The Cold Descends & Missing Shreddies

Sunday 8th Feb 2015

A new regime is in place- mine! Though I woke up a little earlier this morning I didn’t actually get up until 5.44 am. (No you cheeky beggar, I’m not revolting), I’m in revolt. I want more leisure time, more time to sleep or more specifically, more time asleep. I mean, fair play it’s a Sunday. There’s just a chance Mike might sleep in past 8.00 am. ( yes OK, I’ll be serious a minute, once I stop laughing). I did things in an orderly fashion first thing. Computer on, trip to loo and then back to sign in. Since I don’t have to take the antibiotics now even the fish can have a lie in until natural daylight starts. I got a good hour in on emails and didn’t even dent them. So many new people coming through and liking the blog which is really nice.

At 7.00 am I took a break and went through to the kitchen. I turned both lights on and stood watching the fish play, argue, fight and just chit chat. They’re a funny bunch and quite entertaining.Yesterday I’d put the piece of bog wood in a bucket to soak, this morning I turned it over to catch the pieces that had dried out again. Once the monsters had been fed I took my meds then made my usual coffee to take back. I got dressed then had another session with the mail until I heard Mike get up OF HIS OWN ACCORD at 9.45 am. I went to make him a coffee and make fun of him. I had to come back to finish one message I’d been part way through then I joined him in the lounge. He asked what I fancied doing today and I told him I needed to get a headset for the computer as the last one gave up the ghost but other than that it didn’t matter. That was fine it seems, but the fact he was out of bed didn’t mean there was a chance of any real movement yet. We got to the stage of him making a second coffee so I said I’d come back to work ( I’d only reached 5.30 am at that point) until he was ready. That was 11.45 am so it was coat on and off we went.

Still unsure where to go, we headed for Prestatyn first and had a look round a few shops including the £ shop where I actually found what I wanted along with a great box to hold tinfoil with a cutter on the side that won’t tear. We had another quick look round in case we saw a car coat for Mike but no joy. As it was getting on for 1.00 pm at this stage we decided to eat. Neither of us fancied the pub in Prestatyn and little else seemed open so we decided to visit the Bells of St. Mary’s, it’s been a while since we’ve been there. I know the place is quite close to The Ivy which I love but I admit it was my decision so I could have a roast dinner with a Yorkshire Pudding and my choice of veg and potatoes. It was really enjoyable. By then it was nearly 2.00 pm so instead of looking for fish we decided to com home and put the bog wood in the tank so the fish would have a whole new playground.One thing that was decided , Sharkey would be going on his holidays. He’s a beautiful looking fish and the raspberry tips are a great colour but he’s too aggressive for me and the rest of my fish are community. Mike had agreed to take him since he already has a couple of silver sharks. So, once the bog wood was in place and we’d both watched the fish investigate, Mike upturned the bridge where Sharkey was hiding and we bagged him up for the journey. I carried him out to the car while Mike carried his suitcases ( Mike’s not Sharkey’s). We hugged goodbye and they set off. I started sneezing like mad outside it was cold and I was full of cold. Ugh.

Back inside again with a tissue stuffed up my nose I was shocked to see it was almost 4.00 pm so I thought I’d better assault the mail box again and clear what I could. Another 113 had been added to one and 54 to the other. I did two hours solid then went through to make some tea and turn the tank light off. I watched for a minute enjoying their new adventure playground. After some trifle I carried on till 8.00 pm then went and watched a couple of old Gavin and Stacey’s. At 9.20 pm I called it a night and came for my last go on here.I started making real inroads in it and by 11.00 pm didn’t have too much left. I’ll finish the blog and go back to it for a while to lessen the load for tomorrow. I have jobs to do in the morning.


I got to bed at 12.30 am. Still sneezing I hunkered down and turned the light off. The day started again at 3.36 am. This was just a skirmish I lost, not the whole war. I skipped the light fandango, turned cartwheels across the floor ( Thanks Procul Harum) until my bladder would take no more. After an urgent visit to the loo I signed into my emails and got started. It really wasn’t looking too bad on the first account and by 6.30 am I was clear though I hadn’t refreshed. I decided to see to the fish before opening the second account. As the kitchen light went on I could see activity, Pepper seemed to be having fun passing under the bridges formed by the new bog wood, and two of the plecs were attached to it.  I put the tank light on to see them better and noticed almost every fish was doing something that involved the wood except the synodontis who are still the shy boys of the tank. Yesterday Mike stood by the tank hoping to see them but every time one ventured forth his attention was elsewhere, by the time he looked back the fish had gone in again. He did get a wonderful view of their moustaches though, twitching inside the entrance to their shell like whips.

Big Al came over to take a look at me and turned away with his usual disdain. Little Al followed on behind but just seemed to glance at me in puzzlement as though asking what he was supposed to do. I fed them all and turned away to take my meds. I had some breakfast then I took a drink back to my desk and found while I was having fishy fun, the emails had piled up again. I got dressed before dealing with any in case I offended anyone now they were awake. Then I started again. By the time I’d dealt with those and more the second account had packed them into the gunnels too and it was 10.30 am. I finally cleared at 11.40 am and decided to break for lunch. Braised beef, colcanon  mash and some mixed veg, It was very tasty and I enjoyed a Murder She Wrote while I ate.

It was back to work at 1.00 pm but before I started I did a little research on which of the catfish and plecs I like will stay at a maximum of 4 – 6 inches which is all this tank can take. I’ve got it down to a zebra plec which will probably take a mortgage, a pimelodus pictus ( my current No 1), Albino plec,striped clown plec or striped bulldog plec or maybe a medusa plec. Now it would depend on availability and price. I’ve been reading a fair bit about crowd funding recently and decided if I asked everyone in the world to contribute just 1p each to my paypal account I can afford a new tank and perhaps my own house to put it in, oh and enough to bury myself if Big Al gets his own way. Any spare rooms and you’d all be welcome to stay , but not all at the same time please unless I get elastic walls or a very broad mind.       So, back to work. I managed to stay on top of everything during the afternoon and there was little left when I called a halt at 4.30 pm. I only stayed away till 6.00 pm but as I took my tea plate back into the kitchen I found I couldn’t get any hot water. I noticed it was decidedly chilly in the kitchen too so checked the radiator, it was ice cold. I turned the thermostat up but nothing happened. I knew Yvonne was on her way to Birmingham and wouldn’t be able to do anything until she got there. However at 7.30 pm she sent a text to say she’s been in touch with the emergency team and they’d send a plumber out. Good as I was beginning to sound like a demented typewriter in the bedroom.

