Car Booty & Priya and Penny Depart

Sunday. Since Mike’s phone said thunderstorms today and mine said very overcast, both for the same area we felt justified in going out in short sleeved shirts and lightweight jackets. We were not disappointed. Maybe we didn’t tempt fate by putting the top of the car down but we did travel mainly with the windows fully down. Very handy too when Mike’s stomach isn’t up to much. We traveled into sunny Cheshire to the hidden ( shopping) village of Blakemere for a car boot sale. It may not have been as big as our local one at Rhuddlan or even the Countess of Chester Hospital one we went to last week but this was Cheshire and the goodies on offer were good. There were a couple of things I’d love to have got for Reuben if only they hadn’t been PINK, his father wouldn’t have approved at all. But I did manage to get a great pop-up tent and also a crawl through tunnel that also fitted onto the tent.

For myself I found a wooden hand which could hold a candle but also ( and this is what I’ll use it for) an incense cone, a wooden box with a Buddhistic image in gold on the lid. I paid £2 for the latter item and later saw them on sale at £12.99 in the shops at Blakemere. I also bought two nice ( and expensive) tapestries at £1 each. I got a really nice CD/Radio player that Mike wanted for just £4. All in all a very productive morning. I also found but didn’t buy a game called Scrabble Trickster which allows players to get cards which lets them among other things, spell a word backwords, put a word on the board wherever they want, turn a tile over and use it as a blank and steal the previous player’s last score. What a game that could be. I’ll have to think about it though I’m actually half regretting not getting it now.


Scrabble Trickster

Scrabble Trickster






Naturally our first stop after the car boot was the cafe scratch that, loo, after which came the cafe. A nice cuppa revived us for a walk round the shops. Two fantastic shops which sell imported items, mainly wooden from Indonesia and Thailand, 2 antique shops, a craft place, a huge pet shop, complete with some pets, I think there’s a baby shop( though I’m fairly certain you can’t buy or sell babies there) and then an attractive courtyard filled with shops with gifts, a tea room, an ice cream place, sweets and various gift places. It’s a great place to visit though I aim that more at the ladies than the gents, Mike says I must be more in touch with me feminine side but the sarky beggar forgets it was his idea to go the last twice.

It took an hour to get back home and on to lunch at The Ivy. Yes, today I remembered the chocolates. Shella was back at work after hurting her back and we had a nice chat. Angie was there and Mike put a smile on her face with a Terry’s chocolate Orange I got yesterday. The meal was lovely, though very filling. My first ever panini which was filled with road beef, fried onions and mushrooms and a dish with coleslaw,( I didn’t have the cheese and the horseradish sauce Mike had) , a small side salad and some chips. I didn’t know paninis were so big. Neither of us could manage lemon meringue pie which was perhaps as well since by the time we’d let our belts out a notch there was just one piece left and I’m not noble ( or daft) enough to say “After you bro”. I did leave there disappointed though. Oh, not because I didn’t get my hugs, there was no problem on that score. Yesterday I’d asked Tariq if he could put some glass into a picture that Yvonne had bought me and which had been damaged for some time. Tariq does all his own framing so has a lot of glass about. He made me shake hands that he wouldn’t argue about accepting the money for lunch (YAY) on the understanding that I only paid him for materials and not for his labour. Reluctantly I agreed after getting agreement he would take payment. After the job was done he told me the charge was 55p which is probably about 35c U.S. The man is a horse trader. I shall think of some way of getting a gift.

Mike ran me home and disappeared quite quickly. ( I have that effect on people) giving me the chance to catch up on the 132 messages in my box. That took a while and it was nearly 6.00 pm when I went through t wash up from this morning and then to watch an episode of Midsomer Murders for relaxation. At 8.00pm I came back through to start again.

Monday. Not every day starts with good news. I’ve heard from Jo, one of my wonderful nieces that Penny and Priya (pictured) have departed to join Ju so they can play inside her dressing gown again. You’ll remember no doubt that Jo took over looking after all four of our special girls after Ju passed away. Amy and my beautiful Bernie passed away a while ago  so now the last two have gone to join them. So sad.

Priya enjoying her morning cuppa Tea.

