Mother for a Day & The Death Count Rises.

Sunday March 15th 2015

I was given a treat today ( Mother’s Day?). It was 5.02 am before I got up so a possible four hours sleep. I was ungratefully grateful though as I felt I could have been given more since Mike will get his lie in and I can work undisturbed a bit later when he’s on his way home.  Still we must accept what we’re given I suppose. Heck, that sounds churlish now. I got on with answering mail until 7.00 am when I needed to feed the fish. I made the mistake of putting a suggestion box nearby recently and someone suggested moving the tank to my bedroom so I don’t have to come out to feed them. I’d have let that go if another whose finwriting I don’t recognise hadn’t suggested removing my bed since I don’t make proper use of it anyway. It seems I could manage to get the tank and my chair from the lounge in here. I removed the suggestion box. Now I’ve given it a little thought though…………..

There seemed to be one solitary bronze cory swimming about when I turned the tank light on and yet it was daylight outside. I think I could get quite peeved at them having a lie-in after the trouble I’ve had from Big Al in the past if I’ve been a couple of minutes late. I suppose they could just have been playing hide and seek though as they started appearing as I opened the serving hatch. I dropped some food in and left them to it., my painkillers were waiting with my other meds. I took everything and made a coffee to take back with me. It wasn’t too long before I found I was up to date. I took my mug through to the kitchen for washing later and settled myself in my chair to relax. I think I was hoping to relax into Zzzz’s but I taped my chin up first so there were no more bear growls to disturb Sleeping Beauty. As it happened, Sleeping Beauty nearly gave me a heart attack when he walked in at 8.35 am and he hadn’t even wet the bed. I couldn’t get over it. I never see him at that time on a Sunday even when I’m trying to get him up to go to a car boot sale. On very shaky legs, I got up and made him a coffee.

We nattered for a while and then I put Frazier on TV. We weren’t due to be out at lunch until 12.15 pm so there was plenty of time. At half past ten I asked if Mike would fancy a detour on the way and he said “Fine, where to”? I just needed a couple of things from a shop.We left at about 10.45 am and were in Prestatyn by about 11.15 am. It didn’t take too long to pick up a few little things for Reuben as I was taking gifts for my nieces as well as Yvonne and Ugo. By the time we came out we needed to head straight off. We knew the best route to take to avoid some road works and though slightly longer we weren’t far out on our arrival time. We did have to tour the carpark twice though before settling on parking in the road. As we got out of the car and collected our baggage we could see Karen at the door of the pub holding Reuben who pointed excitedly when he saw me and croaked “Pops”. As we crossed the road he recognised Mike and gave a cheer, Mike dropped his hat on Reuben’s head which pleased him no end. I got a kiss and we went in. Glad to be rid of them I handed the gifts out and Yvonne passed Reuben one of his books which he started to read. Not for long though as there was too much activity around him. My great nephew Taylor was there as well apparently nursing a hangover of some proportions. I started to feel, like the honorary Mother of the Day with so many families celebrating Mothers Day today.

We were seated in the dining room and attentive staff came round to take our orders. I was just going to have the main so had to suffer watching everyone eat before me. It was worth waiting for though. For anyone in the Old Colwyn area of North Wales- The Plough is great..As we were getting through the main, Taylor couldn’t eat any more and was a bit green about the gills so I gained some potatoes and some roast beef.. Not being as piggy as some of my relatives I didn’t have a pudding despite being told Chocolate Fudge Cake was on the menu for my benefit.After we’d finished we moved to another area to sit and chat for an age. Eventually it was time for goodbyes though. We waved everyone off and then set off ourselves. I felt sorry for Mike, in a few hours he’d have to come back in this direction to collect his daughter and grandchildren and taken them down to the Midlands.First though he was going to watch his beloved Manchester United play while I tried to get on with some work. He almost woke me a couple of times when they scored. He left just before 6.00 am and I went through to get some tea and watch an hour’s TV, It turned into two hours and it was 8.00 pm before I got back in here. I haven’t been able to move since. It’s now 11.30 pm and there’s still a way to go. MuJo are coming through tomorrow so I daren’t leave too much.


I can’t really say the day started well as at 4.04 am the day hadn’t really started at all. Three hours or less sleep is going to be difficult today without the opportunity of a power nap. I got up and went to the loo then came back and replaced the bulb in my overhead light that decided to blow the minute I tried to turn it on. The computer was turned on and I logged into the first of my mail boxes. By 6.00 am the remainder of last night’s post was done and I was ready to start today’s. I did a quick run through to see what could be deleted as that always made it look so much less. The con-men mut have just returned from their late Winter breaks as I had 3 messages purporting to be from banks warning me of problems on accounts I don’t have, that were going to be suspended unless I provided full details of how to clear my non-existent accounts of all funds to the rip-off merchants. There was also one from the Tax Office regarding my tax refund that required full details of my bank account for payment to be forwarded. I must say, I’m crossing my fingers big time for a tax rebate this year ( and soon) but don’t intend to do it this way. I think I’ll be happy just to bank a cheque. I’m more in favour of putting money into my account than giving some thieving toerag the opportunity to take it out.

I broke off from the mail at 6.30 am as I needed a break after a particularly long message. Feeding the fish seemed to fit the bill. I’m sure Friday 13th has been told that it needs a break from routine and has decided to move itself to a Monday – THIS Monday- for a change. I turned the main kitchen light on then moved over and turned on the light to the tank. Instead of a hive of activity I got nothing. I started scanning the tank inch by inch until suddenly I saw some movement. It was one of my synodontis doing the dance of death in the air bubbles at the top of the tank. I checked to make sure it was dead and not just trying the backstroke before removing it. Big Al came out and moved to a corner. Little Al came out and moved to a different corner. One of the hoplos eventually came out and settled in the front corner and proceeded to lie there looking dead. I was starting to make myself bald at this point when I saw the two bronze corys move across my vision. A dart of orangey red told me Morecambe was still with me even if he didn’t want to put in an appearance at my voice, maybe the pitch was too high with panic. Moments later Morecambe headbutted Wise into the open. I could see one of the plecs attached to the pump box but to be honest I wasn’t too worried about the plecs as they’re virtually indestructible. I waited and waited. Pepper appeared. I lifted the lid again to check but the second synodontis, the second hoplo and the ancistrus are at best, all in hiding. The only new things in the tank have been the pictus which may have been ill, the plants which should have been OK and a barrel Mike brought which was scalded before being allowed in. The barrel only went in on Saturday though. What is going on?