Pimelodus Pictus catfish grows to about 4.3" 10.5cm Magnificent whiskers

Pimelodus Pictus catfish grows to about 4.3″ 10.5cm Magnificent whiskers

At 8.30 pm a knock on the door revealed a man with a great big bag of tools. I’d already said what message the machine was displaying so I thought this was bad news. But, he was out in less than 5 minutes. He’d fiddled underneath and it sounded like he’d turned a tap on. He had, and topped up the boiler. Mike bled a radiator yesterday and it seems you have to replace the water used to displace the air. Never heard anything like it. They say nature abhors a vacuum so you’d think the boiler would pull in any water it needs from the feeds. Anyway. I was back up and running and able to wash my pots from teatime. I didn’t see any point in going back through to watch TV so just stayed working. I paused early tonight at about 10.30 pm to get the blog done. I’m hoping for an early night with going out in the morning.


Last night I got to bed about 11.45 pm and didn’t read for too long, preferring instead to let the warmth help me drift off to sleep. That probably happened not long after 12.30 am. Before I drifted I said a prayer to Porcinus to intercede with his brother not to let me sleep in and miss my bus. I’m guessing Porcinus did the job because Somnos made sure I wouldn’t miss the 7.45 bus by getting me up at 4.22 am. He’s all heart. In a way tough he did do me a favour ( don’t tell him that) by ensuring I had time to clear both my mail accounts before I left.

When I first got up the house was warm so the tinkling in the bathroom wasn’t the sound of icicles falling from my nose. I came back to the bedroom and started up the computer and loaded up one of my mail addresses. There was a fair bit but be fair, it wasn’t like I was short of time. I worked until 6.00 am then went to feed the fish. They actually seem happier now the ice on the tank has defrosted and they can move again. They were in fine form this morning and I actually saw the synodontis out and about. I wonder if that has anything to do with the removal of Sharkey to pastures new. I’d like to think so. There was a real scramble when I put the food in but it all seemed to be in good humour.

After feeding the fish I went to take my meds. I decided against breakfast as Yvonne will have toast or something with a coffee while we’re out and insist I do the same. I just made myself a coffee and took it through with me. I got dressed and I knew it was really cold as soon as the dressing gown came off. I was able to hang it on a nipple. Today was going to be a tee-shirt, shirt, waistcoat, jacket and overcoat day. I might not be able to move but I’d be warm. I was a vision in brown, easily hidden on an Autumn day. Today I’d just look smart. I carried on drinking and working until 7.20 am then made sure everything I needed was in my coat pockets and the bags I was taking for Yvonne were handy near the door. At 7.30 am I set out. The bags were heavy and it was a struggle. I had to keep pausing for a rest but the bus driver saw me on my way and stopped the bus for me to get on. I was really grateful. I did my usual trick of closing my eyes for most of the journey so no-one was tempted to speak. I may have even nodded off a couple of times between stops. It was quite a delayed journey courtesy of two or three sets of roadworks on the way. But when I got there, Yvonne was waiting with Reuben I’d forgotten about the vicious crop my hairstylist had given me at the weekend and didn’t expect Reuben to recognise me beardless. Yvonne walked right past me instead and Reuben was pointing at me and grinning. In recognition I hope and not at the Dali-esque moustache.

We had enough time to take a walk round the £shop before the cafe inside the clothing store opened. I got myself an elbow support bandage. and no Mike, it’s not for the reasons you keep suggesting. It’s too much tennis to blame. We actually picked up a few things from there before moving on, including batteries for the tablet type thing I’d bought Reuben. We went and settled in the cafe.She won the first skirmish of who pays and ordered me a coffee and a sausage with red onion toastie while she and Roobs had jam on toast. I’d taken the first mouthful before remembering my tablet, Oops. Once we’d done we walked round to find Reuben some pyjamas and for his dad a shirt and a cardigan to make up for the fact I’d still not found a blue waistcoat to go with his suit. I won the second skirmish. From there we went to another shop so I could show Yvonne the Jane Asher container I bought for putting tin foil in and for cutting it. No good for her as there isn’t one for the longer rolls on tinfoil but she did think it a good idea. We bought a few items there and round 3 was mine too.

The morning was getting on a bit so I suggested another drink so we’d have opportunity to sort the bags in case I had to depart quickly for the bus. We headed for the market where she’d be able to get some wool she wanted too. After the drink and when the bags were sorted 1 for me 4 for her, we took Reuben to the pet shop to see the birds. A couple of really pretty female budgies in having a good old sing song.Then it was time for me to depart for the bus and Yvonne to get home so Reuben could have a sleep as she got ready for work. The bus was slow going back too. When I got off I thought I’d go to Pauline’s for some stuff but I decided I needed a wee more and had to go straight past the shop, open my front door, abandon bag and crutches in a hurry ….and run. I made it. I worked from 1.15 to 2.15 pm, then ignoring the hundreds of messages, watched Father Brown.

At 3.00 pm I went back to work in earnest and was making some progress. At 4.15 pm though I decided I needed food so I made some beans on toast which I ate while The Antiques Trip was on. After washing up I came back through, ignoring the usual quiz. By 7.00 pm I was making real headway and had refreshed once already. I took another break until 8.00 pm  then closed the lounge down to concentrate fully on work. I was clear by 11.15 pm and able to start the blog. At this rate I may get another early night.


The world and I renewed our acquaintance at 3.20 am. Though happy to have survived another night I can’t honestly say I was too chuffed about the time. I’d happily have waited a wee while longer until the world was better dressed in her finery, and you could actually see it. The fact that it was early did not negate my wish to use the loo so slippers and dressing gown on, off I went. I don’t know what it is with me and lights unless it’s the fear of disturbing someone by turning them on. Who, since there’s only me hear? Anyway, perhaps I hadn’t quite adjusted my eyes and my balance was a bit off. I crashed into the stick stand and made an almighty clatter, designed to wake the neighbourhood. My shushing of the sticks seems a little pointless now. Then turning the  corner I veered to the left a bit and walloped my knee on the radiator. Before I had time to curse I had to make a right hand turn but I was a tad too early and hit the corner with my right knee and also managed to knock over a vase of flowers. Just as well they’re artificial or a flood would have ensued. Before I entered the loo I switched the hall light on which of course I should have done at the other end.