Priya enjoying her morning cuppa Tea. R.I.P


Feeling unwell today I went back to bed after doing my mail and then carrying out kitchen duties. I was woken by a knock on the door, not that I knew that’s what it was at the time. Only when I sat up and my mind began to work ( despite what A C Flory says) did my mind begin to twig some poor soul was stood on the doorstep. It was my nephew David ( do I really have a nephew approaching 50?) and there he stood despite me telling him just to walk in. He’d brought a batch of Sheet Music dating from around 1905 for me to see. There was only one that meant anything to me by Gen. Lew Wallace , the theme tune to the book he wrote ‘Ben Hur’. It had a very frameable cover as did some of the others. I wasn’t able to help him really as I know nothing of music other than some I like, some I don’t. I suggested taking it to a specialist music shop as they may be interested in displaying it or even playing it.During the time we were chatting David reminded me he’s promised last week to buy me lunch today and despite my saying there was no need he went off to the sandwich shop for some filled baps. He also went shopping for me to Pauline’s. As soon as he mentioned the brand and his Uncle ‘Dave'(I hate it) she knew who it was and just said “100?”.   David was taking one of Ju’s prized horse figures today for himself but I also found some old jewellery boxes filled with costume jewellery he could take for the stall. I finally got dressed !

David was due to be home for 1.00 pm but while we were talking about car boots I’d told him of the two tapestries I go yesterday and he asked where I was putting them. I explained where and why and that I’d bought a pole to put them on as well. He offered to do the job there and then. I refused as it was already 12.25 pm but he said it took no more than 20 minutes to drive home.(They haven’t invented a car that fast yet except in F1). We did the job regardless and I’m afraid i was 1.00 pm before he left so I hope the motor mechanic at his end was a patient man.

I came back to the computer to clear what I could and was forced to go to my chair at 2.45 pm. I had my lunch but by 3.45 I was asleep again. I woke just in time for my 4.30 pm Antique show and then came back to mail at 5.15 until 6.00 pm. I’ve managed to stay pretty much abreast of it today somehow. I watched TV from 6.00 to 8.00 pm and then came through for the night sessions. I’d had a text from Mike to say he’s been granted an exchange on his flat so he’s moving as we speak and won’t be down this weekend. That will be good in a way as he’ll be with his son for Father’s Day. If he does finish moving early, he and his son will be going to Manchester to fix his Dad’s washing machine, otherwise it could be the next weekend and I’ll have two very quiet weekends. At least he won’t be moaning I’m getting him up in the middle of the night for shopping.I won’t get any done. I’ll still be going to the Ivy though for my Father’s Day treat.

Tuesday. After finishing my mail this morning I became tired and nodded off in my chair in the lounge. That was about 6.30 am and I didn’t wake until almost 9.00 am. I doubt I’d have moved if it hadn’t been for the repeat prescription request lying in front of me on the coffee table. I got washed and dressed before dropping it off with the chemist and went straight back home as I wasn’t going to Yvonne’s today. The air had revived me enough to stay awake long enough to catch up on the mail again. Four messages suspending my online account with Santander. Do these moronic con men think I’m more likely to believe a message if I read it more often? The postman came with a new batch of keyring blanks for me and I was able to make up nice ones for my nieces.

By 11.00 am I was tired again and back to the chair I went. Zonk, I was out till 12.00 pm and though I didn’t feel like lunch I made something anyway. There was a made for TV film on at half past which I watched till it ended at 2.20 pm when I thought I’d better make serious inroads into the mail or I wouldn’t see my Antiques Show at 4.30 pm. I made it by the skin of my teeth. In a repeat of last night I went back to the computer at 5.15 pm till 6.00 pm and then TV until I called it a night at 8.00 pm. I’m following a couple of items on ebay at the moment so I checked up  on those before doing a few searches for things I like, walking sticks for one. After that I spent time concentrating on the mail again which included a further two notifications that Santander don’t love me any more. If I actually had an account with them no doubt I’d be heartbroken.

Wednesday. Such a major disappointment this morning to find in my mail box 5 separate messages directing me how to get back into my suspended Santander account. If they can’t get me with threats they’ll try to get me by being helpful. I also had 3 messages of love which was a surprise since as usual I’ve never met the ladies (?) in question. There was also a message with just one word…Hello. That went the way of the others. I suppose I shouldn’t complain too much as at least Mystic Myfanwy hasn’t been predicting my future fortunes again.

I had to get dressed and go out this morning though just as far as the corner shop. The sun was shining and it was really quite warm despite a breeze. We’re officially into Summer now so maybe this is it. Back home I decided to stay up and stay dressed in case my drugs were delivered ( they weren’t). I also decided to put a bid in on a game of Scrabble Trickster due to end this evening. The rules sound just about crazy enough to be a good laugh. While doing my post I came across a problem I’ve had before where my ISP suddenly decides not to send messages to any hotmail addresses. Everything I tried was getting returned as undeliverable and the steam was starting to seep out of my ears. In the end the only thing to do was create a new email address with gmail so now I have the same post going to both places and confusing me. Gmail breaks mail down into type, Social and Promotions and each is held as a separate list. The contacts list isn’t in an obvious place either. Somehow I managed to clear all the mail I save like payments to ebay until the goods arrive. Plonker.

