Well Balanced Man & Method Acting Class

Sunday 15th.Feb 2015

My hopes for the future were raised again this morning when I got up at 5.28 am. I turned my bedroom light on and hopped down the passage way with gay abandon being very careful not to fall over or knock anything over that might disturb Mike. Ha, did I happen to have the odd atom bomb handy? No. It was a relief ( don’t excuse pun) to go to the loo at a reasonable time and I was very grateful ( just in case Somnos can read). I came back to my room and turned the computer on. The lottery and thunderball results were disappointing which shows yet again  that Brother Jake only responds to wishes if there’s something in it for him. I  shall be (not) working another week then and most definitely not living in the style to which I wish to become accustomed. What’s wrong with wanting my manor house with enough rooms to accommodate all the guests I’d invite? And of course I’ll need a wine cellar (hopefully with a secret passage to the stables), and stables so the secret passage can come out again. Naturally I’m going to need a room big enough for my 12 foot fish tank. Yes, OK it’s just a minor technicality that I don’t have a 12 foot fish tank yet but I can move at speed when I need to.

The mail on the other hand was not too bad at all. I worked through till 7.00 am and had cleared half by then. The fish were having a ball when I got through there. I don’t mean with gowns and evening suits, it was just fun. Heading towards each other and veering off at the last minute, swimming in  and out of the branches of the bog wood, I was beginning to wonder if they were celebrating the extra hour  lie-in. I refused to feel guilty as I don’t wake them when I get up, and the 6.00 am regime wasn’t exactly my fault when I was on the antibiotics. For all the gaiety in the tank, Big Al looked as morose as ever, head buried in his usual corner. I’m  wondering now if it’s less to do with me than with the attention he gets from Pepper. Maybe she’s rushing things or has re-organised his house so he can’t find anything including a smile. I watched them all for a few minutes and kept trying to imagine my pictus in there. In the end I had to drag myself away.

I took my sprays and all the meds then made myself a cuppa to take back with me. As I was passing his door I heard Mike start to cough but it wasn’t enough to wake him. He said last night that he’ll go home early today as he’s feeling bad and I don’t blame him. I don’t know what time though. I carried on and got back into the mail. At 9.45 am I was up to date ( if I didn’t refresh) and wondered if Mike would be up soon. I had a quick play on Ancestry.com trying to trace some medals but it looks like they’ve only got the Royal Navy ones on so far. Most of my family have been RAF except during WWI of course. It was OK as I followed a few hints through to their conclusions anyway. At 10.15 am Mike started coughing again and this time sat up. When I went through he was coherent which I took to be a good sign so I went to make him a drink. By the time I got back he was down again but the smell of the coffee must have got to him and he came through to the lounge by 10.30 am. He said there was no point in going back too early now as he felt much better. The cough  says otherwise. Anyway,he asked me what I wanted to do today, all I could think of was some fish food. He decided that we’d go to the two shops we like that sell fish both in completely opposite directions as a round trip. I knocked that on the head.

It was gone midday when we actually got out and after a short discussion starting “Which way am I going?”we headed towards Rhyl waving at The Ivy and The Bells as we went past. When we arrived in Rhyl I said I’d prefer to eat first so we parked up on a side street and walked to a place we’d been to recently known as The Red Caff because of it’s decor. It’s very basic tranny caff meals (Transport Cafes) and I ended up with cottage pie, chips and peas. Walking back to the car afterwards I asked Mike if he fancied going into another fish shop he’s not been in before that years ago I wasn’t keen on. It must be ten years since I was in there last and bought a book that it might have changed. It had. We had a good wander round and were both taken with various fish. Suddenly he called me and said “Look”. The sign on the tank said pictus but the owner who was working nearby said the last one was sold yesterday. We carried on looking and there really were some nice fish. The other shop might have a pictus or it might not so should it be a bird in the hand. I settled for a fish in each hand like a well balanced man . No will power at all. I got a fantastic shark catfish  (not like Sharkey who wasn’t a catfish at all) and an ancistrus plec. They both look much nicer in real life than on the pictures.

Shark Catfish (columbian)

Shark Catfish (columbian)

Ancistrus plec

Ancistrus plec

I did remember to get the fishfood to so I didn’t feel guilty. We didn’t have far to go back to the car and start heading for home. When we got back I opened the bags and part sunk them into the tank for 20 minutes so the temperature would gradually come up and they’d acclimatise. Mike gathered his suitcase and we said our goodbyes. He headed off and I put some tank water in each of the bags so they’d adjust to that too. After 20 minutes I came to let them out. They were both off like rockets. The new Sharkey ( I know, not too original is it) seemed quite happy swimming around and wasn’t affected by my voice nearby. The ancistrus was gone. Wherever he’s hiding it’s good, I just can’t see him. Hopefully when I release some bloodworm or perhaps daphnia into the water tomorrow he might emerge to eat. Time to llet them get on with it and to get back to work. It was 4.00 pm which means over 6. hours accumulation of messages. I worked till 5.30 pm then went for a sandwic to take tablets with but I was only away half an hour. I worked from 6.00 to 9.30 pm then gave myself another half hours break watching an episode of Gavin and Stacey. Promptly at 10.00 pm I was back into battle. I was doing well but of course more mail was coming in all the time. At 11.00 pm I broke off to record today’s events and then at 11.45 pm otherwise known as now, decided to go back to it for a while.  Night all.


I must still be either in favour or forgotten altogether. It was a 4.36 am start so I had approximately 3 hours unbroken sleep. I don’t remember any dreams sent to disturb me either. When I got up I was able to turn lights on and set my computer to power up while I took the widdle walk. Vastly relieved ( sorry)I came back and had a look at the post. ow, just three carried over from last night after all the extra work , but the morning’s post, oh dear, anyone would think half the world was up while I sleep my life away. Four flippin’ thirty and over a hundred posts already. It’s just not on. I have a sense of humour but someone is stretching it to the limit here.Most especially when one of the first messages I open tells me to ‘click here’ to start claiming my instant lottery win on the African Lottery. I thought the African lottery was based on who ate and who didn’t. Sorry, that was in bad taste.

