Alone? I hope I am & Kneecaps from the North Pole.

Sunday. Just to be different I got up twice today. Once at 3.11 am when I had a cigarette, decided I didn’t like the feel of the day and went back to bed. The second time was at 6.57 am which I realised left me three minutes to get to the kitchen. I bolted! At 7.00 am I was turning the light on the tank and putting food down the slot. The big plec came zooming out of nowhere with his escort of two smaller plecs perfectly distanced from him so as not to annoy. They all ended up stuck to the glass at the front of the tank for a moment before tasting the delicious algae and heading to the bottom to feed. Of the albino and the fan tail there was no sign. I took a coffee back to the bedroom and started work. ‘David, you’ve been tagged in a photo by Carmen, open now for a look’ one said. No chance said I, there’s a fair chance I’ve already seen Carmen’s assets and the tears have only just stopped affecting my eyes. There was a lot of sympathy from my friends over the break in.It was very kind but I’ll bet there are a fair number who’ve shared the same experience. These days it seems nothing is sacred when it comes to property unless it’s nailed down.

I was surprised to hear Mike’s alarm going off at 8.00 am but I didn’t move as there wasn’t much chance he was really going to get up. I know he mentioned going out to get a card and gift for Shella this morning before Yvonne and tribe arrive but it’s early yet.As it happened it was about 9.15 am before he made it and I had plenty of time to make him a drink then having finished most of my post. It was gone 10.00 am when ewe actually made it out of the house and we hadn’t gone a few hundred yards when there was a text from Yvonne to say they were on their way. That was a shock since we weren’t expecting them till 11.00 am and I had allowances to add to that for different time zones and Welsh miles. I suggested they met us in Flint for a coffee. Mike and I chose some gifts for Shella and then headed to Temptations to wait for them to arrive. They weren’t long. I ordered drinks and we sat in the armchair area to drink them. I was able to play pulling tongues with Reuben again. Not a happy chappie today as more teeth are breaking through.

I picked up a card, tissue paper and a gift bag from Temptations and said if we went straight to lunch I’d wrap the gifts in the car. Mike didn’t trust me so he helped me wrap them while the car was still stationary. Then we set off. I was gutted to realise I’d forgotten sweets for Temptations today and also for The Ivy too so I have something to make up for next time. We arrived at the Ivy to find Tariq has already put up a barrier to enable cars to have an In and an Out from the car park. He never stops. Angie took the order for drinks and then we sat to look at the menu. Yvonne ordered for Reuben but decided against lunch herself but she’s have a pudding (That’s my girl). Tariq took the order for me and I asked him to let me pay then. As he was working it out I just dropped some money on the counter and went back to the table. Seconds later there’s a tap on my back and there he is arguing again. We had to compromise. I think I was made to compromise more than Tariq had to. We left the gifts for Shella who came out and said thank you but she’d save them to open tomorrow on her birthday. I hope she likes our choices.

After lunch Mike drove me home and Ugo followed on but as we arrived, Yvonne came in for the bedding set I’d got them while Ugo stayed in the car with Reuben who’d fallen asleep. Yvonne left her camera with me to take some pictures off the SD card. As she turned to leave, Mike decided it was time for him to go too. I was able to say goodbye to them all at the same time. I found it bothered me after having had a lot of company recently. I worked for a few hours then went to watch Sweet Home Alabama before coming back through at 8.00 pm for the night. A lot of post to do as well as the blog of course Also a lot of pics to send to Yvonne. Have a Nice Week all.

Pops's throw.

Pops’s throw.




 Monday. As you can imagine it was a very stop-start night with waking up at every little noise. I’m normally a light sleeper but even the blink of an eye-lid was enough to make me start. In the end I must have dropped off and finally woke at 6.33 am. At least I wasn’t in trouble. There was time to nip to the loo (turning all the lights on ) and then to kick start the computer and sign in to mail. As soon as I’d done that I went off to the kitchen to feed the tribe.No-one came at my “Good morning” but I already knew no-one had stolen them. Eventually, just as I opened the food hole the fantail guppy appeared in expectation. I dropped the food and closed the flap and caught movement from the corner of my eye. The albino was watching me from behind the corner of the pump. I just don’t know how to earn his trust. I went off to take my morning meds and I also decided on breakfast so took a pre-food tab beforehand. After having the meds it was a cigarette to act as a stopwatch then I could put the toast under and brew my coffee. Breakfast over I took the after food tabs and carted the rest of my coffee through to the bedroom to work.

Once I’d done the first batch I got dressed and decided to do a thorough check in the lounge of missing things ready for an insurance claim. I’m not sure about my replica crown jewels using real jewels, my first edition William Shakespeare Sonnets or the Koh i Noor diamond I own but there are things I need to claim for and I needed a more exhaustive list for the police as well as the insurance company. There was only one other item I found missing and it puzzled me because the rest of the stuff with it had value too, though perhaps they didn’t realise it. The poor policewoman had three messages from me today. First I had to give her a description of the tablet and it’s numbers, then I had to report this last item missing and the last message I’ll get too later. In the meantime, someone came to fit a lock to my small window so I can go back to opening it, but limit the distance it can be opened. I only wanted it on the one window and I feel much happier now it’s there.

I had a cottage pie at lunchtime and a hunk of BFG. It’s no surprise I look like Billy Bunter these days. I managed half an hours sleep after that before going back to work for the afternoon.  The mail seemed to be coming in constantly though luckily there was only one that suggested I might like to look a private photograph of her, which I decided against and one that suggested I get aboard a pyramid scheme to become rich in short order ( they didn’t describe it thus). Having enough riches to be able to afford my own burglary, I decided against that too. By 5.15 I’d had enough and went to watch a bit of TV with first an antiques show ( I know, what a shock) and then some quizzes until it was time for M.A.S.H.  I’d just settled with that when there was a knock at the door. It was Bert who held up a purse and asked me if I knew it. I recognised it straight away as Ju’s and though it held nothing of value I’d hung on to it. I told Bert what was in it so he knew it was mine and asked him in.He’d found it yesterday in some grass by one of my neighbours in the opposite direction to which our burglar ran. It confirmed for me that there were two thieves, one who’s nerve broke early and he ran off leaving our friend to jump out of the window ( unfortunately without injury) and depart the other way. I found it strange because there’s no road the way the purse dropper went and I wonder if there was a local lad involved. Anyway, the CSI are coming out tomorrow.