On returning to the bedroom with two sore knees I turned that light on then nipped back to turn the hall light off. I signed on to the computer. 127 emails waiting. Two of them  were cons which quickly got consigned to the bin. Anything that purports to come from a bank where I don’t have an account automatically goes that way. The obvious adverts from  card companies followed them. One message was from a shop I sometimes visit to let me know they had a freezer in if I was still interested. The message started, “Dear Dave”. Who the heck is Dave? I’m happy for people to call me by my first name but it seems to take our relationship to a level that doesn’t exist to call me that. Frankly I hate being called Dave, my name is David though a few people still call me other things, not all complimentary. I could understand it if I ever signed myself thus but I don’t so that message too went into the bin. I got down to 104 messages that way and started on those. One of the nice jobs I get during the day is promoting other authors by retweeting their books, today was nice for me as two friends Jane Dougherty and Ali Isaac were publishing their joint venture. Love stories based on the myths of Ireland called Gra mo chroi.


Don’t forget to look for it.

At 6.10 am it was time to feed the fish. I turned both the main light and the tank light on and stood for a minute watching them. Th two lager plecs were adorning the branches of the bog wood while the smallest with its bat’s wing sleeves glided around chasing anything it bumped into. It never seems to bother him that most of the fish are bigger than him. Big Al stayed in his corner at first. Morecambe and Wise visited me at the front of the tank.The two bronze corys just darted about aimlessly, the synodontis kept coming out and going back in at the first sign of any movement around them. The two hoplos kept swimming up and down and Little Al hovered near the food slot. I opened the flap and the movement made Big All stir. He ran to the top of the tank and I started crying. Hang on, no I didn’t, it’s only on one side of my face. The little  beggar spat at me. Down he swam back to his corner. I dabbed my eye and fed them hoping secretly that they’d eat everything before Big Al stirred again. I can’t believe a fish spat at me. What have I ever done wrong? Answers on a postcard please. I took my meds, made a drink and returned to my room in disgust.

I thought I’d dealt with all the dross in my in box but I’d missed this one probably because it’s new to me and banks aren’t the first thing I associate Tesco with. This is another one of those that I find very disturbing because of it’s seeming authenticity. If you know anyone who banks with Tesco please warn them not to open this if it arrives.

Dear Account Holder,
Your TESCO Savings Account was accessed on a blacklisted IP address North London,
but for security reasons the requested transaction was refused.
You are required to update and confirm your TESCO Savings account details with us
as you will not be able to have access to your accounts until this has been done.
Once you’ve completed this you’ll be able to manage your money whenever you want,
giving you more control of your finances.
Thank you for helping us serve you better,
Copyright © 2015 Tesco Personal Finance plc

I decided to carry on until  my email accounts were empty before going out. So when I threw my hands in the air and cheered at 9.10 am you’d guess I was pleased. I got washed and dressed and about 9.30 am went out to Pauline’s to pick up a few things. I resisted the temptation to buy a chocolate gateau as I know there are still chocolate puddings in the fridge. Wen I got back I put the shopping away and then returned to my desk to see what else had arrived. There was enough to keep me going until 10.45 am and then I called a break and sat in the lounge. I lay back in my chair with my eyes closed and totally relaxed. I have no idea if I actually went to sleep, it didn’t seem so at the time. It was 11.50 am  before I decide I needed to start my lunch, liver and onions with mash today, and a piece of bread and butter for the left over gravy. I ate it during Murder She Wrote as Jessica Fletcher solved her latest case in a college. Once it was over I returned to work. There was quite a lot again and I knew I’d struggle a bit so I decided not to bother with Father Brown today, but to plod on. At 4.15 pm I realised I’d need a sandwich for tea with Dil and Matt coming so ignoring what was left I went to feed the face. Antique Road Trip came on purely by coincidence (cough) while I was there so I stayed and watched it. at 5.15 pm it wasn’t worth going back so I started watching the quiz Pointless with one eye, while they other tried to watch for my visitors arriving.

I just caught a glimpse of them and I’m sure it’s because I was by now cross-eyed. I’m also sure they’ve taken to creeping past on hands and knees to surprise me. I ran into the kitchen and started making drinks as they came in the front door shouting ‘Hi’. I told them I’d had a message from Lee a few minutes before saying he couldn’t make it again, but hopefully next week. I passed the drinks through as they watched to the end of the quiz when I turned the TV off and we got the table and the games out. We were starting with Yahtzee again this week. I was the over all winner, taking three of the 6 games. It was amazing,,I even got 2 Yahtzees in the one game tonight for 100 point bonus. We moved on to Nomination Whist next where despite a good start at a game I excel in, I hadn’t even reached 3 figures when we’d finished. I was in last place, Dil first . The last game was Chase The Lady and what a start I had. no points in the first hand then just 5 in the second.I thought playing as I was I’d be unassailable. I hadn’t counted on being in the room with two vindictive people. The Queen of Spades was dropped on me so often after those hands I thought we should be engaged. Needless to say my score started to soar past theirs and I was first to the post, Dil second, Matt the Winner by ten points over Dil.

Once they’d gone I tidied up, washed the pots and went looking for the mirror I must have broken today my luck is so bad. I took my meds said goodnight to the fish and came back through to the bedroom. I eventually gave up sulking and got on with the mail of which there was almost 200 again. I worked on it until 11.00 pm without making much of a dent . Once I finish the blog I’ll go back to it for a while. I have a headache and would enjoy a sleep.



Trying to copy Pops's cross look.

Trying to copy Pops’s cross look.


It was 4.30 am today so that’s just about three and a half hours. My campaign for a sleep extension seems to have fallen on deaf ears. I got up. I put on the bedroom light in order to avoid stubbed toes, put on my dressing gown and slippers and strolled to the loo. No urgency since I haven’t been to sleep long enough to actually put m bladder to any difficult time trials. I came back and put the computer on and started work. I almost missed a notice about Windows updates and had it close down on me but I caught it in time.I gave myself four hours and judging by the mail I needed it. At 6.00 am I took a break to see to the fish, I think they got so used to the time why change it again? Both light went on and I saw there was a deal of activity. Lots of play round the new log, in and out of the various tunnels it made and fun round he branches. Certain fish didn’t join in the fun of course but I wasn’t sorry about that and was keeping a weather eye on him as I opened the flap. In went the food and down went the flap again. I spoke to them all for a minute and was visited by Morecambe of course, Wise was too busy eating. One of the syodontis came out as I’d dropped a few pellets near his hidey-hole. Of the other one there was no sign, Mike said on Sunday that it’s take to hiding in the pipe of the old water filter pump.