It was 7.10 am before I looked up from the screen again.( Not just from that one email) and decided it was time to feed the fish.All seemed quiet in the tank as I turned the kitchen light on and then it picked up it’s pace a bit when the tank light went on. I could see all my pals in there but still haven’t found where the ancistrus is hiding. I suppose I was pre-warned about this when I saw how much trouble it was to find him yesterday. I didn’t bother with flake today, I put in some of the small algae pellets then opened a sachet of the daphnia I bought yesterday. For a minute I thought I’d made a mistake as they were all going for a nibble except Sharkey, then maybe he tasted something in the water and he was down there hoovering it up with the best of them. I felt like doing the dum dum, dum, dum theme from Jaws but he’s far to pretty to be a predator like that. After watching for a few minutes I got my drugs to take and then made a drink which I took back with me. I’d emptied a carton of milk and took the plastic bottle top the recycling bag. Have I mentioned how heartbroken I am? Saturday mornings all the rubbish goes out for collection. My goodhearted neighbour Bert always brings the bins back for me and deposits them on my step, the recycling bags he rolls up and places behind the bin.Except this week there were only two bags, tins and plastic, my big blue bag for paper and card ( I bought this one) was missing. I have one of the council’s own blue plastic bags but ou can’t hang those out of the way as I could. Who would deprive a man of his bag this way????

Back to work.I carried on until 9.00 am then got dressed and at 9.30 am went off to the chemist with my repeat prescription request. Coming out of there I accidentally turned right and ended up in the sandwich shop. I couldn’t NOT get something so bought a sausage bap for my breakfast. I took it home and after taking pre-food tablet enjoyed it.Then it was the turn of the two torpedo sized post-food tablets. Of course that meant I couldn’t have lunch at midday and nearly removed my excuse to watch my antique programme. Luckily I needed a break at 12.15 pm coincidentally. I returned to work at 1.00 pm and kept my nose to the grindstone until 2.15 pm when I was due another skive and at 3.00 pm came back. I wanted one last big effort before going to watch my 4.30 pm programme but I was starting to feel tired and to glaze over and forget what I was actually doing. By the time 4.15 pm came round I was down to about 30 messages and wasn’t keeping pace with the incoming so I powered down and went through to the lounge early. I put the last few minutes of a house search on and wallop. I woke up during the quiz show that followed my Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is. I was really piggin’ annoyed at myself. I stayed in the lounge till 6.30 pm and then came through to give it another try. It went a bit better this time and at least I was sure what I was writing to people but catching up still seemed an impossibility. I managed to get one account almost clear only for the other one to fill up to 42. I knew I needed to get down as low as possible before I go and see Yvonne tomorrow as I’ll come back to a backlog, I didn’t want to make it worse.

What a difference a year makes.

What a difference a year makes.

I’ve been trying to analyse why this weekend has resulted in a new rush of followers for my Buthidars Blog, some for this blog and also some new twitter followers. I’m certainly not complaining as new followers tend to make me think I’m doing something right ( for a change). But when you know what ‘right’ is maybe you can duplicate it.

Anyhoo, it looks like I’ll have to let a few pieces of mail carry over till the morning as there are too many for tonight. At least the blog is done. For Valentine’s day I indulged myself with the choice of record because I felt it was full of romance and feelings.( There might be snow on the chimney but there’s still a fire in the hearth). Tonight I’m giving you the other classic from the only musical I liked and by the same artist who did Saturday’s P.J.Proby I hope you enjoy.


3.42 am today. It doesn’t sound so bad if you say it fast but it’s still a goodly chunk off three hours. Never mind, I can sleep on the bus. Lights on, warm computer up while I visit with ‘Niagara Falls intermittently’ and then back to check my bank then the mail. One of the gods was smiling down on me and it’s fairly certain it wasn’t Somnos et al, the mail looked manageable. During the first five minutes I’d had four messages about problems with bank accounts that didn’t exist so it was safe to assume that the conmen have returned from their private island Christmas breaks and want to start saving for their Summer breaks. I’ve either read or been told recently that the spelling mistakes I so often mention are deliberate. It’s to take out the educated people who might realise these are cons and leave the rest as targets for theft and fraud.

I stopped work at 6.00 am in order to see to the fish. I wanted to have as much leeway with time for getting dressed etc as possible. I went through to the kitchen and turned the main light on. I’m usually glancing in the direction of the tank to see if I can see any sudden guilty changes in activity. I didn’t, so I move over and turned the tank light on. Ancistrus wasn’t quite quick enough, I saw his tail disappear behind one of the shells.At the same time, I saw a little head with a fantastico moustache  sticking out of the same shell, it was one of the synodontis. As if by magic, as it withdrew it’s head, the head of the other one started to appear from the other shell at my end of the tank. Morecambe and Wise came over to wish me good morning and the two bronze corys bobbed up and down the tank in front of me. Big Al, Pepper and Little Al moved into position under the feeding hatch and hoped no-one noticed. The plecs stayed as still as usual and tried to blend into the background. At the end of the day they’re armoured and no-one is going to bother them much. That left the beautiful SharkeyII who swam gracefully up and down from floor to surface trying to feel out and avoid obstacles with his magnificent moustache. Rather than attack anything in his was as did Sharkey I, this one changes direction. If I do decide to have a second tank inside the lounge, he’s one that will grace it alongside a pictus. It’s not so much colour I’m interested in as I am the sleek form of the catfish family. How Oscar would have delighted in the fact that I always said I’d never have a cat again……

Coming out of my cogitations I turned and took my sprays then poured myself some milk to take my tablets. I lit a cigarette as I put my mug in the Tassimo to make my drink. I must have been daydreaming a while as I noticed it had gone 6.30 am already. Time to get dressed. I decided to wear one of my very expensive shirts from Saturday. It seemed to fit nicely which was a blessing. I still had time to do a couple more pieces of mail before putting on my shoes so I went for personal ones as there was no urgency on notifications. At 7.10 am I had to start getting my shoes on but not before I’d used the other end of my shoe horn to scratch my back bringing a purr to my lips. I gathered up a bag of things I had for Ugo, got my coat on, put new ends on my crutches and left. I hadn’t reached the bus stop when the bus drew up beside me to let me get on.It was a great relief as the hill is quite awkward.I thanked the driver and went to my regular seat as the first person on the bus. Thereafter I kept my eyes closed most of the way. I can tell where I am from the corners the bus takes and was able to take little naps as well.