I slept a good deal  of the afternoon though I did keep going to the computer when ever I was awake for more than 30 secs. At 4.30 pmm I went to enjoy my antiques programme and found I’d missed two messages on my mobile. Mike to tell me the move is going well but he won’t be here this weekend. Lee James to say he can’t make it tonight. A shame. At 5.45 pm though the door opened and Dil and Matt arrived. I made drinks as the Scrabble was set up. I don’t know why I bothered. It was a slaughter in the first game- Matt, and a massacre in the second game-Dil. I was demolished in the Nomination Whist-Dil again but I did win the cribbage so didn’t need a new pack of tissues. There’s a lot of humour expended on these games nights and I love them for that reason. We could be playing Snap  for all I care ( as long as I’m winning of course). They left as usual at 9.30 pm and after washing the pots and having a quick tidy round I came through to start the assault course of mail again. Now it’s time to go to bed and have a short read before witching hour is upon us.

Thursday. I won the Scrabble Trickster last night. Let’s see them beat me next week. If it comes early I’m memorising the rules.That should last all of half an hour. I’m still working out the differences in gmail but there are some definite pitfalls for me. I can’t find a way to  change the font style or size and two people I write to I layer the mail. They write a one line answer to my part of the message underneath mine, and I do the same to theirs. That seems to be a major faff. Currently I’m running between programmes dependant upon the message.

Since I put my prescription request in on Tuesday morning I the drugs back yesterday. It didn’t happen so when I went for bread this morning I stuck my head in the chemist. I let them know I needed a full spiriva kit and not just refills and that my gliclizide had run out. I was told they’d be here this afternoon. They weren’t and I’m not best pleased. This has happened before where they didn’t deliver because one item was missing. That’s not much good to me when I’ve run out of a drug. I shall have to pay another visit in the morning. There’s been a lot of mail today for some reason so a lot of time has been spent in here. With the heat I’ve been wanting to nod off more than once. I’ve been very good, and waited until a programme I wanted to watch came on TV. Then the rafters reverberated to my Zzzz’s. I did manage to see my new Big Bang Theory tonight though.

It’s been a funny day though. A message from Yvonne about Sunday. Ugo has to go away and needs to catch a coach so they’ll be with me from about 10.00 am Sunday till 1.00 pm. Not great but I can cope. I tried to tell her not to bother and save themselves the dash but NO, they were coming. Now a new message to say they’ll be here after all as his trip is put off by a week. If all those Nigerian con mails start again I’m going to get very suspicious. The window cleaner came and yes, I’d nodded of. I’ve decided never to clean the insides again so he can’t see me sleeping and think I do it all day .

Right, I’m off to bed. Sleep well all  !.

Friday. I’m really struggling with this gmail account. Not only do all my emails not arrive there, I don’t have the option of how to answer them ie. as layered answers, I write a line or two and then the recipient writes a line or two on top. Instead I have to write at the bottom of a long list of ongoing messages between us and scroll back up everytime I want to make sure I haven’t missed something. Within the last ten minutes I have at least discovered how to change the font, size and the colour. Yay.

After the usual morning jobs ( like waking up and dressing) I went to the chemist to find out what had happened to my drug delivery yesterday. At first I got some very blank looks like I hadn’t put the request in at all but eventually I was told they’d do what they could and bring my stuff round. Fair enough about an hour later Dawn arrived at the house with a bag. I asked her to hang on for a minute while I checked it in case I’d been given just the refill capsules for the spiriva. I hadn’t. In fact the spiriva wasn’t there in any form so I had to query that with Dawn. It wasn’t even sowing on the bag as an item owed. She said she’s go back and check for me and I’m sure she doubted I’d ordered it.  At least I had the now three drugs I’d run out of and I hadn’t run out of the spiriva. Just as well really as she didn’t return with it for me. And before you ask, I know I ordered it as I wrote on the request that I needed the full kit. The senility hasn’t hit quite that bad yet.

Yesterday I trawled through all Julia’s crafting stuff to find a machine I’d promised Yvonne. It took a while to find all the different plates that fit it it but eventually I managed it and prepared two big bags for her on Sunday. Picture if you will a wall. From right to left are a five drawer chest of drawers, a slight gap, another 5 drawer chest then a set of three plastic drawers full of craft material. Righto, got that? I need to get rid of the 3 drawer craft set so that I can move the left hand chest to the left  ( change partners do se do) so that there is now a larger gap in the middle. I want to fill that gap with a set of bookshelves which ebay kindly furnished me with this morning. 4 shelves high that fold down and the sides fold in over them. Amazing value at £23.99 and I had the option of free home delivery or delivery to an Argos shop for collection. I took the home delivery option and they should be here by Tuesday. With any luck that”s the day the game will arrive too.