I let the fish get on with it and turned round to take my tablets. I thought breakfast was in order today so took my pre-food first. After taking the normal tabs and sprays I had a cigarette to give the pre-food one time to do whatever it does before sticking two slices of thick bread inn the toaster.When the toast was gone, I made myself a coffee and took the two after food tablets before heading back to my bedroom to carry on working. At 8.30 am I let Windows do it’s update. I didn’t lift my head again until 9.35 am when the postman came. There was nothing of any real interest but I was glad to move my legs. Unfortunately, I had to move them back again, there was still work to  be done. It was 10.20 when I was finally as clear as I could be. Things were taking a while to load so I signed out of my main email address for a few moments then went to sign back in as that usually solves the problem. This time it wouldn’t let me sign in. There was a message about the wrong URL for this platform or something.  I no longer have any hair left to pull out. In the end I had to use the restore facility back to prior to the current Windows download. This time it worked. I worked on the new mail until I was clear again and knocked off at 11.20 am. Too early for lunch but lovely for a sit in the lounge and a stare out of the windows. Ha, you thought I was going to say I nodded off, well na na, na na na. I lunched at midday on chips with curry sauce, my once a week treat at the moment. A this is my second tablet meal of the day I can have what I want at tea time.

At 1.00 pm I returned to my desk and risked one eye on seeing how much mail there was. There was! But, I wasn’t going to let it stop me today. I worked until 2.15 pm then suffered three quarters of an hour of Father Brown, what a missed opportunity for sleep that was. At 2.30 pm I’d had a text off Mike to say he was on his way which brightened my day a bit. Promptly at 3.00 pm I returned to work and by dint of hard labour I was within a hair’s breadth of being up to date when 4.30 pm came and my Road Trip programme. I was expecting Mike around 5.00 pm and nipped through to put the kettle on a couple of minutes beforehand. I know I saw the start of the auction but I’m not convinced I saw the end of it at 5.15 pm. When I next came too it was almost 6.00 pm and Mike was sitting next to me saying “Hello Noddy.” He nipped through and boiled the kettle again to do his drink which he’d done without for fear of waking me. I went and made him some syrup sponges with custard in thanks, I may just have had a chocolate one with chocolate custard. We watched a quiz then what amounted to three antique shows until 8.00 pm when I had to depart before the pressure of knowing I had emails blew my ears off. I worked until 10.00 pm when Mike came through to remind me about my tablets then worked again until 10.30 pm when I broke off to do the blog. Since it’s well gone 11.00 pm now I’m going back to it for a while to soften the blow for the morning.

street 1

street 4


Despite a light off time of 1.00 am last night it was still a 4.02 am start today. I’m writing a letter of resignation the minute I get a chance, I don”t think I like this job anymore. As usual it was a case of priorities, a tinkle time trip for which I turned the light on in my bedroom rather than the halllway so it didn’t disturb Mike and then back to power up the computer. There were absolutely tons of mail from last night still to do which I still hadn’t caught up on at 6.00 am when I went to feed the fish.. I found them all milling about this morning in some complicated folk dance pattern of interweaving that almost made me cross eyed, but the minute the flap opened there was an air of anticipation that hit you like a brick wall. As I slipped the food in it quickly became every man fish for himself itself. I took all my morning meds then filled up the boxes with another week’s supply and prepared a prescription request for those that needed replacing as I do every two weeks for half of it. A usual that took me quite a time and it was almost 7.00 am before I was able to take a coffee back to my room.

As soon as I’ completed all last night’s outstanding mail I went straight on to today’s and worked up till 8.00 am when I returned to the kitchen to make a drink for Mike. I work to the formula wake him at 8, get him out by 9, hopefully to arrive at his Dad’s by 10.00 am. I woke him at 8.00 am with a drink and he shouted something unintelligible at me. He got up at 8.25 am. He was full of head cold so at 9.15 am decided he wasn’t going out at all then changed his mind five minutes later when he phoned is Dad. He left at 9.35 am and I have no idea what time he arrived there. I’d dressed at 9.00 am and gone to Pauline’s at 9.15 am so arrived back to a hive of activity as he got ready to go. I returned to work at 9.30 am and worked hard through the morning to get clear which I did at 11.35 am.  I went through to the lounge and relaxed a few minutes with the TV. At 12.10 pm there was a knock on the door which I recognised as one of the wardens who’d come for a chat. As I let her in she immediately asked If I were low today as I seemed flat. No-one ever seems to say that about my stomach. We chatted for a while and then she left at 12.45 at which time I started peeling and chopping a sweet potato. As I put that in the microwave to cook I out some sausages under the grill. Pretty soon I was tucking into bangers and mash. At 1.20 pm it was back to work for a while because at 2.15 I was breaking for Father Brown.

I fully intended returning to work at 3.00 pm when Father Brown was over but I’d dropped off before the end (bliss) and slept on until 3.20 pm. I flew back down the hall and started again. I fully intended to stop at 4.30 pm for the Road Trip but at 4.30 pm Mike sent a text to say he was on the way and I noticed that my inbox was showing 97 outstanding on my second account and I still hadn’t finished the first. Antiques went by the wayside. I expected Mike to arrive about 6.00 pm so went through a few minuted early to put the kettle on. While I was there I thought I’d get a few things together from the laundry. The towels for the bathroom, a pair of lounge pants for after my bath, a clean tee-shirt , a pair of shreddies and a pair of socks. I dropped the towels off on my way to the bedroom where I put the clean clothing on my bed then I was distracted hearing the kettle click off. I waited in the lounge watching Eggheads and Mike eventually turned up at 6.20 pm as there had been a nasty accident on the motorway. He poured his coffee and sat with me. As Eggheads ended I said I was going for a shower thinking I could do my own hair this week since so much of it’s gone missing but he insisted he’d still do it.

It took him about 30 seconds to do and then he breather near me and it was dry. I took my shower. My balance wasn’t up to much so Mike got me to sit afterwards and dried my hair even more but with a towel this time. I went through to the bedroom and sorted a shirt for tomorrow and then went to move the shreddies and socks to the back of my chair. Socks yes, shreddies no. I went back to the kitchen to make sure I’d actually picked them up and then seeing I had, I followed my route to the bathroom where I made sure I hadn’t left them with the towels then on to the bedroom, checking the floor in case I’d dropped them.Nothing.I did the journey in reverse, still nothing. Mike asked what was going on and when I explained he offered to help.He went to all the places I hadn’t been and then a tour of those I had. I dreaded him finding them as I didn’t want to see him walking towards me with a big grin and a pair of my jockey shorts round his ears. I was OK as he didn’t find them but I was flummoxed and it was annoying. I got another pair out.