For some reason the bus made good time despite roadworks and we drew in a little early. Yvonne was running a little late so I walked towards where she’d come from to meet her. Still a little distance away she spotted me and I could hear her ask Roobs where pops was. Within moments he’d spotted me and his arm came up to point a his mouth broke into a big grin. I checked my fly was closed. Hugs and kisses all round I suggested walking round a different shop, on I rarely see before going for coffee. Despite not buying anything it was enjoyable and interesting. On coming out we headed for our favourite clothes shop and it’s coffee bar. I had a nice latte and a cumberland sausage toastie with red onion, Yvonne and Reuben had toast and jam with their drinks. Poor Yvonne had to share her tea with Reuben even though e had tea in his beaker. I was able to get Yvonne some nice gloves in the main shop and a sort of fleece for Muriel.

From there we went to Tesco food shopping. I got some tulips for Julia as I wasn’t happy with her vase this week and somehow I ended up with a lemon meringue tart, though I did manage to get Ugo some chocolate biscuits and when Yvonne got milk and stuff for pancakes I was able to pay for it without WWIII breaking out. Time wasn’t doing to well this morning but we had chance to go to the £ shop to get a tin foil holder and cutter like mine for Yvonne and then go to have a look at books for Reuben in another shop. It was time to think about going. Instead of walking all the way to the bus station as usual I decided to try and wait where I’d got off the bus earlier. That meant I didn’t have to trail Yvonne behind me. She did a quick sort of the bags and then all of  sudden my bus was there.Reuben had fallen asleep in the bookshop but he chose the moment of my goodbye to wake up again. The siren started, he was not a happy chappie. As I got on I waved and Yvonne started walking towards home advertising an air raid attack. Poor girl.

Someone (not disabled) had sat in my seat so I had to occupy a double seat on the other side. I closed my eyes straight away. The journey went smoothly and after an hour I was home. My first job, once my coat was off, was Ju’s vase. With the addition of the tulips it looked so much better. More as it should have on Valentine’s day really. Then checking the other bags I found Yvonne’s gloves which I’ll have to take next time. I left the lemon meringue defrosting and came through to work. It was 1.15 pm, but that didn’t stop me taking a Father Brown break at 2.15 pm. And when I came back to work afterwards I worked on with the intention of seeing my PYMWYMI today. I came through a few minutes early and made something to eat. As soon as it was over I washed up and sat to watch a quiz. I saw the introduction of the teams and that seems to be it. I must have gone hard because I didn’t even wake up in the quiz. When I opened my eyes I realised the news was on and looking at my watch I’d been gone an hour. Time to get back to work. Progress was steady tonight and mails wasn’t coming in faster than I could deal with it. I was nibbling into the back log all the time. By 10.00 pm when I went to tke my tablets I felt brave enough to refresh. Uh Oh, Error, that meant the chase was on again a bit. By 11.00 pm there wasn’t too much left. perhaps 30, so I was able to break off to do this post. Time to try again.

R.I.P Lesley Gore  Died aged 68 on 16th February 2015. Taken by Cancer.


My best sleep for a while kept me in bed until 5.28 am today. Before going out of the bedroom I switched the computer on so that it would be ready for when I returned from the loo. I logged into my mail and knew I’d got some work ahead of me this morning. I only worked until 6.15 am as I decided to have breakfast today just to make sure I didn’t need a meal before my fellow card sharps arrived tonight. So I went through to the kitchen and turned both lights on, the room and the tank. I got quite carried away just watching the fish enjoying themselves and almost forgo to feed them. Big Al left Pepper’s side and came to the front of the tank to glare at me. I got the message.I opened the trap and dropped in some specially balanced food I’d picked up at the weekend then opened a sachet of daphnia as a bonus. They must have been ravenous the way they went at it. As soon as it looked like everyone was getting a share I moved away. I took a pre-food tablet first then lit up a cigarette as a time guide. My sprays came next and then a mug of milk to take the tablets with, making sure I saved enough to use for my coffee. As soon as the ciggie was finished I put two slices of bread in the toaster and put the coffee on. As that was ready the toaster clicked and sent two perfectly browned pieces of toast into my waiting hand. Oh Sugar! That was hot. I ate the toast and took the two post-food torpedoes with my coffee. Back to work.

I wasn’t really keeping an eye on the time but when I noticed it was 9.15 am I stopped work and got dressed. I was pretty sure there’d be enough time to get to Pauline’s and back before the postman was due. I moved at my top speed and got everything I wanted then headed back. My timing couldn’t have been better, he was just heading for me. The book I was expecting was there which was great so he put everything in my shopping bag and wished me goodbye. I let myself in, put the shopping away then sat looking at the book for ages. Luckily it was mainly pictures. Fish of every shape and size with information on how large they grow, what size tank is needed , whether they can go in a community tank, everything I need ton know in short. I’m sure Mike and I will have a lot of fun with this.

I’d wasted so much time reading that it had just flown by. I stopped at 11.45 to make my lunch and didn’t think I’d made much of a dent in the work but at least I was on the right day. After a lunch of lamb hock and mashed potatoes with veg and after the end of another Murder She Wrote exercise I came back through intending to get my head down. By 2.00 pm I was amazed to see real daylight, I was well on the way to catching up. I stood up when I heard a knock on the door and didn’t mind opening up as I knew it was likely to be the chemist delivery. It was, so I swapped my meds for a box of chocolate I’d put handy. As I took them through to the kitchen I decided to watch Father Brown. Not exactly my best idea. I missed the end and zonked out again, not waking until 4.00 pm, a full hour after I should have been back at work. I could only manage another half hour’s work now until Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is, came on. Yes, I know I could have given it up but I thought I could still manage. The computer just laughed at me and went on a go slow. In that half an hour 37 messages came in, eleven went out.

I watched my programme then put the stuff in the mugs ready for their arrival. By the time I was done I saw them approach. They watched the usual quiz while I did the drinks and then we watched together. Once it was over the games came out. It was a scrabble day  in fact it was MY scrabble day I’d have done a little celebration jig had there been floor space and if they hadn’t both threatened me. I was a lot more subdued in Nomination, even leaving the room when I needed to snigger. Yes, that was my game too. Chase the Lady was a different kettle of fish and Dil wiped the floor with me again, I’m sure it’s meant to be my game. Lastly Crazy 8’s, I’m sure they both decided to gang up on me and make sure I couldn’t win. There were pick up’s galore waiting for me as we played and the honours fell to Matthew, His victory dance must have been done out of my sight in case his biscuit and ciggie supply get cut off. They left at 9.30 pm and after tidying up and washing the pots I took my meds and came through.

