I Believe in Bacon & Dancing the Fandango.

Sunday. I managed to wake this morning at 5.02 am but wasn’t convinced the sleep was over. It wasn’t too surprising as reading last night had gone on a lot longer than expected. So, sitting on the edge of the bed bathed in the alien blue glow of my clock I smoked a cigarette while I decided. Nope, I needed a bit more so I finished the  cigarette and lay down again. The next time I woke, it was 7.07 am and like the water carrier at the well was anxious to dispose of the fluid. Mike’s alarm hadn’t gone off so there was no chance he’d need the loo but I dashed anyway. I came out of there where a huge grin of relief plastered on my face, anyone seeing me would have thought rictus. No bro that’s not the one who played Snape in Harry Potter, that’s Rickman, and very good he was too.

I turned the computer on and settled down to see if last night’s blog had been OK with my adoring public or whether the email pile was full of boos and hisses. No bro, not booze and kisses, I leave that kind of thing to you. What, you can’t read my scribble? Then put your hearing aids in properly then and listen.

The comments seemed to be kind though the quantity of mail certainly wasn’t. At least, apart from one, they seemed to be normal today. The exception was from my dear friend the seer who despite promising she wouldn’t write again if I didn’t respond, had decided to offer me a final, final chance. I really don’t have a lot of faith in her powers at this point I worked until 8.00 am then went to see to the fish, yes an hour late. Let’s say I was giving them a Sunday morning lie-in, which roughly translates as I forgot. The pleks were all on the back glass this morning and had even been joined by the killer snails. I swear there’s a Union convener in there and I swear I know who it is. The albino was in a corner facing away from me like he was treating me with contempt so I thought he’d treat me better if I left him without food but fed him anyway. Well, with the psychic predicting a bad outcome for me, why take chances. I took my morning meds then went to get washed and dressed before making my coffee and taking it back to my room. I was getting up to date when I realised it was almost 10.00 am and I didn’t see why Mike should sleep while I was awake so I put the kettle on and took a drink through to him with a bright and breezy “Mornin’ Bro, coffee’s up it’s 10.00 am.” and turned to leave……. “Oh heck” said a voice “I’d better get up or he’ll lecture me.” I swung round and asked him to repeat it and at that point he woke up. Yeah, right.

He brought his drink through to the lounge and we sat chatting until about 10.45 am when I told him I’d go and do a few more emails since he wasn’t dressed or finished his second coffee yet. After a couple of minutes catching up I heard him go through to get ready and then I heard hi phone go off and one side of a conversation. Boy was he in trouble. Mike’s Dad had rung and said he was reminding Mike of something happening today. Mike had replied that he wasn’t being reminded as he’d never been told previously. This news was coming at him fresh. After being told not to go if he didn’t want to do it ( but not meaning it was optional) Mike responded that he wasn’t refusing, but that as it was the first he’d heard about it, he wasn’t there because he could’t arrive by osmosis. It was decided he’d have to be there by 1.30 pm which means Mike had to leave me by no later than 12.30 pm. Sometimes the elderly can guilt trip you into anything and we know cos’ we do it. Anyway, we left for lunch at 11.20 am making sure we had a gift with us for Tariq’s birthday which we only knew about recently, and of course some chocolates for them all.

We arrived at the Ivy by 11.35 am and had already decided in advance what we’d have for the sake of speed. We saw Angie and had a laugh with her then asked for our drinks and ordered lunch at the same time. Shella came through to have a giggle too but she took the food order back with her. Tariq was missing on one of his building or crafting sessions again. Soon enough e bounced in and gave us great big hugs each. I passed him the card and gift explaining that we didn’t know the exact date so we’d chosen to use today. He said thank you, looked at the gift and smiled before starting to argue about getting it at which point Mike obliged me by gagging him while I went on to explain I know we don’t HAVE to buy something but that we CHOOSE too, end of argument. Mike removed his hand. Incidentally the gift we’d chosen was a silver comb on a chain as Tariq is completely shaven headed.

Lunch came quite quickly and after we’d eaten there was no time to say goodbye to everyone or do prolonged goodbyes so at least Shella didn’t have to come looking for Tariq this week. We drove home and Mike dropped me off at the kerb and shot away. Needless to say I was coming back to a very quiet house and only stopped long enough to remove my coat and shoes before starting on emails. Working hard on them I was up to date by 5.00 pm and decided to call a halt. I wanted to go on ebay and was looking at Alberts. I was also looking at Alberts converted into bracelets and a couple of ID bracelets.Since the insurance have paid out, and since the original Albert was a gift I decided I should replace it. Mike had agreed that a bracelet would be a good idea as it wouldn’t be in a drawer to be stolen as the chain was. There was an ID bracelet coming up at about 7.30 pm and it was a decent 17g  and gold is £26.47 a gram at the moment. So I went through to the lounge and watched a little Despicble Me then made myself a bit of tea. A few more messages till 7.00 pm then I wanted to watch a film. (What a mistake that was!!!!!!). At 7.20 pm I sat by the computer watching the countdown and trying to gauge where the price would go. I didn’t want to pay anywhere near £400 for it and settled on a maximum of £300. It was sitting at £220. What would someone else do? I put my bid of 300 in but didn’t press it until the last 10 seconds of the auction. I was guessing that someone might do £230 and someone £240 or even £250, they did and it hit £250.00 but mine jumped it to £260 without warning in the last seconds and it was mine. Mine I tell you, Mine ( sorry, just let me take my medicine). The only thing left to replace now are a few duplicate crowns, and a memory card.

I went back to suffer the last of the film and then called it quits for the night. It’s been a much more relaxed time than usual catching up tonight.

Monday. A 4.07 am start today and I got up (at first) feeling like I”d had a good night. I was full of energy which I took care of by raising a smile, a frown, smile, frown and with one last supreme effort a final smile. I was raring to go which I put into practice straight away unless I went somewhere I shouldn’t, and I only just made it having spent so long on the exercises. Summoning up  my will power I bent over and turned on the computer. I was leaning on my chair to enable me to get back up but getting up at 4.00 am doesn’t mean you make the wisest of decisions which I understood when the chair started rolling away from me. Lucky for me it’s a small room so the chair soon reached the bed and settled there and I gradually brought my feet closer to it in an effort to stop my middle parts just sinking to the floor. Eventually I made it and sat down for a rest. The computer was waiting for my sign-in and I was now not close enough to reach. I tried walking the chair towards the computer without removing my bum from the seat. A slow process but I made it and completed the sign-in.I was on and the chair and occupant finally where they should be.

