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Pebbledash Sneeze & UnChristmas Coat

Sunday 9th November 2014

I managed to wake at 1.45 am and had a brief but fruitful conversation with young Somnos. My side of the conversation was very succinct and consisted of two words the second of which was OFF! after which I got back into bed. My second encounter with the morning was at 4.03 am and I decided not to to argue that one in case a ridiculous revenge was visited upon me like making me get up after Mike and miss my lunch. Anyway, I knew I’ have enough to keep me occupied until he did get up. I went on a bladder excavation and then started on the mail. I was working very well and the level was going down when I opened one entitled My New Friend. The woman named herself and left me in no doubt as to what she’s do if I would like to respond to her. I’m basically very shy, it threw out of my head the beautiful ( and unfortunately unbelievable ) dream of last night  and left me declaring I would henceforth be halibut, you know, that’s when priests declare they’re giving up sex but it all seems a bit fishy. That message had to go ‘toot sweet’ ( yes Missus, I do know how to spell it really).

Since there was no chance Michael would be up early since he’d been still watching TV during my altercation with Somnos I went through to the kitchen at 7.00 am to take care of things in there. When the kitchen light went on I could see some movement in the tank but wasn’t sure who it was until the tank light was turned on. It was the plecs and they appeared to be playing tag with each other. One would dash up, touch another who would then fly off leaving the first one settled in place. I don’t know whether Big Al had witnessed and been wearied by this but he was in his corner just casting baleful looks in my direction it was as though he was reminding me who’s fault all this was. Not all change is good those piggy eyes said. Little Al was running rings round Sharkey who was out this morning and didn’t seem inclined to hide. Either that ot Little Al was stopping him from doing so. I like to think that maybe he’s realised I’m not a threat. Anyway, he’s no angel ( since they’re much bigger) as I’ve seen him darting in and pushing the plecs off the glass before now. Throughout this the two Siamese fighters just strutted their stuff and looked glamorous, a little like Those Spanish ladies in costume who play the castanets. Flamingoes.

Having decided there was no malice aforethought and it was just some form of playtime I left them to their own devices. Time to make my morning drug deal- I’ll take you as long as you don’t make me throw up, then a coffee which naturally you know I took back to the bedroom. It was almost 8.00 am now and getting much lighter though you wouldn’t be able top tell from my room as the curtains haven’t been opened since the Boer War I don’t think. If I lean to the right from my office chair I can see he light coming through the front door. Time to start shutting it at night maybe? If I lean further to the right I fall out of the chair.                                        There were some nice comments waiting about last night’s blog. Cheques in the post today girls. You might get them for Christmas though I’m not sure which year. I apologise up front that because of my pecuniary position I had to post-date them to 2025. I was doing really well with the post and almost up to date, although I hadn’t refreshed, when Mike appeared at 9.45 am. I made him a drink and came back to finish off quickly and to check a couple of items on ebay. ( Watches, me? Whatever makes you think that?). I let the machine sleep and went through to join Mike  who hadn’t gone to sleep until 3.30 am he told me.

We’d been talking a while when Mike asked if I’d like to take a trip to Rhyl to find something, then call in at a shop in Prestatyn for some sweets I wanted before going for lunch. I jumped at the chance as I wanted the something for Tuesday when I was seeing Yvonne. We both went to get dressed and I was glad I’d decided last night what I would wear today. Mike having much smaller clothes was quicker than me! It was about 11.00 am when we left and about 11.40 am when we arrived in Rhyl. In less than half an hour I’d got what I wanted , paid bail and gone back and paid for the object and we were on our way to Prestatyn.  By 1.00 pm we’d been round the shop there and made sure I’d remembered to pay for the sweets and were off to lunch. Naturally I hadn’t brought sweets out for the Ivy so had bought some in the same shop. It wasn’t far to go and we were there a few minutes later.  Tariq was serving someone so I placed the sweets on the counter and went to our table to get my coat off. As soon as the customer moved away Tariq started on our drinks. Angie said hello as she came through carrying some meals. Tariq brought the drinks and had a hug. Angie asked if we’d decided and I was able to say we had and we were both having the hotpot. I took my pre-meal tablet and waited.

