Serene Sunday & The Wanderer Returns

Sunday. I was up for a while in the dark  of the night but not ready to start work so after a couple of cigarettes I went back to bed. I slept until almost 7.00 am. When I did climb out of the pit it seemed so peaceful I couldn’t find it in me to rush.  After the traditional nip to the loo I worked on a few messages and then at 7.30 decided I’d have breakfast today. I had the last of the cornflakes and then conscious of our rules about food waste, put the crumbs from the bottom of the box in the bin. Tonight I could kick myself when I think the crumbs could have gone outside for the birds and maybe I’ d have caught some nice photographs. After feeding the fish ( what a humanitarian I am) I had my morning meds then took my coffee back to the bedroom and into battle. It seems bankers in Nigeria and Burkino Faso work Sunday’s too. So it seems does a fake talktalk team who say my account will be cut off within 48 hours unless I fill in some forms to get a new code to replace my password. Yeah right, I think I’ll risk it thanks.

When I next looked at the clock it was 10.05 am and I hadn’t even got dressed. Big decision time, should I bother? Yes, I should make the effort really. So today it was my Robin Hood impression, green jeans and a green hoody. The mail was finished by 11.00 am so I went through to the lounge and sat checking I had enough cards for this month’s birthdays. April and May are heavy months. A little later I took my pre-lunch tab and microwaved myself a roast beef dinner of which perhaps the nicest thing that could be said was, it was hot. I indulged myself in a small pudding afterwards then before settling down, washed the cutlery I’d used. Such heavy work. I couldn’t settle to anything on the TV but wanted a break from the computer. I could see smoke coming from somewhere near me and was afraid I’d fallen asleep smoking gain so I was frantically looking around until I realised the cigarette was in my mouth. I knew I must be tired so I put it out and fell asleep.

I moved between bedroom and lounge all afternoon, keeping up with the mail and looking for something to watch. There were little bursts of sunshine when an antiques programme came on but nothing special. I had some ham and coleslaw for tea with a couple of baps then finished off the strawberries and cream. I found a CSI NY to  watch and then decided to stay for the Star Gate film that I assume started it all, with Curt Russell. Have to say I preferred the chap who played the squad leader in the TV series. It was fairly entertaining but once it was over my patience with TV was done and I came back through to look at the mail again. I’ve been able to take my time with both mail and blog tonight which has been great.

Bank Holiday Monday. It’s 3.32 am. I swung my legs out of bed thinking “I’m not missing this” and hovered almost the full minute before the clock changed again. Yes, the room really is that small. If I counted as I walked from one end to the other I’d be there before I finished One. The width is even worse. Being a pedantic beggar, Oscar was not very happy when I used him to prove the old adage about there not being enough room to swing a cat, and I wasn’t even at the end of his tail. I never understood why that cat hated me so. As this is like a double Sunday I wasn’t too chuffed with the time  but there wasn’t much choice. I did feel cheated at the lack of sleep though since I’d only finished reading just before 1.00am. Maybe my trading partner arranged it thinking my mind might not be clear as I read the latest missive.

Good Day,

we are sorry, for the delay of your contract inheritance payment worth of $10.5m USD and all the Inconveniences. The management of the bank with the instruction of the President and the new appointed ministers after yesterday meeting are to use this opportunity to inform you that we are very surprised to see that you have not received and confirmed your fund since it has been approved for payment to your account since early this new year 2014. Choose any of the following payment methods:

(1) ATM Card/Master Card
(2) Diplomatic Delivery (Cash Payment).
(3) Telegraphic wire transfers

Mr Ben Sule.

How many more different ways are they going to try? Do they honestly think that 10.5m might just have slipped someone’s mind? Maybe I should ask for the cash payment.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       I worked on mail until 5.45 am and decided to try for another sleep. I’m hardly in a rush today. Oddly enough it was a struggle but I did drop off and only woke up again at  6.50 am. I went straight through to the kitchen to feed the fish. I even saw my lone(?) assassin and he looked bigger. I had some Ricicles and then brought my coffee through. More mail had mounted up but as some was personal it took a while to write responses and then add comments to a few blogs so it was almost 10.00 am when I had my first break from the chair. Despite it being a bank holiday, I still had to mop the kitchen floor. It doesn’t feel at all like a Monday. I got a text frrom Mike to say he’s home safely and will hopefully see me soon. I have my fingers crossed for this weekend.

I did a little more work then decided to knock off at 11.15 am. Something mind numbingly boring came on the goggle box but I was just using the noise for company. At midday I had one of the cottage pies I never wanted to see again then settled with an antiques programme for an hour before nodding off . When I finally roused it was back to seeing to any post and there was quite a bit of it. I stayed until 4.00 pm and returned to the box. I don’t know how I can cope with this social whirl. Being a bank holiday there were a few films about so I watched ‘Voyage of the Dawn Treader’ for a while then turned over for ‘National Treasure’. I don’t care for Nicholas Cage as an actor but the storyline was fun. Later I had ‘I Robot’ before coming through to finish the post and the blog. A fairly typical day a la Maison Prosser. Tomorrow will be spent with Yvonne and Reuben so the work will mount up during the day and there won’t be time for TV in the evening. Help !

