The Doctor. Who? Appears and Hugging Visitation.

Sunday 4th January 2015

It was a 3.28 am start this morning which was just as well since there had been a fair amount of activity by the scribes overnight. I was quite happy plodding along bringing the numbers down until I realised that they were all being replaced at the same rate so I had to up my pace. My Sunday morning body and brain weren’t keen on this idea and made me feel tired. I decided I’d lie down for a while once the fish were seen to at 7.00 am but it seems Somnos had other ideas. I’d been through and faced some kind of lecture from Big Al. The other fish carried on with what they were doing but Al parked himself at the front of the tank and mouthed off at me. It’s his own fault if the food landed on his head when I opened the flap. Oddly enough, just as the food hit, Big All jumped like he’d been shocked and I swear I caught a glimpse of Porcinus rushing off on his tatty cloven little tootsies.

I took my meds ( maybe they’ll clear up the visions) and made myself a coffee which I took through  to the lounge. I often have more luck nodding off there than in bed. I was trying to nod off but every time I shut my eyes the sight of a young child, a baby almost in a formal 3 piece suit appeared behind my eyelids. He was smoking a cigar which you just knew had last been touched by a dusky maiden as she rolled the tobacco on her thigh (sigh) and he was enjoying every draw. I tried to open my eyelids to banish the sight but he just clicked his pudgy little fingers and they stayed shut. I was sort of getting an idea who this was but why should a god of lovers and wishes be dressed like some mafia lawyer, and what could he want with me? The answer was forthcoming as he spoke in a Texas drawl with a baby’s voice. It sounded a bit like an accident with the helium. The party of the first part (Somnos) wanted his contract fulfilled ( I said he looked like a lawyer) and he , an interested party in this contract expected to see it expurgated forthwith or even fifthwith.( Lawyers humour there).  He had some growing to do and was anxious to start. “Oh, and by the way, as  I’m the god of lovers” he said, “make sure you paint my image with lots of pastel colours.” While I was still trying to work that one out, he vanished.

I decided to go back to work for a while and catch up on anything new in . I was obviously delirious. At 9.05 am though a wave of tiredness came over me and I did one last message then lay on the bed and was gone. Next thing I know I hear the loo flush. I came awake with a start and went through to the lounge. Mike was up and drinking a coffee he’d made himself ( and I’m sure I never showed him how). It was 9.30 am. I asked how long he’d been up and he told me since 9.15 am. He’d seen my light on and stuck his head in. According to Mike I was laying on my back, mouth wide open and snoring like mad. I was an idle beggar still being in bed at that time.

We really took our time getting ready and it must have been 11.00 am before we were on our way out. We headed for Prestatyn where I got a plumbing pack with a radiator key in it. Considering I’d gone into the £ shop just for that I came out £9 lighter. From there we headed for Rhyl and after parking up on the street and finding it had gone midday we went for lunch to a place all locals call the Red Caff on account of the internal colour scheme and red plastic seating. It was OK. After that we had a general mooch looking for a case for a 10″ tablet and finding another pack of radiator keys for me. We ha a look round a store looking for a car coat for Mike without success but I fell in love with a jacket down from £75 to £30 in the sale. No I didn’t, I behaved. Last stop of the day was the aquarist shop where Ju and I used to buy a lot of our fish and our tanks. I got my Pangasius called Zippy from there. Today Mike saw a couple of fish he wanted for his tank and I saw some synodontis I couldn’t resist but I only bought two as it’s almost my birthday and I’ve been promised fish then. Anyone who knows fish will have seen a pattern emerging here. I just adore catfish.

Aren't I beautiful.

Aren’t I beautiful.

We shot off home so I could start preparing them for the tank, 20 minute in their bag in the tank water, 20 minutes with some tank water added to the bag and then gently release them. Mike loaded the car, strapped his fish into the front seat and set off for Rugby to do the same with his fishy friends. It was just 3.40 pm so I was set for the first 20 minute stage. I started to work since I’d been away from my screen for almost 7 hours. There was just so much of it. At 4.00 pm I went through and added some tank water to the bag to acclimatise my new pals and then went back to work. I remember seeing 4.15 pm then nothing.  at 5.05 pm I woke up.I knew I’d been to sleep as the imprint of the keyboard was in reverse on the palm of my hand. Fortunately my forehead had been resting on my arm. The screen was just filled with pages of capital G’s.  OMG, the fish! I dashed through and released them. They were fine of course just having had longer to adjust than usual. I returned to my screen and started deleting all the G’s so I could get back to where I’d left off. Thank heavens I hadn’t sent it to someone. I wasn’t sure if the sleep was a present, a punishment or just a reminder from Somnos so to cover myself here is my promotion.

Fed up with your old household gods? Need a new breed for the New Year? Say hello to the bright young things of today who can serve you for tomorrow too. Start saying your prayers to the leader of the new Pantheon, Somnos. Offspring of an older god and who knows what, Somnos is the bright star in the heavens and can turn his hand to anything. A young master of life’s mysteries.  Give it up for his brothers, young Porcinus who is god of household and not so household animals and Brother Jake who though the youngest is still a bit of a bright spark. Apart from being responsible for lovers he is also responsible for wishes.Not worth asking for Lottery Numbers he tells me, the elder gods have that tied up for years.

I had to take a half hour break to get something for tea as I’d only had one set of tablets today but after that it was right back nose to the grindstone ( it’s OK my beak can afford it). I’m making real headway now and hope to be in bed by midnight.


Negotiation can obviously be rewarding. I was allowed until 4.47 am this morning. It was a bit of a blow to find no-one had arranged for their to be no post during the extra period so I could wake up relaxed but I suppose it’s my own fault for not getting the i’s dotted and t’s crossed. I’ll know for the future and squeeze harder than a lemon press. Once I’d come back from the loo and switched on I’d been disappointed but what the heck, I had time. I worked till 7.00 am and went through to the kitchen. I had to be quiet, my new catfish are very small and quite shy often hiding away during the daylight hours. I turned the light on and there they were enjoying the extra space in this tank. Where the others came flying over when the food was in they didn’t of course but I’m sure they’ll soon learn. That’s if Sharkey behaves anyway and he certainly wasn’t this morning. He was trying to chase everyone away from the food and even managed to startle Big Al this morning. It couldn’t happen often though as nothing can move the tank that Big Al is. He seemed in better humour today and didn’t even glance in my direction. That could be a bit worrying as though an event is due to happen and he’s distancing himself from it for when he secret police arrive…..and that’s despite the fact he probably orchestrated the whole thing. I may need a word with Porcinus to see if fish come under his purview.