I took my meds and made a drink to bring through. Concentrating on the mail had been hard as I couldn’t get the fish out of my mind. It has at least helped me make a decision that I won’t be getting another tank. Anyone considering putting 10c in my paypal account ( so that’s none of you then) can reconsider now. I just tried to distract myself via work. Unsure of what time MuJo would arrive I got dressed at 9.00 am and then took a walk to the chemist to deliver my new prescription request. I was back for 9.20 am in time to have a word with my friend Darren the postman. He had nothing important for me today. I told him not to start planning on donning his shorts anytime soon with the forecast being for Siberian frosts this week. Blimey it’s bad enough with the rain. I came back in and started having a quick tidy round. It was about 10.20 am when they arrived and I’d spent the intervening time looking at the fish tank. There was some good news in that the second hoplo appeared. I made drinks and we gassed about our respective week last week, and future plans. Eventually I asked John to come take a look at some of the leather jacket’s I’d saved on ebay, most of which I’d lost with not seeing him last week and I got a better idea of what style he wanted and also a better idea of the size. It’s more than I was led to believe last week. They told me they’d finally got the four poster bed they wanted last week and today we were going to look at some material to frame it. A nice brocade I hope so it’s in keeping.

We went to lunch. It was The Bells of St Mary’s today. We were lucky to arrive at 11.55 am before it got too crowded so were able to order our drinks (lime and lemonade for me) and then get in the very short queue for our meals. Naturally I had the roast beef, a Yorkshire pud, whole onions in onion gravy, cabbage, carrots, roast and mashed pots. Somehow John managed to find room for chips on his as well. It was a lovely meal. It was well gone 1.00 p.m when we left and headed towards home and a place called Abakhan which sells a variety of materials, craft stuffs etc,, etc. We were there a long time and though they both found materials they liked it was a case of the other didn’t. After my next birthday we left to pop in at another place that gave me feelings of deja vu.  I knew we were going to Flint for a coffee at Temptations so I suggested we called into a shop that sells curtains and see if there were any they both liked that were already made up that might do the job. We arrived and I sent them for coffee while I picked up some chocolates for the girls. I joined them in there and handed over a tin of Vinnie’s biskwits I’d found and gave Ceri the chocolates for the staff. After there we took a walk over to the shop with the curtains and lo and behold they found some they liked. They needed three pairs and that’s just what there were left. The whole lot came to less than a third of the price of having some made. We had chance to look round a couple more shops as well but there is definitely something wrong, I spent nothing. Flint will go bankrupt.

We headed for home where they had time for another drink before having to start their journey home. It was almost 4.30 pm so I was expecting to go straight to watch my TV programme. Shock, Horror, it had not only changed time to 5.15 pm it had also changed channels. I had half an hour on the computer, made a sandwich for tea and then settled down with the remote. I watched that till 6.00 pm and then gave myself a treat with a half hour quiz afterwards. Then I could hide no longer. I washed the pots , took a look at the fish and found poor Morecambe in a terrible mess. He’s lost most of his wonderful colour and doesn’t seem able to fight the current. I doubt he’ll survive the night. This is a bummer. John had wondered earlier if the water was over oxygenated so I’ll have to look that up. Maybe the flow of water is just too strong for them too. Some fish like a fast flow, some don’t. I came back to work very sad.And here I’ve been ever since despite wanting to get an early night- correction- being ordered to get an early night.

Ooh Look, Toys

Ooh Look, Toys

I'll direct the choir.

I’ll direct the choir.


T’was 4.50 am this morning and at least the time was creeping in the right direction compared to yesterday, but still shy of 4 hours. I’m pretty sure thinking back that I woke up flailing this morning. It’s possible I was mid dream which would mean something disturbed me. Of course it could have been the dream itself. I told Mike the other day I’d had a strange dream of a pure white kitten playing around my feet, perhaps the little beggar sank it’s claws in.                                                                                 I paid a visit to ‘Tinkle Valley’ and then turned the computer on. There was a large backlog to think about. I got stuck in and started making inroads into the waiting mail. I broke off at 7.00 am to go feed my fish. I wish I hadn’t. The tank looked like a ghost town. The only fish in sight, one of the hoplos, was lying in the front corner looking distinctly dead. I tapped on the glass to no effect and I sat on my haunches and stared for ages looking for the movement of a gill or anything. That in itself was a huge mistake as I couldn’t get up from that position and cramp started to set in. I had to drop my knees to the ground, grab hold of a work surface and pull myself up on one leg with the other following. I got the net out and went to pull the hoplo from it’s resting place. As soon as the net touched it , it shot out across the tank. I was relieved it was OK. Within 2 minutes Big Al appeared from wherever he’d been hiding. I just don’t understand the behaviour of the fish recently. There were always fish evident and in play from the moment I went in there before. Now I drop some food in and there’s no reaction. Oh , wait, the two little bronze corys have come for a nibble but Big Al just sits there brooding. The hoplo was back in it’s corner. Of Morecambe there was no sign nor of Wise.

There was no point me staying there all day so I carried on and took my meds then made a coffee to take back with me. Yvonne already knew I wasn’t going to meet her in Chester today as she knows I’m not well at the moment. She also knows I need to get back to being up to date with my post and a trip out wouldn’t help that. I have my Wednesday play night which will upset the applecart again. Even though I’ve no intention of leaving the house today I got dressed. Just as well I wasn’t going out as there was no co-ordination of colours. I worked solidly all morning until 11.30 am. I was making great progress but I’d have to think about lunch and I’d found a logical point to stop. Lunch was ready for midday, it was only a cottage pie but I sat down to enjoy it, watching Murder She Wrote. Afterwards I washed up and went back through. Concentrating was a real problem and the yawns were coming thick and fast. I rolled my chair away from the computer before I insulted someone with a gibberish letter ( Anyone any idea where Gibber is?) and I was gone. When I woke up at 3.12 pm the Zzzz’s were still bouncing from the walls. My neck ached. I went through to sit in my chair in the lounge and wallop, I was gone again. It was 4.55 pm before I woke. No point at all in going back to work as my programme is on  soon so I made myself a syrup sponge pudding with custard for tea, OK, OK I admit, 2 sponges then.

After PYMWYMI I watched most of a quiz. I say most of because I dropped off just before the end and woke up at the end of the next one. My befuddled brain couldn’t understand why the quizmaster had changed halfway through. I came back here in dread, and rightly so. Much of my good work from this morning undone. Nothing for it but to start again and persevere as long as possible. At 11.00 pm I had no choice but to start the blog.

I think they're all quackers Mummy.

I think they’re all quackers Mummy.

Is this how you walk like a duck?

Is this how you walk like a duck?

Especially for my friend Suzanne Joshi.