Sleepy Boys.

Sleepy Boys.

Bedroom Tallboy

Bedroom Tallboy

Tuesday It was a 3.05 am day and no amount of cursing or pleading was going to change it. The computer hadn’t cooled down from earlier and loaded quickly when I turned it on. Looking at what was there I wished it hadn’t. Marriage was proposed, at least I assume it was as I’m fairly sure some of the things one woman proposed aren’t legal outside marriage in on small island of Antarctica and are illegal inside marriage in the rest of the known world. I blushed and hurriedly added another layer of clothing and a safety mask.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             The fish were looking very smug when I went through at 6.30 am to turn their light on and feed them. I wanted breakfast before going out , but they must think I was doing it for them.  I had a bowl of cereal then took a coffee back to the bedroom. Before hitting the mail again I decided to get dressed in something a little smarter and less bulky. I’d made a decision to go to Yvonne’s on an early bus today, at 7.40 am before school children came to the bus stop and while there weren’t many people about. I’d promised to text Yvonne when I was on the  bus knowing she’s expect me on a later bust to arrive at 9.30 or 10.00 am. I had my fingers crossed when I promised though. I left the house at 7.25 am and was at the bus stop just in time for the T1, the bus that goes  more convoluted route but gets there quicker. It’s usually just an hour. I was actually in Chester at 9.30 and on my way to the coffee house. I was honestly going to text her when I was sitting down and say ” Take your time, just let me know when and where you want to meet.” She beet me to it, panicking because she hadn’t heard from me and she ended up dashing even more. I took a slow stroll to where we were meeting, just ready for a wee and a refill of coffee.

We had a good old wander round Chester and stopped for lunch about midday. I had a baked spud with beans. A couple more shops and we started heading for home. I hadn’t been feeling too bright, and the shock of finding green salad stuff on my plate must have been responsible for what happened next. I bent over double with pain from an angina attack. It took my breath away and this time couldn’t be properly hidden. Anyway we eventually made it home and as Yvonne ttries to egt Reuben to have a nap I tried to do some emails whist watching Despicable Me II and fighting (unsuccessfully) the noddy bug that was hanging around the room. I’d nod off, wake up quickly and say something I thought would indicate I hadn’t been to sleep but was not related to anything at all. The emails were a beggar, I had 82 and got down to 14 which then shot up to 73 and by the time I got back tonight was at 107. Ugo got home about 6.15 pm and quickly changed before running me home with Yvonne and Reuben. He has one of my sprays in the car but I was OK. When we were close to home he pulled in front of the chippie and got out to order. I left to go and open the front door and get the kettle on. My diet was well satisfied by the sausage and chips with curry sauce that he got me. Yvonne was sticking to her diet and had nothing until she gets back home and has home made soup . She was dischuffed when Ugo had 2 chocolate puddings even though she made them, and even more dischuffed when it was time to go and I passed her the two tubs of Remy Martin brandy ice cream I bought her at the weekend….. The diet says NO, NO, NO.

They left at 8.00 am and I came through to attack the mail and this blog. I hope your day has been half as entertaining.

Wednesday. Another very early morning at 4.32 am so I thought I’d make enough noise to wake the birds on the roof, they do it to me when I have a lie in. Perhaps I should have felt sorry for them as it was raining quite fiercely. I turned the computer on and started work.                                                                                                                              There were quite a few personal emails today but there was plenty of time. One in particular grabbed my attention. A good friend suggested perhaps I  could ask you for a favorite song and I could put that on the blog for a change. That sounds quite a nice idea as we all get to learn a little more about each other. So, today’s song was suggested by my good friend S.J. Sprague, author of A presence in Russell County and the next book in the series Mulberry.

A Presence in Russell County

A Presence in Russell County




Here is the song         

As usual I worked until about 7.30 then went to see to the fish and my own breakfast. I’d have given a lot for bacon and eggs instead of cereal. I took my coffee back to the bedroom to finish the first batch of mail then decided to shut my eyes for ten minutes in my chair. It was 9.15 when I shut my eyes and 10.15 when I  opened them again. Before refreshing the mail I decided to walk to Pauline’s to collect £8.10 I won on the Euro lottery and spend it straight away on a packet of baps, my TV mag and a BFG as Matt is here tonight and it was his birthday Monday just gone. I know I bought some new biscuits at the weekend for him but I don’t really know his tastes. I stocked up on ciggies while I was there. Back at home I worked up until lunchtime again and had a Shepherds’ Pie, well it’s a change. I watched a reasonable film on the TV then after lunch I put another one on and immediately zonked out. I’m sure the snoring must have ratted the windows I was so deeply gone. When I woke it was a different film altogether. I knew It was catch-up time with the mail again. I worked until 5.10 pm then watched a quiz until the visitors arrived. Matt was laughing at the BFG as I made drinks. Dil got the card table out and set the Scrabble board out. As we started I asked Matt for some of the BFG to eat during the long waits between goes. He and I had some but Dil didn’t bother.Within a few minutes Matt had opened the box of Fox’s biskwits and believe me it didn’t get shut again. It was like having an army on the march through the room. Only cos’ I was distracted Dil won the first match. I must have been distracted during the second one too. However, the game of Nomination was different and I put up just enough of a fight to scrape home. We must have taken longer playing tonight as we had to stop there so they could go home. Dil said he’s off next week and they maybe able to get here earlier.

