Laurel Goes, Stan Follows

Sunday 08 Mar 2015

It was 4.13 am today and one of the few times I think I could have got back into bed and slept again. Trouble was, I had no idea how much work had carried over from last night and how much had come in this morning. I knew Mike wanted to go out today and didn’t know how much of the day I’d lose. So, I forced myself out, made the loo trek and came back to turn on. All of a sudden I didn’t regret my decision. Lt night I’d brought the antibiotics into my bedroom so I could remember to take them out with me. It also meant I could take the 6.00 am one without having to break off from work. However when 7.00 an came round I had to break off to feed the fish. Stan seemed a bit agitated when the light went on but I do know many of the cats don’t like too much light. I put it down to that at first. As I put food in I was checking them as they came darting in. I knew the chances of seeing the synodontis were slim and the ancistrus practically nil, but the rest are usually there on a  food run. One face that was missing was Laurel. Looking down the side window I could see her occupying the place Big Al would normally be had she not evicted him. Something didn’t look right but I couldn’t tell until she moved. Her gill was going rapidly as though gasping for air and she seemed to be swimming more on her side than anything. I don’t have an isolation tank where I can monitor her unfortunately and I know it shouldn’t be an air issue as none of the others are suffering and both the air pump and the air curtain are working well. AS you can imagine I wasn’t a happy camper.

I promised myself I’d keep an eye on the situation but ask Mike’s opinion later. I took my meds and made a drink to bring back through. At 8.00 am I was almost up to date and went to sit in the lounge with my eyes closed. They stayed closed until 08.50 am when conscience got the better of me. I emptied the kitchen bin and added the waste bin from my bedroom to it. None of the noise disturbed Mike at all. ( note to self, Must try harder). Then I returned to work and refreshing the page. Ouch !! At 9.55 am I heard the patter of tiny feet. I’d prepared his mug so let him carry on and make himself a drink while I tried to finish. He crept along the hall and then expressed shock when I waved at him as he thought I was sleeping on the job. As if! (Shhhh). A few minutes later I joined him in thee lounge and explained about Laurel. He took a look and agreed with me she wasn’t well. Both of us were reluctant to take action and he told me about a miraculous recovery for one of his fish which gave me some hope. We decided to make no decision until we came home again. By the time he’d drunk his coffee, looked up something online and ODC’d it to death, got dressed and discussed where we were going it was almost 11.30 am. I made it worse as part way to the car I remembered I needed tablets in my pocket and had to go back. Eventually we were on our way to Rhyl.

We had lunch in the Red Cafe again, what Mike calls cheap and cheerful. I was going to have cottage pie again but Mike decided on an all day breakfast and when I saw there was fried bread, a subject that had come up on our journey, I changed my mind. One sausage, 2 bacon, 1 egg, 1 black pudding, mushrooms, 2 fried bread and some beans.  Mike had 2 sausage, 2 bacon, 1 egg, 1 black pudding, mushrooms and 1 of those terrible potato creations you usually get with McD’s. From there we took a trip to our favourite fish shop to see if they had some of the Fish Science granules for Mike ( well, for his fish really). They had everyone but the one he wanted and all in a small tub. I mentioned a fish shop out of town that Ju and I used to visit when we went to Butterfly’s. I’ve only been in that direction once since she died. The plant and fish part has changed tremendously. We had a look at all the tanks and at all the fish before finding the food he wanted plus some he didn’t know he wanted till he saw it. I’m with him on that because I didn’t think I needed any either until my eyes lit on it. Coming out I remembered my antibiotic and luckily Mike had some drink in the car I’d bought for an emergency. We came home. It was almost four o’clock so Mike set off almost straight after a coffee on his journey home. I on the other hand started on my long journey into work. 6 hours away from the screen can create a lot of work and boy had it taken advantage of that.

I worked till 7.00 pm then took a short break for tea and an episode of MASH, then back to it. Mike let me know he’d got home safely and has promised to go to the doctor’s before coming up this week. He goes to Canada in 3 weeks and doesn’t want to take his chest with him. A suitcase maybe…..   It’s been hard going tonight for some reason but I’m still ploughing on. Still, a break to start the new blog has been nice.

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This is especially for Teagan


3.59 am today. Somnos could not afford to give me even an extra minute it seems. As someone kindly pointed out yesterday, it seems that the balance is uneven. The less time I get to sleep, the more Mike gets. It’s like Somnos has decreed that there will be 14 hours of sleep allowed in this house, I get 3 and Mike gets 11. I’m going to try an official complaint in case it’s  just Porcinus or Brother Jake being a bit lax. I paid my morning visit to trickle alley then came back and logged onto the computer. I was almost bowled over by the amount of mail left from last night, I needed to get into gear. Having remembered to bring my antibiotics through I didn’t have to stop work at 6.00 am to get one. At 7.00 am though, I had to break off to see to the fish. I was dejected to see Stan now occupying the corner adopted  by Laurel and that he didn’t venture forth for food when I dropped some of the new stuff in, which included some tablets under the Fish Science banner specifically designed as a whole food for bottom feeders. Everyone else went mental when the granules were sprinkled and I was trying to spot where they were all coming from. I had a word or two with Morecambe but could fins no sign of Wise.I did however spot one of the synodontis working upside down on one of the bog wood branches. It took a while of watching to decide whether he was ill or just enjoying his feast. The jury is still out on that one. I have to wonder if there might be a problem with my water.

I took my morning meds then went back to work with a coffee. By 9.15 am I was pretty clear and able to spend a little time on then at 9.45 am Darren my postie arrived and brought the recycling bags I’d ordered. I now have a blue recycling bag with handles for paper again.I’m sure the spares for plastic and glass will come in again at some stage. I put some washing on which included my bedding from yesterday. I’d made the change before Sleeping Beauty got up and though it was only a single bed I wish I’d waited for some help. I carried on working and it was getting on towards lunchtime when Mike started texting me. He’d driven a long way to make arrangements for is car roof to be sealed as he finds the bucket used for baling out gets in his way. They can’t fit him in and give him a courtesy car until next Tuesday. I got my lunch and returned to work straight afterwards. New texts from Mike to say he’s arranged for a new 5 foot fish tank now to replace his 3 foot in a part-exchange. The Green God raised his ugly mug and I sent him an email of a 8 foot tank I’d found om ebay. I was tempted to say I’d ordered that I was so jealous. Just imagine the new fish he can buy for this one now, and big ones at that. We saw a beautiful synodontis yesterday that made him draw in his breath sharply, and he does like Stan. Actually now I think about it, shopping with him for fish might be as much fun as shopping for myself and much cheaper.

I don’t know what was wrong this afternoon. I alternated between nodding off  and working without ever moving from my chair. There may well be senseless messages floating round the Netiverse as we speak. I hope not though and I think my nod offs were lapses of seconds only. At 4.25 pm I gave up and headed for the TV and my antiques. I managed to see most of it including the vital last few minutes of the competition but it’s more than a little possible that I did eyelid inspection for some part of the events. I made myself a sandwich and had a mousse when the quiz started then sat and watched the rest before washing up. After the next short quiz ( about 30 seconds) I zonked and where I should have returned to work at 6.30 pm found myself waking up at 7.25 pm with just the light from the TV. Naturally I panicked then and came back through. I knew things were bad when I saw my gmail had well over 100 messages waiting, I dreaded seeing the main account. I had to steel myself and look though, as they had to be done. It would have been kinder to poke myself in the eye with a sharp stick. Not having a sharp stick to hand I just had to start work and hope for the best.

