Smugness Defeated & The Toastie Tenors.

Sunday, I was sure it wasn’t an auspicious start to the day when I didn’t rise until 5.30 am. Sundays I never mind the early start because of the blog comments that give me pleasure (usually). This morning was no exception but there weren’t too many though they gathered pace as the day went on. At 7.00 am I went to feed the fish but like most Sundays I was being ignored because of their privations the day before. I always wonder if they hold meetings when the light goes off on a Saturday night to see how they’ll react in the morning or whether they all independently come to the same reaction towards me. Maybe they all get high on air and have Sunday hangovers? I took my coffee back to the bedroom bypassing Mike’s room where he was busy with a jackhammer I think. No way I was going to get any response that I could write about on a family blog so I didn’t even try. The sun might be shining but there’s been no mention of a car boot sale. I carried on working steadily keeping apace with new messages until about 9.00 am when I decided to get washed and dressed. I slammed the loo seat a few times for effect but all that got me was a leak and a headache. I decided to have another go at my new app. I need to get the pictures I change on the computer to transfer to my desktop as a jpeg file. Personally I think the fish own this app and have sorted it to thwart me at every turn. I will not be beaten!  Eventually I was beaten. Time to make Mike a coffee and see if I can get him to move. I took it through and put it on the bedside cabinet and said “Coffee’s up bro, it’s cowboy time”. *                                                                                                                                      * For those who don’t know, Cowboy time is Ten to Ten. Just listen to the William Tell Overture or The Lone Ranger theme and you’ll see why. Ten to ten to ten to ten, etc. There was no immediate movement but I’d lit the blue touch paper so it was time to retire. It must have sunk in because he joined me in the lounge about five minutes later. I returned to my pit to do some printing to fill three frames I bought yesterday. Then as I took them through I assessed him to see whether he was awake or not before asking a favour. I needed more ink and more photo paper. He said OK though it didn’t change his speed one iota and it was 11.00 am before we got out. We ended up going to the Argos in Flint where the inks were at least £1 cheaper each and the paper was a bogof offer. Magic. We had a look in a Supermarket just to check prices and I found a sale on nice gifts for Yvonne. On the way in I jokingly told Mike I was having trouble with the forecasted rain ( sarcasm dripping from my chin) since it was so hot. He made a cutting my throat gesture to say don’t wish it on us. When we came out the seats were wet and he looked daggers- nay , full bladed broadswords at me. We headed off for lunch. There were a few cars parked at the Ivy but not so many people inside. Things did improve despite our presence though. Tariq came for his usual hugs, at least I convinced someone how important they are. He made our drinks while we checked the menu so that we were ready to order as the drinks arrived. Angie waved hello from behind the counter and thanked us for the chocolates and Shella passed by waving as she did so which was quite remarkable carrying two bowls of soup. There was a woman at the next table bewailing the portents to her partner, ” I feel doom approaching. The gathering storm is bringing strife…”                                                      “Oh you were expecting my brother then” I said earning myself two glares, one from her and one from the person kicking my shins. The meal arrived and it was lovely.   He can’t have had more chips than me as I suspected because we finished at the same time and then went out for a cigarette. When we came back in there was a piece of lemon meringue pie in my spot. Mike had ordered it before we left knowing that if he wasn’t having a pudding I wouldn’t bother. I didn’t really want it but it would have been so rude of me to refuse at that stage wouldn’t it. As we were about to leave I went to pay and was prepared for the usual argy bargy with Tariq but another customer chose that moment to pay so I was able to leave the money on the counter and make my escape. Mike drove me home and then left on the next stage of his homeward journey and I settled at the computer to catch up on 5 hours worth of messages. I broke off at 6.00 pm to have some toast to take my next tablets with and watched part of a film. An advert came on to remind me to watch The Nation’s Favourite Motown Song at 9.00 pm. As a big lover of my Motown I didn’t want to miss that that I came back through to catch up on mail until then. The answer not unexpectedly was Heard it Through the Grapevine by Marvin Gaye but I was disappointed at the choice of presenter of the programme  and that they played so few songs in the hour and a half it was on, less far too many interruptions for adverts. There will never be another phenomenon like Motown I’m sure. And the nicest thing for me was some of the artists saying how much they loved the UK because they were always greeted by crowds who didn’t seem to notice their colour. Did they have one?

'Brother' Mike

‘Brother’ Mike










Monday. I’d finished the first batch of mail by 6.10 am and decided to go through to the lounge. The minute I got there I knew I should have stayed where I was and tried to master the complexities of this phone and the app on this phone. Over the weekend we’d worked out that I could send emails to myself of the pictures I changed if I was actually close to the computer at the time. I had the perfect way of finding out. I took a picture of the newly completed photo wall at home and decided to send that to Yvonne who hasn’t seen it. She wouldn’t be able to make out the individual pictures but would have an idea of how it looked. Where in the past I’d have had a tape measure to make sure things were evenly spaced and everything would be about balance, now I’ve thrown off ( well OK , stored tidily in a drawer) the OCD yoke and gone for a completely random structure.

Photo wall

Photo wall

I went through to the bedroom and sent myself the pictures. Whilst I was waiting and as it was now 7.00 am I decided to feed the fish and follow the usual routines. Before leaving the kitchen with my coffee I put a load of washing on, due out at 08.30 am. That done I went to check the emails. Plenty there to answer but nothimng from me to me on either email address. I decided to be patient because I know nothing about replastering walls, and settled to clearing the messages in my box. I’d done just before 8.30 am so I went to turn the drier on so the stuff would be ready for me to fold about midday. Then I got dressed and took my repeat prescription request to the chemist. The post had arrived as I got back, still no final parcel from China, still nothing from the ebay purchase of the dragon clock though that’s no surprise. What I did have was an invitation from British  Telecom to go on fibre optic broadband for a bargain sum for 6 months and then roughly what I pay now. Such a shame I’m tied into a 2 year contract with this supplier. I ran the hoover round and found myself getting less my usual calm self when it was picking up on some surfaces but not others. It made the job so much harder than it needs be. I really must see about getting a Mrs Mop to help me out. After putting the hoover away calling it’ legitimacy into question I went back on the computer. Instead of tackling the mounting mail I started playing around with frames, animal faces and changing pictures into watercolours. I quite liked the effect. There was one  effect for an antique oil painting but I wasn’t too taken with that.
Beloved nephew Christmas Tree

Watercolour Wedding

Watercolour Wedding

pussy mike                                                                                                                     Almost Human.