It was the usual tidy up and washing of pots once they’d left me. I came through to 87 messages which has taken a long time. I’m done tonight and must finish this ice lolly and get to bed.

Thursday. Great News. Mike is coming late tonight , Bad News, he has to leave Saturday.

I want to introduce something sensational to you.    Tel  01492 584323

We offer a range of craft activities for all ages in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.

Try your hand at one of the variety of crafts or just relax with coffee and a cake, and browse our range of craft kits and  unique hand-crafted models.

Activities include pottery painting and air-drying clay modelling.

Available for childrens parties and other events.

Clay modelling and pottery workshops   for adults and children.

Unique hand-crafted gifts – commissions taken for personalised models and caricatures.

Check out my range of Cheeky Caricatures on

Commissions welcome for caricature portraits, models and cake toppers.




The reason for this blatant advertising is that the artist is gorgeous and just happens to be my cousin. She’s hugely talented. If you pop onto her site please let her know I sent you. They make fantastic gifts.

5.10 am and I flung myself out of bed to catch the runaway horse. All I caught was the nail of my little toe on the chest beside my bed. Ouch multiplied. I bore the pain with grim determination and worked my way through the blue fog that had suddenly appeared in the room until I was out and on my way to the loo. After a piddling ten minutes I went back and turned the computer on. Hmm, quite a few again, you lot were busy last night. One of the first messages of the day,

My name is Danielle Huck the Senior Executive of SAVI CASH ACCESS London, United Kingdom. Mrs Margie swope an American citizen invested the sum of £430,000 (four hundred and thirty thousand British Pounds), she died January 2012 of cancer and her wish was to donate the invested funds to CHARITY. Your assistance is needed to help disburse these funds, please get back for more information. Regards Danielle Huck Managing Director SAVI CASH ACCESS.                              

I’m not sure if the reduced amount is supposed to make this more believable than the usual cons and they’re still trying to appeal to people’s greed. Well the latter bit was right anyway, given that figure I can’t guarantee after what I’ve already disposed of that the whole sum would go to charity unless you believe charity starts at home. I worked until 7.30 am, did the rounds and brought my coffee back. I spent until 9.40 am clearing the decks then went out…….Oh yes, I did dress first. I needed to get my lottery tickets done for tomorrow and get some extra milk in for Mike’s visit later. I also needed to nip to the chemist to see if they had any iodine. I was surprised that some staff didn’t even know what it is, but everyone knew they didn’t stock it. It seems not many chemists ( if any) do so at home again I bought some on ebay, making sure I didn’t buy from Thailand or the Ukraine. It’s actually coming from Stockport and I held myself back from asking if they’d send a few Titterton’s pies with it. Such willpower.

For lunch I had another shepherds pie knowing Mike wouldn’t eat it because it had carrots in. Instead I sacrificed my bacon and a black pudding if he says he’s hungry. However he has to find them first. I’d had a short nap when my phone went off and it was Lis asking if I was in. I told her I’d ask and lo and behold I was. She arrived about an hour later which was about 2.15 pm and I thoroughly enjoyed my hug. She should come at least twice a day. We chatted while I made coffee and she was telling me that she’s had  a chest infection which is really rare for her.How we both were became the subject of the conversation for the next few minutes and it was a case of ‘My antibiotics were bigger than yours’ until her phone pinged. It was a message from her daughter in law asking Lis to pick her grandson up from school. Our visit was cut short but I took some boxes to her car as a friend is moving and grovelled at her to post a letter for me.

Back inside I got stuck into the mail again to bring it up to date. It’s my Big Bang Theory night and also a double bill of Person of Interest. If possible I’d like to see both this week. At 5.15 pm I watched my quiz before Law and Order which I hadn’t seen before. Back here to get up to date again and I think it will be like that until midnight.

Mike arrived at 9.45 pm and we’ve been chatting about his trip. He had a great time and knowing it might upset me he’s kept the stories of his conquests of the fair sex to a minimum. So, it’s midnight and I’m able to come to bed.

