nearly of a manslaughter charge.

I had every intent of going out today but when I went through to see to the fish and have breakfast at 7.00 am I had a message on my phone from Yvonne to say she wasn’t well and was going back to bed until the doctor came. I love my daughter but I have to admit I was relieved….not that she was ill of course, just   that I didn’t have to travel alone. Ugo was taking the day off to look after her and Reuben. She’s been very sick and had blacked out first thing, Ugo had only partly caught her before she landed on her nose. I was tense until the doctor had been and diagnosed  a trapped nerve in the neck that affected the blood supply too. Relief….even though it could take two or three days to clear.Yvonne thinks we should reschedule for Friday but I have blood tests that day. So anyway. I was able to slow down and there was no pressure to get dressed straight away. I could concentrate on clearing the mail and just clicking to delete all the duplicates. The problem with this situation is that I’m going stir crazy, I’m lonely and talking to myself even more than usual. Plus, as it got to lunchtime, I realise I never want to see another microwave cottage pie.

I managed a sleep this afternoon which must have been round the hour.The rest of the time was even more boring than that. I thought about buying some more Fruit of the Loom Teeshirts on ebay and putting things on the front and then I remembered that meant ironing and I already have loads of that. I made a list of birthday cards I need to buy as I have 5 more this month, that’s about as exciting as it gets. I caught up on emails and then had a couple of hours in front of the TV. I watched a programme called something like Storage Hunters where people bid on the contents of storage units that renters have defaulted on. There are some foul people out there who bid the price up just to see someone pay more than they needed to. I just hope what comes round, goes round.

Tonight I finish my favourites list off Youtube. I hope you’ve been enjoying my taste and the memories. No doubt I’ll drop some in sometimes as I think of them but for now………..

Wednesday. I lay in bed awake for an age this morning. I could not get my brain to shut down. It drifted from one inanity to the next without really focusing and I had to keep re-thinking until I had it straight. In the end I got up at 6.10 am and added Ricicles to my shopping list. It’s possible I might have some professional help this week if Yvonne comes over on Friday. It will depend on how she’s feeling of course, poor lamb. 

I turned the computer on and started in on the mail. I’ve come to the conclusion that Burkino Faso is full of banks . All the banks seem to have had clients with problems breathing and that it was fatal to multi-millionaires. Of course it goes without saying that there isn’t an honest manager in any of these banks yet they’re all extremely generous with the funds of the dear departed who regrettably had no family.Well, maybe they were too busy making money unless of course it had been given to them by generous bank managers. There was lots of normal post too. Before I finished I broke off for the fish and my meds. I tried to have 2 crumpets for breakfast but found that I really don’t enjoy them anymore. One was wasted and I had to have  a few cornflakes to top it off. I’m down to the crumbs almost.

I returned to work with my coffee and at 9.35 when I was up to date I dressed and went to Pauline’s. I remembered my baps, a magazine I needed for next week’s TV, 4 more birthday cards for nephews/nieces and my cigarettes but I was home again before I realised I’d forgotten the ricicles. Damn, it will have to be toast in the morning. For lunch I had some braised steak and mashed potatoes with two of my baps to soak up the gravy. I went straight back to work after that as I’d seen a programme I fancied at 3.15 pm. By 2.20 pm I was up to date again so I wen through to the lounge early and picked up a lemonade ice lolly on the way. I’d no sooner finished it than I nodded off but somehow managed to wake for my programme. From 5.00- 5.30 pm I watched a quiz then turned over for the end of a second one. I’d just started answering questions when I saw Dil and Matt approach. I shot into the kitchen to make their drinks and we finished the quiz together.