I watched for long enough to see my two synodontis disappear inside an upturned ship and stay there. I decided there and then whatever I have for my birthday will be bigger…too big for holes like that. Maybe too big for Sharkey too. A couple of real battleships. I took my meds to get me down from this high and mad myself  coffee to take back. I couldn’t be bothered getting dressed as I wasn’t going anywhere. By about 9.45 am I was happy with what I’d done and where I was so took a few minutes to head to the lounge and my chair. The first thing I aw was my repeat prescription request from Friday. Damn. I had to get dressed after all. It was such a pain getting a tiny sock on this big fat leg that when I was dressed I slipped a pair of summer deck shoes on. Even that was a small problem but I managed it and getting my jacket and crutches went out, locking the door behind me. I had to manage like Long John Silver, just putting one foot to the floor and swinging along on the crutches. It works well but is tiring.I got there and back without problems. Back inside I slipped off the shoes and put my slippers on and dealt with the actual mail from the postman.

Back to work. Still not too much in but enough to keep me going until lunchtime. I broke off at 11.45 am to start lunch and then found a Time Team to watch while I ate my shepherd’s pie followed by chocolate cake. At 1.00 pm I went back to work until 2.15 pm when the new series of Father Brown started. I have vague recollections of having enjoyed the books as a child and wanted to see what they were like. Not bad really. Then back to face the afternoon rush until 6.00 pm when I had Eggheads.( no, not personally, it’s a programme not a disease). After that I just had to shut my eyes as they were closing anyway and I stayed that way for 35 minutes before coming back through. Since then it’s been a slight struggle to keep up to date because certain personal messages I save till this end of the day to deal with and sometimes they’re long. But, I shall manage an early  night I hope as I want to see my beautiful daughter and my grandson tomorrow. She’s threatening the doctor on Thursday.


I had a 2.51 am start this morning. That’s approximately two and a quarter hours sleep if I slept the minute I turned the light off. I didn’t. Whatever AC Flory says,I’m not prepared to go down the photograph of a chocolate cake yet. And don’t even suggest prayer, I already feel preyed upon. Maybe I should have had a closer look at the small print in the contract. My leg was painful when I put it down so I hopped to the loo, reminded myself I’d made a mistake buying the Loo purple instead of the Loo Bloo, resolved to correct my error, and hopped back. There was quite a lot of mail to be dealt with and I’m currently open to suggestions as to how to cut it down. At 6.00 am I’d reached the end of the main ones and also of my tether. I felt tired.  I needed something to brighten me but the buses weren’t running yet and my daughter wouldn’t be up. I settled for second best and went through to the kitchen. When the lights went on I was delighted to be able to see the new fish flitting back and forth. They have real speed and really are beautiful with their streamlined moustaches.

Morecambe and Wise came to the top to await their flake and most of the others moved into position ready for the pellets. Sharkey was being very annoying and I had o speak sharply to him but as usual I was ignored. Big Al was a worry though. No insults, no tellings off, no glaring. He sat towards he back of the tank , little gimlet eyes as wide as they’d go and looked shell shocked. I have no idea what- or who- happened to him. I did in fact feel rather sorry for him as I think he’s getting old now and I’m sure the synodontis won’t be interested in his lectures. I get the feeling they’re all rap and hip-hop. After watching the activity for a few minutes I fed them and left them to eat in peace. I did see Big Al move towards the food area before turning away. I took my sprays then put milk in my mug and took the tablets, leaving enough milk for my coffee. I sat and drank that in the lounge and considered shutting my eyes but was afraid of missing the bus.

I washed the  now empty mug, picked up the gifts for Yvonne, Ugo and Reuben, switched the lights off and headed back to my bedroom. I got washed and dressed and started on the lesser messages and notifications until 7020 am when it was time to get my shoes on and prepare to leave. I allowed time in case I had problems finding the right shoes. At the moment I could do with a pair belonging to a clown though I dare say Mike would say I already have. I left the house at 7.30 am and started walking toward the bus stop. It started raining and then the bus went right past me. So that was the way the day was going to be. I reached the bust stop and climbed aboard. The driver, my regular, said “If I’d known it was raining I’d have stopped for you back there.” Luckily I hadn’t quite got my breath back so just said “Thanks.” On the bus Yvonne sent me a text to ask if I was coming and let me know she was waiting for young sleepyhead to wake up. That’s a first. I just sent a text saying I was on the bus.

When I got to Chester I saw Yvonne pushing the trolley out of a shop towards me. The plastic cover was down because of the rain and she was just telling me that Reuben wasn’t very well when he started smiling and pointing at me. I guess I had something stuck in my teeth. The joy didn’t last long and tears accompanied the siren as we walked round the first shop. It improved a bit when he was given a book to read and we headed for the coffee shop in the next place. Yvonne fed Roobs his breakfast which he took well. He did feel a little warm. She passed him the books I’d bought while she checked out the other gifts and loved the cardie and little jacket I’d got him. While we were having coffee she told me that Ugo is having Reuben confirmed in Church soon.  I just nodded as this is their child and my opinions won’t count on this subject. But, I always thought a confirmation followed a Christening/Baptism and was for the subject to agree to follow the life of discipleship? As far as I know he hasn’t been baptised or if he has I wasn’t invited ( probably for good reason) and I’d say since he can’t talk yet, he’s far too young to be making any commitments. As I say , it’s their business, their choice but for me, I’d much rather this kind of malarkey was left until a child is old enough to know what they’re doing and can make an informed choice. Some people seem to need the community of a church but it’s not for everyone. CORRECTION. with apologies, I’m now innformed it’s a dedication and not a confirmation. This just welcomes him into the church and his parents and god parents attend to confirm they’ll teach him about god.Personally I’d rather he was just tauiught about people and how he should treat them. How he should protect the vulnerable regardless of race, colour,culture or creed.Humanity is One  and we need to work together without divisions to learn tolerance. Rant Over.

We left the coffee house and headed for another shop but Reuben was obviously very unhappy. Neither books nor looking at his favourite toys would stop the siren in my ear. I suggested as it was 11.30 am Yvonne should take him home. Se said once we finished this last shop she’d do that and cool him off and let him sleep if he needs it. Lucky for me, this last shop was close to my bus stop and there was a bus due at noon. We said our goodbyes and she apologised. There was no need. I knew she needed to settle Reuben down and be happy that he’s OK. As for me, I get home an hour early and can start work again that much sooner. I’d have been out almost 6 hours by then.