I feel as though I’ve been at it for days though in fact it’s only 11.15 pm. I have some more to do before bed but mayhap I’ll have some time in the morning before going out. I’m going to see Yvonne and Reuben though I felt very popular today when MuJo texted to see if I was free tomorrow. I don’t know if they’re free again this week.

You're funny Mummy

You’re funny Mummy

park 4


Getting up at 3.20 am was almost a pleasure this morning. I’d woken at 1.57 am and thought that was it, but couldn’t force myself out of bed. I’d tried to go back to sleep and obviously succeeded. I just hadn’t wanted to find out it was 2.05 am. Thanks Somnos ! For some reason my bladder was talking to me and it seemed to be saying “Move it” so I did. I wonder if I’m sleep drinking as I didn’t seem to drink more than usual last night. Once the sigh of relief reached my mouth I came back and powered up the computer. OMG ! There are enough emails from last night to sink a battleship.Maybe leaving mail till morning is not a great idea. It took me until 6.03 am to finish just last night’s stuff.

I went through to see to the fish. It was still dark so hall light on, lounge light on, kitchen light on all before tank light on. It was like Blackpool Illuminations. At fist I couldn’t see Stan and my heart sank but I did spot him a bit further away from his corner than usual. I couldn’t tell if he was struggling or not but I didn’t see him come for any food again as I dropped it in. I even opened the whole lid so I could try and drop some daphnia in the water near him. Unfortunately the flow moved it away again before it had chance to sink. I tried one of the new tablets I got for bottom feeders on Sunday. It’s worrying. Also worrying is having Morecambe come to greet me as usual but being unable to find any trace of Wise. We’ll be doing a clean this weekend so I may find how many problems I have then. On the plus side, one of the two synodontis is getting very brave at coming out of it’s shell hidey hole to eat. It’s so pretty with it’s beautiful striped tail even if it looks a bit like a hoplo at the front end. I think I saw the second one too pretending to be an upside down catfish on the bogwood, it may have been the ancistrus though as I couldn’t see the whole body. Big Al is still in thrall to Pepper and Little Al is a playmate for the bronze corys. The plecs are fine, the hoplos are fine which is why I don’t understand the spate of deaths in the tank.

I moved away and took my sprays then got a drink of milk to take the tablets. Enough milk so that there was enough left to make a coffee, which I did and brought it back with me. I got dressed straight away so there wouldn’t be a last minute rush and knowing what coat I’d be wearing tried to make sure I had everything I needed in it. Then I returned to work and was up to date for 7.15 am. No way I was refreshing at that time so I just gathered my bag for Yvonne and made sure it was handy by the front door. Coat on, bedroom light off, crutches on, bag in hand I left and locked the door at 7.30 am. I may have been a couple of minutes earlier than usual as the bus did not pick me up on the way to the stop so I had the weight of Yvonne’s bag the whole way ( Thanks a lot daughter). When I got to the bus stop and was trying to get my breath back I found I’d forgotten my bus pass. There was no way I’d have time to go back and get it and I didn’t want to catch the next bus in an hour. I’d just have to put up with paying the fare. The bus arrived. I asked for a return and he told me how much, I thought he’s misheard me. But no, when I checked it was right. How incredibly cheap the fare into England was. I know if it was the train I’d still be trying to get my breath back. I haven’t figured out yet if it’s a Welsh company looking after it’s own or an English company desperate to get us over there. I still don’t think they’ve repealed the law that says if a Welshman is found within the bounds of Chester at dusk any English bowman may shoot him so I can make my own guess about who’s company it is. lol.

Yvonne and I were meeting somewhere different today, a shopping area just outside the City and known as the Greyhound Park. I remembered to get off the bus early or I’d have had a long walk back. I waited around a shop called Dunelm until I saw Yvonne approach. I knew the moment Reuben had seen me as the hoarse ‘Pops’ was shouted and he was pointing gleefully like a demented conductor. It was just a couple of minutes until the shop opened so I made sure my bag went round the handle of Reuben’s pushchair and we got our greetings out of the way before the serious business of shopping got underway. Inside, the first thing we did was look round all the towels to see if the had dark green flannels for Mike.Typically they had every dark colour imaginable except green. That out of the way we went up in the lift to the cafe and got some breakfast and a drink.Yvonne is a big bully and wouldn’t let me pay again. I had a pot of tea for a change and it was nice then I turned my back to Reuben and ate a bacon bap, turning back in his direction and smiling once I finished it. He was having something with fruit in it toasted which reminded us of bara brith. I don’t know if he knew what I’d done but he kicked my knee. I jumped in surprise which was a reaction he loved so he did it again, and again, and again. Yvonne was saying “Poor Pops, give him a love better and say sorry”. Reuben just kicked again and cackled. Yes, I’m sure he knew what I’d done.

After the drinks we wandered round the rest of the store. Some beautiful and some tempting things but when we left all I’d spend was 50p on two items. I had to take some stick off Yvonne for that and my reputation suffered. We headed off for another shop but didn’t stay long as we’d said we could come back to it id we had time. I was surprised to see it’s closing it’s doors on 15 th as it’s a major store. Yvonne had wanted the craft store so that’s where we went next and she showed me how to shop. The master is supplanted by the pupil. There was a Mothercare next door with a great offer on a car seat for Roobs but ‘Madam’ wouldn’t let me buy it because she wouldn’t be able to carry it home- remember this.We hit another major store next just to look at gifts really and I decided I’d better take a later bus than intended. Yvonne told me that even as I said it a sweat broke out on my forehead at the thought of the mail piling up. It was alright for her, she was on a day off. Having bought nothing there we went back to the one we’d looked in so we could use the loos and have a drink in the cafe upstairs. This time I settled for a glass of iced lemonade which both Reuben and I enjoyed. I was very quick to answer the demand of “More” as my kneecap was quite close. Eventually it was time to go and catch my bus so they walked me back to my stop, presumably to make sure I left the Country. I was humiliated that the only spending I’d done had been the solitary 50p and tried to hide such a small bag from prying eyes. When my bus came I clambered aboard and with a last wave set off home.

When I got in it didn’t take me long to unpack so I was quickly able to start work.  I did a few messages then sent Yvonne a text to say I was home safely again and thanks for a nice outing. She said she’s only just got back in as they’d gone back and bought the car seat that if you remember she couldn’t get home. She’d got it home. I really did work hard and by 4.00 pm felt I could leave the rest till later so I went and started making a meal to eat while my antiques show was on. I really enjoyed it, braised steak, colcannon potatoes and veg. I enjoyed the programme too and stayed awake till the very end. Once it was over I washed up and sat down to watch the quiz . I didn’t get to see much before sleep took over. I was away with the fairies from about 5.30 pm until 6.25 pm.  I wasn’t interested in the news and came back through again. Obviously things had grown a bit from where I left them.  I just kept plugging away at it until 10.30pm when I broke off to do the blog. I’ve decided that midnight is my cut off point no matter what tonight so I needed the blog out of the way first. It’s 11.20 pm now and as soon as the pictures and music are on I’m back to the mail again.