Games night started at 6.00 pm on the dot. It nearly ended at 6.35 when I lost the first game of scrabble but they persuaded me to play on by offering me a 50 point head start. I won the second game convincingly by at least 51 points. Feeling mollified I broke out the cards but Dil was obviously taking no prisoners and hammered me at Nomination Whist. You’d have heard the whining for miles if they hadn’t gagged me. We were now one game all. Out came the crib board and with a superb tactical display ( also known as cheating ) I won, but only just. There was time for one last game of crazy 8’s which may have been due to the fact I forgot all about making another drink after the scrabble. We decided just to play till one of us reached 200. Five hands in and the score was Matt 178, Dil 150, Me zilch. Hand 6 they made sure I wasn’t going to win with no points on the board  and did everything they could in a concerted effort to get me. They did and I ended on 62 points but at least I won the game. It was magic having their company, it was tragic they had to go, but once I’d made sure they couldn’t get back in and I hadn’t said Dil had forgotten his phone, I tidied up, washed the pots and came through to work. Unfair, 93 pieces of post since this afternoon and guess what, yes, Burkino Faso has two more crooked bankers. I hope you’ve all had  great day even though I know you won’t get to read this yet.x

Thursday. It wasn’t an early start today since I didn’t get up until 6.00 am and only had an hour on the computer before heading to the kitchen for the usual routine which you’ll remember on a Thursday includes doing my meds for the week. It would have gone an awful lot better if half of them had been there when I opened the drawer. The first box I came to was empty and a few more had a day or two’s supply in. I don’t know how I let it happen as a new prescription request should have gone in Monday. I don’t know if it was anything to do with the problems I had last week with the missing spray but it leaves me in a fix . At 9.00 am I dashed out ( I did get dressed first) and took the new request to the chemist. I probably won’t get the new one until Monday but they’ll try for tomorrow for me. I happen to know my Doctor is off on a Friday though. I did a little more work then decided I wanted to see my friends at the Ivy. I plucked up the courage to walk up there but chickened out ( cluck cluck) after five minutes standing there and other people came to the stop. I didn’t have my MP3 player. Back home again I realise I’m going through a lonely period. I also found out that I’d mislaid my outside tablets so it’s perhaps as well I didn’t go. I ended up making up another pill box with another 2 meal supply. I searched everywhere for the others and decided I must have left them somewhere the last time I was out with Yvonne. That gave me a clue and I remembered the last time I saw her it was raining. I checked the pockets of my raincoat and there it was.

I was sitting in the lounge and I saw an elderly neighbour pass the window. There was a knock on the door and sweet Dorothy passed me a bouquet of flowers for Julia. She told me she was away on Mothers day and then had a nasty fall that kept her in. It was so thoughtful of her to remember the anniversary like that but I felt so guilty that I hadn’t noticed she hadn’t been about and asked about her. It’s the result of not leaving the house very often and of becoming far too insular. Not a good thing. I’ll have to make it up to her. I found a vase for the flowers and put them with the other two vases Ju currently has. I hope I’ll be able to replace some of them this weekend.

Most of the day has been spend nipping between the lounge and the computer trying to keep up to date. Thursday brings me my new episode of Big Bang Theory at 8.00 pm then at 10.00 pm my new Person of Interest. I was aghast sitting there tonight to be told that they were showing two episodes but I couldn’t stay up watching till midnight and then be able to come back to blog and catch up with post. The sacrifices I’m prepared to make for my friends eh?                                                                                     Hopefully you’ve all had a better day than I’ve had but maybe we’ll all have a great one tomorrow.  Hugs all round.

Friday. It was a very lazy 6.05 am today. I even went and got washed and dressed before turning the computer on. I was so laid back I was almost horizontal. I took care of a few messages before going to turn the light on for the fish and I put milk in a mug before realising I hadn’t laid out any tablets to take. Instead, I poured most of it on some cornflakes and used the rest for my coffee. At 8.30 am I girded up my loins ( or lions when I’m dyslexic) and headed out the door for the bus. I made it just in time for the 8.40 am bus and was actually up in town at 8.45 am, a bit before expected. It took me a good 15 minutes to  walk as far as the doctors where I waited to see the receptionist. One I don’t know came towards me and I almost panicked but I was lucky that one who knows me stepped in. She knows not to try and get me to speak but knew I wasn’t there for an appointment or I’d have signed myself in. “Bloods” she asked and I nodded. She passed me the forms and I smiled at her and left. Just two minutes away is the hospital and I went straight to the waiting room though my appointment was for 9.35 am. A few people were called in turn and I was OK just waiting but at about 9.15 am the nurse came and announced a woman’s name.No response, another name, still no response and a third with the same result. 