This leads nicely on to my third message to the police. On Saturday morning a different set of police had been called out to the garages nearby because a woman had found an abandoned motorcycle in hers. I thought it possible that my two ‘friends’  fiends were connected to it. Steal a bike in Liverpool, stay around, thieve and steal a new ride home again? We’ll see if it’s a viable idea.

Bert went home as he’d left his door unlocked and I was left here alone (I hope) to work. It’s very unpleasant and I’m twitching at every sound again now it’s dark. I’d turned TV off and come through to send the message and decided I might as well stay here.There’s been plenty of mail to answer and of course the blog to write.

Tuesday. Hallelujah, it was a 4.52 am day. I woke a couple of times to listen out but generally I managed some sleep. I don’t want to be wielding my sword when I’m half asleep or I’ll be taking my toes off. By 7.00 am I’d woken properly thanks to the excitement of knowing I was due a 40% share of $13m left by a man in Africa to his wife who is a virtual prisoner of either her or his uncle.( or maybe both?) and as usual if I agree to take the funds into my account I can arrange her flight from the country which I shall not name in case one of you greedy beggars gazumps me. It may only be small change but I could use it just now. How come they never leave money in £sterling over there? Since I was awake and in charge of my faculties I stopped explaining the story to you and went to feed the fish. Everything seemed perfectly normal today, in their world at least.

I took my meds and made myself some toast today. The top of the butter tub was swimming in water and nearly drowned one of my slippers. It had to be the non-swimmer of course. I know defrosting the fridge is on the cards this morning. But first, back to work until I’m up to date. There was a message from a special friend over some confusion we’re having regarding mail. Did I have just one message Saturday instead of two? Did I somehow miss her two messages on Sunday or did she forget to send them? No we have no idea where we are in our conversations which frankly never make a lot of sense at the best of times.And when a message starts “Did you get the two emails on Sunday, my Monday” I get very confused. I answered as best I could by saying I was a recorded message and David was away on holiday. At 9.00 am I nipped out for some bread and realised the jungle drums had been beating when Pauline asked me if there was any news on my missing laptop. I first had to explain there wouldn’t be as I’m not missing a laptop. The thieves left that behind. Obviously they know my stories are stored on it. I was quickly home in case the CSI came early. He didn’t.

I turned the fridge off, took everything out and placed a bowl of hot water on the top shelf. When I went to make my lunch at midday I had a bowl of cool water to remove. In went another bowl of hot. I was able to empty the freezer compartment and I was really hoping the ice cube tray had flavoured water in as I didn’t like the colour at all. I had my lunch which was a great disappointment but made up for it with the lemon meringue. I washed the pots and went to answer the knock at the door. No, not the CSI, but the warden come to see if there’s anything she can do and to offer her sympathy. After checking she didn’t know her way round the criminal underworld to find my watch I thanked her and let her go. Next time I see her I may mention that they could consider a CCTV camera somewhere in the close to catch comings and goings and breakings and enterings. I’d no sooner turned my back than the doorbell didn’t ring again and someone knocked. It was my drug courier bringing the newest batch. I’d suggest they bring the mule to the back door but I don’t have one.

Back to the fridge. My knee was sopping wet and icy from the puddle I knelt in but son’t worry, I’ll survive. I’m hoping the huge block of ice that’s stopping me removing the drip tray won’t though. One last bowl of hot water which I left for half an hour only then went back. The tray came out with a jerk. I know I shouldn’t speak of myself that way but I spilt cold water in my lap and my cojones revolted. A quick mop of the floor and a wipe of the fridge and I was able top put everything back till the next time. And so back to work again. Messages from all of my nieces about the burglary. The jungle drums are beating farther afield now and they’re all complaining I didn’t tell them. I got my head down and concentrated on work. At 5.15 pm I’d had enough and needed a break. A little cross the CSI and the Police hadn’t been but hey,I know they’re busy. I watched, ‘Put your money where your mouth is’, ‘Two Tribes’,(quiz), ‘Eggheads’ (quiz) then two episodes of MASH until at 8.00 pm I took  my evening meds and returned to work. And here I am still at it.

Reuben and Maddy

Reuben and Maddy

Wednesday. It was a 5.07 am day. I woke up in my chair in the lounge thinking I’d be better off if I cleared the stuff from behind it and reclined it as it should be. My trusty walking stick was to hand just in case the burglars were feeling particularly stupid. I went through ( via the loo of course, time and a full bladder wait for no man) to my bedroom and turned the machine on. The first email that confronts me is from delightful Granny Annie. ” David, I must warn you about what will soon happen”, she told me. Its a pity your last message didn’t say the same and warn me of the invasion of my privacy, I thought.

If I am contacting you now it is so that you realize that you will miss one of the best chances of your life if you let my free help pass you by!

I am a professional, I have exercised clairvoyance for many years and I’m sure I can help you in any area you chose.  My services are varied and I can help you enhance your love life just as I can help you to become rich easily (without investing thousands of pounds) .

If you accept my help I will put all my experience and knowledge at your disposal, I will help you relentlessly until you get satisfied!

Accept my free help HERE

I’m sure I can help you live a better life because I have not yet started working (I’m waiting for your go ahead), and when I think about you I already feel a very strong positive vibration!  This is a positive sign of change, believe me, I know what I am talking about .

From what I feel, I can already deduce that you will have a great opportunity soon David…  I cannot tell you more at the moment, I will have to do some work for you, and this is why I would like you to accept my help.

Do not deprive yourself of this last chance to accept my free help because I do not wish to insist further, you must take a decision… READ HERE TO ACCEPT MY FREE HELP.

I hope you understand that I’m here to help you improve your life, I want to help you move towards a better life, I ‘d like to work for you and tell you everything that the future has in store for you!  ACCEPT MY HELP NOW BEFORE IT’S TOO LATE

Well, there doesn’t seem to be any inkling of what has happened or what will soon happen since she doesn’t predict any further great disasters. I like the idea of a woman helping me relentlessly until I get satisfied though, but I’ll bet she wasn’t thinking what I was. I do note that she says she doesn’t want to insist further. That’s good news as it means I shouldn’t get any more of these ‘Free’ offers. I bet I do though. It’s amazing how all of these ‘Free’ offers cost you money in the long run. Obviously if they were free they’d be so inundated with acceptances their personal life would begin to resemble mine.

