Bargain Book & Where’s the Bonjela.

Sunday. I’m thinking it’s time to get my eyes tested again. I got out of bed this morning at 5.05 am , went to the loo, came back and turned the computer on. It was 3.10 am. Trouble was I was awake by then. I was thinking of asking Mike to get up but I’ve become rather attached to my kneecaps. Instead I worked. There were already plenty of nice comments from last night’s blog. It makes me feel like carrying on ( Hey, who shouted ‘Stop encouraging him’?) I’m glad to see the Nat West staff are eager and on the ball. Working on a Sunday just to let me know my account is suspended. Makes me feel really guilty for not having one now.

I had breakfast at 6.00 am today , after I’d fed the piranhas of course. I’m a liar and I’ve only just remembered, I didn’t have breakfast this morning. I thought I’d take the tablets at tea time instead and totally forgot. But I digress, I fed the fish, had meds and brought a coffee through. After I’d drunk it I decided to lie down fr a while which was about 6.30 am and slept through to 7.40 am. Then it was back to the new emails again. Because Mike had turned his TV off early last night I thought he might be up early today, but as Confuscius say, Lazy Git is Lazy Git at all hours and doesn’t rise with the sun. I have of course no idea what that means except he didn’t get up until gone 9.00 am, that’s TEN AND A HALF HOURS !!!!!! Still, I don’t begrudge him. ( This lying lark is getting so much easier with practice). We decided to give up the idea of going into the small loft for books today in favour of going out for fish food and some gift wrap plus the ever important square box of tissues. So Mike got dressed and we were out of the house about 10.15 am. We went to Flint where I got everything bar the fish food in one shop and the fish food next door. Then we headed to look at TV’s and TV stands for Mike before heading for a coffee. We know Ceri is away this weekend so he’ll have to sharpen his wit on someone else.

Outside Temptations Mike started talking to a man with an Alsation dog.He (the dog) was big and beautiful, quite tall. I found out just how tall when my attention was distracted when the dog stuck his nose under my nadgers and lifted his head quickly. I nearly left the floor so strong was the push and so delicate were my meat and two veg. Mike burst out laughing naturally. As we reached the doorway he stepped to one side and said “Cripples first” I just added “And sopranos”. Two boys were on the counter this morning. I passed the sweets over and the drinks were prepared without me having to say what. I think Mike was a little disappointed ( about 5′ 4″) until Trudy appeared and he could ask questions about Ceri’s weekend assignation making it sound like part of a blue movie script. He even speaks with a leer.

From there we got in the car and headed off for lunch. It was fairly quiet when we arrived and gave Angie some chocolates to take home and some for the staff behind the counter. No-one else was around but as yet no-one needed to be. Angie made our drinks and came to take our order. Mike and I were mid conversation about taste. He said to me about someone we’re both acquainted with that he has ‘Poundshop’  taste. As I was taking my tablet Angie asked what he meant. He answered”You know what a chav is” at which point I expected him to say -he is one. Instead I heard “well he ranks just below them”. I honestly couldn’t help myself. The coffee I’d just sipped came spraying out over the table and Mike’s hat. I managed to retain the tablet but was choking with laughter. I had to take more coffee and then start cleaning the mess with serviettes while Mike had hysterics in his chair. I went to have a look at the shelve of gifts Tariq has and found a beautiful Folio Society Blue Fairy book for Reuben at a remarkable price as they’re usually £44.99 each. I may get another one next week unless I’ve been beaten to it. Tariq came in at that moment and came to say hello. He’s been at the woodworking again aand made a beautiful box I wouldn’t be ashamed to have my ashes in. He’s quite the craftsman.

As Tariq went to carry on with the job he’s doing Mike and I went for a cigarette outside. The forecast has been wrong today, no sign of rain at all. Lunch was being put on the table as we went back in. Perfect timing. It was a slow and pleasurable affair. Every mouthful savoured. We spent time finishing coffee before I had the pleasure paying Angie, and the delight of no fighting about it. Mike told me when we were in on Friday he’d liked an ornament which Tariq had told him was £2.00 which in fact was £20.00 so I was expecting problems today since he’d lost that battle. He came into the room in time to give hugs and wish us goodbye  and I got away cleanly for once. Mike dropped me at home and left on the next stage of his journey virtually straight away giving me the chance to try and catch up with mail. When I finally made it I went through to the lounge and wrapped some birthday gifts and did a card in case I get a visit this week from Jen herself or from Lee if he’s able to make games night. Some more catching up before watching a Deborah Messing film and then I came through to see to the rest of the messages, this post and another one I want to release this week which by the time you see this will have been done.

Monday. A strange day. I was up early and as perky as usual ( grouchy with no witnesses) getting on with the mail when about 6.00 am I came over very tired. I hopped back onto the bed and was immediately away.  I woke again at 6.55 am but was reluctant to move. It was just the thoughts being directed at me from the fish tank that forced me from the bedroom to the kitchen. I fed the monsters then took my drugs, made some toast and a coffee.  I was back in my room by 7.30 am to take up where I’d left off. It was really a struggle to keep my eyes open and I was constantly nodding off and being jerked awake as I fell forwards. I had to persevere.  At 9.00  am I got dressed and went to to send two letters back that had come addressed to Julia and deliver a prescription request to the chemist. I also picked up some baps from Pauline’s.

The breath of fresh air had revived me I thought but when I resumed working on the mail I was back to nodding so I eventually had to give up and go to my chair in the lounge. I was afraid of falling asleep here and imprinting the keyboard on my forehead as I fell. I imagined being carted off by some Government Agency to have the hieroglyphs translated. In my chair the snores were bouncing off the ceiling within minutes. I  was out almost an hour again. It was back to work  for another hour and then it was lunchtime. It’s not as bright today so no greenery, I did myself bangers and mash with beans. A welcome treat, and at least two thirds veg so healthy? I managed to watch one of my antique programmes before turning off and deciding I had to sleep again. I was drifting off nicely when my phone indicated a message. It was Mike to let me know his phone is working????? I tried again and the strident tones of the house phone went off. It doesn’t ring for long before it goes to answer machine as I don’t answer the phone. As it cut off I tried again. It let me get into a deep sleep this time before it rang again. By the time I surfaced it had stopped but I took it as a sign that I was to work.