We watched some TV together and had some tea, then at 8.45 pm I came back through to work. I was horrified at the amount waiting and wondered if I’d get to bed at all tonight. I apologise here and now most sincerely. I took a step I’ve never taken before. I started deleting anything that wasn’t addressed directly to me. Anything that was a general message that included me. I kept likes, follows, re-tweets , specific tweet messages and of course all personal messages and ploughed into dealing with them. It was 11.10 pm when I finished and I haven’t dared refresh since then. I wanted to get straight on with the blog. Mike stuck his head in to say goodnight and what’s the first thing he saw? The missing shreddies which I’d apparently put on my radiator and had walked past them so many times. He went off to bed smug.


I’m trying to decide whether to save myself some time by either not going to bed at all or not bother undressing so I can swing an extra few minutes in there. I got to bed a little after midnight and as usual tried to unwind with my book. I turned the light out about 1.00 pm as usual and as the book wasn’t 50 Shades of Smut there wasn’t anything to excite me and stop me sleeping. I know I woke up at 1.53 am but I was in that muggy state where I knew an inch further down the bed in the warm I’d be asleep again. I wriggled down. Next thing I know I’m wide awake and it’s 2.43 am and even digging my way in at the bottom of my bed wasn’t getting me back to sleep. I didn’t even need the loo so could log back on to the computer before it had even cooled down. The mail from last night was horrific especially when added to the mail since midnight but at least I had the advantage of time.

I don’t like the idea of only doing things for people who do them for me but I may have to take the advice I’ve been given and start unfollowing some blogs to reduce my workload and the first to go would be those who don’t re-tweet for me, like, comment or anything if I’ve been doing it for them. I’m told it’s the normal way to go. I don’t want to have to work the way I did yesterday which isn’t fair but staying in all day every day is the only way to cope otherwise. That might appeal to me but I’d never be allowed to get away with it by my keepers. Talking of whom, The Mike keeper was coughing all night so this cold really has a grip on him. Yesterday he refused to let me pick anything up for him, but I’m determined to do so today. I’d actually finished and was up to date before 6.00 pm so spent a little time drooling on ebay. There are some Welsh money Notes for sale and they seem to be as rare as hens teeth.

welsh money


I’m bidding on a couple but not with any great expectation of getting them. I’d dearly love to though. I found them beautiful.

I was just going to pay a visit at 6.00 pm when I heard Mike cough and st up with an “Oh Damn” as a sign of exasperation. I stood at his door for a minute while he had a drink and asked whether he was snuggling back down or if he wanted a coffee.I got my answer as I saw his head disappear. I continued on my journey to the loo and then onward to the fish. I turned on the kitchen light and then brought the day to the tank as well. Pepper was sidling up to Big Al as though they knew it was Valentines day, I wouldn’t have been in the least bit surprised to see a bouquet of weed ( no love, not THAT kind of weed) and a few choice bits of algae passing between them. The rest of the crew seemed to be having a party and I suppose that I , the main caterer, was late. I fed them and just watched their antics for a while. After a bit I left them to it but at least it had put a smile on my face. I poured myself some milk, took my meds and made a coffee to take back with me. Not too much had happened since I’d been away so everything was shipshape by 6.50 am. To be honest I wasn’t sure what to do about Mike. Leave him there until he got up of his own accord, but then I remembered Anton would need him on Tuesday. Or, wake him as usual with a coffee but give him the opportunity to stay in and keep warm. I opted for the latter.So, after I heard his alarm go off and be ignored at 7.00 am I made a coffee and took it through. I called him to let him know it was there and on the bedside stand. It was a three grunt day. I left and made myself another drink. I almost spilled the lot and had to call out a team to shock my heart when I saw Mike walk into the lounge. Saturday and just a one Alarm one Call day, who’s going to believe that? Even I don’t and I was there. This vision of unloveliness passed me his dirty mug from last night then went to sit down with  his drink, his first cigarette of the day and a hacking cough.

We were out of the house by about 7.50 am and on our way to Asda. When we arrived Mike howled at the price of diesel as it had gone up since yesterday and yesterday he’d put off filling up. We entered the store and Mike went to choose the flowers for Ju today while I went to pick up potatoes. Then as we moved on I came across a sigh advertising the last reductions in the sale on clothing and found four shirts and a pair of chino’s at £1 each. I couldn’t believe it and nor could the little old lady I snatched them off. Before you say anything , it wasn’t my fault she ended up on the floor, that was the dirty floor. Anyway they’d never have fitted her. We carried on and did the shopping trying to fit it into any little space in the trolley I’d left. Well, you have to get your priorities right don’t you, £1 each eh.We tried to go for a coffee when we’d finished but for the second time recently MacDonald’s had no hot drinks available. Their machines were offline or something. Instead we headed straight for Flint and Temptations. A drink and a teasted toecake was the order of the day when we got there and Kyle was happy to oblige. We passed the usual chocolates over and sat down. Ceri was upstairs making sandwiches so there was no real banter this morning  We did manage to see her for a minute before we left and I was delighted to get a kiss.

We hiked round a few shops for different things an we were looking for a bin for Mike’s dad but couldn’t find one. About 11.30 I could see Mike was itching to go, this cold is really getting to him. We went straight of to have lunch though I did offer to feed him at home if he wanted to wrap up on the settee. Maybe that’s why we ended up at the Ivy. Our usual seats were taken as were our back ups. Fortunately our back up, back ups were OK as they were the last special ones near the fire. We grabbed them. It wasn’t too crowded in there but as we got our drinks and ordered lunch some more decided they’d finished leaving just us and our usual table left. We could glare at then all we wanted as the chimney breast was between us. As we were half way through our meal they got up and left but it didn’t seem worth moving then. There ha been a kiss from Angie when we went in and handed over the chocs, then hugs from Tariq though he didn’t have long at that time. When he came to us later I told him he’d have to do without us soon as Mike is disappearing to Canada for 3 weeks again. Good old Tariq said he’d either find a way to get me there to eat or he’d visit me in the evening. I reminded him he”s got a life and a family. Shella came to talk to us and brought us a chocolate heart each. That was sweet.