As always I go straight to  my post and a quick glance through shows me I have two I don’t know. One will be a con as it’s from the NatWest but I have a look anyway. This time it’s a British name supposedly the manager of an English branch of the bank based in London. He has the account of a man who shares my surname which has oodles of cash in it. The poor man worked abroad but still in Europe until he was killed in a car crash which also wiped out all the family. As he was ardently against the Governments monetary policy he wouldn’t want his money to go to them which it will in two weeks unless a family member comes forward to claim it. If I , with the same surname, would claim it we could share 50/50, all documentation to back up my claim would be provided. Far too slick.

The second one which didn’t have an address I recognised tried a different tack……..                                                                                                                                                                                  I am Honore Nathaniel Goodridge Esq., a consultant attorney,I work and live in Lome togo. I would like to inform you that I have some Libyans who need project plan for investment.
You can confirm on this websitehttp://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-africa-22745618.
Their investment capacity is over USD $10,000,000.00. Please contact me through this emailhonore.nathaniel@accountant.com for more details.
Best Regards. Honore Nathaniel Goodridge                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      I wonder how many of these they send out a day between them, why they bother with addresses they’ve tried before, and how many people actually respond. The latter one makes less sense to me than the first.

I worked through until 7.00 am then went through to feed the fish. My nemesis was perched underneath the feeding hole and as a treat I thought I’d give them one of the wafers which seems to break up more easily. I dropped one in and wouldn’t you know it. the water swirled it out of position until it landed on his head startling him. He shot away to his corner to the echo of my apologies. There’s no way he’s going to believe it was an accident. This could cost me dearly. I took my morning meds, made myself a coffee and left the kitchen turning the light off behind me. Suddenly I was feeling very tired and decided to stay in my chair in the lounge for a while and watch the sky lighten. One moment it was dark grey, the next moment it was quite light and I had a cold coffee. It was 8.15 am and the youngsters were starting to walk past on their way to school. I went to get washed and dressed before putting the cold coffee in the microwave and heating it up. I intended to drink it this time. Back on the computer I started doing my emails.

The smile I’d had on my face before had gone. When I’d woken up in the chair I couldn’t understand why I was alone, I didn’t like it. The emails and links to friends blogs was slowly cheering me up though. At 9.15 am I took my prescription request to the chemist’s nodding to the young assistant who took it off me before I turned and left. I wondered if the postman would be coming this morning with the watch I won last week but on screen it did say Tuesday or Wednesday. It says Tuesday for the gold bracelet I won yesterday for some reason so I’ve decided not to go to Chester to see Yvonne and Reuben. Back at home I email Yvonne and let her know. She normally says she hates that happening as she loves shopping with me. She says the same again in a message she soon sends back. Ugo is working away tomorrow so he can’t come to see me after work as he sometimes does when I haven’t been through. Yvonne says Ugo is desperate to see me when he hasn’t for a couple of weeks. A strange lad, she says he enjoys my company which I do find strange because our belief systems are so different. For a start he doesn’t like bacon or sausages!!!!!! I believe in bacon.

I’d got up to date with messages by 10.50 am unusually and decided to take a real break so I went to turn the TV on and watch a programme about how best to keep burglars out. It showed one couple who’ve been burgled twice and understandable the wife is feeling insecure. They did some good things like fitted automatic lights to come one randomly throughout the house if they go out. Fitted a motion detector light outside the house that triggers the inside lights. Strengthened the doors so they can’t be kicked in easily and put on window locks. Then they fitted a fake CCTV camera box outside the house. After showing burglars who the people were they advertise it’s a fake CCTV? Isn’t that an open invitation to the thieves again? Soon it was time to think about preparing lunch. I did braised steak with chips, and bread and butter to soak up the gravy which will taste of vinegar from the chips. Bliss. I ate it watching my first antique show of the day. After I’d washed up I went back to work again.

At about 2.45 pm I found myself nodding over the keyboard. That’s often the point where my brain relaxes but my fingers don’t follow suit and I end up sending gibberish to Australia. Since I get a message back saying WHAT?????? and I have to explain myself I circumvented the problem by heading back to my chair for a kip. It happened again. When I woke up I came round slowly wondering why I was on my own in the house. Where was my Mum? I didn’t feel like a youngster, just as though  I should be with her at the age I am. It’s usually Julia whose absence I can’t explain, but not today. As the realisation dawned on  me that I do live alone I felt inexplicably sad. I had to immerse myself in work to forget it.

Like a yo-yo I went back through just after 4.30 pm for the next antique show, then the next, then a quiz. The second quiz wasn’t on today so I watched an old Big Bang Theory instead. Then it was time for the fourth antique show and the best. The one I’d been waiting for, Celebrity Antique Road Trip. It was great fun but both teams made a loss tonight. At 8.00 pm I came back through to the bedroom and have been fighting to catch up again after my little escape. I’ve not finished yet but my friends are doing a good job of restoring the smile.



Time to soak Mummy.

Time to soak Mummy.



Tuesday. It’s been a funny old day. I woke at 4.05 am and took my bladder for a walk. I couldn’t find the string to turn the light on and not wanting to pull the alarm cord in error I walked forward and cracked my left shin against the pan. I could have turned round and put the light on in the passage way but blow it, I was there now. As it was dark I decided to be careful and take a seat. How is it possible to just turn around and miss the damn thing. I wonder how Mike copes ‘cos he doesn’t even have his eyes open he tells me. Eventually I did manage to position myself properly and only my dignity was bruised.                                                                                                                                            I went back to the bedroom and turned the computer on ready to attack the mail but first I did a trace on the bracelet to see where it was. Bloody typical Post Office, they say they have it but it’s working it’s way through the system. It’s due to be delivered today so they better pull their fingers out. I’ve had quite a few of the con job emails recently but here’s the latest with yet another new twist on the story.                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Hello Dear From Miss Fatima Coulibaly,
It is with profound respect and humble submission, I beg to state the following few lines for your kind consideration. I hope you will spare some of your valuable minutes to read the following appeal with sympathetic mind. I must confess that it is with great hope, joy and enthusiasm to write you this mail and I believe by the faith that it must surely find you in good condition of health.
I am Miss Fatima Salamu Coulibaly age 19 years old female from Ivory Coast in West Africa, the Daughter of Late Chief Sergeant, Warlord Ibrahim Coulibaly. My late father was an Ivory Coast’s best-known military leaders, and also in real estate business. He died on the Thursday 28 April 2011 following a fight with the FRCI,” Republican Forces of Ivory Coast.
You can read more about my father in the link below to know that I am genuine and truthful but need someone to be trusted like you
I lost my mother long time ago when I was just 6yrs old, and since then my father took me so special. Before the death of my father, he told me that he made a fixed deposit of the sum of Six Million, five Hundred thousand US Dollars. ($6,500.000.00) in the Bank with my name as his next of kin.
I am constrained to contact you because of the maltreatment which I am receiving from my step mother. She planned to take away all my late father’s treasury and properties from me since the unexpected death of my beloved Father; luckily she did not discover where I kept my father’s File which contained this deposit.
Please I will be glad if you can help me invest my inheritance money in a profitable business in your country, if you agree, we shall both share the total annual profit. I am thinking of investing into any of these areas like (REAL ESTATE, 5STAR HOTELS, TRANSPORTATION, COMMUNICATION and AGRICULTURE OR TEXTILE)
Please your suggestion and idea will be fine for me. I demand you treat this very confidential. I will give you full details of the funds concerning the transfer as soon as I receive your response. I will send you my photo in my next mail.
Waiting for your soonest respond.
God bless you.
Miss Fatima S Coulibaly.