Not sure who's going to draw first.

Not sure who’s going to draw first.

Ride my see saw.

Ride my see saw.


Well I didn’t quite manage the midnight cut-off last night but at least my fairy godmother  didn’t make me lose a shoe, or even a glass slipper, on the way. No knocks at the door today then. I’m not quite sure what happened in bed either ( get your head out of the gutter you) since I read till 1.00 am then slept right through till 5.48 am without interruption. Maybe Somnos cut me a bit of slack last night or chances are he was off somewhere and left his brothers in charge again. It’s obvious Brother Jake had something to occupy his time because he certainly wasn’t listening when I asked for the Euro lottery last night. I paid my usual visit to the loo then came back and logged on. At 6.00 am I took my antibiotic, it’s the last day today, and carried on my last nights mail before starting today’s at just 6.20 am. I think I’m making good progress.

At 7.00 am it was time for the fish. It’s so light in the mornings now that I could walk through the house without lights but when I reached the kitchen I turned them on to see what I was doing properly. When I turned the tank light on I was half pleased to see that  Stan has moved back to his original corner. He still doesn’t appear on top form though and I can’t seem to tempt him to eat. Of course he may prefer to do that in private.I put some food in and got them moving as I wanted to count the fish as I saw them. There’s never a problem with the plecs, they’re all but indestructable . Little Al and his bronze friends seem to be in good form and were darting about but Big Al, well I think I caught Pepper in the act of making whoopee with Al and they didn’t mind the audience. I won’t know for sure until I see some eggs and I’ll have to study up on those. There’s no sign of the Ancistrus but that means nothing still as hey’re known for burrowing themselves in. I have to look for some tail waving tht tells me it’s been out to eat. I could see both hoplos though I feared one was dead as it was lying in a corner near Stan and being very still I was almost on the point of putting the net in for him whn Big Al barged him which made him move quite quickly out of the way. Very sensible too as you wouldn’t want to be barged twice by Big Al. That left the synodontis and Morecambe and Wise. I only expected to be lucky enough to see one synodontis but they were both out together this morning eating from underneath the bogwood. I only saw Morecambe today again and I’m afraid this weekend’s tank clean is going to leave me with the remnants of Wise somewhere. I know that sometimes I’m going to lose fish to age and maybe disease but it certainly isn’t easy.

With the fish fed, I could now take my meds. Since Dil and Matt are due tonight around teatime, I thought I’d replace that meal with breakfast, so had the pre-food one before taking all the others.Then naturally I had a cigarette for perfect timing and had a small bowl of cereal. I feel no guilt that I used real sugar on it. Once I’d eaten that I used the extra milk in the bowl to take the two post food tablets. That done I was free to wash up, make my coffee and go back to work. I stayed with it until 9.20 am then dressed and paid a visit to Pauline’s for some staples, the food ones not the metal ones. Coming back I saw Gwynneth at her door offering a cup of tea to the gardener. We chatted for a minute about the cold morning and how Spring will be very welcome. I came home unpacked and set to work yet again. I just kept going at it steadily all morning, never rushing but trying hard to keep up to date which meant frequent refreshing. At 11.40 am I decided to give it a rest and concentrate on my lunch. Despite having meat in the fridge I wanted something easy and light so relied on one of my earlier purchases from Pauline’s, the chips in curry sauce. I went through to take my foodie tablet and while I was waiting until it was time to cook, did myself some bread and butter. When I actually put the microwave on I stood watching the fish.Pepper was swimming around with a smirk and amazingly I could see both hoplos and both synodontis at the same time. What I couldn’t see at first was Stan. When I saw him I was really upset. He was swimming to the surface as though to get air just like Laurel had and he didn’t seem too able to remain near the surface. I hadn’t seen him because he was behind a plant. As he sank again the flow of water ffrom the pump pushed him back towards his old corner where he carried on trying but from a position when he was upright. He’s not at all well.

I had my lunch with the TV on but couldn’t tell you what I was watching, or not watching as the case may be. As far as you can adore a fish, I adore Stan, he reminds me of happier times. Well, he reminds me of the first Stan Ju and I had anyway. Which is not to say I don’t care for this Stan in his own right. Mike is due to be bringing a replacement for Laurel tomorrow and I don’t know whether to stop him or just hope I’ve been unlucky. When I looked in on him after lunch he was still breathing and based on a real wish that he’ll recover I don’t want to remove him from the tank and put him to sleep in the freezer. I returned to work. During the nearly and hour and a half away the mail had managed to build up again. Before I started though, I wanted to run some Yahtzee score cards off ready for tonight. With a bit of vavavoom I managed to get 4 stuck to an A4 sheet and print some off. Then thanks to the remnants of Ju’s crafting stuff I was able to guillotine  and trim them. I retained the sheet for the future. Then to work. I know I made a start and thought I was doing well but suddenly at some point I was doing nothing, except maybe snore. It was 4.40 pm before I woke and judging by the mail I’d been gone since at least 3.00 pm. There was nothing I could do, my programme was on and the boys will be here before long.

My programme ended at 5.15 pm and I went through to the kitchen to get a drink. I was just going to look in the tank when I heard an Hellooo, they’d arrived early. I turned the tank light off early and made drinks for Dil and Matt. The sound on my phone meant Lee wasn’t coming. I took the drinks through and they were absorbed in the quiz Pointless so as usual we sat and watched till it was over. As soon as TV was turned off Dil got the table out and I gathered the Yahtzee and the cards. Matt was on his usual form at Yahtzee winning 3 of the 6 hands. Amazingly I won 2 and Dil who actually managed to get 3 Yahtzees in one game, won just the one. In the Nomination Whist I was the runaway winner almost reaching the 200 points and in Chase the Lady, I showed them a clean pair of heels thanks to landing them both with 150 points early on. Thinking I was on a winning streak we started with Crazy 8’s but Dil was in no mood to take prisoners and was the clear winner. We’d timed it well and  just reached a good point for them to leave. I waved them off and noted how cold it was outside. By the time I’d tidied up and washed the pots it was almost time for the last antibiotic. I took that and my evening meds as well then started work. My afternoon sleep had created a huge backlog which my playing time hadn’t helped. At 10.45 pm I started to do the blog so that was out of the way and as soon as I finish (11.35 pm) I’m back to the mail.


After quite a late night, or is that early morning?  I’d hoped for a lie -in today. I can hear the laughter now, echoing round my bedroom as I got up. I’d had my favour yesterday and wasn’t due two in a row. It was 3.43 am and though I was my usual bright eyes and bushy tailed self  I knew I’d suffer later. As us my wont, or rather need, I turned on the bedroom light and made my way to the loo and attempted to keep the noise down by not hitting the water in the bowl. I’m not sure why since I was the only one I could possible wake up and I was supposedly already there. I returned to my room and logged on to my email. Not as many as I expected left from last night but plenty from this morning when ‘The Colonies’ were awake.