I was having a lot of fun and losing track of the time. I admonished myself and started on the mail. There were plenty more comments on this weeks blog which was nice and I hope I repaid some of that kindness by tweeting blogs and books and commenting on blogs too. I worked out that my tweets have the potential to hit 3000 followers, but if just 10 of them tweet and they have an average of 3000 each it goes a long way. I see writers with 20, 000+ followers on Twitter. I’m also a member of a very supportive writers group ASMSG which has the potential to hit over three million followers. That’s possibly a lot of sales even if 1% of 1% buy.  The drier stopped and I went through to take the stuff out and fold it . I had to get a ladder out to get it on the i***ing pile. For lunch I had some nice ham with mashed potatoes and beans. The mouth is still sore but I think it’s burst now and is probably improving. I may have to look for the recommended Smirnoff blue to rinse with though. After washing up I watched the rest of my antiques programme then turned off and went to sleep in my chair. It wasn’t as easy as it sounds since there was a helicopter hovering overhead for a long time. All I can say with any surety is it’s not me they’re looking for. There are only two around, the coastguard which would be wasting it’s time over my place as I’m still above water, and the police one is the other. After eventually dozing off and getting a nice hour I came back to catch up on mail. The photos from the phone still weren’t through. I worked till 5.30 pm them went and had some strawberries for tea and caught my Law and Order and another mystery series until 8.00 pm when I came through. The pictures had finally arrived. I’ve spent some time catching up again and now I’m off to check ebay.

The boys I’m going to see on Saturday at the Eisteddfod in Llangollen.

Tuesday. My night was a bit weird with very real feeling dreams. I’m sure I was very restless but at least it meant I didn’t move until 5.11 am. Less time for me to worry about going out and talking myself out of it. I answered emails until 6.30 am then tried to catch the fish out half an hour early. It was so dull this morning that I couldn’t see clearly and had to put the light on. That was it, they behaved normally now. Recently the sun has been shining well before this but the forecast wasn’t good. I took my tabs and made a coffee.As I was carrying it back through the heaven’s opened and I heard the rain bounce on the roof. An opportunity to cancel? Not a cat in hells chance, ten minutes later it was over and the sun even shone a bit. I got dressed and continued with the mail. By 7.15 I was up to date and I packed my haversack with one of Reuben’s books and sorted a bag of things I’d bought on Sunday for Yvonne. I’d texted her to say I was coming when down came the rain again. Not heavy this time, just a slow drizzle. I should be able to manage in my leather jacket rather than the crop duster. At 7.30 am I girded my loins and left. The journey wasn’t bad and there was no rain as I arrived in Chester. I was able to get money from a cash machine and head for the Costa where we were meeting. I was there first so I ordered a small latte and a cold concoction of green tea, lime and mint. The young lady said she’d bring it over and as my usual seat was occupied                  ( inconsiderate person) I had to find another behind a half wall and I was afraid Yvonne wouldn’t spot me so I stood. When she arrived it was raining again , just as well she had a brolly. I got Reuben out as Yvonne went to order drinks and toast. He was in good form with me, very smiley, but no smiles for Mummy. As usual it seemed he had more hands than Kali, glasses, cigarettes, drink, any thing was a target so he went in a high chair to eat his toast and let us eat ours in relative peace. I may have mentioned before that sometimes my hands are quite shaky. Yvonne seems to treat it as an entertainment laid on for her as my hands jerk across the front of my mouth, missing it but leaving a buttery path, or watching me hold a coffee and try to take a sip with the downward motion as I’m also trying to froth it . We left there and headed for the precinct as I had a little shopping list with me today. I’d passed over the gifts to Yvonne so my backpack was empty now. We headed into a shop that had kids clothes and I had a great time buying stuff. Yvonne thought she could outsmart the old fox and held some things back she said she’d pay for. Nothing would persuade her to give me them. I paid for mine then passed over an extra £20 and asked the young man to pay for the next batch out of that. When Yvonne went up she told me she was feeling quite smug at having beaten me for once. Ta Dah. I take a bow and smugness takes a walk. As we approached the exit to the precinct we could see the rain was bouncing off the pavements really hard. We hit another shop and found another sale. I managed to find some more great things for him. Yvonne gave up in there. As we came out the rain had stopped. Next stop Tesco for some fresh bread and for my antiseptic vodka. By then it was lunchtime so to Pizza Express where Yvonne beat me to the check. It was fast approaching the time where she would have to depart for work and me for home so we did the last two shops in quick order, one to get light bulbs for my room and one to get part  of my son’s birthday present. I just hope Reuben doesn’t spill the beans to him. Outside I convinced Yvonne not to walk me to the bus stop, I’d manage. It was time for hugs and kisses. I turned round to give Reuben a kiss . His pushchair was quite low and in the reclining position so I had top bend quite far to reach his forehead. I just reached the point where my lips connected with his skin and I knew I was in trouble. I couldn’t get back up, and I was trying to fight going further down but it looked like gravity was winning and any second I’d be lying on top of Reuben and the pushchair would probably be on it’s side. I tried a casual scream at Yvonne as I didn’t want to worry her and she ran to grasp the belt on my coat. Or would have done had it been there. She had to drag my coat in one hand and backpack in the other to get me upright. It must have looked like I was being mugged except the mugger was laughing and saying ” Don’t, you’ll make me wet myself.” We parted. I made my way to the bus stop in what was now roaring sunshine and I was melting inside my leather coat held on firmly by my backpack. When the bus came the disabled seats were taken and I struggled to remove the backpack in the confines of a normal seat until I could get the coat off. The journey was short because the heat made me nod off a lot. Back at home there were 122 messages waiting and IO got stuck in, but not before reading a delightful postcard received from fellow blogger Paula Acton from a trip she and her family made to Stratford upon Avon. I’m still surprised someone would bother to include me but I’m truly chuffed and moved by it. At 6.00 pm I had my usual two hours of TV before returning to battle with the technology that saved my life.