I had a reasonable session and was making real progress when it hit me again. I had to lie down. I was out for another hour and a half before managing to get back to the computer.  At 5.00 pm I went through to watch TV and turned on a programme called Come Dine With Me.I saw the first party then must have conked out. When I came to it was a new programme altogether. At 8.00 pm I’d had enough entertainment so I went to take my evening drugs and turn the fish tank light off before coming through to do battle. There have been some very encouraging comments of support about today’s blog post which is great because very often the slightest dig at organised religion and you find out who your friends are- or aren’t. So, I was almost up to date when I decided to see to the blog instead. I’m meeting Yvonne and Reuben tomorrow ( If I wake up) and we’re going to have a mooch in Broughton Park. It’s easier to deal with individual messages than to have to do the blog if it gets too late tonight.



Hatboy 2

Hatboy 2


Tuesday. I decided to go the lazy layabout route this morning and didn’t get up until 5.10 am. I worked (very hard) until 6.30 am then decided to give the fish a treat by putting their light on and feeding them early. They feigned no interest and just ignored me. I was hurt. It didn’t stop me having a piece of toast though. I took my morning fix and made a coffee to take through but before sitting down with it I had to get washed and dressed. By now it was gone 7.00 am and I was due to leave the house at 7.30 am. There was time to do some more messages while I drank the coffee but a few would have to wait till I got back. By a few I mean just 20.

So, at 7.30 am I swung my trusty backpack on and headed for the bus stop. I was nearly bent double under the weight of the Fairy Story Book I got at the weekend and £25 in small coinage from the piggy I keep for Reuben. I think the pig is going on a diet from now on. I arrived at the bus stop before the bus today and the first one to arrive was the T1 which I usually take when I feel like throwing pictures about. Today though I”m meeting Yvonne at a different place and need the 11G. The driver of the T1 hung about at the stop to give me chance to get on but with a gentle shake of the head I indicated my adventures were elsewhere today. He drove of no doubt in high dudgeon at losing a regular. The 11G arrived and I climbed aboard and deposited myself on one of the seats designated for the disabled. There was no chance of getting my backpack off before the bus started off so I kept it on for the journey.Not a comfortable ride. We reached the top of the hill and the full fury of the sunshine smacked me in the eyes and within moments I was sweating. Had I been able to remove the backpack I’d have been able to remove my jacket ( because of the pockets before you ask) and leave myself in shirt sleeves only.( I was in fact properly clothed on the lower half).

The journey was long enough that I was thinking about Christmas presents before I arrived at my stop. But eventually I did arrive. My next job was to play chicken with the fast moving works traffic so I could cross the road. My imitation of Charles Laughton doing The Lunchpack of Notre Dame didn’t seem to be getting me any sympathy as no-one was stopping. I just had to make a mad limp for it. Next was a bit of a trek round to the store where we were meeting. I was a bit earlier than expected so I went straight upstairs to the cafe and texted Yvonne. I ordered a latte and a very obliging young man helped me off with the pack so I could sit comfortably. He brought the drink and went to get sugar for me too.Very helpful. Yvonne arrived as I was a couple of sips in so I gave her the money for whatever she wanted while I got my grandson out of his buggy. He actually reached for me as I undid his belt.

I got him in a high chair next to me as Yvonne came back with her drink and with toast for Reuben. As he enjoyed his toast he also had his proper breakfast and did quite well.  After breakfast we wandered around the gents department and I was amazed to find polo shirts on sale from £1 and teeshirts from £2, needless to say I indulged. I managed to find some things for Reuben and even some flip flops for Yvonne. We left the store without visiting the other departments. But, there was another large shop next door. We came away from there empty handed. I lit a cigarette outside as we wandered further up the row until we reached the Costa. It was time for another coffee and Yvonne and I elbow wrestled to see whose Costa Card we would use for double points Tuesday.As usual she managed to distract me and won. We sat inside this time as it was cooler and I had an iced coffee. Reuben had fallen asleep as he’d had a very wakeful night last night it seems. We left him to it as we walked up the next side of the square until we reached the Pound Shop.I’ve never seen anyone go berserk like Yvonne in there. So many things to do with the pirate theme of Reuben’s birthday. Then another large store where we managed to find something for Yvonne for a change, though we argued about who was paying. This time I distracted her. We decided to stay there for lunch too and I had a baked potato with coleslaw, Yvonne added cheese to hers.

In the last shop there were some beautiful gifts. I was amazed that we could see so many nice things and yet the only thing that was bought was a small pack of noisy objects for Reuben. At this point he was awake and had to have one straight away.Rattle, Rattle, Rattle.all the way out. It was now well gone 3.00 pm so I told Yvonne I’d go home. Despite another argument (which I lost) she insisted on walking round to the bus stop with me and waiting. The bus didn’t keep me waiting long. This time I’d carried my backpack on the handle of my crutch so I was able to take my jacket off and enjoy a cooler journey. It was a long journey again and with stoppages for road works. It was almost 5.00 pm before I reached home. One neighbour called me to bring me my drugs from the chemist. Another one arrived and was telling me about her swollen leg and added she was disappointed she’d never seen Reuben though her daughter has. I’ll have to put that right. Then a third neighbour arrived to say he was holding a parcel the postman had left with him. It wouldn’t fit through the letter box. Eventually I got indoors. It took two minutes to unpack my bag and a couple more to look at the jewellery for Christmas that had been delivered. After that I sat at the computer to deal with the 241 messages from today. Apart from taking my tablets at 8.00 pm I haven’t left this chair. The more I do, the more comes in. So this blog is actually on Wednesday rather than Tuesday and there’s still more mail to do before I can finish. At least games night doesn’t cause as many problems.