The blog is still getting messages of concern about the burglary and best wishes for Mike. I’d like to thank you all on behalf of both of us. We’re made of strong stuff and doing well. I’m aware that what was taken was just ‘stuff’ and therefore unimportant compared to our lives, so my priorities are OK. I’ll make a claim on the insurance and hopefully replace some of the things taken. Some things present an obvious difficulty of course.

At 7.00 am I went through to feed the fish. I’m suspicious that everything seems normal. The guppy came out to eat the flake and the albino came out to eat the pellets. I found myself encouraged to have breakfast too, so I took my morning meds and made some toast, after which I brought my coffee back through. The incoming mail was steady but it kept me at my desk answering , commenting or tweeting all morning. I was glad when lunchtime approached. I opted for a quick meal of micro chips and ham with a Cadbury’s pudding to follow. I was able to watch my antiques programme while I ate. Dumping my dishes in the kitchen I cam back to watch the last half hour and fell asleep for the last few minutes, missing the important bit- the auction. It seems I was only asleep for 40 minutes so at least not too much mail had accrued while I was away.Before I did anything else though I decided to print off  4 pictures, one for a single frame and three for a triple. This meant replacing some inks which can be a right faff. Once done and the pictures printed I went to put them in the frames. The single one was my template and I managed to lose nothing important on trimming. I was so pleased I used the same template for the others. I know what you’re thinking now, I’m going to find the apertures are a different size…well they’re not. But, when I put them in the frame I realised I’d printed the pictures horizontally when I needed to print some that were portrait as I don’t have space on the famous wall for the frame to hang long ways up. Now I’ll have to sort out 3 that are portrait and start again. Dingbat!

I caught up with the mail eventually and was able to knock off at 4.30 pm.I wanted to watch something on TV but I also wanted to re-scan the TV stations because of some changes. Could I find a way to do it on the remote? Could I heck. I managed to mess the channels up and then to lose the connection to the box. I shouldn’t be allowed out without a keeper sometimes. Lucky for me, Lee turned up at 5.00 pm and while he quizzed me about the burglary ( I haven’t heard him swear before tonight) he fixed things for me. We  had a good old natter until just after 5.30 pm when Dil and Matt arrived and I busied myself with drinks. Dil leaned in to the kitchen to pick up his drink  ( in case my hands shake over his lap) and to ask if I was OK and what had been taken. I answered and asked how he knew, he said Matt had told him. I asked Matt how he knew and he said he’d seen it in the blog which was a surprise as I didn’t know he read it. Bang go all my secrets now. I’ll know better than to mention Christmas presents.  We started playing the games of Yahtzee we’d started the last time Lee was with us.I’m not sure why I bothered as my results were abysmal. Soon enough the suffering was over and we could play Nomination. What a play, at one stage I was 60 points ahead of my nearest rival, though by the end I only WON by 30+ points. I hate to say it            ( mainly because they’ll beat me up) but what a game I played. Lee had top leave after that so we reverted to a game of Crazy 8s until it was time for them to go. That was a grave mistake on my part. In the first hand they made me pick up 20 cards at once and I ended up on 163 points. By the end of the next hand I was on 222 and facing two grinning faces. By the end of the third hand I was out and Matt was the clear winner. I think I’ll reduce his cigarette  ration next week. They left, I cleared up and came through. It’s now 11.30 and I’m off to bed in a  minute. Any post can wait for the morning.

Thursday. 4.17 am and I woke up still in my bed after an undisturbed night. Maybe nerves are getting back to normal. It wasn’t very light so I strolled to the loo leaning on my walking stick so perhaps the last statement should be disregarded. I did at least feel able to turn off the outside lamp. I fired up the computer and logged on to mail, it was just as well I was sitting down or I’d have fallen. So much mail, so many of you refusing to go to bed at night just to occupy my time. Thank you but I wouldn’t mind a life too. Well actually I’m having one today as I’m being MuJo’d again after a 3 week break. I was desperate to have my mailbox as empty as possible when they arrived. I broke off at 7.00 pm o feed the fish and my friend the albino is still in the corner he was yesterday evening, still looking very disapproving but not looking dead or even uncomfortable, just disapproving. I dropped  a little flake in for the guppy and a few pellets for the rest of them but no-one came forward to claim it. Fine, it’ll be there when they want it. I decided not to have breakfast again so just sorted my meds out and made my coffee which I took back to my room. I got washed and dressed and started in on the messages again.

At 9.00 am I nipped to Pauline’s ( after locking the door securely) for some ciggies and to renew my lottery tickets. It was then she told me that there had been another burglary not too far away and not too different a time on the same night as mine. I wonder if it was the same toerags or whether another group or singleton just decided to do it on spec. It gave me something to think about as I walked home. I met Bert and asked if he’d be in today in case a parcel arrived while I was out. “No problem” he replied so I prepared a note for the door. Muriel and John arrived a little before 10.30 am so I got them both drinks and prepared to listen to their news. Strangely they’d heard mine and were full of questions about it. I told them all I could and they sympathised. John had actually caught two burglars in their property in the past and they won’t be thieving again he assured me. We left for lunch at 11.15 am and went to the new one Mike and I had tried during his holiday. It went down very well with them I’m glad to report.Inside we heard an elderly chap telling how he’d been burgled and I wondered if he was the other unfortunate on  the same night. They said they’ll be happy to go there again. That’s good as it saves travelling all the ways to the Bells of St. Mary though the place is called The Bells.

After lunch Muriel pulled up at the junction for going home much to our surprise and when John reminded her she was going to Jackson’s she pulled away again much to the surprise of the queue of cars behind her. When we reached Jackson’s ( A plant Nursery and Gift shop) they could see how many changes there were since last year and were very surprised. After a good walk round I took them to the new cafe for a drink and we sat outside in perfect sunshine. It was really warm like an Indian Summer after all the recent poor weather. None of us bought anything and eventually we headed home where I gave them ice cream each ( Thornton’s Toffee Dream I think) and then took John to look for four poster bed on ebay while Mu went to Pauline’s. It was on the way out as they were heading for the hills that we bumped into Dorothy from next door who also asked about the burglary, or rather she asked if I’d heard anything from the police since she’d heard they had someone for it. A rather well known boy whose brother is currently serving time and has very little time out before he’s in again. Maybe they’ve been in touch with Mike. Hopefully I’ll find out as I’ve had a text to say he’s coming tonight and then going on to his Dad’s from here tomorrow. I waved goodbye to MuJo eventually and came straight in to see how badly the mail had built up.