Wednesday. From a 3.53 am start I was going great guns with the mail when all of a sudden at almost 6.00 am I found I was tired. Hopping back on the bed wasn’t a difficult decision and I was soon away with the fairies. They kept me entertained until 7.50  am when I realised as I woke how late I was for the fish. I shot through to the kitchen and approached the tank very gingerly. I have no idea why, but I needn’t have worried. I got the normal reaction as though no delay had been noted. Maybe they were enjoying the warmth and light of the sun coming through the window. I’m afraid I feel disgust with myself and broadening girth but I had two jam doughnuts for breakfast as they were handy and easy to eat, I took my tablets and sprays then made myself the usual coffee ( Columbian) and took it back to the bedroom. I dressed quite quickly as I needed to go to Pauline’s. At 9.30 am I went and bought my TV magazine and some cigarettes. The sun was wonderful and for some reason I had this sudden urge to go to Flint for more photo frames.  Back at home I put my stuff away and grabbed a bag to take with me. I opened the door, stepped out, locked it and walked about three steps before deciding perhaps not today and letting myself back in. I attacked the mail again but the thought of getting more frames kept nagging at me. Should I text Lis and see if she’s free to take me? I decided that wouldn’t be fair. Meanwhile the time for the next bus passed and I worked some more on the mail. The postman came and delivered a postcard with a picture of me and Reuben on the front taken just yesterday. Another great app of Yvonne’s. With 15 minutes before the next bus I put my shoes on and made myself open the door again. All the while I’m saying it’s getting late and nearly lunchtime, but I still found myself walking towards the bus stop. I made it though skittish because others were at the stop and when the bus arrived I let them all get on first. One last push and I was aboard with sweat running down my forehead. As we approached Flint I rang the bell to get off one stop before most people and then as the bus pulled away I made my way over the dual carriageway to the shops. The first one was the supermarket where I got the other frames on Sunday and I was lucky they still had some. I chose two black and a white this time. Next I wandered round to my favourite Home Bargains and got some chocolates. I also found two more frames which will prove useful and they were a real bargain. From there I went for coffee at Temptations. They were really busy but I managed to pass chocolates over and the young lady said she’d bring my drink to the table. Major surprise to see me in there alone. I wandered off to the bus stop from there and caught one at 12.15 pm and headed home. I wasn’t hungry when I got off the bus and couldn’t think of cooking so I ordered sandwiches from a local shop which I had after I got home. I was able to eat them at my desk as I worked. In fact there was so much mail I worked all afternoon except for a little break from 3.00 – 4.00 pm when I started watching Zulu for the Welsh singing. I have to say though that the Zulu Impis have a strong vocal rhythm too and I enjoyed listening to them. I knocked off again at 5.15 pm and went to watch the quiz and wait for my gamers. Traffic was bad and they didn’t get here until 6.00 pm. Lee had cried off by text during the afternoon unfortunately. We set up for Yahtzee and I won the first two games and Dil the third. For a change we went to Trivial Pursuit next which lasted the rest of the evening with Matt eventually winning. So this time the honours were pretty even. After they left at 9.30 pm I tidied up, washed the pots, took my tablets and came through to see the damage. 103 but I’ll cope with that. But just in case, I’m doing the blog halfway through.



Face to Face. ( Sorry about being unshaven).

Face to Face. ( Sorry about being unshaven).

Thursday. At least one fish was pleased to see me this morning. The little molly came shooting over as I opened the food flap and stayed close as I spouted endearments at her. I know it’s only the pitch of my voice that attracts her really  but I  get into such trouble with them I’m clutching at straws. I’d made real headway with the post before coming through that I  considered a break but then common sense got a hold so I took my meds,  had some toast and then carried the coffee through. The mouth feels so much better today using this mouthwash but the hangovers are bad. Maybe I should accidentally swallow less of it? I  took things very easily, many of my abroad bloggers might be heading for their beds while many of the European ones might only just be getting up. It felt like a time when I wouldn’t be getting much.  I always had this ridiculous optimism brought about by wearing rose-tinted glasses. But in fairness things weren’t too bad for a few minutes. I checked the lottery and realised it would still be emails rather than personal visits, got washed and dressed and went out to Pauline’s to renew the tickets. I also got some fresh baps for later. When I got back I reverted to house scruffs and mopped the kitchen floor after washing up the breakfast things. That out of the way it was back to the grindstone though passing the front door I found a letter trying to sell me life insurance which I diverted to dump in the recycling.

I worked on until 11.30 am then knocked off to go and prepare lunch. A favourite again today of bangers, mash and beans. I enjoyed it while sitting with Bargain Hunt on the TV. I washed up again then donned my shoes and headed off for the chemist, wondering what had happened to my prescription request from Monday. While I was waiting, Chris from the Post Office told me his wife Rosetta had been too mean to share any sweets from the box I gave her, with him. I’m sure it’s not true but it’s a great opportunity to tease her when I see her next. The young lady from the chemists found my drugs in a box slated for delivery so I was happy to relieve her of them. Back at home it was back to work and it kept me going till 3.00 pm when I decided a snooze was in order. The weather is so nice the heat is sending me to sleep. I slept until 4.50 pm and had to give up the usual quiz in order to catch up again. At 6.00 pm I made a ham bap and watched a couple of older episodes of Big Bang Theory in preparation for 8.00 pm. I then sat through an even older Murder She  Wrote before my final episode of this series of Big Bang Theory came on. What a blow. What the heck am I supposed to do with Thursday nights now?

Back in the pit again I was surprised that 119 emails had accrued again and I made myself sit down and concentrate. That lasted about 5 minutes when I suddenly decided to have a shave????? and followed that up with eating an ice lolly. Lacking further excuses I set to work. I was fairly zipping through them when I decided I’d better do this before it gets too late and I get carried away with the music. So, that’s my day and here comes my music.

The start of the protest era. A time I really thought the world stood a chance because people cared enough to change things.

Friday. It was 4.50 am before I surfaced this morning but being the daredevil I am I just said”Pffttt” and ignored the urge to panic. I am master of my own life  and author of my own density, yes, I’m as thick as two short planks as shown by my idiocy in following another 6 blogs this morning and leaving myself open to even more mail. By 7.00 am I was only halfway through the morning post but had to break away to feed the fish. The albino catfish sat by the glass watching me while I did the food and it fair freaked me out those beady red eyes on me. I tried talking nicely to it but that didn’t shift it so I threw the tub in and backed off. I took my meds and as that emptied the container had to make them up again for the week. I just said “Right, there’s one in that hole and two in that and this one id full of hashish, you can’t get much more made up than that.” It does actually take a while to do. I have to carry a drawer through, make sure I refill the empty boxes from the new stock I collected yesterday and then fill the containers from what I have. It’s  usually 1 before breakfast then two after, 8 tabs and two sprays. One before lunch and two after then two main tabs, two again at about teatime them 9 in the evening with a spray. There are also two sprays for use during the day as needed. I really do shake, rattle and roll.