Her ‘Father’ must not have had much time being a warlord judging by the number of female children he has all sending out the same letter with different first names like Edith and calling themselves Edith Warlord Ibrahim Coulibaly. He has a whole tribe of mini me’s. At least this time they got the facts right, he’s dead. It’s unfair though top deprive the world of panto of so many wicked stepmothers as this lot do.

At 7.00 am I went through to the kitchen to feed the fish .  The albino was in his corner but this time facing inwards so he could look at me.Obviously he was scared of me dropping food rocks on his head again.  Oddly, when I pl;aced the food pellets through the slot he didn’t turn his attention towards them but advanced from his corner towards me. Only about an inch but it was full of threat. He moved another inch forward and I found myself taking a step backwards. A slight pause and yet another inch followed by a larger step from me. Another inch and I stepped right back against the counter-top and squealed like a stuck pig. It was difficult to retain my dignity after that so I pretended I’d just hurt my heel and turned round so my back was towards the tank. After all, there was a layer of glass between us, h couldn’t have got me if he’d tried but he has the psychological advantage over me an idiot. I rammed all my meds down at speed and left without making a coffee. I did slink back there for a drink 5 minutes later trying to look as nonchalant as possible.

I wasn’t sure what time or even if the bracelet would be delivered so I decided to go to Pauline’s for my TV mag and fresh bread at 9.00 am. I handed over £3.50 and got £3.00 back for a win on the Thunderball. I promise not to let it change me. I wasn’t out very long at all and was back mid -checking what the position was with the bracelet, when there was a knock at the door. I could see from the orange colour through the glass that it was my postman. As I opened the door he passed my letters and got me to sign for a parcel. I took nothing for granted as I still have a watch outstanding. I thanked him and came back in. I finished my check first and the bracelet was still going through the system at the branch it was posted at. Damn! I opened the parcel fully expecting to find the watch and naturally there was the bracelet. I guess the watch will arrive tomorrow. I don’t see the point of having the numbers to trace an item if they don’t update the information.

At 11.30 am I had a break while I peeled a sweet potato and prepared my sausages for grilling. I took my tablet and set to work cooking everything. I’d peeled under the baleful eye of the cory and now I grilled under the same baleful eye. I’m sure if he could have held a wax doll he would have done. It’s not fair, I’ve always been nice to him.  When the potato was done I started mashing it and put some veg in the microwave. As soon as I’d put the mash on my plate the micro pinged. I put my sausages out and then added the veg. Very quickly I did some instant gravy and voila I was ready for my antiques programme. I was probably about a third of the way through my lunch and loving the sweet potato mash when I- Look away if you have a week disposition- started heaving, and heaving, and heaving. I might have eaten a third of my meal but two thirds came back. I swear it was the albino’s doing. I missed a large part of my programme today with clearing that up and then attacking the floor where my stomach had been a little forceful. I was feeling rather sorry for myself but I did catch the auction at the end. I went to wash my fevered brow and headed back to work.

I hadn’t been working an hour when my phone told me I had a message. I opened it and found two. One from Lis asking if I was in to which I answered I am to which she responded, On my way. The other was from MuJo top see if I’d be free tomorrow which of course I am.Since I have no cards tomorrow night it will be nice to have a break from the house for a while. Lis arrived withing minutes and I had a hug and a kiss in the hall. Believe me, if you haven’t been kissed in the hall you haven’t been kissed anywhere. I made her a drink and we caught up on each others news. She knew about the burglary of course but  we  haven’t seen each other since it happened. I was quite surprised, but warmed even more towards her if possible when she just said “Bastards.” I knew exactly where she was coming from as she was broken into three times within ten days in her old house which was quite isolated. After a while she had to leave to look after her grandchildren and I headed back to work. I found myself feeling tired so I worked up till 4.30 pm and relaxed in front of the TV a while.I saw most of my show but must have nodded off because I woke t 6.30 pm as something to do with Strictly Come Dancing was starting. I turned off and ran. It was only when I started back here that I remembered my third and favourite show starts at 7.00 pm so I had the excuse to stop for another break.

The antique dealer I don’t have much time for was on. He actually broke something in a shop and wasn’t going to admit it to the owner. I find him to be a fool even though he apparently advises a group of women on antiques on American TV. Anyway, he didn’t win tonight which was a relief as his opponent is a really pleasant man. He told my ‘friend’ that a cabinet he’d bought would fetch £80 on a good day but it reached £200 I was glad to see. I turned off for a second time and came through. There’s been plenty of mail to catch up on before getting round to the blog but I’ll still beat the midnight deadline for bed.

SANDY5 useparky1


Wednesday. If it gets any earlier I’ll be up before I’ve gone to bed. 3.41 am today and I may not have been ready to dance the fandango (  dance from Iberia, usually in triple metre which I believe is 9′ 9″ or thereabouts), but nor was I inclined to go back to bed as I am right now. I went to the loo, checked no-one was lurking in one of the other rooms and came back to check something I’m watching on ebay.  Before starting work I indulged myself with a little play on ebay and actually found a cover for the tablet that not only folds to allow it to stand but also has cut outs for the main switches and for the camera. At £2.99 with free p & p I thought it would be negligent of me to refuse. Since my brother in law has the same wee beast I ordered him one too. Now I had no excuse to linger longer and signed into my mail account. There were only 67 since I went to bed and pshaw I can handle that one hand tied behind my back. As it happens I didn’t need to, as both my arms were in play.

