Reuben Loses His Lunch & No Joy With The Piggies.

Sunday.Well, the rush to get the blog out last night and try to catch up on my mail meant it was a very late night. It was about 12.45 am when I went to bed determined to have at least a chapter of my book and I still hadn’t caught up. My light must have gone out about 1.15 am and Mike was still watching his TV as I co’d see the occasional flicker of the screen in the hallway. No way he’s having an early morning then.

Somehow and for some strange reason I woke at 4.11 am and confess to being more than a bit peeved. Why should I be wide awake at that time? First think I did was check the house to make sure there were no more uninvited guests. Having found only Mike but there was nothing I could do about him I booted up the computer. I worked on last night’messages and some of the mornings until about 5.50 am then suddenly knew I could go back to sleep. I wandered through to the lounge smoking a cigarette and settled in my chair. Once the cigarette was out I was soon well away and slept until 7.30 am. The fish’s light was on late last night so maybe they’ll forgive my lateness today. I can only see my red-eyed monster. No sign of the molly or the plecs though they’re the kings of camouflage anyway.The albino didn’t move as the light went on, just faced me down until I blinked and lost. During the course of the day I’ve been back and forth and seen my nemesis and seen the plecs too but of the molly and his wonderful tail, no sign.

So, knowing I still had an age there was time after taking my meds to grab a coffee to take through. It was still slow going though as interspersed between posts I just had to like were ones that needed responses, some personal mail and some responses to last night’s blog that also required a personal reply.I still hadn’t finished at 9.30 am when Mike got up unaided and I made him a drink. I gave him two minutes to come round before I reminded him we had jobs on the cards today. First off I went and dressed in a pirate costume and sat a pink rubber duck on my shoulder. It was Mike’s job to photograph this. Don’t ask! Next up was hanging some more photographs in the rogue’s gallery. Space it at a premium now but we figure maybe, with some jiggery-pokery we can get 4 more small ones up. Lucky for him I don’t have 4 more small frames at the moment. Thirdly was to try and complete the insurance claim form. I’m sure there must be an art to it and that I’m colour blind as far as it’s concerned. Much of what went is not new and I have no receipts for them and so far I’ve been trawling ebay to find the cost of replacements. Some are about the same. But I can’t say where a piece was bought or how much it cost if it was inherited or why I know the price of a watch bought in the US but don’t have a receipt as it was years ago and a gift. Because my hand was shaking Mike did the writing and the crossing out and alterations. We can only see what happens but I don’t expect too much sympathy from an Insurance company.

Finishing the form to the best of our ability took till 12.30 pm so time for lunch. We went to The Ivy where I was really please to see Shella wearing her birthday bracelet. At least I know it wasn’t a mistake now. I wonder why she wasn’t wearing her bunch of flowers too? Rob was there looking slightly delicate. Angie looked and sounded fine as Mike kept reminding her. Gum boil/ mouth ulcer playing up again I had another omelette and Mike decided on the same. Tariq came to say hello to us and went away to do the cooking as Shella was talking to her father before he traveled home after the party.The place was steady rather than busy today. Not too much rush. It was starting to ease up a lot by the time Mike and I were finishing our meal. I paid and we said goodbye to Angie, Mike offering a lot more tongue than me when it came to kissing. We were just about to go out the front door when Tariq came to say goodbye and walk us to the car. In the car park ensued one of the nicest but strangest conversations ever. A failed Muslim, a failed Jew and a failed Christian  hugging and talking about how easy it could be for the world to get on and how that’s what we all want. A real summit conference of the car park world. After over half an hour Shella came looking for Tariq and led him back to work. Mike and I continued home where I expected to attack the emails once more. What is it they say about men planning and God’s laughing?

Once in the house Mike suggested (firmly) we should do another job and put it off no longer. He’d stay o with me a while so it could be done. I have a step chest with 6 long drawers surrounding a deep cupboard. The drawers are all for CD’S and apart from one are full. The double doored cupboard is full of CD’s two deep and two layered. That’s a lot of CD’s. I needed to clear Ju’s out to create more space for DVD’s I’ve got hanging about that I’ve never watched. It took a long time to create three piles. Mine, Charity shop and those Mike wanted. He stayed with me till about 4.30 pm then headed for home. I came straight to the computer and apart from half an hour for tea have worked solidly to get up to date. I’m getting there now. Time now for a short read before sleep and tomorrow’s battles.

In the meantime I wish you all a Wonderful New Week and leave you with a picture Yvonne sent me this evening.

Reuben pool


Monday. it was a 4.11 am start to what is probably the most boring post in the world. I was still tired but couldn’t get back to sleep. and nor was I ready to hit the messages after the pressure of the last couple of days. I sat in the lounge skimming through a couple of catalogues instead. If I was hoping for Divine inspiration for Christmas I was out of luck. The gods were still abed. Knowing what’s good for me I went through to the kitchen at 7.00 am. The cory has moved to a different position now. He’s still out and still watching me but I must accept that the molly is gone though I see no trace of a body. I hope the cory isn’t watching me and blaming me for this since I dropped nothing on the molly and always made sure he was fed flake as the others food was not for him. I suppose it is possible that the molly made a break for freedom and may even be the cory’s agent out here.But, he was an old man and as I’m oft reminded, old men die.I know they mean me from the shiver down my spine but I just don’t know how they’ll do it yet.

