One of the many brilliant performances by 2 Cellos. These are amazing musicians.

Gill McGrath

Dance! It’s Monday! (2Cellos, they are amazing!)

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20 responses to “Wow!

  1. I’ve tried to play a cello, but it falls into the ‘too hard’ basket! I’ll have to stick with keyboard instruments.

  2. I just love those guys. A great start to my Monday. Thanks David. Mega-hugs!

  3. I’m always happy to share their talent with everyone Teagan.It’s good news for me that you like them too.
    Have a special week,
    xxx Ginormous Hugs xxx

  4. At first I couldn’t get it to come through. I ended up going to two different sites, then voila! So wonderful. I listened to/watched “Hurt” and “Thunderstruck” and “Welcome to the Jungle” ~ amazing! What a way to start the week. Thanks, David!

    • Oh, I’m sorry about that Marylin. Thunderstruck was my favorite especially as I thought it was going to be Bach concert at first. If you liked U2 with The Streets Have No name then maybe you’ll like their version of that too.

      xxx Humongous Hugs to you xxx

  5. Thanks for tuning me into these two, Sir…they’re amazing!

    • You’re welcome. They are aren’t they.Much easier to call me David if you can.

      • Will do, David… thank you… never got to call a Lord by his Christian name before. I’m honored!

      • Ha Ha, we all have them.Sreictly I don’t get called Lord anyway since my title s quite minor. David Prosser, Lord of Bouldnor rather than Lord David of Bouldnor.

      • That’s really interesting…thank you for explaining. So the person that is next in line would be Lord so and so and his siblings would have the name first? Does that work the same way for other titles, earl and duke and such? We have some titled people in our book. Is there a reference you could recommend so that we don’t muck that type of thing up for future volumes? I would have thought a lord a lord no matter where it falls in the name… and I’d hate to offend someone in ignorance.

      • The person next in line to me carries no title until he inherits this one A sibling carries none. It’s usual that if there is a lifetime Peerage granted then only His Lordship carries the title and no-one inherits. With minor titles like Baronets and Barons usually the heir doesn’t carry a title.
        With the heavier titles like Prince, Duke, Marquess and Earl it’s usual that the eldest son carries a title but it’s usually a courtesy title and one of his fathers lesser titles. If the father carries no other titles then the eldest son would usually be known as Lord-Family surname.
        I hope that helps a bit

      • Thank you very much! That’s very helpful. Is it rude/impertinent to ask how your family got the title? Is it usually because of a battle?

      • It’s neither rude nor impertinent but I can’t really answer except to say it probably wasn’t a battle. A manor despite what most people think was not a house. The Manor House was named for the piece of land on which it sat because Manor was a piece of land. It may have been held of the King in exchange for military service or one of the Peers of the land. It was often a place where a court would meet and summary justice be given. There may have been no house there as the Lord of the Manor may have traveled there form other areas he maintained. In other words he might be classed as a magistrate.The title goes back so far I’m not sure why it came into existence and I got it through a cousin of my father( because my father had died) rather than direct so I didn’t know of any particular history.

  6. yellehughes

    I love these two guys! I first heard of them when they did Smooth Crimminal.

  7. Very nice! I was in an orchestra for a number of years…I played viola. I tried cello but couldn’t fall in love enough with it to see myself carrying it back and forth to school (I walked to school!) so I never pursued it. Massive hugs, xxx CJxxxx

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