Wednesday. 4.10 am start despite being up late last night. I found a message on my phone from MuJo and I wanted the post to be as up to date as possible when they got here. They didn’t give me a time but it wouldn’t be early. At 7.00 am I went through to see to the fish, take tabs etc , have breakfast and then bring a coffee back here.This wasn’t as fun laden as it sounds since I’m suffering this morning with a mouth ulcer and it piggin’ hurts. Once I’d put the coffee on my desk I wen searching for the Bonjela to try and deaden things so I’m not really the Grumpy Pants I’m depicted at when MuJo arrive. I went through the medicine cabinet  as a first option then through the drug drawers. Nada. It took me twenty minutes to find it on the bathroom windowsill holding all he cobwebs together. I got dressed and went to get a new tube from the chemist but not before singing Happy Birthday to the old one. I also called in at Pauline’s for some cigarettes as my nephew  Matt will be here for games night. It’s easier to leave a pack on his table than to have him roll his own.

Back into battle on my return until the postman brought me joy. A tax rebate is due, not great but every little helps, and he delivered another piece of Christmas jewellery, that means just one set to go. It doesn’t look like I’ll be getting the mirror clock I won on ebay. For the second time the seller has not sent it nor refunded me so far. I’ve put it in ebay’s hands again but I’m furious that people can do this. If they want a better price for their goods they should stick a reserve on.

Mujo arrived at about 11.00 am and when I’d done a drink said they didn’t want a cooked meal as it’s so hot today, they’d like to go to Temptations and have a pannini  with a drink. First though they’d like to go to Holywell. That suited me ans that’s what we did but I had to chuckle. We went up to Holywell first and then instead of cutting across to Flint the quick way they came down past my house and went the long way round. We had a nice lunch in Temptations, I had beef sandwiches and a pot of tea. I had a lovely kiss off Ceri for her birthday wine. We had a good mooch around all the shops as they looked for a gift for John’s mother. Then we started heading back but they decided to go shopping for food in Holywell, this time taking the short cut she wouldn’t take before. This expedition didn’t take too long and we were soon back at home again.

By now I was getting twitchy wondering how much mail had come and how much I could clear before Dil arrived. They left me about 4.15 pm and I shot into my room to start. There were over 100 messages and I cleared as many as possible before games night started. Dil and Matt arrived about 5.40 pm and I had to give up. I made drinks and we started play with the new Scrabble. Dil won the first game but I must be getting the hand as the second game went to me. Next we decided to play a game of Yahtzee for a change. The box hasn’t been opened since they bought it for me at Christmas. First game to Matt as was the second but I was the conquering hero in the third. They left me at 9.30 pm and I rushed round tidying up and washing pots so I could get in here. Back to over 200 messages. It’s 11.40 pm and I’m half way there. I stopped to take my tabs and do the blog post so it wasn’t forgotten. At this rate I’ll still be here at breakfast.



Dude 2


I heard today that Reuben is almost two stone. He’s not in the least fat but he’s a solid little beggar.

Thursday. 4.00 am was just too early this morning but I’d already been awake for over half an hour and sleep was playing hide and seek with me. OK, it gave me the chance to get going on the mail from you lot who’ve nothing better to do with your time than write then write about writing. I was coming towards h end at 7.00 am when I broke off to do my duty a la the piscatorial side of life and to take my  tabs. When I came back with my coffee I decided to have a break from doing the mail and try to make something of the rare photographs I got of my brother Dil and my nephew Matt last night. I should have been born a couple of hundred years ago, I’d have been out there hacking at technology with an axe I’m sure. This phone defeats me. I cannot get it to send me an email yet I know I have the internet connection on. After the trouble I went to for this app I want to use it. I have a limited version on the computer which can’t be upgraded and I want to add some more pictures to my walls, but treated ones. Here are two I did on the computer where I’ve made hem into sketches. I think the effect is great. That nasty looking Victorian villain, fresh from tying a young lady to the tracks is me. ( Serves her right for spurning my advances).

Julia and I.

Julia and I.

Is there a train due?

Is there a train due?


Eventually I had to give it up as a bad job and hope that Mike can get me back on the right track again. So, I started back in on the mail. There were some interesting things today,not least a nice request from an author for an interview which I sent off. Maybe it’ll be back in time for the coming week. At 9.15 am I got dressed and took my usual walk to Pauline’s for new lottery tickets. I don’t think I’ve said that she’d very troubled with arthritis and can’t stand upright yet always has a kind word.

When I got back the postman hadn’t been with my tax rebate which is a disappointment as I’d like to get it to the bank. So, I finished a little more mail and then went to the lounge to catch 40 Zzzz’s. I swear someone knows when I’m trying that as the phone immediately goes off. As soon as it stops you calm your jangling nerves and try again. There it goes again, I’ll unplug the damn thing. The trouble is, it’s technology again isn’t it. If I unplugged it I’d probably stop someone leaving me an important message. I picked up a magazine and memorised all next weeks TV programmes until lunchtime. Because my mouth is so sore I didn’t fancy trying to work my way through a piece of meat, nor anything like a lettuce you have to chew for hours. In the end I settled on some new potatoes, some cold meat and some peas and carrots. I could have probably put the lot in a blender and had a smoothie lunch. It was back to work after I’d washed the pots and there was enough to keep me going until almost 5.00 pm. I decided to relax with a bit of TV then and watched a quiz until 5.45 pm when my niece-in-law turned up. I’d asked her to come so I could give her the birthday gift I’d hoped to give to Lee on Wednesday. It’s her birthday tomorrow. She was quite excited as Lee has just told her he’s taking her to Paris for the weekend. Who says romance is dead? I’m very fond of Jen and think they’re the perfect couple. I’m hoping for baby news yet. When she left I concentrated on the news for a while, then an episode of Top of the Pops from 1979 with The Knack doing My Sherona and ABBA  who formed in 1972 and won the Eurovision in 1974. After that it was side splitting time with the latest Big Bang Theory. Then I could skive no more and came through to battle with the mail and the blog post.