After following the usual routine I took my coffee through and turned the computer on ( if only it worked with women). There was a lot of post and with just interruptions to get washed and dressed I was there all morning except when there was a knock on the door at 10.40 am and I found two Jehovah’s Witnesses on the step. Indicating I couldn’t speak to them (which was true), I had to close the door . At 11.55 am I’d just about got my head above water and went through for lunch. A lamb  shank, soft potatoes and some soft veg as my mouth is still very sore. I saw most of my antiques programme , washed the pots and then promptly fell asleep in my chair till 2.00 pm (ish). When I woke I noticed the insurance claim Mike and I had been doing yesterday. I went to check if the police  woman had answered the =questions I needed but no joy so adding a note for them to contact her direct I put it in an envelope, got my shoes on and walked to the post office to send it recorded delivery. I don’t want any “Sorry, we haven’t received it, or can’t find it” messages. That done I came and worked through until 5.00 pm and stayed away until 8.30 pm watching an assortment of quizzes and antique shows. By the time I got back there had been a new flurry of activity which had filled my box to overflowing so it was back to work again. There have been some enjoyable distractions on people’s blogs including a quiz which shows basically how much of an impression you make or rather how confident you are in yourself. I’m afraid I scored a paltry two points which basically means I’m a figment of my own imagination. For anyone who likes to try these quizzes you’ll find this one here . Blame Seumas or Jane as I got it from them.

Right. Nearly time for me to try a little read. Cross your fingers as I hope to go out tomorrow so I need both courage and good weather.

Tuesday. 4.57 am and an unbroken night to which my bladder would attest. It felt like twenty minutes later before I could breathe a sigh of relief and come back to turn on the computer but according to the clock it was just 3 minutes. There was enough mail that I thought I could clear it before going out, and that gave me hope that I was actually going to go out. Not the kind of mail to make me panic. I worked till 6.00 am then decided to do the fish early and take my meds but had to decide against breakfast or toast   anyway because of my mouth. I went and rinsed with my special ‘Russian mouthwash’ which didn’t help the taste of my coffee too much. As I got back to my desk a new influx of mail had appeared so I decided to go about things a different way. I deleted all the ones I knew I didn’t need to answer or comment on like the constant adverts we get bombarded with. That made me feel much better and the mailbox looked much less threatening. At 7.00 am I got ready to go out and then just filled in the last minutes before I left with anything personal.

When I stepped out of the house at 7.30 am I could see it was shaping up to be a beautiful day which belied the fact that Summer has gone now and Autumn has been showing signs of an approach. My honeysuckle has berries on though it hasn’t flowered at all. The bus pulled in at the stop before I got there but it waited and I was able to settle myself before the driver pulled out. As usual I spent most of the journey with my eyes closed. We got into Chester about 8.45 am and I walked slowly towards the cafe because I knew they weren’t there yet. It gave me chance to pause for breath and study the shop windows as I went. I arrived on time and found seats for us and Yvonne arrived with Reuben just a couple of minutes later. She went up to order the drinks and some toast while I got Reuben out of his buggy. There were no shortage of smiles though I did also get told a story. Pity he can’t speak yet.

After the story.

After the story. The End!

Yvonne had got mile to do some Weetabix for Reuben but had also ordered toast and jam for all of us. I was very wary but it did look soft so I tried a piece. I survived. When we finished we took a stroll to the Edinburgh Wool Shop which has a sale but still remains expensive so we didn’t buy anything. Then we took a walk through the Grosvenor Precinct and had a look at my shop that does great gifts and frames. Again we bought nothing. I know, you’re all incredulous now aren’t you, mouths open wide in shock. From there we went to look at getting some things Reuben needed. I was allowed to buy something there and then downstairs I was even allowed to buy Yvonne a dress ( only because it was in the sale).

It was getting on for lunchtime by now but I still needed some bread and sweet potatoes so we decided to do that and then go to the restaurant we’d gone to last time. The shopping went well and the young lady on the till colluded with me to pay for Yvonne’s shopping to. It’s great getting one over on the stroppy beggar. When we went out to the restaurant it had closed again. Honestly, nothing to do with our last visit. So, it was back to our old standby the British Home Stores. I managed to eat something soft and Reuben slept through most of it. When he did wake Yvonne had eaten his chips ( what kind of a mother does that I ask you?) so we fed him some cheese, special crackers and some ham ( which he wouldn’t touch) which he ate sitting on my knee and was very tidy for once.

Outside we said our goodbyes and Yvonne showed me another was to my bus stop.(I won’t be listening to her again, I should remember she has no sense of direction). I caught the 2.00 pm bus and was home just gone 3.00 pm where it was straight back into work again until 5.15 pm. I returned to my room again at 8.00 pm and found a message from MuJo asking if I’m in tomorrow for a visit. I’m almost up to date with the mail but I wanted to get the blog done before I finish for the night.

Wednesday. Last night I didn’t sleep as well as I’d hoped and ended up getting up at 3.17 am. By 6.00 am I was pretty much up to date with the mail but reaching that point where every ten seconds I realised I’d just fallen asleep and wasn’t at all sure what I’d written. Plus my neck hurt from my head falling forward. Rather than go any further I decided to go through to the lounge and park my bum in my chair for half an hour. Rather than half an hour I zonked for just over an hour and woke at 7.07 am and flew into the kitchen to turn the tank lights on. Since the albino didn’t react to my being a few minutes late I’ve decided he’s in mourning for the molly. That’s not to say he’ll let the occasion slip his mind altogether. I can see the plecs grazing like cows along the glass walls of the tank. They’re very placid and I wonder if the albino treats them like cows and herds them. I can’t see him sitting down to a glass of milk somehow.