I was actually done by 5.55 am and couldn’t decide what to do. Maybe nodding off in my chair seemed favourite  so I gave it a go. Morpheus seemed all in favour of helping and I managed to drop of. I heard Hypnos yelling something about “No, it was my turn , you had the last one, ” and I was awake again. It wasn’t even 6.15 am. I decided to feed the fish and indulge in some breakfast. Accordingly, I turned the kitchen light on, did the dance in three metres, threw some food in before anyone could react and danced away smartish. It’s fair to say I was out of puff and decided if I was going to dance in future it would be in two metres where there was less chance of banging my knees. I took a pre-food tablet then followed up with my sprays and the rest of the meds that take an age to swallow. I smoked a cigarette purely to help me gauge the correct time needed before putting my toast under then made a coffee. It didn’t take long before the toast was ready and eaten and I only needed a short one meter glide to the sink. I did only leave the plate there rather than washing it up but that was on the grounds that I’d need to do my mug after too.

I returned to work to deal with the 30+ that had come in while I was filling my face. Once done it seemed a good time to get washed and dressed. Country tweeds today since I’d be going out to lunch. First things first though I took a walk to Pauline’s about 8.45 am to pick up some cigarettes and a couple of scratch cards. They were the last two on the roll and the first one just bombed out but on the last one I won twice. £2 doubled and £1. That’s a £3 profit after deducting he initial outlay, which covers the cost of the new tablet case. Tidy as my Southid friends say. At home I was dealing with the messages as they came in but in the light of day they were gaining ground on me. It seems they breed in the light. That’s how science works folks from observation like that. I expected MuJo around 11.00 am so I’d probably be OK. The post was delivered, no watch but he did deliver the new 32gb micro card for the tablet. I’d just finished leaving feedback when there was a prolonged tapping at the door which proved to be MuJo at 10.15 am. I saw to drinks, handed over some chocolate I’d bought for them last weekend and we talked about what’s gone on in the two weeks since we saw each other. In my case not a lot. John has an infection from an ulcer under his tooth which has now been removed but the infection hasn’t gone. I was surprised they haven’t given him anti-biotics.

At 11.15 am we left to go to town. Muriel wanted the Post Office before lunch and John a charity shop. Since he acts like the Queen and doesn’t carry money it was onlya moment or three before he was out asking me for change before Muriel caught him. She was only a few seconds late and he refused to say what was in the large carrier bag he held. He put it in the car as we went to lunch. He’s quite the reformed character too since we bypassed the chippie and went to the place that’s they’re new favourite . I’m not a big fan but hey, food is food.Muriel had some pork loin while John and I had braised beef, peas and mashed potato. Once done, we took to the car again and headed for Flint through cone city as the expressway( Ha, joke) has become. On arrival, after we’d parked of course, we did Home Bargains so I could buy chocolates for Temptations, then B & M so MuJo could buy the entire stock of Whittaker’s coffee creams in case they run out plus a couple of boxes of mint creams as well then over to The Outlet which is an ex-catalogue shop before finally arriving at Temptations. The girls were raising their eyes behind the counter as Muriel and I argued about who was paying. Since she paid for lunch It’s my turn for coffee but today she wanted to change the rules. I do have two distinct advantages, height so I could get my money to the girls before she could and chocolates which means my friends will always listen to me first. I won and ordered the coffee’s and John’s cream scone.

We hit another shop before leaving Flint. As you may have noticed there’s a distinct dearth of bags in my direction. If I don’t start shopping soon the whole town may go bankrupt. At home, I got rid of my crutches, jacket and gloves and halved a small tub of ice cream for them. I disappeared to check on ebay again quickly but John followed me in and I ended up looking at watches for their grandsons for Christmas. I do have to start making some decisions about Christmas but first of course are both Muriel’s and Mike’s 65th birthdays and Yvonne’s birthday before Christmas. They left about 4.30 pm and I had to give up my first two antique programmes of the evening and my two quizzes. I worked solidly until 7.00 pm when I decided I wanted a break and I wasn’t going to miss the most important of the antique shows. I hadn’t caught up but a concerted effort afterwards and I was sure I could. I returned at 8.00 pm and carried on working to clear existing and incoming messages. I knocked off at about 10.30 in order to get on with this post but I need to go back a while before I can call it a night.

Thursday. When I first woke I thought it was 8.22 am and was pleased at the lie-in especially knowing I hadn’t had time for my little nap yesterday.  I limped to the loo after knocking my walking stick over in the dark and limped back to turn my bedroom light and the computer on. The fact that it was dark in the house didn’t really register. While the computer did what it does I just happened to glance at the clock. The big bright luminous clock that faces the bed. The time was 3.28 am. My chin hit my knees, or it would have done had my stomach not got in the way. I sat down and signed in. This is the first time I’ve been grateful for my gmail account and the fact it duplicates many of my main account emails. When I signed into talktalk there was nothing doing. All I got was the message My Mailbox was not accessible at the moment , Please log out and sign in again. After the hundredth attempt I was getting the message. What was most annoying was the lack of help. On some attempts to reach help I got a doesn’t exist notice, sometimes I reached a contact us point but there were no members available to help online chat ( well OK, it was early) and I obviously couldn’t phone as even an Indian help desk wouldn’t understand me and if the conversation turned technical I wouldn’t understand them. I did a google search to see if any problems with talktalk were reported.

I must have been a full hour trying different things including rebooting and turning my router off for a time. Eventually I signed into my gmail and found much of what I’d have on talktalk was there and I was able to make a start. I’m sure many people love gmail but it’s still very confusing to me. I did manage to get a lot done though. A couple of times I broke off to check ebay but I wasn’t having any luck with my bids today. I needed to really concentrate and be ready to pounce as the bidding ends.                            I had an unusual advert from Amazon. They often recommend things I might like but today’s started to suggest as I liked Humour and Satire, I might enjoy some of the following. What came next were 5 books they were showing as Kindle and three of the books were mine.  I imagine I should be very pleased. It depends how many people they recommend them to. I carried on working and was done by 6.00 am.  I thought about having a break in my chair in the lounge, who knows I might have fallen asleep. Instead I decided to feed the fish and have an early breakfast.