“Is anyone here for bloods?” she asked the room in general. I would have remained sitting till my time had she not seen the form in my hands. She held out her hand for it just as another nurse came out and called my name. Whew, double shifts today. I was actually out of the hospital before I was due in. I walked back towards town fully intending to nip to a small shop for some lighters but as I approached town a bus appeared and with a slight increase in pace I made it and within 10 minutes was home and back at work. Safe in my little nest. I kept the mail as up to date as possible today as Yvonne was bringing Reuben. Maybe we’d go shopping, maybe not. It was just gone midday when she texted me to say she was on the bus. I knew she’d be here about 1.30 pm. At about twenty past I got my coat on to go and meet her from the bus to see what she wanted to do. Reuben was fast asleep in his pram. She explained he wasn’t very well and has been sick a few times up to breakfast- but not since- but that he now had an explosive stomach and needed changing. We just made it to the house when he woke up and greeted me with a smile.

Once inside she changed him and poor lamb was covered in it. Luckily she had a spare outfit. He came and sat with his pops and told me a right old story. Not a word of truth in it I’m sure. Within half an hour it happened again and off came the clean outfit. There were no more replacements so he had to sit in a nappy and his mum’s cardigan. He seemed quite chirpy in himself. He was obviously dehydrated and Yvonne decided to give him some milk though I favour boiled water. She was a little worried he hadn’t eaten anything since breakfast. I went to answer the door while she tried to tempt him with a little fruit puree. It was Dawn from the chemist with the drugs I’d requested yesterday. Within moments he’d thrown up all over his bib and the cardigan. I came back through and took the bib to flush the worst of it away and wash it clean. Not stressed at all as I didn’t want him to feel any tension. He sat back with a water based drink and demolished it while now wrapped in a blanket. Yvonne had to phone Ugo to ask him to come take them home. That was a good hour + journey in rush hour traffic. They left me about 6.15 pm I think. I had some tea that Ugo had kindly picked up on the way and then went to take a shower. I finished my evening by working out how to use catch up TV and found the episode of Person of Interest  I’d missed last night. I did my drugs for the week, took tonight’s and came through to find 93 messages waiting. Ouch. I’m never leaving this seat again.

Saturday. I repeated the 6.05 am today. Well, you just get stuck in a rut don’t you. A quick run to the bathroom and back and on with the show…….. I could only work until 7.00 am though. On went the fish tank light and the expectation of food turned to fin flicks of disgust when they became aware I wasn’t feeding them today. Having had my ‘supplier’ deliver my stash yesterday, I put the weeks drugs out and then took this mornings dose to get my daily ‘High’ before taking my coffee through. It was 7.20 am, time to get dressed and put on my shoes. By half past I was ready to go out the front door with some shopping bags and trailing the three recycling bags behind me. I dropped those and quickly pulled the two bins to the pick up point at the end of the path and was on my way. I caught the bus at 7.40 am and by 7.45 was at the supermarket. No-one at the cash machines- good, I reloaded my wallet. Then swiftly into battle in the near deserted shop. Flowers first, a nice bunch of red carnations  to fill in any little gaps in the vases. A quick sideways grab on the run netted me a punnet of strawberries and a little further on a left hand swipe got me two packets of my baps. I bought some cakes, but can you believe it they weren’t for me. Still on the run ( OK fast trot) it was butter, always my Lurpak and then milk. Some ready meals and change aisle please. I skirted the freezers as I wanted to go there last.