In view of MuJo coming I decided I’d better have breakfast today so I was fortified. I decided to toast a bap, but these are not my usual baps and I’ve not tried them toasted before. It turned out they tasted quite pleasant but they are so heavy. A very concentrated grain and even the butter is having a job penetrating. I’d cut the bap in half to toast it and then cut each half into two leaving me with four quarters of butter laden toast. I could only eat three of the four before I’d had enough. Still, that was one session of my diabetic tabs taken.

After breakfast I took my coffee through and after getting washed and dressed made myself concentrate on getting rid of the mail before MuJo arrived, probably about 10.45 am. I was doing reasonably well when the door opened at 10.00 am and there they were, early. Leaving the rest of the mail I went through t see to drinks, Muriel’s J2O and a glass of sugar free pop for John instead of a coffee.We chatted about our week. The problems they’re having with worrying about  a daughter who’s ill and going into hospital in Liverpool on 18th. We talked about new beds as they still need one and John has a fancy for a four poster, last week I’d shown him the ones available of Ebay. Today I showed them some catalogue pictures of some ordinary ones available. I showed Muriel my bargain bedding Duvet buy after paying a lot more for a single. About 11.10 am Juhn suggested we went off to lunch and they seem to have taken this new place to heart as he wanted to go there again. Before we left a delivery arrived which was a Pratchett book (Eric) I’d got on Ebay because I can’t find my copy, and a Fossil watch to replace the stolen one. Similar in shape is about the best you can say but it’s a nice watch and just needs a battery apparently.

We arrived in town and parked up. I went to get some cash from the machine as it’s my turn to pay. One thing I will say for this new (to us) cafe is that it’s cheap. Three meals and three drinks all for less than £15.00.  I leave a tip for the meals being hot and quick but it’s unlikely this will be on my chocolates for the staff list as they’re just not friendly, not warm, not welcoming. Typically when we were sitting with our drinks I found I’d forgotten my pre and post food tablets. I’d filled the container at home and left it there. I’ll be OK as long as I have some tea. When we left the cafe John wanted to look in Charity shops. It seemed a good time to see if I could find a new silver piggy bank, who knows maybe I’ll even run across my own somewhere. No joy at all. Banks I can find no problem but piggies, just not about.

We got back in the car and headed for Flint. I’d been sensible and brought chocolates guessing we’d end up at Temptations. That’s where we started today with Muriel and I having coffees ( oh why didn’t I get my loyalty card stamped?) and John having a cold drink and a cake. It was too busy to say more than hello to the girls.                                      After the drinks we started to wander round the shops. Partly still looking for a piggy bank and partly so MuJo could find Christmas presents. She found on for Reuben that will keep Yvonne and Ugo on their toes as it’s a drum with various other (noisy) musical instruments. Eventually we’d had enough. John was having to rest more often and poor Mu’s leg had given up the ghost. We repaired back to my place where  half a tub each of Thornton’s Chocolate ice-cream soon  made them feel better. It was 4.15 pm when they left and I waved them off. Back inside to get at the mail before anyone arrives to play cards. I had time to make a slight dent in it bringing it down to about 100 when Dil arrived at 5.30 pm. Matthew was on a junket from School and was on his way to Cardiff. Lee texted to say he couldn’t make it because of pressure of work. It was to be brother v brother. We had 6 games of Yahtzee out of which I won the first 5 though the last game Dil won he did so convincingly with two Yahtzees. Then I set up for Nomination Whist which I won with a lot of luck. Finally we had cribbage. I took the first game, Dil took the second. We had to have a decider so being very careful what we put in our opponents ‘box’ the game began. Dil scored a 24 hand (2×8, 2×7 with a six turn up), I scored a 20(2×8,  1×7, 1×6  with the 6 turn up) And so it went on with us both trying to peg (score from lay-down play) as much as possible, but he defeated me. At 9.40 pm he left to go home and get his dinner. I washed the pots and tidied up before coming through to see how bad things were. They were bad and I knew it was going to be a long night. Midnight came and went before I was at an end which only left the blog. So really, this Wednesday blog was written on Thursday.

I asked a friend if there was any music she’d like to see on here.She asked for either Fleetwood Mac who I’m sure I had recently or Kate Bush who hasn’t appeared before So Kim, this is just for yo. I hope you enjoy it. Feel free to make suggestions for artists or even specific songs you’d like to hear.

Thursday.Last night being so late you’ll hardly be surprised when I tell you I didn’t shift this morning until 6.46 am. Even then, it only equated to just over four hours sleep. For some reason I’m still tired,  but hey, my watch box is being delivered later so who cares.As my first stop is usually the loo I just continued in that direction afterwards and saw to the fish tank.The albino was looking in my direction as I approached but as soon as the light was on he turned his back on me. I don’t know how he got to be so rude. I fed them and turned in the direction of my coffee machine. Before I made one I took my tabs with milk and used the remainder for my coffee. I had a nice medium roast this morning. I checked the lottery and when I found I wouldn’t be employing a little nymphet to dress me each day break I thought I’d better do it myself. A soon as 9.00 am rolled round I strolled in the sunshine as far as Pauline’s to get the new lottery tickets that may solve my staffing problems.