I flicked the light switch in the kitchen and by the time it had flickered into life I was already at the tank. I could only see my ghostly friend the albino and for once I think I caught him unawares. I put the light on in the tank and sort of watched him realise I was actually there watching him. He was near the bridge and had his back to me but he slowly turned and looked up. It wasn’t a staring competition like before but a kind of studied appraisal to see if I, this great and powerful demi-god was actually worth anything. I opened the hatch and dropped in some food. At that point the heavenly music started (bloody MP3 player in my pocket) and I fully expected him to swim towards the glass to commune with me. Nope, he slowly turned back and with an insolent flick of the tail glided away to his corner. I wasn’t worth bothering with. What a huge blow to my self confidence. I slunk away and took my meds then as I made a coffee I put some bread in the toaster and got the comfort jam out of the fridge. I flicked a stray tear from my eye to the sound of Mantovani’s violins.

After breakfast I got washed and dressed before returning to the mail. It was relaxed enough that I could keep going to ebay and could keep trying talktalk mail but obviously my demi-god powers don’t run in that direction. I didn’t want to go out too soon this morning as my drugs were due to be delivered and also I had high hopes today for the watch. It was about 9.30 am the chemist came with the drugs and explained there were a few short which would be brought when the delivery arrived. That was OK by me. Just after 10.00 am the letterbox rattled but there was no knock. Disappointed I went to look and there was a package that hadn’t needed a signature. It was the watch and very nice too, and what’s more it didn’t need a battery. I was able to go to ebay and leave feedback before putting on my shoes and going to Pauline’s for some cigarettes. I’d just reached there when a voice called my name causing me to trip over the step. It was the chemist with the rest of my drugs. He’d just been going to get into his car to deliver them. I got my lottery and ciggies from Pauline and headed home.

I was washing my breakfast dishes in the kitchen when I saw one of the wardens go past. I thought she was going to see Joe nearby but there came a knock on the door. Since she’d probably seen me I had no choice but to answer. She’d come to talk to me about some distraction burglaries taking place in the area recently and wanted to be sure I had everything I needed. Also to do an annual report on my needs. It’s been decided as I don’t check the alarm system because it’s like speaking on a phone that they’ll call and do it when needed but No, let’s call once a week to make sure you’re OK and need nothing. I agreed because she offered to deal with any phone calls I needed doing or anything like that when she came. That was nice. She also thinks she might know a cleaner and she’s going to drop the name and address off tomorrow. Yay, maybe the ironing will get done. As soon as she’d gone I opened my meds and found attached to the front of the prescription, a big yellow post-it. That sneaky doctor had said I needed to book an appointment with the surgery chest clinic for review. Damn! I emailed Yvonne and asked her to arrange it for me and to see if I could have a flu jab the same day so I don’t need a reminder for that. She was back on quite quickly with an appointment three weeks away late afternoon for one and early the next day for the other. I’ve been caught though I suppose I can cancel the flu jab before then. There’s always a queue of willing applicants.

While I was waiting to do lunch I texted Mike to ask if he was coming tonight or Friday this week. He surprised me by saying he’d be here late afternoon today and has to go to his father’s tomorrow for a meeting with carers. I thought it was good because he enjoys his games and cards as much as I do and of course this week tonight is games night….Or so I thought. No sooner had I told him, Dil sent me a text saying he couldn’t make it as his back has gone again. I was really sorry, he suffers with it quite a lot. I’d miss the games too of course but there’s always next week if he’s recovered. I had a couple of sandwiches and a small pudding then back to work. Talktalk was now up and running again. A mystery as to what the problem was. I just kept going until almost 3.00 am when the front door opened and there stood Mike. Well before he was expected which either means he was well on the way before telling me or he’s been barely legal in the car again and I daren’t ask which. I made him a coffee and when he was settled I disappeared long enough to finish the emails in my box. I decided to stay with him now through to 8.00 am , he appreciated that except for the part where he says I rattled the rafters for half an hour. We bantered and enjoyed the usual programmes until it was time for me to leave and start work. Apart from ten minutes where I went to see a little of Billy Connolly in Who do you think you are? It’s now 11.35 am and I need to go back to the mail for a while.

Friday. I read till just gone 12.30 am last night and it all caught up with me this morning as I didn’t get up until 5.17 am . I’ve become sybaritic overnight. I pressed the switch to turn the computer on as I went past to visit the loo. I’ve decided if I start getting any more emails than at present I’ll have to start taking the tablet in with me when I go. The only entertainment today was a notification of a tax rebate.                                                                                                                                                                                                       

Dear Taxpayer,

*Refund Amount : GBP 351.51

>> Your *Refund Reference Number is: Ref/12213/2013 <<

NOTE: If you’ve received an Income Tax ‘repayment’ it will either be following a claim you’ve made or becouse HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) has received new information about your taxable income or entitlement to allowances. The refund may come through your tax code or as a payment and could relate to the current tax year or earlier years.

An Income Tax repayments is a refund of tax that you’ve overpaid.So, if you’ve paid too much tax for example through your job or pension this year or in previous years HMRC will send you a repayment.

 Click Here To access the form for your tax refund,
HMRC Tax Credit Office                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Maybe I’ve just become more jaded with these recently but I find they’re becoming less believable. I will credit them with one thing though, if you click on the HMRC link after the Sincerely, it does take you to the real site so many people may fall for it. I can only offer the same advice as usual. If the tax office were writing to you they’d know who to address and what your National Insurance Number is. If those aren’t present it’s a con.

Having got up so late, 7.00 am and feeding time at the zoo came round a lot quicker. I didn’t mind as I was almost up to date and under no pressure. Nothing living was in sight in the tank except the snails, instead of worrying I quietly created a paean to the god of fish tanks , dropped in some food and turned away, promptly knocking over an empty bottle which clanged as it hit the washing machine door. Bombadier Billy Wells couldn’t have done a better job, but Mike didn’t wake up. I took the bottle out to the recycling. Breakfast wasn’t on my menu this morning  but I really wanted a cup of coffee. After taking all my meds I made a coffee and went to collect my medicine drawer so the weeks supply could be put out in it’s cases. I was able to drink my coffee as I worked.