When I got off the bus I dropped into Pauline’s for some supplies and my next TV mag. I found some chips in a mild and fruity curry sauce which I decided to have for lunch. It was lovely.I had bread and butter to make sure I lost none of the sauce. I did half an hour’s work then skipped off to watch an episode of Father Brown again. When that was over I piled into the work like a madman. After a while I must have looked like one too as I kept yawning so my eye were watery, they kept closing in an attempt to grab an after-food sleep and my head looked like either a nodding dog or one of those Ostrich things that used to dip their beaks in your drink. It got to the stage I had no idea what I was doing so I allowed it to happen. When I woke 25 minutes later all I had was a stiff neck. By 7.50 am I’d finally caught up and had an hour with the TV watching a celebrity quiz show for charity. They put up a good show but didn’t win.

9.00 pm meant back in here again and another session of catch up before I was able to start the blog. I will be in bed for midnight.

I keep seeing an advert on TV which has someone driving an elephant like a car. The tune keeps popping into my head so tonight I’m going to play it on here an hope it gets out of my head completely. Sorry about that, I hope no-one catches it.


I made my midnight bedtime last might- just. I couldn’t cope with reading for very long and so the light was out by a quarter past. Sleep came quickly, and having delighted me with whatever dream left me smiling, it left just as quickly as well, at 2.38 am. You know at the time if you’ll get away with just snuggling back under the covers or whether you’re really awake and ready to create a new formula for world peace. I swear the powers that be keep sending the wrong people to do that job. Anyway, once up I did the Olympic Hop to the loo and the Olympic hop back afterwards. Times almost took a turn for the worse when the first hop was taken on the wrong leg. If anyone asks later whether I heard that strange sound I’ll just say no, what strange sound? I settled in my seat and turned the computer on. Straight away I wished I’d taken the other option which was packing my hankie and running away to parts unknown with no computer access. Actually I suppose I could just go camping up the road and have that happen. Warmer climes appealed but where? It has to be somewhere that isn’t trying to kill me from the moment I arrive via snake, spider or even mosquito. One of the South Sea Islands maybe. While waiting for my  ticket to arrive I might as well do some work.

First job is to check my lottery ticket. I know things are looking grim when I see it’s a further rollover. Grimmer still when I see that damned machine didn’t even give  me one number let alone the Millionaire Maker code. Ah well ( big sigh) maybe the weekend. I worked until 6.00 am and cleared both talktalk and gmail addresses. In celebration I decided to feed the fish a bit early again. I turned the kitchen light on followed by the tank light. Big Al blinked and as I opened the hatch he flew over and stationed himself underneath. No-one was getting food before him today. I dropped in some pellets. He wiggled his moustache, perhaps in thanks and tried to pick up one of the pellets whole. Others came to join him now including Sharkey who was trying to grub for food and chase everyone else off at the same time. The was no sign of my little synodontii though.( my guess for the plural as synodontisses doesn’t quite have the same ring), they were having a lie-in it seemed until suddenly I spotted a head moving about on the underside of the pump. Of course, these are often known as upside down catfish. I replaced the flap and left them to it.

I decided to have breakfast today so the first thing i to take a pre-food tablet then mess around for 15 minutes before eating.  I had my sprays then took half my tablets and lit a cigarette. Then I took the rest of the tablets, took an empty plastic bottle to the recycling bags, took a book to the bookshelves in Mike’s room before returning to the kitchen to put some bread in the toaster, put my cigarette out and made a coffee. I got the butter and a knife out and a plate to hold the toast which soon signified it was ready by shooting a couple of inches in the air. As soon as breakfast was eaten it was time for the post-food tablets and I returned to work. Only about ten piece of post which were soon dealt with so it was time for 40 winks in the lounge with my foot up.I slept for an hour and found I’d been reading at the same time, or at least turning the pages of my book without taking anything in. To be honest, I wasn’t taking in much when I was awake either. This book hasn’t gripped me yet. That could be because there are a couple of books in my pile that I really want to get to grips with one of which is a John Grisham.

I returned to work and found a message telling me a doctor would be coming out today. If it’s my own doctor it will probably be after lunch. That was fine, I sent a message back thanking Yvonne only to get another requesting I let her know everything the doctor says and not just the finer points. She’s most untrusting. I grabbed some carpet fresh for the hall and then hoovered the lounge and lit a febreeze candle to overcome (?) any smoke smells but I should be OK as I’m never in there long enough to smoke much. After my mini work-a-thon the postman arrived bringing with him a request to write to one of the House of Lords about the Dignity in Death bill due later this month. I did that with pleasure. One piece of mail from my Causes group was from  Portugal asking for some computer equipment for a Breast Cancer Support Group. It seemed little enough to ask for so I did a small blogpost on it.I’m hoping as people spread it, maybe it will just hit the right person who can donate the equipment needed. I’m not sure it’s something one individual can do unless they have the money to donate for buying fromnew. But there may be a firm out there who could sponsor such a cause and if so, I’m sure one of my friends will know. Otherwise I may have to see if the request can be given to one of the larger computer manufacturing companies. Any bright ideas would be welcomed.

I worked up until midday but didn’t eat in case the doctor came. I watched my antique show and made every effort to stay awake. Eventually at 1.45 pm I saw my doctor approach. I stayed where I was as she let herself in and came through. Out of manners I raised off my seat but she waved me down. he spent a few seconds playing with my upper leg to see if there was any pain ( no, but there was pleasure) in case there was a blood clot. Instead it appears I have cellulitis which is a deep infection of the soft tissue, usually strep. It started like gout but has stayed hot and swollen for far too long. To cut a long story short, I have to look out for other problems which might result in hospitalisation, but otherwise four to five weeks of antibiotics should do the trick. Next week we have to phone and describe the foot/leg to see if the swelling has gone down. If so, she’ll prescribe the next batch of antibiotics, if not she’ll come out to assess it again. At least my body temp and my blood pressure were good. She left me a prescription when I assure her I had someone to get it then she left. I put socks and shoes on an went out to pick it up. You might know there was none at the chemist but it was due in so they’d deliver it later. I went home again. I reported to the boss and she let me know poor Reuben’s problem on Tuesday was Hand, Foot and Mouth disease which I’ve never heard of before now. Poor little mite has a rash.