Friday. I lied and so did he. The stories of his conquests came thick and fast. Casanova stood at the bedroom door so long it was gone 1.00 am before he left and nearly 2.00 am before I got to bed. Needless to say his stories didn’t make it easy for me to sleep though eventually I did. Dalmations if I didn’t wake at 5.13 am though. It was with reluctance I got up and went for a wee. When I got back I tried to go back to sleep but Mike was driving the sheep home in his room with a fanfare. A full troupe of Morris Dancers sticks a’clicking and bells a’jangling wouldn’t wake him. I gave up and turned the computer on. There was nothing major to deal with so I was on automatic pilot as I worked towards the 7.00 am break when I foolishly allowed myslef to look one of the fish in the eye. i had to listen to a list of grievances ranging from boring food, inadequate lighting at night ( none), to squatters who don’t pay rent ( striped snails). Eventually I managed to get away by shouting “Look over there” and running as they turned to follow my finger. I had some breakfast and took my coffee back to the post room.

Mike eventually got up and wished me Good Morning before asking “It is still morning is it?” I had to admit it was and wasn’t quite 9.30 am which for Mike, unaided is a bloody miracle. It only took 2 coffees to motivate him to move as well so we were out of the house by 10.15 am. We took a ride into Flint to do my shopping a day early with him leaving tomorrow. Then we went for a coffee and he got a great greeting from Ceri at Temptations where we had a drink. I think she’d missed his gentle teasing like someone misses migraine. It’s painful but at least you know your head’s still there. I managed to find a pair of trainers in the next shop to replace a pair I found the heel has come away on recently. Then we went to Farmfoods for ice lollies. I had to buy a BIG carrier bag there. We took the shopping home and put it away. I hadn’t bought flowers this week as the others seem to be doing well. They might even do better if I remember to apply fresh water tomorrow I suppose. I spent a few minutes doing some messages then suggested we went for lunch.

I think Mike was as excited as I was to be heading for The Ivy even though he said it was restless leg syndrome. He’d tell me anything. When we arrived I let him walk in first to give Tariq a surprise. It was actually me that got one. Obviously we both got a hug and Mike was questioned about the holiday, but Tariq passed me a package when I sat down.  It didn’t take me long to open it.

Pops and Reuben by Tariq

Pops and Reuben by Tariq

I was and am thrilled. Tariq broke off from speaking to Mike to ask if I really like it, as if there could be any doubt. “I just wanted to do something for you” he told me. I was overwhelmed. It’s about 12″ x 16″on canvas on a 1″ thick frame. The photographic studio is open now and any locals wanting a sitting need just go along. He’s a great photographer and puts you completely at ease. Mike and I ordered drinks and dinner. The coffee’s arrived first and I was enjoying mine which I put on the table as soon as I’d taken my before food tablet. A certain person who shall remain nameless was so jealous of my picture, nudges the table and sent my drink flying. Not his, or hers as the case may be, but mine. The floor had to be cleaned but the picture was safe. Shella came to say hello and I was able to thank her again. I still haven’t got over such kindness. The meals came and I moved to another part of the room to eat in case that was thrown at me too.

We had a great natter with them both before we left, me with my prize in a donated carrier bag made out of water(coffee) proof plastic. There were the hugs which I find so important before we were out the door and I’d given Mike the money for lunch today so he could argue for a change. Tariq has a way of sounding as though he’s being hard done by if he has to accept money. We drove home and the first order of the day was to hang the picture which we ( Mike ) did successfully and which prompted me to fill a frame I’d been given for my birthday and hang that too. The wall looks very different tonight.

I spent until 5.15 pm doing emails then watched a couple of quizzes with Mike before getting him to wash my hair and taking a shower. Another quick email session followed by another quiz. Can you guess we like them? A natter, a couple more programmes then I’m talking to myself again as he’s fallen asleep in the chair. I packed him and his restless leg off to bed and came through to work.                                                                                                                                                                                                                         The first music guest on my show is Laurie Smith of  Laurie has a great and varied blog that welcomes visitors. His choice…………

and from me..  

Saturday. It wasn’t a great night. Not much sleep and when I did there were no dreams where I was undressing a delectable..No, stop torturing yourself like this. Concentrate on being a monk and being halibut. You’re mumble mumble years old, it can’t hurt. I finally got up at 5.50am and on my trip to the loo noticed Mike was spark out so I just got stuck into work. Knowing I wasn’t feeding the fish today I didn’t rush but when I heard a noise like the rutting of wild boars at 7.15 I went towards the lounge and there was Michael grunting half consciously as usual. I can’t understand why when we shop on a Saturday I have to fight to get him to leave his pit but when we have no need to rush he scares me by getting up unaided and then stops me from working. I put the kettle on , put the light on in the tank ( and saw both assassins), ignored the fish, took my tablets, made his coffee as the kettle boiled and had some Shreddies ( the cereal, not some underpants) for my breakfast.