Well, I certainly wasn’t expecting a 3.43 am day as it’s only six days since the last. Come on Somnos, you’re getting repetitive now. I thought we were heading in the right direction. I suppose this is as a result of your celebrations of St Patrick’s day yesterday? Just coming home and thought you’d wake everyone up as you go to bed, well ha ha, so funny-not. Maybe I’m supposed to promote the small gods for their sense of humour?

I went to the loo to see if relieving my bladder would improve my mood but it was a lost cause this morning,. When I came back and logged on one of the messages was from a blog I follow all the time by Melanie Marttila. I found she’d included a talk which included a tribute to Sir Terry Pratchett by Neil Gaiman a truly fantatic author in his own right who collaborated on Good Omens with Terry Pratchett and was the first of his books I read.  well worth a listen and Mel’s posts are always excellent. The chat lasted about half an hour but was well worth it to me. He explained how that book had been written ( or co-written) and actually read a piece from it. I was reminded just how good the humour was when he described that two people had once gone spooning by the river and on one memorable occasion even forked. It was a touch of genius.

I worked until 6.30 am and then deciding I needed a coffee I headed for the kitchen. As I turned the tank light on, a light wasn’t needed for the room itself, I found myself staring at virtually nothing. Just the one hoplo in the same place as yesterday unmoving, but I’m not falling for that a second time. I spent an age scouring the tank’s hiding places for other signs of life and/or corpses. regrettably I did find a corpse half wedged under the bridge, it was so badly chewed I couldn’t tell if it was my second beautiful synodontis or maybe the ancistrus. At the end of my session, all I could say with any confidence is I still have 2 hoplos ( though one keeps playing dead ), 2 bronze corys (one is behaving weirdly) I’ve seen Pepper, Big Al and Little Al and the plecs. Whatever it is has gone through here like the plague.I really hope I’ve seen the last casualty now. It’s almost half my fish gone and unfortunately all the most visible,beautifully pattered ones. I took my meds,checked myself for buboes (See, I wasn’t playing with myself) and made a coffee to bring through. It was 7.15 am so I must have been with the tank a while talking to them and trying to find out who was still there.

I got dressed then started work again until 9.15 am. Cue music- 8 beats on the kettle drum to start then a rising strain of violins coming to a point where a bassoon farts in your ear and a piccolo picks up a rhythmic jig. I went out sans coat into the sunshine and found I wasn’t cold. Did the music herald the coming of Spring which officially starts on Friday, no, I’d left the ‘Music to Write By’ soundtrack from Steve Richer playing. All the way to Pauline’s I was talking to myself.”How’d you expect to write by music like that? You’d stand in the middle of the room conducting a phantom orchestra, no write.” I was nervous for some reason. I know I’d made a quick visit to the chemist on Monday slipping in and out so to speak but this was the first time out of the house since then, and I’d have to talk to someone. Even worse, behind me in the queue at the counter was a really nice lad, young Liam who used to work in the chemist and he spoke to me. It was all I could do to stutter a reply. I’m becoming reclusive again which means you lot will have to put up with my company. I went home and put the shopping away, coming back to the computer as soon as I’d done. By 10.30 am I was up to date and just keeping pace with anything that came in. At 11.30 am I stopped and gave thought to lunch instead.

As usual I ate my lunch while I was glued to the TV. A really unusual disaster though after the programme was over. I didn’t get up and return to work. I know you’ll all be shocked to hear that I fell asleep until 2.50 pm. I shook my not inconsiderable tail feathers and got back to work then though. I’d not long sat down when there was a knock at the door. Lucky for me my guess was right this time, and the chemist delivery man was there. I exchanged my drugs for a box of chocolates which for anyone new reading this is not a euphemism for a large sum of money.I concentrated hard on catching up on the post I’d missed again and establishing a routine of refreshing every time I caught up so I could keep pace. By 4.30 pm I was in a good position. Trouble is I knew I’d have to leave at 5.00 pm to get some tea before my visitors get here and by the time my evening was over I’d be back to a backlog of 5 hours. I didn’t hold out much hope that Brother Jake would heed my plea that you all sprained your wrists today. I was just reaching the point of refreshing when Lee arrived so I had to leave the work and see to a drink for him even though it’s only Adam’s Ale. We sat and chatted about the bump and how long they have. Probably about 3 weeks and things are still going well for a home birth. It was about 5.20 pm when Matt came in and again they were early. Talking to Lee I hadn’t been facing the window and Lee hadn’t warned me as he didn’t want to interrupt. I set too making drinks while they caught up. I remember Dil telling Lee not to hold Jen’s hand at the birth unless he wants his hand crushing.

After the gossip had been disseminated Dil got the games stuff out. We set up for Yahtzee but I don’t think anyone was really concentrating tonight. There was chit chat all the time and the games took forever. At the end I think Lee had won 3 of the 6 making him the overall winner but I didn’t have one to fit him. He had to leave us as it was 8.30 pm and he’d gone through my biscuits with Matt, and I wouldn’t get more out. “Good riddance” we shouted. Knowing we wouldn’t have time for a full Nomination the rest of us settle on Chase the Lady for the last hour. I had two problems and they both sat opposite me. My nephew is sneaky and likes to try to ‘lot’, my brother is just vindictive, sly and basically just a good player. Matt made an attempt and got them all bar one card which Dil dropped on me. I had 10 points, Matt 140. Matt and I did something similar to Dil where Matt dropped points on me which stopped Dil in his tracks. After a hard fought battle I won the game. It was almost 9.30 pm and time for them to go. Dil said to Matt on the way out ” And next week we don’t let him won.”

I washed the pots and tidied round then checked the fish tank to see if there was any movement. Noting at all. It’s like running a tank just so I can see the bubbles. I came through and started work again. There were over 70 messages in the time I’d been away. It could be a late night but I stopped work at 10.45 pm to start the blog so at least this is done.

Wake up and smell the flowers.

Wake up and smell the flowers.

Where have all the Flowers gone?

Where have all the Flowers gone?


So, it was almost 12.30 am before I got to bed last night but I’d worked my way through the worst of the backlog. I was good and stuck to just half an hour of reading before I turned the light out. I’m not sure how long it took to get to sleep but I don’t think it was long.I got up again at 3.47 am and after bundling up in my dressing gown and turning the light on, I wandered to the loo to deal with Niagara Fails. I came back and powered up the computer and opened the mail. Even with what was left of last night’s it didn’t look too bad. I was done before 6.00 am though I created a further problem by refreshing and getting everything you workaholics had done between 3.55 am and 6.00 pm. Take a break why don’t you ! But, a doddle, I cleared that up by 6.50 am . I sat in my office chair and stretched luxuriously before heading for the kitchen. Oh dear, the only sign of life as I put the food in was from Little Al though I did eventually spot Pepper cleverly camouflaged against the bog wood. I stood there talking to any available ears for a while but to no avail. I need to conflab with Mike and see what direction we take. Personally I’m tempted to take either the pump or the bubble bar offline for a while.

