Feet of Flame & Get Thee Behind Me

Sunday 25th January 2015.

Stop whatever you’re doing right now ( unless it’s reading my blog of course) and give thanks for the munificence, the magnanimity of the lesser god Somnos and his brothers (that I know about ) Porcinus and (My) Brother Jake. Last night it was gone midnight when I posted my blog and I still had some messages to answer. When I finally got to bed it was gone 12.30 am so that it was 1.20 am before my light went out. Sleep did not come easily due to ‘tickle leg syndrome’ which is a name I  just invented for a very annoying condition. But, did the great Somnos get me up at my usual time? NO, in his kindness he allowed me to sleep until 5.24 am, may blessings rain about him. I actually felt as though I’d slept.

By the time I’d done my skip to the loo routine and returned to the bedroom the computer was ready to go. There was a lot of mail ( Yay, for Sunday mornings) but I only had time to respond to two messages before it was antibiotic time. I went through to the kitchen and turned the overhead light on. Such excitement in the tank. I had to watch for a minute before turning on the tank light. The fish had been more or less in the corners but having ‘seen the light’ they flew to the centre of the tank, sat on their tails and waited for the great hatch in the sky to be opened and provide bounty. All except for Big Al who stayed in his corner quietly contemplating whatever fish contemplate. I opened the hatch and to their great joy fed them. It was fun watching them push little pellets about with their noses like footballers dribbling but not much fun if every player has their own ball. I closed the hatch and started to turn away. Big Al turned his head slightly and gave me what seemed a sorrowful look and with a slight shrug he turned back. I could hear the implied sigh even if I couldn’t see a cause. I’m not much of a fish psychologist am I?

I had my sprays then poured some milk and took my antibiotic followed by the morning meds. Adding two sweeteners to the remainder of the milk I used the Tassimo to make a coffee. I think when the latest batch of pods are used up I might revert back to the old style of making hot drinks as I only have the one a day at home. It doesn’t seem worth   occupying the space with a machine now for that. I took my drink back to the bedroom and started work. It’s always a delight on a Sunday morning to look at the comments on the blog. You can’t jut write it an say that’s that. It’s important to know if people enjoy it, if they enjoy the music videos or if they think it’s just inane chatter and I should be doing something better with my time. The odd thing is, I AM doing something better with my time but it’s nowhere near as popular. (Yet)  https://lorddavidprosser1.wordpress.com/

By 9.00 am my eyes were going and I was about to dent my forehead on the edge of my desk. I went to get washed and dressed hoping that would wake me up. It didn’t so I had top admit defeat and sit in the lounge. Wham! I was gone and didn’t resurface until 9.35 am . I returned to work. Perhaps I wasn’t quite as with it as usual but I soon regretted the placement of the K & L on my keyboard. I referred to a fried Jane as Kane and hoped someone had a wonderfuk week which though I’m sure they might have appreciated it, I caught in time. Dammitall, If I can’t, why should they? I just kept ploughing on but by 10.15 am I was still only around the 6 am mark. I heard sounds from Mike’s room and broke off to prepare a coffee.  He strolled into the lounge at 10.30 am and I only had to pour it and carry it through. I used the term stroll but it was more of  disgruntled shuffle really, I swear he begrudged getting up, but he didn’t hold me directly responsible so that was good. Not that it would have helped him, my hands were shaking so much, one wrong word would have earned him a coffee shampoo and this week his son Anton got the clippers so there’s not much hair left to cushion the head.

I stayed with him a few minutes deciding what we were doing today to see if he remembered fish. He did. But there was obviously no rush at all. By the time he’d finished his drink, washed and dressed we weren’t leaving the house until 11.50 am. We decided to lunch in Prestatyn where we’d been before Christmas and earned a 20% off voucher, that way I could look for some greetings cards I needed. All we had to so was keep an eye on the time as the fish shop in Rhyl close at 4.00 pm.

I ound what I needed for now an after going in a couple of other shops looking for car coats for Mike we set off for Rhyl. There was a shop we needed there too to get a container for some plants for Mike. We were successful but now it was nearing 3.00 pm. We burnt rubber, so I got him to take the handbrake off and we left. It was a little more difficult to find the shop from this new direction but we made it. We both trawled the tanks ( fish- trawled- geddit) until aftera while Mike decided on two hoplo catfish like he got me last week. I settled on a 6″ synodontis that looked like a hoplo but which I had to reject when I found out it ate small fish. Instead I found a nice 2″ pepper catfish and a couple of bronze corys. (Like Little Al but lovely colours.)

Pepper Catfish

Pepper Catfish

Bronze Cory

Bronze Cory








We came home and Mike dropped me off so I could get the fish in while he drove home to get his fish in his tank as soon as possible. I came through to work for 20 minutes while the bag with the fish in adjusted it’s temperature to that of the tank. The amount of work gave me heart failure, my main address had 249 messages waiting. There were 48 on the other after I got rid of duplicates. I managed to do three in 20 minutes then went through and added water from the tank to the bag. Another five or six messages in the next twenty minutes then I went through and released them. They seemed to be fine. Not sure I was though. It was 11.07 when I got to a stage where I was clear (before refreshing) and able to start the blog. It’s been a funny old day again.






Early morning note. I think this is WAR. I finished the blog at 12.10 am , did just two emails of a personal nature and went to bed at 12.25 am. In an effort to confuse the issue I slept in Mike’s bed since he’s not here and most definitely has no trouble with Somnos. It’s dark in there and has no light from a clock as does my room, so when I turned the light off at 1.00 am after a short read, I expected to go to sleep right away. I took a short while to get comfortable  but I don’t think it was too long. When I woke up I felt OK  I came through here via the loo and turned on the computer before noticing the clock. 2.41 am. It’s WAR. But first. I’m going to do a few emails, leave the computer on and try and sneak an extra sleep in my chair in the lounge. I hope to report my success tonight.

I have to report IT WORKED. The computer being on must have fooled him. I did my last email at 4.10 am then casually sneaked away. I slept in my chair until 7.28 am. That’s about a 5 hour night. The only problem with this of course is that I was late for my 6.00 am antibiotic and I was late for the fish. I moved with as much speed as I could muster. Te kitchen light gave cause for a celebration of the dawn and the tank light for enhanced celebration of the new day. The fish were squiggling everywhere with two notable exceptions. The young synodontis had not emerged from their hideaway and Big Al was in a corner with the new Pepper catfish face to face. I don’t know whether they were having a friendly chat or whether there is a regime change on the way. Pepper has the edge on size. I opened the hatch and stuck in some food. Things changed immediately. Morecambe and Wise darted to break some of their flake off rapidly followed by Sharkey who nibbled a good chunk before taking it downstairs to eat. Meanwhile, the only activity downstairs was finding a pellet and keeping it. That meant a few bumped noses, but no fights. I closed the lid and left them to it, just catching the emergence of the synodontis for their share as I turned. As usual my next job was my meds and a coffee to take through.