It was only fifteen minutes before two piping hot bowls of hotpot arrived with some pickled beetroots and some pieces of bread. The only thing missing was a beautiful thick suet crust, still that would have been spoiling us, or me anyway since Mike’s never had it. Even the potatoes are done a different way in his part of Manchester. It was wonderful and clung to my ribs. I was almost tempted to ask for a bowl to take home for lunch tomorrow. We left and were home by 2.15 pm when Mike had to set off to his Dad’s. That left me to come through and start work again. I was tired. A combination of being up early and the wonderful lunch so I didn’t get as much work done as I wanted. At 5.30 pm I gave up and went through to the lounge for a while. I had some toast for my tea then allowed my eyes to close. It was 7.50 pm before they opened again. Ready to go into battle I came back through and started. It was really slow so I closed it and re-opened it. Oops, that was a big mistake. Nothing came through. It’s been very frustrating trying to deal with it through my other account again.

At 9.30 pm I almost died. I’d just put my tablets in my mouth when I suddenly wanted to sneeze. On the indrawn breath it drew in some tablets which decided to lodge there. When the sneeze finally came before I choked to death, I pebbledashed the kitchen wall. There was a foul taste from half melted tablets in my mouth and I had to go and start all over again. Since then I’ve been trying to get on top of the mail before the next batch of mail comes through. It’s going to be a late one.

The wonder of Fireworks.

The wonder of Fireworks.


I think young Somnos must have been out last night tying fireworks to donkey’s tails with his equally obnoxious pals since I slept until 5.06 am this morning. The need to remove some water from behind the dam before it burst was paramount but it seemed a fair exchange for an unbroken sleep.I started work on the mail. There wasn’t much I’d missed last night but there was plenty from the early hours where my friends in the American Colonies keep such strange hours. King George really needs to speak to the Governors about that, perhaps reduce the amount of candlepower allowed to restrict these emails sent out. I’m sure the dark confuses the pigeons anyway.

At 6.30 am I went through to see to the fish and to have some breakfast. I wanted to allow myself plenty of time to get dressed before Pauline comes otherwise she may think me a rake remaining in my dressing gown at that time of the day. Today it was Sharkey who was being annoying chasing the plecs and Morecambe and Wise away from his imagined feeding grounds. Big Al and Little Al were relaxing quietly in a corner next to one another. I was glad of that, anything to be away from his scrutiny. I dropped some food in and scooted before the feeding frenzy started. First job, take a pre-meal tablet, them sprays followed by the rest of my morning tabs. Then, using a cigarette as a timer wait until it’s time to put the toast in. I call it toast but in reality it’s more like doorsteps today and  I had to force the jaws f the toaster further apart to accommodate it. When it came out beautifully golden brown I slathered it with butter and ate it hot. Then it was time to try and swallow the two torpedoes I take after my meals. I managed it eventually. Mike thinks it’s hilarious how long I have to swill them round in my mouth before I can swallow. He watches both to see if I can create a new record over 18 seconds.

I took the rest of my coffee back to the bedroom and just did a few more messages before I realised it was 8.10 am so I had to fly to get ready. Cricketing slacks and a nice brown shirt Pauline had ironed last week ( to show her the work wasn’t wasted ) then a cardigan. I just fitted a very studious expression before she arrived at 8.30 am. She asked if I’d like her to finish the ironing from last week to which I replied “That would be nice” knowing there was no chance or even less. I think she may have stayed there for an hour or so before I heard her start polishing and then hoovering in the lounge. She left at 10.20 am and I  found four shirts, 3 pairs of pyjama trousers and 2 teeshirts. On a different teeshirt the picture was disintegrating so she gave up, but a fair bit was left on the ironing board. Some of that was transferred to the front of my shirt ,I found. Oh well, nothing broken. I’d stayed in the bedroom while she worked so only saw her as she came and went really. I’m less comfortable with her than I was with my dream woman of Saturday night. I worked until 11.30 am and then went in search of my lunch. It was while I was watching my antiques show that I noticed my repeat prescription request on the table and knew I’d have to go out today after all.