I took a foodie tab then followed with the rest of my meds leaving enough milk in my mug for coffee. After a cigarette for timing I put some bread in the grill. As soon as it was ready I set the Tassimo going for my drink and buttered the hot toast. I enjoyed it and took my two after food tabs with the now ready coffee. I took the coffee back to work. I did the few pieces of post that were waiting then signed into my gmail account and started again. When I’d finished around 9.00 am there was time to relax and read a book I’d downloaded from a close friend a couple of weeks ago. It the next part of a fantastic sci-fi book set in the not too distant future. I kept reading and reading, gripped by the storyline  but I had to limit myself if I knew other work was coming in. Reluctantly I put it away. One more session should hopefully see the end of this part and with luck she’ll have written and rewritten the last part. If I keep smiling nicely maybe she’ll send it to me.

I went back to work in an attempt to keep up today as I have no idea when and if Mike is coming. He may have finished with his grandchildren after dropping them at school or it may be he has to pick them up and feed them too as he did last week. It’s no problem to me of course other than not knowing.  There was plenty of work to keep me going until lunchtime break at 11.30 am which rapidly became 11.45 am when I found an interesting post to read. I took a pre foodie tab, made myself some bread and butter then stuck a cottage pie in the micro. While it was doing I turned on TV and saw the last of Judge Judy screaming like a banshee at a defendant at the same time as calling him sir. I find her to be a disgrace to the judges bench but addictive viewing sometimes. As my cottage pie was ready so was I, for Murder She Wrote. It was surprising to see just how old an episode it was. There was quite a youngish version of the lugubrious one from Law and Order (Jerry Orbach), Bradford Dilman, Ernest Borgnine, Levarr Burton without his eye visor and even TV’s Batman Adam West as the murder victim.. Prompt at 1.00 pm  when the murder was solved and I was still awake I washed up and went back to my room. I worked as much as I could until about 2.30 am I started nodding at the desk. I repaired to my living room armchair and slept until 3.15 pm. That left me feeling fit enough to carry on ( Oh how I wish I could ). I carried on until 5.10 pm when I went to watch PYMWYMI.

I was ten minutes from the end of my programme when I got a text from Mike to say he wouldn’t be coming today. His care is still in a garage where it was supposed to be having the seals done to stop leakage from the roof onto one of the front seats depending on which way you turn. He’s had the car 5 months and when he first contacted the garage they agreed it was still under warranty. Today he had a phone call saying the job would be £900, how would he like to pay. Quite quickly he told them he wouldn’t be paying, it’s under warranty, to which they replied “It isn’t.” So it was under warranty on Tuesday but not today. One of the mechanics Mike saw admitted the leak is a fault known to Citroen as well so you’d think the company would be happy to pay for repairs to a known fault on an expensive car. They had allowed Mike to borrow a courtesy car while his was in the shop but are now asking for it to be returned tomorrow and for him either to pay for his repairs or remove his car. I hate businesses like this with no customer services and who are unhelpful in the extreme. The car is not suitable for purpose if you can’t avoid getting wet when out in the rain. On the other hand, Mike’s clogau gold watch broke last week an stopped going.He’s had countless emails from the company to see what he wants to do. He especially liked the watch he had which is now out of stock so they’ve sent a much more expensive watch to him and said he’s welcome to exchange it if he wants should the others ever come back in. They offered a full refund including all postage costs but I think this new watch will please him. They even arranged 24 hour delivery. THAT’S good customer relations.

The back and forth of texts took a long time so after he’d said he’d come tomorrow if he gets any satisfaction from them, I came through to work. Obviously the emails had built up again I just hammered away at them until it was skive time again. No way was I missing my Big Bang. One nice email I had was fromma young friend who told me her Mum’s car is named Sheldon after the Big Bang Theory, oh, she also told me I’m fantastic which was nice to hear without someone tacking ‘For your age’ on the end. Big Bang Theory was brilliant as usual though I did struggle to stay awake. It’s been a long day. I watched another comedy straight afterwards which I also find funny but at 9.30 pm I thought I’d better come back and knuckle down. I worked on emails till 10.30 pm then said enough is enough. Luckily none of you heard me so I was able to come over and start the blog. First day of Spring tomorrow YAY. I hope the sun knows, and all the plants. I think the eclipse is tomorrow too.

Do I get a ride now?

Do I get a ride now?

And this is how a duck sits Mr Squiggle.

And this is how a duck sits Mr Squiggle.


The phrase that sprang to mind this morning was Football is a Game of Two Halves.  As I woke up there was a smell of old sheep and the sense of a laugh in the air. I’d gone to bed early last night and had turned my light off at 11.45 pm. When I woke, it was 1.34 am. Even for Somnos and his family that’ quite a sharp reminder of who’s boss. Not even 2 hours. I was sure we were only playing the first half. I’d be tired enough for my chair if not my bed soon enough….wouldn’t I? I’m pretty sure they’re using the carrot and the stick approach with me now only they’ve shortened it to CICK for some reason. Certainly I’d felt the stick part of  CICK at less than 2 hours sleep, so surely there was a carrot in there somewhere. I didn’t need a trip to the waterfall having been there so recently so I just signed straight into my mail. Mmmm, there was a fair bit from last night but hey, I’m here early enough to cope. I saw 5.00 am come and go then suddenly I was coming round from a sea of nothingness with a very sore neck. It was 6.55 am. Somnos had relented and shown me the carrot. Why couldn’t he have relented when I was in comfort somewhere I didn’t know. I was so lucky that what was on screen was read only and not something I could carry on typing and sending out.

I went through to the kitchen. As I turned on the light there was movement in the tank so I rushed to the tank and put the lights on there. Oh joy, one of the hoplos was swimming across the tank as they used to and both Big Al and Little Al came forward for feeding. I was overjoyed. It was then I notives a rather badly decomposed corpse which had appeared from who knows where so I opened the lid. Looking down I saw two more corpses that had appeared. All three appeared to be larger fish and on one I could see the markings of a hoplo, that left the ancistrus and the second synodontis. There may will be three more yet of Morecambe and Wise and one bronze cory. A quick check this morning shows my survivors (fingers crossed) to be Big Al, Little Al, Pepper, one hoplo and one bronze cory. I’m happy to see them moving about normally.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          I fed them and went to take my morning tablets the last in the tray and then get the drug drawer out to make up the next week’s supply. By the time I’d done that and made a coffee it was almost time to be waking Mike had he been here. I felt like shouting into the empty room anyway. I don’t know what I’m going to do during the three weeks he’s away in Canada. Maybe I’ll lose the ability to shout, tell lies about the time or about his coffee going cold. For safety’s sake I may have to carry on as though he’s still here of course his score will go up heavily. A=0  C=20 for instance. No alarms, 20 calls. Instead I bypassed his room and carried on to mine to restart work.