Back at work I tried sitting sideways on to the computer and stick my leg up on the bed. That was very uncomfortable so I had to make do with the floor. I worked until 4.30 pm them went to watch the Antiques Road Trip which I missed when they took it off over Christmas. After that I sorted the mugs ready for the appearance of Dil and Matt. I’d just sat down again and lit a cigarette when they walked in so I had to ‘Hop It’ again and make the drinks. As usual we watched the end of a quiz before getting the games table out. Yahtzee first which was a resounding victory for Dil tonight. Matt  and I won just one each of the six games. We were going for Nomination next but delayed it to play the new game I got for Christmas. It seems everyone likes it despite us teasing Yvonne about buying it for her old dad. Matt won that and had a really good laugh at the same time. Then we played the Nomination whist. Things were going really well for me, I was well over 100 when Dil was just under 100 and Matt was struggling in the forties. As things carried on Dil won a few, I lost a few and Matt more or less stayed put. The poor lad could not win a break. It looked like this was going to be my game though even though Dil edged nearer. Then the last hand Matt shouted 4 and got them, Dil shouted 2 and got them and I shouted 3 and got 4. Dil and I were even so I was even deprived of a game in my own house by my guests.

They left at 9.35 pm and after clearing up, washing up and taking the night meds I came through. There were over 120 messages of which I only managed half before giving up to deal with the blog. The rest will have to wait for morning if I want to get to bed tonight.


It’s been a funny old day. I got up at 4.13 pm, almost luxuriously late and after the long haul one legged to the loo I came back prepared to face the hell on the computer. I didn’t, it was way worse than that. There were 87 pieces of yesterdays post to deal with before I got to today’s stuff. Have you people nothing better to do with your time? What made it worse for me was that most of it was interesting so I couldn’t be smug and just delete it. There were no attempts to part me from my money either so I can’t even try and entertain you.

Given the way my days are the best way I’ve been able to break down times to toke these new antibiotics are 6.00 am, 11.00 am, 4.00 pm and 9.00 pm or thereabouts. So 6.00 am saw me creeping into the kitchen so I didn’t disturb the fish (??? lunatic) and then creeping out again capsule in hand to take it from my drink in the bedroom. At 7.00 am I went back to the kitchen turning the lights on at the wall and at the tank too and chatting to the fish as I dropped food in for them. Big Al was boycotting me, Little Al was dithering between that and missing the food. Sharkey was his annoying self. Morecambe and Wise came for a chat as they like the timbre of my voice ( or is it timber as it’s wooden?) The plecs were happy climbing walls as usual but of my two new friends there was just an occasional glimpse as they darted from hiding place to hiding place. By 9.00 am I was up to date with last night’s post but decided to get dressed before doing any more. Needing a break I sat in the lounge for what I thought was a minute but in fact turned out to be 11.40 am. OMG, I’ve been abducted by aliens, but perhaps not as I hadn’t unlocked the front door this morning. I quickly checked my phone in case Lis and Charlie had been in touch about a visit but even though my phone was for once fully charged, there were no messages.

I hadn’t put socks on today but had to quickly slip some soft shoes on and go for bread so I could have lunch. I’d decided upon bacon with chips and bread with butter. That was very enjoyable and was over and done with by 1.00 pm. Time to stop skiving and get some work done. It was almost as bad as at the start of the day and I now have my proof that neither you nor I can find anything better to do. At 3.30 pm Mike sent a text to say he was on the way to me so I expect between 5.30 – 6.00 pm and then Lis sent a text at about 3.45 pm to say they’d be here about 4.30 – 5.00 pm.  I ceased work at 4.30 pm to be ready ( and also to see my antiques show I admit) and they arrived at 4.45 pm. Hugs and kisses all round thoroughly enjoyed by me, so much so I went back for seconds but they beat me off. I got to hear all about Christmas and the New Year and Charlie had made me some dark chocolate gingers. Mmmm. They had to leave at 5.35 pm and not because I couldn’t keep my hands to myself. More hugs and kisses ensued. YAY. I finished watching one quiz and started watching another. Mike arrived about 6.15 pm after some annoying and typically expensive car troubles. We sat and chatted after I’d made a drink then watched an episode of Big Bang.

I made us both some tea an hour after my last antibiotic and then stayed with Mike a while until it was time to come to work. He’s watched an episode of Endeavour, the young Inspector Morse. I’m finally up to date (for now) but will check again once this post is finished. Who knows, I might make it by midnight again.

This song is a recommendation by my nephew Matt. I found myself enjoying it.


This morning was a joyous 5.12 am, but only because I threw a real strop at at 2.08 am. Admittedly I enjoyed a cigarette at that time and made sure my rant lasted long enough but I absolutely refused to get up at that time again. I put my foot down with a very firm hand. The deal was off if I was going to be treated in such a cavalier fashion was rapidly followed by begging “Please let me have an extra couple of hours and I’ll mention all three of you tonight”. So, to show that I haven’t broken faith, allow me to reintroduce the Great and Uppity Somnos, his mediocre, but animal, loving ( and smelling)  brother Porcinus and the almost nonentity Brother Jake. Follow them at your peril, admire them if you must but be sure to go through any contracts with a fine tooth comb.

The mail first thing wasn’t too bad after I’d caught up a little more before bedtime last night. It was still 1.00 am before my light went out though. I remembered to break off for my 6.00 am antibiotic. Talking of which. To remind me when to take them i’d written on the box, When Mike came into the kitchen ( don’t be was never going to happen at that time this morning) last night he asked me why I’d written it and when I explained he said “Don’t you realise, you’ve written my birthday.” I don’t know how I hadn’t seen it. Plus it was confirmation that he admits to being 14 months older than me. I returned to work after the pill and carried on until 7.00 am.

Big Al had the weight of the world on his shoulders this morning. He was mooching round the front of the tank and kept throwing glances at me. I’m not sure If I was supposed to feel sorry for him. I decided to let them have one of the algae tablets this morning so after giving Morecambe and Wise their flake, I broke a tablet up and scattered it. Big Al latched his mouth on to the biggest piece as it hit the bottom leaving everyone else top find their own much smaller pieces. I’m not sure if it’s a perk of size or seniority. I left them gobbling and turned to take my own meds and prepare my drink. Once that was done and my tablets taken it was time for the weekly filling of the boxes and refilling of the drawer from my new drugs stash. That took a good half hour and so it was 7.45  am before I made the drink.Then I decided it might be nice to have some breakfast this morning so took a pre-food tablet, got the after food ones out ready and lit a cigarette. It should have been an extra five minutes but I went ahead anyway. A small pack of Frosties, just right with a piece of toast. Once finished my coffee was cool enough to take the two tablets with. I returned to work again. By 8.45 I’d done and got myself washed and dressed. As 9.00 am arrived I made a coffee and took it through to Mike who sat up and thanked me. I told him I was going to Pauline’s and wouldn’t be long.

