The Most Watched Afternoon Video 2014 and Written Kindness Award to David M Prosser

A video that shows true affection and an award that knocked my socks off.


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8 responses to “The Most Watched Afternoon Video 2014 and Written Kindness Award to David M Prosser

  1. David, you are a gem, very worthy of this award and many others.
    I just spent an hour I should have been cooking and wrapping presents, but I watched the sweet video…then clicked on the video of the dog with the little boy with Down’s Syndrome…then clicked on the little girl with the doberman, and so on. I still need to cook and wrap presents, but it was a wonderful and happy break to take. Thanks, David, and many hugs!

    • At least I don’t have to take the blame for this Marylin. it’s all Sally’s fault. I also got caught up watching videos when I should have been doing something else but I’m chuffed to say the wrapping is finally finished.
      No more skiving now, off you go back to work but thanks so much for your kind words. Another award I can think of more deserving people for.
      I send you sack loads of Christmas Hugs to enjoy xxxxxxxx

  2. Very well deserved, David. 😀
    I think you just might be the kindest person i have ever known. Holiday hugs!

  3. Really couldn’t go to a nicer, kinder person!

  4. Well done, your comments on my posts are really the nicest ones and I always look forward to reading them.

    • Thanks so much Kim, that’s a lovely thing to say. I always enjoy your posts too. The award was a lovely thing to receive but there are plenty more deserving people who should have got one.
      xxx Massive Hugs xxx

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