There have been a lot of messages today. Only one from Santander to say my sign in is now blocked but one from Barclays again to say they’re having problems paying money into my account. I suggest they gather cash and send me that instead. I don’t mind if they close a non-existent account really. Regretfully there have been no declarations of love or offers of marriage today so during a gap between Antique Road Trips I took a shower. I removed the shampoos and bodywashes from the seat and used that to sit on this time. I still had to bend over to keep my arms from being above my head since there’s no Mike to scream for. It’s been along day and I expect a fairly long weekend but he does have a life of his own out there as well. I hope the weather stays nice and you all have a Great Weekend.

Cheese String Thing with cheese string

Cheese String Thing with cheese string


The laundryboy

The laundryboy

Mucky Face

Mucky Face











Saturday. Dawn came sneaking round a corner this morning and crept up behind me with a hammer. Dame Aurora can be a devil like that, one minute a headache, next minute the sun is glaring down saying get your lazy arse out of bed. I complied yet it was no later than 5.00 am. I wasn’t actually in bed anyway which is how the sun caught me. I’d been sleeping in my chair after sleep and I had an altercation in the bedroom. Sleep wanted to plague my rest with dreams and I’m like the BBC- no adverts. I returned to the bedroom where at least the sun wouldn’t bother me. It would take more than that to get through my curtains.

I turned on the computer, opened both my email programmes since the new one doesn’t seem to bring all my mail over and because some I prefer to answer in the format I use on TalkTalk. I was heartbroken to see that Barclay’s have also decided to suspend my sigh in but even worse, the Halifax are now saying they have problems with my account. This is getting so bad that yesterday I deleted a message from Paypal about a refund to my account before I realised  it might be genuine. Once I checked with Paypal it was. Another beggar has reused to honour the ebay agreement to supply goods after an auction and after I’ve paid. This lot haven’t even had the manners to respond to messages. Ebay raised a case, gave them 5 days to respond and then refunded me. I’d much rather have had the goods though as it was a lovely mirror clock with the Welsh Dragon at the centre. Last week I had a similar problem with a case for my phone. I’m waiting patiently like an idiot until I realise nothing is coming. The firm did initiate a refund very quickly but no apology or explanation of why they didn’t send it. I had to start again with another firm which firstly sent the wrong one and quickly corrected it. Once before I bought something, paid for it and waited. The seller marked it as dispatched. Three weeks later she admitted it hadn’t been sent an d she wasn’t going to as she didn’t like the price she got. Put a bloody reserve on it in that case!

I had breakfast and then put all the bins and rubbish bags out. At 7.30 am I went out for the bus. At the supermarket just up the hill ( one of two…Supermarkets, not hills) I got cash from the machine. I could almost hear it say “The Bank Manager- He say YES” and I considered shouting “I’ve won” but it was still quite early. I grabbed a  shopping trolley, loaded my sticks aboard and set off. The vases at home weren’t looking too bad but they were perhaps a little crowded and all four contained the same plants. I was bound to be able to weed some dead stuff out so I bought a nice bouquet of mixed flowers and a bunch of carnations. Then I edged up the vegetable  aisle, and note this….I stopped. I bought lettuce, tomato, cucumber and some Jersey potatoes. All bets are off if it rains though !! Baps next, cakes ( for my neighbour who is always taking in parcels for me or returning my bin from wherever the binmen leave it),a rhubarb pie, butter, milk, ( I considered cream but decided not), yoghurts, round the corner for bacon and lemon meringue pie. Then I needed biscuits, crisps, sweets and a bottle of beer. Somehow I managed to forget coleslaw and pickled beetroot.  The girl on the till waited until I had my bags set out in the trolley before ringing the goods through which was a great help. Then I got cigarettes from my friend who called me a taxi…No, she didn’t say “You’re a Taxi”, she made a phone call to get me one. He arrived a couple of minutes later and I was home for 8.30 am.

It didn’t take too long to unpack and put away the shopping but it took forever to get rid of some of the old flowers, trim the others and arrange the new ones so it didn’t look like I’d just bunged the bunches in a vase. I had to get very arty-farty. Mike usually does it so he must be more in touch with his feminine side than me. I knew I’d need the coleslaw for lunchtime so I went to Pauline’s, forgot the beetroot and bought more cigarettes instead. I think my mind might be elsewhere.  Perhaps a little worried about tomorrow? Back at home I laid into the mail again and by lunchtime was back up to date. I ate lunch watching an old film but don’t ask me what as I’ve no idea now. After lunch I just zonked out anyway.