As soon as the show was over and I’d washed the pots I got my shoes and coat on and took a walk to the chemist. There’s a little slot in the counter for requests so I don’t normally have to talk to anyone but today one of the girls called to ask me how I was. I’ve known them so long I don’t usually have a problem but today I was afraid he subject might come up of the note on the bottom of my scrip about making a new appointment for the chest clinic and also one for a review with the doctor. Luckily it didn’t come up and I got away with just a few stutters. Back at home about 1.20 pm I started work again and calmed down. Before I knew it I was waking up with a real neck ache to find it was 3.35 pm and I knew I’d better get a move on. The trouble was, the mail had kept coming while I slept and was now a full sack. A vanncame and delivered a parcel for Mike which must be the watches he’d won that were coming from Mumbai. Well behaved I left it intact on his bed. Back to work I was flying through them till I came across one titled from Mrs Sekina Oka. I suspect the brain should have given it away but the bad neck was blocking signals.

Dear Friend,
Greetings to you and your family.
My name is Mrs Sekina Oka, the current Chief Auditor of a formidable bank here in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso, West Africa. I have a transaction worth of 12.5 Million U.S dollars for transferring into your care for our mutual benefits, so  i need your assistance with 100% cooperation to realise this task. 
Further details about the fund, its source and the administrative procedure to transfer this fund into your receiving bank account shall be made known to you immediately as I have your positive response.
Thanks and Regards,
Mrs Sekina Oka.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 The first thing I note is that they’re no longer giving the name of a Bank they work for. Second is that there is no telephone number anymore to ring and confirm the person’s identity. Maybe they finally understand that we’re not likely to be accepting confirmation of ID via a mobile phone. Though maybe they got confussed doing that with the number of identities they have. Either the same idiots are contacting me time after time in the hopes of wearing me down or it’s as I said that everyone there is a crook. The only other alternative is they have banks as every other building, have the most rich accounts in the world which will upset Geneva and they have very bad luck with their customer’s  health.
Amazingly at 4.25 pm I was doing quite well and only left a dozen or so as I went through to watch TV. First of all I just put the washing machine on. I had antiques until 6.00 pm then Eggheads. I put the washing on to dry and then went back to work. As usual I had both accounts open as some people write to me in one account only an in my main account, some messages aren’t shared. So,  I’d be pleased and think I was getting to the end of my main account only to find mail in the secondary and vice versa. I seemed to be almost keeping pace but not quite. At 9.00 pm I went through to empty the drier and to fold the items that were now dry. A bag of quavers called to me with a very sultry voice and my knees just went weak. I had to indulge, and very tasty they were too.
The forecast for tomorrow is awful so I sent Yvonne a text to see what she wanted to do. She said it would be OK if I wanted to give it a miss almost as though she knew that I’m taking a new coat through and the camera which we’ll argue about. I think I just need to wear a good coat but maybe go round to the house rather than meet them for shopping. We’ll see what it’s like in the morning. I think I’ve done as much as I want to for tonight so I’ll just finish here, have one last go at the mail and wish you all Good Night.
Bright eyeson the chair 2
With approximately 4 hours sleep under my belt, not that I wear one to bed, I jerked awake at 5.03 am today. I was annoyed as I felt there had been a pleasant dream of some sort last night but couldn’t bring anything to mind. I’m sure it was nothing as spectacular as Saturday night’s dream but in 60 plus years I’m sure there hasn’t been one like that before. It occurs to me as I go to relieve myself that I’m not usually aware of dreaming though the experts tell us we all dream. I hear all the talk about REM and though I like Everybody Hurts, I’m not sure why they’re the subject of scientific studies.
As usual I settled down to work on my mail and immediately found that the silly season is open again. One mail from Jacob ‘Jack’ Lew at the U.S. Dept of the Treasury tells me I’ve been awarded $500,000.00 as compensation annually given out to victims of scams. Considering I’m not a U.S. citizen and have never been caught by a scam I think that’s remarkably generous. Of course I have to pay something for a receipt and also have to provide my bank details…………Dream On.     There were 5, yes FIVE, different messages about the benefits of working from home and the vast amounts of money to be made for working approx 3 seconds a day , 2 days a year up to one day a week for ten years and never again. At that time I’d be living on my yacht.                                                                                                                          The day wouldn’t be complete without an auditor in a bank in ‘guess where’ writing to inform me that my name is the same as that of a deceased and family-less customer of the bank who was a prudent soul saving for a rainy day. Well it poured and he drowned. Would I like 40% of £18,000,000.00 for pretending to be him. Actually, I’d like the 60% since I’m the one technically committing fraud. The rest of my post was normal and so pleasant to deal with.