At Pauline’s there was quite a queue. When it came to my turn I had quite a few lottery tickets to buy so I let a few people behind me go with just one or two items. When one elderly woman with a newspaper and a pint of milk appeared I told her to go because I needed a few tickets. She lay down the paper and milk and then rummaged in her handbag and preceded to bring out a winning scratchcard for her son who then wanted lottery tickets with the winnings and a winning scratchcard for herself and she also needed lottery tickets. I thought this was just enough cheek and took my turn straight after. She never even said thank you for the courtesy. So, it was 9.20 am  when I got back home. I took my own milk to the kitchen and was surprised not to see Mike in the lounge. He was still in bed asleep. In a tone that implies deep disappointment I woke him to say he’d forgotten his coffee and reminded him what time it was. He shifted himself.

Sitting in the lounge with Mike I started to feel tired so when he went to the loo I just settled back in my chair for a minute.He decided he might as well get ready to go. That woke me of course, not that I’d done more than relax for a minute and I said goodbye noticing that he’d got up later but left on time compared to previously when he’s up on time and I can’t get the beggar out. Anyway, I went to see what messages had come in.  One was an invitation to have a free birthday meal at The Bells of St Mary’s ( with another paying customer) which sounded good but I had the devil’s own job trying to print it out. There was no print option, just one to scan by phone. After a very long time I managed a screen dump of the part of the page showing the code. Then came three or four emails with Yvonne trying to figure out where to eat for my birthday. Despite it being my day, it looks like the options aren’t mine whether we go or not. She”s trying to work her way up to a biggie next year which I’m determined to have at home. I hate it when people are invited to meals like that and feel obligated to buy a gift and have to buy meals on top.

At 11.00 am I took my next antibiotic then carried on with the mail until 12..00 am when it was time for lunch. Another one of the infamous shepherd’s pies. I’d just finished when there was a knock on the door. It was the warden come for her weekly check on me. It was lashing down outside and the wind was picking up. Just as well she was wrapped up. We talked about the forecast of snow for tomorrow and she wasn’t keen on that at all. She gave me company for about 15 minutes then had to go to her next call. I didn’t envy her that rain. Worse still, I didn’t envy her the wind which was picking up in speed. I watched the remainder of the antiques show and shut my eyes for one of those thirty minute minutes. So it was 1.30 pm before I got back to work. That meant working hard in order to see the last episode this week of Father Brown. I was five minutes late. When that finished at 3.00 pm I made Mike’s bed before coming back through. Whatever happened I was determined to be done by 4.30 pm so my bed can wait.

At 4.30 pm I was temporarily up to date and went through to watch the Antique Road Trip’s last episode of the week. It had just started when my phone burped. I expected a message from Mike to say he was on his way back. I was 50% right, it was Mike only he was in a hospital in Manchester with his dad, just where he’d been 2 weeks ago on Christmas day. His wrist is broken after the fall after all. Today he’s having temporary strapping and has to go back Monday afternoon to have the job done properly. Mike needs to stay over Sunday night now. Oh good, an extra day’s B & B from him now. He’ll be back late tonight as he’s having a mel with his sister once he’s fed his dad and seen him off to bed. His carer will be with him for breakfast.( Dad not Mike ). At 6.00 pm I went through and made my bed then went to take a shower. After that I put in a little,work until an episode of Who Do You Think You Are with Gary Lineker. A fascinating programme. I wish we could all get that kind of help with our family trees. Having said that, if you need help try WWW.CT-RESEARCH.COM (lower case) . Connie and Tony are two of the most competent and helpful people I know. They’re good with puzzles and are really friendly.

I took my next antibiotic at 9.00 pm and realised somehow I’d missed the 4.00 pm one. I thought I might as well take my evening ones at the same time. I stayed in the lounge watching a comedy just in case Mike arrived back but at 9.40 pm as there was no  sign I came to make up for all my skiving. I’m sure no-one heard me scream. There were quite a few in both mailboxes and it was difficult to catch up. But, being a veteran of these wars now, I gave it my best attempt. I an knocking off at 11.50 pm and Mike has just returned.


I  went through to make Mike a cup of coffee and get the full saga of his day. And what a day it was too with carers, doctors,  x-rays, bone settings and throughout it all having to deal with his dad whose mood was not the most helpful. The story took a while and I went to bed at 1.00 pm and Mike headed for his bedroom still jumping with adrenalin. I’m not sure when I went to sleep but 2.24 am was today’s prize time for getting up. Granted my bladder wasn’t helping much either. As I went to the loo I noticed Mike was still awake and reading. Once the deluge had finished I went through and we talked for a few minutes until I actually saw him yawn. I left and came through to the computer. At 3.00 am more than a little frustrated I went to get some painkillers and noticed sleep had claimed Mike.

When I got back to the computer I turned off and back on to start afresh. Every time I’d tried to like something so far, or pressed comment I’d been taken to the Blogs I Follow, WordPress page. I’d had to do a search on each blog to enter it and do what I intended. It was just taking an age doing it that way. The reboot worked and I sailed through the remaining posts finishing at 4.45 am. I celebrated with a drink of squash in the kitchen then a prowl through ebay at the catfish available there. I was so surprised to see small pangasius there ( Like my favourite fish ‘Zippy’) since anyone taking those was going to need a massive tank since some can soon grow to a metre. They’re known as shark catfish because of their look but I found zippy to be intelligent and to have a very passive nature.

Beautiful Pangasius. shark catfish.

Beautiful Pangasius. shark catfish.

I think I’m attracted ( in the right way ) to these fish because of their spectacular moustaches. At 6.00 am I went through to take an antibiotic and though I crept very quietly I felt eyes on me the minute I walked into the kitchen. It’s not even as though I turned the light on , my torch stopped me needing to do that………….        I gave in and turned the tank light on. Morecambe and Wise were watching me from the top of the tank, with Big Al, Little Al and one of the plecs watching me from below like the Codfather and a couple of wiseguys. If I’d have seen a violin case at that moment I’d still be running. Though officially it’s non-feeding day I was taking no chances and just tipped a full box through the hatch. Mind you, they’ll have the devil’s own job of getting the lid off. Hah.! I took the antibiotic and went back to my room. Another 30 minutes saw me up to date and I was feeling cocky enough to re-approach the kitchen.  OK, I’d taken my dressing gown off hoping they’d think it was someone else. This time I took my normal morning meds , prepared a cup for my coffee and started to get the rubbish and the recycling waste ready to go out. Trouble was it was persisting down and blowing a gale out there. In the end I took it out and planted the food waste bin on top of the recycling bags to try and hold them down. When I came back in. I was amazed to hear Mike’s alarm go off.  To be honest I fully expected him to turn it straight off but I saw him sit up. I asked “Are you going back to sleep bro, or do you want a drink?”  He told me he’d have a drink so I put the kettle on while I made mine and when it was ready I made one and took it through. He was asleep again. “Coffee’s up” I called not really caring if he stayed asleep. I went outside and added something to the rbbish and when I came back in he was actually up. Honest, really, and he was awake and actually hitting his mouth with the drink.