After we’d left it was straight home and put the shopping away. Then Mike came through with me to look at the fish I’d found I wanted him to look at. Showed him the one I want and showed him the select few he can choose one from. I think he likes a zebra plec or a pyjama catfish best.Once he’d gone through to have a sleep about 3.00 pm, I was able to tackle the mail.As expected with 8 hours away there was a lot. I dealt with the more personal ones first then the rest. I could only work until 5.30 pm as it’s only fair to give Mike some company in the evening but fair play, he didn’t complain when I came back through at 8.30 pm. As usual I’ve been here ever since. I stopped work on the mail at 10.45 pm to give me chance to do the blog post and now I’m going back for a while. I shall be in bed by the witching hour.

I’m not very fond of musicals though some songs do make the grade and stay with you. One of those whose music I like is West Side Story. In honour of St.Valentine’s day tonight’s song, so romantic, is sung by a great and vastly underated singer whom I once had the pleasure of seeing live. P.J.Proby


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72 responses to “The Cold Descends & Missing Shreddies

  1. I’m still rolling on the floor over this one… “…able to hang it on a nipple.” 🙂
    I had a thought when I saw Nancy Sinatra– In the morning when you get out of bed, hit play on “These Boots are Made for Walkin” on the way to you know where. Your story about banging your knees and knocking over things sure made a bad start to the morning. I hope your knees didn’t get too banged up. Have a fantastic week.

    • Hello Mary J, lovely to see you and happy to know I raised a smile.
      I’d take up your suggestion but for the thought of disturbing Mike since I doubt my earphones would stretch that far. The knee didn’t do too badly though the kneecap is starting to resemble Mt. Rushmore with all the chips I’ve taken out of it.
      Hope today is a great day for you and that you have a Fantastic Week.
      xxx Massive Hugs xxx

  2. Thanks for letting us be part of your week. Excellent tracks again, Eurithmics, Kinks and Nancy – great choices! Have a great Sunday!

  3. Ouch! Hope the knee gets better soon, have a great week.

  4. Dear Somnos,

    I am writing on behalf of our friend, David. It’s high time you stop messing with his nights. He does so much for others and quite frankly, he deserves better! I am starting to believe you may be in cahoots with Big Al. Please cease and desist or I will be obliged to take further action. I should warn you I live in France and will not take any guff from you Latin types.


  5. Thanks David and yes, I see why you like this version of Maria. I think you’re right about the messages, etc. I got rid of the notifications from Twitter because they blocked my e-mail account and I missed messages that were more important. There are only so many hours in the day and sometimes I can’t even fit in reading the blogs I want to. I nodded at your comments about the light and hope you’re better. I live alone and also seem to think my light could disturb somebody…In my case the worst is the metal frame of the bed that I miscalculate badly at times…
    I also support Mel’s message to Somnos

    • Thanks a lot Olga. I think it’s a great version of the song.. Reading blogs is very difficult sometimes though I do always try. I don’t always comment though which saves some time, but where I can , I will. I know what you mean about the frame of the bed, some nasty bruises in the past from that.
      Thanks for your support against Somnos, I just hope there will be no repercussions.I don’t want to lose even more.
      xxx Humongous Hugs xxx

  6. carolewyer

    I’m supporting Mels’ messge too. Maybe if we all gang up it’ll help!
    As always, an entertaining read and I’m sending you super warm hugs this weekend XXHUGSXX

  7. Yum, teasted toe-cakes – haven’t had one of them for a while. I hope you win the Welsh notes, fingers crossed! and talking of things Welsh, LOVING the brew! Thank you, thank you! Happy to see a brighter, happier looking Reuben this week. Have a great week and massivo huggos to you. Carlotta xxxxxxxxxxx

    • Si, gracias Carlotta. Mike generally fills his face with one on a Saturday morning but I joined him this week. Dripping in butter.
      There’s still more than a day to go and when I looked earlier they were already at £10 each which I’d set as my upper limit. Since then I bought two more fish.
      I’m also hoping for a brighter grandson full of good health and smiles for Tuesday.
      I’m so glad the teabags are going down well. Let me know when ou need more supplies.
      xxx Ginormous Hugs xxx

  8. i loved every day this week, David, but tuesday was, for me, the best “I was able to hang it on a nipple.”

    Big Hug


  9. I never knew that Welsh money notes ever existed… I do hope you manage to acquire one or two.
    As for the following of blogs – I have got into the habit of having a clear-out every couple of months. I certainly don’t follow everyone who follows me and since I like to interact with the people that I do follow, I keep numbers down and am selective. This means that if I follow a blog, it’s because I actually want to read what the blogger has to say. I works for me and I don’t think anyone is offended!
    xxx hugs xxx

    • I’ve got my fingers crossed. There was a really god book done on the Welsh money. I felt cheated when it was made to stop.
      I try to follow only those I actually want to read but when someone follows me I feel obliged to give them a chance. WordPress sometimes doesn’t send me notifications of posts tough an I only alter that if I know it’s a blog I want. I have all my friends blogs naturally.
      Have a magic week
      xxx Massive Hugs xxx

  10. Wonderful photos and music, as always, David. 🙂
    I’m glad the Mystery of the Missing Shreddies was solved — but let’s not let Mike start thinking he’s Sherlock Holmes. 😉
    Here’s a new mystery. Naughty WordPress didn’t send this post to my mailbox. I was worried about you.(Not your fault at all, so don’t even think about apologizing.) Maybe Somnos has gone messing with them… Maybe he’ll give you a break while he subverts WordPress emails.
    Wishing you a beautiful new week. Mega-hugs my friend. ❤ 😀

    • Thanks so much Teagan. I thought there was some decent music there and perhaps one or two we just needed reminding about. Now I’m probably going to speak sacrilege to a lot of people but in my opinion the Texan P.J.Proby had a far better voice than Elvis.
      I wonder how I’ve offended wordpress now? I wouldn’t put it past Somnos to interfere though, but if so, I bet he comes to ask me how to undo it.
      I hope you have a better week than usual and you enjoy it.
      xxx Massive Hugs always xxx

  11. Enjoyed the pics of Reuben, as always, but today I particular enjoyed the music – going for the ladies, Nancy Sinatra and the incomparable Annie Lennox. Your video clip sent me off in search of more. Great way to end a Sunday. 🙂

  12. I haven’t had a good roast beast and Yorkshire pud dinner in donkey’s years. It’s near impossible to find folks in America who can make a proper “popover” as they call them here. Now I am truly hankering this meal, David.
    Reuben is the picture of absolute health, but I suppose you ought to put off bouncing him on that dubious knee of yours for a while longer.
    And the rendition of Maria is wonderfully heartwarming. I’ve never heard this recording. Sort of has me hankering for a name change.