Some of the pieces of post took some time to read. That’s not a complaint, indeed they were very interesting and in one case very humorous, but it did slow the work up somewhat. When I checked round the 6.00 am mark I was barely halfway through. I decided to leave the fish and my meds till 7.00 am when I’d feel I was making real progress and wouldn’t mind returning to it afterwards. Actually I think I was looking for reasons not to go near the tank for fear of what I’d find. But at 7.05 am I took the bull by the horns and went. I turned the kitchen light on but left the tank light off while I raided the lid to scan he surface in case Stan was floating there. He wasn’t so I turned the tank light on to the delight of the bronze corys and Little Al. Everyone else behaved with a little decorum as befits the loss of a tankmate. Loss really was the operative word too as I can’t find Stan anywhere. Granted I haven’t searched the plants but the tank is due to be cleaned on Saturday and I don’t want to disturb them twice. Another thing that puzzles me is for days I’ve been saying I can’t find Wise. Morecambe being red and Wise blue. I swear whenever I’ve seen  a Thai fighter it’s been red for about a week. This morning I saw a blue fighter so is it Morecambe I lost, have I been hallucinating over the colour I’ve seen or have I got the wrong names attached to the wrong colour. Hopefully Mike’ memory will be a bit better than mine when he comes. I fed the fish, watched them all fly in to get some, then left them to it.

I took a foodie tablet first this morning so I could have breakfast. Then it was the turn of my sprays and my other tablets. Once I’d smoked a cigarette for timing I put bread in the toaster and made myself a coffee, or rather the machine did it for me. I had my toast and didn’t enjoy a mouthful then took my two after meal torpedoes with my coffee and wandered through to the bedroom to work. There were a few more emails to ass for the nearly an hour I’d been out, I must have spent longer with the fish than I thought. By 9.45 am I’d caught up and turned to my second account which fortunately had only a dozen I needed to see to. The postman came and amongst the junk was a letter from a specialist hospital service saying they wanted to let a specialist screening practitioner take a look at my bowel. Well, I think that’s very sweet but I hardly know them. I know it’a about 2 years ago they found blood from there, as I was the one with the dubious pleasure of sending them samples of something you’d normally be arrested for sending someone. They don’t take no for an answer these people.

Late morning and my eyes were beginning to droop a bit but I persevered until 11.40 m when I stopped for lunch.It was very enjoyable as was the episode of Murder She Wrote that I watched. Surprisingly enough, I was still awake at the end. I washed the pots and came through again. I saw Mike on Skype and told him not to bother bringing a fish as I’m sure Laurel’s death was not related to the shop she came from, I suspect it’s the hardness of my water or something and don’t want to be responsible for another death. I shall be content with what I have. Mike told me he’d be late coming tonight as he’s picking the grandkids up from school and staying with them till their Dad gets home. Unusual as he usually finished after the morning school run. He told me he’s got his new 5 foot tank (I hate him) but isn’t swapping the fish over until next week. By 2.30 pm I was fairly up to date again and went to the lounge intending to allow myself 40 winks. That lasted until I sat down and there was a knock on the door. As cagily as ever I opened it and found my warden there with another one whose face I recognised from the dim and distant. I ushered them inside with a “Quick, the creditors might be around”, and say them in the lounge. My usual warden explained that this was the lady who’d be taking over her patch in April but would no longer be able to call on a Friday and it would have to be the first half of the week. I just asked the original if I’d be able to win all the money back she’s taken from me to catch their reaction and they both laughed. Not a chance seemed to be the answer. The newbie asked if I’d been out at all today, ‘Hello, I’m still in pyjamas and dressing gown’ I just said “No”. So. I’ll be seeing the new one at the beginning of April.

When they left it didn’t seem worthwhile trying to get a kip as I’d be finishing at 4.30 pm for my programme anyway, so I just carried on working and refreshed the mailboxes.  Just before I knocked off for entertainment I had a text from MuJo. I was fully expecting them to see if I am free tomorrow but unfortunately it was to ask if I knew Terry Pratchett had died.  I didn’t and it came as a major shock. I know he had alzheimers but he was only 3 years older than me, still a relatively young man. He was a huge talent and I’m sure was responsible for getting many people reading again. Children to follow the fun and adults to catch the many sharp comments in there. I loved his books and am only missing about 3 that have been borrowed at one time or another.

Terry Pratchett

R.I.P Sir Terry Pratchett 1948-2015

I watched my antiques programme- and stayed awake

I watched the quiz Pointless – and nodded off halfway through until about 6.10 pm. I watched the latter half of another quiz and came back through. I haven’t heard any more from Mike about his ETA  but maybe he’s staying down there for a meal,which makes sense as he’s probably cooking it. There was a fair bit of work to be done so I buckled down to it. Lots to be read of course. Mike strolled in just before 9.00 pm so I broke off from work to make him a coffee and have a little chat about his week. Soon enough I left him to the TV and a serial he’s following and came back through. I managed to get up to date temporarily with the mail and got straight on with the blog so I’m not under pressure after 11.00 pm. I can go back and finish at my leisure then.

Out for a walk

Out for a walk

Stopping to smell the flowers

Stopping to smell the flowers


Well, I managed an early night last night in as much as I turned my light off at 12.30 am instead of 1.00 am. I was tired. I’m starting to get the idea that the small gods have started a Ministry of Sleep somewhere and staffed it with insomniacs who are jealous of the sleeping classes and are trying to Nationalise Sleep as either an industry or a leisure activity. On one side you mustn’t take too much sleep as you need to show solidarity with your brothers in the Ministry and on the other side too much leisure makes you weak so Up the Proletariat ! In the meantime I was up at 4.06 am which means a maximum of three and a half hours and probably a smiley face on my records in the Ministry. It’s my guess that all the small gods will try to modernise by creating their own little Ministries which will each have a Mandarin overseeing them.( They heard of Whitehall Mandarins and thought they’d get the real thing).  They obviously won’t go as far as elections as you don’t want to be too modern too soon do you? But I can see a Ministry of time spent in the loo on the horizon and definitely a Ministry of  fruit/sweet games for phones and tablets as I’m pretty sure they invest heavily in gaming technology.

Anyhoo, risking the wrath of the other Ministry I paid a visit to the loo. How hard it’s going to be to explain that at my age it’s a stop-start process where you may still be having a whiz ten minutes after you thought you’d finished and zipped yourself back in. It’s a game of patience in a morning. Completely sure I was safe I came back and signed on. I got started on mail from last night that took me until 5.50 am . I’d completely forgotten it was a Friday ( let alone Friday 13th) when I decided to carry on and work until 7.00 am. When the time rolled round it was down mouse and off to feed the fish. I couldn’t do a head count as half weren’t showing themselves so I just dropped some food in and hoped for the best. Then I saw a flash of orange and looked round, I’m sure it was Morecambe and yet I’ll swear that recently I’ve seen the blue of Wise just not both at the same time. I wonder if one is now playing both parts to save me yet more heartache. Orange going, blue coming. I moved over to take my meds. That’s when I realised it’s Friday and I was about to take my last dose. The boxes need filling again and a new prescription request need taking in on Monday. It took forever as usual and I didn’t get to make my coffee until 7.45 am.