When I came back through I refreshed my emails and carried on as though there had been no break. Obviously this new batch was quite high but I knew I could whittle it down. I was still whittling at 9.30 am when my phone beeped to say there was a message. It was MuJo about a visit. The snow must have moved from there. I said ” Great, see you later then.” and got half dressed. I left off my shirt/jumper until nearer the time and gave the socks a miss too. I realised I needed to do a batch of washing so put the machine on for an hour and a half cycle. I hope to be able to start the drying before we go out for lunch. Then back to work. There was a message from one of the Freebie sites about some new Gillette razors so I took a chance and entered. I was also offered an Amazon gift card for an amount of £2 and above in exchange for some shopping information. I thought Why Not and started filling in the form. I came to a dead halt when I saw they wanted my phone number and it wasn’t optional. That’s where I stopped and exited from the site. £2 from Amazon isn’t compensation enough for all the annoying phone calls you get when they’ve finished selling your address and phone number on. Mike had charged up and left his smokenosmoke kit for me to try when he left. I sat here taking a few puffs while I went through the rest of the freebies site to see if there was anything else I wanted. It seems a bit strange to be smoking plums.

The washing machine finished before MuJo arrived at 11.10 am so I was able to set it to dry, that’s always pot luck as to which cycle it goes on as I don’t separate the laundry before it goes in. I wonder if Somnos has a brother in charge of washing machine cycles? MuJo arrived and I made drinks then we caught up on what’s been happening in our lives before I made the effort to dress properly. I left the socks and my shoes till last. John suggested the chippie for lunch and neither Muriel nor I objected as it’s been a while so off we went. It was bitter outside with a lazy wind. I was glad I was wearing a thick jumper under my jacket. Even so, I decided it would be a coat day tomorrow. The lunch was very nice but very filling. After we left the cafe to go to a couple of shops I could tell there was a problem. I was on my moped, and I had to keep veering away from people so they didn’t hear anything. Especially the young who already hold enough beliefs about anyone with a grey hair. Yes, I know mine are white but I wasn’t being specific to me. OK? Rather than go inside the shops I stood outside smoking. I’d left my cigarettes and lighter at home but as luck would have it, I was still carrying the cigarillos I’d bought a week ago Saturday, and was carrying a spare lighter.

When we reached the car to head to Flint I was desperately holding myself in check. When we finally arrived I almost stumbled out of the car and was surprised the trapped gas didn’t carry me away. Then the gas became untrapped but MuJo were on the other side of the car by then. I risked a quick trip round Aldi to get some chocolates for my girls at Temptations and things seemed to settle a bit. Muriel got the shopping she needed and we got back in the car and headed for Temptations and our coffee. It was Kyle and Sian on the counter today as Ceri was off. Maybe they’ll save her a chocolate. We enjoyed the drink then went off to get some new swim goggles for Mu as the chlorine in her local pool was bad last week. John an I crossed the square to B & M Bargains ( known as BUM) while Muriel put some stuff in the car. The (actual ) wind was awful, really cold so we were glad to get indoors. Mu joined us and they bought a new single bed quilt while I amazingly bought nothing. We headed for home. John had a drink while Mu went to get their lottery in case the forecasted snow stops them getting out on Wednesday and beyond. The weather is less kind to them in Ty Nant than here on the coast. Because they’d bought frozen food in Flint they were soon on their way home again. As it was 4.15 pm I saw no point i going back to work. I made myself a sandwich for the sake of my tablets then watched the Antiques Road Trip. If I’m to be completely honest here (spoilsports), I watched some of it then woke up at 5.30 pm during the next programme. I came through.

Well, I’ve been here ever since, whittling away again. There were only 163 on one site and about 16 that actually needed answering on the other but it all takes time. I broke off from the mail at 11.05 to do the blog and then if I have chance will go back to the mail until midnight. Anything left can wait for the morning. Let’s go see what today’s music will be.


I don’t wake up slowly. One moment I’m asleep and the next I’m awake. I think that’s a good thing. I mean it doesn’t make you any brighter as attested to by the number of times I’ve woken and got up half an hour after falling asleep. It can’t actually make you look at a clock. Because I normally sleep either on my back, so sitting up would mean I see the clock or on my right side where a glance gets me the time I’ve figured out that the times I must hiccup must be where my sleeping position changes. As it happens I slept on my left side last night because I’d had a problem getting comfortable, but I did remember to check the clock when I woke. It was 4.40 am. I was awake but it didn’t guarantee my brain was in gear hence the slight confusion at finding I couldn’t get out of bed because there was a wall in my way. Who would have built that overnight and why. A couple of tries was enough to just nudge the gear lever into place and I turned over and got out of bed the proper side. There is one thing to this, at least you can never say I got out of bed the wrong side.

Following my regular trip to the loo I settled down in front of the ‘puter and faced my emails. Time just went nowhere and t seemed moments before I was off to the kitchen for my antibiotic. First off I thought I’d do the fish but before putting their light on I stood watching them for a couple of minutes. There was activity but it wasn’t frenetic, just a very relaxing flow to their movement. The ones I could see most clearly were the two hoplos and Sharkey. I could see Morecambe and Wise but the overhead light didn’t penetrate the tank enough to distinguish which was which. I had to move a bit closer to make out the bronze corys and the two synodontis. The plecs I couldn’t see as their camouflage is too good and they tend to be still. Then I saw Big Al lined up in a corner and right next to him in what seemed perfect companionship was Pepper. I’m beginning to wonder about those two and just hope their parents gave them ‘The Talk’. No wonder I haven’t had any clashes with Big Al for the last couple of days. I was wondering what had been happening to Little Al without his mentor but just then he zipped into view and swam with the bronze corys. Fish obviously hold no prejudices. I flicked the tank light on , there was an air of expectancy so I fed them.

I took my antibiotic and the rest of my meds then made a coffee. I must have been more occupied than I thought as I noticed it was almost 6.30 am. I needed to get dressed. Id solved the problem of indecision by choosing my clothes last night. I’d even got two overcoats out of the wardrobe in case the snow had come early but the ground outside looked fine so I could go in my leather jacket. One washed and dressed I was able to go back to the emails and my coffee.  Twenty past seven came quickly and I hadn’t finished all the mail but it would wait. I got my shoes on, sorted out two bags of gifts I had ready to take, knew I couldn’t manage the third, put my jacket and gloves on, grabbed my crutches and went out the door. I’d made a rod for my own back trying to get uphill to the bus stop laden down with bags. I finally made it, gasping for air as the bus came.Dammit, one minute earlier and he could have picked me up lower down the hill. I settled in my seat and tried to doze to make the journey seem faster.

Getting off the bus one of my crutches slipped and I nearly came a cropper. I composed myself as I stepped down as Yvonne and Reuben were there to greet me. He really seemed excited to see me and he’s really making an effort saying Pops. Yvonne took the bags off me and admonished me for carrying such a weight. It was ten minutes before our cafe opened so we had a wander round one of the shops.I bought some cold pads for my ankle. Then we went for coffee asking Reuben to push the button for the lift which he can’t reach but he pushes at a keyhole and thinks that works. I sat and we put Reuben in a chair next to me while Yvonne went up to order. In the meantime she passed me two bags of birthday gifts to open. The girl who tells me off for carrying weight to her, is giving me as much weight to carry home. There was a cardigan in beautiful browns, some bedding, a box of mint chocolates and an assortment of (big) books. The card from  Reuben carried a picture of him and I on it. We had toast and drinks then Yvonne started going through the bags I’d brought. A duffle coat for Reuben and some chocolate, some beer for Ugo and Irish coffee drink for her with some toiletries, and a jar of good coffee to take on their little holiday next week.