It was a later start but not by much really as we left the house at 8.10 am. We were at the Supermarket by 8.30 am and in shopping mode. Within the first ten minutes I’d got some potatoes, Ju’s flowers and some clothing from the sale for myself. Well, you can’t NOT get a cardigan and a pair of jeans at £4 a peace can you? Please don’t answer that.  OK, OK, there was a shirt too at just £3 but that’s it honest. After that we honestly put some food in the basket. Mike was doing some shopping for his dad today, washing powder etc so if there wasn’t as much room for food in my trolley ( technically his I suppose as he paid for it)  as usual it’s all his fault. After going through the checkout we went for coffee.

When we’d packed the car and had a cigarette it was decided we’d go to Flint but on the way there was a slight detour via Pets at Home so I could see the pet rats and we could both view the fish. We didn’t buy anything and resumed the journey. Today Mike needed another coffee before anything else so we went in and had a Happy New Year hug from Ceri, had a laugh with Sian and tried not to upset Kyle’s hangover. Mike had his usual teasted toecake then threw the biscuit from his saucer straight into his coffee to soften. Oops, error, it was a change of biscuit this week and was already quite soft. It almost disintegrated in the fumes before it touched liquid. He had to fish it out in bits. He didn’t make the same mistake with my biscuit. I thought we were going to check one shop out for an ice pack when we’d done, but it turned into two, three, four as well as a minor detour inside the pet store to look at, you guessed it, fish. Tonight I’m writing begging letters to the Gettys, The Gugenheins, Bill Gates and Madonna to see if they’d like to buy me a 12 foot tank so I can keep adopt some large homeless catfish.

We realised it was now gone 1.00 pm and I’d forgotten to take my 11.00 am antibiotic and also I needed some food so we headed straight off to the Ivy. Angie gave us a kiss (each) and got me a glass of water so the first problem was solved. We had to share our seats today as interlopers had dug themselves in despite the reserved sign. Angie had got our drinks so we ordered lunch and I was able to take my pre-food tab. Young Rob came over to say hello as he passed by with some food deliveries. It was fairly busy again.  We took the opportunity to nip out for a cigarette and moments later Tariq came flying out to say hello. He knew who it was as soon as he got the food order, double bacon sandwiches with a bucket of chips between us. After we’d gone back in, lunch wasn’t long in arriving and then Shella came out to say Hi too. It’s like coming to eat with family. He’s even given up arguing with me over payment these days.

Lunch over and hugs goodbye out of the way we headed for home. One we’d put the shopping away, I was allowed on the computer, well he is OLDER than me. In what I thought was a gross mistake I found 144 outstanding messages. I was within about 25 of the end when he called me through to watch TV with him. It had taken from 3.15 to 5.25 pm to get this far, and that was more luck than judgement. I stayed until 8.40 pm then he saw me twitching and let me come back. It’s been another long haul but I think I’ll make it before midnight- just.

Another Welsh one tonight.

Have a Wonderful New Week everybody.


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60 responses to “The Doctor. Who? Appears and Hugging Visitation.

  1. I think the fish in the first fish photo is a handsome devil – he has a moustache just like yours – is this why you like them? 😀

    • I’m sure it is why, though whenever I have one we’re in constant competition.. If theirs is better they don’t get fed.
      Zippy was about 18″ long and really fast. If you sat and spoke to him he’d com to the side of the tank and listen.Sometimes you’d even get a kiss. The second fish, ‘Stan’, was the same but he was a much slower, more considered mover, less agitated than Zippy who probably knew he was grown as a food fish.
      xxx Gigantic Hugs xxx

  2. I too like the fish, hope the leg gets better soon,

  3. Next time your head hits the keyboard, do try to do some zzz’s. Bonne semaine! xxx

  4. The thought of Big Al carrying the weight of the world on his shoulders is almost too much to bear 😦 as for their daily smorgasbord! Flakes, pellets and possibly the occasional bit of fag ash? Poor David, that cellulitis sounds VERY painful, I hope the antibiotics kick in quickly to relieve it. 5 weeks is a long time to have to take them – fingers crossed for you. And little Reuben and his hand, foot and mouth disease – I had no idea that such a thing existed for human beans. Time out with a bacon and chip buttie sounds like a bit of gastro heaven in a week that doesn’t sound like it was the easiest or most comfortable. Here’s to everyone feeling better soon and that included Big Al. Huge Hugs to you xxxxxxxxxxxxx

    • I wouldn’t worry too much about either Big Al or me Lottie. We’re big enough and ugly enough to take care of ourselves. Poor Roobs on the other hand….well I thought Yvonne was joking when she told me he had that. Like you, I didn’t think such a thing existed.It seems it comes with nasty little mouth ulcers/gum boils as well as the outside rash. No wonder he howled when he saw his Pops who didn’t do a thing to help him. Nasty Pops.
      Here’s hoping for a better new week all round and all the bad bits of 2015 are now out of the way.
      xxx Humongous Hugs Dear Friend xxx

  5. Yes catfish, you are beautiful!

  6. David, it must seem that 2015 has nowhere to go but up (you’re not alone in that boat)… Your foot/leg problem was frightening me, so I’m glad they’ve found a treatment. I know it hurts your heart and soul to see Reuben hurting too. And all the best to Mike’s dad. I hope all of you are feeling happy and sassy soon. Mega-hugs.
    PS: Big Al and Porcinus might be conspiring…. 😀

    • Don’t worry about me Sweetie, it takes more than a sore leg to get me down. Now if they run out of bacon at the shop…………sob.
      Please don’t wish such a conspiracy theory on me, I wouldn’t stand a chance.
      xxx Massive Hugs xxx

  7. Love the fish photos, gorgeous. And yes, I immediately made the moustache connection too.

    Share your views on the religious aspect, but, what can you do? The way of the religious world, catch ’em young. Didn’t work with me, but not much does.

    Share your pain on the computer leg thing. Been there done that. The main reason for getting an iPad. Do hope it heals quickly with your anti-bios.