Back at home I went online to see whether my watch box had been allocated to a courier on the Yodel site, it had. Sometime today I had a treat in store for me. In the meantime the postman ( not my pal Darren) delivered a letter from the Insurance company. I had to laugh a little bit when I read- We have attempted to contact you ,but without success. Bearing in mind the claim only went in this week and they don’t have a telephone number I’d say their attempt has met with success. Unless of course they’ve had a team of jungle trackers out looking for me. Since I’m not in the jungle I can understand their disappointment. Still, it hasn’t exactly taken a long time for the Post Office to get a letter to me. What they’re after of course is a telephone number. I emailed them explaining I’m not able to use the phone and askinmg them to speak to Mike who after all was a witness at the event and able to speak whereas I couldn’t. I’d texted Mike to see if he was free to ring, he was. A short time later I had a text back to say whoever he’d spoken to at first had been most unhelpful ( just what I expected from an Insurance Company) then he’d spoken to the boss who said If I wrote in and asked them to speak to Mike on my behalf, she could use my signature to do so. She also allowed I could fax or email a copy of the letter to them. That’s what I did  and also explained I was happy to deal with any email queries they may have that Mike couldn’t answer. That’s where I left it and don’t know whether they’ve been in touch with him during this afternoon.

I worked until lunchtime then pigged out on a joint of beef, sweet potato mash an some mixed veg. I think the new French housemaid must have drawn the curtains because somehow I missed the end of my antiques programme again.  The auction at the end is always the bit I enjoy most so why do I keep missing it? Must be some deep seated psychological fear of the gavel perhaps.I was fully awake as I returned to my desk and started in on the mail again. Not too much had come in while I was away so I actually got to level pegging pretty quickly. Just in time in fact for me to see the delivery van arrive and the man walking down the path with a parcel. It’s getting to be just like Christmas. I thanked him (stutteringly) ( when I don’t know them I let them deliver to my neighbour and have a little ticket on the door sometimes to say so) and carried the box through to the lounge. I taunted myself by watching a quiz on TV so I couldn’t open it. The moment the credits rolled I was on it . It’s really nice, a black lacquered wood with a slightly rounded lid into which glass is set so I can view the watches inside. I paid for my impatience with another catch up on the email.

At 5.15 pm I called a halt and went to watch ‘Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is’ which is another of my antique shows. This one pits experts against each other- using their own money- at a car boot sale, antiques fair, auction and foreign Antiques Market. Oh how I’d like to be one of them.At the end of the week they have to sell two items bought from each of the previous venues, at auction and make a profit. Not an easy thing given the vagaries of different auctions. I watched two quizzes, well Ok, one and a half before the maid closed the curtains again. When they were opened I’d missed the last ten minutes of the second quiz and there was a new programme just starting. Since it wasn’t hat I expected I was about to go back to my room when I realised it was something I’ve seen advertised a few times recently. Invictus. Like the paralympics but for servicemen. All those poor souls who’ve lost a limb -or more- on the field of battle. The bravery of people who come back from injuries like this astounds me, that’s service and civilian alike. To recover from such life threatening disabilities with such determination is astounding. Of course I couldn’t move from the screen until it was over. Mike texted and said he has to go to his Dad’s tomorrow so he’s coming here tonight about midnight to break the journey. I’d better make sure I’m up to date by then so I can make the coffee.

Me and my duck . "Pieces of bread, pieces of bread."

Me and my duck . “Pieces of bread, pieces of bread.”

Friday. Mike arrived about midnight as expected and after I’d made him a drink we spent almost an hour nattering before going to bed to read. I’m not sure what time I went to sleep but at about 2.45 am I thought I heard a noise and got up to investigate. Nothing, back to bed and settle down. I woke up again at 03.05 am hearing another noise. Accompanied by my trusty walking stick I checked the lounge and the kitchen before deciding  not to have cheese and onion crisps for supper again. I was just passing Mike’s door when a little voiced called out “Is that you?” as though a bogey man would answer “Yes, go back to sleep.” ” Sorry” said the little voice, “I went to the loo and bumped the candle stand.” I breathed a sigh of relief, told Mike it was OK and to go back to sleep and went back to my bed to try again. I didn’t move again until 6.27 am. Rather than mess about I turned the computer on and and as it loaded I went to feed the fish early and take my tabs. They were the last in the container and I must refill today.

I worked on emails until about 8.50 am then went to turn the kettle on and put the makings in Mike’s mug. I expect he’s set the alarm for 9.00 am since I heard nothing at 8.00 am or 8.30 am. I was right, at 9.00 am it rang, and rang, and rang before finally being turned off. So he’s alive then. I know we haven’t anything urgent on this morning except to exchange the laptop bought last weekend since it doesn’t have a CD Drive. Mike’s Dad needs one that can take a disc. I thought I’d leave the drink for a few more minutes to give him chance to come round. What an eejit I am.The alarm didn’t repeat at 9.30 am which meant he’d turned it off altogether and by 9.40 am he still hadn’t moved so I boiled the kettle again and took his drink through. When I told him the time his response was that his alarm mustn’t have gone off. It was almost 11.00 am before we left the house to make the trip to Flint. After the exchange had been done for a different model than the one wanted which wasn’t in stock we nipped to the frozen food store for choc ices then had to come home without even a coffee for our trouble. As Mike is supposed to be 60 or so miles away by 2.00 pm and it was now midday I made lunch, gammon steaks, boiled potatoes and peas so that he could get away sharpish. Once he’d gone I concentrated on my work for a few hours even foregoing my afternoon kip.