After coffee we had a look round the store we were in. I managed to get about ten items of clothing for Reuben from here and by dint of snatching while she was looking away, a black jumper for Yvonne too. The girl on the till had to tell us to stop squabbling though she meant Yvonne of course. One of the others just said      “You can pay for my shopping if you like.” That spurt of shopping had taken a while so we wandered down the street looking in the odd one until we reached the precinct where I had another coffee before going for the bus. Yvonne had some iced water which I had to keep feeding Reuben sips of.

Pop's boy 2






Pop's boy 5

They walked me back to the bus stop when Yvonne had a call from the doctor about my leg. There’s a doctor coming out at lunchtime tomorrow. I don’t know why as it’s doing OK. I had to leave them talking as I saw my bus in. A quick kiss each and lots of waves from Reuben and I was aboard preparing to doze again. The journey wasn’t too bad. Wen I got off at this end though I knew I wanted to pee. That blew my plans of getting a nice (healthy) sandwich for my lunch, and also the stop at Pauline’ to pick up a TV magazine and some cigarettes. Instead I was just trying to pick up speed all the way. By the time I reached the front door I was desperate and doing an imitation of Feet of Flame on the doorstep while I got my keys out.  I opened the door threw the shopping bags down , stumbled over them and just made it. I spent a while putting things away and then went to check the emails. It was 1.30 pm.

At 4.30 pm I broke off work at about halfway through to watch Antique Road Trip. I swore I’d stay awake for the auction this time.  I didn’t, and woke up again at 5.30 pm during the next programme. I turned the TV off and returned to work.The break seemed to ave done both me and the computer some good and I flew through the remaining messages. At 7.00 pm I was even brave enough to refresh the screen and to go in and check my second account.Yes, I’m stupid, I admit it. By 8.00 pm I was getting frustrated at the slowness of my screen. Rather than swear at it and have it going off altogether in a sulk, I decided to take another me-time break and watch a little Big Bang Theory. At 9.00 pm the rest seemed to have done the computer some good and it had speeded up for me. Of course more mail had arrived but hey, into every life a little rain a bloody great deluge must fall. I worked till 10.00 pm. took my tablets and worked some more. At 10.50 pm the last message was done ( yes, without refreshing) and I was able to do this blog post.

R.I.P Demis Roussos who died today 27th Jan 2015.


I got up at 2.38 an and went back to bed at 12.39 am once I’d seen the time properly and let Somnos have his little joke of me having about five minutes worth of sleep. I did manage to drop off again without too much trouble.

Shall we try again. I got up at 3.06 am There seemed to be a bit of a breeze outside and I wondered whether the snow storm might have started. I checked out of the lounge window, not a sign. Still. there’s quite a lot of day to go before I can say the forecasters got it wrong again. To be fair it must be likely now as so many predictions say it’s imminent. After the lounge I went to the bathroom on a bladder call before coming back to boot up.First job was to check my bank and yes my pension was there along with two paltry sums from Amazon for what looks like the sale of a paperback and 3 e-books. I live to eat another day.It’s not exactly going viral is it. lol. I loaded up my mail and checked the lottery while I was waiting. There’s another disappointment. I don’t know who they’re employing but they certainly don’t seem to pull the right numbers out. One out of five numbers they gave me. What good is that?

There was plenty of post this morning so I got my head down and beavered away at it. At 5.55 am there appeared a natural break before a long email so I decided to deal with the kitchen. Big Al and Pepper came across to the front of the tank together. It’s like prisoner and escort. Big Al just doesn’t seem happy but I’m keeping an eye open for any “Help me, I’m being held hostage” messages on the glass. Maybe Pepper really is a lady with a strong personality, ” We’re getting married and that’s that”. Everyone else put in an appearance except the two shy synodontis which are still hiding in their shell and must eat when I’m gone. I fed them and left them all in peace. My tablets were the next job and my sprays, once those were done I could make my drink. I took it through and carried on working until 8.20 am when I was almost up to date. I spent some time getting washed and dressed. To have a break from the screen I sat in the lounge once I was ready. Naturally I fell asleep and only woke at 9.10 am. The wind was howling outside and there seemed to be occasional bursts of hail. I’d better go to Pauline’s while it was still safe. I got what I needed and came home. Back to the computer as more post had come in since I’d been away. That kept me going until midday when I went to take my foodie tablet before lunch. I put an old Jimmy Steward film on the box, Bell, Book and Candle. What an amazing part he played and how well behaved was the heavily manhandled cat Pyewacket. I decided to stay on that channel till it finished and I ate my lunch in front of it.

At 1.00 pm I went back to work for half an hour then came through to wait for the doctor. She arrived at 1.50 pm and after checking the leg decided after another week of these antibiotics I should be OK. I was reminded that should it ever flare up again I must let the surgery know immediately. I asked her if that was likely and was told yes. After she’d gone, put socks and shoes on and walked in the wind up to the chemist’s which in the village is also the Post Office . I handed over the prescription to be dealt with, then to save wasting time, went to take something to the Post Office side . When I’d done there my prescription was ready. Ready to face the wind again I left and came home. I took my right sock off and went back to work straight away, no Father Brown for me today. I worked hard until 4.30 pm and was making great progress but it was time to break off for the Road Trip. That finished at 5.15 pm and it wasn’t worth going  back to work as the guys could be here at any time. I went and prepared their cups after checking there were no texts on my phone cancelling because of a blizzard elsewhere.

It was almost 5.45 pm when Dil and Matt arrived. Not because they’d fought their way through a blizzard but because of road works on the expressway. I made the drinks while they watched the end of Pointless. Out came the table, the Yahtzee, the cards and we were ready to go. There was a text from Lee to say he couldn’t make it and probably not next week either. We started on the Yahtzee. As usual I lost the first game but then a Winter Miracle happened and I won the next four on the trot with multiple Yahtzees. I lost the final game but who cares, I had the overall win- In Yahtzee!! I was so elated we were four hands into Nomination before I realised it and they were four hands where I hadn’t won my call, but both Dil and Matt had. A couple more hands went the same way and it was time to pull up my  socks, or in this case sock. I started a come back until after a hard fought battle I won. Now the knives were out. We started the Crazy 8’s and I was getting, 7’s dropped on me with some regularity, then the accumulative 2’s and 3’s started being dropped on me. From a zero point first hand my score started climbing. Matt was pleased as he was not only chief instigator, he was currently winning.It took all kinds of connivance to get things turned round so that Dil’s score went up tremendously and Matt’s score at least began to approach mine. I couldn’t quite do enough though. We took Dil’s score over the top but Matt and I ended level. He wanted to settle it with Rock, Paper, Scissors but I wouldn’t play unless we added Lizard and Spock like they do on Big Bang Theory.

It was 9.30 pm and the boys had to leave and face the non-blizzard going home. I tidied up, washed the pots and made myself some sandwiches as I’d only eaten once today. Roast beef and raw red onion, wonderful. I ate them while working. I managed to clear the post and do the blog for midnight.


