Darts Practice & Half and Half Insanity.


I managed a 4.56 am today which means I slept almost 4 hours. Wow, aren’t you all jealous? ( Sorry, just stopped to wipe the sarcasm off my chin ). Usually I’m quite happy with that and I was at first, but the longer I was up the tireder (more tired ) I got.  After the usual trip to the loo I got to work on the emails. When you first look it seems to be OK but after an hour they don’t seem to be any less and if you press the refresh button OMG I swear you get more than the load you just did. It’s self-perpetuating. I’m sure Confucius must have pronounced on it at some stage, Email have veritable life of their own, If you not watch, they breed behind scenes.  I’m sure General Sun Tzu would have also had wise words about defence from such an onslought. Me, I’m such a pacifist I treat them all as worthy of reading, even when they’re from every fraud around the globe with emphasis on Nigeria. Hmm, I wonder whether my psychic predicted that.

At 7.00 am, just to save me hitting my chin on the desk I went through to the kitchen. Big Al was swimming and didn’t stop even when the light went on, or when I stuck my ugly mug up against the glass to scare him. The biggest plec who I shall now call Big Tony ( no reason) must have thought I looked like algae as he plonked himself on the piece of glass my nose was touching. I got so cross-eyed trying to look at him I almost fell over. Big Al just carried on swimming like I wasn’t there. I fed them just to get Tony off my nose. After taking my meds I prepared Mike’s mug for later (Much later ) and made my own coffee to take through. Drinking it at my desk revived me enough to carry on. There were some nice comments to last night’s blog and I thank you all very much for that. To be honest I’ve been feeling that the humour has dropped off a lot lately though Yvonne assures me her daddy is as funny as always. I have been thinking of giving it up and concentrating on tweeting for authors and doing the odd interview ( yes I know, all my interviews are odd).

At 9.30 am just before I nodded off over the keyboard I took my mug through to wash. At this point I decided to have a wash to freshen myself up a bit but I wasn’t concerned about getting dressed. I took Mike a drink in at 9.50 am and warned him it was almost 10.00 am, which makes me a liar he says. I repeated myself about 3 times so he had to grunt three times in response. I was hopeful that was enough to wake him as his night had been a reasonable length even though he’d not been well before he went to sleep. I think he was overtired. When I went to the loo during the night I could see him through his open bedroom door and he was snoring for Britain. My repetitions must have had an effect as he came into the lounge within about 5 minutes. It was another half hour before he could speak but at least he was up. He asked how I was getting on trying to buy this special gift for Yvonne and when he heard I was having no success offered to take us into Flint to look in a Catalogue Returns Shop. So, at 11.15 am we were both dressing as rapidly as possible ( underpants can look good on your head when you have my style) ready to go out. I was in my posh frock today, Sunday best.

We had no luck in that shop either though I found a great sports jacket in Mike’s size and he really liked it. We both chipped in for it and I got him a snazzy pair of trousers to keep here as he sometimes forgets to bring something nice to wear if we go out. We took the opportunity ( naturally) to go round another shop while we were there and picked up some chocs for Angie and Rob. I’d already put a tub in the car for everyone. At 12.20 pm we started our journey to The Ivy. Tariq was dressed much better today but looked really harrassed. It was Angie who took the drinks order and Rob who brought them over. I’m determined to get him to hug as a greeting. Tariq said hello and brought a piece of wood to show Mike as a suggestion as to what his frames should be made from. Very nice, Mike agreed. It will be ordered. Mike ordered a cauliflower cheese dish with bacon and I had a breakfast brunch today. We took our time and I was glad to see the place fill up quite nicely. It’s great to see the repeat custom. Next Sunday is the day we take Mike there for a birthday lunch ( what a change) so there will be 5 adults, Mike and Reuben there.

Mike wasn’t in a rush today as he saw his father on Friday. When we got back from lunch we just spent a companionable period in the lounge. Mainly Mike accompanied his snores and I accompanied mine. We must have slept for an hour and when I woke at 4.00 pm Mike was surfacing too. I had a hard time coming round. Mike said it was time for him to go while there was still some light. I waved him off at the door and turned round to see how bad the mail was. Needless to say I haven’t been through to see any TV at all this evening. It’s now 11.35 pm and there is still mail in my boxes. I’ll give it a few more minutes then call it a night.



Happy Rubes 1




I rose and shone at 3.51 am. Actually the only thing that shone was my torch as I used it to scan the floor for obstacles designed to trip me or stub my toe. You may well mock me but such things exist and are placed there during the night by some unknown organisation who’ve never forgiven us for leaving shoes out to be repaired at night. I blame Hans Christian Anderson myself. I turned the computer on and set about dealing with the mail. Apart from two banks who would like me to update my information there were also two sales on that wouldn’t let me look at their stuff until 7.00 am, maybe they should stop sending out their emails until that time then. The rest of the mail was my normal, sensible, work ready for commenting on and tweeting.

