A Good Cause in need.

Such a shame that an organisation as important as this has to beg for help. If you can help or know of anyone who can perhaps you could contact them via their Facebook page or directly to Mrs do Carmo Duarte.  Thank you in advance.

We wish a Happy New Year to all our friends facebookianos full of health, happiness and success!

The Portuguese Association to Support Women with breast cancer requires 2 computers or notebooks at about 6 GB of memory and a printer.

Calls thus his help to disseminate this our request to all your contacts so that we donated this second-hand equipment, but in good condition.

A statement under the EBF (status of tax benefits) will be issued.

To donate material please contact:

Mrs. Maria do Carmo Duarte info@apamcm.org T. 21 758 56 48

Thank you!


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17 responses to “A Good Cause in need.

  1. Thanks for sharing a worthy cause, David. Have a wonderful Wednesday. Hugs!

  2. How wonderful of you to help out this cause, David. Bless you.

  3. Wonderful of you to highlight this will tweet it and this would be a lovely time for some big computer company to see it and step up and donate some computers to a very worthy organization,

  4. A good cause indeed. I wish I could help. :/

  5. Hear, hear. ❤ Wonderful share.

  6. Well done for sharing, its not alot they are asking for and for a big business this would be a small thing to make happen. Hope it goes well for them.

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