I couldn’t be bothered with breakfast this morning so once my tabs were sorted I took my coffee through to continue work. No rush to get dressed as I’m not going out early. I had the pleasure of as post by my friend Elaine who cracks great Friday jokes, a post from the delightful Olga who always introduces somebody new to interview, great book blogs by Maggie, fun reminders from Teagan and so many more pleasurable pieces including inane messages between myself and a great friend in Australia. My day is a delight of variety but it does come at a price- time! Re-tweeting and commenting eats into the day. Towards lunchtime I heard from my cack-handed daughter that she’d broken her iphone again. twice in as many weeks. I’m going to see if they make them in rubber. I transferred some money to her account as a treat and spent what seemed like the next three days arguing about it. She threatens a tennis match of it going back and forth between our accounts, I being the bullied elderly gentleman just threaten to kneecap her. She says they’re coming over to see us tomorrow and I expect arguments about who pays for lunch. No matter how much I try, I can’t force her to do it. LOL. Truth be told she’ll want to pay and so will I, and I know I can afford it better than she/they can having a baby to feed. Especially when that baby is my grandson.

I didn’t have lunch at home as Mike was/is due about 2.00 pm. He was just about on time. Like me he hadn’t eaten so I put a shirt on over my  t-shirt and off we went. Of course when we arrived I’d completely forgotten chocolates and my tablets. Neither thing put me off my meal though. Tariq was a little more subdued than usual as the passport office has had the family passports for 7 weeks and has no idea where they are or what stage they’re at and the family are due to fly on holiday on Wednesday. It’s a sickener to think that a bureaucracy like that can cost someone a holiday, refuse compensation and an apology. Mike and I have got our fingers crossed that they’ll arrive by Monday at the latest.  We left there without a fight as Tariq was chatting to some more customers. Although he excused himself to show us to the door…and note the word to in there please, he couldn’t fight as I’d left the money on the counter. The sun was glorious so Mike ran us to Flint where I picked up yet more frames for my rogues gallery, some tablets for the washing machine ( it gets headaches) some chocolates to take tomorrow and then we came home. Mike set about adjusting the inner to accommodate a large picture in a frame then promptly broke the glass on the next one. I concentrated on bringing the mail up to date so I could join him in the lounge. I managed it in time for the last half of a quiz. I made a sandwich so I could finally take the diabetic tablets forgotten all day then at 9.00 pm abandoned the lounge to deal with this blog post and the rest of the mail. The mail may beat me as it’s almost midnight now.

Saturday. It’s been a long day. It started at 4.50 am and it’s now 11.55 pm and I’ve not touched the emails all evening. I was doing well this morning as I was up to date and gloating well before 7.00 am, so much so that I went through to see to the fish tank light and decided to feed them even though it’s Saturday. They saw straight through me and wouldn’t hover while I bragged about how clever I was. I put the makings in Mike’s mug ( the china one, not his face) and boiled the kettle up while I saw to my meds and making my own coffee. The second his alarm started to ring I poured it out and appeared in his bedroom before he’s had chance to turn it off. “Morning Bro, coffee’s up” sez I , “Grunt” sez he. “It’s on the side here, don’t let it go cold” I tried, hoping my voice had penetrated his unconsciousness , “grunt” sez he. It was OK though, I have patience. I took my own drink through to my bedroom and hit the emails again. For a change they didn’t hit back and were manageable.

Within a few minuted Mike’s alarm started it’s second call. I know he spoke to it but it certainly wasn’t to say “Yes, I’m moving” and it’s call seemed to be cut short. I called out for him  not to forget his drink again and I got a response. I didn’t know you could flip the bird at someone in our sleep till now. My mail was up to date so I decided to choose some photographs for printing later. There were four frames I wanted to fill. His alarm went off for the third time and as there was no movement I knew I’d lost. I might as well print the pictures ready.I don’t know what happened but next minute he appeared at my door washed, dressed, coat on and bags in hand ready to go. Naturally I was the one not ready now. I put my shoes on while the last two pictures printed and tried my best to look subdued.  As the pictures rolled off the production line I turned the printer off and we left.

We didn’t spend long in the Supermarket as I still had most of last weeks food left. Dry as I was when we finished he wouldn’t let me have a coffee. I should have known I’d pay for being smug this morning. We went to Flint where I was able to pick a few things up for Yvonne and Ugo then we had a coffee at Temptations. Appropriate today as I’m off to see Richard and Adam tonight whom I’d named the Toastie Tenors when I wrote about them in my first book.They came third in last year’s Britain’s got talent. Ju would have loved to have seen that as she was a big fan. We came home and after unpacking had a message from Yvonne ton say they were running a bit late. So, Mike and I hung the new pictures. I think the photo wall ( Rogue’s gallery) is looking pretty good. Since time was cracking on I suggested they meat us at The Ivy, as the time was getting on she agreed so Mike and I set off from here at 11.40 am. We were actually there within a few minutes of each other so I was able to order drinks and meals fairly quickly. Reuben was having a chocolate milkshake which oddly enough he didn’t take too, and  a cheesy pasta dish which he loved. When we’d done I tried getting Angie to calculate the bill but she said Tariq would do it and brought him in from the kitchen. There ensued the usual battle of wills which I won in the end. We all left and went to my house to drop the cars off and we walked from home to the Heritage Park which is very close. We took Reuben round to see the animals, mainly young chicks ( which thought made Mike drool till I said the birds were of he feathered variety). Reuben had a go on a small tractor and onthe park swings before we went to the park cafe for a cuppa. He was as good as gold despite being tired.

We finally parted company at about 4.30 pm and I laid into the accumulated emails. I was being picked up at 5.45 pm to go to the Eisteddfod to see the boys and also listen to some choirs and see some dancers before the competition for the best of the week was announced. My friend John and his wife Vivienne collected me on time and we were there for 6.45. Time for a cuppa before the show started at 7.30 pm. Richard and Adan sang three songs at the start of the evening before two dance teams were introduced one after the other. An Irish traditional dance troupe and a Scottish one. At the end of the night the Irish one won the trophy. Then came five choirs of singers each singing 5 songs.  I really enjoyed the Welsh mixed sex choir best of all but a choir from Argentina was adjudged the winner. Richard and Adam came on to do three more songs one of which I recommend they never do again which was Unchained Melody by the Righteous Brothers. It wasn’t suited to their style of singing at all in my opinion. It wasn’t meant to be too operatic, though they did well in the close harmony. My favourite was Somewhere from West Side Story though P.J.Proby remains my all time favorite.