By 5.30 pm I noticed I was going blind. Then I realised I was yawning so widely my lips were covering my eyes. I was tired but it wasn’t worth going back to bed and then having to get up again for the fish. I decided to hang on until about 6.30 am an do everything at once. That’s a plan.  I struggled on and at the appointed time went through to the kitchen narrowly being missed by a charity clothing bag which came sailing though the letterbox. I put food in for the fish but there was no sign of Big Al this morning. I didn’t think I had time for hide and seek. Then on automatic pilot I took my drugs, for some reason including my diabetic one which meant I had to wait 15 minutes and put some toast on. As the toast was doing I made a coffee ready to take the after food tabs, it was ready as the toast was. I had strawberry jam on the toast then washed the plate and took the two tablets with my coffee.. By now of course the yawning has stopped and I don’t feel like going back to bed. Back into dealing with the post.

It was 8.45 am before Pauline came this morning. I wasn’t feeling too good at all so after she told me she needed to leave early and go to a doctor’s appointment, I explained I wasn’t well and just asked her to give a general tidy where it was needed. I knew last week she’d mentioned cleaning the kitchen windowsill which was good. I lay down on the bed and to show I was serious turned off the overhead light. The pain gripped. Spray, it went, leaving a headache as always. I started to nod when a cupboard door slammed and I came awake. There were more noises, probably worse because I felt delicate like a big hangover leaves you. I started to nod again and heard my voice called. Pauline was letting me know she was going now. I got up and paid her, closed the door after her and took my mug through to the kitchen to wash it. I did the windowsill while I was there.

Back to the computer to catch up on post and also to check ebay to see if I’m having any luck. That would be a NO then so I decided to pay for a few things in my trolley and make the Christmas list smaller still. I really couldn’t be bothered getting dressed today so I soldiered on till lunchtime then went through to make something. It was after I’d finished and dealt with the washing up that sleep came. Just when they were about to take their purchases to the auction in my antiques show. I slept for an hour and a half and when I saw it was 2.30 pm I jumped up like a scalded cat and roped to the bedroom ( part ran-part loped) and got my tissues ready for when I saw the in boxes. Two packets I used. My next victim interviewee had written with his answers and had also included the entrance exam  for getting into Cambridge in the form of some questions for me since I stupidly bravely agreed to an interview too. I’ve done so many there’s nothing new to say except a change in clothes size from too many bad meals. It took forever to complete the questions and prepare my page for the morning before I was able to tackle the backlog. I broke off at 4.30 to 6.00 pm for a break then right back into it. I need to stay on top of it tonight and get some sleep as it’s flu jab day tomorrow and I might even try a little bit of shopping.

listen with mother 8 USE

Happy Rubes 8

And finally, this song is for Reuben. I really dislike it but it suits him to the ground.


I crawled out of my pit this morning at 4.17 am. I should laugh now as I know that Christoph Fischer beat me by almost an hour and had to take his dogs for a walk. The fish may have me under the thumb but at least I don’t have to do that for them. I felt like death warmed up but I couldn’t go back to bed as it’s the darts match this morning when we find out which arm is being given he flu this year. I have two questions for you all.

1. Do all writers get up at insane times?

2. Why does he flu jab always feel like you’ve been kicked by a shire horse? I don’t even know which flu we’re fighting this year. Oi, you at the back, there was no need of that remark about it being swine flu so why do I need a jab?

My first job after getting rid of Lake Tanganyika was to publish the interview I did of Christoph. I always try and put them out on Tuesdays so they’re up for a few days. I had another go at correcting the font size which for some reason gets converted to ‘Granny needs a magnifying glass’  in some places by WordPress. When I do the interview it’s all the same size and same font and I cut and paste it over so it should remain the same. Nope, every time I change it, it changes back. My only problem with WordPress is they don’t allow you access to font sizes, at least not on the free blogs. People were obviously about in other countries as the comments started coming in quite soon, There have been quite a lot of likes from new (to me) bloggers all day.

At 6.30 am I went through to the kitchen. No sign of movement as I put the light on. I wonder if I’ve finally broken the will of Big Al . He stayed in his corner brooding as I fed them. Mind you there’s so much weed these days, finding him is getting harder and him finding the food is like a metal detectorist finding a horde of  Saxon treasure. It’s been done, but not often. Backing away to ensure my safety I headed for my morning drugs and sprays. I stood on my left leg to take them and held the right leg up. That’s where all the weight seems to be now so I’ll let some gather in the left leg for a while. Also, if Big Al is looking he may think it’s a Kung Fu move called ‘The Stork’ and get worried. Because I felt I was fading fast I thought the condemned man should have one last meal so I put some toast on and had jam with it again. I took my coffee through and continued with my post. Nothing stupid so far.

I stopped work at 8.30 am and got dressed. It’s been a foul night for wind no, gales, I’m not having rude jokes here. The rain has been coming down too. At 9.00 am I left to catch the bus. My appointment is for 9.57 am, how specific is that ! I expected a bus at 9.15 am but one drew up as I arrived which was going the right way so I took that. I was in town for jut after 9.10 am and in the surgery for 9.20 am. It wasn’t nice enough to wander round the shops first so I thought it better to be dry. I logged myself in through the date of birth screen and took a seat. I’d only just got comfy when I was called. I had to look at the sheet to make sue it wasn’t someone else with my name (The very idea) but it was me. I was assaulted, done and dusted before 9.25 am. The sister told me to sit out front for 5-10 minutes for what sounded like in case I was needed. I gave them two minutes and left. I don’t trust the surgery not to have booked me in with a doctor.