At about 8.30 we were both dressed and raring to go. Neither of us could think of anywhere to go to though. In the end I asked for a quick trip to our local Tesco Supermarket to get some coffee pods and my baps. We did that and picked up a few things we didn’t need and left. Mike asked what I’d like to do next instead of making a decision himself so I responded that as long as it included a cuppa I didn’t mind. I get very dry. He suggested we go to Kassidy’s where we haven’t been for ages and I agreed provided I had chance to pick up some chocolates for them first. We wen’t to another Supermarket, Lidl where I got the chocs and w spent a while looking round. It only took two mins and we were back on track and sitting it Kassidy’s ready to order. Mike’s coffee came with a breakfast and oddly enough my pot of tea did too but since I’d already had breakfast this was a brunch. Mmmm bacon. It was nice to see Si again after so long.

We came out of Kassidy’s each asking the other what we should do next. In the end it was decided we’d pay a visit to Jackson’s the Garden Centre and Gift Shop where I’ve been lucky to get some fantastic gifts from in the past. With birthdays on the way I’m on the look out. We had a nice ride there as the sun was out and the rain had stopped. After a good look round interspersed with Michael disappearing for ‘tinkles’ we decided to fill up so he didn’t get dehydtated.  Mike went to the counter to oder and I left him to decide between a chocolate or a strawberry milk shake. He was having a banana one. He looked very smug on his return and when the drinks were delivered some time later I could see why. Since he hadn’t been able to make the decision for me, I now had a mixed chocolate and strawberry. It wasn’t actually too bad. I did enjoy making those disgusting sounds at the end when the straw hit the froth, and so did Mike, digusting child. We chose to go home after Jackson’s so Mike had time to relax before he had to go home. We both watched a bit of TV and both slept through the end of it. I helped carry his luggage to the car, after checking for silverware and then waved him off.

I spent two hours on messages then at 6.00 pm went through to watch an old Star Wars film then an episode of the Tomorrow People saga. I still haven’t fully made up my mind about that one. At 9.00 pm I cam through to get the mail up to day and the blog. I leave you with the last song of the week and some photographs. Don’t forget to let me know if you want your favourite song on. Hugs to all.

By the Ducks

By the Ducks


Happy as Larry

Happy as Larry

Clean Baby

Clean Baby


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59 responses to “Serene Sunday & The Wanderer Returns

  1. I wish I had heard that phrase about migraines when I was having them! Painful but at least you know your head is still there! Love it. I suppose I could say that about the arthritis now, eh? Good fun as usual, do wish you’d accept the cash for one of these mystery inheritances, just so we could all hear what happens! xx

    • Yes, the arthritis is another painful reminder that we have hips knees, fingers or even neck ( which is where mine started) and by golly we wish we didn’t.
      I’ve been tempted t start a correspondence with one of the jokers but am fairly sure I’d just get more frustrated asking for proof of their deposit than they would asking for my account details. Maybe I should start scamming Nigerians?
      Hope you’ve had a great day Ardys,
      xxx Sending Massive Hugs to you xxx.

  2. Good to have Mike back again. And agree with you about your talented cousin. Must go for a visit soon.

    • Yes, it’s nice to talk to a person instead of the walls again, when he lets me get a word in edgewise..
      I’m sure Annie would love that and I’ll keep my kettle on just in case you want the Welcome in the Hillsides.
      xxx Stupendous Hugs Dear Olga xxx

  3. A peaceful idyllic morning, David? Your week was off to a good start. And I’m intrigued by a glimpse of the caricatures, and good to know Reuben is smiling and well again. I look forward to reading the rest, first thing tomorrow. Meanwhile I didn’t want you to feel neglected. 

    • Thanks so much Teagan. You dropping by is always one of life’s pleasures for me. I’m glad the caricatures intrigued you and hope you saw those on her site too.
      Reuben has recovered nicely and is his usual chirpy self.
      Enjoy the rest.
      xxx I send Massive Hugs as always xxx

      • I actually went back to finish the read last night. You frightened me with that angina attack. Do take good care of you. Understood? No arguments. 🙂
        Massive hugs right back at you.

  4. Don’t you just love all the money gimmicks trying to wiggle their way into your life, David? I think your idea of asking for it in CASH is great—;) — and maybe even give them secret directions about how to put the cash in an envelope, tie it with a green bow and leave it under a certain loose stone near a certain address, etc., would probably make them leave you alone for good!
    On a happier note, don’t you just love babies in footed jammies? Reuben is so precious, but he’s growing entirely too fast! Many hugs to you both.