It was 11.30 pm before John dropped me off. I’d enjoyed his ( their) company and enjoyed the outing but my nerves were on edge a lot. I didn’t have a cigarette for 6 hours and I hadn’t had a wee either because I couldn’t wander in the crowds alone. I had a quick sarnie, took my tabs and traded a few insults with my bro before coming through here. The emails will have to wait until morning now as it’s 12.45 and I want my bed.

I hope you’re all having a Great Weekend. ……Hugs

fam out 5fam out 4


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  1. Oh now you’ve gone and done it — gotten me on a mission… l’ve absolutely got to have the software to turn myself into a cat! Or at least my picture…
    And hungover fish? David, you are in rare form. Thanks for a delightful post. Great big hug 🙂

    • If you’ve got an android phone ( or even just the computer) you can get the software from lab It’s giving me the time of my life.
      I’m glad you enjoyed the post Dear Teagan, I love to raise a smile from you.
      xxx Hugs Galore xxx

  2. wonderful reading…as always. i must say that i do believe the fish do have little meetings while we are sleeping. this would explain many mysteries in the world today and give credence to those out there who believe that life itself is a conspiracy. while i have no concrete evidence for this, i have heard it often on the internet, therefore, it must be true. of course, if all cats would just eat all fish, we would not have these problems… 🙂

    • Thank you for the kind words. There was a time I thought of letting the cat eat the fish.This left me with the dilemma that I was always taught fish is brain food and I certainly didn’t want the cat any smarter or ,ore devious that it already was. I was afraid I might have to then feed the cat to a dog- which I don’ have, and then end up with a situation like the little old woman who swallowed the fly.
      Hugs, it was lovely to have you dropping in.

  3. Loving your particular brand of ‘cat meme’! and am reading in ‘reader mode’ on WordPress after pesky loading problems last week, all good now your Lordship 🙂

    • I’m really glad your loading problems are over this week. I’d have bald patches by now had it been me. I’m glad you liked the cat, Mike is still abed and hasn’t seen it yet. I may have some very tender patches when he sees whose face is staring back at him from the cat, but fingers croossed he won’t notice.
      xxx Massive Hugs Dawn xxx

      • Take that technology! I rarely read in the reader mode because I like the full effect of everyone’s full blog screen…..espesh as we all take so long to choose themes etc!!

      • There’s sometimes no account for what WordPress allow and don’t allow when it comes to blogs.My most frequent problems are either to be not allowed to comment or to have to sign in to WordPress every time I want to comment as though it doesn’t recognise me at all, and that can last for days.
        xxx Gigantic Hugs xxx

      • We should maybe concoct a WordPress conspiracy theory as to why it was just your blog 🙂

      • Excellent idea. We could see how long it takes for a conspiracy theory to go viral. We have to add some aliens and rogue CIA agents.
        xxx Gigantic Hugs xxx

  4. The cat/man pic is beyond spooky but I like it! You’ve posted some great music this week – spoilt for choice we are! As for the fish, I’d so love to be a fly on the wall in your home and watch the inter-play between them and you and also see what really goes on when you are out of sight. We had a rather fancy pond full of koi at our house in Bali and I grew very fond of them. Fish are really quite cunning and intelligent creatures but I don’t need to tell you that 😉 Another good week, David. You are on a roll. Thanks for the chuckles. As always, muchos amores and huggos from Scorchio Spayn xxxxxxxx

    • Darling Lottie, I’m writing my will as Mike hasn’t yet seen the face used for the cat. I’m leaving you the fish as I know you can handle their sneaky ways. I’d better leave you sone half ssovereigns to make up for the trouble you’ll have.I like the fact that you can train Koi to be fed by hand unlike my pike here, yours must have been a delight.
      I’m so glad you found some music to enjoy and a few chuckles to raise a smile.
      xxx Massive Cwtch from the land of Song- still warm xxx

  5. My daughter the would-be vet used to tell me not to feed the fish every day – they only needed to nosh a couple of times a week. Soft-hearted soul that I am, it was hard to watch them suffer so….they would come and knock on the glass and say, ‘Hey, we’re hungry!’ Sounds like you need to put your guys on a diet to get some gratitude. Great work on the photos! Big bises! xx

    • I give them just a little usually every day but Saturday and that’s what earns me the glares. If I don’t give it, I know they’ll come and take it. Every time I say DIET , they say “What colour?” A soft touch am I.
      Thank you, this photo work is fun.
      xxx Cwtch galore xxx

  6. The Eisteddfod sounded fun, glad toy enjoyed it.

  7. I love that water colour effect on the wedding photo, but the cat is very disturbing! And your wall of pictures looks wonderful – what a lovely idea.
    xxx hugs xxx

    • Thank you, I like the water colour effect. Mike realised he was the fat cat in the picture so I had to keep a table between us at lunchtime. I’ll have to see what other animals he suits.
      For the wall of pictures I had to fight OCD and making sure everything balanced and was measured with a ruler. Like the pictures, I wanted the placing to be random. It does work.
      xxx Massive Hugs xxx

  8. Yes, the cat is disturbing. I also agree the wall pictures are looking better and better. It sounds as if your night out was great. Oh, and many thanks for the mention. I know exactly what you mean. I can’t help following great blogs then comes the time to read them…By the way, might not be around that much for a while due to family issues but I hope to still catch up when I can. Thanks!

    • Mike is even more disturbing in real ,life than as a cat though.
      Thank you. I wanted the wall of pictures to stand out but be attractive too.
      You’re welcome to the mention, everyone should know my friends, only the best will do. You have that exactly right. Great blogs and time just never seem equal.
      If you’re not around be sure I’ll miss you. I hope the family issues aren’t bad but if there’s anything I can ever do, just let me know and I’ll try.
      xxx Hugs Galore xxx

  9. What a brilliant idea that Smirnoff mouthwash is, David. This may become part of my new regular routine. Ah, the pleasures of good dental hygiene.
    And I had no idea that fish could be albino. Wow. Maybe snap a pic of that fellow? I think beady red eyes would leave me with nightmares.
    And of course, now you’ve left me desperate for lemon meringue pie. Must hunt some down.
    Another beautiful week in Wales. Huge hugs for sharing.