4.46 am today. I was on my left side but my brain accepted I had to turn over and get out of bed that side. That’s over 3 hours of sleep, could it have something to do with sleeping on that side? Trouble is, I could try to go to sleep on that side with no guarantee that I’d still be on that side in the morning. Still it might be worth a try. After a trip to the loo I came back and signed in to find plenty of messages waiting. I started work thinking to myself I never worked this hard when I had a job. But stupidly, I did. At 6.00 am I broke off to see to my antibiotic and the fish. I crept into the kitchen and didn’t turn the overhead light on intending to surprise the fish and see what they were up to or whether they were still in bed. What an idiot. Because it was dark I knocked a bottle over near the tank which then fell on the floor with a clatter and woke the whole street, never mind the fish. When I turned their light on they were flitting back and forth in agitation which is just up the road from Wrexham I think.. Well, most were but not all. I was on the point of covering my eyes with my hand when I realised I have no idea how fish ‘DO IT’ but Pepper was laying on top of Big Al and I think the Big Bang Theory went out the window as the noise hadn’t disturbed them in the least. Am I in at the start of a budding romance or does Big Al just make a suitable pillow?

The other fish calmed down a bit at the sound of my voice and even more at the sound of the hatch. I put food in for them and watched as they all ( correction, nearly all) tried to follow their own bit of food as it floated down through the water. Pepper and Big Al separated ready for breakfast but I couldn’t see my synodontis ( don’t be vulgar madam, it’s a fish). No doubt I’d catch them later.I took my sprays, the antibiotic and my other meds then made a coffee to take back with me. 8.01 am saw me finish the last message on that account and open the second. There were just 5 to deal with on that one after I’d deleted the unimportant and he duplicates. By 8.20 am I was in the lounge watching Frazier. Though not for long If I’m honest as I quickly nodded of to the sound. I slept until 9.07 am theen came through to get dressed before going to Pauline’s for my lottery. I could see there was no snow on the ground though everywhere was wet. When I went out I could see why as there was snow and sleet falling together. No way it was going to stick.

Coming back I was walking into the lazy wind that was pushing the sleet at my face. I was glad to get in again. I checked the forecast on the computer and it says the snow will be falling tonight. Being coastal we may continue to be lucky. I went back to work. Things were steady up till lunch time when I broke off to eat. Then what a shock. The roofs were white and the grassy areas too. It was snowing great big flakes but quite slowly. The paths were quite wet still and nothing was sticking there. While I was making lunch it must have stopped, I didn’t notice. They’re still saying it will be heavy tonight. I enjoyed my lunch of chips in curry sauce, I enjoyed the episode of Murder She Wrote that I saw, I even enjoyed the little Zzzzzzz session I enjoyed straight after the programme albeit for just half an hour.I had three quarters of an hour to work in before Father Brown. I managed that and made good progress because of my guilt. Not that I was guilty enough to work through the programme though. It finished at 3.00 pm and it gave me an hour and a half this time to work before the Antiques Road Trip. I worked so well in this period I was actually up to date five minutes before I needed to be. I had time enough to stroll through nonchalantly.

I enjoyed the programme and managed to stay awake. It finished at 5.15 pm but I got engrossed in the first few minutes of a quiz. My period of absorption was brought to an end when my phone beeped. It was a message from Mike to say he was on his way to me from Manchester. It would take at least an hour so there was chance to get up to date again and be ready to spend some time with him. That’s what I did and at 6.15 pm came through to see to his mug and put the kettle on. I hadn’t eaten my second meal of the day and was eyeing up a chocolate gateau that had followed me home this morning. Little twinges of conscience told me I should wait till Mike arrived and offer him some. Bigger twinges of conscience suggested I offer it all to him. Before I could get consciences foot out of the door and close it, Mike arrived. He as carrying a small parcel. I was making his drink as he brought it through, a meal from the chipshop, and, oh no, extra chips for me. I was sure I was screaming out loud Get thee behind me but in fact it turned out I was buttering bread for a sandwich. My self esteem slumped lower when I had half the gateau anyway. OMG, fat camp next year.

I stayed with Mike a while then came through to catch up before heading back to watch a comedy at 9.00 pm. He was asleep in his chair. I had to wake him as he needs to sleep in bed so I can get him up tomorrow. Come to think of it maybe I should start trying now. At 10.00 pm I came through for the night and suggested Mike went to watch TV in bed. There’s been a series of programmes recently where one story dovetails into the next. I think it’s called Banana and he’s quite interested in it. It’s supposed to offer insight into something he doesn’t understand at all, which is being gay. At least he’s tolerant of an alternative lifestyle and not dismissive. I got to do some more work until 11.00 pm when I stopped to concentrate here.


4.45 am today. I was robbed of another minute. That’s still somewhere short of 4 hours again. I’ll either start hallucinating soon or spend an entire day asleep and miss it.  First port of call was the loo to stop my bladder pressing on my heart.. I must learn to drink less in the evenings. Next up was to sign in and see how many messages were waiting.It was less than a hundred and livable with. I made a start. By 6.00 am I had made quite a dent in it and was actually smiling as I went towards the kitchen. I bet that worried the fish. I did the main light first and then the tank light. As I wished them Good Morning Morecambe and Wise both swam to the upper corner nearest me in response to the voice. Sharkey, Big Al, Little Al, the two bronze corys and one of the plecs were swimming in circles directly beneath the food slot. Pepper was in the bottom left corner, back to me as Big Al so often is. Of the other two plecs and my two synodontis there was no sign. I dropped some food in and was going to leave them to it when one plec appeared climbing the glass at the back and the two synodontis both appeared from a direction I hadn’t expected, the large amphora. I was really pleased to see them as I love their markings.

I had  my sprays and took all my meds which emptied my tablet tray so I started to fill it again. I didn’t need the instructions as it’s all second nature now. Once I’d returned my meds drawer I was free to make a coffee. As by now it was approaching 7.00 am there was no point in returning to work yet. I boiled the kettle and made Mike his coffee. He says he wants to be at his father’s at 9.30 am so he can make sure the screed is laid well today.I had to get him up at 7.00 am to accomplish this. I didn’t hear the first alarm though I’m sure it went off ( probably as I boiled the kettle). I however did make sure my voice was loud enough as I called  “Coffee’s up bro. You don’t have time to play with today.” “Why not” he asked. “because you have to get to your Dad’s” I told him. He went back to sleep. The alarm went off twice more and twice more it was turned off. Finally at almost half past I went to remind him his coffee was getting cold. ” I can’t get my legs to work” was the answer. A minute or two later I heard him move to the lounge. Leaving just a few messages in my box I went through to the lounge and joined him. He complained of a terrible night but I’d had no choice about waking him as he wanted to be at his fathers when the workmen came. He drank his coffee, went to get washed and dressed and finally left the house about 8.15 am. I’ve no idea when he’ll be back after the screed has been laid but chances are I’ll have the usual fun getting him up tomorrow to get to his Dad’s for the laying of the flooring.

I came back to work and stayed here on and off all morning. No sign of any snow outside but I still didn’t want to face the day. I tried to clear up a problem getting into Moonpig.com but decided the problem must be at their end. I had an email about an educational tablet for children reduced to £5 but which always went to £10 at the checkout. I sent the company an email and they sent back a code which I was able to use to order one. I’m not expecting Reuben to start spelling yet or do sums, but there’s a song facility which might keep him occupied for a while and might also keep his hands off his mum’s tablet. At 11.35 I broke off ready for lunch. I had sausage with sweet potato mash and onion gravy Mmmm Mmmm.                                                                                                                                                                                                 I watched Jessica Fletcher gt her man or woman in this case and it should have been called Accident She Wrote. Is it too late to ask for my money back under the Trades Description Act? I returned to hard labour straight afterwards and slogged away until 2.15 pm when it was time for Father Brown unfortunately I nodded off in that. I struggled back to work again but did get up to date which was handy as Mike returned from his father’s at 4.15 pm. As he’s going to be away again tomorrow I checked he was taking me shopping this evening. I put shoes and socks on (not necessarily in that order) then watched The Road Trip with Mike.