I went back to my room at about 7.45 am to keep going with the messages. It was a bit of a surprise to hear Mike’s alarm going off at 8.00 am but absolutely no surprise to hear nothing after the alarm was turned off. I decided if it went off again after the quarter of an hour I’d make a drink and take it through as he must want to get up if he’s let it ring again. Imagine my shock when I heard the pad, pad of his feet going through to the lounge before it rang. I just made it to the lounge in time to relieve him of last night’s dirty mug before he tried finding the kitchen sink with his eyes shut. He moves about by braille when he first gets up. His drink wasn’t long in coming and by the time he’d drunk halfway down it ( about one mouthful) he was more awake and aware of where he was. It’s like ‘If it’s Friday it must be Holywell’. We had a natter about what we were going to do this morning and did precisely nothing because I wanted to wait for the postman. He came, or more to the point didn’t come but was in the vicinity before 10.00 am and we still did nothing. Eventually we came to the decision it was too late to do anything. Mike needed to leave by 1.00 am to get to his Dad’s place for a meeting and knowing we won’t be able to get to The Ivy tomorrow I suggested going there for brunch.

We arrived about 11.30 am and settled to chat with Tariq while he made our drinks and then once they arrived we could order food. I had gammon with a baked potato and an egg while Mike had some kind of jumbo hot dog. Time just seemed to slip through our fingers and it was soon time to leave so Mike could drop me off. Tomorrow when we’d normally be there to chat to Angie we’re meeting a friend for lunch in Rhyl. So, he dropped me off and left as I wandered back inside and immediately set to work on the emails. I knew I wanted to nod off but I restrained myself. A knock at the door proved to be a courier with the  parcel I’d ordered from Vistaprint, that brought me back to life a little. I was done with the mailbox in both hosts before 4.30 pm and was able to see my antique show. As I wanted to watch the one at 7.00 pm I scuttled back to work on some photographs as soon as the first one was over, but by 6.00 pm I needed to go to the lounge for 40 winks. I didn’t make it though as Mike walked in the door as I was preparing to leave my room. We went to watch the quiz Eggheads and then he told me all about the meeting with the carers and managed to solve the problems everyone had. Hopefully next week will be fine.

We watched the last episode of the Antiques Road Trip and had a good laugh with the experts before watching Mastermind followed by Would I Lie To You at which point I was able to wrest myself away. I went towards the kitchen to take my tablets and Mike stopped me from falling. In the kitchen I found the drier had stopped so started to fold the contents when I came over all of a doo-da again and had to leave the room. I eventually came back and finished the job, took my tabs and came through to start work. It’s been a slog tonight to try and catch up. Everytime I think I’m winning, someone else writes something. I think you’re trying to use up the world’s supply of words  overnight. Time for me to call it a day I think, early shopping tomorrow (I hope).

Saturday. 12.00 am bed, 1.00 am light off and 3.11 am up for a wee. I decided not to stay up at that point but snuggled back down under the covers and nodded off again. 4.04 am p and awake. Why? The great god T’internet is asking for bigger and bigger sacrifices. It may be human beans next! Though I only know the half-baked variety in the main. I’d been working and listening to the constant grumbles coming from Mike’s room. He even does it when he’s asleep. Stay there, don’t move, stand still, I couldn’t see it, groan. I should record it all and self publish as a mystery novel with sound effects. At 4.55 am the wind came.  It really howled. Little could be heard above it for a few minutes but then it died down leaving just the sound of rain behind it.

The quantity of mail wasn’t too bad but in fairness I don’t think I’d left it long enough to accumulate too much. One message I missed last night that awaited me this morning was supposedly from twitter but comes from support at twitir.com was titled Sexy Molly Tweeted You. The message was short and sweet..                                               Molly sent you a direct picture!
=> CLICK HERE TO SEE IT NOW          The trouble is there certainly is a Sexy Molly on twitter but she’s definitely not the one to have sent the message. In order to prevent my eyeballs being seared again I decided not to look. I seem to recall something about a difference between the male and female physique but at my age do I need to be reminded? Answers on a postcard please. Though I don’t suppose wishful thinking is going to help much at this point.

At 5.55am  (yep, OCD) I decided to see to the fish, take my meds and have my coffee early. Maybe I wasn’t quick enough between turning on the kitchen light and reaching the tank but when I got there all I could see was one plec. I carefully scanned every corner and the bridges but saw nothing else. They’re either holding a private meeting somewhere or they’ve finally escaped. Very gingerly I stepped back but no sign of them taking the Great Trek across the Kitchen Floor as may be written about in the fishy bible in years to come. I took my meds and then vacated the kitchen with my coffee, heading back for the computer. I found a few messages waiting to be dealt with which brought me very nicely to Mike’s alarm at 7.00 am. I didn’t rush just took my time finishing the last message before going to put the kettle on. Relief, the albino was back in sight. I brewed a coffee and took it through making sure I gave Mike a verbal nudge that sounded like war had broken out. I asked him to try and remember any dreams he’s been having during the night too.

Surprisingly Mike got up without waiting for the second warning but fell asleep leaning forward in his chair. In between seeing to the bins I was tapping him on the shoulders saying “Don’t fall asleep smoking” to which he replied “It’s OK it’s out”. “It wasn’t when you fell asleep” I pointed out. Eventually the bins and bags were done and Mike was awake. The day could progress. It didn’t progress quite fast enough. While I was doing all he bins and the bags and bin for the recycling Mike was trying to recall his dreams and he told me the only one he remembered was where he rescued me from spiders. With one breath he tries to make himself a hero and the same breath tells me he’s trying to creep me out. He succeeded. We didn’t leave the house until almost 8.00 am and that was due to my  insistence we got dressed rather than upset the neighbours and because it was raining.It was actually due to the sense of urgency disappearing down some Lewis Carroll rabbit hole.

We did eventually reach the supermarket and the first port of call was he cash machine. Mike collected a trolley and as he came back called out “Get the jackpot did you?” I stuffed the notes quickly into my pocket and followed him into the store. Judging by my list food seems to have become a poor second this week. First off was Ju’s flowers. Some carnations just to fill any gaps from flowers dying. Then a walk round to look at toilet rolls, gents clothes ( yes, another pair of chinos). bedding, clocks, candles and finally food. It’s ham, sausages, tinned peas and carrots, yogurts, bread, sweets, pop, milk and biscuits. Once through the checkout where I asked if I’d get change from £10.00 this week, we went for a coffee. Mike phoned Brian to make arrangements for a time to meet and found he wasn’t well after an angina attack and was heading back to bed. Now at a bit of a loss we had to rearrange the day.