I lit up a cigarette just outside the surgery gates an wandered back towards town where I visited one of the Lidl supermarkets and bought a few bits and bobs for MuJo, especially her marzipan chocolate she likes so much. As I came out there was a bus waiting at the bus station ( a grand name for two islands in the street). I caught that and was home before my appointment was actually due. I visited Pauline’s for bread and cigarettes before going in. I knew the post would have accumulated while I was out but thought I’d catch up easily. Before I could start there was a knock and my postie delivered a parcel which tuned out to be part of Muriel’s Christmas present. I think there will be deliveries every day this week now.

I started work and struggled on until 11.30 am when I decided on pizza for lunch. After doing what I needed to, I settled down with my programme but was asleep by 12.30 pm and it was almost 2.00 pm before my eyes opened again. That was it, sheer panic now. I flew to the bedroom, opened the mil boxes and felt even worse. I had to struggle on even though my eyes kept closing and my chin hitting my chest. I couldn’t catch up. I think it’s all your fault Christoph. At 4.30 pm I had to close it down again and go through as Ugo and Reuben could be here any minute. If I don’t go to Chester on a Tuesday morning, they come here at night. It was raining and I saw Ugo come into sight, carrying the open pushchair in one hand and a wriggling son in the other. I headed for the door but they beat me. Ugo put Reuben down and I held my arms open, Reuben came to me. I carried him through to the lounge an started doing our usual which is pointing out all the photographs and saying who they are, and showing himself in the mirror and saying where’s Reuben?

The minute I put him down the mayhem started. While Ugo and I were catching up, Reuben was systematically emptying my table top and trying to make phone calls on the TV remote which just meant turning the TV off or changing channels. He seemed to have an awful lot of hands for one little boy. When Ugo went off to get tea a few minutes later it was just Reuben and I left. I remembered a joke handbell I’d used for Ju when she was ill so I took him through to get it. Great , he was like Quasimodo on speed except I don’t think Quasimodo tried to swallow his bells. By the time Ugo came back I had a real ringing in my ears. Ugo had bought me some chips with curry sauce which I really enjoyed and Reuben got a very small fish and chips which Ugo fed him. All was going well until Ugo removed a pen from Reuben’s hand- very gently. The tantrum that followed had to be seen to be believed. Screams, going rigid, not breathing and going ed in the face, and that was just Ugo. Reuben was much worse with tears like someone had just murdered his pet dog.You just have to remain calm during this rather than react so I think I fell asleep again.

They left about 6.15 pm to get Reuben home for bath and bed. I had the last quarter hour of Eggheads before coming back through to the bedroom where I’ve been ever since. Help I’m being held prisoner. I broke off the post to do the blog while my eyes are still open- just. I’ll go back for a last few minutes then I must get some sleep so I’m on form for games night tomorrow, The enemy are winning too many.

Superboy remembers he's not wearing his costume.

Superboy remembers he’s not wearing his costume.


Well, you can take your pick about this morning. I got up at 1.45 am convinced it was 7.45 am. I went back to bed sharpish. I got up at 2.17 am and though I could see the time my bladder couldn’t and thought it was later. I went, then I went back to bed. I got up for the third time at 5.14 am an knew that was my lot. Mind you I was glad it had allowed me to stay there so late this time. Not immediately needing the loo I turned the computer on instead. What a lot of mail. The interview yesterday has proved very popular an I’m being notified that lots of people have re-tweeted it. Not only does he draw the crowds he adds to my workload too.

I didn’t go through to the kitchen until 7.00 am today. I turned the main light on which must have told Big Al I was there then I turned the lamp on in the tank and highlighted him in the open. I saw him do an Elvis sneer at which point a bubble escaped which was probably a swear word or maybe a threat, before he turned and swam off to his corner and his cronies or his minions whatever they are. Reeling ( not Scottish reeling as that involves dance) from the insult I turned and went to take my tablets and then put some toast under the gorilla. Ach, worst ever. In an attempt to be more health conscious ( stop giggling uncontrollably at the back Ms.Flory) I bought some Warburton’s half and half bread. I’m quite sure there are people among us who like eating brown bread, no doubt with treatment they can be cured, But surely there can’t be many who like half and half which I had real trouble swallowing. It took more chewing than toffee and was determined to resist any attempt to swallow. I must have looked like a cow chewing cud. Eventually I did the only thing I could. Had the other half of the first slice reluctantly and emptied the whole second slice into the food waste bin. Just to be clear here, I like Warburton’s WHITE bread and their other products, all I can say is, no wonder they reduced the price on this.