We were on our way out at 5.20 pm. I didn’t have the courage to shop where we usually go as I knew it would be crowded . Instead we stayed local. I did the bulk of the shopping in Lidl and I must have chosen the right time as it was comparatively empty. The last few items I got from Tesco which again wasn’t too bad but I was very quick. We came straight home, unpacked the shopping, enjoyed another Road Trip then Mastermind. Mike did himself some tea at the start of that. As soon as it was over I went for a shower. Mike did my hair for me as usual then returned to his TV while I, once the shower was over, came back to work. There was just so much of it. The only thought I had to keep me going was that with not shopping tomorrow I shouldn’t get into my usual stress-mess. I stopped doing the post at 11.00 pm or there would have been no time for this post. Anything not done can be dealt with in the morning.

Dead or Alive were a Liverpool group fronted by singer Pete Burns. Here’s how Pete Burns looked after plastic surgery. Think twice folks.

pete burns


4.06 this morning. Since it wasn’t an early night last night ( after I finished reading ) it’s just possible I’ve upset someone. If so, I don’t recall any dreams last night that would give me a hint. On the other hand it could be the weather that’s done it. Last night there was the sound of hail beating on the roof and carpeting the ground outside, and then the sound of furious rain throughout the night that almost had me coming back to the computer to invest in a boat, Noah’s Ark seemed appropriate. I am quite a light sleeper so sometimes these things disturb me though usually it would only be off key things that would make me get up ( not burglars obviously).                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          I attacked the mail after paying my usual homage to the gods of water. I thought there was quite a bit but suddenly at about 5.30 am I was done. I refreshed and did he few that came and I also opened my second email address and dealt with that. By 6.00 am I was free to go and face the fish. Face them I did. I turned the kitchen light on, then the tank light and moving slowly put my face against the glass. For a moment or two I just watched the activity but Morecambe soon came zooming towards me. I said Good Morning to her and that brought Wise over and they commenced to wag their tails as I spoke to them. Two of the plecs remained on the floor while the largest was stuck to the glass at the side of the tank. Obviously they’re oblivious to my charms. The two bronze corys were flitting about as usual, just looking for food, that’s all my presence meant to them. The hoplos were in a world of their own just going from floor to surface like divers going for air. Of the two synodontis there was no sign just then. Little Al came into sight from under the bridge where perhaps he’d been taking a nap. Big Al was pointedly ignoring me from the corner he had his head stuck into and Pepper was doing the same from the opposing corner so maybe Big Al and Pepper were ignoring each other and not me. I feel sorry for Pepper as she/he is on his/her own species wise and might be quite sociable if with his/her own kind.I’ll look for another. I fed them.

Tearing myself away from the fish I gave my attention to the morning meds, starting with the antibiotic. I can’t remember if I’ve mentioned how hard I find it to swallow tablets these days but the antibiotics are like huge torpedoes . Mike howls laughing when he watches me because once the tablet is in my mouth I have to psych myself up to swallow it. That seems to involve moving my head back and forth as I seek the opportune moment. He says it’s like watching one of those birds that sip your drink.


So, it’s good that he was still in his bed because today my throat didn’t want to co-operate. It’s nodding bird first, then a group of 5 tablets/capsule that are much smaller I take as one which is less the nodding bird, then come the two painkillers which means nodding bird, nodding bird. Imagine the fun he’d have had.Even worse if I was having breakfast, the first the pre-food is manageable (just) but the two post food ones are also torpedoes so two more nodding birds. No breakfast today though as I need to start getting the rubbish together and the recycling as it’s bin day.I didn’t relish taking the bags out as it was pouring down. Still, I waited until 7.00 am so I could be noisy.

It was a 2A  4C day. I heard the alarm at 7.00 am just before I took his coffee in. He got his first call as I did that. I tried telling him he’s need to dig the car out but it got no reaction. I went to the kitchen to collect the food recycling and on my way out gave my second call to remind him the coffee was going cold. “OK”, he said. I hoped he wouldn’t notice how close together the calls were. I took the recycling outside and put the bags at the end of the path, it had stopped raining at last. As I came beck in I called for the third time and heard the alarm go off for the second time. Surely that would be enough. I went outside to move the main bin to the end of the path and as I came back in could see Mike sitting up, but leaning to the side resting on his elbow. I thought he was looking at his tablet. After I’d washed my hands I noticed he was still in the same position and went in to pick up his dirty mug from last night, The fresh mug hadn’t been touched. He’d gone to sleep again. My fourth call  to say his coffee was cold worked and he got up and took his coffee to the lounge. It’s hard work ensuring he gets out on time.

As I walked into the lounge I was greeted with Queen singing Liar from his phone. He quoted me every song title with lie and liar in he could think of. I just told him the snow had washed away in the time it took him to get up. I’m not sure I convinced him. In the end I managed to get him out of the house at 8.10 am which is worse than most Saturdays but will still get him there in time. It felt very strange not to be going out too. He said he’d see me about 8.00 pm this evening.                                     I got dressed and returned to the mail. It took some concentration on some and I was so involved with one I shot out of my seat at the noise on the window behind me. It took a moment to realise it was my window cleaners at work. I’ve never seen them on a Saturday before. Not that they look any different today, just that I don’t think they work on a Saturday as a rule. Then it became strange because I’m sure they didn’t do every window and they never came round for payment.

At lunchtime I stopped to try a cottage pie from Lidl. It’s smell didn’t do much for me but when I tasted it, it was fine. I put the TV on afterwards but promptly fell asleep the minute the volume came on. Personally I think I’ve been snatched by aliens and brain altered as I’m sure I used to be able to finish a programme. Now I have problems starting one. I was out for an hour and I know it would have been longer if a double glazing salesman hadn’t chosen that moment to ring. If he could have sensed what I was thinking at that moment he wouldn’t have picked up a phone ever again. I worked through doing bits and bobs, checking facebook ( and finding three messages there ) and checking ebay. It kept me going if not busy. But at 5.00 pm I called a halt when I remembered my 2.00 pm tablet. Oops. I took the tablet and also swallowed a pre-food one. After a cigarette I indulged in two Cadbury’s little chocolate steamed puddings with two little servings of chocolate custard. Now I’m telling you this in confidence of course so I don’t want it spreading round. For clarification I will just add I  loved then.

I’d gone through to do a little more work but found that I was keeping pretty much apace so I wasn’t stressed unlike most Saturdays. At 7.30 pm I went back for a break and put the TV on to one of the NCIS shows but must have nodded off and of course Mike chose that moment to walk back in and ask if that’s that’s how I’d spent my day while he was working.Of course I denied it as I could hardly admit that’s just what I had been up to. It was pretty amazing I’d even bothered to get dressed. He was pleased though that the work was pretty much up to date and I’d give him some company. I stayed there till about 10.00 pm and came out to make sure I was clear for doing the blog later. I was really feeling like a sandwich but thought I could do without. After that it was the only thing I could think about. Mike was watching episodes of 100 that he’s missed or I’d have gone through to try and take my mind of it. In the end I had to admit defeat and make myself a corned beef and beetroot sandwich and eat it in front of Mike probably making him hungry again too. Having eaten a small bread and butter pudding when he came in, he didn’t dare admit to it though. I came back through having washed up and started the blog as it was now gone 11.00 pm.

