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Much as I make light of the email con merchants I come across they do pose a real threat to certain  vulnerable sections of our society.  I shall keep making mention of those as they crop up but today there are some more I need to mention that are not coming via emails and are therefore hitting people directly in their own homes.

Mike returned from a trip to his father quite angry that he’d spent £180 over the telephone using a credit card with nothing to show for it. Worse still  because of his age he’s no memory of doing it. I know here is a scam out there that tells people they’ve won the Canadian lottery but there are fees to transfer it to an English bank account. I don’t know if that’s what’s happened here but if you have anyone in a vulnerable situation I suggest you speak to the phone company to see if they can monitor calls or if you can bar calls except to family members.

The other scam is coming in the post. It’s a letter from a Company in Holland which offers shares in a lottery in return for a cheque and more importantly for all bank details. Mike was lucky to catch this one before it went but his father thinks it’s a blight on his liberty to have these things stopped. He can’t see that they’re cons and doesn’t understand that we have access to the information about these cons online.

We tend to think that we can protect our families but it’s getting harder.  If you have someone in a vulnerable position, maybe you can think if there’s any way these evil people can get to them and their funds and prevent it in advance. Maybe ensure they have no access to a credit card unless you’re around or just an out of date one?

Good Luck.


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