Since I was going out this morning it was easier to go through to the kitchen at 6.00 am . The fish came first naturally and all seemed quiet though Big Al was in the front corner where I was with his face pushed up to the glass like he was listening to me. The least I could do was mutter a few endearments and hope my voice was soothing enough to ensure him of my future service friendship. Today of all days peace should reign. I fed them and turned to take my tabs. I decided to have breakfast this morning to hold me in case we didn’t go for lunch. It was only a slice of toast but since it was about 3″ thick it should hold me. Time then to get dressed. The forecast for here was cloudy all day and for Chester light showers so I could wear my black leather jacket to go out and be smart beneath it. That sorted I returned to the mail.As 7.25 am came round I was only a dozen or so away from completion so didn’t feel too bad about leaving them. Picking up my bag with Yvonne’s gifts I left the house and started walking through the wet, knee high clouds towards the bus stop. Just over half way there the bus pulled up next to me to save me the rest of the walk. I appreciated that.
I did a fair bit of nodding off on the bus and the pot holes made sure I did a fair bit of waking up again too. Eventually though we pulled into Chester at 8.45 am and I could see Yvonne waiting for me. She was trying to direct Reuben’s attention towards me but he didn’t actually notice me until I got quite close. I was chuffed to see a huge smile split his face and his arm came up and pointed. The shop wasn’t open yet where we go for a drink so we took a walk round the new Pound World shop that’s opened. I was amazed recently to find them selling a tablet called Disprin Direct which up until now I’ve only been able to get from a chemist and at a lot more than £1 too. I value them as a top up painkiller but also because they are chewable it’s easy to keep some in a pocket in case of headaches and there being no water available. They actually taste nice as well. By the time I’d got what I wanted ( and Yvonne even more, sorry Ugo ) the shop we wanted was open so we headed there and ordered drinks. I go Reuben out of his pushchair and sat him with me until Yvonne had some jam on toast for him.
Breakfast done and mess cleaned up, I handed Yvonne the bag.”What’s this” she asked.  “You told me I couldn’t buy you a coat for Christmas so this is an unChristmas present. The video camera is your unbirthday present. You now can’t complain I’ve gone against what you said” I replied.  “It looks lovely, but maybe you can give me a coat for Christmas after all then” she tried.  “Wonderful, I’ll look for one as I go downstairs” was my retort. ” I meant this one” she cried. She hasn’t lived long enough to bandy words with me! We did have a look round the store which is quite big but I didn’t get anything there. We did a few more shops each time adding shopping to the handle of the pushchair so if she let go Reuben would be catapulted out. We’d just gone into the supermarket for bread when 11.00 am arrived. The whole shop went into a hush apart from one child who was singing at the top of her voice and Reuben who was chunnering and blowing raspberries for Britain. Makes you wonder where to put your face. Well, Yvonne’s face actually as I beat a hasty retreat and didn’t know them until the silence was over. I do find the memory of all those who gave their lives in order that mine should be so much easier is very emotional. I really don’t understand why mankind as inventive as it is hasn’t found a way to ensure a peace yet. Why are we so good at creating weaponry?
The light showers in Chester seemed to be rather heavy like someone left the tap on. With so much shopping and with getting wet, I suggested Yvonne take Reuben home early so she has plenty of time to prepare for work. We hugged and separated about 12.30 pm and I wound my way towards the bus stop (via the loo). I walked through the market precinct and saw one of my favourite shops had opened there and a very interesting looking one looked set to open anytime. I’ll be heading there next week. From the loo to the bus stop. I had time for a ciggie before it arrived. I was back in Greenfield at 2.00 pm and had just unpacked he bread when Bert knocked with a parcel for me. Something I’ve been looking forward to seeing. Looks pretty good too though I need to get something straightened. For lunch I had some soup with crusty bread and butter before starting work. Oh horror, 181 messages between the two sites. I worked till 4.25 pm then watched my antique show, I must remind myself I’m vintage not antique. Back here at 5.15 pm until 6.00 pm then again at 6.30 pm. That’s my viewing for the day. By 9.45 one batch was clear though more was coming in all the time. I’m going to have to find a way to thin things out a bit. At 10.30 pm I stopped to do this and will resume shortly at 11.15 pm. Wish me luck.