    • I’m beginning to wonder if all Nigerians aren’t in business as scammers which is why I get so many. Yes, maybe I should try the secret agent approach and ask them to leave it under a convenient stone.
      I do think that onesies on youngsters look great but that I’d hate the adult version unless it came with a convenient zip for speed. You’e right, Reuben is growing at a rate of knots. I just hope not to be shrinking at the same rate or we’ll be meeting soon.
      xxx Massive Hugs to you xxx

  5. That photo of you and Reuben is THE BEST! what a wonderful gift. I bet you are absolutely thrilled with it. I totally sympathise with Yvonne, I’m having to pass on the Remy Martin Brandy ice cream too and it sucks! Lovely post, David. Good to hear about your week but sorry about your angina attack, that sounded horrible. Bountiful hugs from Andalucia. Lottie xxxxx

    • I’m over the moon with the photo Lottie. It’s a wonderful gift. Don’t tell me you have an attack of the diets too. This weightwatchers thing is catching. It should be no reason to skimp on the Remy Martin ice cream which should be classed a necessity.
      I’m lucky, the angina went as quickly as it came though I must have looked odd walking about bent over. No more forgetting my spray.
      Slightly damp but Massive Hugs from Wales for you both. xxxxxx

      • Quick update from Fatty….a friend asked me to cook them a roast today. Yorkshire puddings, roast tatties, onion gravy, even mashed potato….tomorrow is another day 😉 The only thing that was missing was a bowl (or 2) of Remy Martin ice cream to complete the stupendous fall off the wagon!! xox

      • Stop calling my friend names. Though maybe I should be less strict about that since I didn’t get an invitation to the roast dinner which might have been beef but which had onion gravy. Oh God, I’ve just added a stone thinking about it. It’s just as well I gave the last two tubs of Remy Martin to Yvonne and get it away from either of us.
        xxx Stupendous Hugs xxx

  6. Another very busy week.

  7. carolewyer

    What a week and a superb post again. Sometimes I wonder how you find time to write all this! Sending you those extra squishy hugs this week. xx

    • Hi Carol, I find time to write because I do nothing else all day. Activity for idle hands I’m afraid. Thank you so much for enjoying my waste of time though.
      The Hugs were wonderful and welcome.
      I send you in return, Stupendous Sunday Hugs xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  8. Hehehe, the sad thing about those scams that say “You’re millionaire many times over if you just…” is that there are people who believe this and end up burned heavily. As if 20…30…40…million has just been stuck somewhere for me to pick up…I once decided to play along just to get my back so at the stage where “they” asked I pay 7.000 GBP into a “clearing account” and then provide my bank details I said: well you just go ahead and take that 7,000 from the 25 million and send me the rest – never heard from the same mob again, but new ones come once or twice a week! 😀

    • Ha ha ha, that’s an excellent ploy. I used to be plagued by mystics who could see a lot of money in my future and all I had to do was pay for the details. I told them the same, I’ll pay from the money as soon as get it. Send e the details so I’m prepared. They gave up in the end.
      Today I received the worst one. A letter from a woman supposedly dying of cancer in a London Hospital. She has millions in the bank abroad from the sale of shopping malls etc after her husband dies. With two months to live before the cancer takes her she wants to use me to give 90% of the fortune to charity and keep 10% for myself for expenses..
      Since I lost my wife to cancer I’m horrified they’ll use this to try and con vulnerable people.
      They’re getting worse.
      xxx Massive Hugs xxx

      • I think the one I deleted the other had reached the highs of some UN body, not just your usual Nigeria, Iraq, Botswana, Kurdistan, a big Bank in a country where there is turmoil…:) Sorry to hear about your wife and your loss. Hugs back 😀

  9. Hey, David, really absorbing post as usual. |I thought those heads that your cousin made were cakes. Loved the picture of you and Reuben. Thanks for tweeting me. I’m off to do you, now.

    • Now now, it’s not good for me to get excited like that. Mind your phrasing.
      Yes, they’d be great if they were made out of cake wouldn’t they but who’d want to eat it?
      It’s a great picture isn’t it. I’m thrilled with it and with the kindness. Thanks for your comment. You’re always welcome to the tweets.
      xxx Massive Hugs xxx

  10. I’d eat them. And tweet them. Who was it who said, Can I do you now, sir?

  11. Catherine Johnson

    Those caricatures are awesome, what talent! I do worry about you reading too much. Have you managed to organize your emails yet so the junk goes straight to a junk folder, then you can highlight them all at once and bulk delete. Have fun with your cute grandson!

    • Yes, I think I hate her, beauty AND talent. Unfair.No, I don’t think TalkTalk are very sophisticated, it warns you of what it thinks are junk but leaves it for you to decide yourself.
      I have great fun with Reuben thanks Catherine. I’m about to reach he stage where I can’t keep up with him.
      xxx Massive Hugs xxx

  12. Those Nigerian scams are well-described in Will Ferguson’s novel “419” – very interesting to read how people (in this case, Canadians) can be taken in by them, and their lives ruined as a result. Here’s a link to a review:
    This is an excellent book, David, that you and your readers might enjoy reading. Ferguson won all sorts of awards for it in Canada, including the Giller. I know Will from when I lived in Calgary, and he’s hilarious in person! He’s won the Leacock Medal for Humour twice. A great guy, and “419” is a very good book. 🙂

    • I’ll have to take a look at that Susan. I can’t understand anyone being taken in by these scammers but probably there are people more trusting than me. xxx Huge Hugs xxx

