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Pride and Putting it Out There.

I just paid a very rare visit to facebook and saw this.

Please share: My sister is going to be in Llandudno 25th April giving out free hugs… WAT!!! I hear you say?? or is that just what I said when I heard her say it… but when she explained her reasons for doing such a thing I understood… this isn’t for any charity, or craze or a publicity promotion it is just one person willing to put her self out there to see if she can make a difference to at least one person and like she says if all you do is come and point and laugh… then at least she made you laugh. I for one am very proud of her,xxx

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The reason I’m sharing this with you is my pride in my  niece who is doing this. Everyone will know how I feel about my various nephews and nieces, I’m proud of them all for different reasons but this is such a selfless act I’m especially proud today.
It may be that she stands open to ridicule and she’s prepared for that but if just one person stops and gives a hug and then  shares one with somebody else, it will have affected two people and could spread like a pebble being thrown into a pond. The ripples could go on and on. I hope they will.
Well done Joanne and you Karen for supporting her. I hope to see you on the day……….


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The setting and keeping of boundaries

A question for all ages. A future at stake?


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