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To all kind readers and bloggers, and some Christmas shopping:

It’s not too late to get that missing present from some wonderfully talented people. How about a book from any number of talented authors, like Olga Nunez Miret? I Love Your Cupcakes would be great .

Just Olga

Hi all:

I’ve been talking about books and recommendations for Christmas and intended to carry on giving you suggestions, just in case you’re getting stressed over the task of having to choose something for your loved ones.

A few of my blogger friends are very talented artists and I wanted to invite  you to visit their pages for inspiration and just the pure joy of contemplating their creations:

Janet Weight, with her magical hummingbirds and watercolours:


Vera Komnig, whose abstract art always manages to bring my spirits up with the colours and textures so vibrant. As she acknowledges that not all of us have huge walls, like in the art galleries, she has created a collection of smaller pieces that I believe would make incredible Christmas presents:


My friend and sister in arms blogger, Sally Cronin, has been posting in her blog Smorgasbord over the last few weeks…

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