At 5.15 pm I knocked off to watch my programme then at 6.30 pm went for a shower so I’d be free to watch Mastermind. No message off Mike to say when he’s coming back. But he arrived about 7.45 pm and I found my phone had no signal.Damn, too late, I’d already been sarky about him not texting and I had to apologise. We watched the wheelchai Rugby on he Invicta games and saw GB triumph over the USA in the final, it was very close, one point only in it. We saw Would I Lie To You and then at 9.00 pm I said goodbye as I came through to catch up. I’m not doing too badly.

We have an odd morning tomorrow and I’ll have to shout  louder to get Mike up. I need to go shopping but the extra shops and the coffee won’t happen as he has an appointment with the Police at 10.30 in Flint to do the facial e-fit of the burglar. They say it could take two hours! He’s had a phone call from the agents for the insurers rabbiting about receipts and photographs of me with things and they don’t like being told I don’t have receipts as things are inherited or gifts or just not new. Luckily I found a photo of me wearing the watch chain, a photo of me wearing the watch and I have the box for the tablet. They’re sending a loss adjuster next Friday so Mike will have to try and come on the Thursday night again.

Saturday. It was a 5.25 am morning but it was still quite dark and I was reluctant to get up.  But, if I didn’t, bang goes my opportunity and excuse to be a smug git when I accuse Mike of being a lay abed. So I swung my legs out, turned the computer on and went for a wee. With a smile of utter relief on my face I came back and logged into my emails. 103 waiting on the main one but just a couple on the other.I made a start. It wasn’t a good idea to throw the computer through my window as it would negate all the good work done with alarms etc. I decided to calm down instead and just relegate Gypsy Seer Tara who knows all, to my trash box. I couldn’t help but wonder if she’s also Granny Annie in another incarnation or any of the others who plague me. Maybe she’s even Nigerian and a male? 

The mail was going down quite well as there was a fair amount of unwanted  stuff so after answering one reasonable long message I felt OK about shuffling off to the kitchen to feed the fish. It was 6.30 am and I saw the flash of whitye as I turned the light on. What looked like a conference in centre tank broke up rapidly and my albino was in a corner facing in just whistling Dixie and trying to act nonchalant.I wasn’t buying it. The three plecs were casually heading off in different directions. I feel like I’ve just walked in on a meeting of the committee for The Great Escape. I took my meds to make sure I wouldn’t be paranoid and made myself a coffee. I put the stuff in Mike’s mug and turned the kettle on. There was time to do a few more mails before his alarm went off. at 7.00 m dead on, the alarm went off. I legged it back to the kitchen and flicked the kettle switch aiming to get a drink into the bedroom before he could go back to sleep. A whippet I’m not. By the time I got there he was gone. But with my usual subtlety I raised my megaphone and called “Coffee’s up bro.” which elicited a grudging response.

I returned to the mail expecting to have to go through again in 15 minutes but as the alarm rang, it was turned off almost straight away and I heard him get out of bed. Once I’d recovered from the shock I went through to the lounge to wish him good morning and then to start getting the rubbish together for collection. By the time everything was outside Mike had washed and was getting dressed. We left the house at 7.45 am and were at the supermarket 20 mins later. We bought a few things before reaching the section where the vacuum cleaners were on sale. Disaster!! The one I wanted wasn’t there. Mike stuffed a bunch of flowers under my nose to revive me and fanned me with a copy of the Daily Mail.  The man who’d been reading it looked a little shocked. “Let’s go to the electrical section before you panic” he said.Thinking it a good idea I followed him, first making a detour while he looked for a toolbox/ toolbag. No joy. At the electrical section they did have some vacuum cleaners and we shoved one in the basket. There’s not much room for food now but who needs to eat? We picked up the few other items I needed like milk ( Mike’s like a wild bear without his coffee) and headed for the till. I nearly dies when I got the bill until I remembered what I’d just bought. That poor fella behind us in the queue ran off when he saw mike eyeing up the Daily Mail again in case I fainted.

We headed for the cigarette queue ‘cos it’s been said holding burning paper under your nose stops you from fainting. Must explain why I’m usually OK. We drove to Flint and called for a very quick drink at Temptations. It was a shock when we got there to see Daniel coming out ( the previous manager and a nice bloke). We haven’t seen him since he left. The day we went to take a Good Luck bottle of plonk to his new job he was on a day off…typical. Ceri was in and we had a giggle with her as she’d been out the previous night with Scott who was finishing today and with Trudy, and he hadn’t turned up for work this morning. Mike had a lot of fun making insinuations as to what the girls had done to him. After coffee it was time to dash home and put the shopping away. Soon enough it was time to wish Mike good luck as he left for his session with the police artist to make a reconstruction of the thieving little bar steward who’d walked into is bedroom. He left here at 10.00 am and returned again at 1.00 pm. In that time I’d managed to get the old hoover into the loft ( he made me pay for that) and had made decent inroads into my mail, but still hadn’t managed to finish it.