  13. Smug fish! That I would like to see, and The Doobie Brothers! Oh Yeah! And the wee babe. Oh what a cutie!

    • It’s really demeaning being looked down on by fish. I love that particular Doobie’s song, very much of it’s time. Yrs, Reuben is a cutie and I just know he’s gonna manipulate me.
      xxx Massive Hugs Niamh xxx

  14. Despite the protestations of busy doing nothing, you cover quite a bit of ground and have a good number of visitors – not too many or few… The Cheeky Caricatures are amazing. All the pics are great… the Sleepy Boys (the cat is a boy too?) is sweet. Tariq’s photo on canvas is just stunning. And your partner in crime is back. Enjoy 🙂

    • Yes, the cat is Maddie and is a boy. There is a female tortoiseshell called Millie but she prefers her own company. I can’t resist looking at Tariq’s picture as Reuben is stunning on it. And yes, my partner in crime, one half of the Brother’s Grimm is back, Heaven help the world.
      I’m glad you like the Cheeky Caricatures, they’re a delight. xxx Massive Hugs xxx

  15. Welcome back Mike! And how come you teased us with stories of conquests, and then left the stories out? Tsk tsk David.

    Love Tariq’s portrait of you and Reuben. That man is very talented. -hugs to all-

    • Had to leave any stories out to protect the innocent. Anyway I blush easily. Needless to say one story involved a BIG breakfast.
      Yes Tariq is talented and so easy to work with. I adore the picture.
      xxx Humungus Hugs back to you and Katie xxx

  16. Love the pix of the sleepy boys!

  17. Those Nigerian and Burkina Faso banks really are obsessed with you David. I liked their letter, with only one comma. Can’t say I’m familiar with most of the music you included in this post. I know Steppenwolf were named after the Hermann Hesse book. They were pretty famous for a one or two.

    • You’re right Guy. Maybe someone told them I’m a soft touch…or maybe just soft in the head. Sorry about the music, I tend to forget how much younger the rest of thew world is though I do use some eighties as well. Just tell me what you like and I’ll include it if I can find it.
      All the best.

      • I am familiar with The Beatles, Rolling Stones, and Simon and Garfunkel. Quite like some 80s music, though I suspect many people must have been disappointed at the time with a lot it, considering what great music there was in the period before. Things have only gone downhill since it seems to me, with a few exceptions of course.

      • The sixties, little pockets of the seventies and a good part of the eighties were the tops in music for me, the New Romantics being the reason for the revival. After that there seems to be very little ( perhaps because I had no Motown) and now it’s just the odd noticeable record by someone like Adele that attracts my attention. I think when rap came along it was the night music died.
        Keep well.

  18. Yeah! Mike’s back! No stories from Canada for us to read? Your daughter is so pretty–love that pic of her and Reuben! What a lovely present from Tarif, he is one of a kind. Tell him I wish we had his like in the states!

    • He hasn’t shared on I dare unless it’s one of his nights in a casino and believe me they’d be boring. That is a fantastic picture of Yvonne and Reuben isn’t it, I love that one.
      Tariq is one of a kind and his lovely wife Shella. I’ll pass on your message but if he decides to move I’m coming to get him back.
      xxx Humungus Hugs Lori. xxx

  19. Maggie Thom

    Sounds like you had an interesting week. I would love to hear Mike’s thoughts about Canada? First time or has he been before? I love that picture that Tariq did for you.Not only did he have really cute subject matter 🙂 but he’s very talented. Great shot. Those cheeky caricatures are pretty cool. Your cousin is very talented. As usual thank you for sharing your week. Sending enough hugs to fill your week.

    • Mike’s been to Canada many times since his sister and family have been there many years now. He loves it. He loves White Rock where they live and the fact it’s easy to get to the US from there too.
      I love Tariq’s picture and his kindness. He’s definitely talented as is my cousin Anne.
      Thanks so much for sharing my week with me Maggie.
      xxx Massive Hugs xxx

  20. Thank you for the regular Tweets, David. Every time I come here I end up here for hours…happy hours. Love catching up with you and your family and friends. Love love love those photos, esp you and Reuben, he and his mum, and the sleeping boys. You always make me smile.
    Thank you and many hugs,

    • The tweets are always a pleasure Patti as are your visits here. I’m thrilled you get some pleasure from my antics and the family. There are always some great photographs of Reuben, I’m so glad I gave his mum a camera.
      The sleeping boys picture was great.
      xxx Massive Hugs to you

  21. laurie27wsmith

    Arthritis is a pain in the…. insert body part here. It’s been an up and down week David. Mike coming home obviously cheered you up. I can see you both yakking on about the ladies, it puts the lead in your pencil. No wonder you get angina attacks mate. 🙂 Love the pictures and the caricature. Another good selection of music. I picked Born to be Wild because when I had my Honda Goldwing (old when I got it) I would stick a tape I made up in the player. I loved that bike with it’s big fairing, it even had an ash tray in it. Coming home form work after a late shift I would run b to b w as I went through a couple of small towns. Full blast of course and they’d only hear it after I’d passed. 🙂 Had a look at your cousin’s site, very good indeed. All in all a good week. You survived and haven’t overeaten, so things are running smoothly. Take care David and manly hugs to you and yours.