When I woke I knew for sure I’d been out an hour and the mail would be there again, I had another catch up session. As long as I was free for 5.00 pm s there was a Miss Marple I haven’t seen. After that a Jack Black film was due to start. I managed less than ten minutes before I had to turn it off or bang my head against a few walls. So, I came through and I’ve been keeping pace with mail ever since.

I wish you all a wonderful week.

A killer smile

A killer smile

First Nursery photo

First Nursery photo


Funny Monster

Funny Monster

Sticky fingers

Sticky fingers


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74 responses to “Car Booty & Priya and Penny Depart

  1. Oh David, I’m sorry to hear about the beautiful ratties. But what you said about it was lovely. Congrats on winning the new version of Scrabble. You’ll give ’em a run for their money for sure. 🙂

    • Thanks so much Teagan. They were beautiful and now I hope they’re happy. I’m hoping the new Scrabble turns up in time for me to chec out any cheats ( in my favour of course)
      I must start eating things that are good for the memory and I so hope that chocolate is on the list.
      xxx Humongous Hugs to you xxx

  2. Very, very fascinating to walk along through all the happenings of the past week.

    Cheers from Germany,

  3. Thanks for posting ‘Streets of London. ‘ It’s a great song.

  4. So sorry to hear about Penny and Priya. I remember you used to talk about them. I’ve never played Scrabble Trickster. Sounds fun. (I enjoyed listening to “A Whiter Shade of Pale.” I go way back with that one.) The little guy is cute as ever, sitting up so big and proud. Hugs and have a great week, my friend. I hope you feel better, David.

    • Thanks Mary J. I think the blog was better when I had the girls to talk about, especially if Oscar was still around. It was like Tom and Jerry here sometimes.
      They were beautiful little characters in their own right and Bernie Queen among them.
      I’m looking forward to the fun this new Scrabble game offers. I shall report once Wednesday games night is over.
      Like you I go waaaaay back with Whiter Shade of Pale so I’m glad you enjoyed it.If there’s any record you’d like me to feature, let me know.
      xxx Sending Massive Hugs to you with wishes for a fantastic week. xxx Don’t worry about me, I’m fine.xxxxxxxxxxx

  5. Aww, very sad news about Priya – I’ve got to confess I’m not that brave when around rats but Pete adores them and used to keep them. He was very sad when his died 😦

    You did well at the car boot, I’m liking the sound of the wooden hand for burning incense cones in and the box with the buddha. Gmail! hah, don’t get me started…I’ve had it as my primary email account for almost 2 years and still can’t get my head around it – maybe I’m just extraordinarily thick?!!

    Reuben gets more delicious by the day – I’m longing to be a granny now, I wish my children would hurry up and deliver the goods – you’d think that out of 5, I might have at least one baby to squeeze by now!

    Muchos amores from Spain and muchos huggos xoxox

    • Thank you Lottie.I’m sure you’d be fine if you spent more time with them, they’re very loving as I’m sure Pete could tell you.I’m not surprised he was sad when his died.
      The car boot was fantastic,I was tempted with so many nice things and I’m kicking myself for not getting the Scrabble game there when I had the chance.
      I’ve decided I definitely do not like gmail but it will be a good reserve for the ones on hotmail that TalkTalk keeps refusing.

      I think you’ll get the news you want pretty soon and then you can be bankrupt just like me.It’s hard to go anywhere without finding a gift for babies.
      Muchos grassy arse from Wales and Biggos Huggos too. Have a Fantastic Week xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  6. carolewyer

    I have Scrabble envy now! Congratulations on winning it. Sending you an extra squishy hug this week as I was away and missed last week’s. <> xx

    • The squishy hug was appreciated Carol. Thank you. I hope you enjoyed your ‘awayness’ last week. You could get detention for not asking first.
      I’ll let you know how the Scrabble goes.
      xxx Massive Hugs xxx

  7. I used to love playing Scrabble, but I haven’t had a game since my mother (and chief player) passed away. Always such an interesting challenge…
    xxx Gigantic Hugs xxx

    • Get it out of the cupboard now Margaret and make your husband play a game. You”ll son have a convert and regular opponent. It can be so much fun though I’m looking forward to this new one too with the rules that should make the game hilarious.
      xxx Hugs Galore xxx

  8. Some great car boot finds. We have scrabble Trickster and once you understand the rules it opens up the game to have a whole new lot of fun, although serious scrabble fans will probably tut, tut at it.