    • You can’t beat a Roast beef and Yorkie dinner with the trimmings. Start preparing it now…I’m on my way.
      Quite right, Reuben shall remain unbounced until repairs are in place.
      PJ Proby also did another one from West Side Story which is also fantastic called There’s a Place For Us. You should listen if you get the chance. It would be nice to bring him a new fan.
      I’m sure the name change would suit you as the lyrics certainly do…..
      xxx Huge Hugs xxx

  13. You are amazing, Lord David! No revolt here – I slept in until 10AM this Sunday! Normal ‘rise’ time 7:00AM to 8:30AM…always leave myself some flexibility… Who am I kidding?! I’m a lazy old man! 🙂
    Quite a week, good David – all your weeks are quite a legacy!

    • Well done in your fight back against Somnos, Billy Ray, I’d say 10.00 am is pretty impressive.Of course if you were to take over as his publicist I might manage an 8300 pm and I’d be quite pleased with that.
      Thanks so much for dropping in. Have a great new week.

  14. Catherine Johnson

    No beard is that a disguise so you can snatch clothes off little old ladies lol. Yorkshire puddings yum!

    • No use me snatching clothes off little old ladies Catherine, they wouldn’t fit. It’s a disguise so I can pinch chips off them.
      Are you still making Yorklies out there or are you missing them? Maybe I should stop mentioning them.
      xxx Huge Hugs xxx

      • Catherine Johnson

        Oh keep mentioning them, makes me nostalgic and that’s good 😉 I haven’t tried to make recently. If I do I’ll let you know

  15. I’m impressed that you got into the Valentine’s Day swing… or song… with a romantic tune of the same vintage as me… it was a good year!
    And thank you for prompting Meeks to go on a Eurythmics trip… music is the gift that keeps on giving… but I’m still singing Maria, Maria, Mareeeeeaaaaa 🙂
    I hope your cold, and the cold is much improved.

    • I couldn’t resist posting one I thought was really romantic and it was my era too. I rate P.J.Proby highly. Having said that, Eurythmics might have been later but still fantastic music. You keep on singing Maria until the next treat from him.
      My cold is fine thanks, they never last.Mike’s had settled on his chest by the time he went home yesterday. Hope you’re both well.
      xxx Huge Hugs xxx

  16. Mike

    Oy Somnos and crew, look , I think we’re gonna get side swiped , all these lovely followers of “him” are getting upperty , so as I’m the boss let’s cool it for awhile ,lead them ALL into a false sense of security , and then we come back with a vengeance , go on holiday , go see my mate Barrachus , he’ll show you how to party.I’ll ether net you when the times right .

    • No wonder I have such a bad time if you’re in charge. You’re the beggar who’s nicking all my sleep and keeping it for himself.Now I understand why it takes so long to get you out of bed on a Saturday.
      xxx Hugs Bro xxx

  17. Mike

    Damn , sussed !!!!!

  18. You ought to think seriously about getting a job as a headline writer, David. They are always really tantalising. thanks for the music!

  19. Hi David! Shame on Big Al––spitting at you, especially after you put in that nice piece of bog wood. Ha, ha! I feel a little sad for Sharky but I guess if he didn’t get along with the rest of them he had to go. ‘Pepper was sidling up to Big Al as though they knew it was Valentines day, I wouldn’t have been in the least bit surprised to see a bouquet of weed ( no love, not THAT kind of weed) and a few choice bits of algae passing between them.’ I’m still laughing. Although I was having a drink of water when I read this which was bad timing because I cracked up just as I was swallowing and that’s never good. I’m sorry about all the bumping you did on your knees. I hope they’re better now. Then again you did knock that poor old lady to the ground for those chinos. Hmm. Maybe you should ache a little bit longer but not too badly. I hope Mike is better with his cough. Loved the pictures as usual and the ‘Maria’ song. That was my maternal grandma’s name and I loved her so much. Beautiful song. ❤

    • Hi Vashti, I agree, Shame on him. Mike has two larger versions of Sharkey so he should fit right in though he may find being grumpy doesn’t work so much now as the others are grumpy too.
      I’m glad you picked up on Peppers romantic dalliance though I certainly didn’t mean you to choke.
      The knees are fine thanks. Serves me right really, it wouldn’t happen if I walked and took my time. I still say little old ladies shouldn’t be holding chinos, it’s asking for trouble when there’s a sale on.
      Mike sent me a text yesterday. The doctor has sent him home to bed with a chest infection which is no surprise.I’m so glad you enjoyed the pictures, but even more so the song. I think it’s the best version I know and so under-rated. That it was your maternal grandma’s name must have made it special…….The Most beautiful sound I ever heard, Maria….Maria.
      xxx Massive Hugs to you xxx

  20. laurie27wsmith

    I nearly choked on my toast when I read about the nipple. My favourite is, ‘It was so cold I couldn’t cross my arms because my nipples were that big.’ It’s a pity about how the cold affects other body parts though. 😦 You seem to have quite a thriving herd of fish happening there David. I understand about your name. I was christened Laurence and it seemed quite okay until we were living in Australia. Two boys informed me that only sissies were called Laurence and it was worse than Clarence. After the dust settled I started asking to be called Laurie, it was shorter and it confuses American folk. Although I have been called far worse things over time. If you were watching Nancy Sinatra, then wandered around the house I could understand it. I don’t hurt myself sleepwalking, yet I do when I’m half awake. Enjoy your week Mate.

    • Sorry, you shouldn’t read this when you’re eating obviously.Yet it seems people eat and drink all the time then blame me for mishaps.
      I shall gloss over the other body parts affected by cold as at that point I’m usually so close to being a woman I have to sit if you know what I mean.
      The fish are coming along great,Sharkey I out, Sharkey II in.
      Asking to be called Laurie for a god reason seems OK, we all make choices but somehow Dave doesn’t sit right with me.My names are David, Michael Frank ( no idea where the Michael comes from). My father was David so they didn’t use my first name and called me Michael or Mike later on and I was OK with that.But when I was old enough to choose and when I left home it was always David and remains so
      I haven’t sleepwalked in years so don’t know if I’d injure myself but believe me, I can do a lot of harm with my eyes open anyway.
      Hope you have a Great Week Laurie

      • laurie27wsmith

        I keep away from the vittles’ next time I’m reading your blog Mate. I can understand your pain with the cold. 🙂 They can call me anything now as long as it’s not late for breakfast. Hugs