I saw in my gmail account 117 messages in so for a change I’ve decided to do he blog first and than attack  the mail. It’s 10.53 now so I guess it’s going to be a late night.


I got the feeling someone was definitely sulking this morning, other than me that is. It was a 3.27 am awakening and just unnecessary. That equates to about 2 hours and I was tempted to fight it. Trouble was, I was wide awake,not just zombiefied.(There may be no such word but I think it fits so there it is). There wasn’t even any urgency for the loo so I had opportunity to turn on the computer and sign in. The mail from yesterday was bad since I made myself give up at midnight last night in order to relax with a read. If I’d have carried on, I could have met myself getting up. I worked until 7.10 am then took a break to do the fish , with a side trip to the loo on the way compliments of a 1.5 litre bottle of limas y limones exprimidos otherwise known as squeezed lemons and limes. The fish were in meeting mode today. As I turned the light on I saw Pepper, followed by Little Al and the bronze corys followed by the hoplos all come out off Big Al’s corner. Morecambe and Wise were at the side of the tank nearest me, Sharkey II was roving all over the tank and of the ancistrus there was just a splash of tail from beneath the shell. The Plecs remained wherever they were in camouflage mode. I did wonder if I’d missed the wedding party and some guests had been excluded. Just in case, I provided the wedding feast with some bloodworm as a treat. Sharkey II didn’t seem all that interested in food but it was like watching the Mongol hordes overrun Asia with the rest.

I peeled myself away to take my morning meds and to make my coffee which I brought back to my room. Time for a stage 2 assault on the mail. It was all done by 9.15 am so I got washed and dressed and went to Pauline’s for my lottery tickets. Coming  back I met Darren again and he had a small catalogue for me. I must admit I was hoping for something else today which had piqued my curiosity. Some small sheets of impregnated gum?That you put in your mouth to dissolve to give a nicotine rush so you don’t need a cigarette. I remember buying something minty a few years ago which were quite pleasant but which seem to have gone off the market since. Perhaps they’ll arrive tomorrow. I went into the house and sat down ready to pick up the new mail. There was enough to keep me going but I also opened my second account and pulled the new mail from there. It generally takes longer to do because it’s more personal. One I wasn’t happy to see was a message that my son (in law) lost his grandmother this week. I know it will be hard on him and he’s working so hard at the moment and is away so often that it will be very hard to take time to mourn properly or to celebrate her life.

I ceased work very pleased with progress at 11.40 am and wandered through to the kitchen. I took my pre-food tablet, buttered some bread  and then put the food in the microwave. While it was doing I put the TV on and watches Judge Judy savage someone new and then have her usual “You’re not as clever as me” rant. The woman should cite herself for contempt of court. Fortunately it was coming to an end and as I went to get my lunch it changed from her to The American Miss Marple, Jessica Fletcher in Murder She Wrote. I had an hour in her company before returning to work. Things were steady and I wasn’t under any pressure that made me think I’d miss my antiques programme. If Mike was coming though, he’d miss it because I hadn’t received a text to say he was on his way as usual. I ploughed through as much work as I could which included rubbish like having been awarded so many free spins on slot machines, so much free at bingo sites and prizes I’d won if only I’d complete the claim form to include my telephone number. By the time 4.30 pm was approaching I was tired and glad to get away. I checked on my phone which was on charge in the kitchen and saw Mike had sent a text about two minutes after I’d left the phone there at 3.00 pm. I reckoned he’d be here about 5.15 pm. I watched my programme and thought there was no pint in returning to my room only to have Mike walk in moments later. I might as well stay by the kettle. I filled kit and put it on and got his mug ready. It was actually nearer half past when he arrived. I made the drink and sat to talk and see how he is.

Mike had apparently stayed in bed until Wednesday after getting home then gone to help his son decorate. I wasn’t convinced that would have done his chest a lot of good but I shall credit him with enough sense to know when enough is enough. Anton wouldn’t let him do it if he didn’t think he was up to it. We watched a couple of quizzes together, an episode of MASH and an old Top of The Pops from 1980. At 8.00 pm I had to excuse myself though and come through. I called Mike through to look at some fish tanks very quickly as he’s interested in a new one too. That lasted almost an hour as we flicked from one to another deciding which were too far away to be considered. After he’d gone I found my mail was well above the 150 mark again. As I was working on them I found 2 people I tweet for multiple times a day who don’t reciprocate or visit the blog and decided it was a good idea to start my unfriending campaign. Maybe that will slow things down a bit. At 10.00 pm I broke off to take my evening/nighttime meds and to remind Mike to take his, then back to work again. At 11.00 am I gave up and came to do the blog as it obviously takes longer. I may or may not get back to deal with a few more.

Unforced kiss for Pops

Unforced kiss for Pops

The comforting hand

The comforting hand


We moved in a more positive way this morning. About 6.30 am was my goal, 04.27 am was the compromise which naturally I had no say in. I paid my  visit to the loo, performed the stop start, have I finished yet? dance and returned to power up the computer. There was quite a bit of mail but I thought it manageable. I worked to my hopeful getting up time and went through to see to the fish. Once I turned their light on there seemed to be an air of excitement, I’m convinced they know food follows light. There was even some jockeying for position. Some of the smaller ones settled beneath the hatch starting with the bronze corys, the hoplis and even Morecambe and Wise barged in though they get flake, Then along came Big Al and Pepper who settled big bottoms slowly on to of other fish until they were slowly squeezed out at the sides. Little Al was cheeky enough to try the same trick between Big Al and Pepper with some surprising success. I dropped some pellets in and then a sachet of the daphnia so that a feeding frenzy moved them into every man for himself mode. It’s funny to watch them go from order to disorder in zero seconds flat.

After watching them for a few moments longer and gauging whether there was enough for those who hadn’t put in an appearance, I moved away and started to take my meds. I didn’t make a drink straight away as it’s the day for refilling all the drug trays. I got on with that, bringing down all the new drugs to complete the drawer and then filling the trays from there. Then I was able to make a drink and take it through. It was already 7.30 am so I knew I didn’t have long before having to rouse Mike. At  few minutes to 8. 00 am I put coffee in Mike’s mug and put the kettle on. As soon as it was ready I took it through letting him know it was there. First words generated a grunt, the second a reminder that he’d told me last night he wasn’t under pressure today. I just reminded him I’d specifically asked it it was to be a normal time day to which he’d said yes. I left the room, and went back to mine to finish my own drink. At 8.30 am I wandered past taking my mug to the kitchen and for the heck of it shouted that the coffee was going cold. There was movement, about what it took to turn his head away. I decided to wait in the lounge for him to get up, that was a big mistake. I nodded off in my chair and he didn’t wander through until 9.30 am.