We left to go for lunch and remembered the chocolates this week. It was very busy when we got there but lucky for us our favourite table was free. Maybe they’d had the reserved sign up . I we got a kiss from Angie for the chocolates but I’m going to have to train Rob in the habit of Hugs. Of Tariq there was no sign. On the menu was a dish called an everything bagel with creamed cheese. Mike wondered what it was and Rob said he’d ask. A few moments later he returned and said Tariq would come out and explain. Instead it was Shella who came. Mike and I laughed and joked that after gassing so long in the car park with us last week he’s not allowed near us anymore. He can’t come out to play with his friends. As it happened, and worryingly, he’d suffered some severe palpatations  just before coming through and been forced to sit down or fall down. After we’d ordered and gone outside for a smoke he came through to say he felt better but it is worrying. We had a great meal ( No, I’m not confessing what I had) and before we left Tariq showed me a new press and dye sublimation printer he’s bought. He also presented us with a letter opener each. He’s such a generous person We came home and Mike allowed me to work for a couple of hours on my mail before calling me through for a celebrity Mastermind. I stayed with him until 9.00 pm and despite griping he understood that I needed to get as much mail as possible out of the way as well as do the blog.

That’s it for another week. I hope your week has been good and that the next one is Fantastic. Hugs to all.



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63 responses to “Reuben Loses His Lunch & No Joy With The Piggies.

  1. You look VERY dashing with your pink duck! Quite the duckaneer, in fact.

  2. Well, I have to confess that everyone who survived a Weetabix, probably has good chances to become a friend very dear to me. 🙂

    “A real summit conference of the car park world.” The one incident I liked best!! That is with the exception when you lost blinking against that fish-monster. My, my, my… 😀

    • I wonder if that includes anyone in close proximity to the eater who gets a share whether they want it or not.
      Our summit conference showed peace is possible in the world, or our microcosm of it anyway. Don’t remind me of losing , my concentration slipped for just a second or I’d have won fins down.
      xxx Hugs Galore xxx

      • You and your fish … he, he, he … 😀

        A propos Weetabix: Hey, you are the grandfather. You have to suffer. That’s the very name of the game. 🙂

        Jokes aside, it can be said, that you lead an enjoyable life. At least sometimes, if not always. 🙂

        Greetings from the autumn chills of Germany,

  3. A particularly lovely diary entry, David. And the Dionne Warwick video is a huge bonus, rounding out the week. But i confess… i hoped you’d say the molly showed itself. Speaking of the fish, they say “You’re nobody until a cat has turned its back on you” — apparently that is also true of albino fish!
    Mega-hugs my friend. 😀

    • I did wonder which version of that song I should play but Dionne had no competition really. I wish the molly had reappeared. I’m amazed the fish have survived my care so long but I still hate to lose one even if they are getting to be Methuselah,
      Oh yes, my beleagured status in the world is defined by my battles with the albino.
      xxx Ginormous Hugs to a Wonderful Friend xxx

  4. You look a proper professional pirate in that photo… except the duckie… you need an upgrade there. So glad Reuben only lost his lunch to his mother. Don’t know how you do so many emails every day. I only have between 30-40 a day and I can hardly keep up. Have a lovely week David! xxx

    • I thought of taking up a new career Ardys until I realised pieces of eight are no longer legal currency and the salt water could ruin my best shoes, Oh, and I didn’t want to wear an earring either which caused massive problems with the Union.
      Reuben doesn’t like losing his lunch to anyone, I’m so glad I’m not her.
      The only way I do it is by spending far more time than is good for me sitting in front of the screen though I tell myself at least I’m being social which I wouldn’t be in a room full of people.
      I wish you a Great New Week and send xxx Humongous Hugs xxx

      • I agree with you, I am far more social online than I am in real life. I love humanity, it’s people I have trouble with!! (paraphrased rather badly…) xx

  5. I wonder if “Monsanto” had a hand in transforming “the parrot” into a “the duckie” 😀

  6. Quite an eventful week! Absolutely love the duck!

  7. Did you say something about a photo of you with a pink duckie on your shoulder? And why won’t you tell us more about that, I ask.
    You have such a life, David, and you write about it with charming aplomb.
    Have a great week! Many hugs!

    • The ducks come from a hotel chain called Apex Marylin. They have a different colour for each of their hotels and give one to each person who stays there. Mine was apparently from their Temple Hotel (Edinburgh I think). The best picture taken with one of their ducks can win a stay at one of the group though the competition is fierce judging by some of the pictures on their Facebook page. I thought most entrants would lead their duck to water and mine might be a little offbeat?
      You’re always very kind Marylin, thanks so much.
      xxx Mammoth Hugs xxx

  8. The failed Muslim, the failed Jew and the failed Christian – I think you may well have found the answer to world peace 🙂 Yvonne’s photograph is superb, clever idea! If I’d known that you liked Cheese and Onion crisps, I would have sent a load over to you. I gave away 10 packets yesterday (sob) Good news is that postcards have been bought… to find stamps…….#dontholdyourbreath! Have a great week, David. Muchos Huggos Carlotta Maria xoxoxoxox

    • I was thinking of suggesting this as the answer to World Peace until I found that those who don’t count themselves as failed Christians etc are very good at wars- with me!
      The best crisps are Pickled Onion but I do like Cheese and Onion too. Is giving away 10 packets the latest barrage in the diet wars?
      I hate the idea of you going to so much trouble Lottie, not to mention expense.
      Have a Wonderful Week Carlotta Maria, Hugs Galore to you and Pietro, Pedro,