    • Surely you’re not suggesting serious Scrabble fans have had the operation to remove their SOH Rosie? Tournaments are meant to be serious,the rest of the time life’s too short to be serious. Bring on the fun.
      xxx Massive Hugs xxx

  9. I’m dying to hear the scrabble report. Sounds ace fun. I used to play online scrabble with someone a few years back, for some reason you could give yourselves silly names so that added to the giggles too.

    I used to make panini. No idea why I stopped. They weren’t huge, but they can be filling. Or maybe the filling was filling.

    There’s a little tiny drop down box on gmail. I think it’s somewhere on the bar that holds the recipients name. Anyway, when that comes up, it gives you the option. I’ll have a look and see if I can describe it more clearly.

    • I’d better not build my hopes up in case it doesn’t arrive in time but I’m expecting a lot of laughs and gasps when the fun starts.

      Believe me, these panini were easily 10″ long as even cut in two they were filling and yes the filling was massive too. Next time I won’t treat it as a challenge and will take half home for tea.

      I found the place for changing fonts and colour, now I’m looking for the place that lets me answer them without having to scroll up to their answer all the time and which will let me write comments on their comment as I do with TalkTalk. It’s very weird in comparison to what I’m used to.

      Hope the leg is giving you less gyp and the physio is actually helping.
      Thinking of you
      Huge Hugs xxx

      • I can’t check it from the iPad as it is a different format.

        But if I was clicking to reply to yours, when you’ve got the reply box up (that won’t let you intersperse text), just to the right of David Prosser are one or two tiny symbols. (I think) you should be able to click on one and a box should come up giving you the option to reply with the body of the original text. Unless they have changed it in the last few weeks.

        Have a fiddle and if you still can’t get it to work, drop me a line, and I’ll get the lap top brought into me and take a screen shot or two for you.

      • You’re an Angel. I’ll give it a try. Thanks a lot.

      • Just make sure you send me an email if it doesn’t work or I will totally forget about it. Your memory might be fine, but mine disappears once I’ve pressed a button.

      • Well I’ve tried this afternoon and can’t find anything like that anywhere. Maybe they have changed things but the likelihood is that I’m just thick.
        Please don’t drag the laptop out, I don’t want you uncomfortable, and this can certainly wait until you’re up and about again.
        So many thanks for your trouble though.

      • That might be a long wait. I hopped in earlier, but forgot. Sorry. I’ll get it brought out tomorrow if I remember. Been a bit busy with a dead looking leg. Tomorrow maybe. Give me a jolt.

      • I’m prepared to wait as long as it takes. The care of the leg comes first.

  10. Sorry to hear about Priya and Penny. I hope today is a good day. I’ve never been much of a Scrabble player but I ‘m also intrigued. G-mail is not my main account and I usually forget to check it… Have a good week!

    • Thanks Olga.I realise for them it’s old age but it’s not easy to adjust to There one day, gone the next.
      It’s been a fantastic day today. I had a nice meal and my family around me. Nothing better.
      I promise to report if the new scrabble lives up to it’s promise.If there are no laughs in the first half hour it’s a failure.
      It shouldn’t matter as long as your messages go to the main account and you have no problems with it.
      I’ll have a great week and I wish you the same. Still waiting to hear about the big move and how/if you like it.
      xxx Ginornmous Hugs xxxx

  11. Almost fell off my chair when I read that you’d bought…vegetables! You’ve made my day, well that plus the Cher video clip, and the gorgeous pics of Reuben of course. 🙂

    • Ha, ha, I knew it would get you. I’ve seen less greenery in a field than I bought. Glad it made your day.
      Glad also you enjoyed the Cher video, the first record I actually bought was Sonny and Cher with I got you babe.
      Reuben has been a dream today, all smiles and giggles. I’ve had a great day.
      xxx Massive Hugs xxx

      • I was thinking, if they have days for everything else, why can’t they have a Grandma’s Day and a Granpa’s Day? Only fitting don’t you think?