I don’t know why I did it but I turned the TV onto an American comedy. Instead of rushing round like a mad thing trying to be out an hour late at 10.00 am Mike sat and watched it with me. At 10.00 am when the episode was over I said I was going to get dressed. Mike said he was thinking that too. I left the room and he still stayed a while longer before finally moving it. I went through in my dressed state and turned off in case he wanted to finish the current episode. The work couldn’t be avoided any longer.Finally at just gone 10.30 am he came through to say goodbye.

The time seemed to fly by after that. I was watching two books on ebay for Mike due to finish at midday I didn’t want to move from the screen to make lunch. At the last seconds I put a bid in £4 greater thank the current price by someone had left a larger bid on. They say thing happen for a reason so I did a search for the same books and found a wonderful set of 4 or £30. He already has the first one but if he sells that to me for £10  he’d not only have the two books he wanted but also an edition which is full of thousands of photographs from 5 volumes all for the princely sum of £20. And it’s a buy now item so no bidding. I was thinking of sending him a text when there was a knock at the door and one of my two lovely wardens was there. She came in for a chat but mainly to see I was OK. When she left I made my lunch. Unashamedly bacon sandwiches. After lunch it was work again but I was no longer doing well as I had been earlier. Time for head down. Well, I tried but just couldn’t concentrate properly. At 2.15 pm I gave it up as a bad job and went through for Father Brown.Not far into it I couldn’t take it in so stood to go and get a drink. Down I went in darkness for probably no more than a minute or so, how I didn’t hit the TV I don’t know but I seemed to fold rather than go flat. Maybe I have a dainty side. I got back on my chair and relaxed into a series of Zzz’s until about 3.15 pm.

I managed to work a bit until 4.30 pm, Mike texted to say he was on his way back and so I went to see the last day of the antiques show. At least I was in the right place for making Mike a drink when he came in. Poor soul had to make his own because I was engrossed in a quiz by then. I had put the stuff in his mug and boiled the kettle though. At 6.30 pm I went to get my hair washed and then take a shower, I wanted to be out by 7.00 pm.Mike looked at the books I’d mentioned and decided to buy them there and then, then he was also showing me a 4′ bow fronted fish tank he’d found and might bid for. We watched a couple of shoes and then at 8.30 pm I left him to his own devices and came back through. I’ve tried to do some more messages but I’m not getting far. So, I’ve decided to concentrate on the blog post and then see if I can just pull the important pieces of post and for once disregard the rest. Sorry.


Well, I got my early night. I felt so bad my light was off at 12.10 am. I’m not sure how long it took me to get to sleep but I woke at 1.18 am. A few expletives later I managed to fall asleep again but only until 2.52 am at which time I knew that was it. I turned my light on and powered up the computer as I went past on my way to the loo. I’d finished and was on my way back out when I almost found enough to go again in my pyjamas. Some prannock called out in the loudest of voices “Who’s that”. I was tempted to say it was a burglar but thought I might get lumped with a bedside lamp before he woke up. Instead I answered “It’s only me” which seemed to satisfy him. My chest had made the voice so husky I don’t know whether he recognised it or whether the answer itself was enough to settle him. In which case I’m in trouble if we ever have any intelligent burglars.

Back in the bedroom I found over 100 message already so more than enough to keep me going, but at least there were no distractions. I finished the first batch at 6.30 am and didn’t want to refresh or sign into my other account until I’d got a drink of lime juice from the kitchen. That of course involved waking the fish so I turned the tank light on. I think they’ve all been taking lessons at a method acting school since they all seemed to shake and wake as though startled into movement, and yet it wasn’t fully dark at that time. From sluggish to manic in seconds they still seemed to be prearranged moves until they finally settled under the hatch in a ‘We know what’s coming, get a bl**dy move on’ kind of attitude. Feeling the whole thing was a little contrived ( not that I’m paranoid or anything) I shovelled in some flakes and some of the normal algae pellets and left them to it. I just hoped the little monsters would leave enough for the shy ones in their midst.

I took my sprays then put some milk in my mug and started on my tablets. I didn’t feel like a coffee but found I did very much feel like I needed a sit down. I moved to the lounge for what I expected to be a few minutes but Oops ZZZZzzzzzzzz. While asleep I heard Mike’s alarm go off twice but just thought he’s come through and wake me.( What a stupid thought that was). I woke at 7.55 am , screamed and put the kettle on to make his coffee which I took through. An hour late and he was still reluctant to get up but when I said it was 8.00 am he did so without a second call ( 2 Alarms, 1 Call…wow). I made my coffee and said I’d go and get dressed. He complained I’d disturbed him at 3.00 am  and was lucky I didn’t tell him to mop the floor from where he’d shouted. I was really quiet and he hears me, yet if I’m noisy when it’s time to getup- Nada. We finally left the house just before 9.00 am  and despite a hair raising drive ( not that you could have told with my haircut) we did arrive safely. Mike went on a long trek looking for a trolley he didn’t have to pay for while I went to the cash machine, the very annoying cash machine that never has any £10 notes when I go, to get money for the shopping.

Inside the store it was a left turn as I didn’t need potatoes today, nor flowers for my wife. Mike says he checked the flowers in the vase and they look fine. We went up and down a few aisles to see if we could find some recycling bags as I miss the blue one for paper that wasn’t returned last week. It had handles so it could be hung out of the way whereas the blue plastic ones issued can’t. Couldn’t find any at all. We went up towards the gents clothing when Mike suddenly felt the urgent need to answer a call of nature.That means I either find a corner to hide in or I keep moving so no-one talks to me. I chose the latter and was halfway through the shopping by the time he got back. Fear lends speed especially when you have wheels you can lean on. We finished the shopping, went through the tills and headed for a coffee. This week we were lucky and got one. When we came out and had a cigarette while packing the car Mike asked what we were doing next, having already lost an hour of the morning I suggested straight to Flint to see Ceri and the girls rather than go looking at fish as we’d thought the night before. He agreed and off we went. Despite the fact he think he’s driving a De-Lorean we still got there after we’d set off. We went round a couple of shops then settled in what was a very busy Temptations. We hardly got a chance to talk to Ceri let alone tease her. A couple more shops still looking for this elusive car coat Mike wants and we headed for home.