cafe fun 3
cafe fun 5
Playing lip tunes, he’s much better than me.                                                                                   That was fun Pops.
3.41 am today. I think it’s worth repeating in case you didn’t read it the first time. 3.41 am. I hadn’t got to bed until 3.42 am and yet I felt fresh (ish) and was almost raring to go. To the loo that is, at this rate I’ll be going for a wee before I even feel the urge soon. I slipped my dressing gown on and sat at my desk, turned it on
( with a smile) and waited for the mail to appear. In the minus one minute of sleep I had none of you had stopped writing but at first glance there were no nutters there at least. There was a nice steady flow or more normal than usual mail to keep me going. By 6.00 am I was approaching equilibrium though I hadn’t refreshed the screen and I hadn’t ventured into my second account either. Since the boy are due tonight for games I decided my two meals today would be breakfast and lunch and breakfast had better take place NOW!
I went through to the kitchen and found the light wouldn’t work. I was worried about the tank too as I couldn’t hear the pump. Checking the lounge the light were off there too. It had to be a circuit so I grabbed my stepladders, opened the front door and went out to the electrical cupboard. Then I came back in for a torch and went out again. It didn’t take long to find the culprit that had slipped. I put it on again and went back in. The lights worked again as I proved by having Blackpool Illuminations indoors. More importantly the pump in the tank was now working, not that the fish seemed at all bothered when I turned the tank light on. I did find out that Sharkey, small as he is, is a bully though as I watched him nipping at the tails of anyone who crossed his path. Even Big Al and his enforcers weren’t that bad. I fed them and left them to it after a good telling off for Sharkey of course.
I took  my meds and slipped some crusty bread in the toaster. Despite the toaster spitting it out charred at the edges and rather pale but interesting in the centre it was rather nice. I had to go for a wash then as my moustache was dripping butter. My coffee accompanied me to the desk where I refreshed the screen (ouch) and opened my gmail account. It took me until 9.15 am to get clear after which I got dressed and took a walk to Pauline’s for some bread, a card, a magazine and some white sticks in packets. I came home in time for the postman to drop a letter from Virgin off telling me I’ve earned £30 off my next phone and a catalogue with 80% off the goods.I sat and had a read for half an hour without my eyes ever leaving the front cover. Then I woke up, refreshed the mail and started work again. I was clear enough by 11.45 am to go make a start on lunch. A small beef joint, mashed spud and mixed veg today. As usual I watched my usual lunchtime programme then heard a noise and found the window cleaners were here. Today I waited for someone to knock to collect the money.  I’d just settled down when there was another knock. It was my dealer, he handed the drugs over which I turned an placed on the console table until I’d signed for them. I took the pen and was just starting to remember my name when the drugs took a flying leap off the table and deposited themselves outside the bag all over the hall floor. I signed, thanked him and with a huge sigh turned round to start the clear up.  No packets had opened at least.
Job done I came back to the computer and then thinking about a parcel I knew was coming separately, I thought I’d have a look on screen to see if it had been posted. I was quite cross to see there was a note to say they were waiting for the manufacturer to get new stocks of material in January. Not much good for a Christmas present so I emailed them to see if I can cancel it and choose another one. My second choice does say In Stock, though I’m fairly sure the first choice said that too. No answer so far. I worked until 4.30 pm then went to watch the third day of my  Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is challenge. The experts had to buy from a car boot fair this time. One of the two is generating huge profits which will be going to charity. Once it was over at 5.15 pm there was no point in going back to work as my brother and nephew could arrive at any time.  I left a quiz on so I could hear it if I was in the kitchen. I saw them approach at 5.30 pm so I started making their drinks as they came in and settled to answer a few quiz questions. As soon as the quiz was over we set to putting the table up and getting the Yahtzee out. TV went off to remove the distractions . It was another night of honours even, each winning two games though I suspect Dil might have won overall if we’d accumulated the scores. The ratbag had 3 Yahtzees in one game.