I started back to work by refreshing my mail box, always one of those actions you know you shouldn’t have taken the moment you take it. I thought as Mike is picking my niece up at the airport tonight he’ll be at his Dad’s longer so I’d let him sleep until 9.00 am. I almost had a heart attack and proved the Ministry of Whiz wrong when the cave man came into my room at 8.40 am under his own steam and without alarms. I went back through to make him a coffee. At 10.00 am I started putting my shoes on to go to Pauline’s and Mike gathered together his  ‘at and coat to head off. We parted ways at the front door. At Pauline’s I bought some micro chips and a box of the chips with curry sauce I enjoy. I bought some sweets and my lottery ticket which if any small gods are listening I have high hopes for for tonight!!!!!!!!  When I cam back of course all was quiet again. I unpacked and started work again. At 11.50 am I stopped intending to have lunch but remembered that the warden would be here today. Should I move the sign that says I’m out? No, I suppose not, she’s a pleasant lady and only has 2 weeks to go now on this round. It was almost speak of the Devil as there was a knock at the door and there she was. The warden I mean, not the Devil. She came in and we had a chat for half an hour which was nice then she left to go elsewhere. I was able to take my foodie tab and get some lunch.  There was a parade in Londinium where Prince Charles was taking the salute with his sons. I watched that for a while until a shortened version of Bargain Hunt came on. I watched than, washed the pots and went back to work at 1.00 pm.By 2.30 pm my eyelids were drooping and I gave in. I fell asleep in my chair in the lounge until 15.55 pm. Kicking myself on the rump proved quite hard but I managed it. There was just time for a half hours work before giving up to watch PYMWYMI final day of the week.

I caught my programme, and the next. Instead of turning over for a quiz I turned for Big Bang Theory and started having a laugh. I’m not sure how long I laughed for but I’m flippin’ sure I didn’t see above half of the thing before being attacked by a  flight of low flying Zzzzzz’s. I reckon I was battling them for an hour before coming out of the haze in the middle of an episode of the soap Hollyoaks. I rapidly turned off before anyone heard the theme tune . It was time to take a shower, yes, the month was up. As soon as I’d finished that and recovered I thought I’d better make up for the extra time I’d pinched by putting a bit of work in. I came through and for the sake of decency put some clothes on and refreshed my post boxes. Ouch!! Still, no use complaining. I just plodded on. There were some very interesting pieces to read though, not least from my friend Kate in Gibraltar who told of a near miss by a British sub and a Spanish boat inside Gibraltar territorial waters. The Spanish Navy wouldn’t have been so quick to try and create an incident if one of their boats ended up on the sea bed. She also had a saucy story to tell about a local and some viagra.

The artist.

The artist.

The work of art

The work of art

About 9.30 pm I nipped to the kitchen to make sure there was water in the kettle for Mike’s drink when he gets in. I think Lisa’s plane is due in about 7.30 pm and they expect to be half an hour or so deplaning. The airport is perhaps an hour or so away from where she’s going which is in turn about half an our away from here, so given his driving he should have been here quarter of an hour ago. Of course he might not be using the DeLaurean today in which case I’ll see him when I see him..        He arrived back at 9.45 pm so I broke off from everything again to make a drink and then to sit and listen to his day as he asked about mine. It was about 10.30 pm when I remembered I still hadn’t finished and came back to get rid of some more though at 11.00 pm I had to stop that too in order to do the blog. It’s nigh on midnight now and I think the rest of the post will have to wait till morning.


I had major problems getting to sleep last night. I’d turned the light out at 1.00 pm but I couldn’t find a comfortable position nor a really cool spot for my foot at the edge of the bed. Evan hanging the leg out didn’t work. At some point I did nod off only to wake up at 1.55 am.  In despair I went to my chair in the lounge and tried. From what I heard this morning, Mike got up at 2.15 am after dreaming about a bear roaring and then actually waking up after realising he really had heard a bear roar. In an act of bravery and to save my life ( he tells me) he ventured through to the lounge and found I was the source of the growling. Lying in my chair , mouth wide open, scaring the sheep home. Relieved , he went back to bed and to sleep. I woke up at 2.37 am and that was it. As a certain character at Warner Bros. would say, “That’s all Folks.”

I came back through to the bedroom bypassing the toilet as my bladder hadn’t had chance to get the urge yet. I logged onto the computer and checked my lottery tickets from lat night, 2 winners gasp, £2.30 and £5. The private jet would likely be waiting another week then. I carried on to my mailbox managing to avoid the impulse to commit suppuku. There was plenty there to keep me going. By 6.30 am I was in the clear and yawning went through to the kitchen to see to the fish. I’m not sure I can be civil about them any more what with the sexual antics of Big Al and Pepper working their way through the Karma Sutra and Little Al seems to be eyeing up the bronze corys. I’m getting flashed of red or flashes of blue leaving me wondering if my eyes are playing tricks and unsure whether Morecambe and Wise or Morecambe or Wise survive. I’m seeing the synodontis out in the open behaving like upside down catfish chomping on the algae on the bog wood but at least I don’t have to worry about the hoplos or any of the plecs. The ancistrus is a real mystery since I’m never sure whether it’s alive or dead and buried since burying itself is what it does best which to be fair saves on funeral expenses. Sometimes though there’s a flash of tail which might just be a synodontis or is it……….?

Once they were happy I moved away and took my meds followed by making myself a coffee. There was no time to bring it back to the bedroom as it was almost time for Mike’s alarm. That’s all I needed. I put the kettle on. His Alarm went off at 7.00 am and the kettle boiled moments later so I took a coffee through and Called him gently by yelling his COFFEE WAS THERE, ON THE SIDE, JUST HERE BRO, DON’T LET IT GET COLD. I got the usual Neanderthal acknowledgements. I then took my coffee through and started to get dressed. At quarter past the Alarm went off a second time and was turned off a second time. Allowing a couple more minutes I went to the bedroom door and Called again, “DON’T FORGET YOUR COFFEE, IT’S GOING COLD”. I finished putting my shoes on and drinking my coffee and as I was about to go through I heard Mike make his way to the lounge. It was a miraculous 2 A, 2 C day. He even had the brass neck to suggest I’d have something to report to you tonight now as though it was something he’s won an award for.

While Mike drank his coffee I set about emptying bins and taking them outside along with the recycling bags. I wasn’t putting the new paper recycling bag out until I’d bought a thick black marker pen to put my address on or as Mike suggested some stick on numbers. Once done I washed my hands and came to sit down with Mike for a few minutes. I knew if I stared at him long enough he’d go and get dressed. He did.  We must have left at near enough 8.00 am as it was a quarter past when we drew into the supermarket car park. I went to the cash machine and then posted a birthday card before we went in. The first job was to select some flowers for Ju and this week I chose some tulips and some flag Iris. At home the pink carnations recently mentioned to Yvonne by a masseuse in a startling message from Ju were still doing well while all about them died. After that we whizzed round and got the food I needed in record time as we were both very dry. Mike warned the woman on the till to speak quietly to me if the bill was over £20 as I scare easy. She laughed and took great delight in whispering £57 as I staggered and asked if I”d get change from a £10 note. A coffee was next on the bill.

From there we went to Flint to get a few items before heading into Temptations to see Ceri and Kyle. We had the usual. They were really busy this morning so there wasn’t too great a chance to talk and surprisingly the owners Julie and her husband were there. They’d just returned from a month away on tour with the boys Richard and Adam. Having known Adam for a while she was telling me all about the new album they’re doing next year for Mother’s  Day and some new appearances this year including a mini Welsh Tour. They obviously have a great following here. As we left there I suggested w walk to one last shop as for a couple of says I’d had images of Mike getting a particular type of jacket he’s always loved. Oddly enough they didn’t have it but they did have just the jacket he needed to take on holiday with him to Canada which was down from over £100 all the way to £12 today. We shot off then to Holywell to a jeweller’s to get a battery put in his watch which has been stopping all morning, but only when he wears it. That done we went to lunch.