It was bad so I worked for three quarters of an hour, went to watch my prefered show on TV for the same amount of time and then at 6.00 pm came back in here where I’ve been ever since and it’s now 10.00 pm. Mike’s due in a minute or two so I’ll make a drink, spend some time with him and then come through to finish off.

Friday. Mike arrived almost on time and he seemed as nervy to come here as I am to be here tonight. With two of us in the house you’d think we feel safer but no, the noises are now intensified and we jump the minute we hear something. I’m wearing a hole in the carpet just going to check the lounge or to make sure Mike’s OK. But, before bedtime was due I gave up on the mail to go make Mike a drink as he arrived and thought twice about jumping out and saying ‘BOO’ as he tentatively entered the house saying “Hellooo, anyone here?” We had a good old chinwag about our respective weeks since I saw him last on Sunday. I’m glad to hear he’s been to the doctor about his knee which has been troubling him recently. One leg has already had a replacement knee and this one may be the next. It was about 11.15 pm when he decided to go to bed to relax with TV and I was able to get back to my mail. I worked till 12.25 am then went to bed for a read. The light went off about 1.15 am.

It was 3.10 am when I woke and needed the loo. I was standing there minding my own business when a voice asked me if I was in there. I didn’t have chance to state the obvious as the light was on before I shot out of my slippers. Not having a light cord to hold on to I came down with a bump and replied as calmly as possible “Yes, but I’ll be out in a mo” mainly because he’d scared the wee right back into my bladder and believe me it wasn’t coming out without a fight. I washed my hands and relinquished the room to him then went back to my room and tuned the computer on again. I worked till 4.50 am then feeling tired I went to finish my interrupted piddle before settling in my chair where I fell asleep till 7.30 am. My first thought of course was that the fish would kill me but on going through to feed them I saw the Albino swim off towards the corner like a misbehaved child. I could tell he was ignoring me but realised that the side of the tank is mirrored there and he could see me quite clearly while his back showed me complete disdain.

Too early for Mike I made myself a coffee and went back to the mail which had grown considerable since I’d left it. Mike had said last night he needed to be at his Dad’s in Manchester about 10.00 am but that a lie in until 8.30 am would be fine. Accordingly I made a coffee at 8.45 and took it through. Waking him and telling him the time I left the room again. I hadn’t heard his alarm go off though so at 9.00 am I went back through an woke him a second time, saying his coffee was growing cold and reminding him how late it was. He did actually mutter something at me at this point. Since my appendage didn’t shrivel up and drop off I assume what he said was positive, and I don’t mean positive in he made a definite curse. He came through to the lounge, lit a cigarette, coughed a lot then took a swig of his coffee. With so much mail outstanding I left him to it and by 9.30 am he was good to go. I wished him a safe journey.

I’ve caught up on my mail and had a look through ebay.I’m bidding on a couple of watches but I don’t hold out much hope at the moment because they’re quite expensive. Argos have a couple in that I might have to get for now to show I’m getting back to normal, ebay can supply me the case to keep them in. Maybe if the insurance comes through I’ll be able to get a Fossil watch. During a conversation Mike had with is daughter this last weekend she was talking about Pratchett books and asking If I had one called Eric. I was sure I had as I’ve read all of them except some he’s written with other people because the ones I have read are not Pratchett as we know him. But, on checking my shelves I can’t find it so am bidding on that on ebay now. I’m sure I don’t have half as many books as I should have and that’s because of my previous cavalier attitude to lending them out. A big mistake.

Lunchtime approached fast and I tried to keep pace with incoming missiles mail but was only just keeping my head above water. Still, I had to knock off regardless so I did do at 11.45 am with the intent to return at 1.00 pm. I had braised steak (tinned), baby boiled potatoes and veg (tinned) and enjoyed it though I was getting quite frustrated at getting the TV to behave when I wanted to watch my antiques show. I only missed a few minutes at the beginning though after I took my plate through and came back I also missed a few important minutes towards the end by nodding off. Leaving the TV on for company ( meaning I didn’t have to fiddle again later) I came back through and started on messages. It was getting way past 3.00 pm before I’d caught up so I spent some time looking at a guest post I’ve been invited to do. I’m hoping it’s not too controversial for her. I’ll keep you posted. I want to be careful not to upset her as a friend or her followers and turn them away from her blog. I also had a quick look at ebay and became quite frustrated that I hadn’t done o earlier as I’d only missed a signed copy of a Pratchett book by a measly £1. Someone got a real bargain there. I’m still in with a chance of my missing paperback though.I’m refusing to up the bid too much as it is only a paperback and with postage I could pay more than the cover price. At 4.00 pm I decided it was time for a break and went to keep the telly company for a while. I wonder how Mike is doing with his father’s shopping and also arranging a care package for him.

I noticed one of my special antique programmes  where celebs try to make a profit for charity was on at 7.00 pm so I decided to plan my evening round the little telly I watch up till 9.00 pm. That meant me having my shower before 7.00 pm during one of the quizzes. Not a crisis but I’d be doing my own hair as Mike hasn’t texted to say he’s on the way. Luckily the acrobatics of me bending over until my head is down near my stomach still worked and the size of said stomach didn’t prevent it. Washing my hair in that position is a strain but it does generally avoid an angina attack. I’d be no good in Spain dancing with my arms over my head ( or anywhere else for that matter). Once the hair is washed I can sit down and wash the rest in relaxed mode. I was out before my programme and dressed in my Mr. Men lounge pants and an orange coco-cola tee-shirt.That’s courage for you as I only drink Pepsi. I checked my phone, still no text . The programme was half over when Mike (currently known as Hopalong because of his knee problems) walked in.The next half hour was spent explaining who bought what and why. In the gap between programmes I discovered Mike’s day had been a success. Care package in place, Vests got but now a laptop is needed. We’ll be looking for that tomorrow. At 9.00 pm I came through to find 113 messages since I’d last been here so it’s been hard work clearing them. I intend to go to bed for a short read now and then catch some Zzzz’s. Night all.