Nomination Whist came next and after the first couple of hands where I didn’t get a look in everything went my way and I finished on 197 whilst the nearest to me wasn’t even on 150. It was no time to get complacent though as we finished on Crazy 8’s and obviously there was some vengeance to be had, and how it was had. On the first hand I finished with just 12 points. On the second hand I was made to pick up 16 cards by these devils incarnate as Dil played his last card. The third hand I was beginning to wonder how many 7’s were in the pack as I constantly seemed to be picking up 2 cards and my final score took me to something like 170. We only got to play the last hand because their play was so vicious as you could tell by the sniggers that yet again at the end my score was in excess of 100 taking me well over the 300 limit. Dil was going home victorious. Dil suggested Matt didn’t complain or he’d be dropped at the bus stop with just half the fare, and it’s a very long walk. It was 9.30 pm and time for them to go. There had as always been a lot of laughter for me during the evening. Once I’d closed the door behind them I tidied up and came through to work on the mail. There was plenty of it. It’s now 11.30 pm and I need to go back to finish a few more.
kiss 2 USEAll smiles 1
Pops gets a kiss.                                                                                                                                          Happy little foodster.
I’m not 100% sure what time I woke up but I do know I lay there trying to get back to sleep for a while. I admitted defeat and swung my legs out of bed at 3.30 am on the dot. The only reason I skipped to the loo was because it was cold so I was glad I’d put my dressing gown on. First job, turn the heating up. I started on my mail and by 6.30 am I’d done everything up to the 3.30 am  mark and by 7.30 am ( sorry fish) had managed up to the 6.30 am mark.At this rate by 8.30 am I’d be in credit and could take the day off. At 7.30 am I did the fish tank and found Big Al’s looks of anger seemed to have turned to looks of pleading and maybe even some acceptance so maybe Little Al has worn him down for me. I’m not sure what to do about Sharkey though except maybe rename him Nipper. Luckily he doesn’t seem to be doing any damage. More bark than bite I hope.
I saw to my meds and decided I didn’t want breakfast. Instead of going back through to my room straight away I sat in the lounge for a while just watching it get lighter. I wanted to get lighter with it but it wasn’t working today. I had the grumps. Eventually I went back through. Before starting the mail again I got dressed partly hoping I’d be warmer and partly because I knew I’d have to go out to the post box at some stage. Once ready I could address the mail again ( not that it needed addressing as it had already arrived). I was puzzled. Yesterday I’d had a new follower and as usual I’d gone to check the followers blog and found it to be far to religious for my tastes. This morning I had some new followers too and I found that two of those were also what I’d call ultra-religious in that it seemed to be the only subject on their blogs. Does someone feel I need saving and has set their watchdogs on me? I wrote to one to apologise for not following back and explaining why, which led to me thinking that maybe if I explain my reasons for not following back in an open message, maybe some people wouldn’t feel the need to follow me. I have had a tendency to follow back those people who follow me with very few exceptions. I don’t care for blogs with excessive bad language, too much religion, sado-masochism. bondage and too much descriptive sex ( the latter makes my knees quiver). We all have our personal choices. I’m no saint by any means but I prefer to let my imagination work for me and with language there’s no need to substitute the beauty of English with the same ‘effin’ words all the time. By the time I’d written the post it was time to go out.
After the post box I called in at Pauline’s for my lottery tickets. I specifically requested she sell me the winner and she agreed. I also bought a large Thornton’s chocolate reindeer and a quickie bing meal for lunchtime. Coming home I found the postman had left me a new gift catalogue but I’m not going to tempt myself by opening it. I set back to work on the mail again. Lots of responses to my new post and I was (am) so grateful that it’s all been supportive of my choice or at least of my right to choose. There were even a couple of ‘likes’ from unlikely quarters. By lunch time I was up to date and managed to skive off for an hour without nodding off. I spent a little time on ebay in the afternoon and promptly nodded off over the keyboard so I had a real pain in the neck when I woke. I worked till 4.30 pm then watched my shows and returned here at 6.30 pm. I made a mental note to watch a programme on the Holy Grail at 8.00 pm if my mailbox allowed. It did, as I managed to catch up just in time. It was a very interesting programme with the consensus of opinion that the most likely candidate was in Seville in Spain. One piece that fascinated me though was about a family that claimed descent in the 19thC from the one who brought a grail of Mary Magdalene over here. It had been used to collect the blood of Jesus on the cross. It seemed with no heirs the last owner had created a book of clues as to it”s