Instead of going homeward we decided to go to Broughton Park to get ideas for Christmas and to get something for Mike’s grandson’s birthday. Mike phoned his son Anton for ideas since Josh hasn’t been too helpful with hints and a football kit was chosen. I reminded Mike that Sports Direct was fairly close and we went to look. They had the perfect set but not in the size we needed. Mike asked the assistant to see if another branch in Chester had it which he did, and the answer was yes. We headed back to the car and decided to stop for lunch before going on there. I ordered bangers , mash and peas in a giant Yorkshire pudding but what came back was bangers , mash and peas accompanied by two small Yorkshire puddings. I felt cheated. Mike seemed happy enough with his meal though. After lunch we drove into Chester and out again to the branch on another retail park called The Greyhound. We went upstairs and the staff pulled out what they’d saved. Mike’s ears grew red and steam started pouring from them. I expected HELL to ensue. They had the shirt as one item, the shorts as another and the socks as a third rather than the complete klit as in the other shop. This was though the shirt itself was dearer than the whole kit where we’d been. Mike pointed out we could have done it this way in the previous place and not driven all this way to be told they didn’t have what we wanted. In the end he paid more than double what he’s been led to believe. I was astounded he took it so philosoffic, fillosoph, on the chin.

Finally we started in the direction of home but as I needed some frozen food we called into Flint for a coffee and banter session at Temptations. That’s always enough to make you grin. After getting the lollies and the lemon meringue frozen food we went home. We unpacked and somehow I ended up on freezer duty again even though I’d made sure he carried that bag. Then I had to face the emails I’d missed all day, and needed to check on my bidding for something I wanted. My neighbour called round with parcels and I had my new watch displ;ay case and a cover for my tablet.  I did amazingly well with the mail and at 5.20 pm I won one of the items I’d been bidding for. That came as a great relief. It’s one less distraction. At 5.35 pm I took a break and went to join Mike where I stayed until 9.00 pm at hi insistence, he tied my shoelaces together to stop me from moving. When I’d taken my night drugs I came through and started again on the messages. I finished the last batch at 11.20 pm and came to start the blog. No photographs today sorry but a nice song to make up for it.





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56 responses to “I Believe in Bacon & Dancing the Fandango.

  1. You’ve charmed everyone again this weekend, David. Congrats on the latest eBAY win. And it’s good to know that there is another Believer in Bacon. I’ve long been a Baconist in addition to being a Teaganist. 😀 Mega-hugs!

  2. I do enjoy reading and listening and watching all the goings on in your posts. It’s like an all inclusive resort.

    • Thanks so much Suzanne.I think so many people know someone like my characters that they start to identify with some of the incidents. I’m just lucky enough that thy supply me with things to laugh at. I’m so glad you enjoy some of it..
      xxx Massive Hugs xxx

  3. Gosh you do get a lot of junk mail don’t you, I’m surprised the spam filters don’t take out more. Well done with the watch.

  4. For a week of cancellations and changes it seems to have worked out quite nicely and you got nearly all the items replaced. I’m a Teaganite but don’t do bacon, I’m afraid…I’ll have to find a second religion. Do owls count?

    • Yes, I’m happy hat everything is as near as it was as possible. Even a couple of extras thrown in now.
      Owls certainly count, unless of course you eat them in which case a resounding NO. Trouble is with the Buthidars,we can’t be anyone’s Second religion as we want everyone on a level playing field. No discord over which religion is the best that way.
      xxx Massive Hugs Olga xxx

  5. Well, it seems we were on the same wavelength with computer problems this week, David. But thank God for bacon. That is the cure for all my ails. (I eat A LOT of bacon.)
    And you don’t live alone. You’ve got the albino! 😛

    • I was thinking of someone on my intellectual level rather than someone way above it like Bi ‘Al’.Anyway, I’m not great with speech bubbles, the translation is a beggar.

      xxx Hugs Galore xxx

  6. carolewyer

    Just nipped over to catch up on all your news. You get even more spam than me and yours is more interesting although I have also come into an inheritance form someone I didn’t know existed, need to save a woman in Nigeria and have been offered bucketfuls of viagra. (I wonder if they think I’m a nymphomaniac.) Hugest fo hugs to you and thanks for the smiles. XXHUGSXX

    • How come you get offered the viagra and the nearest I get is the penis enlarger? Either they know something I don’t, or someone has been talking out of turn again.
      xxx Massive Hugs Carol xxx

  7. Bacon is sommat tasty to believe in 🙂 Might take up that meat-y cross! LOL. Musically, The Boxer and the Beatles hit the spot this week. Your wee man looks more adorable all the time. He’s going to be a heartbreaker when he grows up 😉

    • All hail Bacon. Glad you found some music to enjoy Melanie. He’s already a heartbreaker in that I nearly have a coronary running after the little blighter.
      xxx Huge Hugs xxx

  8. You do write brilliant headlines. Thanks for the weekly update. I like to know you’re ok. Good work on ebay! I’m rubbish at holding out to the last second.

    • Thanks so much Elaine. The trick on ebay is to put in your definite final bid early but don’t press it. Then when the clock reaches 10 seconds (or less if you have a quick computer) you should be OK to press. Good Luck, it’s quite a kick to win like that. I often forget to go and look at the item before it finishes but I did OK this time.
      xxx Huge Hugs xxx

  9. The seer isn’t deterred easily. She must be desperate for clients. Congratulations on the lottery win David. I won £20 on a scratch card this week. It’s the biggest prize I’ve won in years.

  10. Thank you for Baker Street, and The Man in the Mirror – two of my most favourite songs. 🙂

  11. I think I’ve been approached by one of the Coulibaly clan too. They do get about, don’t they?

    • Yes, far too far Jane.I wonder how they select us and why. Have we given to a charity that sold their mailing list or do they just have a machine that selects web addresses at random. I do hope they’re a disappointed bunch.
      xxx Huge Hugs xxx

  12. Reblogged this on Smorgasbord – Variety is the spice of life and commented:
    The Barsetshire diary is up and I have no idea how Lord David keeps up – I have never been brave enough to tackle an online auction…. thanks David and HugeHugs. XX

  13. So interesting to read what happens on your side of the pond. The same type of e-mails come to me, several times a month it seems. Haven’t fallen for one yet, although they are very tempting……Love to read of your E-bay treasures too. Never know what new discoveries may appear! 🙂

    • Like all the other crooks they prey on the most vulnerable of us. (Any chance of getting my money back do you think?) Ebay is full of treasures and I love it but it’s very easy to get caried away as you’ll see from the watches bought recently.
      xxx Huge Hugs Kim xxx

  14. Ah, the things we have in common, David: the same types of con artists both adore emailing us…and some even call me at inconvenient hours of the day; I’m a big Simon and Garfunkel fan, so I’m playing this again, even now as I write this; we both are bacon lovers; and…Ta Da! we both love pictures of darling Reuben. Many hugs!