Saturday. Last night was a late night and that may have helped me sleep till 05.11 am this morning. All was peaceful as I nipped to the loo except someone was using a buzz saw in Mike’s room. I don’t know how he sleeps through it. Funny, the rest of the close are asking that too. I turned on the computer and was aghast at the amount of mail. I think all of the U.S. takes Friday afternoon off to write to me and the rest of the world is trying to equal the volume. It’s not like I’ve been away for 24 hours. At least no silly proposals this morning,, and just one from Grannie Annie, who you remember didn’t want to keep pestering me, saying how being a medium isn’t all she’s about. Oh, I can believe that right enough.She”s about being a pain in my a***.

By 6.45 am I’d really worked hard and was almost there, just not quite. I broke off anyway so I could feed the fish and prepare Mike’s cup. I turned the light on of the tank , opened the flap and dropped a wafer in. Not a movement and not a fish in sight. I can believe that of the plecs as they’re well camouflaged but the albino is a stand-out white and the little cory can’t keep it’s tail still. I’ve been burgled again but by someone kind and masochistic this time. All of a sudden one of the plecs broke cover and on seeing me darted behind new cover. At least I know one is here. I don’t know what game the albino is playing this time but I refuse to be cowed. I turned away, took my meds and prepared my coffee as well as putting the kettle on to boil for Mike. I heard his alarm at 7.00 am and took his coffee through to coincide with turning the alarm off. He OK’d me then went straight back to sleep. I went through with my drink to finish the mail. At 7.15 am the alarm went off again and I heard Mike go through to the lounge. That’s progress. At 7.30 am as I just put the last message to bed he appeared at my door dressed and ready to go, complaining I’m keeping him waiting. Wow !!

We were actually in store for 7.59 am and after we’d picked Ju’s flowers Mike left me to carry on shopping while he went to the loo. I was doing quite well when he got back and it didn’t take us too long to finish the shopping . We were having a coffee by about 9.00 am. After that we headed for Flint. Mike needs a laptop/notebook for his dad so he’s pricing up at different places. In Flint we checked Argos where I bought myself some watches to replace some of those stolen and Mike ended up getting the laptop from there.We both ha what we needed and were able to head for Temptations where we said good morning to Helen and then as we neared the counter Ceri popped up saying she thought it was us ( the sound of my crutches I think). We were able to ask about her holiday and whether she’d dared the tramampoline with her dicky hip. She had, that’s Ceri all over. We got my supplies of choc-ice from the freezer shop but I was very good today and didn’t get a BFG or lemon meringue. Home to start putting things away, he made me do the freezer,  and then back to work on the computer while he did the flowers.

At about 12.45 pm I’d had enough for then and shut the computer down and we set off for lunch. The Ivy had a few in when we got there but they followed us in by the bus-load. Angie had a bit of help on the counter and waiting on today while Tariq helped Shella in the kitchen. He did have time to come and say hello though. Mike and I had a laugh at a couple of very entertaining children in there and Mike even teased on that he was going to pinch his sausages in an effort to make him eat them. He did, and the parents laughed. I had to leave £1 for him to choose some sweets from behind the counter when he’d finished.I don’t think he had problems eating after that. Today I had a ham omelette with sweet potato chips( with side salad).They were really nice and a lovely change. Mike had the Ivy burger which also includes an omelette and it wasn’t so much of a challenge he couldn’t finish it.(Gannet ). Knowing we’re seeing them this evening I asked Tariq whether Shella preferred cut flowers or a plant and got a shrug. There’s a man who doesn’t buy many. Mike and I went on a mission after lunch to find some flowers and how difficult that proved until we went all the way through to Flint again and got some in a Supermarket. I could have sworn there were more nurseries around than that.

Back home once again Mike nodded off in the chair and I can back to work. It’s now 5.45 pm and I’m knocking off to think about a shave ( maybe) and deciding what to wear. See you later.

We both booted and suited and managed to get out of the house for about 7.00 pm. Though we haven’t been to the house before it didn’t prove too difficult to find. Someone was kind enough to open the main gates to let us in ( fools that they are) and we found a parking place next to a beautiful old 17thC farmhouse (where’s a metal detector when you need one?). Tariq came out to greet us and Shella wasn’t far behind. That’s not bad, two people I know. Then Gail who is Shella’s aunt came to talk and as I’ve met her before at the cafe when she works there,that wasn’t too bad.Then we were drawn into the house itself with it’s 2 ft thick walls and someone walked in front of me mopping up the drool. I was found a little corner to occupy and watch the proceedings without having to become too involved. It’s not that I’m ignorant, I do smile at people ( sometimes). Strangers all around coming and going and then Angie arrived, another face I know. We hugged and she and her husband parked themselves nearby. She’s a little like me in not mixing well. Gail sat by me for a conversation after someone mentioned I know the town where she grew up. It turns out she knows the streets where I lived and I know her school. Her daughter and son-in law still live there so maybe I should put my order in for Titterton’s pork pies now.

Tariq was a great host as well as a good friend and Shella concentrated on the cooking. I took the opportunity to go outside with Mike for a smoke, partly because I wanted to stop him from pinching on of their dogs, a beautiful German Shepherd. It wasn’t that I didn’t want to deprive them, it was so that I didn’t have a set of massive jaws in the seat behind me on the way home. Another relation of Shella’s called Rob who works in The Ivy sometimes was there smoking too and his partner soon after. Both nice people. When the food was ready everyone got stuck in but because of these blasted gumboils I had to decline. It did look and smell amazing. Then the time to cut the cake and neither Mike nor I had realised it was not just Shella’s birthday but also their daughter who was two this week. I felt so bad that we hadn’t taken her a gift but she’ too young to understand and throw a wobbly. At 10.45 pm I asked Mike if he’d be kind enough to take us home. I didn’t want to spoil his night but we all know I have OCD where my emails are concerned. He thought it was still about 8.30 pm but agreed to get me home before I shape change at the witching hour and become a pumpkin again. We said our goodbyes, offered our thanks and headed home again arriving back around 11.15 pm. It’s given me chance to play catch up and prepare the blog . Now I need to go and catch up on messages too. Have a Great New Week and Hugs to you all.





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61 responses to “Alone? I hope I am & Kneecaps from the North Pole.

  1. Another week in the life of … 🙂

  2. David, I am glad you were able to get that kind of lock for your window. Nobody can blame you for feeling jumpy.
    Thanks for the Buthidars posts. Mega-hugs!