The Ivy was really busy and it was a case of shouting hello to staff as they shot past serving people. We managed to find a seat- not ours and settle down. I took chocolates to the counter and young Rob asked if we wanted the usual. He started making them. I popped to the loo and the drinks were being delivered as I came out. That meant I could take my pre-food tablet and decide what to eat. Mike settled on a fishburger in a bun while I had double bacon sandwiches, in a near aberration I almost ordered an omelette. Having given Angie the order Mike and I stepped out for a cigarette. Back inside we say Tariq and got a swift hug, Shella and got a quick hello and even Shirley who said Hi in passing. There were also other regulars in who nodded or spoke as they went past. Lunch over we didn’t hang about but headed for home.

Once the shopping was unpacked and away I asked Mike to nip to Bert’s for me and collect a parcel the postman had left. When he got back I asked him to open it. He revealed a brown leather jacket in an antiqued style. “That’s nice” he said. I got him to try it on.Sleeves a bit long but turned up they were fine. I think he twigged I’d ordered it for him at that point. It was a lot better than playing about passing a £20 note back and forth between us each saying we didn’t want it. He left it behind last week so I went at it a different way. Coat off, sleeves rolled up we set to cleaning the fish tank. One of the first things to turn up was the body of poor Stan, a bit nibbled round the edges. I was really sad. On a slightly bright side Mike swore he saw both Morecambe and Wise once the plants were disturbed. For the first time he also got to see one of the synodontis. With sponge changes, water changes and cleaning the glass it all took an age. It was 4.00 pm before I was able to come and start the mail. I had 173 in the gmail account but more than that in the normal one though some would be duplicated. I was allowed to work until 6.00 pm then went to sit with Mike. At some stage after tea I fell asleep and it was small periods of wakefulness until 8.30 pm when I came back through.

It’s been a long day and it seems to have been a long evening too. Work, work, work. What a life.

Mother's Day flowers for Ju from Yvonne

Mother’s Day flowers for Ju from Yvonne

Mother's day flowers for Ju from Yvonne

Mother’s day flowers for Ju from Yvonne

The Intelligensia


I wish you all a Wonderful New Week. Love n’ Hugs.


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68 responses to “Laurel Goes, Stan Follows

  1. It was a long serial and still I don’t know if if it is Morcambe or Wise, or Morcambe and Wise……….I’m hoping it’s the two of them – somehow one without the other would never seem right. I’m sorry about Laurel and Stan, perhaps do you think, it may not have been such a good idea to split the name between two fish?
    I am so touched by your daughter still sending her mum her mother’s day flowers – that is really special! And of course the beautiful Reuben – what an angelic looking child, and with such a good kicking foot!

    Have a good week David – I hope Spring is with you soon!

    • It seems my little hide and seek artists Morecambe and Wise are both doing well but just enjoy teasing me. The reason I split the name was Stan was most definately a Stan but everyone else wanted to call laurel- Ollie as in Oliver Hardy. Se’He was not big enough for that and also looked female to m so I thought Laurel is a girl’s name so why not. The names go together but I didn’t want the fish to go together.
      The big clean up should have solved any problems but I’m not ready o chance it yet.
      It is touching that Yvonne still gets her Ma flowers and I love the gesture. I still buy Ju fresh flowers every week.
      Angelic and Reuben don’t go together. Devilish is closer. He’s going to have a hammer toe if he keeps kicking me.
      I do think Spring is on the way…
      xxx Sending Massive Hugs to you xxx

  2. What an interesting and mind-engaging fish tank you maintain there, David – it’s all in the mind: from Morecambe & Wise giggly moments to acrobatics of Kama Sutra and much more…wondering who or what nibbled on Stan’s body 😦 You have a good week, too

    • The tank is surreal on occasion Ina. I swear Morecambe and Wise knew just what they were doing nor appearing together this week. Having me in panic mode is good. I think probably all of them had a nibble at poor Stan but those two were hiding in the right place at the right time all week.
      Thanks, my week will be great as I hope your is.
      xxx Humongous Hugs xxx

  3. Thanks David, have a great week.

  4. Reuben is the star this week and the orange hued sunshine pic in particular, which is great as my eyes were quiet shiny looking at the beautiful Mothers Day flowers.

  5. What an emotional week in the tank! Hope things settle down and that the big clean fixes any issues. On a positive note, young Reuben is more gorgeous each week – I bet it’s his Grandad’s charm that lights up those pictures. Bises xxx

    • It’s been awful with the tank but I’m sure the big clean has resolved issues. I’m just not ready to risk another life in there yet.
      Roobs gets better every day, much better for him if he relies on his own charm than his granddads limited efforts.
      xxx Humongous Hugs to you xxx

  6. You did it again – A German group and a Eurovision band, too. You are hired, Sir. And that Nazareth song is fantastic, too.
    I, too, feel very sad about Terry Pratchet. What a week it’s been. Happy Sunday David!

  7. I agree with MELewis that Reuben must’ve inherited granddad’d charm. 🙂
    I’m sorry David– you’re having such rotten luck with the fish. It’s blasted sad.
    Thanks for the Three Dog Night song. You must have been a radio DJ in a past life or parallel universe. I was delighted to see my request playing.
    While every other little girl was screaming shrilly for David Cassidy, (you know i couldn’t bear to be like them) i fell in love with Chuck Negron! LOL. Yes i was a strange kid — explains why i’m so strange now.
    Sending you sunshine super hugs for a new week. ❤ 😀

    • Flattery will get you anywhere. Ah well, at least I’m back where I was and these fish are healthy and happy. I’m just sorry to have killed off such beautiful creatures.
      You’re welcome to Three Dog Night. Given the option between Davis Cassidy and them, you made the right choice.
      You’re not strange though you may be different and that’s to be applauded.
      Thank you for my Jugs, I send you Hugs Galore in return and hope you have a Wonderful week. xxxxxxxx

  8. So sorry to hear about Stan and Laurel. I kept hoping for a happy ending too but I guess sometimes you just have to settle for an ending. -hugs-

  9. carolewyer

    Also sad to hear about Stan and Laurel. I shall send you an extra special hug this weekend and hope it helps. XXMASSIVE HUGXX

  10. Sad about the losses too. I was thinking how much Reuben has grown since I met him at your blog. Amazing! Beautiful flowers and very touching gesture. And great songs. I hope the lottery wins get much bigger…Have a lovely week.

    • Thanks so much Olga. Oh yes, he’s grown. I saw him today running loose and was amazed at how tall he is.
      The flowers are beautiful and the gesture touching.She’s very sensitive to things like that. Thank you again, I promise if I won the jackpot I wouldn’t keep it to myself, the more it is the further it goes.
      I wish you a Wonderful Week and send Ginormous Hugs to you.xxxxxxxx

  11. ‘You are my sunshine!’ AND, our cat George not fond of lights either… Quite a painter you have… I must say, your are so consistently thorough! – and entertaining! All the best, Sir David.