I took my coffee back through to the bedroom and carried on working. No rush to get dressed as I’m not going anywhere. I’ll wait for a natural break. Ha, what natural break? The post kept coming in. It was 10.40 am when I heard the postman. I didn’t have time to open the door before he’d deposited my mail so I just bent down and picked it up while shouting thank you. I just got upright when a small parcel came through so down I went again,And up, and another parcel. And down, retrieve and up. And down, retrieve and up. I felt like one of those ostriches you set to sticking it’s beak in a glass of wine that goes up and down like it’s drinking. My postie could have just knocked and given me the lot in one fell swoop. Perhaps that wouldn’t have been fun, at least for him. As I took them through to be opened and the package labelled with the name I thought it an ideal time to get dressed.

At 11.30 am it was time to think about preparing luncheon. Braised steak and baby potatoes today. Rather than take a chance on wasting anything important I decided just not to bother with veg. As usual I enjoyed it while watching my antique programme. After finishing I waited for a lull in proceedings to go wash my plate etc. I came back for the other half and found myself contentedly nodding. I let it happen even though I’d miss the auction. I was out a good hour. It would have been longer if someone hadn’t let out a massive snort somewhere and woken me up. I went back to work.  By 4.30 pm I’d made a dent in the work but I’d had enough, by which I mean the second antiques show is on. I watched that then prepared the mugs for Dil and Matt’s arrival which wasn’t long in coming. No Lee tonight so I had to ask Matt if he could help me get rid of a virus that’s appeared on the computer and keeps taking over my search engine. I still can’t figure out why some pariah would want to create something to cause others so many problems. Deprived, childhood, orphaned young, the excuses are endless yet others coped without the nastiness of creating viruses.

Matt couldn’t sort the problem but found some instructions that suggested how. We left it at that and went to set up the games table.We started with the Yahtzee. I don’t know why I bothered I might as well not have been there. The two of them were throwing Yahtzees with gay abandon while I struggled to even get my bonus. Needless to say out of the six games I won precisely nil. I think the overall honours went to Matt with 4 wins out of the 6. Nomination whist didn’t start too well either with me trailing badly in third place while those two got their shouts. I took a swig of my traditional lemonade and was revitalised. For sponsorship I’ll even name the brand and smack my lips a few times. I started my comeback and by the last third of the game I was in control, though not by much. The lead was alternating back and forth between Dil and I but the last four hands saw him off and I sailed to a comfortable victory.

Time was getting on now and we only had time for a short game of Crazy 8’s. Believe me it was going to be a short game the way Dil played.I just piled on the points till I reached the 301 required to knock me out. Dil was barely in double figures. OK, so it’s honours even tonight. Dil helped put away the stuff and Matt helped me sort the throw from the settee out as it was more on the floor than the settee somehow. They left and I washed the pots and removed the debris from Matt’s snacking. Time to get to work again. It’s taken me from 9.30 until gone midnight to get to a nearly clear box.


a 4.21 am start this morning. I think I’m going to be glad of the early start as a text from MuJo say there’s a visit today. That’ll be good, but it will put me behind again if I can’t work between about 10.00 am and 4.00 pm. And if Mike decides to come tonight I’m in real trouble, I might as well forget sleep. Anyhoo, on with the show. I was delighted that there weren’t many messages overnight though to be fair from when I stopped to when I started, there wasn’t much night anyway. There was enough to keep me going until 6.30 am when I decided it was a good time ( if there is such a thing) to feed Big Al and his cohorts. There was no movement as the main light went on and less than no movement ( that’s movement in reverse) when I put the tank light on. I could see a little gimlet eye watching me from a corner of the tank. If he was a painting, he’d have eyes that followed you round a room only in his case I think they’d follow you from room to room except perhaps the loo as he’s just not that kind of  fish.

I wasn’t brave enough to face any toast using the half and half today so after my tablets were out of the way I just made my coffee and took it through. I remembered I hadn’t put any music on last night’s blog and somehow ended up with a musical feast. Rod Stewart was the horse’s doofer and the Bee Gee’s the main course ( Sir Geoffrey saved the world , Massive Chew Sets, World and Words then for dessert Deacon Blue, Prefab Sprout and Frankie Goes to Hollywood. I was thinking of some Japan but you know how Oriental meals leave you wanting more.

At 9.00 am I decided to get dressed so I don’t scare anyone if I go to the bins. I was ready for the arrival at any time then. I carried on working and keeping pace with the mail in the meantime. They arrived at 10.15 am, just after I’d had a message from Mike about coming down today. He tells me he may be here for a week while his grandchildren are on half term. He’ll arrive this afternoon. I made or rather saw to cold drinks for MuJo as it’s not as cold today and they say it’s warm out. We chatted about our prospective week and I handed them the chocolate I picked up from Lidl on Tuesday. I also picked up a heat pack at the same time for Muriel’s shoulder which she was pleased about. John had brought two watches down to have batteries put in at the market so we headed in that direction at 11.15 am. Bl**dy typical, the watch man wasn’t there today. Of all the weeks to choose. John said he’d leave the watches with me but he hasn’t done so. We went to their favourite haunt for lunch even though my Kassidy’ is so close and John’s chippie is just a few steps away. I’m afraid I don’t find this place very friendly at all. It lacks atmosphere.

