Pride and Putting it Out There.

I just paid a very rare visit to facebook and saw this.

Please share: My sister is going to be in Llandudno 25th April giving out free hugs… WAT!!! I hear you say?? or is that just what I said when I heard her say it… but when she explained her reasons for doing such a thing I understood… this isn’t for any charity, or craze or a publicity promotion it is just one person willing to put her self out there to see if she can make a difference to at least one person and like she says if all you do is come and point and laugh… then at least she made you laugh. I for one am very proud of her,xxx

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The reason I’m sharing this with you is my pride in my  niece who is doing this. Everyone will know how I feel about my various nephews and nieces, I’m proud of them all for different reasons but this is such a selfless act I’m especially proud today.
It may be that she stands open to ridicule and she’s prepared for that but if just one person stops and gives a hug and then  shares one with somebody else, it will have affected two people and could spread like a pebble being thrown into a pond. The ripples could go on and on. I hope they will.
Well done Joanne and you Karen for supporting her. I hope to see you on the day……….


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59 responses to “Pride and Putting it Out There.

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    A source of Pride.

  2. i can’t think of a better reason. Bless her!

  3. An excellent thing, indeed! The world needs more hugs. All the very best to your super niece xx

  4. Here’s my hug!

  5. Wonderful — that’s the kind of person who can change the world. Mega-hugs.

  6. I hope everyone takes it in the spirit in which it’s meant. Bless her heart. 🙂

  7. Since I can’t be there, here’s some hugs for your sister. (((( 🙂 )))) and here’s a few for you too, David. ((( 🙂 )))

  8. Sending a virtual hug to each of you from NC.

  9. Excellent idea! I’m sure it will be great. Send them all my love. I did meet a few young people in London also giving hugs and I happily obliged. Lovely

  10. And CHEERS TO THAT, David – fabulous idea you niece has come up with 🙂

  11. I love her message of spreading hugs! How positive and uplifting that is. Please tell her that I am in America cheering her on from here! ❤

  12. Hugs are powerful. Some people never get them. More power to your niece and much success in making someone feel good today. ❤ ❤

  13. Catherine Johnson


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    What an absolutely awesome thing to do… Have to share these girls’ giving spirit and sense of wonder. Huzzah the Welsh! Must figure out how to do something like that here…

    • I think we should have a worldwide day of hugs and even try to form the longest hugging chain or something so people understand how good it feels, how important they are.
      xxx Massive Hugs xxx

  15. Cyberhugs from St. Louis, Missouri!! Good luck with the hugs! Wonderful project! Am proud of her too 🙂

  16. What a great thing to do! Hugs are SO important and I don’t believe that we can ever have too many of them xxxxxxxx

    • Never, never, never have too many hugs Lottie.It’s impossible, well, unless you’re asthmatic and trying to breathe but then they’re important later when you’re better. Hugs are positively good for your health and wellbeing, I know, I read my list on the Buthidars.
      xxx Cwtch xxx.

  17. April 25 is a very special day for us Aussies and the Kiwi’s… ANZAC Day, and this year is the 100th anniversary, so it’s wonderful that across the oceans in Wales your lovely niece will spend the day hugging. Good on her 🙂

    • I hope there are plenty of people from your part of the world in Llandudno that day. The hugs are the least thanks we can give for all the ANZAC sacrifices.
      xxx Massive Hugs xxx

  18. She made a difference in this one person, David. Even though I won’t be there, just reading about her plan makes me smile and believe in her goodness!

  19. What a truly lovely idea. Cheers from downunder!

  20. There can never be too many hugs in this world, and blessings on anyone who gives them freely.

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    I thought this a simple and lovely idea and I hope lots of people turn up!

  22. Apart from anything else I think this is a very brave thing to do. Reaching out is desperately needed these days, and she is setting an outstanding example of that

  23. Awww. That is beautiful and if I were there I would certainly give her a big warm hug––gladly. If more young people thought like her what a wonderful world this would be. I guess she shares her uncle’s heart. ❤ xx

    • Thank s so much Vashti. Both of hem have hearts as big as houses. I know she’d have been glad of your hug as I always am.
      That’s a wonderful compliment thank you.
      xxx Humongous Hugs xxx

  24. You have great reason to be proud, David! I am proud of her too 🙂 Oh and here’s more hugs!!

  25. I think it’s wonderful… hope you’ll keep us up to date on it all, and all the huggings – hugs to you

  26. karen

    Thank you for all the people who put encouraging remarks on for my sisters Free Hugs Day… Well as dubious as I was, we stood in the pouring rain for three hours on a very cold day in Llandudno and the response was amazing, people of all ages (even one dog) had a hug, I figure she must of hugged over 300 people.. there was very little negativity , and a lot of people asking Why … her response WHY NOT!? and why not in deed , it made people laugh, it made people smile, it made people HAPPY on a grey miserable day… so I for one say WELL DONE JOANNE …you’re awesome xxxx

    • I’m blessed with very special nieces. Thank you Karen for bringing the report and for not pointing out how remiss I am for not having brought everybody up to date.I can only offer ” my mind was otherwise engaged” as an excuse. I’m very proud of Jo for having done this and equally proud of you for standing by to support her. Had I been able to be there I would have. After all I don’t like to miss the opportunity of a hug myself.
      Thanks to you both for doing it and I’m delighted she showed the people of Llandudno and all it’s visitors that day just what a welcome Wales holds.
      xxx Humongous Hugs xxx

  27. A hug does make a difference and not only sometimes! 😀

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