    • The only thing you have to remember with the mouthwash is not to accidentally swallow too often in any cleaning session or you might have to keep trying until you remember to spit out, or until the bottle is empty, whichever comes first.
      I’ll make sure I put a picture of the albino cory on tonight’s piece.I don’t think any catfish can give nightmares, they’re friendly little guys.
      Aw shame, I’ve got a full lemon meringue you can share with me, but damn, you won’t read this before next Saturday will you. Oh well, I can always force myself to buy one then too in case you pop round for tea.
      It has been another beautiful week in Wales, but in fairness they all are. It’s perfect.
      xxx Massive Hugs and Thanks for popping in xxx

  10. Of course fish have meetings when nobody is around. Have you never seen Finding Nemo? lol
    I loved reading about your week, listening to your music (there’s a couple in there that I enjoyed immensely) and seeing your photos of your precious grandchild.
    I confess to laughing when you couldn’t stand up as I’ve been in that situation myself a couple of times as well. 😳
    I hope your coming week is filled with as much fun and happiness as the past week.

    • I must have missed that one Sue. They probably didn’t let me see the TV mag when it was on.
      Thank you for the lovely comments. I’m glad you enjoyed the reading and the listening. I get a real kick from listening to the songs when I write the blog. As for the pictures of Reuben, well I get a kick out of that too. He’s a little gem.
      Though I haven’t mentioned it in today’s blog, I leaned down to pick up my crutches after lunch and ended up leaning on the low table with my arm juddering trying to stop me progressing forward into freefall. Mike came back from the counter and found me and had to grab the back of my shirt and drag me upright. Then I got a bollocking for bending down in the first place.If you’ve been in that situation you’ll know it’s hard not to laugh at how daft you must have looked while being glad you didn’t actually fall. I have ton try and keep a straight face in case my Bro thinks I don’t take him seriously…..I don’t.
      Thank you. I wish you a fantastic week too. xxx Hugs Galore xxx

      • I’m so pleased you didn’t fall and you had your brother there to help.
        Mine is because of my back. I bend down sometimes and then my back says to me “You ain’t goin’ nowhere sister” lol
        I have three grandchildren and I love them to bits. My daughter said to me the other night “You know that they ‘play’ you to get what they want don’t you”? And I replied. “Of course I do. But I’m their grandmother and I’m meant to spoil them.”

      • I’m sorry to hear about your back, mine’s just a balance issue. The answer to your daughter is perfect, grandparents have their role to play just like parents.Ours is to spoil the kids when we can.
        xxx Hugs Galore xxx

  11. Each week I read about what’s happened in seven days of your world, and am given the gift of your happy approach to life embodied in the words by “enjoy the little things in life, for one day you may look back and realize they were the big things.” And, as George Bernard Shaw said, “life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.” You do that so well 🙂

    • Every week I’m so surprised that anyone reads the blog at all because it’s not like the week has been important. I reckon GBS had it right but this is quite a small creation. You’re very kind to say I do it well. I think this is why I’ve come to love blogging so much, because of all the remarkable and kind people I’ve met who in my eyes have become firm friends whether we’ve met or not. I feel every bump in the road with them and celebrate every victory. Nothing would give me greater pleasure than to win the lottery and come to visit with you all.
      xxx Ginormous Hugs xxx

  12. I had no idea that “Cowboy Time” was ten to ten, David. Don’t know when I’ll use that, but I’m sure I’ll wow someone with it!
    This post was rich with fun pictures and great music…”Heard I Through The Grapevine” was, believe it or not, the music played at my college roommate’s post-divoce-day-in-court celebration. We were all in this really nice restaurant celebrating her freedom from a her cheating husband who’d emptied out their savings, and the music came on. It was so appropriate that we all cheered. She’d gotten an anonymous call “through the grapevine” on a day her husband was cheating with a customer’s wife in a motel room. The woman’s husband also received an anonymous call, and he rushed over and beat the hell out of the guy…AND testified in court. This was when adultery still swayed property division, and it really left my friend’s ex “Blowing in the Wind” after the testimony in divorce court!
    Anyway, good post, and more wonderful pictures of Reuben. I feel like I know the little guy and am watching him grow up.

    • Cowboy time has been a standing joke ever since I can remember. Kids coming out from seeing The Lone Ranger would be singing ten to ten to ten, to ten as the tune always went and thereafter it became Cowboy Time. Thank you for enjoying the post and the music. Grapevine was one of my favourites when Motown held sway. I’d never have thought of using it like that though. I’m glad the cheat got his comeuppance.
      It’s funny watching Reuben grow in stages through the photographs. I’m so glad Yvonne takes a lot.
      xxx Sending you Hugs Galore xxx

  13. I’m pleased if the mouthwash is helping, it should do, even my partner swears by it and no, he doesn’t swallow it.

    I like the random approach. Although it does look to be organised random. I’ve got three prints I can see from my sofa. They were put up perfectly straight and now they are all listing to port at exactly the same degree. Most odd. Or perhaps I am listing to starboard?

    I was going to ask for some fish photos too, esp the albino so I can compare him with my pesky albino dog.

    My partner uses cwtch all the time, not in the sense of hugs though, more about come and sit/lie/curl up next to me. I’ve just found myself saying it to the albino dog ‘are you going to come and cwtch down?’ ie next to me on the sofa. He did.

  14. I like the photo wall David. Having fish sounds like quite a big responsibility. I hope to have my own tank one of these days. The blog certainly keeps you busy, no wonder you get up so early. Working in the morning always works best for me, but I can’t envisage a day when I’ll be getting up at 4 or 5 am like you. The hot weather must be pleasant in Wales. It has been quite humid in London.

    • Hello Guy, thank you.Doing the wall has been fun but not in the lest difficult because I send someone else up the ladder.
      Don’t tell anyone I told you, Shhh but it’s only saltwater tropical fish that are hard to keep in tanks with reef communities. With this lot it’s a case of keeping them fed- some say once a week- and doing a water change of about a third every two weeks. Remembering to put fresh water in or in 6 weeks you’re in trouble.Tell you what, why don’t you have mine….pleeeeze.
      Getting up early isn’t for the sake of the blog though it helps. It’s the sedentary life of an old man with no exercise means I need less sleep.
      The weather here has been nice, I doubt I’d cope easily with the humidity of a city. There’s a spare bed if you want to escape.
      All the best

      • Thanks for the fish related advice David, I’ll bear it in mind. Maybe doing exercise is why I don’t leap out of bed early every morning. I’m meant to be going to Norfolk for a few days soon. One of these days I’ll come and visit you in North Wales, that’s if your celebrity blogger status has not resulted in you moving to Monaco or LA.