Friday. It was a 4.50 am start after a fairly rough night. Aaaargghh,it hurts. The Bonjela isn’t helping as much as I’d hoped. I worked my way through the usual routine which on a Friday includes preparing my tablets for the week. as I brought my coffee back afterwards I got myself washed and dressed ready to go out as soon as the shops opened. At 9.00 am I went to the chemist and bought some Anbesol which hopefully will kill some of the pain. I couldn’t face breakfast because of it. I put the first lot on as soon as I got home, it seemed to help a bit. At least I was able to concentrate on the mail again. At 10.10 the postman arrived and there was the tax rebate. I made myself take a bus to town , almost falling onto it because the step was so high. The driver hadn’t bothered to lower it. In the end the only thing to fall was one of my crutches but had someone not been behind me I’d have had to get off the bus before I’d even gone anywhere. It wasn’t a long trip and the bus stop is close to the bank so it wasn’t far to walk. I opened my new paying in book and it caught my breath that there was just my name on it now.I haven’t used the new book since Julia, things catch me at funny moments. Outside the bank again I used the cash machine to save doing so tomorrow and then walked up the high street to catch a bus home. I was almost at the top of the street when I saw a new Charity Shop  where a chemist formerly traded. It was for St Kentigern’s Hospice which was where Ju died. I had to pop in. I didn’t think there was much of interest and was on my way out again when I saw a triple photo frame in great unused condition. I said yesterday that I needed a new one to balance out the one Yvonne bought me for Fathers Day. I bought it and was still in time for the bus. Even carrying the frame I got on this one a lot better.

Back at home again I flew through the messages to catch up. As soon as I did I selected some photographs from my file and converted them to sketches with this new app I keep raving about. I did it on the computer as I still can’t get emails to leave the phone. I printed them and put them in the frame ready to hang. I got the usual message ‘On way’ from Mike and knew he’d be there about 2.00 pm. Then the phone went again and it was Lis asking if I was in. I was quick to answer “Yes” and she said she’d be down in an hour. That gave me chance to keep on top of the post. About 12.15 pm I went through to the lounge and put my antiques show on while waiting for Lis to arrive. She was there by half past and stayed with me an hour chatting. She’s a really good friend and I hope I’d prove as good if the need ever arose.

Mike arrived. Hugs followed. Before making a coffee I checked to see if he’d stopped to eat on the way. He hadn’t, so I was able to suggest going for lunch and having a coffee then. He agreed thank heavens as I was more than just a bit peckish. The Ivy was a bit busier because it was raining but we still had no problem getting our seats and getting served by Tariq who came over to hug us both when we came in. As he was doing our drinks I picked up another of Reuben’s books and asked Tariq if the other two had gone. He’d never even got round to putting them out he told me. Fantastic, I bought all three. A brilliant birthday gift for Reuben. Naturally the arguments started early as Tariq tried to make me take some money back for buying them all but I was already making a huge saving on each one. Because of my mouth I had an omelette today with a few (soft) chips. It went down beautifully. Mike had a Brunch breakfast and really enjoyed it, except he couldn’t quite finish it.

We chatted to Shella a bit and Mike had passed her the chocolates when we first went in so she hid them from Tariq and his sweet tooth. We had a really good chat with him as things quieted down and he told us how under the thumb he is ( yeah right!) and then upset Mike by showing him the new phone he bought which is all singing all dancing, 2 sim cards, quad core, 5.5″ touch screen,3G,  blah, blah and all for less than £90.00. Mike was almost puce. We left and made our way home. I attacked the mail in my box to give me chance to spend time with Mike later and he attacked the laptop to see what phones he could find. I heard a lot of grumbling from him about how much his phone had cost. By 5.00 pm I was able to join him and we watched a quiz before an (old) episode  of Big Bang came on that Mike hadn’t seen. After that I stood up had an angina attack, claimed it was indigestion, got called liar and went for a shower. Mike washed my hair as usual though while trying to avoid the left side of my face. In the shower I forgot it and was a little vigorous with the rubbing . The chest hurt, the face hurt, just as well there was noting to fall on my foot. I changed into a pair of non-insulting lounge pants and sat in the lounge till 9.00 pm when I found a lot of mail waiting so I decided to do the blog first.

Brother Dil and wife- fancy dress.

Brother Dil and wife- fancy dress.






Saturday. 04.11 am this morning which meant I was finished by 6.00 am and shut my eyes for a few minutes in the lounge. I’d like to say I only rested my eyes but someone got up to go to the loo at 6.30 am and swore I was snoring. That would be the same someone who went straight back to bed, fell asleep, snored and missed a coffee call from, me and three calls from his alarm clock before finally making a move.I’d got my coffee, taken tabs, washed and dressed by then. While he moaned, groaned and grumbled about not being awake as he drunk (finally) his coffee, I taken all the rubbish out so we could leave unhindered. One slight problem marred our departure when Mike was finally ready, he almost dislocated an arm grabbing the shopping bag when I’d put £11 of loose copper in the bottom to change. It was like one of those cartoons when the hero is brought up dead when he doesn’t know there’s an anvil in the bag. He almost lost his footing. I had to bite down hard on my hat.

It was raining when we went out but we got to the supermarket safely. Mike changed all the copper in the machine provided and pulled off a shop voucher for the amount lass a charge of I think  9.9 %. Then we started the shopping. I’ve still got food left from this week because of my mouth problems so I didn’t have much on the list. I kept finding things I hadn’t thought about though. We started with potatoes and moved on to flowers since Ju’s vases need brightening up. That’s mainly due to the fact that I don’t seem to have topped them up this week.  Some kind of aster I think and some carnations should look nice. The shirt I bought last week at such a bargain price was in the sale today at quadruple what I paid for it. I declined to buy another. Nothing else of interest there so we moved back to food. Some hams, two types, yoghurts, butter, original lemonade drinks, bread, cakes, coffee, milk, biscuits, sweets (not for me) and we were done. We went through the tills and I suggested a coffee. Disaster, none of their machines were working in the cafe. Still, we were heading for Flint.

I stocked up on chocolates and bought some Pepsi Max but the loo rolls I wanted had sold out. Not a major surprise at the price they were. My own fault for not getting them when I first saw them. Time for a coffee now and Mike’s weekly battle with the awesome Ceri who no matter what insult he throws at her, laughs and comes back with her own line. It’s like old style music hall to watch the two of them. He relished the kiss he got for the bottle of wine we got for her birthday. I’m glad I got mine on Wednesday as I wouldn’t have wanted her after I’d seen what he did to her. Growing old disgracefully.