    • Thanks so much Sweet Teagan. I’m feeling much more secure now, much less jumpy.
      I really appreciate your help with the Buthidars but it seems almost like trying to flog a dead horse sometimes. My ideas of peace are not Universal.
      xxx Hugs Galore xxx

      • “Take the first step in faith. You don’t have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step.” Martin Luther King, Jr.
        Much easier said than done… but every day you do phenomenal work with “positivity” David. Truly. You’ve done a lot more than taking that first stair. And you do it well. (I on the other hand, just fall down the whole staircase head first!) 😀

      • You didn’t say in what direction that first step went Teagan, so I think you might find me waiting at the bottom to cushion your fall.
        xxx Massive Hugs xxx

  3. I’m now dreaming about Titterton’s pork pies…….
    Delighted to hear that the Mr Men lounge pants have had another outing – nice fashion combo going on there with the orange coca-cola t-shirt!!
    I really feel for you having to deal with the aftermath of the burglary. I had one 8 years ago, they broke in to the house, stole all the obvious stuff and then drove off in to the night with it in MY CAR! and, to add insult to injury, I then got a speeding ticket a week later. The dastardly, bastardo, banditos had been clocked doing 85 mph in a 30mph zone in their get-away. For once I genuinely could claim that it was not moi behind the wheel….Have a great and trouble-free week, David. Massive hugs from Andalucia XXXXXXX

    • Ach, what a revolting experience Lottie. To drive your goods away in your own car was really adding insult to injury.A ticket too, I do hope it was quashed rapido. My life seems tame in comparison.
      I’m determined this week will be relaxed and trouble free.
      xxx Massive Hugs from a wet Sunday in Wales xxx

  4. David, your details are a mixture of humor and seriousness, and like Teagan, I’m glad you got the right lock for your window. This time I listened only one piece over and over–Mario Lanza’s Ave Maria–I hadn’t heard it in years, and it was a perfect and hopeful calm for my day today. And of course Reuben always makes me smile! Have a wonderful and safe weekend. Many hugs!

    • I’m always hoping the humour will detract from my life being usually quite boring to most people ( even me).
      I’d forgotten just how much I liked Mario Lanza and though it’s hardly the kind of music I usually play, it was something I grew up with thanks to my father and his own voice,
      Reuben brings a smile to my lips also.
      I shall have a great week an wish you the same.
      xxx Mammoth Hugs to you xxx

  5. We’ve started watching Two Tribes too, don’t let the bug….s get you down over the burglary.

  6. Sorry to hear about the burglary David. Hopefully you’ll be secure now you have the new locks. Granny Anne’s services would no doubt not be of much use. You reminded me that I need to defrost.

    • Thanks Guy. I’m now safer than Fort Knox just in case you happen to know anyone in need of making a deposit. I think you’re right about Grannie Annie. I’ll have to give her a miss.

  7. Oh, David, I wish those wretched rascals could have just an inkling of understanding as to how they’ve upset your life and the balance of feeling safe in your own home and while sleeping. It’s so unfair that they continue to have a hold on you, although the extra bits of security–like the window lock and now a much more alert neighborhood–can help ease you just a bit. I do hope justice will be done.
    As a quick side note, I’d have to say Good Omens is one of my favorite Pratchett books, and yes, I know it’s an author duet, but it’s Neil Gaiman! How could you go wrong??
    I wish you an extra big hug of peace for this week. I’ll be thinking of you.
    ❤ ❤

    • They might have upset my life in a small way but I refuse to let them rule it.
      Window lock is on and I’m secure again. They didn’t win.
      Good Omens is the Pratchett book that started it all; for me, since then I’ve read and enjoyed them all with a couple of notable exceptions which involve other people, Neil Gaiman has the humor to carry off that kind of book.
      This week should be a great week for us all, it’s our turn.
      xxx Massive Hugs xxx

  8. What nasty people. I hope they catch them, although the CCTV camera doesn’t sound bad. Impressed by Annie’s insistence… I hope Mike’s knee improves…

    • Perhaps a better description than I used which involved some Anglo Saxon language. CCTV would be handy, need to speak to the local Councillor. I might be impressed by Annie’ insistence but certainly not by the lady herself.
      I hope Mike’s knee improves too. If it doesn’t, it’s no doubt an MRI scan and another new knee.
      xxx Huge Hugs xxx

  9. Oh David, I was so busy last weekend I didn’t read your post… you must think me awful for not sending some special hugs to help you get over such a terrible experience. How dreadful to have your home violated in that way. Still, I’m relieved to hear that both you and Mike were ok.
    We always refer to my sister’s mother-in-law as Granny Annie… must check up to see if she’s suddenly become psychic!
    xxx extra hugs this week to make up for the lack last week xxx

    • Oh Heavens No, of course I don’t think you’re awful. People have a life and things happen to occupy their time. It’s really nice of you to come on now after the last blog is done with. The police were here today but no news. I shan’t hold my breath now.Just be sure you’re safe please now you’re on your own during the week.They get in the smallest gaps.
      If it’s your sister’s M.I.L sending me messages, pl;ease confiscate her computer, but not until she’s supplied me with next weeks Euro lottery numbers.
      I enjoyed the extra hugs very much. xxx Humongous Hugs to you xxx

      • I’m all safely locked up tonight, as always doors and windows. If anyone did get in then Sam would bark her head off, so I’d know straight away. It’s quite worrying to feel that there are people who will just come into your house. I’m glad Mike was with you when it happened. Still, I’m sure it’s going to take ages for you both to get over it and it’s horrible that they took things of sentimental value.
        I will check with my sister about the lottery numbers… watch out for my e-mail if I get the low-down!!
        xxx hugs xxx

  10. So sorry my dear, I have been out of the loop and had to back read about your burglary and saw your lovely photos taken at my request. I’m not sure what to say, I like the photos and I’m glad you and Mike are ok. So I’m a bit stunned really, that will have to do for now. Not a nice experience, been there, done that, or rather had that. Take care.

    • Thank you Dear Kate. I’m glad you like the pictures. I’m so sorry to hear that you’ve also suffered at the hands of burglars. I can only hope you weren’t there at the time and didn’t lose anything irreplaceable.
      Keep getting better and making great progress with the leg.
      xxx Huge Hugs xxx

  11. Glad you’re ok, and the new lock to the window’s been fitted. Do you think the plecs might have masterminded your break in?

