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Very Inspiring Blogger Award

A couple of weeks ago I was given a new award by a very dear and extremely humorous lady who should be on everyone’s reading list.( She probably is). Elaine Canham  http://elainecanham.wordpress.com/                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Since I didn’t have an Author- or any other Interview yesterday , I’m taking this opportunity to share it with you.



For once there don’t seem to be many rules and it doesn’t matter too much anyway as I have a tendency to break them these days.

1. The first instruction is how you would change the world if you were in charge.

Easy peasy, lemon squeezy. No more weapons allowed though the military would be issued with jack-in-the-boxes to scare the enemy. No more space exploration as the money is now given over to feeding the World’s starving and to creating ways of bringing water to irrigate desert areas we once occupied. Hugging is mandatory when you meet someone ( unless they have the plague). No global conglomerates are allowed to dodge tax on profits made within a country by sending them elsewhere. In order to stem the tide of obesity junk food is now allowed only on birthdays.

2. Things I have to make up about myself, but that I wish were true.

a) I was once voted one of the ten most handsome men in the Universe ( excluding Venus as I’m told they’re all gorgeous)

b) I won the biggest ever lottery prize and spent it all on wine and women, the rest I wasted.

c) My blog was voted ‘Best Ever’ by a jury of my peers.

d) I learned to drive.

e) I entered a Mr. Nice Guy competition and lost out to Big Al, my albino cory.

One of the joys, and the most difficult part of awards is the nominations. Here are mine and absence of a name doesn’t mean I don’t love you.

http://stevevernonstoryteller.wordpress.com/  A very funny man as well as a prolific blogger.

http://writinghouse.wordpress.com/  Jon Sayer, fairly new to the blogging scene but full of humour.


http://whataheartcanhold.wordpress.com/  Jan Krause Greene. A lady who blogs for the planet.

http://thestoryreadingapeblog.com/  One of the most helpful blogs around run by one of the nicest men around.

http://belsbror.wordpress.com/  A born entertainer with is short stories.

http://olganm.wordpress.com/ A truly nice lady.

http://acflory.wordpress.com/  A.C FLory. A great blog with relevance.

http://theothersideofugly.com/  Sheri Bessi is an inspiration offering inspiration to those who need it.

http://francesays.com/    Mel is a humorist and shares stories of her life in France with us.

I could go on and mention so many more, Lottie, Mary J , The Snail……..but I’d be here all day. Just know I appreciate and enjoy all my friends.




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