Normally we’d have gone straight for lunch but, as Mike won’t let me forget, I forgot my tablets. Moan, Moan, Whinge, it’s worse than being married. We unpacked and put away the shopping then head off for the Ivy. Tariq greeted us as soon as we walked in the door almost, uga all round. Our seats were free so coats down, then Angie walked past and I gave her the chocolates and received a nice kiss while Mike was shouting “Get a room” in the background. He’d need a room for what he has in mind. Rob came through and called hello and asked how we were, I think he’s used to us now and less fearful. Tariq came to ask if we wanted the usual drinks and went off to make them while we wrestled with the menu. Mike settled on something too hot with rice which he regretted until he could add sour cream to it, I had sliced gammon with two eggs and chips. People coming and going nodded hello or goodbye as they’re a friendly bunch and Tariq came over to talk a couple of times. Shella came over to say hello too. I think we were only missing Shirley to complete the set. We left there about 2.15 pm and headed for home again after deciding anything we wanted to do we could do tomorrow.

Wen we got in Mike started looking for fishtanks for himself on ebay and I came through to work. I did as much as possible up to 5.30 pm then Mike wanted some company ( and competition ) for a quiz. I stayed there until 9.00 pm at which time it seemed OK to leave him on his own. As usual the mail was enough to cause a sharp intake of breath but I made up my mind I could only do what I could do and the the blog must take precedence. Any time left after that I can go back to the blog again. I did wonder if I could post the blog in the early hours of the morning when SOMEONE is asleep since he keeps coming in to see if I’ve written anything inflammatory about him. I usually spell that word T.R.U.E but hey, different strokes.

Have a Great Week everyone.







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76 responses to “Well Balanced Man & Method Acting Class

  1. I wish I could have a humongous fish tank, but I would only have a humongous mess of dead fish floating on top of it. I have a knack with everything living except for fish, which is alarming as I’m a Pisces. I’ll have to keep reading your blog for tips David 🙂 Humongous hugs, Laine-Anne

    • Ouch. Actually I think the last person you want tips from is me. This morning when I went through I found Sharkey II floating. I’ve only had him a week and managed to kill him already. He’s the first fish I’ve had that hasn’t died of normal old age.I wonder if the water wasn’t oxygen rich enough for him. Such a shame as he was beautiful. If you’e worried about keeping fish go for plecs (plecostomus) which are very hardy I’ve found.
      xxx Gigantic Hugs xxx

  2. It is 4.30 am up too. It gives time to myself before I have to service the rest of the family with coffee and tea for Boeta at 5.15ish. We are also contemplating fish tank again, breeding them many years ago was fun, now more for Boeta,I loved the pleccies and catfish.

    • My excuse for 5.02 am today was not getting my light off until 1.30 am last night. Normally I get the whole day to myself and service no-one, but the weekend being the weekend Mike is here. My shark catfish died overnight and I’m devastated but it hasn’t (so far) put me off wanting my pimelodella pictus catfish which only grows to four and a half inches and yet has all the catfish elegance. Like you I’m a big plec and catfish fan. I’m sure Boeta would enjoy watching the fish at a close up.
      Have a Great New Week. Hugs

  3. I love the photo of you canoodling with your grandson – it is just beautiful!

    • I love the spontaneous moments where I get a kiss or a hug from him. It quite surprises me and I wonder if maybe I’ll have an ally when he grows or another boss.
      xxx Huge Hugs xxx

  4. Hi David, I enjoyed this peek into your week and the excellent music. I hope you have a wonderful week and see you next week.

    • Thanks so much. I know not all the music will appeal to everyone but I’m happy to take requests if there’s an artiste you especially like.
      I hope you have a Wonderful Week with lots of nice happenings.
      xxx Hugs Galore xxx

  5. You have another new follower on Busidars, David – of course you do thing right: whether writing original pieces or reblogging those of others’ you manage to pull me in – and I’m not easily pulled in – my standards are high,you see 😀

  6. Sorry to hear about your fish, they can be very soothing to watch, but then I’m not the one who has to clean the tank and feed them.

  7. I’d love to have a video of your fish adventures, although maybe I’ll just have to come for a visit. If I were you I’d go for an aquarium if you have a big win… Have a great week!

    • Not today’s funeral though Olga? Coming for a visit sounds great I’ll get the kettle on again. If I have a big in I’ll have one big enough to swim in. If not, April’s ( fingers crossed) tax rebate will get one a little larger.
      Have a wonderful week
      xxx Massive Hugs xxx

  8. You missed a calling as DJ. And the little boy is so cute. Have a great Sunday and ‘see you’ next week. Hugs!

    • Now that would be lovely. I’m not sure about cute Christoph, he terrifies me. Sunday has almost disappeared now. I’ll have to start next weeks blog soon. Have a great week. Hugs

  9. David, thank you for inviting all of us to share another week with you. It’s always a joy (even when you make me concerned for your health or safety — but i guess suspense can be good, right?). Extra wonderful photos of you and Reuben — and i always enjoy the Eurythmics!
    An imaginary manor complete with secret passages? There’s no wonder I like you. Mega-hugs. 🙂

    • Teagan, it’s always a delight to have your company. Reuben does take a wonderful picture I admit, I’d prefer not to be in them but I’m not the photographer. Glad we can cheer you up with a bit of Annie Lennox. Great singer.
      I’m so glad you like the manor hose. You’ll be invited of course.
      xxx Humongous Hugs xxx

  10. Enjoyed reading your weekly antics and wish I could recall as much of what I’ve done with my own time! I might have to start taking better notes… good luck on the lotto next time. I give it a shot every so often, but gambling and/or lotto are definitely not sports I do well in and rarely get a thrill of even paying back the cost of tickets!