whereabouts. It referred to a red castle which existed, a high rock which also existed and upon the rock an arch which also existed. Then you were supposed to get beneath the arch and under it which seemed unlikely. However a way was found and there was a Roman copper mine under the hill with a chamber below the arch. In the chamber , the stone figure of an eagle minus the head. The story goes someone decided to have the statue in their garden and as they tried to winch it the head came off. Inside was a small egg cup looking object. No-one thought anything of it. In the local church endowed by this last guardian were four stained glass windows one of which depicted Mary Magalene and above her head was the picture of an eagle. The man who had followed the clues took the TV presenter ( and us) on his journey and also showed us the ‘egg cup’ which he had from the family of the man who discovered it. It’s green alabaster and has been proved to date from the time of Jesus and is a scent bottle minus it’s lid. Just as a little aside they showed a similar green pot on the table in Da Vinci’s The Last Supper. Incidentally, despite me not being religious, I”m not about to deny the history of the people actually existing. And, knowing how the Jews would have expected Jesus to marry before he was 30 I’ve often wondered how important Mary Magdalene’s role was.   Here endeth the lesson.
Back to work after my interlude and I’m trying to catch up.Mike is due about 11.00 pm….typical, he just arrived, as he’s going to see his Dad tomorrow . He’s got a chest infection and doesn’t want to see the doctor. Mike will have a job on his hands. I must go and see to a drink for him, excuse me.
Up at 5.39. Felt low, worked on emails. No rubbish encountered.
Fed fish at 7.00 am, I was not attacked. Did drugs for week then took coffee through and carried on working.
Got Mike up at 9.00 am to get ready to go to father’s. He left at 10.00 am. Postman delivered small package.
Couldn’t be bothered getting dressed so just carried on working until 12.10 pm. Watched antiques show and stayed awake.
Returned to work at 1.00 pm and stayed until 4.00 pm when I went through and fell asleep in my chair. Still managed to see my programmes.
6.30 pm took a shower, fish no longer holding their noses.
Worked until 8.00 pm then watched Mastermind.
Returned to work at 8.30 pm but stopped when Mike returned at 9.30 pm so I could catch up on his news. Poor lad’s had a baddish day so I made him a coffee and we chatted and also found ourselves making some changes to his family tree. No, it’s not his secret children suddenly appearing it’d additions of names to great grandparents. It was 11.00 pm before I got back to work but I did catch up in the end and here we are almost ready for bed. Well I am, he’s back on the watches on Ebay I think.
4.54 am and I woke up stiff ( settle down you lot at the back there) It was because my head was hanging out of bed as though I were waiting to catch raindrops in my mouth, and my mouth was wide enough that I’d have caught a lot. There are times I’m glad I sleep alone as I must have looked a right sight. Righting myself I got up and went to the bathroom. It wasn’t too warm this morning and I shivered. I’ll have to alter the time on the heating again and turn it up to 20 degrees.
I managed to finish so much mail last night there was no pressure this morning which was just as well ‘cos I’m not sure I was fully compost mental. So by the time 6.30 approached I was able to get dressed and then go through to see to the fish. As I turned the light on Big Al came to a position halfway up the tank and just floated in place scowling at me. I promise I’ve done nothing wrong, well, at least not since the last time I’m sure and that was intended to be kind and give him company. All the others got on with doing what they do best, swimming and looking very decorative or cleaning the bottom of the tank of algae for me. I put a little food in and left them to it trying my best to ignore Big Al. I think he’s just a grumpy old man. I put some water in the kettle and in my coffee machine then took my meds. I turned the kettle on and then went round emptying bins ready to take all the bins and bags out for emptying.As I came back to the kitchen the kettle clicked off and I hear Mike’s alarm start to go.
I also heard another sound. At first I thought the air pump in the tank was working overtime and about to fail but then I realised the sound was coming from inside the washing machine. This puzzled me as the machine was off. Anyway, I took Mike’s coffee through as he turned the alarm off (finally). As I told him the drink was there I got a grunt in return so I came away and brought my drink through to the bedroom to do a little more work. First I took the recycling bags to the front path. I had turned round to come back when Bert opened a window to ask if my water was off. It clicked with me that the mystery sound had been the water draining. I made sure Bert had enough for his needs and came back in. As I did so I almost keeled over in shock. A wraith was haunting the lounge, it looked faintly like Mike but come on be serious, it’s only 7.10 am and I haven’t been through to remind him yet. By heavens, IT IS Mike, who’d believe it? What’s more, he got dressed ultra quickly and we were out of the house by 7.30 am. Not for my benefit I hasten to add, but so he was able to use the loo in the Supermarket and have hot water on tap