At 9.00 am I got washed and dressed and took a walk to Pauline’s for some milk and my lottery. My coordination went to pot as I must have been walking in one direction but looking in another. I almost went down. A poor little taxi  driver here to take Joe to see his wife opened the car door in panic but I recovered myself well and tried to make it look like it was done on purpose. Doesn’t everyone do the Twist when they’re out? Back indoors and the postman came and delivered some Gothic gargoyle midge fragnets which I hope John will like to stick to the posts on his new bed. B the time 11.30 am arrived I was glad of the break and went through to turn TV on in advance of Murder She Wrote. I prepared a quick lunch by doing some bread and butter and putting chips with curry sauce in the microwave. I was done in time for the programme. It was about 10 minutes into the plot when there was a knock at my door. Hellfire, it’s Friday.It was my warden who’d come round to check I was OK but stayed for almost half an hour chatting in general . I may have missed most of it but it was still worth turning on the rest of the show. It was a big mistake however as I lost the last five minutes when I started checking my eyelids from the inside. That check took just over an hour and I didn’t emerge until 2.05 pm. Look at that, up more than 12 hours already though I don’t claim to have been awake that length of time. I got a text from Mike saying he’d be on his way in half an hour so I can see I’ll have a story ahead of me.

I returned to work and was approaching the half past four mark when Mike arrived. Naturally I finished the email I was doing and then went to make him a drink and find out any more in the saga of the car. He’s brought is original car home with him and given them until next week on Wednesday to let him know which path they intend to take.Full repair of the fault at no charge or a court case. He’s quite determined on this and I’m glad since they might not like losing money like this but the problem is theirs based on the now admission that he has been covered by a 12 month warranty, or rather the car has, he’d be lucky to get three. We sat and watched our antique show and then I made something to eat while we quizzed until 7.00 pm. Then it was shower time and I was heartbroken that I had to wash my own hair while he indulged in phone calls. Bloody priorities eh? We quizzed and then quizzed once more before – just a minute, I know someone will say I nodded off for half the last quiz so I’ll admit it now– I decided that I’d better get back to work. There was plenty of mail waiting and plenty more coming in so apart from a break to take my tablets my bum was in my seat. I stopped work on the mail at 11.00 pm to be able to do te blog and I have an idea that by the time I finish this I shall be saying “Blow it, the rest can wait for the morning.”


It was a bust night but I forced myself to stop and go to bed at 12.45 am. I allowed myself just a quarter hour of reading. Despite that and the lack of sleep from yesterday (aw come on, I wasn’t that bad) it was still only 2.46 am today. Still, there’s no point in complaining since certain small gods have selective hearing. Anyway I knew there was a lot of work from yesterday I hadn’t managed to do and believe it or not I also had a special blogpost I wanted to do. Yes, two extra posts in one week, I know, I’m spoiling you aren’t I. ( Quiet at the back! ).It was a very tight squeeze but I managed to do it all before 6.30 am when I went to feed the fish before waking Mike . Now it’s today’s work I have a backlog problem with. HELP!!! The five remaining fish seem to be OK and I’m so relieved about it. I was afraid to think of adding more again. Not that I can afford to add the ones I had before. I took my meds and set the kettle going ready for Mike’s coffee. I prepared the mug for him. Perfectly times the kettle boiled just in time for 7.00 am and Mike’s Alarm could be heard beeping away., not for long though as he was quick to turn it off and roll over. The coffee was carried through and placed on the bedside table accompanied by my Calls of “Coffee’s up bro, and when you’re up you can tell me all about the mucky dream you had that caused you to have such a dirty laugh in your sleep this morning.” The more I spoke, the better my chances of waking him, I hoped, I was rewarded with a series of ,little  grunts that meant nothing.

Once I’d run out of daft ideas I went to take the food waste bin outside and the recycling bags. Much to my amazement ( and disappointment) when I came back in, Mike was up. A grand total of 1 A and 1 C today. Almost unheard of. By the time drinks had been drunk, loos visited and clothes donned we only just made leaving the house by 8.00 am with two minutes to spare. On the journey Mike showed how much he appreciated me getting him up in the morning by having a rock station on the radio playing the most disjointed cacophony of sound possible, in truth even he said he liked it through gritted teeth. I was glad to arrive at the store…until I saw the cash machines were all out of order. It was trying to upset my routine. Mike grinned. We did the shopping fairly quickly and went for a coffee, one of which was free today. From there we rolled on to Flint where we hit Home Bargains and then next door to Jolley’s to see about the price of a water testing kit fr the fishtank. My knees buckled when we saw it as almost £28.00. Luckily the manager said he’d test the water for us before we bought the kit to see if there were problems that had caused the fish to die. That was nice of him. At his moment Mike was caught short and we needed to fly for Temptations. Ceri and Helen were on, and we managed a few pleasant words at least until Mike spoke and lowered the tone completely. He and Cyril another regular were also having a bit of a joke with Ceri. Once he’d eaten his teasted toecake  I asked if we could go home while I checked to see how a leather jacket for John was doing. I’d only need be there a couple of minutes.

The jacket was getting too expensive so we ended up unpacking the bags, taking a sample of fishtank water in an old urine sample bottle I hope I hadn’t used (joke) which Mike made me put in my jacket before we set off for lunch. The Ivy was busy and our seats had gone so we had to use the reserves again. Disgusting. There’s a great big chimney in the way so Mike can’t lech over Angie all the time. Ha, perhaps that’s why she”s given our table away. I took the chocolates to the counter and she said she’d bring the drinks over which i  fact Rob did in the end. Have I mentioned how much I like seeing him now he’s relaxed and accepted the hug situation like everyone else. Not that anyone ever gets forced to hug you understand.Once I’d taken my pre foodie I went and ordered which was a special lamb burger for Mike and a gammon steak for me. Tariq came out and managed a quick hug but he was busy working. He just wouldn’t ignore us. We had the meal, said our goodbyes, funny how many people you get used to seeing regularly, and shot off to Prestatyn for some special batteries for Mike and a pair of stepladders also for Mike, either were a fair swap but the ladders were more useful. Then we had to backtrack to Flint at one point taking to the hills to avoid an accident on the main road that two Police cars were blocking the road for. In Flint w took the water to be tested. Every test came up negative which in some ways was a great relief as it means it isn’t my fault. It has to be the second Pictus Laurel who came in with something. Mke and I went halves on a testing kit, it would have been churlish not to after the manager had gone to so much trouble.

