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Blog Award

These days I’m more reluctant to accept blog awards because of the amount of time they can tie up. I’m truly grateful for the nominations and love the friends who have made the gesture.

However, today I was nominated for an award with a difference, there are no rules attached. I’m therefore doubly grateful to my wonderful friend and a great writer Jane Dougherty of   http://janedougherty.wordpress.com   who as nominated me for the ‘One Lovely Blog  Award’ and I’m happy to follow her lead in how to deal with it.


About myself. I’m not currently writing any books and spend most of my time on the internet answering mail, tweeting other authors books and/or commenting on their blogs and preparing my own once weekly blog.  There are times when circumstances warrant it that I will do more than one blog a week but I have to think it’s either important enough or funny enough not to bore anyone ( Here’s the exception that proves the rule ).

Bloggers or Blogs I think deserve the same award.

  Jo Robinson  africolonialstories.wordpress.com

@  Alisa Abraham   

            Olga N Munez    OlgaNM.com

  Gilda Evans  gildaevans.com

  Teagan Geneviene   teagansbooks.wordpress.com   No-one should miss the 3 Ingredients serial.

    Kim Gosselin   http://kimgosselinblog.com/  Finding beauty in a world of pain.

    Sally Cronin   smorgasbordinvitation.wordpress.com

  Belinda Witzenhausen   belindawitzenhausen.com

@A.C.Flory  A.C.Flory   acflory.wordpress.com

@CandyKorman  Candy Korman  www.candysmonsters.com/

@CFFbooks     Christoph Fischer  christophfischerbooks.com

There are lots of blogs I recognise as brilliant out there like Seumas Gallacher and Chris, The Story Reading Ape, Carol E Wyer at Facing 50 with humour, K.D.Keenan at Obsidianmirrorblog and Christy Birmingham at Poetic Parfait, and hundreds more but they’ll understand that I can’t include everybody. All my friends deserve a pat on the back so let it be implied if your name isn’t here, and please, if your name has appeared, don’t take it that you have to accept the award if you have an award free blog. It’s just my recognition of the entertainment or education you provide me.

Hugs to the World

David  17.10.2014


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