      • I’m sure if the card manufacturers thought they could get away with it, they would. I notice they do Happy Mother’s day Grandma and Happy Father’s Day Granddad so may that’s where they slipped it in.
        xxx Hugs Galore xxx

      • Ah okay, so you snuck in there after all. 🙂

  12. Hey David, good luck with the Scrabble Trickster. Never seen it; sounds intriguing. I play against the computer and it tells you what you could have played – and then when you get the chance to put that word down, it says it doesn’t exist! Not sure if you got my msg on fb – just thought it was a nice coincidence. Have a great week. x

    • Thanks Elaine. After losing last week I’m determined to win with this game.
      My nephew has his pad thin open when he plays supposedly at 2 different Scrabble dictionaries and heck, I’ve never seen anything like some of the words it brings up which are not in the written scrabble dictionary I’ve got., I’m glad I don’t play your computer!
      Just been to Fb to check and can find no message. Funnily enough it was a subject of conversation today. I’m told I won’t see every message I get if they’re from people I’ve not had contact with before. That sounds stupid to me. But, I have to look for something on the right hand side that says ‘other’ and check there……..only I can’t find ‘other’.I’ll keep looking ot ask my daughter.
      Wishing you a Wonderful Week.
      xxx Huge Hugs xxx

  13. It sounds like this was a bit of a rough week for you, David, although there are always bits and pieces of sunshine that seem to peek through. Of course, who couldn’t be cheered by that edible face of Reuben’s, right? Cheers

    • You’re right, bits and pieces of sunshine are always peeking through and I’m pretty sure I have more of those than the other type. Oh, I’d never get near enough to Reuben’s face to find out if it’s edible, he has lots of teeth now and he’s not afraid to use them.
      xxx Massive Hugs xxx

  14. I once won a major London talent competition singing Streets of London. It was one of my songs. I felt I did it justice. My era! Lovely pictures of the babe too.

    • I wish I’d heard that song. The only time I won was on Hastings Pier when I won 2 small bottles of lucozade for singing Nellie the Elephant.
      I was very small. I swear the prize was one bottle and the second for shutting up.
      I was good enough to sing as part of a choir though and as part of a group for about 5 minutes in the 60’s.
      Thank you, I love seeing all the smiles he has.
      xxx Massive Hugs xxx

  15. I love how, when your weather predictions differ but are both dark, you go out anyway and make the most of it. I keep replaying “A White Shade of Pale” and “Go Now!”–two favorites from long ago.
    Priya is, I’m hoping, not drinking out of Reuben’s cup. He does have a killer smile (but not literally, thank goodness), but the most charming heart-stealer is a toss-up between Funny Monster and Sticky Fingers!
    Have a great week, David!

  16. I think we both learned not to trust the predictions especially when we hav two different ones from the so called experts.
    Both records were big favorites of mine and I long remain a Moodies fan.
    No, Priya was helping herself to some of Ju’s tea which she preferred to my coffee though that would do at a pinch.
    Funny monster won for me as the smile was fantastic.
    I hope you have a wonderful week too.
    xxx Ginormous Hugs xxx

  17. Catherine Johnson

    Sorry to hear about your rats, David and I hope you’re feeling better x

  18. This is what you get when you’re a couple of days late into reading, like me: everyone has said it all, all what I would say. But I do want to add: I am a Miss Marple fan too – hope the episode you watched was as enjoyable as all:)

    • I’ll pretend you said it all anyway. Yes thanks, it’s rare to find an episode I haven’t already seen, but this was very good. I’m adjusting to Geraldine McKewan in the role but I’m afraid no-one will ever beat Margaret Rutherford for me. Have a Wonderful Week.
      xxx Huge Hugs xxx.

      • I do like Geraldine McKewan and needed to get used to Angela Lansbury – as to Margaret Rutherford she was tops I admit too…I’m getting quite a collection of DVD’s – must say if I want Time-Out I grab Agatha Christie pieces and a book here and there but with blogging one sort of gets saturated with reading 😀

      • Angela Lansbury wasn’t too bad really but maybe Joan Hickson was the best after Margaret Rutherford. It was said that Agatha Christie said it was Joan Hickson’s part so maybe she showed the right amount of busybody-ness. I totally agree with you that you get saturated with reading with blogging and I spend far too many hours in front of this contraption but grabbing a book at bedtime is still my greatest pleasure. Ha, what a sad thing to admit to.
        xxx Hugs xxx

      • Not sad at all, David – I reckon it’s happy when we do that which we like … Hugs

  19. Scrabble Trickster should be fun David, I’ll keep my eye out for it. It’s been a while since I went to a car boot sale. Sorry to hear that you’ve been feeling unwell.

    • We all have ups and downs Guy but thank you. The ‘Trickster’ arrived this morning so I’ve chance to swot before Wednesday night. I will report on it’s premiere.
      Have a Great Week.

