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Happy “Special” New Year! Hearts As One-Drum Beat Award

Here”s an award that was made to the right person for the right reasons by the right person.
She’s been kind enough to make offerings of the award herself to some amazing people and I’m fortunate enough to have slipped in there somehow. Shh. don’t tell anyone and I might not be noticed.

Chronic Conditions & Life Lessons

On New Year’s Day a gift was surprisingly bestowed upon me.   Already, on the very first day, it became a “Special” New Year for me!  Sue Dreamwalker, http://suedreamwalker.wordpress.com/ awarded me a truly lovely and meaningful award that she created and designed herself.  I’ve held this heartfelt treasure close to me during this past week, believing in the magic of its significance.  Thank you with great appreciation, Sue.

Today I pass it on to others of which the recipients must be caring of others with love and compassion in their hearts.  Truly, I cannot think of a single person that I correspond with here at WordPress who does not fall into this category!  So please, besides those listed below, feel free to accept this award proudly while passing it on to others who YOU feel are deserving.

Drumbeat Award

Sue is a very spiritual person who ‘beats’ to her own drum while inspiring others towards peace and good…

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