    • Actually, that’s one place arthritis isn’t a pain.
      Yes, Mike’s return cheered me but you can’t see me yakking about the ladies- he yaks, I listen. Usually in awe. It doesn’t put lead in my pencil as I use a biro these days, there has to be plenty of diagrams to remind me, I think the angina is from shock when I see a picture I recognise.
      That was a good choice of record from that era but I can understand you liking it if you rode a Goldwing. How the neighbourhood must have loved you.
      It wasn’t a bad week, I found my cousin’s site, saw how talented she is, didn’t manage to eat myself to death and survived intact. Yes, things must be running smoothly.
      Please look after yourself Laurie,
      all the best

      • laurie27wsmith

        it’s fine having lead in your pencil, as long as you have someone to write to. 🙂 is that why pencils have a rubber on the end? It was a buzz riding that Goldwing at night. I had a kangaroo dive across the road and hit my exhaust pipe nose first. When I pulled up and had a look, he left the skin of his nose on the pipe. I won’t talk about the stain in my pants. 😦
        Have an even greater week David. Hugs,

  22. Hi, I have to say I am so hungery as I missed dinner today and now reading about sausage and chips with curry sauce is really making me want to go to the chippy!
    The photo of you and Reuben is beautiful, what a lovely present. I do love having photographs in the house.
    Your email about winning a huge amount of money makes me giggle, do people really believe this? I just dont understand it!
    Also thank for Young At Heart video, its one of my favourites, put it on for my daughter and we had a dance around the living room! So thank you for including it this week.
    Hope you ok and take care, look forward to future reading,

    • I’m so sorry you missed dinner and there’s me just finished sausage and chips again. In my defence it was the diet version and no curry sauce. OK?
      The picture was a wonderful present.I really don’t understand as I would have been happy to pay for all the materials and time but he wouldn’t let me.
      I was talking ( messaging) someone in Canada yesterday who said so many people there have been taken in by these scams. I wonder if we’re to cynical to get caught or whether we just don’t admit it when we do.
      I’m so glad you found a record you liked. I’ll have to try more from that era since not everyone is Methuselah like me.
      I’m fine thanks sweetie, I hope you are all well too.
      Sending Stupendous Hugs xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  23. Egads my man! Where do I start with this misfit’s misadventure?? I practically died laughing from the Tuesday marriage proposal and illegal propositions thru to the end…you are too silly! Loved the musical inclusions, and the nice gift Tariq presented you with. That really is quite a beautiful pic of you and little Reuben. I really loved the caricature art stuff too! The comment about wild boars rutting was so funny, too.
    NOW: what’s NOT funny! The ‘smoke coming from somewhere…ciggie in your mouth’ I TOLD YOU I hate worrying about you setting yourself ablaze!!! I wish you could please not smoke in the house…I am not allowed to do so here, myself. But it may all be for the better…that way I must stand in the attached garage or step out onto the patio, either way making it close to impossible for me to sleep and have a lit cig at same time. Besides, after 35 years of puffing, I am resolving to quit VERY soon, as I start my 50th year on this earth I hope to be rid of the nasty things! And, I worry about the angina, which apparently I hadn’t noticed any writing about before. God do I need to come over there and take you over my knee or what?!
    Do take care…I consider you a dear friend and it would crush me if something tragic happened to you…you are, I believe, my biggest and most loyal fan. I need you so straighten up and fly right or ELSE! 😉
    Massive huge hugs, from both the rodent and I, xxxXXX CJxxxXXX

    • Hurrah, I’m glad to be still considered silly.I refuse to act 63 if I don’t have to. I’m really glad you like the music choices and the picture Tariq did. It’s beautiful though I can’t quite get my head round him not allowing me to pay for his work.
      My cousin’s caricature artwork is amazing. How I envy her that talent.
      Oops, I seem to have gone deaf. Smoking on the doorstep presents a bit of a challenge since I smoke ( turn away now please) about 60 a day and most of those are when I’m working on the computer.It’s not good, I know it and I know with my health issues I should give up but I lack the will power
      ( and the inclination really) to do it.
      Ooooh, the images running through my brain now…, you, the knee!!
      Thank you for the compliment and the great honour. I also consider you a friend and it makes me glad I bought a computer.
      I’ll do my best to shape up.
      xxx Humungus Hugs to you and my Mousie pal xxx

      • Holy chit! 60 FULLY smoked ciggies???? OMG (crossing myself) . Tsk tsk tsk!!!!
        Going to check the airfare rates….just in case you didn’t believe me! 😉

      • Well I’m not going to claim that none ever get wasted when I start concentrating but it’s not many. It’s always worse when I’m at the computer and these days I’m always at the computer.
        Far too expensive to come over just to spank me…Shame. xxx Massive Hugs xxx

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