We came home. It was just 4.00 pm. Nine hours since I’d last touched an email. Aaaaarrggh. There were hundreds. I’ll be here till Christmas. I worked until 6.00 pm then went and did some tea. Allowing myself no more than half an hour I came back through to find whatever I’d done had been replaced while I was away. I’d have to forego TV tonight in order to try and get this pile down. I stopped at 11.00 pm to see to the bog. Now 12.05 pm and I’m going back to it.

Bring on the Feast

I’m liking the Feast

Are you sure saying "What a lot of balls is OK Mummy"?

Are you sure saying “What a lot of balls is OK Mummy”?

This one’s for you Ju.     

I wish you all a Wonderful Week filled with Hugs.



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78 responses to “Mother for a Day & The Death Count Rises.

  1. Silver Threading

    Hope your week is wonderful David. Hope the fish are better. 💖

  2. Thoroughly enjoyable text, David, and fine pictures.
    All in all, a fine offering – Thank You

    Big hugs


  3. The suspense with floating corpses in the tank and plot twists with you almost getting run over on this week’s post felt like an episode of Murder She Wrote. Lots of fun for us, but do stay safe, David! Hopefully no more casualties this week. Big bises xx

    • I think my casualties are at an end now Mel.Had a water test yesterday and all is OK there. It still may b a few weeks before I dare consider any additions though.
      Jessica Fletcher isn’t needed now. I hope you’re well.
      xxx Humongous Hugs xxx

  4. Sorry to hear of the fish problems. Lovely to see the pictures with the spring flowers making a show.

  5. I’m certainly not the one to pass on any advice on keeping the fish tank lively, David – even if I felt your “angst” for a tick or two – had fish tank (a small one) once, I overfed them and the rest with the tank is history 🙂 …perhaps your fish are playing games with you or testing your love for them, watching you worry when no movement about 🙂 Eh, all in all hope the “problems” around the fish tank will subside. Cheers and have a grand week ahead

  6. carolewyer

    I found myself holding my breath as I read this, worried more little corpses would appear. I also have fingers crossed that the saga of dead fish is over for you. Super photos today of Reuben. My goodness, he is growing up quickly now. “Teasted toe cake” – I like that. 🙂
    XX Weekend Hugs XX

    • Sorry Carol. Follow me, Breathe in, Breathe out- and repeat.
      I hope the Dawn of the Corpse is now over with just 5 fish left.
      Roobs is growing quickly, perhaps because he’s another fan of the teasted toecake too.
      xxx Massive Hugs xxx

  7. Bee Gees, Fun, Commodores and Summer In The City – You are on Fire, Sir!
    Our future home has a pond and a fountain with fish in it. I’m worried now. Wishing you luck with the fish and a very Happy Sunday! Hugs!

    • I wouldn’t worry too much Christoph, an outside pond should be free of the problems I have. Mind you, it isn’t problem free as long as you have herons about pinching the fish. There’s probably a net cover for their protection.
      Glad you enjoyed some of my music choices.
      Have a wonderful day.
      Hugs x

  8. Sad to read about the fish. I would find that very upsetting. Sounds a bit like introducing new chickens to an existing population which is always really tricky. Not from a health perspective but just pack dynamics.

    I never did make any hangings for my four poster but when we moved to Spain I draped loads of net curtains over and around it like a giant mosquito screen. In the end it was more bother than it was worth, so now we just dive under the sheet if we hear zzzzzzzzzz. Still on curtains, I made all my own and patiently transferred them from house to house. Took one down last week to redec and now can’t find the hooks as I took them out to wash the curtain. What a total idiot.

    Hope you and the Famous Five have a good week. Fingers crossed for all your good health.

    • Heavens, don’t give anyone ideas about introducing chickens here.My sense of self is already spread thinly on the ground. Any identity I retain after the fish, would be swallowed whole.
      The suggestion of using nets on the four poster was poo-poohed as allowing too much light into the sleeping space. Personally I’d just buy blackout curtains for the windows. Would you like to borrow My Brother Jake to help you look for your curtain hooks? His good luck at avoiding the swings of an axe from me, just may rub off on you.
      The Famous Five and I intend to have a good week thanks. I certainly hope you do too Kate.
      xxx Cwtch xxx

      • Maybe the fish would swallow the chickens whole? Or vice versa.

        We’ve got shutters for the windows so we can see stuff all anyway.

        Perhaps it has already rubbed off. I found them a couple of hours ago. 🙂

        Thank you. It would have helped if Wales would have scored more points and then England could have taken the Six Nations …

      • On the whole I think I’d prefer the fish to do the swallowing.

        That wouldn’t occur to them. By right’s hey could jut shut the curtains but if they’d prefer to stifle……

        Hmm,he’s a quick worker isn’t he.

        Blasphemy that is.England could have score much less and let Wales go ahead of them.

        xxx Massive Hugs xxx

      • Welsh partner is just pleased that England didn’t win. Why did I marry him? 😀

      • Perhaps because he’s Welsh and charming? Maybe his cwtch were the tops.
        I’m happy England didn’t win, but could have done with Wales coming second and relegating England to third place.
        xxx Cwtch xxx

  9. I’m so sorry about the fish, David. The only silver lining, and it’s a small one, is that Big Al and some of your original crew are still there. Was wondering, would it be worthwhile buying a small ‘quarantine’ tank? Just to make sure any new fish are healthy before they’re introduced to the main tank?

    I have no idea how long a fish would have to be quarantined for but it would be lovely if you could get some new ones. -hugs-

    • If I decide to carry on with fish a new quarantine tank will be he fist thing on my list. Apparently, neither Stan nor Laurel were quarantine as they came straight from supplier to shop-to me without being unpacked and tanked. I’m sure it was Laurel that caused the problem a Stan was doing OK and Laurel expired first. From now on they must have been in a tank in the shop first for 72 hours..
      Replacements are an expense I’ll have to think about though.
      Hope you’re OK and that you got the cook book I sent details of.
      xxx Massive Hugs xxx

  10. A week of riveting suspense about the poor fish. I know it has had you at your wit’s end. Hopefully you’ll find out the root of the problem soon now. You’re gradually eliminating the possibilities.
    I laughed at your dream of the wicked little white kitten. Maybe my Aspen sent the essence of his young self to attack your footsies. When he was a baby, every chance he got he would gnaw on my toes. Now he’s old and a constant source of fretting for me.
    I enjoyed hearing “Love Grows” — brings memories of the blissful ignorance of childhood. 😀 Mega hugs!