After lunch we had a walk up the High Street while Mu went to the Post Office and John could visit the charity shops. Mu also picked up some local potatoes from the greengrocer before we headed back to the car. Off to Flint next where they had a disagreement about Mu’s driving. John is ultra critical sometimes and is the real back seat driver in the front. Sometimes Mu gets a bit annoyed about it. I just stood around like a lemon while they argued. We went off to my favourite shops so I could get chocolates for the girls in Temptations and I was also able to pick up a toy for my Great Grand Nephew who I’ll see before Christmas. It’s funny to think he’s only a tad older than Reuben but is a generation further down the line. I’d hate to try and work out the relationship between the two of them. I’m also starting to look out for stocking present s from now on  and I think I’ve only two main presents left to get. I ordered Yvonne’s birthday present for December yesterday. We piled the stuff in the car and went for a drink at Temptations. Ceri was there but I didn’t really get a chance to talk. They liked the choice of chocolates today though. I bought some 65th birthday cards ready for Mike and Muriel while I was there.

Back home again afterwards I did some ice cream for MuJo and Mike arrived. They chatted and I took the chance to change into my jeans. Have I mentioned before I was in my 30’s before I wore jeans? Julia virtually had to hide all my trousers until in desperation I put a pair on. I now like to wear them round the house and even go out in them sometimes, slim fit of course. MuJo left at 4.30 pm and I watched my antiques show with Mike then he let me disappear from 5.15 pm to 6.00 pm to start the work. At 6.00 I watched Eggheads with him then he told me the new Big Bang Theory started tonight . I worked hard from 6.30 pm to 8.00 pm then went back through. We had some mince pies and custard while we watched what turned out to be a repeat before the new one started at 8.30 pm so I had to stay of course. The new episode was a corker, it’s guaranteed to put a smile on my face that show, but the minute it finished I raced through to start again and haven’t been allowed to move off my seat since then. Hopefully I’ll just make bed at midnight. Mike turned his TV off at 11.00 tonight, colour me shocked.


4.37 am. The automatic burglar deterrent light came on in the lounge which wasn’t where I expected to find myself. If I’d needed to go to the loo and taken the usual direction I could have found myself standing in a puddle in the airing cupboard from there. As it was I needed to go now, and luckily I was awake. After washing my hands I went to the bedroom I should have come from and turned the computer on. It must have been the start of National Crazies Day as I had two polite but urgent letters both purporting to be from the same bank, from two different people who were both the manager offering to split the multi millions of two other different people both of whom suffered fatal accidents with no will and no relatives. Life’s a bitch ain’t it. I had one message to say I’d been sent a photograph again, and we all know what that means for me, temporary blindness and night sweats. One further bank told me they need my details updating or they won’t be able to clear my direct debits this month- TOUGH. At least I was starting the day with a smile.

There were a lot of messages again this morning so I settled down for the long haul. At 6.30 am though I broke off because I needed to do my weeks drugs  once I’d done the usual tour of duty. So, I turned on the kitchen light and almost died with panic. I could see Big Al’s tail sticking out of the filter . I could almost have won the 100 meter dash getting over to the tank if it hadn’t been for the kitchen only being about 3 meters long, but I was fast, mainly because I tripped and went down like I was poleaxed. I clawed my way upright and started cleaning things off the top of the tank to open the lid. It was then I noticed something white lying at the bottom of the tank gawping up at me as though I were insane. A closer look revealed a leaf sticking out from the filter. I removed it as casually as I could imagining Big Al watching me call a crash team for a leaf or trying to give it the kiss of life. I retreated to my side of the room to take my morning meds and then spend time filling the pots up for the week before taking my coffee back to my room.

At 8.00 am Mike’s alarm went off and woke me up leaning over the keyboard. I was very surprised he had his alarm on at all when he doesn’t need too. He’s supposed to relax here except on a Saturday when I bully him . I was doing OK with the mail by then so I took time out to prepare his mug and boil the kettle before coming back and getting rid of a little more. Imagine my surprise when at 8.20 am I heard him get up and go through to the lounge. I headed in that direction and made the drink. ” Good morning” I said “why have you set your alarm when you didn’t need too”? “Because I wanted to,” was the response which didn’t seem to bode well for the day, till we all wake up with the grumps as a friend of mine used to say till her husband left home.

There were only half a dozen or so emails left to do so I went back to those and gave Mike chance to drink his coffee in peace. I wasn’t long but he was much happier when I went back through. He asked what I’d like to do with the day and I said there was nothing really but if we were out I’d like to call in one of the shops in town for some Holywell Christmas cards and maybe some tea pods for the Tassimo. It was good because that meant he could relax a bit and be under no pressure. Of course at that point I couldn’t forsee the future. After a while I went back through to refresh the mail and check to see if more needed doing. There were some but I also looked at some things on ebay I was bidding for. Most ended at 8.00 pm tonight. While I was on Mike came through and we started looking at watches which is his main focus in collecting part from his dragons. He saw a couple he liked the look of and wanted to bid on so he went through to the lounge to load the laptop. This machine is so old it needs a man turning a crankshaft to get it going. It can be very frustrating with it’s speed. It obviously was very frustrating as there were curses coming from the lounge and they had legs enough to walk to my room still loud. Eventually things quietened so I knew he must have the bids on. Having finished the mail I got dressed.