      • Doing exercise must be a definite discouragement to jumping out of bed. It’s a case of not overdoing things. Norfolk is he home of excellent Author and Photographer Clive Eaton
        ( ). One of life’s truly nice people, a gentleman and a scholar. I have the idea a move to Monaco or L.A. is very unlikely to happen, and anyway I love my own hills more than I fancy the Hollywood ones. The kettle will be on.
        All the best.

  15. You sound as if you had fun this week. 🙂 I think my favourite is the cat photo you -cough- enhanced -cough-. Definitely something rather Spock about the eyes. 😀

  16. That cat photo gave me the creeps 😦 We’re all great fans of Motown in this household. Funny it being transmitted down the generations. How does Reuben feel about Marvin Gaye?

    • Oh Dear. It’s as well I didn’t take a vote.. Mike would have to be put out of the house now.
      I think Reuben is a bit young to have opinions about Motown and Marvin Gaye yet but I did get his Mum playing it and she still does so hopefully she’ll pass it on. He does react to music though and his Dad plays a few instruments and sings to him so he should inherit something even if it’s only earplugs.
      I hope you have a Great Week
      xxx Huge Hugs xxx

  17. So glad you enjoyed the postcard as I have said before I probably get a bigger buzz knowing such a simple thing will put a smile on the recipients face as the person receiving it lol. I have been playing with lots of new software recently and some of it has me seriously banging my head against the wall, I suspect it is run by cats after all they are evil geniuses and like laying on the laptops once you have warmed it up in your frustration.

    Huge hugs xxxx

    • The postcard was a real treat, I can’t thank you enough. I’m glad to say my software is behaving better than yours, after all I don’t want to damage my walls.You might be right about it being run by cats though as since I got mine I’ve been haunted by a cat. I’m hearing the sounds everywhere of him jumping off beds or chairs though never mewing or I’d be out the door! At least one won’t curl up on my desktop.
      I hope your week improves.
      xxx Gigantic Hugs xxx

  18. laurie27wsmith

    Hi David, I always leave you until last. 🙂 I have to say Mike bears a passing resemblance to Sid James, he sounds just as cranky too. I’m quite pleased that you’re paying more attention to the fish this week. They’ve probably shelved any plans they might have had to assassinate you by now. I’d watch out for that albino one though. You inspired me to put some new pictures up today. I’m sick of messing around with my printer so I went into town and had some 8×10 pics printed off. I have a magazine quality pic of Lorelle’s g/daughter I took at the hairdressers the other day. I’m going to try and get permission off her dad to put it on my blog. Great music this week David, you haven’t lost your touch. You keep well, give young Rueben a hug and tell Tariq he’s a nice bloke. Do you think you balanced the bills with him yet?
    Take care David, huge manly hugs from Laurie.

    • Ha,no use trying to delay the inevitable Laurie.I get you in the end.Funny you mentioning Mike like that, I saw Sid James in a war film yesterday when he was still Sidney James, it could have been Mike
      I’m much more careful with the fish now, it struck me that as I’m allergic to fish it might only take one of them to bite me and I’m History.I know it’s only supposed to be if I bite them but I’d never get that close.
      Putting up pictures is fun ( I lie but so what) I’m sorry to hear about your printer though. I hope you get permission to put the granddaughter on the blog, I’m sure dad will be only too pleased.
      Thanks, I enjoy putting the music up and always hope someone somewhere enjoys it. Half the time I hope someone somewhere remembers it !
      I’m well thanks. It’s Ju’s birthday so I spent the day with Yvonne and Reuben. You can have one of the hugs I gave him, preferably one of the snotty ones as he’s full of cold. I will tell Tariq when I see him. He’s such a con man I sometimes think I leave with more money that I entered with. The strangest shop/customer relationship you’ve ever seen.
      Please take care, I’m looking forward to your next blog. Hugs, David

      • laurie27wsmith

        You got me. I leave it until last so I can read it quietly and give it my full attention. Sid was something of a ladies man in the Carry On movies wasn’t he. Look David if I were you I’d get rid of the little fish and put piranhas in there. They’d up the excitement level in the house, and you’d only have to throw a couple of lamb shanks in once a week. Plus you’d keep well away from them.
        I worked it out that getting them printed at the shopping centre is cheaper than refills that seem to be stuffing my printer up. The sad thing is David I’m old enough to remember all the music you put up. 😦 I’m glad you had company to remember Ju on her birthday. Snotty hug eh? Oooh, I’d have to hug and run on that one. Tariq must like you David, probably because you show him kindness and respect. You might have to have an arm wrestling contest or something to decide if you pay the bill. I have to take care, Lorelle goes in for a follow-up colonoscopy tomorrow, to see if she’s still cancer free. I know she is but she needs the confirmation. We’ll talk soon David.

      • If I remember rightly Sid had a’thing’ for Barbara Windsor in real life but it wasn’t reciprocated.Even in the War film yesterday he had the characteristic dirty laugh, it always made me smile. What an ACE idea, I could perhaps just add the piranhas to get rid of the little fish and then call it my new waste disposal unit. I suppose if I really want to up the excitement level I could put a tiger fish in and see if I could survive the tank cleaning exercise.
        You know, that doesn’t seem a half bad idea except when I download a picture to print from the net though I suppose I could still add it on a memory card. Our cheapest place to print would be the ASDA supermarket but I’d have to wait to do my printing till a Saturday morning. I’m using Epson inks at the mo to stop my printer from being stuffed but they’re a heck of a price.
        You’re in the same boat as me memory wise with the music, it’s just as well I wasn’t too keen on 50’s music or I’d age us even more.
        Yes, really snotty he is, you had to run when he sneezed. All hugging at arms length poor little lamb.
        Tariq is a really nice man so it’s easy to show him respect but I reckon he’d even fix arm wrestling so I didn’t pay. Much better to just leave the money and run.
        Good luck to Lorelle for today. Sometimes you just need that confirmation from the horse’s mouth. It will put her mind at rest.
        Please take great care if yourself.

      • laurie27wsmith

        Crikey David, what bloke didn’t have a thing for Barbara Windsor? I’ve just had an image of you cleaning out a tank of piranhas. it’s funny but dangerous. 😉 I bought non Epson ink and it’s so bad. I think the printer knows this and just stuffs it up. I have a laser printer now for manuscripts and such. Music? You could take me back to the 50’s quite easily. I actually think kids are designed to kill us oldies off, all that snot and viruses everywhere and they’re so virulent. I’ll hug him form here. Thanks for your kind wishes for Lorelle David.

