The setting and keeping of boundaries

A question for all ages. A future at stake?


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14 responses to “The setting and keeping of boundaries

  1. That was an interesting blog, David. Thanks for reblogging it. I think she absolutely did the right thing and told her so. It makes me glad I taught little children. Huge Hugs

  2. It really is important to hold one’s boundaries. Hugs.

    • Yes, once you set them you must stick to them but I imagine it’s difficult when you come across something your previous boundaries didn’t equip you for.
      xxx Humongous Hugs Teagan xxx

  3. Thanks for sharing, David. An interesting dilemma indeed and a very up-to-date one.

  4. Let the student think she’s behind the times or stuffy or a prude. I say, “To thine own self be true.” The teacher is right.

  5. Brava. One day that young woman will thank her.

  6. Today’s students loudly tout their rights to express themselves however and whenever they please. And as educators we have the right to refuse to allow it in our classrooms and around us.
    You did the right thing, absolutely. I hope Normandie is right, and one day the young woman will thank you.

    • I suspect the classroom is probably the only place she hasn’t divulged whatever information it was anyway so she’ll probably not remember that someone attempted to save her from herself.
      xxx Ginormous Hugs Marylin xxx

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