Mike got dressed too and called me through to show me the suit he’d brought for Sunday’s celebrations. I’ll make the effort and put a suit on as well now. At about 11.00 am we headed for town and the tea pods where I also bought some pickled beetroot. Then it was to the other shop and with Mike’s help the Holywell  cards were found, then he found some more cards he knew I’d need and the bill was going up and up. I crossed my fingers I had enough to pay, I did. Having filled up from the cash machine which kindly didn’t laugh in my face we paid one further visit to the Lidl to pickup some batteries I’d seen on a special offer the other day. Then it was time to head for lunch. A major shock when we got there to find Angie in on her day off. Shella was in the kitchen and Tariq was doing odd jobs about the place. He did come over for a hug though and to tell Mike he’d have to choose a different wood for his frames. The nice thing about the Ivy is that service isn’t slow but it’s still easy to spend an age there. We had s to pick up sticks a bit smartish when we realised it wasn’t far off the time when the first of Mike’ watches were coming up.

We made it in time but the poor old laptop came in for some verbal abuse again for not allowing him to bid quickly enough. He lost the auction by £1. The good news is though he won one later for a very low price but he can’t decide now if he likes the colour. I worked the afternoon away with just a break for my antique show  until finally I was up to date and could get my hair washed, have a shower and spend some time in Mike’s company. At 9.00 pm I came through to work . Usually I’m alone but Mike’s just been through to check out my bags of last years Christmas gifts ( I’ve got plenty of socks everyone) to compress things a bit. I have to go now and actually do a bit more work now he’s gone.


Today it was 3.12 am and I’m not sure it’s even worth going to bed anymore. I managed to do really well with last nights messages so that as 6.00 am approached I felt safe in going through to the lounge.  The ‘office’ chair can become quite uncomfortable after a prolonged sitting  and I needed something softer, my chair in the lounge can provide that with a special gel pressure cushion issued when Ju was ill. We did arrange to return it but they never came so it sits under me waiting for them now. I reached a point of being tired and shut my eyes just for a few minutes, about 75 of them in all. When I woke I realised Mike’s alarm hadn’t disturbed me so it was likely he hadn’t set it. He was still snoring merrily so was obviously in deep sleep, I thought “Beggar it” and left him. Normally I’d have gone through to feed Big Al and his mob and taken my tablets but I fixated on something outside the window and just drifted away with the fairies. Completely oblivious to anything outside my focus . The next thing I knew was Mike coming through and asking why I hadn’t woken him. It was 8.00 am. I just said I din’t have a sledgehammer handy and went through to make him a coffee, take my meds ( completely forget the fish ) and dash off to get dressed so I could take the rubbish out. Mike moved at the speed of light himself and was ready and raring to go by 8.30 am so in fact getting up an hour later had only delayed departure by half an hour?

The weather threatened rain but was reasonable during the journey and we reached the supermarket in good time. As it happened I wanted less than usual too so by rights we should have gained time on that leg of the journey. Leaving there after a coffee we headed towards Flint but detoured to visit a shop I like to see the Christmas decorations and the gifts. It wasn’t as good as usual which is probably down to the Halloween decorations taking up shelf space. Next stop Ceri and Temptations for a laugh, which it was as usual. But the time is disappearing down a black hole. It’s already 12.00 pm before we’ve been round any shops and that’s with me deciding not to shop for frozen food today. By the time we’d had our coffee it was already 1.30 pm. Now lets get it right, an hour late getting up, but only half an hour late leaving now equals almost 2 hours adrift somewhere. By the time we reached the Ivy without a detour home to unpack it was nearly 2 a flipping clock ! Luckily we could both see what we wanted for lunch and ordered straight away. Tariq came for his hug and disappeared on some odd job or other. Angie made the drinks which Rob delivered to the table for us. We nipped out for a cigarette and as we came back in the meal was arriving. It was fairly quiet at that time and Shella came out from the kitchen to say hello and then to joke with Angie which kept us entertained.

We had to leave fairly quickly after lunch as Mike had an auction on ebay just after 3.00 pm. It was either that or the fact I hadn’t paid the bill. We just had time to put the shopping away and open a couple of parcels I found before Mike parked himself in front of the laptop for his usual cursing session and I parked myself in front of the computer for my usual screaming session. What !!! Over 200 flippin’ emails since this morning, it’s rickydoodlearse. I hammered away at them but found two problems quite early on. My hammer was quite blunt and I had to keep shaking myself awake before I tattooed my forehead with the outline of my ash tray. When Mike called me through at 6.00 pm I hadn’t made much of an impression except as a comedian maybe. At 6.45 pm I came back to it and perhaps managed to get rid of twice as many as had been delivered since I left. A losing battle. Still I worked on until 8.30 pm and felt I was beginning to see daylight ( figuratively speaking only since it was quite dark ), I allowed myself a break to see Would I lie to You? which ended at 9.15 pm. I came back through then for the final surge. The mail just refuses to stop, it’s worse than the Pony Express.



independance day 3 USE




This music is requested by Mike.