      • David, you went to great lengths and expense to send us the cards – of course I want to return the compliment! you’ll laugh when you see the flamenco dancers 😉 – not tried Pickled Onion crisps but they sound muy deliciouso. Yes, crisps out, vegetables in… hoo. Wonderful week to you too, dear David xxxxx

      • 😀 xxx Massive Hugs xxx

  9. Loved the photo with the cat, I’d throw the old hoover out not keep it on the loft!

    • I will throw it out Rosie when I have someone able to take me to the skips with it. It’s been chaotic here so maybe Mike can do it in a couple of weeks. I needed the space for the new one. It was another clever photo from the lab app I got recently.
      xxx Massive Hugs xxx

  10. This palaver with the insurance company sounds a right drag. Bad enough being burgled in the first place without them putting obstacles in your way. What’s the point of paying premiums if the toerags try to avoid paying out? Do hope it all gets sorted smoothly and quickly for you.

  11. What a week! I agree with the comments on your picture and Yvonne’s is delightful. I wonder what Mike’s experience at the police was like. I’ve always looked at those TV programmes where they are trying to reconstruct faces with awe… I wonder if between your conference and the fishes we would have a great argument for a book…Of fishes and men…

  12. Again, your sountrack for the week got me. Kate Bush and Fleetwood Mac are two of my favourites. Mind you, I have so many of those O.o I just love music 🙂 All the best to you and yours. Thanks for sharing your world, David. HUGS!

  13. I suggest you let the duck play against the albino–that’ll put him in his place.
    Such a dashing figure you cut in your swarthy pirate gear, David, and I do hope the mouth heals up soon. Maybe you’re going through sympathy teething pains with Reuben?

    • That’s a thought though the duck is promised to Reuben and I’d hate the albino to eat it.
      Dashing as in I should be on the run you mean? The mouth is much better thanks. Poor Reuben has fresh problems this weekend after having his MMR on Friday along with two other jabs ( worming probably). It didn’t suit him and he’s had a raging temp and been throwing up.I’m so glad I’m the grandparent and not the parent right now.I am in sympathy with him, just not like that.
      xxx Humongous Hugs xxx

  14. Sorry about the piggy bank. I took my granddaughter to Bockett’s Farm during the week and speaking of piggies, the farm hosts a piggy race around a track…hilarious!

    • Thanks Niamh. It’s only for my own satisfaction I’m trying to find the same piggy bank, same watches etc again. I hate to think some little slimeball has won.I don’t suppose it matters to Reuben what I save his money in, and whatever watch I buy Ju won’t have bought it. They’re sending a loss adjuster out next week and I expect a battle because I have no receipts from gifts , inherited items and things I’ve had for years or bought on ebay..
      I hope you’re OK Sweetie.
      xxx Sending Massive Hugs xxx

  15. Insurance firms seem to be good at getting you to pay quickly and then taking an eternity when it is their turn. I like the pirate outfit. We have been enjoying an Indian summer in London too.

    • There’s a loss adjuster out on Friday which means they’ll be looking for ways to avoid paying.. It’s a small claim really that could have been inflated with things damaged in the chase and current day prices.
      The Indian summer seems to continue here though I’m told even snow could be on the way next as a gift from Canada and the U.S. I don’t mind if you decide to keep it for yourselves……..
      All my best wishes.

  16. Love the pirate cossie picture. There’s a run on hoovers at the moment because of the new EU ban – you can’t have anything that sucks well. silly sods.

  17. laurie27wsmith

    Perhaps if you turn up at the insurance company wearing the pirate outfit (you look great in it btw) they may see you as one of them and just hand over what you’re owed. Let’s face it they are past masters at robbing people. 😉 So duck around there and try not to quack up while you’re doing it. Another great music selection this week, keep it up. It’s amazing how people can come together and talk, no matter what their background and not let their faith or lack of it get in the way. You’ve had another busy week mate, I hope you get yourself a little more sleep. Although those night sounds are going to keep you awake for a while longer yet. Good to see you again this week David, keep well and I hope Rueben is feeling better.
    Cheers and huge manly hugs from,

    • Great idea Laurie.I never thought I might pass unnoticed among the other robbers.They’re quick to notify you if a premium is late but such a show of disbelief if you dare claim.
      When people wan to talk they can always find some common ground. Most people of every faith are happy to just get along until someone comes to tell them their faith says it’s wrong. Fundamentalism is the bane of any peace talks.
      Lovely comments as always Laurie, I’ll even let the let the duck jokes pass me by though I should be sending you a bill for those.
      Reuben much improved thanks, and last night I got about 6 hours sleep.
      Take care of yourself.

      • laurie27wsmith

        You would fit right in with that costume. I agree, fundamentalists in any religion are too much. Why can’t they be fundamentally loving instead of violent? Send a bill David it’ll be like water of a duck’s back to me. 😉 Good to hear that Rueben’s better and you’re getting some sleep. All is well then. Hugs Laurie.

      • I swear I didn’t think the jokes cold get any worse. You proved me wrong Laurie. Fundamentally loving sounds about right but these days I think the ‘Mental’ part applies more than the ‘Fun part.’ I’ve got the missing D THOUGH 😀
        Take care of yourself. Hugs

      • laurie27wsmith

        Mate, this is champagne comedy on a beer budget. Besides I’ve run out of duck jokes.. Take care David, we’ll talk soon.