I avoided the picalilli as Yvonne caught me with two full jars and asked me what my fixation is. I did buy some malt vinegar though ( remember Prague, chips taste better with malt vinegar not balsamic which is disgusting on chips). I bought the latest DVD of the Hobbit but I won’t watch it until I have all three. Some biscuits, some pop, some ricicles for breakfast and I’m just about done except for the ice lollies. I raid the freezers and bulk buy. I should be OK till Monday now. Off to the checkout where a sympathetic assistant said she’s hold off until I’d unpacked so I could move the trolley along to pack the stuff. Ha, she got into a conversation with another member of staff and she’d finished scanning before I’d got the trolley ready. I made her wait for payment until I’d packed the bags. I was sweating a bit as I couldn’t see my friendly phone girl but as luck would have it, the lady on the lottery counter was someone Ju and I used to see a lot. She happily made my phone call for a taxi. I’d just got the stuff out and put the trolley away when it arrived, almost like it had been waiting round the corner. He must know I tip well. Before I could move anything or he could pick up a bag, someone placed a barrier between us. Some fool car company was having a sales drive on a discounted car and they were even backing the model up to the front of the taxi, and asking him to move. It’s possible there may have been a few words, one of which might have been patience whereas the other 99 made the hair in my ears crisp up and fall out. The barrier was moved and my stuff carried to the boot of the taxi as I climbed in.

At home it was the usual putting the shopping away. Then I took the cakes next door for Dorothy an her son before changing the dead flowers from my two vases and putting in the carnations. It wasn’t even 9.00 am. I went back to working on mail. One friend had asked about The Ivy and it hit me, heck I’d managed the bus once, why not again. I want to see my friends! At 10.00am I left the house with chocolates in a carrier bag and headed for the bus stop going the other way. I even called in at Pauline’s for cigarettes. Once I reached the bus stop I had time to try and dissuade myself from going. What if they’re busy, why should they be happy to see me, will they even have noticed I’m not there? Before I could go home the bus arrived. It was quite uncomfortable as the bust was fairly crowded and the disabled seats were taken. Awful as it sounds I has to sit on the aisle side of a double seat to stop anyone sitting beside me. It was quite a journey through some of the back lanes and small villages but eventually I rang the bell for my stop. I got off the bus shaking, lit a cigarette and started walking along the road to The Ivy. As I got there, I put the cigarette out then hesitated a minute or two outside the building. Steeling myself I went in. There were a few customers but no sign of any staff so I went to my usual table and started to divest myself of sticks and jacket. Tariq turned up behind me with a beaming smile and asked me how I got there. Was I with Michael? He was very surprised when I said I’d come by bus though I couldn’t really tell him how important The Ivy and my special friends are, which was why I’d chanced the bus. Then I saw Shell and spoke to her for a couple of minutes while Tariq made me a drink. The shaking started to subside.

I couldn’t decide between a late breakfast or an early lunch but bacon won the day. I took a tablet ready for it’s arrival. Tariq came over to chat frequently and even brought his laptop over to show me some things on ebay. Angie came on duty and I was able to speak to her for a few minutes. Like Tariq her interest seemed to be where Mike was so I understood he’s the main interest of everyone. Understandable really as he’s got such a quick humour.  I ate my breakfast then ordered a pot of tea. There were plenty more customers by now and I didn’t want to be in the way so I got ready to go. The usual fight with Tariq ensued about the bill and he came round from behind the counter to give me a hug goodbye and tied to stick money in my pocket. No way I was having that. I don’t want him to close down because they’re not making a profit. He saw me out of the building and across the busy coast road. I went to the bus stop but one flew past before I got there. No problem, the most I would wait is half an hour and I could smoke to calm the nerves. A large black car drew up and there was Shella  beckoning me to get in. Amazing, the dear heart had left the kitchen to run me home. I tried to refuse but she insisted. My home is quite a way from The Ivy but she didn’t seem to mind at all and ran me to the door.

The rest of the day has been work, TV and ice lollies.

A dedication to all the nice people in this world, especially my friends on t’interweb and at The Ivy, Temptations and Kassidy’s as well as those at Butterfly’s whom I don’t get to see anymore.

Reuben and friend

Reuben and friend

Best of Pals

Best of Pals


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