We went home and unpacked the shopping. I was disappointed that my last parcel still hasn’t arrived, and fuming that there is still no word from the ebay seller who’s let me down for the second time. It’s very bad form. Anyway, I ploughed into my emails before Mike and I went out again as he wanted to visit our friend in Llandudno. The sun was out and blazing away as we traveled with the roof down.You can tell it’s holiday season as there are plenty of hold ups on the roads, the ‘grockles’ are out in force. We arrived in Llandudno and made our way to Brian’s flat to collect him. The dog was effusive and excited as usual. Yet again he put his nose where it doesn’t belong and lifted his head so hard I thought I had mumps. I crawled out of the flat and waited by the car. We went off to eat and I chose cottage pie as I thought it would be soft to eat. It wasn’t a great choice.Afterwards we had a wander while Mike tried to find a styptic pencil and I got some books to read. We had a nice coffee outside a little cafe before we delivered Brian back to the dog and then pretty soon Mike and I hit the road home again.

I had a go at diminishing the mail list when I first got in as I was chomping on a dark choc-ice. Then I went through to join Mike for Come Dine With Me and an episode of Lewis. We had a sandwich for tea with a chocolate eclair. The bread was beautiful and thankfully soft. I’m back through now while Mike watches Mrs Brown’s Boys , as I hope to have an early night.

What a laugh

What a laugh

Total Innocence

Total Innocence









Wishing you all a wonderful week.  Hugs.


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92 responses to “Bargain Book & Where’s the Bonjela.

  1. What a beautiful picture of you and Julia. I know you treasure it. I wouldn’t have thought it possible, but Reuben is more photogenic than ever! Sorry you had such a rough Monday. And thanks for the music — that is my favorite version of “Proud Mary.” Mega-hugs, teagan

    • I’m still delighted at what this phone app can do to pictures. Yes, Reuben is photogenic, but what a poser the minute he thinks a camera is pointing at him. We might be creating a monster.
      I’m so glad I found a nice piece of music for you.
      xxx Gigantic Hugs xxx

  2. You look absolutely spiffing in a top hat! You should tie random heroines to train tracks more often!

  3. I agree with Teagan, David: what a beautiful picture of you and Julia. Very wonderful. And then the icing on the cake is of course Reuben’s pictures. You are rich with pictures!
    Reuben’s “What a laugh” is making light of your time confusion… 😉
    We have a great wake-up alarm clock here that lets you record a favorite song. How about “Proud Mary” as an example? As it plays, it begins softly, but every 10 seconds it gets louder, and by the end it’s guaranteed to wake you up! Plus, after the song stops it says the time–very loudly!
    If you want to wake up smiling, record Reuben gurgling and making cute sounds and words…you’ll be laughing by the time it gets really loud and tells you the time!

    • Thank you Marylin, it is a favorite picture. I’m the family picture-hog. I love them and collect any I can find.
      Your alarm clock sound perfect but to wake Mike I don’t want anything too gentle. I’d want to start with “Move your lazy ass you’re on fire” and progress from there. He’s a nightmare. Though thinking about it, more women are safe while he’s asleep.
      xxx Massive Hugs xxx

  4. Hahahaha ….. “nadgers”!! You really should have an dictionary translation at the bottom of each post for those people who have no idea what you are talking about! LOL (and, annoyingly, my auto-spell keeps changing nadgers to badgers!)

    Poundland are opening their first shop in Spain soon (in Torremolinos) so all the Brits should be happy, even when they are on their jollies!

    I love, love,love the photos made into sketches! They are great. Don’t blame you for wanting to put them on the wall 🙂 Did you say what the computer programme (or App) was, or did I miss that?

    Reuben has the cutest smile 🙂

    Have a great week, David

    • Ha, I’m not sure being nudged in the badgers has quite the same ring to it.
      I thought people went on holiday to get away from the familiar things of home. If I visited Spain I’d like to see the culture of Spain rather than Blackpool on Sea.( Though maybe a few chippies are OK)..
      There’s so much more you can do with the pictures but I’m adoring the sketch mode at the moment. The app is called lab and there’s a free trial version as well as the pro version which is really cheap, £2.38 I think.
      Reuben has a cheeky smile half the time.
      Have a great week yourself Marianne
      xxx Enormous Hugs xxx

  5. carolewyer

    Hope you have been practising your evil laugh and moustache twiddling for your role as Edwardian tying females to train tracks! You certainly look magnificent in a top hat.
    You have some wonderful photos here, David. Thank you for the smiles and entertainment.

    • Ha Har My Dear, I almost twiddle the moustache off. Thank you for the compliment kind lady.
      I love photographs Carol and am grateful I manage to get so many memories for future generations. Seeing my picture of course will just confirm their suspicions that I’m a barm pot.
      If you found a smile and were entertained a little I couldn’t be happier since really I could be writing for no-one but myself.
      xxx Ginormous Hugs xxx

  6. Ah, David, I think you’ve just solved my photo~editing quest ~ I’ll look for that app for iPad. (My MacBook, with iPhoto, is so ancient that I have to wind it up with a key!) I love the photos ~ particularly the ones of you and Julia and you in your top hat. And Rueben is absolutely adorable! I love reading about your week, although I don’t always get around to commenting, as I can still only manage short periods on the computer.
    (((Ginagerous Hugs)))

    • It’s a pleasure as always to see you here Jacqueline. I think you’ll find the app quite easily and I’m sure you’ll enjoy it as much as I do.
      I’m glad you like my photos and you’re right about Reuben, an adorable little batrag.
      Take great care of yourself,
      xxx Immense Hugs xxx

  7. I’m not familiar with the mouth ulcer treatments you’ve mentioned but a product called SM33 words well for us [here in Australia]. I hope it heals soon as you sound miserable. -hugs-

    • It hurts, it’s a pain to eat but I’m fine honestly.I’m actually quite chirpy so I must have done a poor job of putting that over this week, (Smack hand) as I prefer to be humorous if possible.
      Thank you for letting me know about SM33, I,ve not heard of it but will look it up.
      xxx Ginormous Hugs xxx