    • I looked today but couldn’t find just the right fish.Perhaps another shop next weekend on my birthday I’ll be lucky as they’re supposed to be a gift anyway.( From me to me I hope).
      Nope catch em young didn’t work too well on me either as I hate not getting straight answers to questions. ( Only I’m allowed to prevaricate) I was lucky though that my parents didn’t want to force me.
      I’ve got a tablet now but couldn’t deal with the volume of post on that, the screen’s too small. Anyway, unlike you I’m not confined to a couch. Years on my crutches have made it easy to get around. The only difficult bit is when some oaf comes to talk to you and kicks the offending leg!!
      Sending Huge Hugs xxx

  8. I’m also pleased you’ve seen the doctor and now are on treatment. Poor Reuben… I wonder what’s up with Big Al and I hope you can get a bigger tank for all the fishes you’d like to adopt. Do take care and regards to Mike and his Dad. Yes, I’m with Teagan. 2015 it’s proving challenging so far….

    • Thanks Olga, sometimes seeing the doctor is better than the earache. I think poor little Reuben is doing OK too thank you. I think Big Al is jealous of the new fish who are small but beautiful. Like all nutters, I talk to my fish and they get a bit of attention being new.It’s the same with Mike, I have to pat him on the head and say he’s a good boy to stop him getting jealous. I’ll pass your regards on though If I get flooded by the drool I’m sending you the cleaning bill.
      In both instances I’m not happy to hear you have challenging starts to the year. All I can ever say is that if I can be useful, even as an ear to scream into, don’t hesitate.After all, family first.
      xxx Humongous Hugs xxx

  9. I love fish– At one point we had three tanks in the house, one reef and two fresh, one with quite a few catfish in it. They are beautiful creatures, but some of them can be quite rude to their tank mates.

    • When my wife was alive she had 7 tanks ( this is a 2 bedroom bungalow!!) of which four were 6 foot. One tank each for the Oscars Ollie and Olive. Ollie was vicious towards everything and Olive loved only me. One tank for Zippy my pangasius and then the others with a variety. The catfish were all community, friendly to tank mates and great with us, responding to voices well. I won’t go for those that will eat the smaller ones or I’ll be stocking up every week.
      Huge Hugs xxxxxx

      • It’s true, but you had Oscars! If ever a fish was a bully, it’s the Oscar. I like the African Cichlids, myself. Meaner than the South Americans, but so beautiful to see… So long as they’re not killing each other.

      • I never had Olive in with any other fish except Ollie and she had to be moved because you’re right, he was a class A bully.I kept her tank beside my computer so I could talk to her. If it wasn’t often enough she’d remind me by spitting stones at the glass. One night an almighty crash after I’d gone to bed. She’d powered up, jumped at the lid which came off and leapt onto the side of my bed, the hussy. Se had a couple of good cuts and was bleeding but I picked her up and placed her back in the tank and sat talking to her while she recovered. There were no after effects.I’d like to think she just enjoyed company.
        I agree with you about the beauty of some cichlids but I still love my catfish best.

  10. I would love to get an email with all G’s – and now that you mention it I’m thinking of sending a couple. 😀 Please remember to take your antibiotics David – your leg has had me googling all over the place – and then also be sure to take some powerful probiotics when you’re done and loads of vitamin C. xxxVery Beeg HUGSxxx 🙂

    • I think we have a mutual friend in Australia who I once had an email from saying WHA?????? I had fallen asleep while replying to her and carried on writing.There were sentences but none that made sense. Took me ages to convince her I don’t drink. Sending a couple on purpose might be fun though.
      Oh poor Jo, that sounds painful. I have enough problems without googling as well. Did it have anything interesting to say about cellulitis? Is that probiotics as in the yoghurts I have to take? Now the doctors been I’m trying to be good for a while so my earache doesn’t start again.
      xxx Humongous Hugs xxx

      • I’m a googleholic 😀 Now I know everything about gout too – if you ever get it, tablets are the best solution. The cellulitis is a bit serious – it says that it’s very important to complete the course of antibiotics properly even when the symptoms improve. The probiotic is best bought at the chemist (30 billion cu) although yoghurt as well is good. The antibiotics kill the good bacteria in the gut & cause serious health issues if the bad guys take over – especially if you like a bit of sugar and carbs by way of munchies. 😀 xxx Humongous Hugs and Kisses xxx

      • I wonder why my doctor didn’t mention most of this. I hope she does when the antibiotics are due for renewal this week, especially as they could be going on a while. Thanks so much for all the info Jo, I never actually gave a thought as to the effect of the antibiotics at all.
        xxx Massive Hugs xxx

  11. Oh, David, I had such a belly laugh at the thought of waking up to all those Gs on the screen (and felt the same lurch of fear over the fish in the bag). My heart went out to you.
    And if I’ll feel a little better if I can put a checkmark in the “ditto” column right next to one of the best rants I’ve read in a long time. You put it beautifully, David. I underscore every word.
    My fingers are crossed your meds provide some relief and that Reuben finds himself recovering as well this week.
    And extra hug for medicinal purposes. xxooxx

    • Thanks so much, hugs are very medicinal and totally necessary for recovery. If you see the answer to Jo above, you’ll see what I’m capable of. I’ve provided more than one laugh when I nod off and get inndented letters in my forehead.
      Thanks also for letting me get away with my rant.I tend to be careful usually but sometimes my finger works before my brain ( most things do).
      I’m sure the meds will work soon but hey ho, que sera sera and all that. At least Reuben is well on the mend now, poor sausage.Mind you I’m becoming paranoid about how often he’s unwell when I’m there…..
      xxx Massive Hugs Shelley xxx

  12. See – I’m back – even WordPress can’t keep me away! I really hope that your cellulitis clears up soon – it can be really horrible.
    And to your wise words about bringing up children to care for and respect others, I say ‘amen’… the best thing we can all do in my opinion too.
    xxx huge hugs xxx

    • Ah, what a delight to see you. The kettle’s on.I can’t understand these blips of WordPress, it’s happened to me too.
      Thank you. I wouldn’t wish cellulitis on anyone but at least with my crutches I’m still mobile and still smiling. Even more when the antibiotics kick in. I want to see the back of those, they make your pee smell funny.
      Thanks, I don’t mean to inflict my views on others but couldn’t bite my tongue this time when the atrocities are happening again because of religions on all sides.
      xxx Massive Hugs and Hi to Jon xxx.

  13. My dentist has a huge aquarium in his waiting room, and everything inside it–I mean EVERYTHING–is a living thing. Your fish would fit right in among the spidery-like swaying plants and the tiny snake-like things slithering around with an amazing combination of fish. It’s actually mesmerizing and calming before the dentist appointments. At least better than images of strange gangster lawyer babies. Your writing–and the music choices–offer such amazing details. Have a great, restful week!