I wish you all a Great New Week.



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40 responses to “Darts Practice & Half and Half Insanity.

  1. 7,355 words … you seem to be a lucky guy that I am such a fast reader … may be thanks to Big Al? Or due to that crankshaft laptop of old? Questions upon questions upon questions … 🙂

    • It seems I am lucky you’re such a fast reader. I didn’t know I’d written so many words but to be fair it did take me a week. Probably nothing is thanks to Big Al except any injuries I get around the house.
      Questions should be answered if they can be……
      xxx Huge Hugs xxx

  2. So sorry you weren’t feeling well that day, David. Sounds miserable.
    Oh-oh, looks like Reuben is really getting around well. And the way to handle a toddler’s temper tantrums is to fall asleep? Good strategy, but what a talent you must have to achieve it. And a new super power from Big Al – the Elvis sneer. Another great week for your diary. Mega-hugs my friend.

    • We all have days like that teagan. Yes, Reuben is a handful,I have to nail everything down or use superglue.
      Big Al is very talented I think, though malicious.
      Thanks so much Teagan, I send you xxx Massive Hugs and Love xxx

  3. For someone wasn’t feeling well, David, your ability to present great music/video choices, to amaze us with the super-kid Reuben pictures, AND quote Confucius’ “Email have veritable life of their own, If you not watch, they breed behind scenes,” well, I’d say your energy level was amazingly high.
    Have a great week, David. Many hugs!

    • As always Marylin, you do what you have to. The music is a highlight for me as I get to listen to it as I choose it then see it fresh again when I publish.
      Have a Wonderful week Marylin, I send you xxx Hugs Galore xxx

  4. No kidding about email reproduction! Happy is one of my favorites, too. So glad you played it for Reuben. Your trials at home remind me of my own, but mine aren’t that funny! You’re beginning to blog another book, I fear.
    Oh, and no we don’t all get up that early. Some of us just stay up really late and never get caught up anyway. Cheers and Hugs (of course)!

    • So the emails are breeding worldwide it seems.That song just seemed to suit Reuben down to the ground- except when he’s having a paddy of course. I think how funny our trials at home are is a matter of perspective.. mine is that unless I make it sound better I’ve nothing to write about. I’m 100% sure I’m not blogging another book.
      I reckon with you staying up late and me getting up early, you’ll be telling me Goodnight as I wish you Good Morning.
      xxx Humongous Hugs xxx

  5. Know what you mean about copy and paste fonts on wordpress, sometimes they work and sometimes they don’t, I can end up re-typing sections at times. Would love to had font size choices.

  6. carolewyer

    In answer to your first question…yes, writers keep ridiculous hours and either get up early, go to bed very late or, as in my case, don’t sleep at all for days. It’s such a welcome break to come over here and hear what you’ve been up to. Sorry you’ve been ill. Hope you’re feeling more chipper now. ‘Happy’ and Reuben go hand in hand. His cheery face made me smile back.

    XX Huge Weekend HugsXX

  7. Another full on week David. I’m pleased the flu vaccine wasn’t too bad. I think you’ll be racing after Reuben any day now. Although I don’t know him personally, I think ‘Happy’ really suits him well. I don’t get as many e-mails as you do (thankfully!) but the decided to migrate one of my accounts and I started receiving notifications for all kinds of things…Great idea the interviews but you’re making even more work for yourself, but many thanks!

    • I hope your emails don”t build up too much Olga. They can sneak up behind you. Reuben is usually a cheerful child but when he’s teething look out! The interviews are a way of paying back kindnesses or paying it forward. We all need a little help sometimes.
      xxx Massive Hugs xxx

  8. Loved the photos of Reuben, as always, but am I the only one who’s shocked at how fast he’s grown? At this rate he’ll be shaving soon. 😉

  9. What a cute and happy child, Reuben! 🙂 Wonderful diary! I am sorry , you have been ill, I hope, you are feeling more better now.

    • Thank you, he is happy usually. A little gem..
      Thanks so much for the kind comment about the diary. Sometimes it’s fun.
      I’m sure I’m fully recovered now thanks, it was nothing major.
      xxx Huge Hugs xxx

  10. The humour of your daily/weekly blog remains chuckle-worthy! You have plenty of laugh fodder that no-one else could do anything with I’m sure – Big Al, the music selection; emails, early morning wake ups and so on, plus Mike 😉

    • Thanks so much. I suppose there are always self doubts, but as long as some people are still enjoying itI suppose I can keep watching thislot and writing about them.
      xxx Massive Hugs to you both xxx

  11. Thanks for the pics of Reuben. I’m beginning to look forward to seeing his cheery face on Monday mornings. Didn’t go a bundle on the playlist this week 😦 Golden Brown for me will forever be Gordon Brown.