  8. What I love about your weeks are the cast who join in your merriment 🙂 They complement you wonderfully 🙂
    Mouth ulcers are a bugger. They can occur if you are run down – sleepy much – or from medication side effects, and the one Innate most biting the inside of my mouth. Hopefully you have some relief, but if not, other natural remedies are to suck on a zinc & vitamin C lozenge every couple of hours; a paste of bicarb of soda and water packed onto the ulcer, suck on an antacid tablet.
    Great pics of Reuben, and the sketches are excellent 🙂

    • Yes, without my cast list the stage is pretty bare, just me and the skull. I seem to have a good crew.
      I’ll check to see if I can get any zinc and vit C lozenges when I’m near the chemist. Anything is worth a try before it reaches the stage where I have to see my doctor.
      Thank you, I get some great fun pics of Reuiben from Yvonne and it’s great fun using the new app to try different things. The sketches are my favorites at the moment.
      xxx Massive Hugs to you both xxx

  9. The sketches look really good, glad the new app works well, better luck with the phone.

    • It seems to work if I’m by the computer when I send them from the phone, but not from outside. But I agree, the sketches look good so it’s worth it.
      xxx Huge Hugs Rosie xxx

  10. Kev

    Great photos. Brilliant choice of vids… had to watch the Sinead one. Love that song. Thanks for sharing so much, David. I really enjoyed this post. 🙂

  11. I think I might just have to focus while watching the tennis this afternoon and get my mail written, I have a pile of postcards I bought in Stratford waiting to be scrawled upon and sent out, must try harder to keep up with every thing

    hugs xxxx

    • Blimey, you’ve been back 2 weeks haven’t you? I wondered what had happened to my postcard. lol.
      Sometimes it’s easy for things to run away with you and leave you further behind than you want.
      xxx Massive Hugs xxx

  12. Bonjela never works for me – I always use Anbesol!
    I really love that treated photo of you and Ju – it’s beautiful
    xxx hugs xxx

    • Aw thank you. It’s my favourite picture of us and I think it turned out well this way.
      I’m using both Bonjela and Anbesol in conjunction but no good so far. two more days and then I’ll panic in case it’s a trip to the doctors.
      xxx Hugs Galore xxxx

  13. I also hope the mouth ulcer gets better and love the sketches…I’ve had my phone for a while and many things are still mysteries to me as sometimes they will work and sometimes not…Never used eBay…Love the music, even some I wasn’t familiar with. And Reuben is ever more gorgeous!

    • Thank you Olga.I also like the way the sketches turned out. I’m going to try a few different things later. I must take some more pictures on the phone too so I can do different things there. The phone is a big mystery to me though.
      I love ebay and have bought almost 1000 items there. I’ve now had trouble 3 times in total and two of those are the same person.
      I’m not surprised you don’t know all the music since some is from the 60′ and you’re too young for that.
      Reuben get’s steadily more smiley and handsome. I’m already jealous.. I wish I’d had his success with women.
      xxx Hugs Galore xxx

  14. Love the sketches! I see the little ‘hat guy’ is getting cuter each week. If possible to get cuter, that is. David, your ‘and sopranos’ cracked me up. Be careful crossing that street and watch out for ‘large’ dogs! Hugs. Enjoy your week and take care of you.

    • Thanks a lot Mary J. You always make me feel better about myself. It seems it is possible to get cuter and he’s already getting more attention from the ladies than I ever had, damn him.
      I’m glad you liked the sopranos, it’s now on a par with thinking I have the mumps so I’ll watch out for large dogs with roaming noses.
      Have a Wonderful Week, xxx Sending Humongous Hugs xxx

  15. Oh, David, you had me in stitches by the end of Sunday! I certainly hope your gait has recovered–not to mention the bout with the mouth.
    Still, there’s always so much to smile about whenever you look at that edible ankle-biter. And I don’t think I could have had a broader grin then when looking at you designated to portray the black and white Victorian Villain. Perfectly cast–but only from the head shot. I can’t imagine anyone would find you suitable to commit such nefarious deeds as train track tying. But then again … we all have our dark sides. Mwoohahaha.

    • Well, that comment lifted me considerably. Thanks very much. I love to raise a smile where I can. The gait was much better until I was similarly mugged by our friends dog yesterday. It was so hard I thought I had mums for a minute. Is this a new greeting dogs are taught now?
      Reuben makes me smile more each week but with more teeth now ( him not me) I smile from a distance.
      You’re right, I don’t do the more nefarious crimes on the rail tracks, but I’m in training to be a bad landlord instead, the “Begone, and never darken my doorstep again” kind.It’s much less energetic. This must be my dark side showing.
      xxx Hugs Galore xxx

  16. Damn. Just lost my comment. Anyway. Smirnoff Blue vodka cures all manner of oral ills.

    Top tip given to me by a dentist years ago. Any strong spirit will do, must be over 40% though. SB is 45 or 50 dependent on location. NOOOOO! You don’t drink it, use it as a mouthwash.

    I’ve given this tip to a few people after oral surgery and sceptically they tried it. Conventional painkillers weren’t working but strong alcohol does. Same with mouth ulcers, toothache, whatever. Everyone should have a bottle in their cupboard. Ours is years old. Must add it to a blog post so that everyone is aware. Cheaper than pharm products, well it is in Gib. You may need to shop around in the UK.

    I joke not. It really does work.

    • Thanks so much for that Kate. I know alcohol sterilises nicely but the thought of rinsing with vodka and then spitting it away sends shivers down my spine, especially one like Smirnoff blue- and I don’t even drink. I’ll see if I can find a bottle somewhere. I know I have a bottle of whisky in the house, must be almost antique now but the thought of either taste or smell does nothing for me at all.
      I’m still fingers crossed that you’re progressing well and that there’s not much pain now. Numbed by the Smirnoff Blue perhaps?
      xxx Hugs xxx

      • The thing is, it works. I mean first thing in the morning is a bit rough, but once it blots out any pain it is worth it. I know there are 40% single malts, and higher, so I doubt 35% or so would be too good. Anyway, just a thought.