  12. I am still laughing at the whole Welshman in Chester ruling. God, how I love English law!
    But even a good giggle has not erased the sadness of hearing the news of two more precious companions. I’m so sorry, David. I’m sure that a good spring cleaning of the tank will do a world of good.
    And good heavens, your daughter is more thoughtful than words can express. We should all be so lucky to have one like her given to one like us.
    I wish you a week of peace and rest, and a thousand more beautiful moments with Reuben. Gobble that little guy up.
    Big hugs from the Blue Ridge. xoxo

    • I can assure you it’s no laughing matter unless you’ve got great running shoes. I seem to recall the U.S. has some of it’s very own gems when it comes to laws, I seem to remember Mass. featuring quite prominently the last list I saw.’ It’s illegal to wear a goatee without a license??? Have a laugh with me.xx
      I am sad at losing two beautiful fish but more annoyed that I may be the cause of this. The big Spring clean of the tank is over and it looks great but I’m not taking any chances just yet.
      Yvonne is a gem and I love her dearly, but for a fee………. I’ll even throw Reuben in but only if you promise to insure your own knee caps, I accept no responsibility.
      xxx Massive Hugs from Wales xxx

  13. I had a £25 lottery win on Saturday night as well, David. Maybe the sign of things to come? I hope so, as I was once told by a fortune teller that I’d win the lottery. Problem is, she never told me how much I would win.

    Lovely photos you have your post. Enough to brighten up any dull Monday morning weather wise.

    When I saw your Brotherhood of Man clip, I thought it was the Brotherhood of Man, Eurovision Song Contest version. Then I saw it was in black and white and thought, it couldn’t be. You reminded me that it’s not too long until the contest now.

    Have a great week.

    • Well done Hugh. £25 is nice. Just so we don’t get confused, I’ll win one lottery and you the other OK? Clever fortune teller who can claim her prediction is accurate now.
      Thank you, the photo are usually nice enough to share.
      If I remember rightly Brotherhood of man were the same people as White Plains were the same people as Edison Lighthouse. Sue and Sunny were the backing singers and Sunny had her own hit record.
      No, it won’t be long before the next contest. I have no idea who is performing for the UK this time.

      I hope you have a wonderful week.

  14. 🙂 Great week. Loved your ‘patter of tiny feet’ and the ‘small gods who started a sleep ministry’. Very funny. I guess your feeling better? Take care. Many hugs for your week. 🙂

    • Thanks so much Maggie. It’s nice to know you enjoyed some of my tomfoolery and I made you smile. I think it depends on your definition of feeling better.
      Lovely to see you here.
      xxx Sending Massive Hugs xxx

  15. Ministry of Sleep eh? Maybe they’re trying to backdate my allowance, or something, becauset I’m wide awake at three, and then at seven when I should get up my eyelids are firmly glued together. Sorry to hear about your fish.

    • Hi Elaine, sounds like we have a similar problem. One thing I found early on is that the small gods have got the hang of ministeries, like the tax lot here they’re good at collecting it in but pretty slapdash at giving any out if it’s owed.You’re OK if you’re a multinational as they don’t touch your sleep at all.
      Thank you. I don’t think the situation is getting any better.
      xxx Huge Hugs xxx

      • I’m not sure I’ve got to multinational status yet… maybe that’s the answer. If we take out lots of different citizenships, it’ll tire us out so much we’ll sleep right through xx

      • Ha Ha, it may be worth trying though I get the idea I’d probably be classed as an illegal alien and kept awake to answer questions.
        xxx Hug Hugs xxx

  16. Thanks for the Reuben pics, David. They really brighten up my day. It’s good to remember how magical small children are when you’re plagued with the large version.

  17. Reuben is adorable! Sorry about Stan and Laurel. Maybe if you’d named them Hardy and Laurel they would have stuck it out, the originals being such dedicated friends. I hope your remaining fishy friends stay in excellent health–and you, too! Question: what is a warden? Here in the U.S., it’s someone who runs a jail (translation: gaol). You seem to be able to move around freely, so why does a warden call on you?

    • Reuben is a little gem as long as he’s further away than his leg can reach.
      Thank you, yes, I could have gone with Laurel and Hardy but Stan was names after a fish we used to have some years ago who looked like Stan Laurel. I wasn’t sure I’d have another.
      I’m afraid whatever the plague is, it isn’t over yet but I’m sure some will be OK.
      A warden runs a gaol here too.They let me out for good behaviour.
      These wardens look after small communities of people in social housing the elderly, the vulnerable etc.I qualify on all counts. Actually she calls in to make sure I’m OK, not falling or anything , my alarm is working etc. And most of all I think she calls for her chocolates.

      • How civilized (civilised)! We have no such system here to look after the elderly or vulnerable. Do you remember (I think it was a Brit) who said something like “the worth of a society may be judged on how well it treats its most vulnerable citizens”? By that standard, the US is poor stuff indeed.

      • I believe that particular quote may have been by Gandhi though there have been many similar ones including, “The moral test of a government is how it treats those who are at the dawn of life, the children; those who are in the twilight of life, the aged; and those who are in the shadow of life, the sick and the needy, and the handicapped.” – Hubert Humphrey. It does seem to be a good test and I’m surprised the U.S. falls down on such a thing.
        xxx Cwtch xxx

      • Dear Lord D, you are not nearly as surprised as we are.

  18. laurie27wsmith

    I nearly died when I went back to England in 2002. I took the train from Manchester to Barrow and it cost 50 quid. A similar journey here would cost about $15.00. Rueben’s not silly, he knew you had the bacon sandwich, naughty granddad. There’s nothing like listening to what seems to be a horse peeing in the toilet at night David. Then again I miss it a lot so it’s not too distracting. 🙂 Two years is a long time to wait to see a specialist after blood is found in a bowel screen. I hope all goes well when you finally get to see him. Crikey David you would have nearly wet yourself to see Mike walk in like that. It’s sad that once again you didn’t win the lottery, although a few quid is better than nothing. Plus dead fish make for a depressing time. I won $6,666.66 about 15 years ago. It was the super sixty six prize on the weekly lotto, a second dividend. The only downer was the following week they decided to spread the excess money out because the main prize hadn’t been won. They paid out $35,000.00. I was a little sad but still very grateful. Another great week David, loved the pictures of Rueben, as usual. Oh and thanks for the music.

    • I haven’t been on the train for many years for that very reason Laurie. I had to take a train from Flint to Colwyn Bay some years ago to get home It’s 23 miles and I was charged £14. I know the bus journey takes a lot longer but the return ticket was less than a fiver.
      To be fair I didn’t have to wait two years, it was very quick for them to offer tests but Ju was ill at the time and I said thanks but no thanks. This is another offer from them as they’re tenacious. I’m still not interested.
      I think I did wet myself when Mike walked in but he didn’t notice the steam so I kept quiet.
      Yes, a shame about the lottery but I’ll try again, you never know. Maybe I’ll turn up to see your Roos one day. That was a nice little win you had but an awful shame it wasn’t a week later.
      Thanks a lot Laurie, I’m glad you liked the pics of the little man and enjoyed the music too.
      All the best,

      • laurie27wsmith

        When I received my test kit in the mail I did the business and sent it back, then received an all clear. Lorelle received a test kit a couple of months later and dropped it in the fruit basket in the kitchen. I never said anything until one day I looked at it, got a terrible feeling and said, “I’ve never played the emotional blackmail game with you before. Now how about you do this test, for me.” She just smiled at me. A few days later I asked again and said, “Look, believe me it will be in your best interest to do it, now.” So she huffed, sighed and did the test. Naturally it came back positive. She had the colonoscopy and they found a cancerous polyp. I performed a healing on her every day until the op. A few days after they removed it the surgeon spoke with her and said that they’d never had such a good result with the surgery before and she didn’t need chemo or radiation. So I guess it was better news than any lotto win and she’s very happy she finally followed through with it. I know many people who won’t do the test for one reason or another. The only reason I pushed her is because I love her.
        Take care David.