I wish you all a Wonderful new week and a Fantastic New Month.




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74 responses to “Feet of Flame & Get Thee Behind Me

  1. Dave – this is such incredible and amazing story to share – each station in your post as a meaning to learn!!

    • And yet the intention is for you to enjoy and have fun. I have no great insights to offer ( perhaps some on my other blag for peace The Buthidars), nothing more than an ordinary life lived out.

      • David – I agree with you – I was speaking this week with my grandparents and realized why the old generation are the best! While reading your post, I learn more and more. I appreciate it!

  2. Another great post, David, love it..and yes, i always care a spare lighter..you never know when…

    Big hug


  3. A Wonderful new week and a Fantastic New Month to you, too David.
    You missed a career as Radio DJ maybe. I love those tunes. 🙂 Hugs!

    • Thanks so much Christoph, I don’t now why I seemed to favour the 80’s this week but I’ll have to look at my 60’s again. Requests always welcome if you have a favourite song.Maybe Cwm Rhondda in honour of the ‘soon to be’ move? lol
      Hugs my friend.

  4. Another wonderful week of your chronicles from the trenches – make that fish tank – David. Love the latest pics of you and Reuben! Have a look at this – maybe Somnos knows best: http://www.bbc.com/news/magazine-16964783
    Biggest bises xxx

    • Thanks so much Mel. Who knew that Somnos would be the one to regulate sleep patterns back to the norm. I think he’s experimented enough with me now though, he should visit a few more people and try for their opinions.
      xxx Massive Hugs xxx

  5. Isn’t it just grand to at times have someone to go to WAR against when there’s no one around to be seen 😀 as to having a “wonderfuk” week besides blaming the position of letters on keyboard there may be those who could write verses on the concept – imagination can do strange things to us even when we don’t want that 😀 Muchly enjoyed your week, David

    • Talking of imagination. I’ve decided I’ll live forever after making a vow that I can’t peg out until I’ve had at least one more session of unbridled lovemaking.Or even a kiss….
      I’m sure there are plenty who could wax lyrical about Freudian slips and the placing of letters on keyboards.
      Glad you enjoyed the week, I hope you’re heading for a Great One,
      xxx Hugs Galore xxx

  6. The fish are so cute… I used to have goldfish when I was a child. Very soothing and interesting 🙂
    xxx Huge Hugs xxx

  7. The forever forecast snow…I think I’ll need to create a cast of fish characters to not get confused by the new ones…I’m pleased to hear your leg is getting better. If I can think of any plans to trick somnos I’ll report back. Reuben looking ever more gorgeous. Take care!

    • Seem like I’ll have second hand snowshoes, ski’s and a sled if this snow doesn’t make it’s move soon.So far less than a day’s worth though it may be different in Yorkshire of course.
      The leg is so much better thank you, a few more days…….
      Maybe if I have Reuben with me I’ll be able to find a woman d’ye think?
      Please look after yourself.
      xxx Massive Hugs xxx

  8. Happy February to you too, David! And what a treat to begin it with The Temptations AND Dusty Springfield.
    The fish seem to be getting on swimmingly.(Groan… did i just say that? o_O )
    I to am feeling Olga’s comment about “the forever forecast snow” — it’s been in the forecast 3 times a week here for a couple of months.
    Wishing you continued improvement with the foot/leg and more tricks to outwit Somnos. 😀 Mega-hugs my friend.

    • Thanks so much Teagan, I’m glad the music suited you. That’s an especially good Temptations track.
      Yes, you did just say that but you’re forgiven as it was quite punny.
      Yes, like you two I’m fed up of hearing about all this snow we’re about to have tat never gets here.
      The leg is doing great. A couple more days and I’m sure it will be there. I must remember not to kick anything then.
      I’m sure to have a couple of other things up my sleeve yet to fool Somnos. I must give it some thought. xxx The World’s Biggest Hugs xxx

  9. Reblogged this on Michaelphelps1's Blog and commented:
    My LAUGHS for SUPER SUNDAY, courttesy of Lord David Prosser – – – enough to carry me through the coming week.
    Thanks, Lord David.

  10. Thank you, Lord David! My laughs for SUPER SUNDAY, which will carry me through the coming week.

  11. I’m so impressed by the effort you put into your blog… My blog has not your effort, but some similarities. Amusing and great tunes, your week. All the best, David.

    • You have much more of interest to write about Billy Ray since you still write and can blog about your books.We do both go for humour as well though which in my case means I get away with a lot. I’m glad you like the music which I select from what I’m listening to as I write the blog.
      Have a Great New Week, all the best.

  12. Skip to the Loo…and wish someone a wonderfuk weekend? David, David, how would Dusty’s Son of a Preacher Man respond to that? 🙂
    But of course Reuben stole the show! Lovely pictures.

    • I’d have to hope Dusty’s Son of a Preacher Man could type better than me and not make that mistake and in my case just be forgiving. Reuben always steals the show, I’d take him out but no-one would come then.
      xxx Hugs Galore Marylin xxx

  13. I have every sympathy over the insomnia. I go through bouts of it and it’s dreadful. These days, or rather nights, I get up and drink tea, listen to an audiobook and do some crochet… then I usually fall asleep about 7am just when I really should be getting up… sigh.

    • I can cope with the lack of sleep, what I struggle with is the work swelling to fill all the extra time. My nap time usually falls just when we’re getting to the auction in Antiques Road Trip or Bargain Hunt.
      xxx Huge Hugs xxx

  14. Smokenosmoke??? You can’t just say something like that and not explain. I assume it’s some kind of stop smoking thing, but what, and how does it work?

    • It’s one of these electronic devices that works with vapour and comes in lots of flavours. Less harmful to me, not harmful to anyone else and basically a nuisance. If I have a ciggie at the computer it lasts for 10 minutes. If I use this, it doesn’t go out so basically I smoke even more because I don’t put it down.You just have it there automatically.
      xxx Massive Hugs xxx

      • But… basically it doesn’t contain nicotine? I can sort of see the rationale but it certainly wouldn’t do anything to break the psychological habit. And that’s a huge part of smoking.

      • I think it contains nicotine which you put into it in ever decreasing amounts. Once you’ve broken the nicotine addiction I think the psychological habit is broken when you ask “Why am I still doing this, I don’t need it.”
        I tried it and it was OK but I don’t know whether I want to buy one yet.
        xxx Hugs Galore xxx

      • Ah, okay. So different product but same general concept as the nicotine chewing gum. Neither will work until you’re desperate enough to give up, and go looking for help to take the edge off.

      • That’s about it except that you go through the motions of smoking with this which obviously feels less like giving up.And you can do it without being anti social since you don’t breathe smoke at people.
        xxx Humongous Hugs xxx

      • lol – I went the nicotine gum path, and it worked, but boy, did I go through a lot of fillings. 😦

  15. Oh, how I hate not being able to sleep–and most of it is spent thinking of all the things I could be doing instead of not successfully sleeping. Mind won’t grow still. I say we kill our computers for a week and see if the world stops.
    And good heavens, if that child gets any more edible you’d best keep him locked away from passing strangers. I want to squish him.
    Glad to hear the leg is mending. Pretty soon you’ll be up and training for that marathon, right? (Right after you give up smoking?)
    Be well. Stay warm. Happy February!