    • When I said it was driving me mad, I had no idea how short a journey it was.Bald patches all over my head now but I’m pretty sure the root of the problem has been found ( see prev letter) and won’t happen again.
      Remind Aspen how many years of Oscar I had please and maybe he’ll be nice to me. I’m sorry he’s a source of fretting for you. I hate at my age when I start to lose friends, not that I’m actually describing Oscar as a friend you understand.
      Ooh, that last sentence reeked of cynicism.Some childhood dreams must come true, and anyway it’s a lovely song.
      xxx Humongous Hugs xxx

  11. Fantastic pictures of Reuben. Yes, I was also wondering about getting Agatha Christie’s Poirot or Miss Marple investigate what was going on with the fishes…How strange… I hope the rest are well now.
    Thanks for the link to Terry Pratchett’s post. I hope this week is better…

    • This week will be wonderful now the worries are over Olga.Just as well since there’s no room for Poirot’s ego here with mine and Miss Marple’s reputation would only suffer on her own with me……….
      The Fantastic Five still appear to be fine and I’m happier now I know the water is fine.
      I hope your week is full of fun,
      xxx Massive Hugs xxx

  12. Oh dear…your talk of fish and tanks reminds me of the disasters that I had in Indonesia with my fish. Fingers, and Fins crossed that all gets back to normal soon. As for the photos of Reuben – I’ve gone all goo-ey looking at them – He is quite the most delicious toddler EVER. They even beat the mention of syrup sponge and custard which I ADORE! and chips with curry sauce, ditto! I missed the eclipse 😦 I managed to give myself salmonella poisoning this week (I think that my hollandaise sauce was the culprit) and was curled up in bed when it happened. Hey ho! My stomach-O! HUGE HUGS to you and wishing you a wonderful week ahead xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    • Oh heck, you had a catalogue of disasters with your fish too. I’d completely forgotten your days in Indonesia so well have you slotted into Spanish village life with your ubiquitous bucket.
      When do you want to take delivery of Reuben so his Mum and I can do a proper shop?
      Shall I send the syrup sponge and custard? I confess I’d take the chocolate one any day of the week.
      So we both missed the eclipse. At least mine wasn’t from trying to kill myself. I hope you’re OK now????? Please say yes.
      Have a fantastic new week,
      xxx Hugs Galore xxx

      • You can send Reuben over anytime, I’d love nothing more than to play auntie while you shop.

        I’m fine now but must admit, I won’t be making anything with raw or half-cooked eggs for a while – jeez, I really really really could have done with an inside bathroom last week (shall spare you the details but I’m sure you can guess!)

        Xxxxxxxxx Hugs Galore xxxxxxxxxx

      • Auntie Lottie, I like the sound of that.

        Yes, I can imagine only too well what the lack of an indoor bathroom meant last week and hopefully Pedro got the message too.
        I’m so glad you’re better.
        xxx Humongous Hugs xxx

  13. An apocalyptic week, David. Just a note: I, too, have had some unproductive adventures with Citroen. I’m thinking of starting a club…

  14. I think Cohen’s song is a perfect backdrop for the aquatic angst. My hope is that this week is fish problem free and instead filled with as many delightful discoveries with Reuben as Mother Nature can provide and that you can capture on your camera.
    And I’m somewhat determined to find myself some Gothic gargoyle midge fragnets – or even fridge magnets – doesn’t matter. I want some of these friendly faces greeting me upon waking too!
    Hugs, David. Be well.

    • Angst is a perfect word for the atmosphere last week. Aquatic angst is just poetic.This week will have an ethereal quality in comparison as I keep releasing huge sighs of relief at the Famous Five’ survival.
      My original midge fragnets came from a shop called either Past Times, or Times Past (I always forget) who went kaput on our High Street, they were great. I don’t know whether this will work but fingers crossed
      these are what I got on ebay but it.s Still perhaps the item number will pull them up and that’s on the first line.
      Hope you’re OK
      xxx Sending Huge Hugs xxx

      • Oh, my godfathers, I love those guys! They are a wonderful hoot. I think I’d like a couple for the front door too. Maybe Notre Dame sized tho. I have to continually find ways to scare folks off from ringing the bell. 😛

      • They do make bigger versions but remember they may pull your front door off it’s hinges if you have them too big.To scare away unwelcome knockers ( ha ha , sorry, a British joke, Knockers are boobs) just have a sign made for the door. EBOLA Isolation Ward. That should do the job.
        xxx Massive Hugs xxx

  15. So sorry about your beautiful fish! Isn’t there some kind of medication you can put in the water? (I am bone ignorant about keeping fish. The last fish we had was my then-quite-young son’s fantail goldfish, which he named “Roadhouse Fish.” I loved that name!) I watched “Murder She Wrote” one evening because of your mentions. Brought back memories. Did you know the outdoor scenes were filmed here in Northern California, in a little town called Mendocino? It still looks pretty much the same as it did when the series was filmed.

    • Thank you. Yes, there were medicines I might have used had I know what the problem was and who or what was causing it. Had it been white spot I’d have seen it and been OK.If I’d had a test kit I could have checked to see the water was suitable for the incoming fish but he existing fish seemed happy.It’s my own fault, had I known that Laurtel hadn’t been quarantined, I could have either waited before getting her or quarantined her here.
      Fancy Maine not having a suitable town for Cabot Cove, they should have said Cabot Cove Calif. It does look a nice little place.
      I hope you’re well,
      xxx Gigantic Hugs xxx

  16. Reblogged this on Michaelphelps1's Blog and commented:
    Lord David Prosser’s Baretshire Diaries are so much fun to read and digest . . . I enjoy reading them.

  17. David, I hope the rest of your fish will be okay. How sad to lose so many in a week. I’d say you truly were the honorary mother on Mother’s Day. Sounds like a fun day. My favorite picture of Reuben this week? “Where have all the flowers gone?” Have a restful week, David. Take care of you.

    • I’m fairly confident the Famous Five will survive now barring a major disaster.
      It’s funny being feted by family when everyone else in the place is feting a woman. Mother/Uncle, mother/father. I should have dressed one side male and the other side a skirt.
      That was a good picture of Roobs and they’re coming thick and fast at the moment from Yvonne.
      I’m heading for a good week, I hope you are too.
      xxx Massive Hugs xxx

  18. Have you had chance to watch Judge Rinder yet? He is just as addictive as Judy can be at times. Sorry to hear about the fish situation hopefully now the worst is passed and things can get back to normal in the tank.