        Yup, I’ve been throwing vodka all over my ankle…

      • I know you said I only need to rinse with it but I wondered what might happen if I accidentally swallowed 7 or 8 times?
        I’m glad to say this whisky is far too weak.
        The Hugs this time are all healing ones. I’m always grateful for your patience with me.xx

    • Note 1: True, except for dental extractions as it’ll make the wound bleed. I know this from what we could call a personal scientific study that occurred on more than one occasion in Sotogrande.
      Note 2: This must be why I never ever get sick.

      • @ Pink. If you drink, I mean use the vodka mouthwash, you don’t need the extraction in the first place

        @ David. Keep forgetting to ask, have you sorted gmail yet? I need to look at my laptop soon, so if you haven’t, give me a nudge.

      • I’m sorry, I forgot to mention it. Someone was kind enough to send me an idiot diagram showing me exactly how to do what I needed so I’ve now got to grips with it. I have to say there’s no way I could have known as there are no indicators as to what a certain little squiggle is in the reply box. I’m a much happier bunny now thank you.
        xxx Hugs

      • Oh good 🙂
        I thought they had actually taken that feature away when they messed around with a supposed revamp. It was only by fiddling around that I found it. I do agree it was extremely difficult to find and there was no indication what it was.

      • Scientific studies are always good, you should publish a paper on it.
        As for not getting sick, I think you should offer to sell the secret in one of these annoying adverts that keep popping up like the diet miracle. It could make a fortune from Jonathon Swift readers- Gullibles Travels.

  17. I was rolling through and just had to come through first, before finishing the week’s diary, to tell you I absolutely LOVED those pics…the family pics, and Reuben’s cuteness. Wow! VERY NICE. Give the little Dude big hugs and kissy-cheek smacks for me! xxxxCJxxxx

    • I’m glad you enjoyed the pics. I’ll be delighted to give the little dude hugs and kissy-cheek smacks for you provided you’re prepared to accept back any damage he does to me . I’m not uused to getting within range of those teeth willingly!
      I hope you”re OK Sweet lady and lovely mousie.
      xxx Hugs Galore xxx

  18. I agree, spirits cure all oral + ailments – a quality Cognac or 60% proof home-brew will do the trick – my dentist, though, said that I should have drank the home-brew plum brandy after gargling and washing my inflamed gums:D 😀 😀 The treated photographs give an effect of superb etching – an art form we don’t see too often any more but it’s so powerful

  19. Well you are not the only one who needs specs – I thought you’d written ‘I bought some anusol for pain relief….’ so you can imagine what was going through my head – Oy, Oy! Here’s a bloke with bruised nadgers, whose now squirting anusol in to his mouth and not up his him bum…what the hell is going on? and then I realised – off to Specsavers I must go.
    Beautiful pictures, it’s such a cool app David, I can see that you are having a lot of fun with it. Especially Big Hugs to you, from Espana! xoxoxoxooxx

    • I actually found myself writing anusol when Yvonne told me what to get. I’d have done well getting that though it does smell tasty.
      So, maybe a trip to Specsavers is on the cards for us both.
      It really is a nice app and so far I’ve only touched the sketch part. I’m going to find time for a play later on ( with the app) and see what frames I can use. I need some pictures as I found 4 more frames in Sainsbury’s sale yesterday. It’s like bookcases. I used to say I bought them because I needed them, Ju said it was because I then had an excuse to buy more books.Do I buy frames because I have pictures or asan excuse to make more pictures?
      xxx Humongous Hugs from a Sunny Wales xxx

  20. Catherine Johnson

    Funny as ever and lovely pics, David! Have a great week!

  21. I can’t see a darn thing anymore ~ quite a problem when you have a lot of editing to do. Still, we muddle through somehow. It meas I ave 2 b xtra vigint!

    • Oh heck, yes eyesight is counted as an asset when you’re editing. Extra vigilence won’t help if you can’t see ordinarily.
      Another one who needs Specsavers.
      xxx Massive Hugs xxx

  22. Maggie Thom

    Seriously you have piranhas? Love the pictures you did on the computer. Beautiful. Do you get a lot of rain this time of year? or do you get more sun? All I know about the UK is that it rains a lot,right? but do you have a season where you get less rain?

    • No piranhas here Maggie, I just like to make out my fish are savage. The picture I did can be done on an android phone too only there’s more choice there. It’s a great app.
      I think we get less rain at this time of year butt it’s like everywhere I suppose, it depends whether we’re having a good Spring and Summer. This year has been great so far.
      xxx Sending Enormous Hugs xxx

  23. Just a note about mouth ulcers… I’ve just found the stuff Mr Snail got last time he had a really bad one: Boots Mouth Ulcer Gel, which contains Cetylpyridinium and Lidocaine… if the first ingredient doesn’t work, at least the second one will numb the pain!! Anyway, Mr S. says it’s very good.

    • I just checked the Anbesol box and it contains both of those ingredients. It’s much beter today though I’m still eating on the other side. I’ve bough the special mouthwash recommended by Roughseasinthemed and if it doesn’t help the ulcer at least I might sleep better.
      xxx Massive Hugs xxx

  24. laurie27wsmith

    The Dog worked for customs David, ‘Just checking your bags Sir.’ I think the fish ignore you just to tick you off. they’re probably playing water polo until you turn the lights on. 🙂 Young Rueben does very well when his grandad is around, although I must admit he’s easy to spoil. I love the Dude pics, they’re cute. The pencil sketches are great David, they certainly add a new dimension to photos. There’s nothing worse than mouth ulcers, of course you touch them with your tongue every ten seconds or so. 😦 I imagine it would be painful getting these reminders of Julia out of the blue. Something so simple as a bank book. Angina, falling on buses, mouth ulcers, ebay problems, there’s never a dull moment at your place. It’s been great visiting David.

    • I’m pretty sure they were nudged so hard there’ll be nothing to check in the future.:D Reuben is easy to spoil since he’s always smiling for me.He’s got some very stylish gear and I’m probably making a rod for my own back there.
      I loved the pencil sketches but I found I like the watercolour effect too.
      Yes, it’s one of those things isn’t it that you can’t leave them alone. Constantly checking with your tongue if they’ve burst yet.
      It does bother me when I get something addressed to Ju though there’s nothing I can do about it, she escaped and doesn’t have to open them.
      It’s always nice to have my friends drop in to break the week up, if I haven’t had an accident and done it already. Thanks for your wit and sense of fun Laurie.