      • Erm, I never had a thing for women with a ‘ledge’ you could rest your tea on and still find room for an ash tray.I was madly in love with Katharine Hepburn and stayed that way.
        Try not to imagine me with skeleton hands trying to feed them by hand ( no pun intended).
        I’ve had aa few equivalent epson inks that have been OK at first but have ended up making the printer go offline. I’ll buy the real thing now- ouch.
        I never quite managed 50’s music, it seemed either too boring or rock n’roll which wasn’t me either. I know it’s sacrilege but I wasn’t an Elvis fan.Motown was just the job for me.Then the Stones etc.and all Hippy Music.
        Yes, when full of some illness, kids should only be touched with barge poles only they don’t see it like that and want hugs.
        I know Lorelle will be fine Laurie but maybe the mental support will be good for her.
        All the best to you

      • laurie27wsmith

        Actually I fell in love with Sophia Loren when I was 10 David, one sided of course, then Gina Lolabrigida sigh. Every time I go into my room now the printer snickers at me. There’s so much music around, I don’t think I’ve listened to anything from the 90’s onward. It was actually on the news tonight about kids being bug carriers, going back to school and spreading it willy nilly. She needs all the support she can get today, she’s spent most of it on the loo, poor thing.
        Hugs to ya David.

  19. Think I prefer Gordons mouthwash, myself. But I’m going to get a job as a waitress in one of those cafes you go to – I love the way you hand them boxes of chocolates every time you visit.

  20. I’ll return tomorrow to finish up when I get over the shock of the scary cat/human photo…:) Hugs xoxo

  21. Oh dear, there’s a worse shock to come next weekend then.
    xxx Massive Hugs xxx

  22. Hi David,
    Hows you? Hope all well!
    We watched the Motown song programme and agree about the presenter we ended up fast forwarding it and just listened to the stories behind the music. Great hearing how the some of the songs were created, really enjoyed watching.
    Four words….. Jam doughnuts for breakfast! Nothing wrong with that one in a while, cant beat them with a mug of tea.
    What did you think of the end of The Big Bang Theory? It felt like the series wasn’t on for long and I was left a bit deflated by it. But I will still miss it.
    Hope the week ahead is good for you, take care of yourself.
    All the best,

    • Hi Kim, I is fine ta and yes, all is well in my world today though yesterday was Ju’s birthday and a bit iffy.
      I noted Tony Blackburn commenting on the Motown programme. I think he should have presented the whole thing as he was responsible for it’s popularity really, playing it on Radio Caroline so much.
      The jam doughnuts went down a treat but I’m not sure it’s a great breakfast for a diabetic.
      I enjoyed the last of the Big Bang but it didn’t seem like 24 episodes. I can’t wait for the next one to arrive. I wonder if it’s on DVD in the USA yet?
      Last week of school for your young lady and then I expect you’ll be very busy,
      Take care of yourselves, I send Hugs to you all.

  23. I just love the I Got You Babe song. I’m so glad you posted it here, David!

    That cat/human photo is very scary indeed! xxxx

    • I always loved that version best though my wife preferred UB40 with Chrissy Hines. It was a great song and typified the era for me.

      Oh Dear, another who thinks the cat photo is scary. I wonder if I should do the one of me on the next blog now. Naturally I’m much less fearful though as I like to be cuddled.
      xxx Massive Hugs Dianne xxx

  24. Fascinating pictures… though the cat one isn’t quite to my taste 🙂
    xxx Huge Hugs xxx

    • Hi Margaret, it seems your taste runs pretty much like everyone else’s. It looks like I made a mistake with that one.I wonder if I can banish Mike telling him no-one wants him.Pity I didn’t out the gorilla one on I could have stuck him in a zoo.
      xxx Massive Hugs xxx

  25. I should get up before the sun like you so I can go through my messages. I’m just getting to this. 🙂 Looks like you’ve had your share of mail call here. 🙂 The photos are fabulous and fun. You might be dangerous with this new software. 🙂 Teasing, of course. Have a fab day.

    • Believe me, getting up early is less fun than it sounds. You turn zombie-like before lunchtime and I’m always afraid of what I might do if I see a neighbour’s neck. The photos are fun but you might be right about me being dangerous with the software.
      Have a Wonderful day
      xxx Mega Hugs xxx

  26. Good morning, David. Well actually, it’s closer to midday here. It’s always such a pleasure to come here and see what you’ve been getting yourself into. 😀 I quite like the look of the watercolor on the photo. When you mentioned The William Tell Overture, it reminded me of how much I love hearing my hubby play it on his violin. Have a lovely day/evening. Big squishy hugs. ((HUGS)) ❤ Elizabeth

    • Hello Elizabeth. It’s lovely to have you drop in. I can guarantee I’ve always been getting into something when you arrive to check on me..
      The watercolour effect is really quite nice. For me it’s definitely the best so far but I haven’t worked my way through everything yet. Some of the frames look to be fun.
      Oh Dear, I bet the William Tell Overture will never sound he same again when your hubby plays it, you’ll always be thinking ten to ten. Cowboy Time!
      Have a great rest of the day.
      The squishy Hugs were lovely thanks. xxx Stupendous Hugs for you xxx.

  27. Kev

    Another great post, Dave… What’s with the cat pic though? lmao!

    • Thank you. The cat pic is a transformation to show my bro Mike as the self-satisfied beggar he is every time he gets one over on me. There’s nothing like a cat for being smug as in “Hard luck it’s my chair now”.
      Hope you’re well.

  28. I wonder if fish like salmon/cream cheese bagels.

    • I gather that fish flakes contain fish so that starts them on the road to cannibalism but I reckon that the bagels and cream cheese may be a bit sophisticated for them since they don’t have a martini to hand.
      Now that has to be worth a cartoon Carl, I’m the one wearing the monacle who says Hrmph a lot..
      All the best to you.

  29. Thanks for letting me camp out in your blog for a little while today. I had a great time and tried to leave my campsite as good as when I arrived. I’ll be back!

    • It was a pleasure to have you. A very considerate neighbor not disturbing the natives, noisy as they are. Very glad you enjoyed the visit, you’re welcome back at any time. I enjoyed your site also, hope I was as tidy as you.
      All the best

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