    • It can be a nuisance not getting to sleep, having the mind wandering hither and thither. It’s also a pain getting to sleep and not being able to stay there. Killing the computers just means bigger post boxes when we return. That’s awful.
      I tried having him locked away from passing strangers but only for the sake of the passing strangers. He’s in a hitting phase at the moment and packs a wallop.
      Oh yes, marathon training already commenced, then I decided I wanted a Mars Bar instead.
      xxx Humongous Hugs xxx

  16. It reads like you’ve had a pleasant post-birthday week, but even that extended by birthday gifts from Yvonne, Ugo and Reuben 🙂
    I’m not sure you can really trick Somnos by changing beds. In my experience, it doesn’t bode well for a good sleep if I’m not in my own comfy spot. Interesting though how sleep comes just before it’s time to wake up.
    I hope it’s not too freezing, but if the weather is a little chilly, I hope you have the warmth of good company 🙂

    • Yes, thank you. It was a great week it just seemed to go on and on. It’s nearly time to prepare for the next one now. You’re right that changing beds doesn’t do the sleep much good but it did confuse Somnos. I think my chair in the lounge is best for sleep and my chair in front of the computer the best for not getting caught.
      There’s a definite nip in the air but watching the fish will keep me warm until next weekend.
      xxx Gigantic Hugs xxx 😀

  17. I love epic typos – your one was truly epic and should have been left in all its glory. 😀 How do you smoke plums? HUGS and MWAH! XXXXX

    • Naturally I didn’t understand my typo and had to have it explained. Mike said he was actually shocked that I’d put it in the blog and show people how crude I am. I didn’t understand that either. He must think I’m a real prude.
      Plums eh, well carefully is the answer since they have a tendency to explode when heated with skins on.
      xxx Good Morning Jo, and Massive Hugs for the week ahead xxx

  18. Hi, David. I’m also glad your leg is improving. Looks like you’ll be off crutches soon. Your grandson sounds adorable. I was looking at the pictures of him as a baby that are part of your blog. Baby pictures are the best. I gave my kid’s albums to them as I felt it was only fair, but I miss them. Seems you may be having baby fish in your tank soon. 🙂 Life goes on. You mentioned that my writing must mean a lot to me; it does. I can’t seem to pass up a good prompt and write for three now. Thanks so much for confirming me as a friend on your Facebook page. Your picture on there is lovely. I especially like the vest. Men in the U.S. don’t usually wear vests, but I think they’re classy. For all I know, though, they may be wearing vests now. I haven’t been there for some years now. The kids come here. I’m running on and need to stop so you can do your other mail. Have a great week also! Hugs. 🙂 — Suzanne

    • Hello Suzanne, I don’t think the crutches will be going anywhere unfortunately, I was on them before the ankle. I have arthritis and an angina problem and the crutches are great to rest on.
      Thank you, yes Reuben is adorable like most babies and youngsters of his age though he’s getting to be a handful now.It’s a nice idea of yours to give the children their own baby albums though it does take away Grandma’s prerogative to embarrass them in front of their own children.
      I hope we miss out on the baby fish, I’m not sure my lot would be good parents since many eat their own live young, and some the eggs.I’d have to buy a baby tank and try to catch them and rear them.
      Three eh, that’s keeping busy. Some people find blogging a more serious matter than others. Sometimes I’d lik eto give up the computer altogether.
      Nice to have you as a facebook friend though I very rarely go there I get so tied up with emails. I’m glad you like my waistcoats, I have about 30 I think, all colours and patterns and will be back in them in the Summer..
      Your children are still in America then so you don’t need to travel there. Did your husband and you not wish to live there? Please ignore my questions if they seem rude or intrusive.
      I wish you a wonderful week and send xxx Huge Galore xxx

  19. As a response to your last question, David, my husband owned this flat in Pune and, when he retired, he’d planned all along to move back here. Social security money goes so much further here as each U.S. dollar is worth about Rs 62. and we don’t have to pay for housing here. Now, of course, my husband has to stay here because in the U.S. we’d have to put him in a nursing home as home care would be too expensive for us there. The nursing home would also probably take a good chunk of this Social Security. They took all my mother’s pension, but she was a widow. We couldn’t manage the care she needed at home. She lived to be almost 93. We found a nursing home where she was well taken care of. My husband is also bi-polar and was unable to save money. My son and I have to handle it for him. The last time he went to the U.S., in 2007, he ran through all our savings. He’s also diabetic and his mind has become even more affected than before. He’s 84 and we are most fortunate in having a wonderful caregiver for him. She calls him Baba, which is Marathi for daddy. It’s all very sad, but he’s not in pain at least. Several months ago we thought we were going to lose him as he had serious chest congestion and difficulty breathing. We take it a day at a time. Thank you for being interested. I don’t consider your questions invasive at all. You’re not the first to wonder why we came to India to live. I’m actually able to save money while living here. I can also get Social Security payments now.

    • Nursing home charges can be vicious can’t they. I’m glad you’re able to manage home nursing care there and have someone who sows the proper respect for your husbands age and infirmity. Are you able to get out and about though while the carer is there and enjoy some of the beauty of India and the culture and even some friendship? It isn’t good for you to be confined to the house so much There I go again, just shout MYOB at me and I’ll go away. I have great empathy for you and understand some of the position you must be in. Mainly I’m afraid to say because during the height of my illness I gave away almost £100,000.00 to charities and virtually anyone who asked. It wiped out all savings but at least never left my wife without because of my income.I feel bad that my daughter and grandson will never benefit from it though.Too late to look back with regrets now, I must keep going forward.
      xxx Huge Hugs xxx

  20. I have been living with chronic and incurable insomnia for half of my life…sounds like you have sleep troubles, too. It really is a downer isn’t it? I LOVE LOVE LOVE the pics with you and Reuben…what a truly luxurious looking set of whiskers you have cultivated!
    Biggest whisker rubs and hugs too xxxx CJ and Rodent xxxx

  21. Catherine Johnson

    You hardly sleep, David. You’ll have to have a mandatory nap every afternoon 🙂 Take care!

    • Hi Catherine, I seem to have a mandatory nap in the afternoon just at the end of whatever TV show I’m watching. I always miss the auctions at the end of Bargain Hunt.
      xxx Huge Hugs xxx

  22. Hi again David. I, like yourself, suffer from arthritis. I use a walker and go out only when necessary because there are 42 steps down to the ground from our flat. That means 42 steps back up also. I take the watchman, a nice older man, with me these days when I have to go to an appointment, etc. I have exercises I should be doing that will help me walk better because my back is out of line–probably due to riding in bumpy rickshaws. The misalignment causes sciatica. That also causes me to have balance problems. I was assured by a famous doctor here that the exercises would help me walk properly again. Those exercises are, however, like a life sentence to me. I have to do them four times a day for the rest of my life. It seems like a huge mountain I have to climb. I was bad as I started
    doing them then stopped. I know I have to start again and be religious about it. An MRI scan was done and I was told I also have slight curvature of the spine which is no doubt congenital. My mother had it also and just called it “sway back.” It sounds like the term for a horse doesn’t it? I can understand you giving away money if you didn’t think you had long to live and it wouldn’t endanger the care of your dear wife, but my husband–who is in complete denial about his bi-polar condition and used to refuse to take medication for it–spent thousands of dollars on meds for a friend who had already been dead about a month. My husband was mistakenly thinking he’d talked to the man not long before. Fortunately, with the help of a relative of his who’s a doctor, we returned the unused meds, got a portion of the money back, and put it into an interest-bearing account in both our names. It can’t be withdrawn unless both of us sign. So that’s the story. Don’t worry about asking me questions as discussing it is a help to me. It’s not good to keep things bottled up. —Suzanne