      • laurie27wsmith

        You’re welcome David. I find your comment about Ju escaping quite interesting indeed. Do you feel imprisoned now? Forgive me if I’ve stepped over a line here. I’ve known a few people who have lost someone and your statement strikes me deeply. It shows a lot of pain.
        Extra large Hugs,

      • I felt quite imprisoned by promises Ju had me make about helping the family through her death, about being here for my grandson when she couldn’t be. She knew my inclination would be to follow her. You’ve read my blogs Laurie. I’d say that I’ve honoured my promises now and feel released from them a bit though I don’t know how long she intended to make me stay with Reuben. I’ve created lots of photographic memories of his Nanna and instigated a memory box for him with Yvonne. He knows his Pops loves him.
        Ju was more than a wife, she was my best friend and also my carer. The person who spoke to others on my behalf, the person who went out with me and wouldn’t let me be in all the time. Yvonne has done a great job of taking over but it interferes with her life too much.

      • laurie27wsmith

        I can only imagine that Ju made the right decision in getting you to fulfil her requests. Rueben will be a much better person for knowing his grandad and being just a little spoiled by him. It must be very difficult for you to stay considering your strong connection with Ju. I don’t think that Yvonne would mind taking over the reins so to speak David. After all it’s what family is about, we are there for each other no matter how old we are.

      • Mine have certainly been there for me Laurie but Yvonne shouldn’t be stuck having to do every little thing for her old man.They’re a good strong family unit and would operate very well without me. Reuben would perhaps remember the fun together but kids soon adjust to loss. I’m still fighting to be around for his birthdays though and haven’t given up hope yet.
        Take good care of yourself Laurie.

      • laurie27wsmith

        Well don’t give up hope David, the bloody fish will miss you, you know. 🙂 So will your loyal followers.

  25. what a week!!

    I really like the sketch pictures of you and Julia! They are beautiful. Great App that, eh!!

    Reuben is also growing very fast ( and quite solid) though that is a good thing at his age I think!

    I too am accused of snoring *Bleh* even when I am wide awake… Lol. The Times I fall asleep on my recliner, ‘Garfield’ I would have thought I’d snore less due to the elevation factor, but it appears not!

    I’m off to that recliner now actually! I hope you have another wonderful week ahead of you 🙂

    Miss Lou

    • Thanks so much. Yes, it’s a fantastic app and great fun for me. Reuben is really a solid little man now and is growing nicely, though it’s a little worrying that he might be 6 foot by the age of 5 at this rate. I refuse to have him on my knee then, especially if he’s ballroom dancing again.

      These accusations of snoring are ridiculous. I think our accusers just have very sensitive hearing and pick up on our breathing more.
      Have fun on your recliner. I’m sure my week will be as wonderful ( for me) as always.
      xxx Massive Hugs xxx

  26. Has anyone else had problems getting your blog to load this week David?! I’m on my fourth attempt but finally after a long wait it did work, strange eh? Anyhoe! Just wanted to say you certainly suit a sketch edit in your dastardly looking top hat and it’s a lovely pic of you and Lady J 🙂

    • I’m sorry you’ve had such a problem. No-one else has complained so far- though maybe they can’t get in yet. LOL.
      Even I think I look dastardly in the topper but I promise I gave up tying girls to railway lines years ago, OK, maybe months then. The picture of Ju and I is one I adore and I think the sketch effect has taken well. Probably half the world has had this app for years but I’m like a kid with a new toy.
      Lovely to have you drop in.
      xxx Hugs Galore xxx

      • It’s a beautiful pic in sketch format, timeless somehow, and I never worry about the rest of the world much … most of them seem to be wasting their lives playing Candy Crush on Facebook so they’ll never notice 🙂 It is just your blog that’s taking a long time to load and I have no idea why that would be but just thought I’d flag it up in case there is a problem on the techno side of stuff. I set aside time after my Grandson has gone home on my regular babysitting days to do my catch up reading so I get really frustrated when I can’t read my faves!!

  27. Thank you. Yes, I suppose Candy Crush and the like occupies a lot of people but gaming has never interested me. This photo app is just the job for entertainment.
    Maybe there is something wrong with WordPress today but I haven’t heard anything so far.
    Catching up is fun once peace and quiet reigns but slow loaders can be very frustrating. I’m glad you got here in the end.
    xxx Humongous Hugs xxx

  28. Hi David,
    How are you? These early mornings or I would call them the night time must be hard, I am rubbish if I don’t get a good nights sleep.
    Great choices on the R.E.M. and the Sinead O’Connor video. It’s a lovely idea having music in your post, I love seeing what choices you have each week.
    The sketch app is great and what a lovely photo of you and Julia, and I hope your ok with using your bank book and having just your name on it. Isn’t it funny how things happen and then it pops back into your head. Its a year this week when my Nana passed away, I guess some things just get you thinking.
    Reuben certainly is a beautiful little boy, always lovely happy photos of him.
    Glad I can catch up with you, the end of summer school year is a busy time for us so nice to be able to catch up with your posts.
    Take care,

    • Hello Sweetie, it always makes my day when a comment by you pops up.
      I don’t find the early mornings too bad most of the time. Remember I don’t get the exercise you do and need a lot less sleep.
      Glad you enjoy me putting music on the site and that you like some of it. I must remember though that you won’t know half of what I put on as you weren’t born then,
      I’m OK with the cheque book just having my name though it still looks odd.
      I didn’t realise it was a year since your Nana passed away already.
      Little Reuben is mainly a happy , though mischeveous, child. His mum just catches him at the right time with the camera.
      You’ll be very busy with school holidays soon. I hope you’ll still manage to drop in sometimes though.
      xxx Sending you Massive Hugs xxx

  29. Good-lookin’ top hat Dave!

  30. Hi David! I love the relationship you have with your fish––it’s hysterical! Love the pictures as usual! *Hugs & Kisses*

    • I don’t have a relationship with the fish other than owner/slave and it appears I’m not the owner.
      I’m glad you like the pictures and hope you even like some of the music though I know it’s older than you are.
      xxx Mammoth Hugs xxx

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