  18. Fortunately for Reuben he didn’t need to lodge in an insurance claim for his misappropriated lunch and he could identify the culprit… what a process to go through to make a claim, and also for Mike efforts to assist the police catch the burglar. I know it all needs to be done but there never seems to be much consideration for dealing with it practically, it’s all systems and tick boxes…
    I love the way your mind thinks and the pirate n’ duck pic… your wonderful commenters have already piped up with the best jokes. Regardless of its intended purpose it’s wonderful but I do think you should win the contest.
    Although it’s half over, have a lovely week 🙂

    • I’m not sure Reuben could identify the culprit. Yvonne is much better at the innocent look than me. I’m not going there today so I don’t know what she’s been telling him.
      Claiming from the insurance is a pain. I’d be tempted to say “Forget it” if that wasn’t what they wanted. Just try missing a premium though. We’ll see what this man says on Friday.
      Glad you like the picture but I’m pretty sure it won’t win after seeing some of the pictures already sent of beach scenes etc. Yes, the comments haven’t let a duck joke slip by have they?
      I hope you enjoy the rest of your week.
      xxx Massive Hugs xxx

  19. Maggie Thom

    I love the pirate costume. You and Reuben would make a dashing pair for Halloween. That is a cool picture your daughter sent you. Very neat. Sounds like you had a rather quiet week, glad to hear that. I love the quibbling between you and Mike. Very entertaining. 🙂 Many hugs to you.

    • Thanks Maggie, actually I pinched the outfit from his Dad. Yes, the picture is really clever. I love the lab app and can’t wait to get a tablet back to start doing them again.
      It was quite a quiet week, but I think I prefer those..Ha, Mike and I have been quibbling for the last 40 years, nothing changes.
      xxx Massive Hugs to you xxx

  20. Wow, you are quite the handsome gent in that outfit and I love the duckie. 😀 Lot of big HUGS. Elizabeth

  21. I really enjoyed the Madame Butterfly, but next time could I have the Puccini and skip the other fella? -sly grin-

  22. Kourtney Heintz

    I hate when I wake up for no reason and can’t fall back to sleep. Glad you were able to catch some more sleep before it was officially morning. 🙂

  23. Reblogged this on Smorgasbord – Variety is the spice of life and commented:
    Time to catch up with the biggest Hugger on the Internet Lord David Prosser and the Barsetshirediaries. Find out why Gypsy Seer Tara hit the waste bin!! Settle in with a cup of coffee and some digestives and enjoy.

  24. Hi David,
    Sorry I am a bit late in reading but after a long weekend of Duke of Edinburgh I clicked on to find Kate Bush and Fleetwood Mac! Just for me. So amazing,I have played Kate Bush 3 times now, and made my daughter listen who thinks its great that her Mum has had a song put in. So a big thank you, that song is just beautiful. I loved it, we are having a mini disco in our living room!
    I would say treasure Reuben not finding his voice just yet, when they do start talking especially when they get to 8 {my daughters age!} they answer back alot!
    You have mentioned a few times about sweet potato and recently I used it on top of our cottage pie rather than normal mash, and it was so lovely. It worked really well so handy tip passed on!
    Sounds like your having lots of fun with your insurance claims, I hate that sort of stuff. Hope you can get it all sorted soon.
    Thank you so much again for my special requests! I adore that Kate Bush song, so wonderful to have that playing in background while I read your post. A great relaxing evening.
    Take care of you,
    Sending smiles your way,

    • You know Kim, I love it when you write because you make me feel like I really got something right for someone. I’m so glad I could please you and my Kate Bush choice was obviously not too bad. I shouldn’t really confess this but when I was alot younger and Kate’s Wuthering Heights was all the rage I was running a group raising money to buy gifts for children’s homes at Christmas.I daren’t tell you how, but on one occasion we decided to hold a fancy dress disco with some of us appearing as Start of the Moment. I drew Kate Branch and had to mime Wuthering Heights wearing a dress and I was also one of the Third Degrees. Now , listen to my voice, you are getting sleepy and will forget everything you just read as soon as I click my fingers.
      I’m glad your daughter was enjoying the song with you and that she liked her Mum getting requests played.

      I’m not rushing Reuben’s voice in case it’s as disapproving as some of his looks.He scares me to death.

      So glad you tried the Sweet potato. It has a great taste and is much healthier than ordinary potato. I like it on cottage pie too, when does my piece arrive?
      The insurance is a pain but I hope they’ll make a decision soon. Even if they turn me down I can move on. I’ll be cross but I’ll get over it. I was hoping the man who came Friday would have sent a copy of his report as promised but maybe tomorrow.
      Hugs to you all

  25. David I wish there were some photos of you as Kate Branch!
    Now that’s a post if ever there was one. Your readers would love it.

  26. Just loved the pictures! Really, it wasn’t a DRESS, per se, was it? 😛 Hey, would never dare to judge. We’ll never tell…. You are a handsome fellow aren’t you?! Love those whiskers…
    Hugs, xxxx CJ and Mousie xxxx

    • Glad you liked the pictures.
      DRESS, WHAT DRESS? Who’s been talking out of school? I buy the whiskers by the pack to make me look distinguished but handsome, I think you’d better look again. On second thoughts, not if you’ve eaten recently.
      xxx Massive Hugs xxx

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