    • 42 steps is very close to Hell. I use my crutches all the time outside but at least I don’t have to bear sciatica. I’m sorry to hear you suffer with the pain of that. I would say the exercises are worth it if you can fit them in without a problem and they can be done easily. If not, then the problems caused by that must be as bad as the problem you want to cure and will last as long.Yes, sway back sounds like a horse, slight curvature of the spine sounds much better.
      I’m afraid it wasn’t so much thinking I wasn’t going to live, I’d have been fine with that. I didn’t want to live and would gladly have ceased too. The money wasn’t to buy a place inn heaven ( I don’t believe) but I couldn’t understand why I had so much and others so little. Part was from the sale of our house and part from my retirement pension award. Not a fortune under ordinary circumstances and wouldn’t have bought another house but certainly enough to help others. Perhaps some should have been looked at more closely than others though. We live and learn and I wouldn’t be so easily taken in now.
      I’m sorry you suffered through your husband’s actions even though induced by illness and what a shame you couldn’t get it all back.It’s good you’re safer with a joint account now.
      Feel free to scream in my ear if the frustrations of life ever get to you. I’m ever here.
      xxx Huge Hugs xxx

      • Thanks, David. You’re a jewel among men. I sincerely mean that. I try to look on the bright side of things. That’s why I write so many humorous stories. My daughter must have inherited my wacky sense of humor. She does stand-up comedy in Chicago clubs and also works for Second City Theatre Company there. Don’t be too concerned with your grandson’s behavior. He’s probably going through what is called by many “The Terrible Two’s” 🙂 Huge Hugs to you too. 🙂

      • I think I might be going through those myself Suzanne. 😀
        xxx Massive Hugs xxx

        You’ll find my email address on here should you ever want to write more privately.

  23. Kev

    What a routine, David. lol… I usually say, just skipping to the loo to Pat. Thankfully the rest of my routine is a lot simpler than yours lol
    Hey, you have a new cat! 😀

    • I assume you always say ‘My Darling’?
      New Cat(fish), certainly do. This is not a cat that will ever sit on my face to make me get up to feed him.I’m so glad I resisted reverting to type just then……

      • Kev

        Oh of course, anything short of that just wouldn’t do. Yes, I pondered the cat, catfish, cat, fish… you know well, how the mind works. 😀 I was going to discuss my dilemma with Aragorn and Rico, but then thought better of it after remembering the only fish they know of has been in a dish. Definitely a no. 🙂

  24. laurie27wsmith

    It’s good to see that not a lot has changed in my absence David: the fish still love you, the emails are pouring in and sleep still seems to elude you. What has changed? Reuben is such a handsome young boy, you are looking extremely well and after seeing the pic of Peter Burns I’ll never, ever have plastic surgery.

  25. Let’s not talk about snow. I “shoveled” 15 inches off my car. Yes, you read that right– shoveled. (The top layers) An adorable little boy in this post sure loves his grandpa. How does he feel about the fish? Have a great weekend. Big hug across the icy pond.

    • I’m so sorry. If I’d been there I would have helped honestly.
      A certain little boy gives his Pops huge grins and hugs, He’s fascinated by the fish, I need more though for him to see more activity.
      Thanks Mary J. I hope you have a Great Weekend too.
      xxx Massive Hugs from across the pond xxx

  26. Love the picture of Reuben with his facepaint – thought that was his real tongue for a minute!

    • You mean it isn’t? That explains why I was horrified when I saw a duplicate come out of his mouth. Poor lamb is poorly again this week, high temp and big rash so I’m wondering what he’s caught from nursery this time.
      xxx Huge Hugs xxx

  27. Reblogged this on Smorgasbord – Variety is the spice of life and commented:
    For those of you who have not yet had the pleasure of meeting David M. Prosser then please do pop over to Barsetshire Diaries. David and his daily life are much more interesting than mine and you will get a sense of what a kind and generous person he is.

  28. As I read your post, I could so empathize with the insomnia. My husband suffers from it and it is rare when he gets more than 2 hours in a row of sleep, and then we never know where – in a recliner, in bed, on the floor. I kinda wish we lived in a sci fi world where I could flash a light in his eyes ad send him off to the Land of Nod. He also as restless legs and back pain. You show great strength of spirit.

    • I sympathise with him as I often share the restless leg syndrome but I have no back pain unless it’s just hidden behind some of the other pains afraid to show it’s face, Don’t tell Somnos, but I don’t mind the erratic sleep pattern most of the time as without it I’d drown in emails. Sometimes though it wold be wonderful to go to bed and rest.
      I just finished enjoying your interesting piece on chocolate. In a minute I’m going out to stock-up.
      xxx Massive Hugs xxx

      • My husband says to tell you two things.First, he’s talked to the Big Guy about his insomnia and never got an answer and second, a cup of hot chocolate sometimes helps! Hugs coming back atcha…

  29. I really think that you appreciate each and every moment David. No moment of the day goes unnoticed, you are truly living in the present.

  30. Hi David,
    Sorry it’s so long but so much going on at home that blogging and catching up has taken a backseat sadly.
    Well I noted what you said about coffee with my wonderful machine. I went with the morning coffee range and I love it. Reminds me of lovely French strong coffee and it has the most delicious smell.
    My husband suffers with a rubbish pattern of sleep. Never a full night, it must be so frustrating. We’ve tried lavender oil, tablets and milk before bed but sadly nothing works.
    Reuben looks like he is having a ton of fun with his face painted, very cute. He is growing up so quickly.
    It quite shocking to see how different Pete Burns is after his plastic surgery. I really don’t understand how people go so extreme with it, it really scares me. I think he was a quite handsome man in his pop days!
    Well I do really need to have a quiet evening and catch up probably with you, always enjoy reading your posts and always appreciate your lovely comments when I post.
    Take care of yourself,

    • Hi Kim. I never forget you have a life to lead so don’t worry too much if you don’t get round to reading my waffling. I’ve decided that Morning Cafe is definitely my favourite too, by a long way though I do still enjoy the medium roast.
      I’m sorry your husband suffers a bad sleep pattern too. I wouldn’t worry too much unless it’s making a mess of his waking hours, like all he ever wants to do is sleep.Most of the time we forget that we didn’t used to sleep 8 hours and that only started when our working hours got shorter. We just got used to it but many doctors say we don’t actually need 8 hours. Of course you’ve always got greedy beggars like Mike who take advantage and pinch someone else’s share. If you’re worried try to make sure he doesn’t have a stimulant like coffee for at least 5 hours before bedtime.
      Reuben is just shooting up..
      I agree, Pete Burns was a good looking lad before doing this too himself. I can’t understand why people have to go to such extremes.
      I hope you enjoy your quiet evening if you actually get one. It’s always lovely to have you drop in.
      xxx Cwtch xxx

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