    • Aquariums are very restful. If I’m at a dentists you can guarantee I’m almost asleep before the appointment time. Yours sounds a really nice one, possibly tropical?
      I’m glad the writing isn’t grating on you and that the music choices are still OK.
      I hope you have a wonderful week too Marylin.
      xxx Huge Hugs xxx

  14. Specil Cretan hugs for your hurtie. xxx

  15. You know, David, your life (especially the fish) is fascinating. Maybe it’s the way you tell them. I do like your catfish but really don’t care much for the big critters you find in rivers. Hope the antibiotics do the trick. Much love 🙂

    • Thank you Jane, that’s quite a compliment from such a polished storyteller as you. My catfish appreciate the distinction but would I daresay be happier freed in a river, Probably find it a bit nippy if I did so though.
      My fingers are crossed with the antibiotics too.
      Have a wonderful week.
      xxx Massive Hugs xxx

  16. I’m so glad, David, that little Reuben is feeling better. That sounded so painful and little ones don’t ujnderstand. They just know they’re hurting. I’m also happy to hear there was an antibiotic to heal your leg. That also sounded so painful. I know totally waht you mean about the email. It’s like trying to bail a leaky boat. You do it and it just keeps pouring in. Sounds like your fish are doing well. Hope you can one day get a bigger tank. I know you sign off with hugs so I’ll beat you to it. Hugs to you too. 🙂

  17. Thanks Suzanne. Yes Reuben is doing so much better and as for me, it’s just a matter of time. It’s OK I’m patient.
    My mail gradually expands to fill the hours of the day I’m awake. I’m pretty sure soon I’ll be working 27 hours a day and owing IOU’s to the gods.
    The fish are doing fine. I’m still hoping to add two larger ones to their numbers though just to guard me from Big Al.

    Sending Massive Hugs to you to equal yours and then raise you one.

  18. Happy New Year! I always thought it was only dogs who looked like their owners but the fish, yes! My aunt and uncle have a new aquarium… I’ll be on the lookout in case they turn bright yellow & stripey like their fish 🙂
    I have some catching up to do but am happy to see you have been busy and well [enough] but sooner the better mended. Also a belated happy birthday 🙂

    • Ah, you think the fish look like me, and I haven’t even bought them yet.Yes, I’d keep an eye on your Aunt and Uncle in case they look jaundiced. Happy New Year, I hope you both had a wonderful break. As for me, I’m well on the mend thank you.
      My birthday is at the end of this week so I’ll save your wishes for then.
      xxx Huge Hugs xxx

  19. You’re right, David, that song Budapest is rather nice, but what is ‘a plumbing pack with a radiator key in it.’??? Is this a cultural divide thing? Oh and happy birthday. 😀

    • I thiink the pack had a radiator key ( to bleed the radiators of air), some washers for dripping taps and some sealant tape.I wouldn’t have expected cultural divide on that.
      Shouldn’t we still be singing Happy Birthday to you as mine isn’t until the weekend? Thank you anyway.You’ll know when it is as I’ll be singing “Will you still need me, will you still feed me when I’m 64 “.
      xxx Massive Hugs xxx

      • -giggles- the only radiators we have here are the ones that go in cars – to cool them down. As you don’t drive I can only assume you have some kind of heating system that requires a key. What I can’t work out is why ANY heating system would need a key??

        Are you scared a burglar will come in during the night and turn it on [or off] without your permission?

        And no, I’m seriously not making that up. As for your birthday….would you just hurry up and do it? Capricorns… 😀

      • So you don’t have central heating radiators in Australia? The key is not to lock or unlock but to open the end of the radiator pipe to release any trapped air that prevents the radiator getting fully hot. Burglars only need to turn the heating up when they leave the window open.
        You should know that sometimes we Crappycorns like to do things with a flourish so I’m waiting till almost the end when the Water People think they get to take over. I shall enjoy my birthday on Sunday and give them something to live up to.:D
        xxx Massive Hugs xxx

      • Aaaah. No, most common form of heating here is ducting heating – possibly coz it doesn’t get all that cold.

        I’ll have to watch out for flourishes on Sunday then 🙂

  20. I told you that I’d get here eventually. I now have almost 700 emails in my inbox to read through. 😦
    I hope your leg is healing better now with the antibiotics and that you enjoyed your birthday very much. I enjoyed the music this week although the song “Handbags and Gladrags” can only be sung by Jon English in my mind. 🙂
    Huge hugs my friend.

    • I really don’t envy you a mailbox that size. With luck a lot will be spam so you can whittle them down.
      The leg i doing fine thanks Suz. Looking much more normal and pain free almost.
      Glad you enjoyed the music. Must admit I don’t know Jon English. I remember the song by Chris Farlowe in 1967 and know Rod Stewart did a good version too, but the Stereophonics are Welsh, nuff said?
      Have a Wonderful Day. xxx Gigantic Hugs xxx

      • So far my day hasn’t been too bad. 🙂
        Here’s a link to Jon English’s version. He is an Australian singer and one that I really enjoy listening to.

      • I’m so glad the day has been going well.
        Thanks for the link.He’s got a good voice hasn’t he. I guess he’s not a young chap now.Never heard of him over here though though we’ve had some good exports from you.
        xxx Massive Hugs xxx

  21. Hi David,
    I can really see your lovely tales of your fish making it into a cartoon for children. I imagine lots of fun from them when the lights go off and no one around to see what they get up to!
    Ok whats going on with your dreams if you don’t mind me saying, I thought I was bad with two or three a night but yours are so vivid, but a bit fun.
    Thank you for the Cameo song this week, its a fave and the way he sings always makes me laugh. Do you think his voice is slighlty strange?
    I hope your foot will get better soon, sounds like alot of pain for you. Hope the medicine works for you soon.
    Also how bad for poor Reubin, I can remember my nephew having that and I was so shocked. He suffered a bit with it but was so tired and grumpy bless him, I think it made him worse. Hope he gets better soon.
    I showed my daughter the picture of your shark catfish, she wants one now, she loves sharks so I think this will be much better than a great white!
    Take care of that foot,

    • Hi Kim,
      it sounds a good idea for someone, just not me. I did the cat and the animal poems and think that’s probably enough from me.
      I think my dreams might be vivid because I don’t dream much so I remember them more.
      Yes, his voice is a little odd.
      My foot’s well on the way now thanks love. The doctor came today and said just one more week of the antibiotics should see it right. If it happens again I’ve to report quicker, hmm, maybe they’d like to work over Christmas then I could have done.
      Reuben is over his now. He was a grump as well but I saw him yesterday and we were back to smiles again.
      The pangasius is lovely but she’ll eventually need at least a 6 ft tank for it. Better to go for something like a raspberry tipped shark which stays small.
      xxx Massive Hugs to you all xxx

  22. Kev

    Absolutely adore those catfish!

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