  21. Cute pictures of Reuben, David. He’s got some beautiful teeth there. I ws laughing about Big Al spitting at you. I saw a fish spitting at a bug on a leaf above the water once so it would fall down and he could eat it. I”ve never heard about a tank fish spitting. That’s hilarious. He’s quite a character isn’t he. I hope Mike’s feeling better by now. Enjoyable music! Have a great day! Lots of Hugs. 🙂 — Suzanne

    • I think Yvonne has a camera permanently attached to her hand. He does have some good pictures though, thank you.
      Fancy laughing at me after I’ve been insulted and assaulted in my own home. By a fish no less. How cruel of you. lol.
      Big Al is a character when he’s not sulking in a corner.But more and more are showing their own ways and they make me smile.
      Mike’s been sent to bed by his doctor with a course of antibiotics for a chest infection.He sent me a text yesterday said it’s a change from someone trying to get him out of bed.No idea what he means.
      I’m glad you enjoyed the music.
      xxx Huge Hugs xxx

  22. Thank you for an entertaining week. 🙂 Sorry to hear that Mike is sick, I guess you shared that with him? Take care. I guess your foot is somewhat better? Many hugs.

    • Hello Maggie, lovely to see you. No, I’m no sharing Mike’s sickness, I’ll get my own bronchitis when I’m ready and won’t share mine either.
      Yes, thanks so much, my foot is much better and I’m keeping it moist to stop it cracking as much as I can. I don’t want a repeat.
      I hope you’re well and happy. I haven’t seen you for an age.
      xxx Massive Hugs xxx

  23. Kev

    Wow, that cross look made me step back! That’s a VERY cross look. 😀

  24. I got caught up with “These Boots Are Made For Walking” and started laughing, David. When our daughter was 7, Jim to Molly Easter shoe shopping and let her choose. She chose a pair of short boots, kind of like old Go-Go boots, only in brown burlap. The ugliest things you’d ever seen, but she loved them and wore them with her Easter dress.
    Sorry to digress, but this blog had me laughing from that point on, and I thank you!

    • I’m delighted Marylin. There’s nothing better than to know I’ve invoked a fond memory with something said or a record played because often I get to read about it afterwards and it entertains me. Sounds as though Molly had her own style and knew what she liked.Good for her.
      xxx Huge Hugs xxx

  25. Ali Isaac

    Your fish sound a lot of fun! Do they take a lot of looking after? I dont know how you manage with so little sleep. And I know exactly what you mean about the volume of email, its quite overwhelming at times. I just cant read all the blogs I want to read and I dont know what the answer is.

    • The fish are a lot of fun Ali. They need a third water change every couple of weeks but that’s no problem, they’re happy as long as the air filter works OK.
      Even I’m not sure how I manage with the sleep but it must be my metabolism or something, I do get cat naps though which help. The mail is really overwhelming but I have no choice unless I start removing those I follow who don’t re-tweet me or something,but I chose to follow them so one shouldn’t depend on the other. All we can do is the best we can.
      xxx Huge Hugs xxx

  26. LOL… 😆 Now that is COLD, David. Listening to you talk about your fish makes me miss having fish. I may consider getting them again. Have a beautiful week, David, and stay warm. ((HUGS)) Elizabeth

    • Yes, there’s cold and there’s COLD.I’m sure you must have found having fish before was a delight. They’re all different of course but I think the bigger they are, the more interaction you can have, after 3 feet becomes a problem though as you may be considered food instead of just a source of it.I do like my catfish a lot.
      Halfway through the week now heading for the weekend, I hope yours will be a Wonderful One.
      xxx Massive Hugs xxx

      • 😀 I once had a goldfish I won at a fair. It was a tiny, grey looking thing, but grew into a huge, golden fantail. Kept having to get bigger and bigger homes for it until I eventually had to give it to my brother who had a wall aquarium. It was a monster. I loved that silly fish. Stay warm. ((HUGS))

  27. Ah, how you make me smile. Your expressions (witticisms) are as dry and light as Boston snow (!). You are a true master blogger, and I love reading the comments of your other followers. Peace! Joy! A good night’s sleep! xohugsalwaysxo

    • Early as it is, you’ve just made my day Pamela. Nobody could have said anything sweeter. I love to make people smile. I know not everyone understands the humour and not everyone shares it but it’s wonderful to know some appreciate it.
      Reading the comments that come in is always a delight but some make me bonce with joy like this one.
      Thanks so much. Sleep would be lovely but I’ll get it when it comes. Peace and joy to you too.
      xxx Massive Hugs xxx

  28. Kourtney Heintz

    There is nothing worse than being awakened during the night and not being able to fall back to sleep. Ugh. I’m so sorry you have to go through that.

    • Thanks Kourtney that’s kind but don’t worry. When I wake I’m OK generally and don’t feel tired, that usually happens later in the day.It seems I can cope quite well on less sleep- won’t stop me moaning though or I wouldn’t have a blog.
      xxx Huge Hugs xxx

  29. Sorry to hear about your cold. I think I’m getting one now, too.
    xxx Huge Hugs xxx

  30. “watching the fish play, argue, fight and just chit chat” – a brilliant post but I liked this best. It sounds like watching fish is just as much fun as watching bees.

  31. Okay, I’m two weeks behind I know but I finally got there! lol
    I’m sorry it is so cold for you right now David. Would it upset you if I told you that yesterday was so humid that I had to strip down and put on a loose dress after I came in from sewing? I would much rather rug up to stay warm than to attempt staying cool some days.
    I hear you on the name. I am Suzanne. I have always been Suzanne up until I changed schools and was told that Suzanne was a silly name and Sue is much better. So I stuck with Sue. Now, it is mainly my family that call me Suzanne although many others appear to be starting to call me that as well. You can call me anything really – unless it’s late to dinner! 🙂

    • Blimey Suzanne, I expected it to e a while before you tarted catching up. The cold has eased off a bit now unless a bit of a wind picks up.Don’t start telling me you had to strip down yesterday, think of my blood pressure.Like you, I rather have something extra on to get warm than suffer the heat and try to get cool.
      It’s a funny think about names, but we all know what we feel like. Some family used my second name Michael to differentiate me from my father. I didn’t mind being Mike but after my father dies I was able to use my given name and it’s how I always introduce myself- David, maybe Dai but never Dave.I don’t feel like a Dave at all.
      I’ll try never to call you late for dinner Sweetie and Suzanne it shall be unless Sue is your own preference.
      Have a Wonderful week. xxx Humongous Hugs xxx

  32. ..great pictures of the wee one ! 🙂

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