    • Thanks Madison, it’s easy if you write each day as it happens and just publish at the end. I’d never remember everything otherwise. Thank you, I reckon I at least have a chance if I play, no chance if I don’t. If I don’t win at least I’ve helped charity. I occasionally get the thrillof a small win which encourages me.
      xxx Huge Hugs xxx

  11. David, I LOVE the sound of your new lottery-won digs. What an abode you’ll one day create.
    And sorry to hear of Mike’s being under the weather. Poor fella. Give him a hug from me.
    You make a very good point about wanting to pinpoint what that ‘winning combination’ is as far as what defines that which will bring about success. Having worked in the music industry, we used to laugh when outsiders would ask, “What makes a hit?” The answer? “God, if we all knew that, we’d be sitting on a gold mine.”
    Love the photo with Reuben giving grandpa a wet one on the nose.
    Keep healthy and warm this week. Cheers to you!

    • I shall have to call it Bad Manor of course. I shall have to keep that hug warm for him until next weekend as he’s gone home now but I shan’t be paying interest on it since I now feel worse than he does. It’s 8.00 pm and I’ve just woken up and want to go to bed.
      Yes,if you could define a hit, everyone would have them. All you can do is your best and sit back with fingers crossed.
      It’s a good picture and a rare one and far better than the ones of him telling me off.
      Have a wonderful week.
      xxx Mega Hugs xxx

  12. What a fine young chap Ruben is growing in to… takes after his grandad, clearly!
    xxx hugs xxx

  13. Poor Lesley Gore; she influenced an entire generation of young girls to fight each other when a boyfriend cheats, instead of pounding on him. 😉 But I remember all her songs, and she was still young to me.
    I’m sorry your lottery tickets didn’t provide the style you want to become accustomed to, David. For my birthday last September, a group of girlfriends took me to lunch and gave me a elegantly wrapped gift…with 50 tickets inside. If you want to be disappointed, scrape off 50 tickets, with hopes growing along with the scraped off remnants on the table, and have not so much as a tiny win among them.
    Reuben was darling a year ago, and he keeps getting better and better. He’ll be a heartbreaking charmer before you know it.

    • It’s a shame as she was still quite young.But cancer is no respecter of persons is it.
      I think I’d have felt totally gutted as both giver and receiver if that happened but at least the thought was there.
      I can see Roobs being a little charmer and a heartbreaker but I hope he grows up with a nice nature so he doesn’t break hearts gladly.
      Have a Wonderful Week Marylin,
      xxx Gigantic Hugs xxx

  14. David, there’s a lot of thought that goes into writing about your week. Sorry about SharkyII…he was a stately fish. Hope your heath is holding with sprays and meds. I seem to have similar daily mail work, reading and responding to followers. And have had to narrow down the comments to those that follow me! Many are power bloggers who collect followers then never respond to posts. Have a wonderful beginning to this week. Happy Blogging! Christine

    • Hi Christine, sometimes picking our salient pieces of a day takes time and there’s a balance between boring and entertaining which I’m not sure I’ve hit yet.Thanks so much, Sharkey was a beautiful fish and even after a week I enjoyed watching him.I know what I want next and won’t be diverted as I know he will suit the tank. The health is holding but won’t ever improve, no use my moaning. Most days I can cope with the post but seem to be coping less recently. It’s still about the 300 mark but perhaps more have been needing comments. I’m sure I do need to pare further though to get to something more manageable.
      Have a Fantastic Week
      xxx Humongous Hugs xxx

      • Thanks, David for your reply! It’s good that you’re thinking of managing the posts based on energy and health. 300 sounds like a lot to read! I’m at the 150 daily mark and can hardly keep up. And the book writing should come first. Look forward to hearing about your next fish! Have a wonderful week yourself! Christine

  15. Wow – had to take a bus to the end of the queue of comments today. 🙂 As always, a very enjoyable post, and I particularly enjoyed the music. I’ve been catching up with some favourite oldies – like Tears for Fears. Thanks as well for the wonderful photos of Reuben – he’s a real boy now instead of just a gorgeous baby. 🙂

  16. How many catfish do you have, David? Aren’t there council restrictions on that kind of ‘hoarding’? Lovely pics of you and Reuben, though whoever bought him those psychedelic pyjamas must have been on an acid trip. Thanks for the PJ Proby clip. I remember him from Children’s Favourites but never had a clue what he looked like.

    • Good morning Jane.I had to go and have a quick count.I have 12 which belong to the catfish family plus my two female Siamese fighting fish.
      No restrictions I’m glad to say.
      I’m glad you like the pics though I have to confess it’s possible I was on the acid trip the day the pj’s were bought.
      I shall wait to receive insulting posts after saying this…but I always thought P.J.Proby had a better voice than Elvis and his manager almost took him on. He’s lived most of his life in the UK now and last I heard was a caretaker in a block of flats with occasional little come backs. I still rate him highly, as a singer anyway. I was lucky enough to see him live sometime in 70’s.
      xxx Huge Hugs xxx

      • The only song of his I remember is Little Children, at least that’s what I think it was called. He did have a pleasant voice and I’m not a fan of Elvis so you can say what you like about him 🙂

      • I’ll have to search for that song or one like it in P.J. Proby’s catalogue, I don’t know it, unless you’re thinking of Little Children by Billy J Kramer which was quite a hit back then.
        If I said too much about Elvis I’d never dare set foot outside my door again.
        xxx Gigantic Hugs xxx

      • Oops! I’m sure you’re right. Will have to look up PJ and find out what hits he had that I will recognise.

  17. Hey David, Have you seen the repeats of Hi de hi? Went round to visit my mum the other day and watched it with her. I never really enjoyed it the first time round, but it was so silly and funny it just made me laugh and laugh. Maybe I’ve grown up! Might make a change from Father B, anyway. Thanks for the music vids. xxx

    • Hi Elaine, I saw one of the repeats a couple of weeks ago and it reminded me I still don’t like slapstick.type programmes. Father Brown is over now so I’m safe but today I think I’ll have a kip anyway.
      I’m glad you liked the music vids, any you’d like to hear again?
      Have a Great Week,
      xxx Hugs Galore xxx

      • I know what you mean; that’s why I never used to like them. But maybe now I’m going a bit soft in my old age…Annie Lennox singing Why would be nice. Big hug xx

  18. Hi Darlin’! Thanks for introducing me to P.J.Proby. Never heard of him before. But I am a die-hard Elvis fan, so tread softly! I always learn something from your post when I can take the time (and have the energy) to finish. {{2XHUGX}}

    • Hi Lynne, you’re welcome to the intro. I hope you enjoy his stuff. Though he’s Texan I’m not sure whether he recorded over there for anyone or with Col. Parker. I’m treading softly.
      I’m sorry my posts are always so long, I know it’s a marathon to finish.But, I hope you get the odd laugh and enjoy some of the music. Maybe I’ll even put an Elvis one on this week just for you,( now to upset a new group), but I draw the line at Frank Sinatra.
      xxx Mega Hugs xxx.