    • They may try calling me too Marylin but I haven’t spoken on a telephone for years so they’d waste their time.. I loved S & G for years and have the concert in the park ( except the DVD has gone walkabout). They made fantastic songs together.
      What’s not to like about bacon???
      I’ll see the real thing later this morning and hope she has new pictures to share.
      xxx Sending Hugs Galore xxx

  15. Your account of ast week sounds much like mine is shaping up to be this week, David. (Does that make sense?) I seem to be forgetting things and doing stuff wrong and mishearing Martin all the time, so I’m not getting the gist of what he’s saying about what we’re going to do. Your account of falling onto your computer chair had me giggling ~ yesterday morning I bent to reach something from a low shelf, couldn’t straighten up and had to sink to all fours and crawl until my back muscles unlocked. Oh the joys of getting older ~ don’t tell my kids, they’ll have me locked up for my own safety! 😉 I blame Mercury going retrograde ~ let’s hope it bucks up and moves forward soon! 🙂 Take care, (((Huge Hugs))) xx

    • I won’t say a word to your kids as long as you don’t tell my daughter that Mercury hasn’t been retrograde for at least a year now. If she finds that out I’ll be crawling on all fours but it won’t be because my back is locked.
      xxx Massive Hugs to you xxx

  16. Another eventful week in Wales by the sound of it.
    One day you will get the upper hand in the battle of the water creatures but it may take some stealth tactics on your part. Not sure the dancing was a good move however it may have put them off a little 😉

    • I don’t think I’m ever destined to get the upper hand with pets. I’ve been the loser with cats rats, degus, budgies and fish so far. I’ll have to declare this a pet free zone once the fish have gone. I’m not sure the dancing was a good idea either but I’m sure it provided some entertainment .for the albino momentarily.
      xxx Huge Hugs Suz xxx

  17. I’m always inspired by the way you spend and document your week. Entertaining and humourous as always. Pls excuse the truncated comment, my PC’s virus filter is taking some of your content very seriously [Be careful with this message. Similar messages were used to steal people’s personal information. Unless you trust the sender, don’t click links or reply with personal information], and only lets me view and comment via the Reader Viewer comment window which types very slowly indeed.

    • Wow, I never considered myself a threat before. I suddenly feel all powerful. I’m glad you still find some entertainment value in my weekly sufferings and humiliations.I’m thinking of memoirs some day based om my experiences as a household inferior.
      I hope you’re both well and getting steadily closer to the goal of Taylor’s Arms.
      xxx Massive Hugs xxx

  18. 😆 “Her ‘Father’ must not have had much time being a warlord judging by the number of female children he has all sending out the same letter…”
    Laughed myself silly reading that. So funny! Congrats on winning the auction. What is an Albert? 😕 I must confess to loving bacon, even though I don’t eat it anymore, I still love the scent when it’s cooking. ((HUGS)) Elizabeth

    • Thank you Elizabeth. An Albert is the chain from the pocket to the pocket watch. Named in honour of Prince Albert who made them popular. See, I run an educational blog too ! The smell of bacon/ the thought of bacon.makes me drool.Damn, a wet patch on my knees again.
      xxx Massive Hugs xxx

  19. Hey, how ya doing? I’m late getting here late. The notification for your post ended up in my spam folder. I’m guessing it was because of the “Tax Collector” inclusion. Touchy, touchy, email. So, David, I dug you out of spam! Enjoy your week, my friend.

  20. Catherine Johnson

    That silver comb gift was a genius idea. Always impressed with how much you recall in these stories, David. Take care!

    • Thanks so much Catherine, sometimes I have my bright moments like that. Now I have to start putting it to use with two 65th birthday and of course the dreaded Christmas.
      Take care too. xxx Massive Hugs xxx

      • Catherine Johnson

        You shouldn’t dread Christmas David. I have a friend from a huge family and they do Secret Santa so each only buys one present and you draw names out of a hat to see who you are buying for. 🙂

      • Ohj heck, I don’t begrudge the money sweetie or buying the gifts.I just find it a time I tend to remember those not with us anymore. Also I have to scratch my head to come up with ideas and all I get are splinters. Sometimes far too many people around for me.
        xxx Huge Hugs xxx

  21. Hi David,
    Sorry it has been a while and I haven’t caught up with you earlier in the week like I said.
    A busy and manic week that I’m glad is over, just one where you feel like you never really se your home and get to sit down. Anyway over now and I can catch up with you.
    I would be such a mess if I had your early morning wake ups! Especially now as the dark mornings are set in.
    I really can’t believe how much spam you get, I have a bit on the blog and its such a pain sorting it all out. Such a flipping watse of time!
    Did I see that your not a fan of Strictly?! We huge fans in our house, {my husband makes out he isn’t but always manges to pop his head in when certain female dancers are on!} Of course we’re rooting for Steve Backshall this year, I think my phone bill may go up with all the voting.
    Glad you can start getting some bits that were stolen, not the same is it, and not nice to have to go through replacing everything.
    I only have to smell bacon and crave it, so thats my choice for breakfast tomorrow now, after all it is Sunday and for once I have no plans!
    Have a good week, looking forward to next post.
    Take care,

    • Don’t apologise Sweetie. I full understand other people have lives. If your week has been busy and manic I’m glad it’s over for you too.
      The early mornings are’nt bad if you can power nap in the afternoon.
      Oh yes, there’ lots of spam.It can be a pain but also sometimes quite useful to give me blog subject.
      No, not much of a Strictly fan I’m afraid. Now there’s a catch up programme at 6.30 pm it’s knocked off one of my quizzes. I did vote for Steve for you though.
      No, it’s not the same as having the original things that mean something but I refuse to let the little sh*t who did the burglary to win. Now I have more things and better locks. His loss.
      I was just trying to work out how lonmg it would take me to get there for breakfast wen I realised I had bacon with my baked potato/beans today. So you’re safe.
      xxx Massive Hugs xxx

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