( or, to hand, whichever makes you groan the most).
When we arrived, Mike lit two cigarettes as he still has the policy of not smoking in the car though he is weakening. He went to get a trolley while I went to the cash machine. As I was drawing the cash Mike was waving a thumbs up gesture from the trolley park. I called “The man from Del Barclay, he say yes” so he’d know we wouldn’t be on tinned beans again. We finished the ciggies and went in at which point Mike departed for the loo and left me to get my potatoes and Ju’s flowers before catching me up on the clothes aisle where there was a sale on. I managed to find a couple of excellent gifts. Finished Christmas shopping? Yes, I know I said I had done but you know how it is, there’s always something else you see. We thought we were whizzing round the store but after the coffee we found ourselves no earlier than usual despite the early start. And, as I was leaving the stoe I saw some great clothes for Reuben so………
We started heading for Flint when we were coming towards an Aldi. Mike asked If I wanted to go in but before I’d properly formed an answer we were past it. He went up a side road and doubled back on himself coming out close by and shot across the road. Would you believe it, a Sale and there I found a couple extra gifts. Oh, you thought I’d finished now for sure. Well, I’m sure I’m close. We went into he retail park and visited our favourite shops then went for a coffee. Ceri had a big smile for us and Kyle just started doing the drinks as usual and asked if we wanted teasted toecakes. Silly question. Mike had a laugh with Ceri until it got too busy then we left for home to unpack the bags.
I spent some time catching up on mail once the shopping was stored. The water was back on but filthy and we’d seen Dwr Cymru (Welsh Water) working on the road as we’d come home so I’m guessing a burst main. I found myself struggling a bit with this batch of mail and the next thing I new it was 1.15 pm and despite the teasted toecake I was hungry. I put a jar of Quality Street in my pocket and we set off for the Ivy. As we pulled into the car park who should pull in behind us but Tariq who’d been home for some tools to stick some new bars up at the window. He assured us it was to keep burglars out and not customers in. We let him get back to work and went in to say hello to everyone. Well, we would have done had anyone been there. Mike did a heavy handed rendition of tubular bells of the little counter bell, designed to have Angie steaming. She came through from the kitchens, saw who it was and tutted as if to say she expected no better.
Angie started making our drinks and asked if we knew what we were eating. By this time we’d both seen the menu, I wasn’t going to have bacon for a change  (Shock, Horror) and the Hotpot from last weekend was no longer on the men so someone had been round with a damp cloth. We both decided on gammon steaks with all the trimmings and believe me when they came they were sublime. Tariq came in and sat with us for a while. He’s not well and it’s quite worrying. A condition he’s had since young that no-one seems able to diagnose or treat. Mike and I both feel sorry for him as he’s just so active and hates sitting still. After a while we left and headed home to give me chance to get on with the messages if I want a break tonight. Mike thinks I’m ill because I turned down the chance to go to more shops in Prestatyn. I”m really glad I did come home though as I started work at about 2.30 pm and there were well over 100 messages in the box. Buggalugs would normally have been calling for me to go through to give him company before 6.00 pm but football was on and I didn’t hear a peep. I caught up and went through just before 7.00 pm when the football was over and they’re about to pontificate about what did and didn’t happen for the next 6 hours and turned over for some entertainment. I stayed there until 9.00 pm and listened to Mike moan “You usually stay until 10.00 pm” ( I don’t ) as I left the room. I started back in on the maim to a barrage of interruptions from Mike who was popping through and speaking to me in a French accent to entertain/annoy me until he finally came through with my nitro spray and made me take a dose for the pain. It didn’t make him go away though. He remained with me for a ehile, sitting on thenedge of my bed until he was sure I was OK and wasn’t going to agree to go to bed.”My public awaits me” I told him. I don’t know the definition of some of the words he used, though he does understand how close I’ve become to some of you.
Eventually he went back to his TV and let me get on so that I could eventually start the blog. Now we’ve got to the point where I can actually wish you all a goodnight and hope that the new week is the best ever for you all.
Nursery tunnel 1
Nursery tunnel 2
Two pictures from nursery this week.
And just to finish the week, a taste of the Dream Team. The Mamas and the Papas with Monday Monday.


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