    Huge hugs xxxxxx

    • I caught half a programme with him.Yes there is something a little addictive in watching him and at least he doesn’t gop banshee the way she does but it seems he can still be a little sarcastic when he wishes.
      Fingers cross everything bad is over. The Famous Five seem to be doing OK now. I’m full of hope Sweetie.
      I hope you’re OK
      xxx Massive Hugs xxx

  19. Michael

    Dearest Brother, not to be picky ( as if i would!!!), but me car is a Renault, bad enough its french , without attaching a lemon taste to it …after reading the post about The big bang and her mom naming her car sheldon,mine is now known as Penny …as the cars top comes off …Take care bro, humongous hugs till i get back from Canada, xx

    • There you go. You’ve found an area I’m still weak in after me surprising you with sports questions recently.
      Yes, Penny sounds a good name for it, a good car with all the right bits in the right places (nearly) but just none too bright on occasions.
      Have a great time in Canadia and try not to get thrown out.
      Massive Hugs Bro.

  20. You always have the most amusing weeks! Another awesome installment!

  21. I was curious about your white kitten dream, so I thought I’d Google up a dream interpretation. The first result I got was from Aunty Flo’s Dream Dictionary that suggested dreaming of a white kitten indicated difficult times… I kid you not. I think given losing all those poor fish it has a ring of truth. I would’ve included the link but my computer crashed… after reading Aunty Flo’s wisdom but if you wish to read further, at your own risk you ca Google her.
    I think the pics of Reuben in his rainbow stripe hat are the most gorgeous of them all 🙂

    • It never occurred to me to look at a dream interpretation. It”s true I was having difficult times in the dream shaking off the white kitten never mind in real life. I hope it was the problems with the fish that prompted this and it’s all over now. I might just sneak a peep at her though.
      That boy has more hats than I do and always looks better in them.
      xxx Massive Hugs xxx

  22. Sorry to hear about the problems with your fish. I hope you get that resolved quickly. Spring arrived here but was rather white. 😦 Take care. Many hugs.

  23. Glad your fish problems appear to be over! Good music!

  24. laurie27wsmith

    Be careful of giving the fish a say David, they’ll vote you out of the house. Perhaps you should drop your meds in the tank, just to keep the little blighters guessing. 🙂 it’s a wonder you didn’t stain your undoes when Mike walked in early, that’s one for the books. Chocolate fudge cake, the breakfast of champions. We actually received our first ever dodgy bank email yesterday, mongrels. Your lunch sounds great, I love Yorkshire puddings, yum. Great pictures of Rueben this week David, love the squirrel. Of course the music is great once again.
    Midge fragnets, oh dear. 🙂
    Do you think one of the remaining fish could be a serial killer?

    • I never thought of dropping my meds in the tank, that could work a treat. It might leave me a bit subdued too.
      I think I was sitting with my legs crossed or it might have happened. I’m sure he did it on purpose.
      The cons do get more convincing every day, I hope yours was obvious.
      I think Roobs just poses automatically now if anyone takes a camera out. There must be holidaymakers galore going home with unwanted snaps of the little poser, and the squirrel is no better.Glad you enjoyed the music mixture.
      I’m sure none of the Famous Five is a serial killer, I keep the cornflakes on a high shelf.

  25. laurie27wsmith

    I accidently hit post comment without saying have a great week. I’m a little late this week, I’ve been out in the yard working my bum off. I bought a mulcher and have been grinding up branches etc to put on the gardens, great fun.

  26. Oh dear. I’m so sorry to hear about your fish. I certainly hope you sort out the problem and you can see about replacing them. I once managed to kill off every single fish in my tank because I didn’t check that the bucket I put them in (whilst cleaning the tank) hadn’t been used by someone else previously. *sigh* I was so upset.
    So, I’ve managed to get to this post but I’m afraid I’m going to have to delete all the other ones (I’m like a month behind) and try to keep up with you from there. 🙂
    Big hugs my friend.

    • Thanks so much. I’m amazed to see you here knowing just how many messages you have. Lovely to see you though
      I”m down to 5 fish and everything seems to be OK now after a water change and a clean. I’m sorry to hear you had such a loss with yours. I can start building again maybe.
      xxx Massive Hugs xxx

      • I know how much joy the fish bring you David (apart from Al who really should have his own blog I think). I hope you do build up again.

  27. I’m so sorry about your fishy guys David – I know how much you love them. I hope you get some new loves once the plague has gone. Loving little Reuben’s pictures, especially with the squirrel – he’s a gorgeous little man. I’m saving the blog for tomorrow (the lights should go out here any minute now) so I can listen to the whole playlist of goodies from you as usual – I adore Leonard Cohen. Here’s to a fabulous, happy weekend for you most huggable man, and to hearing all about it on Sunday. Somnos is a tool for being so cruel. Have you ever read Insomnia by Stephen King by the way? It’s not so much of a horror but has some interesting little sleep deprivation guys. Lots of LOVE David, and HUGS and MWAH! XXXXX ❤

    • Thanks so much Jo. I think I’m over t now, and the horror has at least stopped while I still have something inn the tank. So now we have the Famous Five, the survivors.
      Glad you like the pics of Roobs, my kneecap nemesis and of the squirrel who does me less damage.
      It’s good I found some music you like. Suzanne is a favorite of mine by him.
      Somnos was kinder today. It’s funny I’ve never read that one by Steven King but maybe it’s because I think Horror when I see his name and it hasn’t been a genre I’ve bothered worth for the last 30 years..I’ll look out for it.
      I hope you have a most special weekend with all the hugs you deserve.
      xxx Ginormous Hugs xxx

  28. The yellow flowers look like they are daffodils.

  29. Hi, David. Those were really cute pictures of the baby, expecially the ones in the park. I loved the one of him with the squirrel. Thanks for the song. If you don’t get your quota of requests next week, you can play a beautiful Welsh piece of your own choosing. Glad to hear at least it wasn’t your fault about the water for the fish. Mega Hugs and have a great week. 🙂

    • I get so many photos of him I could give up writing on the blog and just post those. The squirrels are very cheeky in the park and it’s funny watching him feed them.

      Actually I very rarely get a request so they’re mainly my choices but I can’t refuse such a kind offer. I shell finish the week with one. Thanks Suzanne.
      Yes, I’m grateful that it wasn’t my fault as forgiveness would be slow in coming. I hope you too have a fantastic week.
      xxx Gigantic Hugs xxx

  30. Lovely photo of Reuben and the ducks!
    Best of luck with your survivng fish 🙂

    • Thanks Margaret. I do have some nice ones of him. The Famous Five continued to survive but have today gone to a new home as I couldn;t stand to restock and lose more.The young man who has them now will care for them and hopefully bring in some more without losing any.
      xxx Huge Hugs sweet friend xxx

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