    • Nah, the plecs are really just big dumb animals but I wouldn’t put it past the albino cory. He certainly looks like a criminal mastermind and acts like all slights (real or imagined) will always be repaid.
      I’m fine thanks and the window lock allows me to keep that window open permanently as it was before the thieves got in.
      xxx Massive Hugs Elaine xxx

  12. Oh David, I’m sorry but I laughed out loud at your defrosting experiences. Sad but true. I have had those as well but not so much since we got one of those ‘auto defrost’ fridge and freezers. Don’t miss changing those pots of water at all.
    Glad to hear you’ve got a lock on your window that allows you to open it a short distance. At least you will still have the benefit of fresh air.
    Big hugs to you this week. 🙂

    • I don’t mind you laughing out loud while I freeze to death Suz. My misfortunes are there at your disposal and my knocking knees a musical accompaniment for you. LOL
      Next time round I”m having a self-defroster! Actually, the one that was thrown out by mistake ( explained in a previous blog showing my stupidity) may have been that.
      I’m so pleased to have the window back open and not have to worry about some little toerag taking advantage.
      xxx Hugs Galore xxx

  13. When I was a mere teen, I woke to a man in my bedroom in the wee hour of the morning. He went through the front door screen on his way out. I guess my scream scared him. To this day, I’ll never forget it. I’m so glad you got Ju’s purse back. That didn’t have a price. You be safe, David. Hugs to you, and give Mike one too just because.

    • I’m sorry Mary J but I was laughing then at the thought of a man shaped hole in the middle of the door screen. The subject itself isn’t funny of course with a man in the bedroom of a teenage girl though I could say at least he showed good taste.
      The purse was due for throwing out to be honest. Even she didn’t use it but I still didn’t like the idea of it being in their hands.
      Thank you Mary J, the hug is most appreciated.Must I really pass one on to Mike though as he already thinks he has a fan club here? It’s only that I’m jealous of his success with the fair sex of course. Oooh, I came over all funny then at the use of that word.
      xxx Humongous Hugs xxx

  14. I was thinking about the events of your post from last week, and it came to me reading this week’s that it’s not only replaceable & irreplaceable things the thieving bastards have stolen but your & Mike’s peace of mind, and the sanctity of your home. And if they’re flogging their ill-gotten gains it’s likely to be for bugger all. Fantastic that the news is spreading because awareness and information sharing is almost as good a deterrent as locks and a sturdy walking stick handled effectively. I know of a town in Australia who, because the police are limted to what information they can freely, share have started a Facebook page to create robbery [and prevention] awareness amongst its residents, many of whom are retiree – aged and of course attract the kind of opportunistic theft you suffered. I know it’s not much consolation but you aren’t alone in many respects 🙂

    • Mike and I were doing the insurance claim form yesterday Ella and the whole lot would only cost just over £600 to replace ( I wouldn’t inflate it) which means they wouldn’t have got very much selling it in the pub or anywhere.They’s make more working for a living.But, I have to see whether the insurance will cover it because I can supply receipts for inherited things ( the Albert) or things bought on ebay, coins and even the tablet. The special watch was bought in the US and was a gift some years ago so how do I show a receipt for that?
      Your Australian town with the Facebook page sounds like a fantastic idea. My own little group of ten bungalows here is now geared up towards safety and have had the window locks fitted and windows alarmed.
      It was peace of mind that was the worst thing stolen but that’s OK now and I refuse to be beaten so have started well on the way to replacing certain things..I never felt alone in this because I know so many others are caught but maybe someone will read the blog and beef up security now and stop it from happening to them.
      xxx Massive Hugs to you Both xxx

  15. I really enjoyed the post [as usual] but now I’m going t be late for work! So glad you and Mike are getting back to normal. -hugs-

  16. Loved the songs, especially Ave Maria. And laughed a lot with the “I have OCD where my emails are concerned.” Ha! Any changes to my routine make me change forms too, so I totally relate, David! 🙂

    Hugs from Brazil, my friend.

    • I’m always glad when someone likes some or all of the music Renata. It’s great that the Mario Lanza one strikes such a chord with people as it’s not usually the type I add.
      Ha, another one with OCD tendencies. So glad I’m not alone.
      Massive Hugs ( cwtch) from Cymru xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  17. laurie27wsmith

    Another week and another day closer for the takeover by the criminal mastermind in the fish tank. He’s watching David and waiting. 😉 It’s good to see you still have your sense of humour and I love that you still use some old sayings I’m familiar with, Gannet for instance. Re Ju’s purse being found nearby it’s not unusual for thieves to offload stuff as they go. Less to carry and they’ve checked them for money, jewellery etc. Having a look in rubbish bins can usually be rewarding as they will dump stuff there.
    Frozen knees and dicky knees are all the go this week, there’s nothing quite like defrosting the fridge or chest freezer for that matter, ‘Oh, that’s where that …….. went!’ Good to see you going out to a party for a change. Tariq’s place sounds nice. Good to hear Mario Lanza again, one of my favourite singers. I think you ought to put grannie annie in touch with your people from Nigeria. They could make a real fortune. 😉 Hang on, they’re probably the same people. You realise I’m waiting to read about Mike actually getting up early and making you a morning cuppa? Take care David, talk soon.

    • I reckon the only reason I still have my sense of humour is because the dozy beggars couldn’t find it in the dark. Mind you, if they had it’s probably something they’d have discarded on the run. Since they were on the run when they left the house I don’t think they had chance to check anything and just dropped the purse without knowing it held nowt of value. Nothing else turned up that way.
      Ha, when it comes to defrosting the chest freezer, as long as you don’t say “Oh, that’s where the wife went”, and I bet you’ve come across that in your time on the force.
      Tariq’s house was gorgeous Laurie and even a modernish extension was sympathetic to the original farmhouse.Haunted as you’d expect by a very impish ghost. One of them put a bag of drugs down last year, turned round and they’d gone, never to be seen again.They’ve seen a child but hey also seem to see each other approaching and when they look up, no-one. Then that person does come from a different direction. A real sense of humour.
      You might be right about Grannie Annie and the Nigerians. If they can’t get my money one way they’ll try another.
      I knew you had a sense of humour and a good imagination Laurie but now you’re talking impossibilities.Mike could go to sleep at 7.00 pm and still lie in later than me…….and if he did get up I don’t fancy my chances of a cuppa.
      Mind how you go my friend and keep well please.

