Help Needed.

Another clear morning with no-one trying to take my money.

Last night a dear friend and great writer from the U.S. called SJ.Sprague ( ) told me of a friend in trouble. It seems a public water main in the street had burst and not only flooded her back yard but also put 5 ft of water in her basement which ruined the heating system completely.

The job won’t be cheap and as she helps run a pet rescue centre it’s going to be very difficult for her to bear. What made the story more ludicrous for me is that the Water Department say they can’t be sued (Why not?), the City say they are exempt from being sued (How?) and her own insurance company won’t pay because the water constitutes a Flood and not an accidental release of water???? As the American’s say “What a crock” and rightly so. I’d suggest that unless they have something written into the policy that denies liability for this kind of damage specifically then they have a liability. And for people/organisations to have an exemption from being sued is patently ridiculous as that gives them cart blanche to always cut corners, use inferior materials  and build shoddily knowing they can’t be touched. Who’s going to stand for that?

The last thing that made me grit my teeth a bit was the press. Two newspapers had given this some coverage, but the local paper refused to. Why? Are they afraid of upsetting City Hall or something. One of the stories is here  and there has been a Fundme account set up if anyone can offer a little help. I that happens to be you and there’s a spare £ or $ this month, please go to   I know many are feeling the pinch these days but with Winter almost upon us no-one wants to be without heat.

Thanks to everyone.



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24 responses to “Help Needed.

  1. As ever, the man or woman in the street is the one to lose out. Sickening. Will tweet. Hugs xx

  2. Sounds like this person is going to need an army of supporters. Water companies are probably too big and important to ever be blamed for doing anything wrong. Now, if the user had accidentally burst a mains pipe…

  3. Everywhere i’ve lived seems to have different rules/laws about utility companies, but one thing is constant — it’s never the water company’s fault. I’m always amazed by the things people have to pay for that really seem the responsibility of the utility company… :/
    Huge hugs David.

  4. Catherine Johnson

    Yikes! That’s terrible.

  5. The client is always right does not apply really, does it? The big ones always win…

  6. And seem to get away with it too Olga.
    xxx Huge Hugs xxx

  7. It must seem to her that there’s no way out of this. Thanks for bringing it to our attention

  8. Yep, a “picture perfect” of misery we’re put through, often not realising until we’re hit – one pays hefty amounts for insurance against things that are probably never going to happen and the things that could happen – like an “accidental” water burst from city pipeline – end up causing more than one serious dent to out financial welfare…oh dear, so sad

    • I agree, it is sad. I do object though to insurance companies treating money like a personal possession they don’t want to share. In this case it’s not a natural flood, it’s man made because of the placement and condition of the pipes. And, for any official entity to declare itself free from the legal consequences of its work like the water authority or the State is plain ridiculous. Everyone including corporations must be responsible for it’s actions.
      xxx Hugs Galore Ina xxx

  9. Wow, David. This is one of those disasters that just leaves you stunned. I’ll go to the link you provide, but I hope your friend will also contact her insurance agent (if this is in the US) and ask for the numbers or addresses of that company’s state AND federal regulatory agencies. She might be surprised what just making that demand will do to get things going. Some insurance agents have the policy of citing the reasons you listed in the post to make claims disappear. But let them know that you are making a specific, legal request (or demand) for higher up contact information, and things often have a way of improving.

    • It is the U.S Marylin. I understand she has a meeting with a representative of the Insurance Company and from the State sometime this week. I can’t believe they didn’t just pay out on a legitimate claim rather than see someone suffer. I have my fingers crossed.
      Thanks so much for the helpful information.
      xxx Massive Hugs xxx

  10. David, you are such a kind person. One of the best humanity has. I have a friend who has had to abandon his house because of a leak in his water meter (which the water company is responsible for) but, even though he has shown them where it leaks, they deny it. This has added up to so much due in water fees, he had to turn the water off and leave the home. Giant HUGS to you, dear friend.

    • That’s a terrible story Elizabeth. Has anyone started a GoFundMe for your friend? There must be someone who can apply pressure to the water company like help from a Senator or a lawyer’s letter. I just can’t understand companies like this dodging their responsibilities.
      Thank you for your lovely comments.
      xxx Massive Hugs xxx

  11. Why is it that normal people lose out because of mistakes from ‘bigger’ organisations. It makes me so mad when it isn’t your own mistake.

    • They aren’t big enough to admit they make mistakes very often Kim. Denial is always the first tactic. I’ve never known one over here say that you’re not allowed to sue them though because they’re exempt. That’s just daft.
      xxx Huge Hugs xxx

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