  19. You put a lot into your weeks, David. Good music picks. Fish. An unforced kiss for Pops… How did you develop such discipline? All my best wishes.

    • No discipline Billy Ray it’s all haphazard happenstance, it just seems to trickle into place.Not necessarily the right place mind. It’s like a comedian said, he’s playing all the right notes, just not necessarily in the right order.
      My best to you and hopes of a wonderful week.

  20. Hello David… are you there… what an avalanche of comments. If you ever had crazy doubts as to your popualrity this should dispel them, and you have more followers on Buthidairs. If you write they will come, and come and come and you’ll write some more. Oh, and thanks for sending the muses… I’ve tried their patience as I got a little busy with other things after they made their appearance, so they’ve done their bit and I’m sending them back. They’re more use to you for the mo!

    • Ouch, just pinched myself to see if I’m here, and I am.There are quite a few comments but they’re miniscule compared to some I visit where I have to take a bus to the end of a queue. The blog supposedly has over 3000 followers and yet doesn’t make 100 comments.and I note this week just 42 likes. Yes the Buthidars is growing a little and I’m so pleased. It’s good to know there are more people of a like mind where peace is concerned.
      I’m so glad the muses got there OK. and you were able to make use of them.Thank you, perhaps after all that travel I should give them a little rest.
      I hope you’re having a Wonderful Week
      xxx Huge Hugs xxx Cwtch xxx

  21. laurie27wsmith

    You should be able to film a remake of finding Nemo in your fish tanks David. They’re becoming quite the stars lately. It’s a bit sad when you have someone taking a disabled set on a bus and not giving you the seat. Good music, pictures of Reuben and your heroic efforts to keep the mailbox empty make for another good weekly read.

    • Maybe I’ll try to record with my camera just after the food’s gone in of course you won’t see the missing star now though. I’d say you can always rely on the music and pictures at least.
      Thanks a lot Laurie.

  22. Having a mansion would be interesting but you’re right only if there are secret passages and of course a wine cellar is a must. 🙂 It’s great that you spend time each week with your daughter and grandson, that’s awesome. I see the fish are keeping you on your toes. A full wall fish tank, like they show in the movies, would be very cool. Many hugs for your week. 🙂

    • I’m led to believe that secret passages to the stables are obligatory and the wine cellar is to keep my pepsi cool. We try to meet every week without fail except when we fail. Yvonne and I are both great shoppers so Reuben always gets new outfits out of it.
      The fish always keep me on my toes, Big Al play me like a violin. A really big tank with my favourite fish would be wonderful.
      xxx Massive Hugs Maggie xxx

  23. Kourtney Heintz

    Wow the fish sounds very energetic. Glad Mike was feeling better when he finally rose from bed. 🙂 And happy to hear you got some more sleep finally.

    • I think the fish have eaten jumping beans sometimes Kourtney.I was glad Mike was feeling better too though it would be nice if he felt better about 2 hours earlier. Getting an extra nap did me a power of good but I’m extra napping my life away.
      Hope you’re OK. Sending xxx Huge Hugs xxx

  24. Hmm, I’ve been thinking…again. 😉 If you did win the lottery, would you really put it here for the world to read about? Although, I’d like to know about the wine cellar and stables. So much love in that picture of you and Reuben. Have a great rest of the week. Hugs.

    • No, it wouldn’t go on the blog except to say I’d moved. Only those people who got an invitation to come play in the secret passages would know. We might find buried treasure.
      That was an excellent picture wasn’t it. I got a lovely kiss today too but don’t know if she caught it yet.
      Thank you, I wish you a Wonderful rest of the week and send you xxx Massive Hugs xxx

  25. Great pictures of you and Reuben. Those are keepers. Children grow so fast all we have left are the pictures, but they have to grow and move on. That’s life. Sounds like you had some good experiences that week. It also sounds like Mike is feeling better..Huge Hugs, David, and have a great day. 🙂

    • Hi Suzanne, thanks, the pictures are goo ones of him. I have a bulging file already. You’re right though, they do grow so fast it’s hard keeping pace sometimes.
      Most weeks have some good/fun experiences but we have to have some downs to recognise them better. Mike is on the road to recovery now I hope.
      Ginormous Hugs to you Suzanne. Enjoy what’s left of the week. xxxxxxxx

  26. So sorry about Sharky II David. I remember once I was given a “fish” as a present – – can’t remember what it was called – it was white with legs, and the face of a really ugly demon – and was adamantly informed that looks weren’t everything, and that it wouldn’t harm a fly. The next morning my tank was missing lots of fish, so that ugly guy headed off to the fish shop being told his fortune all the way. I still feel bad when I think of that even though it was twenty years ago. It’s amazing how attached we get to fishy guys – they really do have the most amazing characters when you get to know them. I’m looking forward to all the new one’s you’ll get when you cave and get your new tank. 🙂 xxx Hugs and MWAH! xxx

    • Sounds like you were given an axolotl Jo. Really odd looking things. The only thing you should feel bad about is the loss of your fish.
      A new tank is still a question mark really if I get a tax rebate in April but I’ll let you into a little secret. I was really sorry to lose Sharkey II but yesterday Mike go hold of me to see if I still wanted my Pimladella Pictus- DO I, like a shot. A fish shop near him had one in and I asked him to buy it. Zippy arrived last night and is beautiful, a huge sweeping moustache. I don’t NEED anything else but one more would be perfection.
      He looks exactly like the one on Monday of this week and is 3″long
      Sending love and Ginormous Hugs to you Jo. xxxxxxxxx

      • That’s the one! Nasty little sod he was. Just looked at the Monday photo of your new guy – absolutely beautiful! 😀 There’s always going to be one more I reckon – they’re gorgeous little guys. ❤ XXXX

      • I have to admit, you might just have me pegged there. 😀 Maybe I should stop now and enjoy the ones I have. xxx Humongous Hugs xxx

  27. And again ‘The fish were having a ball when I got through there’ brilliant! 🙂

  28. My WP app crashed before I could add sorry to hear about Sharky II!

  29. Once upon a time I had pet goldfish. Very relaxing to look at 🙂
    xxx Huge Hugs xxx

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