  20. That was beautiful what you said there :’) !! Hugs 🙂

  21. Maggie Thom

    Another interesting week David. Scrabble Trickster – haven’t heard of it but it sounds fun. I can’t convince my family to play, they say it takes too long. Sorry to hear about Priya but I have to tell you I am not a rat/mouse/hamster person but I do feel for your loss. Thank you for White Shade of Pale, haven’t heard that in a while. It was a nice treat. Feel better. I love your car boot sales. Do they run all the time or just weekends? Here garage sales usually run Wednesdays or Thursdays and thru the weekend. Huge hugs. 🙂

    • You mean the family will play a game if it doesn’t take too long?We’ll have to teach you Crazy 8’s to play with them.
      I wasn’t really a rat person until I s saw how bright they are and how loving Bernie was, now I’m converted.
      Yes, a lot of these records were chosen for that very reason, no-one’s heard them in ages. Good memories I hope.
      Car boot sales tend to be Sundays though some places do a Saturday but that day is usually for indoor things like Church sales etc.
      xxx Massive Hugs Maggie xxx

  22. laurie27wsmith

    I’m quite concerned here David, where are the fish? You didn’t mention them at all. This is worrying. So you take Spiriva too? I find it works quite well. A great collection of songs as usual. I love Rueben’s monster hat he looks so cute. Keep well Mate, you don’t sound your usual self. Healing Hugs from Laurie.

    • Sorry Laurie,they’re here and they’re quite well. Still having our little morning spats.Yrs, spiriva is one of three sprays here along with enough tablets to sink the Titanic( except some beggar did it first).
      The songs were great for me to listen too as I added them. Reuben does look a little mischief in his hat, never mind cute.
      Thanks Laurie, I’m OK. Just a hiccup.

      • laurie27wsmith

        This is good to know David, I worry about those fish. 😉 I have the symbicort, an inhaler and the Spiriva. Hate it but if one wants to breathe? Look Mate, I won’t waffle on. get some rest and have a good sleep. Healing Hugs,

      • Symbicort, Spiriva and Bricanyl inhalor. Sounds like were on pretty much the same there Laurie. Managed nearly 4 hours last night but I think I’m tired enough for another hour about now.
        Look after yourself.

      • laurie27wsmith

        Certainly are David. Gone the heady days of youth and great lung capacity. 😦 Heading out for a day trip tomorrow, so I won’t forget my drugs. Hugs.

  23. Hi David,
    Hows you? Hope your well. Must be a week for fresh flowers in the house. My husband had a bit of a run in with a very rude shop asssistant this week, well the outcome was a huge bunch of beautiful flowers for me! Very lucky lady.
    Well done on stopping and buying at the veg aisle. I eat my greens so I dont feel guilty about having pudding! Its all a life balance.
    I really need to get a scrabble board. Now that my daughter is older I think it would be a great way of helping her with spellings. Brilliant family game,but I wonder if she’ll be better than me!
    Lovely reading your post, I really look forward to them.
    Take care of you,

    • Hi Kim, I’m fine thanks Love. I hope you’re all fine down there in the South. Well done on the big bunch of flowers, were they an apology from the shop? I hope so, I see no reason for shop assistants to be rude, and before any shop assistants have a go at me, I’ve done m share behind a counter and the first thing you learn is ‘be respectful’, after all it’s what you’re paid for.
      When you get to be all elderly and wizened like me you won’t have a conscience about puddings.No-one will make you eat terrible things like sprouts.
      You’re right, Scrabble is a great way for her to learn how to spell and to teach her lots of words she won’t know yet. In my case when I’m losing most of them are swear words though.
      I’m glad you’re still enjoying the posts. I haven’t seen one from you this week have I?
      xxx Massive Hugs to you all xxx

      • Hi David,
        I’m in full swing with Duke of Edinburgh finals, end of canoe camps and getting ready for our busy period in work the summer holidays. I’m working on a quick post and fingers crossed will be able to post something at the end of the week. Not enough hours some weeks!

  24. I wish I’d bet money on you revisiting Scrabble Trickster after you passed it over at the car boot sale. But you got a couple of great items anyway, and came to your senses later via Ebay. If the pic of Priya is anything to go by Penny & Priya had good lives, and although you’ll miss them you still have the affection and memories.
    The pcis of Reuben demonstrates how much he grows and changes week to week but he’s no less cute… more so.

    • Yes, I was an idiot for passing up the chance of the Scrabble Trickster at the car boot. It’s a great laugh though I’m not laughing since I lost both games last night. It’s the opportunity to be legally evil.
      I’m sure all the girls had good lives but I suppose a lot of love was invested in Bernie and Priya in particular because they returned it so readily. The memories will be great.
      You’re right, every week sees a change of some kind in Reuben. I don’t want him to grow too soon and become another opponent at cards though. He wouldn’t be cute then!
      Hoping you’re both well.
      xxx Massive Hugs xxx

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