      • laurie27wsmith

        That’s a hoot David they didn’t steal your sense of humour. LOL! The only thing I ever found in a chest freezer on the job was a sawn off shotgun and a bag of money. Unknown to me they’d been pointing it at me when I turned up at a garage break-in the night before. I’d love to have a night in that house David, it would be so interesting. it’s funny what goes missing in hauntings. So if Mike was a book he would definitely be a fantasy novel?
        See ya David, big hugs all round Mate.

  18. Maggie Thom

    It sounds like a much quieter week, hopefully the police will be able to find the culprits. Sad to hear that someone else got robbed in your neighbourhood as well. 😦 Cleaning the freezer, oh that is so fun, okay well not really. I have to say that is close to one of my least favorite things to do. I truly love hearing about your week with Mike. I wonder what his version of events would sound like. 🙂 I love your quirky look at life, it fits with mine. Many hugs to you.

    • It was a much quieter week Maggie but I don’t think the police are going to have much luck with the thieves unless they”re caught in the act or caught selling the goods.I feel sorry for the other person but still don’t know if it’s the same people.
      Cleaning the fridge or freezer is no joy but to be fair Mike did the freezer for me the week before. For some reason one of the fronts won’t stay on the drawer now though. the hooks have vanished.
      I dread to think what his version of events would be bu you can bet your bottom dollar it will not mention alarms, cold coffees or getting up late. It might mention his women though as he’s proud of that. If you come over for a cuppa I’m sending him out.
      I try to look at like with slightly fun eyes since no-one listens if I moan.
      xxx Massive Hugs to you xxx

  19. Hi David,
    I hope life is settling down a little after your break in. It must be such a worry trying to get back to normal but also still having to deal with the things that need sorting. Bloody cruel selfish people who don’t understand or care about the upset it causes.
    Well at least your Granny Annie is still in contact, she is very keen bless her! I’m having spam about designer bags and sunglasses at the mo, its driving me crazy having to go through and delete.
    Your talking of defrosting your fridge and freezer has made me share one of my fears. I cant touch or hear ice or ice being moved against something. It makes me feel so sick, I can not stand it. Even the thought of it now is making me shudder. A very random and strange fear, but hey it means I don’t ever have to defrost the fridge in our house.
    I do hope things feel better after last week, hopefully every day makes you feel a bit more comfortable. I’m glad people are looking out for you as well.
    Take care of you,

    • Hello Kim,
      what a treat for me, two messages off you at once.
      Life has settled down well. No news from the police though my brother tells me the Daily Post had a piece in about 3 lads being arrested for burglary and one of them is from Holywell which would explain a lot.
      Yes, Granny Annie is very keen. She must also be rather thick as she doesn’t seem to get the message at all that I’m not going to be paying her.
      Spam can be a real pain in the bum.
      I’ve not heard of a fear like that about ice but I imagine it’s he sound that does it an as it’s quite like chalk squeaking on a blackboard I can understand it. Great excuse not to do the job though.
      I’m fine sweetie, much ore comfortable but I’ll always keep the walking stick handy now. Not from fear, but to make sure the next goes away empty handed.
      xxx Hugs Galore xxx

  20. Sorry to hear about your restrictions re hand raising. Whenever I dance to ‘Rain’ I make the rain happen by putting my hands up and using my fingers to make the rain fall down.
    xxx Giant Hugs xxx

  21. Reblogged this on Smorgasbord – Variety is the spice of life and commented:
    I am enjoying a number of weekly series that are entertaining, great writing and make we wonder – what next…. thanks David for keep me coming back.

  22. great reading, that man… Mister Lanza had a helluva voice back when .. 🙂

  23. He had the looks and the voice. I just wanted to say thank you for a delightful romp through your first book. I have just ordered the second one, and am looking forward to more of your adventures as the Lord.

    • Thank you. You’re very kind. The second book, The Queen’s Envoy is really a prequel so it does have the same characters. I do hope you enjoy it as it’s the one I enjoyed doing the most.
      xxx Massive Hugs xxx

  24. Oh my goodness! I really have been away so much that I failed to see anything yet about a burglary!!!! Egads! Are you okay and did they take anything of value? I do hope not. What ppbk were you wanting there at the end? If I can get it for you and send…then you send me my book and I will jump for joy that we have an equitable or at least a 2-way share/exchange. I want to do that very much! Hugs….XXXXX cj and rodent XXXXX

    • I suppose they got about $1000 worth of stuff but they were only able to do the one room as Mike was in hi and I was in mine. The only item that bothered me was a Fossil watch Julia bought me when I sent her to America.I can’t replace that.
      We’re OK thanks Sweetie, I suspect the burglar was more rattled than we were in the end.
      The ppbk was only a Terry Pratchett I was missing but I got it on ebay. There really is no need to have an equitable exchange as I’m happy to send you this book given the chance.
      xxx Massive Hugs xxx

      • Nayyyyyyyyy. I guess we’ll have a stare-down. Both stubborn, aren’t we? 😛
        Hugs, CJ
        BTW, hope you keep a ball bat handy or some such weapon of defense. Hehe, the wrong person comes thru my door gonna get that Grand Slam…right to the moon, baby.

      • Have you no pity for a poor defenceless OLD, non-stubborn man?
        I have quite a heavy walking stick from my collection that just happens to have a sword inside it. I wouldn’t want to be the next burglar to try his luck.
        xxx Massive Hugs xxx

      • You know, I have on 2 occasions been home alone when an unauthorized creep broke in….the 2nd time startled me terribly. I didn’t have time to think, only time to take immediate action—since I’d opened the door for him, not realizing who it was first. Thankfully it was the rear apartment door of a 2 story bldg, our door was literally less than 2 feet away from staircase—I merely pounded my fists on this man and then pushed him down the staircase. Then at the bottom, he got up and ran away and I watched him run for his life for 2 blocks down the alley. I wished I could have shouted “How do you like me NOW?” but I had laryngitis at the time and couldn’t even yell for help as it was. That was 20+ years ago.
        I am relieved that you weren’t hurt…so sorry about the sentimental items taken. Please be mindful of locking up tight in the evenings and slice that next (?) one up to ribbons; I’ll gladly show you where to make the cuts ;D xxxx cj xxxx

  25. I’m sorry to hear you’ve also tangled with burglars. I’ve heard all the excuses for them, deprived childhoods, unable to find work etc but these people prey on the weak, the vulnerable and those that often have little themselves. Good for you getting rid of one even without the shouting and screaming at him.
    If another one comes here he’ll be lucky to father children afterwards.
    xxx Massive Hugs to you xxx

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