      • There’s no better reason to have pushed her Laurie.I’m so glad with your help she was able to put the problem behind her ( no pun intended). It must have been a great relief to her not to need chemo or radiation.I’m 99% sure the positivity on my test is from a haemorrhoid so I’ll take a 1% risk so I don’t have to go to any strangers.
        Hugs mate.

      • laurie27wsmith

        I’m glad I did David, she means the world to me. Piles eh? Been there, done that not a good thing Mate. Got mine at 17 from wet leather seats in a Saladin armoured car. 😦

      • laurie27wsmith


  19. It’s a shame about the fish, David. At least your tank’s all cleaned out now. Maybe that will help. Cute pictures of the baby. Beautiful flowers. When you choose music next time, I’m putting in a request for anything by the Beach Boys. Have a great week. Huge Hugs. 🙂

    • Hi Suzanne, I’m hoping a clan tank will solve some problems though it doesn’t look like it yet. Roobs is a photogenic little fella and yes the flowers were beautiful, Yvonne has good taste.
      You got it, the Beach Boys it shall be.
      xxx Massive Hugs xxx

  20. Such beautiful flowers for your Ju David – it’s heartwarming to see the love your family have for each other. Poor you losing your lovely Stan and Laurel – little fishies have much quicker lives I suppose. Here’s to onward and forward and much happier fishy escapades – sounds like you’re about to be a fishy grandad too. 😀 I was wondering. Do you speak pucker Welsh? I was watching a Come Dine With Me in Wales and they had the most incredibly gorgeous Welsh choir – what a lovely language – beautiful place too. LOTS of HUGS and LOVE to you, and fishy angels in your tank. MWAH! XXXXXX ❤

  21. I’d better not be a fishy grandad, I had ‘THE TALK’ with all my fish. Anyway, many lay eggs and there’s nothing more mine like than eggs for breakfast.
    Sadly I’m not fluent in Welsh as I wasn’t here to take it in school and worked away too often to take a course. Though I have been back a long time now.
    The language is beautiful, the songs are beautiful and of course the choirs are beautiful too.It goes without saying my Country is also beautiful and you’d be welcome here at any time.
    xxx Massive Hugs to you xxx

  22. Sorry to hear about Stan and Laurel. It sounds like they were living the charmed life with you as their owner.
    Reuben is getting cuter by the week! I especially love the pic of him smelling the purple azaleas. Brings back memories because we had azalea bushes in my backyard growing up,
    I’ve been wondering..what is a bap?
    Really enjoyed the music selections this week. I remember listening to 3 Dog Night with my brother when I was little. And another flashback to the 70’s with Love Hurts.
    Happy you had some lottery winnings. Yesterday a woman was the only winner in the $130 million lottery – she decided to take a lump sum of (after taxes) $80 million! What made me laugh is here is this woman on tv, announcing her full name and where she lives. If I ever win that much $, the last thing I’d want is my face and name splashed all over the news…
    Here’s to a terrific week. Hugs Maryjane

    • Currently I feel as though I murdered them as I can’t find a reason for their or any other deaths.Unless one of them brought a disease in.
      I like that picture of Reuben too. When he smells it’s like he’s trying to inhale it.
      Sorry, I’ll have to see if this is in my Blog Cast List- it wasn’t so I’ve added it.A bap is a soft bread roll just begging o have bacon on it.
      I’m always glad when someone likes the music choices.3 Dog Night was a request but I would have chosen it.
      The big difference in our lottery systems is that if you win a biggie and elect to take a lump sum, you get it all- tax free. But, like you I wouldn’t be having my name and address up there for fear of begging letters and unwanted visitors. I like to choose who I donate to.
      Thanks Maryjane, I hope you have a wonderful rest of the week and a fantastic weekend.
      xxx Massive Hugs xxx

  23. I’m listening to the Commodores as I write this. Nice. 🙂 Do you have azaleas blooming already, David? At least I think those with that adorable Reuben are azaleas. Either way, they are gorgeous. Just popped in to say hi and hope you are feeling fine. ((HUGS))

    • How funny, I’d just put the Commodores on last nights blog. I think they are azaleas too Elizabeth and the answer is yes. There’s a large and beautiful park near to where they live in Chester that just seems to be thinking Spring came early this year.
      Lovely to have you pop in. I’m fine thanks though I still feel like an undertaker after all the fish corpses I’ve been dealing with.Not a lot left now.
      I hope I find you well on this Official First Day of Spring lovely Lady.
      Sending Huge Hugs xxxxxxxxxxxx

  24. I know this is late, David, but I often read your posts from my I-phone which seems to have a glitch in it not wanting to let me leave comments! Anyway, lovely posts, each and every one. I can hardly believe the way you write about your day(s), the elements that would fall behind in my own. So interesting to me, visualizing the English life through your writer’s perfect pen. Each and every post is filled with surprises of life, love and family. I so enjoy your choices of music, David and the treasured pictures you share together with your darling grandson, Rueben! Although, I see that I’m going to have to ‘fight’ Teagan off with a stick!!! 🙂 However, I do worry about you taking care of yourself. You seem to be working far too many hours, often not getting enough rest! We’ll always be here for you no matter what, so give yourself permission to take a break. An afternoon nap or an unplanned cup of tea near a sunlit window space. Hugs on behalf of all of us here at WordPress, David. We love you! XXXOOOO

    • Damn, I swear there must be a draught around here affecting my eyes. What a wonderful comment Darling Kim. I promise you a little loving goes a long way with me.. I promise you the hours don’t matter, I’m happy for a short life as long as it’s merry.
      I’m so glad my music finds a home with you though of course the choices aren’t all mine. I’m shipping Reuben off as we speak. My kneecaps might recover now.
      Sending Much Love and Humongous Hugs to you,

      • My phone will let me ‘comment’ on comments, but not on your blog! Crazy! Anyway, delicious tales you write of daily life adventures! How sad to see Reuben depart, and yet I know from experience what a ‘relief’ it will be to relax a bit. He is such a cherubic doll, David! I would kiss his cheeks till the pink fell off! I will try to believe that “hours don’t matter,” but I do hope to read a post or two where you surprise me with words that you’ve turned in before dawn on occasion. Loving you back plus more! ❤️

      • Sending you Massive Hugs Kim. You always write so sweetly you make me forget what an awful world we live in for a while. If love can fly, believe mine is winging it’s way over to you now.

      • Awwww, much love to you, David.

  25. The ups and downs of your week make great reading, David. But I’m hoping for ever more good tidings….
    xxx Gigantic Hugs xxx

  26. Hope this makes you feel better or at least have a few laughs.
    Laurel and Hardy Dance To The Gap Band

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