  12. Maggie Thom

    Hey. Sounds like Big Al is playing a game with you. 🙂 Oh Reuben is exploring his curiosity – so cute. A cool age but rather exhausting. Take care of yourself and have a fantastic week. Many Hugs…

    • I think Big Al, is having a great time scaring me. Reuben is definitely exhausting.I’m glad I can give him back when I’ve had enough.
      Please keep well.
      xxx Sending Humongous Hugs xxx

  13. Wotcha. I’ve got a new Scrabble word for you, David – Quoph. Isn’t that brilliant? Please don’t tell me you’re doing Christmas shopping already. I can’t bear it.

    • That’s a great word Elaine. I’ll have to look it up now.
      Sorry Sweetie, I’m well on the way with the Christmas shopping but it’s finances dictating the early move, I need to be sure I can manage to get all the gifts I need. A good time to start !!
      xxx Mammoth Hugs xxx

  14. This writer goes to bed at insane times instead of getting up at insane times. Be careful about nodding off on the keyboard. You never know who you may be replying to if your head hits the right/ wrong keys. 😉 I’ve never heard this version of “Power of Love.” Listened as I read. “Happy” surely fits that darling little boy. Cheers to a great week.

    • There seems to be a smaller and smaller gap between going to bed and getting up. I’ve done the strange message before when asleep and sent it, then got a big WHAT? back from Australia. I know three different songs of that name, the other two being Huey Lewis and The News and Jennifer Rush, I like them all. Happy didn’t suit that ‘Darling Boy’ yesterday when he made it sound like we were murdering him. Howlin’ Wolf could learn from him.
      Hope you have a Wonderful week Mary J, I send you xxx Huge Hugs xxx

  15. You had me at the Jon and Vangelis video. HUGE Yes fan here.

  16. I used to love ‘Sweet dreams’. Bittersweet memories.

    As for blogging, I don’t see anything wrong with changing what you write if you want. I’ve had to change mine out of necessity because I’m not getting out so it’s still very much tales from the sofa.

    Do you not prepare your blog posts in another doc first before you copy across to WP? That should avoid font problems. Plus I write/edit posts in text not visual. That helps too. Ask me if you need any explanation of that incoherent message.

    • Still a record I like to listen too from time to time. I hope your memories are more sweet than bitter.
      I was out for a while today and got in about 2.00 pm. I’m still only working on messages about 4.00 pm and I could be hours yet. Then there’s the blog… I think that’s whats taking the humour away.
      I’m sorry it’s still sofa bound tales from you. I’d hoped you’d be able to get out a lot more now though I realise during the day it’s difficult alone.I am trying to wish you well.
      Usually I do my posts straight into WordPress. It was when I cut and pasted from a document that I’d been sent that was OK it happened.
      I did one in Open Office at one point and had a similar thing happen. With luck I think I have the answer now but I will try your suggestion. I now know the difference between text and visual too.
      Please get back on your feet soon.
      Huge Hugs

  17. Catherine Johnson

    I lost all concentration after cauliflower cheese. I haven’t eaten that in forever! I think you’ve got an email monster churning out email after email.

    • Cauliflower cheese leaves me cold. I hate cooked cheese. There seems to be a fad these days not just to have cauliflower with a Sunday roast dinner, but to have the cheesy variety.
      I think the evil email monster really struck today.
      xxx Huge Hugs Catherine xxx

  18. Hi David,
    Finally catching up with you. Hope your well, lovely to start reading your posts again.
    I love the song ‘Happy’ it does make me happy listening to it, so a great choice, thank you.
    Well I agree with you about brown bread, I cant eat it. Wish I could for my health but it never tastes nice, bit like a bit of wood for me. How could anyone say no to white bread toast with butter and strawberry jam!
    We’re happy too in our house with new series of Big Bang, so easy to watch, and I do love Amy and Sheldon. I think they are brilliant together.
    I have never bid or sold anything on Ebay, my husband loves it and has gotten some good deals, but I must admit I have never even brought anything online. I’m quite old fashioned I enjoy going into the shop sand seeing what I’m getting.
    Knowing you like quiz shows, we’ve started watching Pointless on BBC1. I really enjoy it, maybe worth a watch for you.
    Well i’m glad to be finally catching up with you, a week to go for my work to be submitted. Freedom is sight!!!

    • Lovely to see you back again. I really have problems with brown bread, it’s like trying to chew cardboard and it doesn’t last well either.Maybe I should try the white with grains in but I’m happiest with white.
      The Big Bang Theory is Ace, I love it. Yes Shamey make a good couple.
      If you struggle to find that one missing item for Christmas or hanker after an old song or book you must try Ebay. I don’t sell there but it’s great for shopping if you can’t get out. It’d been fantastic for Christmas gifts. Loads of leather gloves this year.I do like going to the shops too when I can, the best of both worlds.
      I see Pointless sometimes but usually watch Eggheads after that.
      Good luck on this last week before you present your work. I’m sure there will be no problem with it.
      xxx Massive Hugs to you all xxx

  19. I find emails to be daunting, but I’d miss them if they stopped.
    xxx Huge Hugs xxx

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